Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Beginning of the End


Volume - 6 :-


“Hello My Dear Father,
How are you doing?”

“I, the author giggle and chuckle. It’s a strange conviction and an unknown fire in the womb, which never dies. Honestly, it’s an obsession to continue to run the race, as the stronger the world around denies my identity, the more I want to prove my identity. Strange task but hey, who care?” and I remind my flesh, about the Jewish nerve standing on my forehead.

“Did you know, my blood is “Chitpavan Brahmins” and wikipedia says, we are a lost blood of Aryans, originally with a background of Israel and having moved to India? Now, who else can show me the TRUTH, other than my father in heaven?” I look around. And I smile, “Happy New year father. We MADE it to 2011” and I chuckle hard once more.

“Strange is an addiction. I wonder what is this LOVE and FAITH, called as? RELIGION? You gotto be kidding me” I, the author look at my readers. And check I the status on the blogs. Not a single soul, other than my poor typist angel who managed to get through the pages of the living lamb. More than 6 months, facebook and its users rejected me, my friends stuck on to my poor claim, my parents held on, my son leaned on and my king of kings and lo rod lords, my king David helped me live on and happily. He trusted me and entrusted with a permanent job of me being his personal Messiah. I joined an N.G.O, as a Business development Manager, my David has moved on to become a top Notch manger, leading a new process single handedly, a new designation, a new car,

Loads of responsibility, good money influx. My mother’s place is being painted, new colour, new outlook. Moses house is an exact replicate of my house, the New Jerusalem, the New temple. A rough start of storm of 2010,thought we will be gulped away in hunger and starvation. But, father, as written, you provided us with Manna, the rice, to these Israelites, when we were far away from the inheritance, going around mountain. “Thank you very much dad”, I wink and look around. “NO ENTRY” and I remind myself.

“Ahh…! Its Sabbath. A Sunday and dad’s on rest. Now that I have begin my VOLUME – 6; its going to be an absolute treat. Wonder, what the NEXT pages of the living book of lamb holds?” I the author write on the very pages, whose beginning, I know NOT< whose end, I have written NOT, but I AM the author of THE BEGINNING AND THE END. And I smile at the parable.

“Father, will this book be ever read by another soul? Will this message of GOD, the ALMIGHTY, ever be delivered to the children of GOD? Will RORY ALEC, John the Baptist ever make way for this Yeshua Christ? You, my father, has trusted me with all your life father. Hence, I will write. A place, where the great dreams will be fulfilled. “Thy Kingdom comes, Thy will be done, as in Heaven, so on earth”, I the author decide to sign out.

“Will continue and I look forward to the content of the super natural Journey”.
- Yeshua Christ

“Morning Father!” I, the author pen down my words in calm and in peace. As I soak in the inner radiance, I understand my care of my being my existence. “I believe in miracles!” I say to myself and remind that we all need in particular, for a miracle working GOD in our lives, sooner or later. “A CRISIS” will come in man’s life and “FEAR” will grip your soul and however arrogant you may be you then need a super natural miracle form god and no counseling bandage existing in this universe experiences.

I look at the SEA. The “vast, vast” ocean and I am in “awe and amaze”, looking at the god who has created every creation, every life. “ I had walked on this earth a zillion times, and everytime I walked around the mountain, I saw a piece of creation of god, which always aught my attention. Look at the birds, who feeds them with constant FOOD, home and health?” I look around. I look at my readers. “Healing power comes form the super natural. Look at the birds!” I re-iterate. As I walk down the street, I understand the opportunity provided to the son of “JEHOVAH”, “This is the word of the living god. This word when spoken, under the anointing can release the super natural in such unspoken FORCE, that NO demon can withstand, and every demon will tremble and flee. This is the power of the living god. I tell you surely, surely, birds have greater faith than MAN”. I smile, as I end my parable helping my readers understand to look around for miracles which occurs every minute. Science is a tool to aid to understand the super natural, the kingdom of god to begin with “FAITH”.

I smile, at my father. “Yesterday, 08th Jan, 2011, it is my sister-in-laws birthday. And I consciously avoided wishing

Her on her birthday. Call it as an emotional life. But, I know she knows, my sin. Hence, till my father heals me by his stripes, I shall not enforce or thrust her forgiveness upon me. My logic is simple. If god can forgive me and heal me of my sins, then anybody can. Remember, “Ratatouille” the movie, where the “Gutezos” spirit speaks to the rat, “the little chef”, “Anybody can cook!” . what kind of attitude do you wear? Righteous or self-righteous?”

Its Sabbath today. and I AM exhausted. And I understand the need of rest. The clock stops and eternity stops, “IDLE” is the word of the day and I AM justified in my position. “Justification or Calementation?” I write the words. “Where on the earth, do these words come from? Are these the words of GOD, which makes me do the word? The word becoming FLESH?” and suddenly the spirit whispers, “TALK LESS and DO MORE!” and I chuckle.

“Phew!” time to wrap it up. And I check my G.P.S. the current status. “Planet earth, unequally yoked”. “Two better than one. And threefold cannot be easily broken! God cannot tolerate
1. Deceitfulness  Lips speaking from deceit; “Esau” => they appear to be a wolf in a sheeps clothing.
2. Half truth  Opposite of integrity; the whole truth nothing but the truth and I check my G.P.S again

“NEED TO REST. REST MODE!” I turn on the switch to take time out formt eh revelation which has been unfolding at a rapid page. And I the author sigh out.

“Love you father!” TC!

- Yeshua Christ

Jan 19th 2011,

“A new book called “The Death Marches: The final phase of Nazi genocide” by author Daniel blatman, an Israel, publishes his book this week and goes on sale in Germany”. The book is about how German civilians murdered many concentration camp survivors. And I read the reason behind this gory reality of the 20th century. The times when the world was torn between wars and rumors of wars.

REASON: A decade of indoctrination, a genocidal mentality that had systematically dehumanized the Jews and the slaves, led to the collective hurt”.

I read the reason. Remain silent about the article which I read in my local Bangalore News paper. “How odd of god, that HE loves the Jews?” I smile. Is it only a human nature which separates GOD and his LOVE? Human development is defined as the processes of change in a human beings cognitive cycle throughout the human life span. It focuses on the inter relationship between an individuals biological and conscious and development within the available socio- cultured environment.

“What then led to this massacre?’ without politics, country, creed and blood will god the almighty be able to answer this question? Will god my friend be able to justify my question with a truthful answer? Why US? The JEWS! Why should it be Jews who were the chosen race to the priesthood, ended up loosing everything they were blessed with form the beginning! Does god the almighty, have an answer?

“I AM sure you do!” I turn and I look at my father. Its been a long break and a long wait since I have met him on these pages. “Err… I AM waiting for the

Answer,” I the author politely remind him and lord, god smiles.

“Strange are the silent smiles. Wonder what lay behind those sealed lips”, I say to myself waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal the answer to the most controversial marsacre of the century. And I decite to wait for the right time to know the answer. “A JEW is brash, ending and boisterous. But a JES is also obedient, humble and a self-critic.” I hope that statement preoapres my jewish blood to look back at history and to admit my many jewish crimes, which never makes it onto the pages of newspaper.

I spend time with Samuel. He is busy with his presentation and preparation for his inter-school science competition. His next stage stepping onto the stage. He also got a certificate for enacting as “Gandhi” role on the stage. And his age-11 e speaks in fluent “Hindi”, miracle which a tuition teacher, who happens to murage another whole bunch of 15-20 kids still manages to teach my Samuel, which I couldn’t. he! He! “Am I relived and thank for the prayers. God lord, you are wonderful. thank you!”

I the author, intentionally angry. “Hey! You go tell god, that I AM going to speak anyway I want to. Is anything impossible with god? I AM going to write the way I want to till my father installs two gold tooth in my teeth, with my own fingers only because my king David didn’t like my “chatter” sound. Let me be dead honest, I had the wisdom tooth, which was a failed root canal tooth. Hence, the anger furled me to pluck the aching tooth. Good pleasure. So, where are we? Yes, lets move on with further updates”.

While the whole earth was busy, king David was marching all along. He ahs received the ITO award, the customer hero award for innovation, service and leadership in Hewellet Packard, amongst TOP NOTCH only INDIAN, whose page length article about his “exaggerated opinion” perceived by many. But how do you think he arrived? He forwards me every single mail which raises him and it scares him to death. He still tries to give his BEST SHOT at everything he does. But HE chooses himself to call not as “MIGHTY WARRIOR”, but rather as a humble servant of god. “Its my job, I am paid to do it”. He smiles away as he sheepishly smiles at every single accolade he heaps. The carpet has fallen short of his heaping certificates. And the same friend, who is a team manager in the other process wit a slow run in the race, chooses intently to write a mail to the tower head, telling, “David was in my team. And he had got more than 100+ appreciation by customers in his tenure”. And I smile back at the history. Was he not the same friend who had continually back stabbed ensuring David would not grow in the corporate? And now the friend surrenders to David. Crazy guy. Table tennis champ in his company, wears branded clothes, carries himself immersed in work, his blackberry his set of friends and play station. He completes every game he picks up. The latest of “Brothers I arms-5” and now plans to bring more. Plays cricket, knows science, aware about politics, loyal to his lady love, obedient to his parents, a terror to his enemies and above all, AS COOL AS CUCUMBER. His plans are good. Thoughts of success secrets with his parents. He wants of to happen, when it happens. But he is willing to hang out till all eternity. This is David. This is the simple amplified muted character of David, whose words and trauma, the youngest king in the tribe, who happens to know his identity and is willing to conquer the world for his god;

Which are captured only on these pages. TRUTH OF A SOLE WARRIOR. And that’s what he has been prepared for generations which couldn’t walk into. The supernatural of the gravity drive.


Yawn father, sorry, tired and need to rest.
Love you and unbelievably, the FIRST ENCOUNTER with GOD, captured LIVE on the living book of LAMB. “What a treat, to the soul, whose identity is revealed through the pages! WOW!”


Before I was formed in my mother’s womb, my father, my ALMIGHTY, my GOD, knew ME. Holy Holy! I AM speaking to GOD.

“A wind blows and I smile. I CAN SEE IN HEAVEN. HUSH! I AM WHAT I AM!”


PLEASE direct my steps according to your ways. For Christ’s sake!

- Yeshua Christ

20th January 2011

“Good morning Father!” I cheer bright as I finally get to start the process of listening to GOD, the almighty where I no longer will be talking Holy silence takes over as my lops are sealed. Did you know “SILENCE” and “BEING STILL” takes you to the very presence of GOD, in this realm? Many Christians experience it rarely. Its deep calling onto deep. All his teaching and love is like a tornado, a whirl wind with massive rolling waves. This is when the moment arrives when I AM no longer praying or praising but rather communing with the Lord Almighty. Above all the earth, far above, this is the place and the throne of the god, the creator, the beginning and the end. Here, words flow with ease and here you soak in just being one with the creator, who created you and you are in him and HE inside you. Something strange surely happens

Psalms 22:22

I will praise your name in my brethren.

This is why I AM not ashamed to sing praises of my father. For this is the worship in TRUTH. David, Jesus becomes ONE with the father completely so that I can be in Christ David and he can worship GOD, through ME. For, both HE who sanctified us, sanctifies the body, flesh, and brethren too. This body in which GOD dwells now is now forced to sing nothing but praises to my father in truth.

Look at my past, look at the pages of my soul, my father had breathed LIFE into me. It is not I, the author worshipping my father anymore, its rather I the entity the HOLY SPIRIT, which is the life of power, praising and enriching the POWER and PRESENCE OF GOD, which is penetrating in the fullness of glory, joy and deliverance. “AMEN! I believe in MIRACES Today”.

In awareness, I know I AM positioned aptly in TIME and SPACE for a divine intervention. But lo! My father led me an Israelite, like a lamb led to slaughter. How strange? Why do I continue doing knowing that I had to be on the cross? Is this not life and love all about! Nothing you carry, nothing you own, all you have is the opportunity to experience the BEST offered to you. If god know and god continues plotting up poverty and sickness, then which GOD are you serving? Confess and look beyond. There is a creator, your father, A TRUE GOD, who hears your cry and ensures you rise above the ugly beaten down trodden hell. Believe in yourself. Believe in doing. And change will happen. For when god can take care of birds, will he not choose to take care of his own children? What kind of father, would want his children to stay in FIRE? Earthly father may vary in all shapes and sizes for they were a medium, to find a place on the planet. There is only ONE way to enter into the planet. BIRTH. And this happens so that the soul can accomplish the things you have been designed for. Hence, the logic is simple. It is choice of FREE WILL, which GOD offers you. “How far would you like to run? Would you freak out looking at the marathon race focusing on yourself or would you listen and decide to be an individual in the crowd wanting to know more about GOD?”

- Yeshua Christ

26th January 2011

Hindi line hindi line - Vande Mataram

I AM a passionate prideful boisterous Indian. “PEACE” is where land dwells, a grand life style of culture and heritage is what we celebrate in, inflation or economy rise, we adapt to circumstances ALL, A GOOD LEADER and an ideal kingdom of GOD, is what the Nation needs to save itself form disaster.

“How then will this ancient land retain its identity amidst UN seat, Maoists, ULFA, idols, corruption, poverty, vulgarity, degenerating values, growing divisions? Can GOD bring forth DAVUD, the destined King of Israel, form the land of India, the anointed to lead them ALL to wards GOD? Will my father be able to fulfill the promise and the covenanting which are written as a proof of will and inheritance in these very pages of the living book of the lamb?”

“BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN!” ushers my father and I smile. “But I AM AN ISRALETITE” I whine and I add with a million dollar smile, “I AM a Jew, talented and versatile, I serve my king David, who is an Indian by race by soul, who often reminds me, day and night , in my dreams, in my sight, that I belong, to the land where HE dwells. And not in the land, where I was long born and walked. My own land, my Israel. My land often steals me my sleep. In the initial days, when I heard about my dad speaking about the far away ancestors, “Aryans” and “Israel”, my heart felt a long last inheritance, at 1, my eyes have seen and have seen the land of courage and velour, my land of Israel. At 33, now I stand in my three storey building apartment, longing to go back to the land where my

Ancestors, once upon a time walked. But this crazy love of king David, doesn’t let me go other than staying back in the temple”.

“His love, his talks, his touch, his rage, his pranks, his support, his silence, his narration, his treats, his surprises, his stories, his eyes, his bums, his keen, hi listening, his closeness, his delight, his sports, his work, his laughter, his worries, his effort, his achievements, his failures, his victories, his conquests, his debates, his planning, his strategies, his results, his investments, his predictions, his principles, his values, his foresights, his visions, his talents, his comprehension, his thoughtfulness, his vibrant life, his overall persona, his ENTIRE Existence”, this is what stops me from giving away to the land of Israel. Its David and not INDIAN. I, the priest of GOD, believe in serving the king and not the lord father.” I, author conclude the LOVE, the SOULFUL and SOLEFUL admiddision to the prophesied love towards David, the destined and the anointed king of the land from the Far East stretching toward Egypt and Africa. I write the true words of GOD, the almighty. This is the TRUTH, when we met god, and as we continue to walk with HIM, with the laws and words being written on the hearts of his children. Sorry if I arouse jealousy, in the hearts of the readers but you see we are just making way and opening the doors of heaven, so that YOU may begin to see and OWN everything we have.

After all, is this not the deal between the author and reader? RUN THE RACE, as I do and you will find THE WAY to the super natural eternity. “Can we have some music for worship!” I smiled

- Yeshua Christ

27th January 2011

“Hi, Father!” I smile and finally I settle down in absolute silence. Nothing seems to help me. Not watching, “Friends series”, “GOD channel”, “Reality shows”, “Cookery shows”, “News”, “Radio”, “Work”, “King’s company”, “Parents”, “Son”, “Bible”, “Nothing at all”, except these pages, where I can shred my every bit of frustration of wait and nothing but the LONG WAIT.

“How far can a soul travel to reach its DESTINY?” isn’t in a man’s hands to conquer his DESTINY? How helpless do I look, having known everything, yet having to wait? Why does GOD test my love and faith? Why does he push me so much? WHY ME? And yet continue understanding that these are the stages when FLESH succumbs to SOUL, and finally the SOUL succumbs to its master, its creator, GOD”.

For a 33 year old, having all the FUN IN LIFE, laughing and giggling, this spiritual journey seems to surreal. I remember my apostle, Sir Benny Hinn, teaching me today about a word, called “SIMILITUDE”. Do you know god, the almighty speaks to us, in images. Its not a feeling, but you know inside, its TRUE. For your deep images, clear details of FUTURE, of events and occurrences will be shown to you. This is called “SIMILITUDE”. God speaks to you in the form of similitude. These evens occur, “line after line”. PROGRESSION is the key. Remember, all the pictures of the future shall not be shown to you at once. Rather, it will be shown to you “Line after line”.

And I lift my head and ask like every other soul, “So, what is my Similitude?” and I chuckle at my question. “6th volume of Revelation of Jesus”. Strange I understand and I AM being introduced to the word SIMILITUDE now!!

“Father why do I feel so heavy? I do have a lot of pending work to do, but I just don’t feel like doing any. Why so heavy?” I ask and I wait for an answer to be shown.

“What is that you wait for?” asks father and I smile. “Here we go”…
1. The book. Blogs to be read by some one, some where and to be taken to Rory Alec and Wendy Alec. “John, the Baptist” is Rory and he needs to find me in order to get the book published. Its already Jan 2011 and 2012 is nearing and we surely don’t have much time.
2. Once, the book begins to be read, multitude will be saved and eventually SOULS will be saved.
3. Yeshua’s sole purpose is to establish the king of Israel and the throne of GOD. Hence, it’s the second coming of Christ and carrying the altar to the land of Israel, Jerusalem and establishing to where it belongs, to make known the TRUE GOD ISHA, the beginning and the end to every fowl, fauna and living creature exiting on the planet”.

I look at my father. And I decide to hide my silent prayer of the wedding of the lamb, deep with in. “If GOD says YES, who can say NO?” I smile. And I wait for the answer to be revealed. The Holy Spirit guides me towards the pages of the Bible and I wonder how will a verse hold the key to my next pursuit of life?

“If a man will not work, he shall not EAT”, 2 Thessalonians 3:10

“No work, No Eat” => thanks for a brutal encouragement father, I smile gotto go back to work, love you always.

Bless all the 6 billion people on this planet.

- Yeshua Christ

27th Jan 2011
11:15 pm
Dear father,

Hear my frustrated prayer father. Hear these words of plea which no one will ever read. Hear my agony which nobody can feel. Hear these mercies and begging tears of a lost JEW, who is forbidden to live LIFE.

Father, have mercy on my Jews will you? Doest the land of Jews hear you? Words enough father? Is this not earth sanctified with enough blood of Jews shed on the land? The world cringes its NOSE, Christians and gentiles, with the blind followers of Satan, ask the question, “How odd of GOD, that he loved JEWS?” the shame, the history of being out-Casted, to continue with 2000 years of agonizing journey. The damage which we have done, in the name of the “Lord YAWEH” which we revere. We are now submerged under the superiority of the churches and the false ideology of the Indian gentiles, they now steal our Jewish birthright. Further, I ask you, do you have no heart that you punish the MAMS, your chosen ones, your true worshippers, as a human being born to serve you, when we seek your forgiveness, season after season my do you father not REACT and remain a mute spectator.

Look, father my tears dry up, they don’t wet the pages of the living lamb anymore. The anguish and the pain of the painful soul continues.

“Hear me father, Jews did not kill YESHUA. Romans did the Pharisees did. The sandicees did. Hence, I pray to taken weapon against the chosen ones of GOD”. I will wait for my Jewish brothers to call upon me. But father, even if I die, I ask you this, “SPARE not who chooses wickedness against my bloodline”. I AM WHAT I AM. The JUDGE and THE PRIEST TOO.

- Yeshua Christ

30th January 2011

“How humanly can Jesus be?” if I AM a mere man, then how am I different from the rest? “AM I a mere prophet, a mere miracle worshipper and a healer or AM I the owner of my land, my kingdom of GOD? Am I the one who brings the good news of GOD and establish it on planet earth? AM I the one who reveals the king of the kings and lord of the lord king David? AM I the one who bore the seed of the heaven in my womb and delivered it to the GOD LORD? am I the one whose story has been written in 66 chapters of bible? Am I the one who has been spoken about in Isaiah? Am I the one who has been called as “PRINCE OF PEACE”? Am I the one who gather all my brether, my sons and children of god? Am I the one who turns water into wine? Am I the one who will bring lazarus out of his tomb? “Then why AM I not spoken as a WOMAN, and why is JESUS CHRIST called as one, when its two different gender, one as YESHUA the woman and CHRIST as the man. Why do the preachers preach about one coming when the bible talks about 3 people and a family coming in the pages of revelation?”

I look around. Again silence. And I see no father around for conversation. And I realize its Sabbath. The rest day and I begin to ponder back into the choices we have made, which has sustained us for. FUN and PLAY, has been the key word helping us sail through the toughest storms. “FAITH” is the most, which keeps souls going, which can barely keep up with the world around.

1. Eat right  eat consciously  and eat with care.
Encourage your body to have a healthy lifestyle to be well

Ahead of the game. ensure that you teach your children to eat sight amount of vegetables, curds, milk, coke, chips, cereals, potatoes, fried or boiled and treat them with occasional feats of pizzas, music, cd’s, cartoons, books, toys and let them savour the outdoor games, allow the phone ring, let them discover the knowledge of sex as they get ready from growing child into TEEN, the transition period. That’s our mission. Help them recognize their value and help them understand to encounter with GOD<-> CHILDREN are our future. Hence, guide them make right choices. You don’t make choices for them. Dirty words, what is exclusive for ADULTS only helping him to co-ordinate between his rights and his excising of rights. SPANK HIM light, USE your TONE, USE your eyes and body, threaten him when he is caught for his white lies, his careless expend time, his waiting away of time, his undisciplined, his habits, his friends circle, his attitude, his studies <-> keep it NATURAL. Love him always, know that you are. TEACHER and a PARENT. Love him, after a stern scolding. Let it go and erase the memory of mistakes because, kids are beautiful. Angels of GOD.

And just then I realize, I need to replace COKE with MILK. He drinks too much of COKE and hardly drinks MILK. Replacement effective from today. Nutrition of dinner is a crucial technique. Nutrition is in breakfast, bonding is dinner.

I check my G.P.S and as I hold it I smile. I never knew that David’s new process is also into the technicalities <-> servers of G.P.S and I smile -> G.P.S<- my dream long time back when Ezekiel walked along with me. People jeered, people abandoned me, but as I walked all along, I see that I walk out of the

Stadium which has barbed wise all around, and as I moved on and made way among cops and brutal regimes of the world, I finally make it and David waiting for me, “G.P.S” the words he uttered” and I smile.

“SIMILITUDE” <-> the sequence of progression of images which unfolds in pictures and images shown to the soul, by GOD himself. “SIMILITUDE”.

“How close are we towards rapture?” I look around and wait for the answer. Yet again silence. I AM beginning to miss my father’s wards on these pages. Hard to predict when will HE show himself. The wait is organized and everything turns out according to his plans

Current status:-

“Sporadic protests all over the world. In Egypt, in Somalia, in Algeria, in Iran, in Tunisia. In Russia, Arab countries monarchy under threat, natural disaster continues to rock Australia, Peru, China, Europe and Japan. While India has its own corrupting decaying values and enemies which needs to be fought within. Srilanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghan, Bangladesh, Africa, suffer within form growing bomb blasts as the blasts continue to spread in Germany, France and UK too. No nation is spared. Economy rocks U.S Power is no longer working. “This is the lives of the millions of people who are struggling to ensure the future of their generations. The race for survival. Blind and dead people, all walking around, unable to comprehend, unable to realize and wondering why their lives are at stake. These are the souls in every corner of the GLOBE, who are marked by their selfishness. All the souls, 6+

Billion, the total amount of souls till date, will fare the DIVISION souls which will die, souls which will be saved. Hence, I insisted if you know ME, you will know your father in heaven too.

I clock the time. 2011 Jan 30th. And I confirm. We do not have much time. 2012 is nearing very soon. Very soon. CONSTATINE -> the founder of Christianity. And I pause for a hot cup of tea before I begin narrating the story hidden, dark and bloody for my readers to digest.

Yawn father! How much of history do we study? How much of lapses of history and its incidents shall I share with my readers? How many fights shall I let my readers know and uncover?

This is not my purpose. This is not my armour. As long as I have the faith in my heart as long as there is no FEAR, all I want my readers to know is “Everything is going to be ALRIGHT!” after all, god, the father loves his children. and sorry if he has made the EVE to be a little more innocent and a little more precious for GOD loves his daughters first and then his sons. He created ADAM first but the RIB was already there within. That’s the beauty of Romance and love which I want my readers to be introduced to. HOPE AND LIGHT in the path of LOVE and JOY conquerors the WORLD. Why fear when the living GOD is here? Every step of yours is predestined. Then, why do we worry about safety?

Hindi lines hindi lines hindi lines
Hindi lines hindi lines hindi lines
Hindi lines hindi lines hindi lines

“Love you are mine and I AM yours
Now the secret is know to the entire Nation!”

“Love is greater than anger. Love cannot be forced rather it is aroused” I the author pens the words and hope to catch on with the fire of GOD, a conversation which are bound to set the TRP’s high, the stakes of the book’s ability to retain the crisp suspense and climax of the revelation of Jesus.

And I pause. Yet again silence as I look around I wonder where father is. He always was on time in each of my volumes. I wonder, what is taking long for him to set the pace of conversation? After all how much of self-thoughts will a reader ever absorb?

“I love you father. Amidst all the drama, the world is in a current of change. The unrest in Egypt continues for the 8th day. And “Presidents Mubarak’s regime under threat. And many Islamic nations face protests all around. Its violence unfolding. “Rumours of wars, wickedness, scams, wikipedia leaks, corruption, money laundering, rackets, rapes” you can name them and you will see them. Christians are multiplying and the Holy spirit is upon them. It touches all souls according to the deeds and not by religion branded.

My friend peter is facing the storms but her determination is what set her apart. She is helping her parents to construct a house. And his only 27 years. “Marriage can wait but I want to fulfill my parents dreams” she says. And I am proud about her. Sure peter talks more, hence I too indulge in more talking when she’s around.

I look around. I miss David. And I miss my father. I simply cannot pull off the further chapters talking about “MYSELF”. “Father, help me out! SHOW ME THE WAY”! I scream hysterically from the pages as I smile.

- 31st Jan 2011
- Yeshua Christ

1st Feb 2011

Dear Father,

I write this letter to you in my toughest moments.

I have no laptop as its infected with virus. Hence, I need to wait to work upon the project which I have due tomorrow submission.

When we struggle to make our meets end with barely minimum on the threshold, why are we tested so many times?

Livestock and the crops of your ground in the land he swore to your forefathers to give you.

The LORD will open the heaven, the store house of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nation but will borrow form none. The lord will make you the head, not the tail. if you pay attention to the commands of the lord your god that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom. Do not turn aside form any of the commands I give you today, to the right or to the left, following other gods and serving them”

“AMEN!” I and all the angels joined in together and we together inserted the super natural code within the secret hidden pages of the lengthy race. Only those who are willing to run the race, deserve the key to inheritance. Which is why, you my deserving reader is the ideal candidate. Whatever is mien is yours!” I the author Yeshua Christ wink at my sheep.

I, the author Yeshua Christ look in to the future days along with my father in heaven. “A small crowd holding a banner and they are paid by an agent to do it” what does the banner say?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I the author, look

At my dad, cold. “this is lover war. And the way is very narrow” and my apostle Kenneth Copeland advices in his 2011 brands on Victory campaign on GOD T.V.

Just then my eyes fall on the message. “Tell us, from where you are watching. Email us at live GOD T.V” and I smile. Samuel’s question was, “How will people find us? And why will anybody in south Africa care about meeting you?” and all I answer him, “If they want to be alive, they will find us” and I looked at my father. “Walking in faith in love line along with the father is easy. But driving Samuel’s little spirits of Evel Kennevele is a little annoying” and my father understood my struggling parenting skills. “Till he learns to master the strings, you need to give him a lot of rope to learn” and I shrugged my shoulders.

“I just know and I know in my womb, that THINGS WILL COME TO PASS AND HAS COME TO PASS. People will invest in the book and thereby will gain blessings in return.” I, the author look at my father. “I have decided to give 1% of my royalty earned to the N.G.O which takes care of the food and the education of children. I don’t belong to, how they have been raised but they will be taken under my ministry, my church father. Hence, I urje that my readers ensure to buy a book so that this gosped and a live commentary of the message of god, will be a treasure for eternity” and I pound my hammer hard.

And my father chuckles. “Another useless slaes techniques. You being a lawyer Yeshua, aren’t you curious

To find out the master of the Kingdom of god?” and I , the author Yeshua Christ smile at my father in heaven. “I did not die on the cross, so that I can be a king, I died on the cross, so that my children can be rich.” And I smile as I look at my father. “Every child of god, is raised up to be a king. Any man or any woman should come boldly and sit with US and GOD. You have and cannot take anything away form us”. “Behold, look who you are. You, my reader is a king alongside the king, who is a joint heir in the kingdom of god. Therefore the world knows us not. Hence, my dear reader, I urge you that go to bed every night in peace and know this you receive the gift of sleep for you are the child of god”, I smile at my father and look at my readers.

“Did I mention sleep?” and I yawn. “Phew, sleep”. And just then somebody asks, “how can you go to sleep? We are all about to die” and I yawn even harder.

I try to keep my drooping eyes open and I smile looking at him and I yawn once again. “For god your father in heaven loved this earth so much that he gave his only son, Yeshua Christ, to be a sacrifice to wash his own sins and all the sins of the planet. I, the author, loved you enough to be always there for you. How can I ever leave you. How can I?” and I slowly move towards my bed. “My beautiful bed. And my peaceful sleep”. “JESUS sleeps when the storms roar” I smile.

“Good night father!” “Good night daughter and hey! Well answered” he smiles as he kisses good night and I yawn once more

- Yeshua Christ

8th March 2011

“Good morning father!” I smile tired. And my father cheers me up with a bright smile. “What are the latest updates?” and he shows me the beautiful land of Jerusalem, with Sir Benny Hinn standing and making a prophecy of Heaven coming to earth in 2011. and I smile at my father. “Its international woman’s day. And so my women gang are gathering momentum along with the youth and the preachers making the elevations as the women contribute through their silent prayers and actions. The typing angel has agreed to type the Volume – 6, but I really have to catch up with the speed and complete the book!” I smile and look at my father. “A book, whose author I AM, whose beginning I know not and the end I see not, ALL I AMM is the word of GOD”. And my father shines through the glorious pages.

“Its going to be nothing but a completion of all the pending dues and pending works and pending rest father”. And that is the Agenda for today and I look at my bible. Exodus has been so long that I forgot the story continuity. I look at my father. And I smile. “One of my rich aunt now wants to join the N.G.O for any meager salary. Her personal situations of secured luxuries has been removed and her husband’s business collapsed” I look at my father in heaven and my father whispers, “Continue: this is the only way to get to the bottom of any issue. Every pastor and preacher should learn to be a complete master of his own destiny”. And I look at my father. “You can choose to have a laugh looking at a woman’s misery or you can choose to support and love to give her peace and quiet”. And I choose

To continue sharing the story. “I requested the had of the N.G.O to give her an opportunity to the woman who comes looking for a job knocking at the doors of the N.G.O. I requested him to negotiate the salary with the rich aunt, who was in dire need”. And I look at my father. And my father chuckles. “Indeed a good job Yeshua. What then is bothering you?”

And I smile. “The sheer fact that the head of the N.G.O thinks he cannot afford another resource and that he may not be able to pay the rich aunt. He does not want a resource. A rich aunt, practically a waste to his organization. He boosts my personality telling that I have caliber and this is why I deserve to be paid 10,000/-. Hence he avoided meeting her, he called her asked her to go back and informed her that he was busy. The rich aunt had to go back home without being given the opportunity to serve the N.G.O. what an irony father, that it is called a Non Profit organization? What are then N.G.O’s supposed to do? What are the values of these foundations based upon?” and I look at my father.

“And you want to still go ahead with your willingness to share a part of your earning with the same N.G.O. this despite you knowing Yeshua, that what you give may never reach the target group at the end of the day” my father smiles and I look at his naughtiness in the eye.

“My job father is to make the unclean clean. To set right ALL which is at fault. I know I can activate abundant wisdom in your kingdom. And I AM aware that I can activate the miracles on this planet

Through your word my father. This is all I know and can ever know. “You will handle everything and you will give us victory in every trails and tribulations”. And I smile, as I catch up with Samuel and the Hilarious, “Takeshi’s castle” and I laugh out loud. And I smile. “Japanese are the most workaholic people/ country in the world” the time so India paper reports and I look at my father.

“Time for me to complete all my pending work father and that includes the book too”, I look at my father and decide to let go of all the worries and the hypocrisy of people. “I have come to do my father’s will. And every knew shall bow and every lips shall confess, that lord, the god almighty is the sole proprietor of this universe. The king shall reclaim his throne and he will run the kingdom according to his rules. Those who oblige, gain, those who protest, loose. That is the simple logistics of the kingdom of god.

“So will you still share the Royalty?” quips one of the readers. And I smile. “I will. But according to my norms and according to my way. I would like to know who are the people who receive my money. And would like to get regular feedback from the target group in their own words. In corporate terms, transparency of the financial system, from TOP to BOTTOM. And I know, this too shall come to pass”. And my father looks at me, as I complete my faith filled answer. “This is ALL I AM father. An ordinary soul born to complete the Extraordinary work. And this si to capture the message of god, in the pages of Revelation of JESUS”. I smile and look at dad as I got ready for my next set of assignments.

Exodus – Summary of the RECAP *

1. After the death of Joseph, begins the journey of never ending Exodus.

2. The Israelites are under the Slavery of Pharaoh.

3. Enters Moses, the son of the Levis and being raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter. He is caught killing one of the Egyptians leader and escapes from being killed.

4. God, the Almighty decides to intervene directly and he initiates the process to yet again re-establish the system, of being worshipped and being called upon by his name, “I AM WHO I AM”.

5. Empowers the good Moses to become better along with an assistant called Aaron. The staff and Aron’s lips become the weapons of Moses in the Warfare strategy.

6. God, is Good. He lays a step by step instruction to Moses and Aaron and is in complete control. Show the signs to Pharaoh. But note, since the soul of Pharaoh is intentionally hardened by GOD, the people of the Egyptians begin to witness the Grace of Moses, more and more.

7. A perfect card, well played. “Ask the Pharaoh to let the children of GOD to go free to their land of forefathers else the Egyptians will suffer from the judgements of plague. What ever Joseph gathered was lost as the blessing and service of Joseph had been long ago forgotten by the Egyptians.

8. An unleashing of plagues of different kinds and then it happens. Moses lifts up his staff and the Israelites cross the red sea leaving behind the Egyptians swallowed and engulfed by the same sea. It is interesting to see, the sea parting the children of god on one side and the unbelievers on the other.

9. The worship and praise due to the lord is re-established. And the laws and kingdom established. The ten commandments clears the way amidst confusion and the Sabbath laws along with the festivals and responsibilities observed by mankind. The offerings and the temple is set up.

I pause and look at my father. “ I have read bible Exodus, many times. May verses and the repeated stories. How is that I still keep going back to the same pages and same verses again and again. Why doesn’t this journey of life move beyond Exodus!” I scream my lungs out at my father. And my father smiles. “Are you feeling okay?” he asks. And I smile, with my shrugged shoulders.

“I AM tired father. Very tired. Amy times, I feel, that ALL I long for is a marriage, a blissful family life and just to be out of this country with David. Call it as an early retirement. But, this book I write, seem to hold the key to the wedding. I often wonder, why do I write? And to whom do I write it for? I feel cringed when every moment of my life is captured on these pages. Do I write to gain sympathy form people or their admiration? Do I write to gain money or fame and power? Do I write because I want to prove to people that I can or do I write because I AM better than everyone else? None of these questions

Seem to reflect my intentions and purpose”. And I go back to my basics. “Why do I write?’ and I pause writing.

I look at my father. And my father answers. “Go to page 353 will you?” and I smile, just obeying to his command. And there I see the chronicles, first section.

6:1 Key People : First Chronicles 1-9 from the Bible’s most complete genealogical record. They emphasize the two tribes most crucial to god’s plans : Judah, the tribe that David and all the later kings of Judah came form and the Levites who had responsibility to lead Israel in worship.

And I look at my father. “What does that suppose to mean?” it does not answer my question of “Why do I write?” I, the author Yeshua Christ tries to put up a mere defense to reflect the reader’s view. Ad my father lifts me up in his arms, calms me, speaking, “Yeshua! You have come a long way beyond the point of seeking an answer to the question you ask. Why should you write? It is because if you don’t complete the book, nobody else will”. He confirms. And I look at my father in heaven, teary eyed.

“Do you know father, for every 7 seconds around the world, there is child, who dies of malnutrition/hunger as per the latest WHO report? Do you know father; for all the dumb/egoistic prideful decisions taken by the Muslim brotherhood, there will be a death of atleast 1/4th

Of world’s population, approximately 1.5 billion deaths? Do you know father, when the Anti-Christ possessed by Satan walks into the Jerusalem Temple and claims his position as GOD, there will be another 1/3rd of deaths, approximately 1 billion. Do you know father, that many also will face death due to the submission of their souls to their master, Satan? Do you know father that the judgments tragedy also includes the souls who will be taken away due to natural calamites like earthquakes, floods, etc? do you now father, that after all this, thee still lies a possibility of a rumored alien attack on this planet? I ask you all this my father because, Revelation 17:17, Isaiah 14:14 or Ezekiel 38 can never be wrong. God’s words are true. Then, will this all come to pass too? This is why I ask you father, when protests everyday, billions of children crave for food and when the world waits for a peace and joy, all you advice me is to continue to write the book. I feel helpless and miserable father. Does Jesus hate the people of Islam? Does Jesus hate the people practiced by people? Does Jesus feel abandoned by his own Jews? Why do I write? “I the Author, Yeshua Christ, completes my list of questions and look at my father. And find my father not to be around. I tell to myself “I guess, I must have asked too many questions to Mr.God””.

“Look around and you will find ME”, whispers GOD, the Almighty. And I turn around to see the Lord GOD Almighty seated on his mighty throne. And I smile.

And I understand. It has to be close. Inside of the cit are fruit leaves and these leaves will be necessary to bring renewal and strength to the nations. Times and times a hundred and thousands. The only people who need healing are people outside. Hypothetically, a 1000 years to be tested and proven to bear a substantial system. People will have to be born again. But most of them still have a simple heart. Hence, man and woman of god will be matured in a substantial way. Even, in the world where most people are running scared, we know that by releasing our finances and funds reaching every corner of the earth, because of our obedience to the Lord God Almighty the world has HOPE” and I look around once more.

There are 12 gates in the city and the angels who are simple people. There will be no one who can get into the city. There is a protocol. No one who has enough maturity can enter into t he city. The supernatural city with a divine connection which will be a kingdom, New Jerusalem, which will release the supernatural realm on planet Earth. 1500 miles <-> only 3 gates, every 500 miles. And the walls of these gates are really thick. How high is 1,500 miles? An orbit is at 200 miles? So its an 800 miles outer space. Ha.. ha… literally nobody can climb onto this gate.

And I look around. This kingdom of supernatural should be set up as the absolute security and I can talk two dimensional. A dynamic convergence and I look at my father. “This is getting really exciting!” and my father

Smiles. “Go on writing, take pauses in between. For this is the point of convergence of the Holy of the Holies, where the river of life on earth and the river of life on heaven converge. Keep studying and stay with me as I give you more insights.

“With how many have you confirmed your covenant through your lips, Yeshua? To whom have you confirmed your covenant with?” asked father in stern tome, I, the author Yeshua Christ, in my human strength had to overcome this separate experience with the Holy spirit other than the salvation. There is the nature of god inside you, but there is the Acts 1:8 when the Holy spirit is released and it begins to show the revelation. Become born again. Don’t go anywhere. Till you get the power. And within just a few days and years a city will be totally transformed. You don’t have the advantages of any technology but one of the most biggest reasons is because these are people who are filled with Holy spirit and in my name, they will cast out devils they will heal the sick and begin to operate in the super natural realm.

Note: Do not lay hands on a stranger who wants to be healed by you. Pray for them. Use the word. Point a finger if required and the anointing will allow to walk in the supernatural.

1 Corinthians 12 :-

9 gifts of Holy Spirit. Gift of faith, gifts of tongue, gifts of healing, gifts of love, gift of knowledge, gift of Prophecy, gift of prosperity, gift of charity, gift of Miracles.

Beyond all this, charity and love is above all of these. The word of god is perfect. But when you look in the context, we are looking and we will be meeting face to face. Then you will know everything as I become known to you. We will then together see that we will EXIT this LIFE and we will receive our glorified bodies we don’t require to struggle to pray in doubt. You begin to speak directly with GOD. When you begin to speak in tongues, the holy spirit helps us and makes the necessary intercession.

But, once you begin to enter what is perfect where the body, mind and soul begins to unreveal, then you become who YOU are and you no longer require to speak in tongues.

Understand then, you need to grow up form childish ways to the man, an adulthood. And my father asks me again, “So, Yeshua, with how many have you confirmed your covenant?” and I smile at my father.

1. My David, the king
2. Samuel, my prince,
3. Moses, my mother,
4. Peter, my disciple,
5. Thomas, my disciple,
6. Phillip, my sister.
7. John, my publishing agent.

“With 7 have I confirmed my covenant father, have my lips confirmed that I AM YESHUA CHRIST” and suddenly I saw the light blink on the pages of the Revelation of Jesus, and the light began to grow more and more brighter. I began to submerge and realize that speaking in tongues was my biggest and greatest gift which was so powerful. And I began to realize that GOD wanted me to have it as a Baptism from the Holy spirit.

I, the author, Yeshua Christ along with Andrew Womack and Creflo Dollar along with John Hagee, I received my confirmation of Holy Spirit, gift form god and things were never same again.

I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at my father in heaven along with Benny Hinn Sir, Joyce Meyer, smile. “I got to go father. WE ARE GOING INTERNATIONAL SOON!! HURRAY!”

And I give him the latest update. “I AM going to my sisters house. And she is giving the amount to me a 16,000/- rupees. She has invited for a lunch over and I need to go. But my left lips seem to flutter and I suddenly feel the enemy is trying to make me sick as though with a paralytic stoke on my left side. I see myself in the mirror”.

And I look at my father and pray screaming my lungs out. “it is written that GOD the ALMIGHTY give good health. Invest yourself and GOD will give you healing and good health.

And I look at my father. “Oh! Father in heaven. Halleauith be thy name. thy kingdom come and thy will be done. A son earth so as in heaven. Forgive us our daily sins. And help us forgive others sins too. Provide us with your daily bread. And help us share the bread of love, joy, peace, prosperity, righteousness, faith and passion of worship, prayer and power with you ad other, help us to serve in your almighty name, the Jealous God, the ISHA, the lord god of Israel. Shalom. Bless us father and bring down the strongholds of the Satan. Make way ahead of us, release the angels mighty with their swords to destroy the thresholds of the enemy and you give us VICTORY as we begin to enter the enemy zone”, I look at my father and go on my knees to receive the blessing.

“Sleep for half an hour Yeshua. I will work through you inside out” says my father.

I, the Author, Yeshua Christ looks at my father,

“Few secrets of celebration is worth the wait” and I end my day’s notes; going on the REST MODE.

“Luv you father, Bye”
“TC daughter” whispers my father.

- Luv
- Yeshua Christ

10th march 2011

“Yo! Father!” I smile. And my father is relaxed like always. For a moment, I feel relaxed. “Mr. Right place at the right time, hope you are not busy judging me”. I look at my father. And my father smiles at me. “Okay! I have to tell you something. And I look at my father. Me, too! I too have to tell you something”.

And my readers smile through the pages. “There the conversation goes between the Yeshua, the Christ, the readers and GOD, Almighty the friend. It is amazing how a book can give focus to us, one at a time. Honestly, WE should all support each other and we will all together get used to it. It is time, we the readers apologize that we did not laugh enough at your jokes, don’t think we understood many of your jokes earlier. But thanks to your never ending RACE of ETERNITY of working late hours, we just want to now over hear the conversation between Yeshua and god and tell us everything behind the scenes”. The readers storm in with their thoughts and I, the author look at them smiling, nodding my head.

“Congratulations on your new job. PRYING! Boy! You readers are really gullible. First my marriage falls apart, my job is lost my ex gets married and you readers still want to take another second more of my whining?” and I, the author, burst into laughter with my father in heaven, who is absolutely fooling around with his sense of humor. And he says, “Alright, alright, you gotto remember that I, the Lord Almighty has forgiven you, my children, my readers, my creation. And that’s

What friends do when they forgive each other. Success and failures we begin to share with each other. This is what FRIENDS is all about!” and the lord almighty ends his parable.

I smile. “Lots and lots of episodes of “Friends”. One of the most popular American shows. Seasons after seasons and it still makes us laugh. Sure, many lost their way out but they made their way back to LIFE, only to be repeated and re-repeated on all the channels. Beloved, Yeshua is guilty, that she enjoyed every episode of friends like a 19 year old girl. I hated the episode when Jocy make out with Rachel” most uncomfortable moment and thankfully the series ended on a positive note with Chandlier Bing was lucky to have the Perfect Monica while funny phoebe settled with Charming Mike. Somebody’s life was finally made when Rass and Rachel finally came together. Okay. That’s a tribute to Friends, amidst all the chaotic conditions existing on planet earth”, I cleared my throat after I speak in the golden voice, of my favourite series of err… 1990’s Ha! Ha! And my father smiles.

And I look into my father’s eyes. “Father a mans biggest danger lurks on the top of the hill. Let us ensure, that our hearts is not puffed up against each other. For, it’s a god’s gift given onto us. To relish this gift with JOY. Let nothing be done through stifle. Never look down upon another person. Remember, Yeshua took a form of a servant, only to help you understand that you can never rejoice in pride, boastfulness. For that will is not given to us by GOD, the lord Almighty” and I look at my father.

“Nebuchadnezzar”, the Swami Sukhobaclananda, who has a written testimony. He ahs gathered all his believers, preaching the doctrine based on “Bhagavad Gita” and he has chosen to give the gifts and anointing whom so ever he chooses. He is the wolf man – the medieval legend, a physical deform. Psyche disorder and guardians of ampires. The long Hair and the long Nails. Medical Terminology of “Lycanthropy” which is called “Turn skin”. In 268 BC Abydenus, a Greek historian records the insanity of Nebuchadnezzar being on the roof”. And I the author Yeshua Christ record the facts.

I see the posters all around, spread over the city of New Jerusalem, the city of David, the hill of Zion, the land of most high being invaded by the false promotion of the false doctrine. And I understand the times of being very close. I Daniel, the prime minister smiles at the king who chooses to worship the father, but with a false doctrine. And I, Yeshua Christ speaks directly to the head of the kingdom, as I begin the reveal the details.

“RAYYA <-> Soothsayer, the diviner. These are the last days where the gentiles will be overthrown in the END TIMES. For 7 years there will be madness with the church growing. But after this, I will return to build up again the fallen ruins of the city of David and yet again the nation, Judah will be rebuilt. After one year, shall Nebuchadnezzar shall die. And so will his generations to come. Till the nation shall seek my face and call onto ME, YESHUA CHRIST, I shall not return to this nation. I have been an eyewitness to the kings of Babylonian Empire. The land of idols loved their pride and religiosity more and hence will the empire of Babylon is headed towards

Its doom. Have you not read, oh! Nation of Gentiles, who forgot the beginner and the end, the nation who drank the blood of the saints and the apostles and the prophets. Read the latest news and for every church being burned down, where was the justice? The lingayats, stopped calling on lord Shiva, but worship and have given away to the goddess and their idols and to their adulteries and corruption. Look at my land how you have prophecy, which the lord god almighty announces. The days shall be darkened and all the words of the 6 chapters of Isaiah 13,14, Jeremiah 50, 51, revelation 17:18, shall come true” I, the author Yeshua Christ pound the hammer against the Babylonian empire. And my tears dwell in my eyes.

“Swami Subhobadananda”, why did this king feature in the living pages of god? Did Yeshua, loved him, dear enough to give him an opportunity to change? And a cold sweat broke on all my gentile, Indian friends. These are the group, who have been listening to 1000 sermons, 10,000 songs and psalms, but no one ever told them about JESUS. And they are at a point of suicide now.

An Indian brought forth word of GOD to them. And yet, here is the humble Yeshua, pleading that will the people of India help the country and the kingdom of GOD, to change lives? And I, pause with a heavy heart.

“Ah! If only my country men could understand the love of the motherland and the place where GOD himself has chosen his dwelling place to be. But here is the land of people, who are unwilling to yield their heart and change their heart. Can they see the cries of David for his beloved land? No less, no person, no power, can stop David from coming back to his land and rebuilding his city. But till the land calls out for him, HE shall be separate form his land of Judah, for HE will shift his base soon and very soon”, I the author Yeshua Christ remain emotionless as I write the words of TRUTH being led by the Holy spirit.

“Will they ever cry out to Yeshua Christ?” I breathe heavy under the book as I write. “They are filled with too much of pride father. But how can I often knowing everything, respond to you? I, the author, Yeshua Christ, will pray on my knees, everyday that soon. I will come closer to my fellow Indians, for I AM so in love with Indians. I AM captured by the grace you have showered on this Israelites, the Nazarene. Hence, I will now move to my land, for my land Israel needs me, as saving that nation is the only and one of largest keys for us to ensure to eternity”. I the author smile.

“So, what do we do? Gentiles now should accept Christianity or become a Jew? What should all the multiple religions do?” one of the readers quips and I look at my father.

“Has it taken this long for them to ask me, Yeshua this question?” and I look at them with rewarding eyes. “The LOST” and Yeshua’s commitment to reach their moment to eternity. And we cannot step now.

I check my G.P.S. “Father please help me father! I am supposed to submit 2 projects today. Fri, mar 11th and I am already late!” I look at my father, like an Alice in Wonderland with sobbing eyes. “My bosses are going to chase and hunt me down. Yet again I will have to give them another excuse. PHEW! I will pas this burden onto you. My hands ache and the back hurts as it rubs against the withering clothe of the couch”. And I look at my father and my father understands.

“But father, my fellow Indians are counting on me and I need to write the book revealing the pages, so that the book can be completed and submitted the pages, so that the book can be completed and submitted on time. The typing should begin on mar 19th and we have another 3 weeks from thereon for the Manuscript, the soft copy to be ready”. And I feel my neck hurting the writing has been continual and I know it has to completed at a super natural pace.

I look at the funny holy spirit. “Hello! Mr. praying in tongues, do you have a joke to share now?” and my father burst into laughter. “Surely, surely, I tell onto you, trust god whether spiritual, Financial or physical, HE will deliver you against all odds”. And I take a pause breathing

Hard. “Yeshua, you need to learn to control the super natural flow. Keep it well balanced. I AM a living GOD. The only way you can come out unsheathed is by investing yourself in my work” and I smile. “What a lucky escape form doing office work for an hour. I can continue writing more for an hour. Its god’s promise that when we walk on water, not even the smell of fire will exist around us. Fasting will propel the fire of Super natural at a greater speed. Time to partner with the gentiles and help them make a covenant of FRESH MANNA”. I, the author Yeshua Christ look at my father in heaven and I smile.

“JERUSALEM: all things are possible in GOD and HE WILL never let you down!” I begin my first hand one on one, meeting with gentiles, the land of idols with the challenges existing and the solution provided.

“My fellow Indians sometimes a prison can become a prejudice”. I begin my speech and one of the bosses messages me seeking the updates on the project and he gives me a feedback that the content should be much more simple and I play my cards well. I tell him to give me a few more hours so that I can re-position and re-work on the concepts about business communication. And I look at my father. “This is going to take some prayer and fasting and I reluctantly agree to go on with my work.

“It is time to forget what happened in the past. One bad experience does not mean that the whole group is bad. How should an Hispanic, Indian, European colour

Of the skin matters to us? Is there an Indian God, African God and American God? My fellow Indians, you need to get Mr. God out of the box. He loves the atheist, just too much as he loves the believers. Don’t ever write any soul off. God will save whom he chooses to save. We have to become a group of believers and begin to love god. As long as your blood is red, I AM going to focus on what we agree upon. Are we the only ones to go to heave? When we reach heaven we will ALL be together, side by side. If you only can look beyond the walls and stay open to listen to the words outside the camp. Stop telling, “My family has traditions 500 years old, and this is the way we have been raised.” Listen, life is too short and lift it up. You have a chance to be the way you are. The section called Gentiles. And you will never have to change your label. But there will a revival for firstly Yeshua is a woman and she ministers bare foot when she preaches. Don’t tell that I, the author, Yeshua Christ do not belong to your group. Is it not god, the almighty who has given this woman favour, and courage to step outside the prejudice and traditions. Two different cultures, two different traditions, we never eat the meat. God asks us to stop following the invisible walls. While ministering have I not stepped into many gentile walls and had food along with them. God has and is preparing our hearts to broaden our horizons. Don’t judge by the outside, find out what’s inside. And explore what GOD has in store for you. How can GOD, the ALMIGHTY judge the land of Judah without

Giving them an opportunity to meet Yeshua? Many times have worked on your behalf and we believe and pray in faith, longing to partner with the Indians to celebrate this unique meet of this Rabbi with the gentiles. Precisely when two worlds collide, there is always Fresh oil and a new life. And you can be a part of this Journey of Eternity”.

“Gathering of information does not secure knowledge”. I look at my father. “Most of them are pretending to be actors and actress and the world around is listening to them. Our society is already sick and wounded. No evolution. Now, the solutions which Indians figure About GOD, is just called as a mere Divine presence. Indians have been searching for answers which they have already been told. Your many medicines will bring you no healing. The nations have heard about idols shame. The earth is filled with your despair, as the Indian culture cannot find its way back.

“What is wisdom?” is wisdom not an embracing of TRUTH. Is it not just mere reading but also speaking and counseling. The intimate truth, which can set the Indians free and the only ways to do is CHANGE. And this change is brought about only through wisdom. Do not be stupid rather make this wisdom and revelation of Yeshua as your sister. It is not going to be easy but if only you can devour the word, for the word is ALIVE and always talking to YOU. Shall I say it again. “WISDOM is your sister!” and one of the readers yawns and says, “Is she yelling about her sister?” and I smile, looking at my father. “What do you say about this. SISTER? Will I be called as SISTER in the land of Judah?” and I chuckle along with my father.

Let us begin with the re-iteration of the solutions provided. No time to waste and let us run as fast we can through this angry mob. Let it ALL be on ME, Yeshua Christ. Let me remind you of who you are. You are an angel, my Indians. Those who fight for GOD, cannot fight our own battles. We allow GOD, to take care of our vengeance.

Any my eyes fall on the latest news. “An angry mob Nandalizes a Church, uprooting Jesus Christ idol in Mysore” reports a small section in Times of India, March 11th. And I look at my father. “It does not bother me father. I will continue doing your will and your work” and I breathe a sigh of relief as I move ahead, ignoring the blood thirst of the enemies, drawing their swords and quenching their pride and shouting against their own daughter of the land.

“So, shall we begin with Today’s set of teachings which is aimed for 1 billion Indians all set to be ready for the revival?” I smile. “Are you ready?” and all the angels in the heaven cheer loud.

“A trainer often uses a technique called as “Retention Technique”. Hence, all I do now is to make you hear the words again, in front of the Lord God Almighty. It is my prayer today; Indians will continue to receive the power of their destiny. May these 10 commandments be an eye-opener to my fellow Indians, I, the author Yeshua Christ speak in the power of the Tongues.

The ten Commandments:-

1. I AM the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of Slavery.

2. You shall have no other Gods before me.

3. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the lord your God, am a Jealous God. “IRSHYA” or “EESHA” or “ISHA” also called and known as SHIVA in the Land of idols. I AM the God punishing the children for the sin of fathers to the third and fourth generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

4. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your god, for the lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

5. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it Holy. Six days you shall labor and do call your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the lord you God. On it, you shall not do any work, neither you nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant nor your animals nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blesses the Sabbath day and made it holy.

6. Honor your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land the LORD your GOD is giving you.

7. You shall not murder.

8. You shall not commit adultery.

9. You shall not steal.

10. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. You shall not covet your neighbour’s house, you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or his manservant or maid servant his OX or donkey or anything that belong to your neighbour.

And if you obey all the commands are agreed then the Lord God Almighty is going to provide ALL things you desire. This integrity is a WHOLE NUMBER  hence, be a person of integrity. Tell the WHOLE TRUTH and not HALF TRUTH.

Just then, my eyes fall on the breaking news.

“As Japan begins to shake under the magnitude of earthquake, my heart begins to race. And I forget about documenting the fact. The visions of the massive Tsunami and its gravity of waves gulping cities away never cease to go away from my eyes. 88,000 missing. And my heart sinks and I look at my father with my lips tightened and my

Soul grieving. The electricity tips and I go into the Altar of god, and on my knees, pull a smoke. Absolute darkness and silence around, middle of the night. And the only fire of the gas burner in the kitchen. I settle down below the Altar of god. And I say to him, “ I surely wanted to meet you. Face to face, but your wrath seems too much to handle my father”. And I look at him. “I cant do this father. Millions and billions and this running commentary seems to never end. Good Lord! there’s another half a more to complete volume – 6 and what will I do father? 16,000 cash in card, march 14th. The book will be signed on deal. Author publishing house – U.K- copyright. But march 19th, the book needs to be completed. Father! Is this all real? What if I AM the only one with the opportunity to carry this message of god to my warriors and children of god?

Phew! Father, I have to trust my flesh, against all odds, to complete this will of god. Maybe I AM the only seed, who has to believe and just do my job. Just deliver the message. What? “EVERYTHING!” I just need to deliver everything which the Holy Spirit guides me and whatever I see, I touch, I feel, I speak, I listen, for that is the only way to end this auto biography! To end as a Heroine and enjoy the privilege of being a woman.

I, the author, Yeshua, the woman looks at my father. “Honestly father, this is all I can carry the burden. Now, it is time to pass on this burden to David, the king. And I crumble on my knees. Father, my job responsibility surrenders as a royal priest which you have given me in your kingdom. This space, I enjoy is my heaven. Prayer is just powerful”. And I look at my father.

“I think, things should now happen according to your planes. Hurry up, the pace father, for we are ready to pack our bags and time to moving up. And you better show me the future to land up with my two best friends, Samuel and David”. I look at my father. David will understand why his name is second.  Jesus loves children.

Just when I begin to question, Samuel wakes up and walks towards me, “Mommy I AM sacred” and I put him to bed. “How can you be scared in your HOME?” and I see my own shadow. And I cry crumbling on my face, near the fire place. I see my reflection. “How can you be scared n your HOME?” and I look at my father.

“Do you know why I leave a witness to my people around. Why did my mother Moses, come on the mountain of Zion for 40 days after she went all she could think was JESUS? They wanted to see the nails but I wanted them to see JESUS, the scripture coming alive. So, is this created for the readers. I will not be seen, and always known as “Unknown Prophet” till my own receive me in faith and seek me out. My role ends as the delivering the message. When the spirit of TRUTH comes, you need no man to direct you. By the end of this session, I will release the invisible sign and ensure that whatever kind of situations you are involved in, the great precision, Mr. God will take you up to a place, where there is a WAY. All you gotto do

Is follow the WAY I show you. Hey! After all, I the author, write to you from a Prison cell. Here I AM, writing and addressing to the most powerful and the most impact-full preachers and king of the cult. This is the grand Daddy of all storms. And I look at my father.

“Surely, Surely, I have left all the traces of my real identity all around. And only my believers can track me down. No twitter here and no face book here. Here I am a prisoner, standing in front of 256 men as the ship is sinking and I am smiling. “You should have heard me when I told you. The angel of god stood by me tonight and he has told me that I AM no longer the TAIL but I am going to overtake the cruise right now.” And I look at my father.

“We know we have partners to pray. And we know we have people to respond. Obviously every dollar that comes in as a provision <-> maybe on credit card/ Debit card, with 1000 people of 1,500/- we will begin our very important establishment of joining hands together so that we can plan and come together. This is your day and this is Time. Discipline. GOD will never leave you. I don’t care whatever situation you are in, you need to hang in there. For, God is there for every child of god.

You missed ME. Didn’t you? I, the author, Yeshua Christ smile. Phew, I check my G.P.S.

Twilight 3:10 <-> and I remember Samuel has not eaten enough. I look through the fridge. Beat up an egg, slice a tomato, make an omelette and feed his hungry stomach. I decide to offer a slice to Mr. God as well. Gulping the last sip from the bottle, I move. I AM tired. But, I Yeshua smile. “Elijah” and the widow

Woman with her son. Everything needs to be fulfilled and I decide to pause.

You know, initially, it was all about my motives. But then I began to realize that it was all work, which made my head spin. Everyday people are grouching at their schedules. Writing on a piece of paper, “Why AM I doing thins?” I wish I had time to go back to my prayers and share all my selfish motives when I began. But soon, GOD began to challenge me. “Not one more material thing. Don’t ask one more Material thing”. And I had to stop myself to tell him and trust him. And I had to stop myself to tell him and trust him. And then I learnt not to do anything silly, going around the mountain to everybody. Rather, the first job is to seek god and fill the void of love which is lacking in LIFE. Whatever fruit you bear, “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”. There is nothing that shows that Genuine love conquerors everything. Its not about picking any individual. “How much have you really studied about LOVE? How much have you asked yourself to reach out and do something else? This maybe the most important book of my life, but this book captures the tone of voice, which we all use, behind closed doors.

At home, we are selfish mean getting our way, a terror. You may have the Holy Spirit, but this wonderful book helps you to study LOVE. I had to finally, get over myself and think about others. And I did it wrong for so long. I did not want it

Because I wanted to be on T.V. get over all that . just do, because its right. This is the call on my life. Keep on asking, knocking, seeking will find and the door will be opened. Will not the father love to give his own children? but understand in the midst treat other people, they would like to be treated. It is not about saying “I LOVE YOU” all around and being a miserable Christian, acting irresponsible. NONSENSE. Love is action. It costs us something, everytime, the devil tries to knock you. You stand up and believe that GOD is working. We all have enough money to take care of yourself. See, what you can do for others. Sow into other’s life and suddenly your problem will be solved.

But remember, hundreds and hundreds of times. I tell this to you. Be thankful for everything you have. For a hot shower, the light one little bulb of 40 watt, straightened curtains, the T.V the carpet, the fan, the pen, the food, the shampoo, the provisions. Phew! Please don’t ask GOD for something else, if you are already bragging about. Find something in people that you appreciate. “If you don’t like it, somebody else will take it!”

Simplicity. You have to simply go to god, ask him like a child, believe and amazing things will happen. Be a good student of the word of god because it can begin to un leash in power and in authority, anywhere and I smile. “A beautiful touching experience. My church, GOD TV and daystar, have been great partners, to help me speak in genuine and authentic unique tongue of my own. Goodnight eer.. Good morning father…

- luv
- Yeshua

“Belagaavi – the second world summit of kannadadigas” and I smile in my NEW JERUSALEM, Bangalore.

“KANNADA  The ancient language of Hebrew reigns”. And my father smile. “So, what is my little daughter upto, talking about her land?” and I smile wide.

Having spoken about the length and pages about every nation, how can Yeshua not talk about her land, the “Karunaadu Kannada line Kannada line”.

It’s a land of its unique history. Known for its Vijayanagara empire, established and founded by Vidhyaranya. The Britishers were thrown away with a Gokak revolution, to preserve their won language.

Content. Infact, I gathered that, they were picking points here and there and teaching the students, “I look at my father. “Each trainer gets paid 25,000/- and I select the class 5 level basic grammar to be taught to the ITI students. The trainers love teaching English grammar, but never aim to groom the overall personality of the students. They want more activities and less of lecture. They want simplified content and have boiled it at a right temperature which will lead the students to a sound career. Content is king. Hence, I understand, I hold the key to 4,000 students and one finalized manual. Till then, I need to walk patiently under this FIRE and a tough trail” I look at my father and my father smiles.

“Christians, check yourself”, I repeat. And I testify again and again on the pages of the message of GOD. “IT IS OKAY TO BE REAL YESHUA. If you don’t speak with authority, the devil will whisper”, GOD and it makes me smile. “You know, that I know too much. Isn’t it father?” I look at him and chuckle with him along.

“Need to rest father!” and all my angels and apostles smile along, “And Jesus slept on the boat when the storms blew around” and I look at them. “The kingdom of heaven, is a place where you exercise your authority. Even so my belief system does it have enough faith, my corresponding actions will have enough faith. Love the Lord Your god will ALL your might. Don’t tell me, “I have seen too much! You ain’t seen anything! Hence PEACE, I give onto you”, I smile.
“Good night father” zzz….

- Yeshua Christ

15th March 2011

“Good morning father!” I cheer beautiful and check myself out in the mirror. My smile looks lovely. My posture looks relaxed. And I AM eagerly waiting in patience to meet the children of GOD. And I pray as I begin my day. “What a great day to be loved by Samuel and David! They are the apple of my eyes. I will never forget what people around have taught me and the way they held onto me, till I changed. Unconditional love. The lord god almighty healed our lives and we owe him, to share with the children, everything he teaches is.” I the author, Yeshua Christ AM, touched by the prayer. I look at the long journey of the AUTHOR, of the beginning and the end and my eyes begin to fill with tears of gratitude. “What a lovely turn around. WOW!” cheer the readers along with me and I, the AUTHOR gulp, as I begin to choke with overwhelming love. I look at my father, and there HE is seated mightily on his throne. I see the long flowing beard this time, a long flowing white robe, nope, he ain’t wearing any crown, but I see GOLD HALO all around. The throne is HUGE and I begin to see him and hear his voice, more clearer and closer.

“Father!” I breathe heavy under the anointing and my father moves in close. “Loosing energy and feeling tired”, I look at him. “Read the word and sleep for sometime. Breakfast. And then we will talk” he smiles. And I decide to pause, early in the morning. “Whatever you doing, I LOVE YOU!” I the daughter look at him. “I claim I AM being healed”, I say to myself as I begin to sleep.

“CLEAN UP THE WORLD QUICK!” whispers the red angel of death of I suddenly begin to immerse in the reality

Of the book which I have been writing, I look at my father. “How soon can we complete this book?” I check my G.P.S. my heart is racing. And I have missed my breakfast. I can never deny David what I have promised. I need to eat. And I gulp. I look at my bosses. And my project submissions are getting closer. I look at Samuel and his examinations have started. I look at my maid. I have given her an off, with my house in a mess. I look at my readers and I smile as I see my father chuckle along with me. “HERE I AM!” and my knees feel weak with delight.

“What next?” I look into my father’s eyes. “Calm”. Yet, I sense the trumpets being blown in the far off nations in the Times so close. As we begin to catch up with ending the book, trying to reach more than 200 nations with a greatest move of faith and strategically moving, I look around. “PHEW!” perfect position for our transmission to the MEN OF FAITH. I smile along with my father.

“Isn’t the book getting a little too lengthy?” I ask my father impatiently as I dear my throat and throw an innocent smile around. And I pause. “EAT” says father and I roll my eyes. “Let me grab something from Moses” my mom’s house and le me ingest my system with some food”. I force myself to take a break.

I have yummy food once again at Moses, mom’s place. And I smile. I appreciate her finely chopped cabbage, the oil seasoning, the coconut and the fresh ghee prepared at home. She joins me serving and talking along and I gobble my food, as Samuel hurries me up. I look at the food and smile within.

Everyday of my childhood for many years, I threw my mom’s food. Into the gutter, into the wash basin or share it amongst friends or serve it to one of the dogs. I look at my father. “33 I AM. Is there something I haven’t completely confessed?” I smile and my father walks along.

I watch the apprentice on B.B.C entertainment. And I study and revise my concepts of Project planning. “Budgeting” is the most important parameter in project planning. And I smile. I look around the house. “TIME to clean and start off afresh” and I look at my readers. “Let me bake some potatoes fries for David and Samuel. These guys love to eat”. And I check my G.P.S. my stomach churns. I have project submission and 48 hours to go and I need to complete the book. Above all, the deal with author book house should push through. I look at my father. “Its now or never. We need to leave our mark for the generations ahead to come. March 19th and I gulp as my readers wonder what lies ahead next.

“I AM WHO I AM. And what a man thinketh, so does he become” and I smile and look at father, making up the parables of 21st broken English century grammar. And my English friends brusts unto laughter. “You gotto remember, that Yeshua spoke Hebrew. Not English. Hence, forgive me for all my English grammar errors. But this is the language I present as translated from the understanding I gain form the Holy spirit. Whatsoever things are truth and lovely if there be any virtue, may it all belong to the glory of GOD”. I pause and chuckle at the confusion parable once again. And I wonder. “What more will GOD have to say in the rest of the book, as a message to his children of GOD?” and I the author wait as I continue my journey in flesh.

“ISABELLA”, I smile. When “Simon” rejected doing the transaction over the phone, my book was stuck yet again. And I continued my work. Isabella, caught my attention providing not just the feedback on editing tips rather finishing the work and sending it. The brochure of the N.G.O was now designed to perfection. For a minute, I had to stop and look around, as she had caught my attention through her workmanship. “Who is Jesus?” she had asked me, once upon a time. And I look at my father. “I never revealed to her my identity of who I AM?” she still managed to identify my hem of my identity and said in her mail, “You are a very special and a rare gal. I confessed to her, that her workmanship had forced me to break the barrio of the professional and personal boundaries and beyond all my strength of any flesh, father, in one breath, I asked whether she was willing to use her credit card to make the 1st payment of the installment to author book house. I forwarded all the conversation mails with John, the publishing agent, to her for her further reference.” And I look at my father smiling nervous. She said “Yes, she was happy to make my dream project of 2 years come true. I now need to transfer of 16,000/- to her account and I look at my father. “How do I know whether I MA on the right track and doing the right thing?’ I look at my readers who suddenly seem to grow quiet. And I the author Yeshua Christ, look at my readers. “It’s a big step for a shy woman like me. But after 2 years of writing of the book, I have learnt to simply keep trying and to never give up!” and the scenes of Japan. “Before/After” pictures

Reels in front of my eyes. I breathe heavy. “Have submitted one project and now there’s one more to go! It is week -6 ITI content where the trainers have requested for a simplified version of a complex business concept” and I look at my father. I pause and look at the fig tree which has been a part of my life since 3 years of staying here, in this temple. “What is the difference between a life given onto a tree and that of a MAN? Father, if you can ensure to provide water and nutrients and growth and good health of abundance green to the tree, but not a single fruit, the tree bears, how ironical is the very existence of the tree from a humans perspective. But look father, the tree which stands tall and prosperous is cursed”. And I look at the foot at the giant fig tree, which stands next to the apartment building. “The idols have been kept in any iron cage, and worshipped the gods of man made, the BAAL (Elephant idol), the serpent ( the snake) and the two adulterous sisters. And I see the tree to have become a snore to many. The birds of all kinds flocks on her. The men from the electricity and cable department chop her branches mercilessly and the sweeper, curses the dead leaves as she gathers into her basket.” And I look at my father. “Dangerous” and I pause at the irony of the life of the TREE. “was that life worthy? Not a single word of praise of its existence. “NO fruit and your life is merely resembling a tree” how much then, the lord god almighty loved us that, he will teach us step by step to be triumphant in the trouble. Word spoken at the right time, is priceless and precious”. And I the author, end answering to my readers silence in a parable.

Within a matter of 24 hours I happen to witness things automatically make its way. All I had to do was clean on god and chew on the word and continue to do my work. Lot of things on my mind, tremendous pressure, but there is a sense of ease of seeing and knowing it ALL, ahead of times. Can I race against TIME and do things on my own? Nope. Its strange but the TRUTH, that GOD is in control. He knows what is the best for you. Hence, after a list of failures, I have leant to keep walking, keep learning, keep cleaning, keep praying, keep laughing, keep observing, keep listening, keep forgiving, keep loving, keep resting, keep working and I smile as I look at simon’s hardened heart. “Will there not be a day when he would rejoice in knowing about you, father? His very own wife typed the entire book of revelation of Jesus and I nod my head. I decide to move on further, leaving enough traces for my own to recognize the presence and the fire of GOD, enough to melt the WAXED HEART. “Its time we move ahead father! Lets worship shall we?” I look at him in silence. Yet another project ahead to complete and I pause writing.

“Hick!”, I the Author Yeshua Christ looks at my father. “Sorry if we are in a mood to celebrate in heaven. Hick!” I look at my readers rather not apologetically. “We made it! The first payment and the order has been placed with author book house. And Isabella did not wait for me to deposit the money! And John added, “This seems like a personal achievement. The devil always tries to battle, but GOD will make the way. Its unbelievable, how the payment

Credit card details come all the way from Switzerland and I the author look at my father. “If we can push through the 1st will, we not push through the 2nd and the 3rd too? It seems installments on our own. Hence, lets close the door of the contract with the N.G.O shall we?’ I look at my father cold. “What next?” I look at my father.

“There’s a book which is a best selling book of ALL of the Times. In the same book, it talks about the end times, in the same book it talks about “The Way”, the same book it talks about the way of living LIFE.” I, the author, begin to see the days ahead unfolding. I look at David. And I look at my father.

“There’s a lengthy word of article praising the accomplishments of David and his workmanship, his customer service, a newspaper, a poster on every wall of Main offices of “Hewlett Packard” and people recognizing David through his pictures, in the mail”. I look at my father. “Apologies if I soak in a few minutes of BLISS! How did this happen? Is not GOD real?” I, the little woman called Yeshua Christ, the author, look at my father. I look at the mail yet again which the top management had flashed across the employees of the company. “Nobody can hide the anointed one. If there’s one thing that can stop us from achieving our destiny, then its FEAR! And David does not have one” I look at my father.

“Tell me something will you father? Is there a woman behind a man’s success or a man behind a woman’s success?” I

Smile and look at my father. “It’s a historic moment in David’s life and mine, as we step into the shoes of finally fulfilling the destiny we are born into”. And I look at mankind. “So after being all this journey all I think about is “Rosa Parks” and American, from Montgomery” and I look at Samuel. Samuel bursts into laughter as he smiles at me pronouncing “MON-GO-MERY” with “T” silent. “No, the “T” is not silent. Your English so funny mom, he laughs at me, as he makes me pronounce the state’s name repeatedly. So, “Do you wanna hear the story?” I ask him and he looks at me. “But I already know the story of Rosa Parks. The lady who stood up for justice and rights of the citizens. The mother of the black civil right movement. The one who had broken the law of segregation, that means no more people were put in separate groups. It abolished segregation in public transport services” and I look at Samuel. “Well said” I smile. He’s growing up to be the wiser one. Just like millions and billions around the world. “Segregation”, I repeat that word and look at my father.

“Is man considered better than a woman? Or a woman slave of man? Are we segregated? If we keep trying to be better than each other, trying to change each other how then great works can be accomplished? “Have you started working on the project which is due submission. Week -6 content?” and I look the question. “Haven’t yet started, but I now have confidence, it will be completed, just like all the other weeks”. I smile. My contract with this training institute ends on week -8. as the final manual, week -9 and week 10 all needs to be submitted before week -8 and that end of march. And I look at my father. “How does all the works co-inside with each other father? As the book completes, so shall our part time assignments” and

I pause.

“What is the ultimate goal of writing this book?” quizzes one of the admirers. And I smile. “To know God and eventually I discovered that the ultimate purpose to live life, is to LOVE GOD” and my little youngsters and youth look at me in awe. “Knowing GOD is a catch 22 situation. The more you know him, the more you fall in love with Mr. God. The first name is in Genesis 1:1. “Creation” <-> All powerful one creates his creations. A formal introduction to who Mr. God is. It is used 32 times in chapter-1 2,600 times throughout the old testament. God reveals himself as the all powerful god, where NOTHING seems impossible. He can create earth, sky, light, food, animals, everything he has and he can create. This is the summary and one chapter enough to talk about his magnificent creation which MAN is still perplexed. “1 CHAPTER” and Mr. GOD does LL of these”, I look at my youth attentively lending their ears. And I continue. “ELOHIM <-> A Hebrew word”

“But the verse 4 of Genesis, he is introduced with a new name. “THE LORD GOD” where he starts describing the purpose of his creations. Why create plants, birds, fish, reptiles, cows, camels, sheep, if there was no idea to lay creation on creations to be interdependent, so that they can culminate together for the aim of existence of HUMANITY. “JEHOVAH” <-> Another Hebrew word. A name to be reversed so that you don’t come to GOD, with over familiarity”, I pause and I look at my readers. “And you can help reach millions as you discover that you have gained access to his power by faith. Through Yeshua, GOD reveals his nature and his love and mercy which he holds for his children. his name holds the characters and shades to his various creations. This is the ultimate purpose. LOVE” I smile,

I watch “Tom Hanks” in forest Gump. Again and I look at my father choked. “What is this actor made of?” I smile. “You’ve gotta a mail; terminal ; Angels and Demons; and the list goes on. Every character he endorses seems just made for him. What do you think Tom Hanks has to say, if he finds that Yeshua Christ is a big fan of this actor?” I chuckle and look at my dad. And my father replies, “You are better actor than I AM?” and we burst into laughter. Is it not from these lofty heights, shall the new generation learn to fly? I pause.

“David comes in, and I sniff his mouth. Ha! Ha! Whether he had been to the dentist.” I look at my father with deep sorrow. “What crazy is this LOVE? All I want is David, father…” I cry my heart out as I share the message with the readers. “OOpsie, the Author should not get involved with the book too much. It’s a book after all” I look at my readers as I change the pen. And I look at my typist. She can see the ink fade and see the real ink of strikes and traces of my tear drops on a few page which may never make it onto the soft copy. I sigh my readers are relieved. “We’ve had enough!” they a msg => me sniffing your mouth whether you had been to the dentist… ha!.. ha!... I am rolling with laughter. How much more you drive me nuts yeah? Crazy love at 33! Stupid. I look yeah! Seriously!

Msg <+> and the best part you passed the sudden breath test, you smell amazing… top to toe… Phew! Crazy.. Crazy.. I am not ashamed one bit of you… Ah… who knows where we will be six mouths from now… but know this… you will remember me for the rest of your life. No man can match you baby. And no woman can give you what I give. Sms…!! Ha…! Good night Kanda! GTG! Bye!

And I pause. “6 months form now!” and I breathe heavy. I look at my father. “Did you have food?’ he checks and I understand, I have been having a bad hair day. “Alienation. Who cares?” I look at him sternly and then avoid my glance. “I just need to focus back on my work father. 12 hours deadline. A long night ahead. And you bet, I will take all my frustration through a focused work. Will take away my mind off the hook of emotional branch”. And I look at my father.

“Its always been this way. I liked to be challenged. And I push the status quo and boundaries which lies around me, “Young people” <-> “Teenage years”. “Should I left? Should I go right?”. Nope. “Put GOD first in your life. And you will develop confidence. Great things happen when GOD, the almighty is with us. Lets commit our lives to GOD. And I set myself up against the world, and decide to create a NEW CULTURE, where they understand and become great servants of GOD. Youth are full of life. And young people should not feel ashamed of their lives. “You can be helpful. And you have the zing in you. I really wanna hear from young people”. I pause and check my clock.

I look back at 3 years of journey which me and David and Samuel have tread together. David comes, David goes. David cajoles, David loves, David plays, David works. David worships, David fight and David wins. And I look at my father. “When will David own me?” I pause and look at my father. And I smile in grief. “Libya uprising and the revolts all across the earth. Earthquake, tsunami, volcanoes, people take birth, people die. Everybody wants to leave a mark of their accomplishment and achievements.” And I look at my dad, my father. “How should it matter to anyone, any soul on this planet, what happens to my life or ME?” I look at my father. “This book too shall end. Maybe a couple of copies sold and someone will read. Then the book lies in the dust, never to be read again. This is LIFE. My father, this si the reality which we all life in. meaningless. Have you crated me just to WAIT for the rest of my life? What use is this supernatural gifts, if I cant make a difference to my own?” I smile and look at my father and I gulp my pain, without tears.

“YESHUA” is a lovely name. very powerful. Very authentic. But “YESHUA” is not ME. I gulp my sorrow as I look at my father. “If I were to be YESHUA, as I the author claim to be, why is then, we never see your kingdom on earth? Why is that the end times never ends?” I ask my father as he remains calm. And I give up asking and writing my useless pleas and speeches. “Do you have something to say?” and I look at my father. And he smiles WIDE.

“I am coming, but for a very quick visit”, suddenly David calls me and informs. And I look at my dad. As an author, its difficult to describe this feeling. The more you want to run away, the more love seems to be showered by my father in heaven. And I begin to force through my tears of strange and mixed feeling. “how far are we from the destiny?” I check my G.P.S.

March 19th, and I have not reached THE END of the book. Having submitted my week-6 content, ITI – after long day and a night, I settle down in my most favourite zone. My book. These pages, I the author smile.

“Stop me if I get carried away, as I begin to write the last of these final pages”, I the author act dramatically and the angels around nod their head sensing ahead the irony and lashes, which is about to be unfolded. Every person, denied the gospel around, just like all the other gentiles around did in the kingdom. But why was Peter’s rebuke so strongly etched in the pages of the lifting book of the lamb? “2000 years” and I look at my readers. “HYPOCRICY’ and gentiles go hand in hand. But may grace and truth with the law of Moses, be blended together. What GOD has joined together, may no man divide them separate.

“GRACE and TRUTH” comes together. How can you separate these two?” I, the author look at the Holy spirit. I choke and cough. “Excuse me, can you please be more simplified?” I ask and look at my readers. And I begin to laugh hard. “My poor readers, how did they manage to run the race with me so far?” I nod my head in amazement!!

“Don’t tear your clothes”. I the author remind myself. It signaled my frustration my deepest grief. A universal expression of despair. “Let the rest of the world go tear their clothes in despair and grief. But understand and make no mistake. There will be season, when everything around you will be shaken. But don’t tear your clothes. Because your GOD is bigger than your problems.” And I the author smile hard. “Look around the world close and their leader. When real problems come, their pants will fall. But not yours. It is because, you are a warrior, a preacher, a prophet and the most precious in the kingdom of god. There will be point in life, when you think, you cant make it. But after having witnessed everything around, all I did understand was I cannot be your pacifier. All I can do is help you understand that, “Everybody around you can whine and cringe, but not you” I the author , smile confused, re-reading and re-collecting the heavy data being downloaded into the spirit. “Why ME?” asks everybody. And I look at my father in heaven.


And I begin to understand, that “Volume -7” the sudden death to the RACE had arrived. And I smile wide looking at the father.

- Yeshua Christ
- 19th march 2011

“I have one more thing to say.
Let ME finish…!” whispers god, the lord almighty himself and I holy halos all around. “Volume – 7” the final book begins.



“If I forget you oh! Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill”, I the daughter of Zion, along with King David, stand in Bethel as we pray to open up the bible and make it real for us. We have to take reasonable precautions, in the land of idols. After all the meetings with angels, the apostles and my billion readers in a decode, I, the author look at the government of Israel, signing the documents of giving the land of Israel, as a real estate, and the owners name sighed together. “YESHUA” and “CHRIST”.

“A decade from now”, I pause and look at my readers. This book has reached you on purpose. For, every 10 people dying around you, this book you own is your life. My name is Jesus Christ. Call me “Yeshua” in love, I the author affirm the covenant of destiny with my readers along with the consent of king David and my father in heaven. And I choke with tears. “You must not Fear. Where there is fear, Satan shows up in life. So what do you do when, there’s rumor of wars, economy disaster, earthquakes, tsunami and every other life being taken away? Lift your weapons of warfare. Our weapons are spiritual and not carnal. We have the weapons to break down the strong holds of the enemy. “KNOWLEDGE”. Get hold of knowledge and hold on to the knowledge which line sup with GOD’S word. Satan is not a creator, he is a counterfeit. There are angelic powers and heavenly, angelic strongholds. Look at perspective of being together, a fortified defense impenetrable, by the enemies. This book and its pages, is an impenetrable place. “The pages are in penetrable, which your adversary

Cannot get hold on to. The enemy soul cannot touch this book written by Yeshua Christ. It is a powerful irresistible weapon of warfare. Understand then, if you have ran the race along with me, the author Yeshua Christ, then, this is your fortified place. This book cannot be penetrated by the enemies. Hence, even today, I declare, to all believers who stand under the strong hold of covenant of Yeshua Christ, by faith and by the debarkation of your mouth, this blood is the protection for the lamb of god, is the most secure place of your soul protection. Understand, the devil will try to seduce you, but know this, before you close the end of this book, I will make sure, that your soul is lender the covenant of Yeshua Christ, where no enemy can attack you. This book and these pages are your refuge.

It is divided into divisions. This si the time where death will pass over. But whosoever who is covered in the blood of the lamb and stays with the lamp of oil lit in the house, a scared personal space in the house you dwell, the soul shall be saved for no death angel can touch you. This blood of Yeshua Christ shall cleanse you and your sins shall be forgotten and the devil can never be successful in your life. When you walk out of this book, its too late. The devil shall know, that he cannot touch you, neither dwell in you for your soul belongs to the lord god almighty. Wherever my blood is the nation will be saved. And wherever my blood is not there, you will see death and

Destruction gnashing its teeth. Understand that these death angels are sent on purpose. “PACK DEVIL and HIS KINGDOM TO HELL”. Hence my reader, know this, that by faith, you are under the covenant of the lamb. Surely your soul will be covered by God Almighty and you shall not be afraid, for you have trust in the blood of Yeshua Christ. Let people do all kinds of things, but, you do not be afraid. Because, there is POLICY from heaven, that “YOU SHALL BE SAFE”. This is the power of communion, our refuge over every obstacle from trouble to triumph as we beat defeat. This book teaches you to turn around and begin to gift the word so that people can constantly listen to the word of god. Hence, whenever you end the book, mark your calendar for you will be registered in the kingdom of god. And will come the super natural and extra ordinary realm of god, the almighty.

“What next?” asks one of my youth reader in the crowd and I smile. “Open your heart and let me see your soul” and I find him scared, yet willing. “TALK.. I give you 30 seconds. Open your tongue and speak.”, I the author, Yeshua Christ order him. And he begins to speak. “Yeshua, I promise what ever I have taken from this book I will multiply it into four times of giving. This book has been encouraging as I know now, that I cannot take credit for what GOD did. I now understand that I was brought for a price. The blood of lamb. Hence, now I know that I too, this reader, am a partaker in this kingdom of god. All I need to do is to act, talk and walk like a king. Education and money does not make a MAN. But quality of life in the sovereign god makes a MAN. Hence, I can do all things through CHRIST”, the youth smiles, just on dot. 30 seconds.

Iran, the nation of the Satan’s son, fathering its Muslim fanatic act against the sanctions and military action ; aimed to knock out their nuclear system. And Israel gets ready to defend its land and people. The “Non-Proliferation Treaty”, the signature of the nation leads violated. The “Mullahs” get their followers ready. And the middle east begins to boil, as the war planes, now hover about Libya and Gadaffi sticks his sword to get ready for the battle with the vow, that the world of west will be made to regret its decision. The latest news reads about U.S, French and U.K, along with U.N will begin its military air strikes on Libya.

I watch “my uncle, Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel”

1. Message on Restraint
2. Message on Terrorism
3. Message on warning to International Community

West Bank  “What a terrible crime to build on West bank?” screams Russia, as it fuels against the holy land. And I look at my father. “7 prime Israel ministers have made extraordinary attempts for a peaceful existence. Compromises of peace never worked still. I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at Netanyahu. The man who entered the war, at the age 18, lost a brother in war. And I look at my Israel, the land. “Who is the friend of Israel? The International Community?”

“Israel, walked out of Gaza. Iran walks in. Israel walked out of Lebanon. Iran walks in. and now the third time, International community says to Israel to walk out of West bank. Do you think, the Israelites

Are crazy?” I look at my father furiously. “Darn, the International Community, which works on the scriptures of Charles Darwin, skulls and bones, Masonic scriptures. Do they work on the word of god? Do they arrive at decisions based on bible? Everything should be peaceful and we should all co-exists peacefully. CRAPPY statements and meaningless allegations. Hamas continues its extermination. Look at all the 10 nations around. Radical Islam and anti Semitism is getting together, in fusion, to unite with one purpose. Stupid International community supports Palestine, thinking that its advancing PEACE. They push Israel away planning to by pass. Israel. They judge and try to prove Israel guilty”. And I look at my father and smile. There I see, a lovely smile with a gentle voice. Horrenclous vocabulary but look at her soul. Atleast, she’s genuine than most you can find around”. And I the author, Yeshua Christ, give a warm hug to Sarah Palin. “must have been a tough journey to turn around and focus on family values and traditions” and she breaks down. My eyes moistens and my heart melts. “Who decides which soul is worthy. Men or GOD?” I pause and look the bureaucrats and the naval office of U.S.

“So what you do now need Yeshua?” smiles lord God Almighty with the wish list I had initially submitted when I began my project. And I look at my father as I begin to rewind the days events. “David spent the entire day with us. We watched movies together, ate together and spent time sitting on the couch thumb wrestling , laughter and every other simplicity. Nothing mattered. Money, cars, wealth, job, nothing at all. we felt, we have been operating

On the highest level of friendship and love”. I , the author Yeshua Christ look at my father. “There was a time, that I thought, it was extremely important for a woman, a wife , to offer her body to the man she loved spiritually and mentally. But, father David changes that perception. I AM shocked to born that the king has a great respect for a woman. I can now sink in to the reality that there is so much to a relationship beyond SEX” and I the author smile and continue as I nod my head.

“Presumptions. Well intended. And the movies we watched together was “Flash backs of a fool”. We exchanged looks and I cried many times, as David chuckled and explained to me, the translation of dialogues and explain the gravity of the script. He helped me see beyond the parts of the movie, without adding too much to it. The movie moved us. And I begin to tell him, “Do you want me to explain the strategy of the current affairs? Libya, U.S, Russia, Europe, India, China, Iran…” and David looks at me. “ I AM aware. I Am in line with the messages. Trust me, I know” he looks at me, straight into my eyes. “So, what are you going to do David? How will you handle when power comes to you?” and David chuckles. “Humility and authority” and I look at him in awe at the anointing. “ I cant wait to see him take on the throne. Its his attitude, which will bring nations to him. Anointing to turn away form sins and want to work for god alone and to thereby reach out to people and nations making a

Difference to the souls and serving GOD” and I look at my Sarah Palin, the next woman serving in the oval office U.S, whom I love. For, Yeshua and god, the father, looks at his children who call out to him. And Sarah breaks down again. Along with her anointing, I see the chains of many women caught in the darkness and despair. And I look at my father. “This year 2011, when two people on earth, with Sarah and I, the author Yeshua Christ agree that your lift the curse on the woman, where they have been tormented for generations together. Care for your daughters father. For, we want to serve our husbands and children our neighbours and our parents, our loved ones and nations” and suddenly Sarah chirps in, So, does this mean, we can begin a new journey, a new chapter, with god and along with you, Ms. Missionary?” she smiles as she panics while my angels were singing songs. The women together joined their voice together, with the voice of a mustard seed said, “We are willing to die for GOD, the lord almighty”. And I see women, from all kinds of walks of life. “Call this as a first, great awakening <-> the resurrection of WOMAN power” they cheer together in one voice. “If you believe in Yeshua, then all you gotto do is transition your faith. Its not about the doctrine, its about your willingness to believe and have faith in my resurrection. Had you seen my resurrection in these pages, why would you still talk about ding? It is time about living life. And to the Hilt. You have an opportunity to make your chaises wisely. You have your freedom ending, where god begins. FREEDOM is the opportunity to do what you want. There is a limit to what you can do. Remember god is in charge” and I smile at them, and may embrace me. It leaves me with a deep gratifying

Moment. These souls are much pure than I AM father. I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at my father and David console me with his arms as I break down hard in his arms. And the Jezebel spirit becomes to be forgiven, as repentance seeps in.

And, I look at my readers, as I understand, the gravity of the next pages which the pages of the book holds ahead. And I look at my typing angel. And she ushers me, “Hurry up Yeshua. I will help type the manuscript with as much speed as I can. Hurry up, completing the book” and I love her posture of positioning in the Holy pattern.

“Something her is not right, I don’t feel like working for N.G.O, neither the training anymore. I just want to run behind my destiny and complete the work you have for me father.” I breathe heavy. And my father smiles. “Don’t panic. Streamline their paths stay in contact with sep taek. Buckle your seat belt and be ready for another alternative” and I look at my history of pages. “Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are from the enemy. I will not fear father. I AM willing to address my problems”, I, the author, Yeshua Christ smile. “God father, you have given us a spirit of courage, stable and disciplined mind”, I show him the word form Timothy and Mr. God chuckles. “Yes, Yeshua, it is indeed written and it is the truth”. “If you are flying the plane, then turbulence shouldn’t bother you. Its going to be alright. The bottom line is that all the heirs of children of god, will stand up I the middle of the controversy can stand and face courageously their conflicts and still, will make it to their destiny. The heavens will smash earth”. He smile. And I look at him. Time to dream, I don’t have anything to fear”, I , the author sign out.

- 20th march
- Yeshua Christ

21st march 2011

“Good Morning Father!” and I smile wide as I cover his entire Altar with flowers of fragrances. Jasmine, daisy’s, roses and herbs which smell divine. The oil and lamp lights the entire house. “I AM just overwhelmed with the LOVE you shower in our lives father. I AM personally grateful to you because, you have re-assured and given me answers which I had longed to know about. As I began the pursuits to break beyond ignorance, you helped me along to improve my relationships with my loved ones and my readers who are the children of god. You, my father gave me a desire and destiny and it changed my life. You, my father were the only one who believed in me, that I did have in me, to do what it takes on this cavalry. Had you not held my sinning heart, mind and body, I could have never got over my weak and prideful ego. 33 years, but when pain and agony came into my life, you showed me that walking towards you, rescued me over the time. It was not very easy to understand your hiding nature, I understand, you wanted to test me. In the trails, as it became immense when every piece in life began falling apart, I understand, that my focus should be on GOD and should be consistent seeking YOU. This is a mandatory requirement, when troubles hit, only the righteous continue to pray. The unrighteous, cease to LORD hears their cry and HE delivers them out of all the trouble. I understand, that trails and tribulations will come but prayerlessness in the wicked will ensure their destruction. The LORD preserves the righteous and

Not the wicked. Prayer brings LIGHT, PRESERVATION, PROTECTION and COUNSEL. How can GOD preserve the righteous, if they don’t call upon him? And if, we do not pray, GOD, the Almighty will not forgive us and will punish our generations too! Hence, I the daughter of Zion, call upon you daily so that YOU my father never forsake us and we can never be shaken. Now establish your children as according to your promises and inheritance. May no child of god, ever go hungry without your word. I hear a heavy rain, abundant rain of million so dollars so that this gospel may be preached to every fowl and fauna existing on this planet. May your children, partner with you, my father. So that we can prove the power of the holy spirit” and all my angels together said “AMEN” and my father smiles along with me.

I, the author pause. “Every man has a wounded heart. Whether its anger, abuses, pleasure, aggression, violence, silence, are all the passive emotions of a man. And I drives man nuts,” David suddenly speaks. And I look at him. Its only a woman who can keep a mans heart at him. “Its only a woman who can keep a man’s heart secured. And honey, you are so amazing at doing that” he smiles. And I look at my father feeling heavy and guilty. “Oh! Father, how hard have I longed to be protected by a man worthy and here he is who gives credit to his woman” and I look at my father again. He smiles. “This tune and symphony is perfect” the lord god almighty jumps in listening to the new tune of love. “You are over hearing our conversation, aren’t you?” I ask god and David smiles at my bad joke one again.

“Do I have what it takes?” asks David. And I look at him. “The fast cars, the extreme sports, music, being workaholic, nothing actually can validate my love to the lord god almighty. When you began to speak to me and message me my first question was, “What was going wrong with you?” and he pauses to lift my face in his hands. And he continues. “But you love and determination woman, can melt a hard waxed heart too!” he smiles and pauses again. “And then I had to ask myself, “Why AM I here? Most of the through this journey, was to see the demons, to see the idols to see the jaws of hell. However, this guided tour made me want for more. I began to feel my bones break. And my flesh ripped. And there were millions of screams in my head. The physical strength was futile. And without enough air, terrible smell of sulphur, I was exhausted. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. and I wondered again. “Why does it have to be me? I was the least likely in God’s opinion. And I began to feel the hopelessness without GOD. And for the first time, I began to feel separated form GOD. And for the first time, I began to feel separated form GOD. I could not experience friendship in the pit of fire. And I had to face the most difficult question of my life. “Why will GOD send people to hell?” and he paused once again and my soul within withered. And he continued. I expected to die soon for I thought I deserved the punishment”, he stopped. And I breathed heavy. “Its by a man’s own choices and decisions, that one goes to HELL. I look at David and together we look a the father in heaven. And I realized nothing could save me, but for GOD. David smiled widely. And I look at David’s heart. “How pure is this soul father? I can never compete against David’s pure soul.” I, the

Author pen my words.

And before I can give my compassionate speech to David, the breaking news begins to unfold, about the Libya Conflicts. “India expresses deep regret. Russians and Chinese did not exercise their votes in U.N. Resolution. The world leaders begin to debate about the military strikes and begins to focus on the successful outcome of this action, to stop violence and helping Libyans to make their own choices. “Saving Benghag and breaking the Tyranny of Gadaffi is the ultimate purpose of No-flying zone”, is the unanimous summary” and I the author Yeshua Christ exchange glances with the king David. And David smiles. “Civilians being killed and proving that the action is in line with the U.N Resolution. All this leads to one ultimate objective”, he pauses and looks at me. And I sense his hinting “OIL! It’s the Oil Well. Suez Canal?” I look at king David and he smiles. The oil prices begin to soar. “INDIA must learn to stand up. Its time we grow up and stop simply to sit and watch the unfolding events”.

“Eyl, Harardhere and Hobyo along with Mogadishu”, on the borders of Somalia is guarded by the Pirates. Its an organized network to hijack more and more vessels on sea”, reads another breaking news.

My stomach begins to churn hard with my self doubts looming large. And I breathe heavy looking at my father.

I, the author, look at my father and I pause. “Its an incredible for these 2 Hebrews here. Why is that they still wait feeling low with sentiments. They need to be told and re-assured to lift up their

Souls. They have everything what is takes!” I scream loud into my fathers ears and it looks as though GOD, lord almighty is having all the fun along with the pun. “How long will they swim around in self doubt for Christ’s sake?” I the author chuckle along with god.

And I walk along. I speak to my father as I begin to confess my arrogance in flesh. And my feet shakes. And I, the author look at my father. “I thought, it was all again? And my hand clutches my hair, as I begin to write. I just strengthen myself and remind myself again. I need to look at the brighter things in life. I begin to focus on David. I just have a gift of a commander. But, I cant make it along. And I look at David. It was my mandate to ensure that David gets prepared for this point in time. God’s will and David his creation. I AM a mere intercessor. My job along with all the others to pray and intercede so that the lord of the lords and the king of the kings begins to take up his place.

My feet begin to crumble and I realize that this is all coming true very soon. I see that every single soul has been placed on the planet earth for this assignment. And as my eyes begin to see the explosion and the magnitude of the gravity of this mandate, I find that my hands are loosing its strength to continue. I have a choice to simply stop and continue dead, just like millions around, or the choice to continue to write. For a moment, I pause. “People already think I AM crazy father. Their disbelief is so obvious in their eyes and soul and speech. I look hilarious when I walk in awareness of YESHUA. I honestly, don’t want this pain of

Recognition. It was fun writing a book. But, seem to take things too far fetched and too imaginary. Are you seriously kidding me? Excuse, living in these pages, but in FLESH… Eegoodo. I scream in
strange grinning of pain of having hit my own toe.

I, author, Yeshua Christ look at my father. “All these words and theology are great to talk about. But honestly, this divinity in real is going to be too much for mankind to handle. And I suddenly begin to grow hungry. I sink in the natural dimension. I and Samuel had our first fight. And his teenage hormones and fighting for T.V time, play time but less study time, and his aggression, his initial talking back understand, he is growing into a teen now. And I seek secretly help form David to assist me in handling Samuel’s spirit. I look at David and tell him over the message. “You don’t want they seed of sour in your own kingdom David. Handle him. Comfort him. Nip the bud of arrogance at the right time. Its not who races first who wins the prize, but, its everybody competes the race, who wins the prize”, I smile wide at David. He knew it . and it was time, he comfort Samuel, head on. “What is brewing other? I pause and look at God. “Father, lets get some food as we talk along, shall we?” I bite my lips. “And a smoke after that…” I whisper

Into my father’s ears, so that mother Joyce wouldn’t over hear me. She has been giving so many preaching about. “Don’t smoke, don’t drink” and I hate to tell her, that “Mom, its kingdom of god. Here you sing and dance and celebrate in our life style. Only when we worship our needs shall we worshiping god almighty. We talk about god, who he is. And prayer is what we sing about god. Hence, let it go mom. Give freedom to youngsters and mankind and have faith in us. We are also taught about “Self control” please understand” and I look at my dad. And I breathe heavy. Its our freedom of LIFE. Its god himself who’s approved mom, why else, do you think he permits us in the bible? There are some things called as creativity and spontaneity and you need to believe in the glory and the higher plane and platform of god. You can get thousands healed, if you lift this rule at Joyce, my mom and all my youth are excited and wait for an answer. I took wait in the natural for the answer.

I look at the altar of kannada line kannada line kannada line, being torn down. And I look at the father in heaven. And I understand the severity of the anointing and the purpose. “No other temple other than Zion and the one is Israel, confirms father. And I understand the story of Deborah and Barrack unfolding from the pages of Bible. “Use your authority only to do the work. Nothing on your agenda. Hence, your ancestors have no inheritance in your par-take. Hence, don’t make an altar decorated and bejeweled other than Zion and Israel, Jerusalem” he repeats. And I nod my head in agreement.

I suddenly felt humiliated in my intentions. And I looked at my father. “Not again father. I don’t want to pen any more of my failures. Please, its too big for y ego and pride. And I quickly escape to grab a smoke. “I just cannot give my testimony any more. I AM burning out. Please, have some mercy. How many flaws of my flesh are you going to unleash?” I look at him.

Just when I had begun to sink in the moment of the power and the crown, and wondering whether I looked good, god, lord almighty had proved his sense of victory. “Yeshua, the Messianic son. Oh! My god, but look at all the flaws ad imperfections seem to be etched in these pages. “Sometimes telling the TRUTH is difficult, but it is victory eventually,” whispers my most good looking apostle Joseph Prince. And I look at David. But this apostle is indeed the most good looking apostle, in my entire troop of 12” and my apostle begins to blush as he keeps denying it in front of his disciples. “Oh! Come on, I really don’t think I am good looking. Please don’t say it”. And all the disciples with Yeshua smile along. And David lends his shoulders and I rest on him. “Let not mercy and truth forsake you. Bind them around your neck, so that you can find favour in the sight of god” and I pause. “Meditate and wisdom will give you success. Your soul will prosper”, and I look at my N.G.O again. And

I look at my father. And my father speaks. “You crave for power Yeshua, so that you can set things right. You are now not interacting with the poor and the needy, but you want to do it, when POWER comes to you. You want people to recognize you so that you can glorify your position so that you can control. But, I tell you, Yeshua you will continue to do in a limited provisions, so that I can manifest the inheritance all the way out. I will not give you the inheritance, till you serve the people which I give to you now. If everybody are sinners, then whom will you save? Hence a suggestion. Continue serving your masters. Don’t be so quick in finding faults. See, I don’t do it more often. I do it gently. Hence, you too need to remember Yeshua, you are here to sacrifice your flesh and motives for the children of god and not for your own crown and glory”. He smiles.

And I gulp as that nail is pierced on my forehead. And I don’t manage to utter a word. And tears flow without any noise. And I look at my father. I the author, Yeshua Christ, see, Oprah Winfrey making her visit to Australia and waving to the crowd. “Oh! I didn’t expect to see such a big turn out!” she cheers wide, as she soaks in her bliss of success and rage of the evil one against eve. And I look at my father. “Don’t have to take care of myself all my life?” I smile tired not wanting to do it all. it was difficult to allow GOD and David to make decisions for me. I have had too many bad experiences with men and people around. “Seek your own healing as you tend to control die to your own vulnerability. And your self protection of going into hiding and getting manipulative through David is not the way, Yeshua”, smiles father along with David.

“The strength to risk to be loving, and inviting David and GOD to be my self protection and self care huge. Father, how can I trust David to take care of me because I have always taken care of myself?” and my father smiles. “You can take the risk of love Yeshua. You are not the only one with a problem. Everybody has issues in marriage and relationships. But you have to trust god, Yeshua. You have to allow ME, your father, to heal your heart.” My father in heaven reassures.

I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at the humorous moments we have spent with each other. “Fight and learn to understand each other. And you have to be willing to learn, even to get along with people around you, Yeshua smiles father. “Do not settle for second best. Settle with the best. And that’s David. Surely, HE is wild at heart but that the purpose. He loves to battle, win and have a beauty rescue him” and I begin to wonder about a Man’s heart.

Just then, the feedback recession lands in and I look at my readers after I finish my private session with god. And one of them, asks me, “So how did it god?” I pause. And I turn around. I grab him around with my hands and I cry out my heart loud dramatically. “Its tough man. Just like the corporate world. You are given and shown all the things you have uttered and the way you have been handling people with authoritative complex, and the readers smiles. And I look at my father. “Can I smack them down father?” and David joins in bursting into laughter. “Honestly, there were things which I had going wrong off late in the natural. I had stacked too much screaming around and talking loud

With my son Samuel, David, my maid and my bosses. I had become less passionate about reading Bible. You see, I just wanted god’s presence and I know I AM called. I had began questioning Mr.God that why I cant I just love him? Why do I have to always read the word and make it happen? Why cannot I, the woman YESHUA do things on my own? It was easy after all. knowing who I Am, it was easy to commission and assign people. It is easy to command respect, and love from people. Why cannot I the Israelite do it on my own? After all, not a single person has been encouraging about my work and service. I AM wiling to share everything with the children of GOD, but why cannot I, the author take credit for the work ad power I do and I own?” these were the feed back points shown deep inside hidden in the heart. And GOD reflects it playing every scene. And I began to wonder, I was not worthy of anything at all. I had to take time to examine my heart and my motives. The enemy comes constantly to try deceiving is. It’s a parenthesis in eternity. To keep you accurately on the path, there is only one way out. “READ THE BORING BIBLE” and shut the technology out there and ensure that you have divine encounters with god, the LORD ALMIGHTY”. I conclude the synopsis of the feed back session.

I pause and look at my readers. “I need some time to be all alone. Hope you understand. I just need some music to be played. And I slowly begin to slip into my work and begin to work on my projects so that I begin to run the Ultra Marathon Race. Its just not now the stupid trivial achievement of writing the book. I really have a long journey ahead of me. Surely, I had fallen momentarily in to the legalism of my ancestral temptations. But I did not want to

Repeat the same failures which my Israelites had made. I now had a choice to walk in. to stay in arms with each other, encouraging each other or leave the wounded behind. And I simply could not leave them behind. At the same time, I was determined to get committed and to be standing together. At that the end of the day, I realize, I AM not capable and gutsy to do it on my own. And to fulfill to complete the purpose the will of GOD, to set his throne on all the seven realms, there was only one way to conqueror. “By going in and taking the land in the secular word”. And only way to function to fulfill the calling was to depend on the word of god. “Elders are not stupid to have spend 30-40-45-60-80 hears in the word of god. It’s a book of 1000 pages after all! But the science is, that cream of the cram intellectuality comes from the word of god. Hence, remember what I teach you, my dear loving children. whatever your calling may be. Music, Politics, education, business, family sports, inventions, anything at all. but, understand there is only one superior philosophy which over shadows everything. It’s the word of god. Hence, do not be cheesy Christian, let your expertise come from the glory of the lord. and I look at Mr. GOD selection. David <-> who still continues to walk in zeal running in the power of god and his fire never seems to douse.

Just before I sign out. “3.56 million dollars in the bank father. I ask you to sponsor this revenue for the god T.V to reach many more homes of

Gathering one billion souls, we are going to go on a missions week starting 23rd march. Please provide “PRO-VISION” for our “VISION” prays John the Baptist, Rory Alec, my brother, setting up the Altar in Israel, Jerusalem. And as they begin to pray in tongues, I begin to write along recording the proof of provision for their vision. I check the bible. “John, was warned, “Thou shall not steal” hence, he was told by god the father to ask the excut amount from the believers and not to collect more than required. It was essential that we, do not steal from another man’s property in order to avoid the curse. Its easy to fool believers, but you cannot fool god. Hence whether we like it or not we cannot touch the other mans property and money. For every sheep we steal, we are made to replace four folds. Obama and his administration are bent upon taking collecting tax from the church. It is wrong for the government to tax the personal property which a man owns. You cannot steal from man’s property. It brings the judgement of god and is severely punished” and I understand the purpose of the Missions week.

I, the author, Yeshua Christ go down on my knees and pray, “Pride father. I AM sorry about pride. But father, please be forgiving and kind. I still remember one biggest action, which has brought us to this place. When we had stolen small things in petty shops having the adventure of lifetime. It wasn’t the money, it was pure sense of achievement. But alas, that sole actions of our sins was the biggest mistake. Hence, please fulfill GOD T.V’s needs. We have confessed our lies and the commandments we have broken. But, look father we are still working on our assignments and jobs which you have given us hence, let us not compromise on

Our biblical values”. I check my G.PGS. “Its 22nd of march already”, I look at my father. “And my payments and salary from the N.G.O and the institute are still due. 20,000/- in total. My feet begin to feel weak, as I hate this economic slavery. I want to scream my lungs out with my judgments and complaining as to how the bosses are robbing what I own. But, I look at my father. “I make up my mind. And I decide to drop my offering. I have a little stock of 700/-. And lets make a deal. I will invest 500/- into the mission’s week. What else he can challenge me with?” I nod my head and smiling hard, “Nothing done in innocence or ignorance is forgiven. When you became a given you qualify for GOD’S prosperity. Its just a mere symbol of showing that you love god”.

And I pause a little tired but I bury my head in the book and continue to do my job of writing as I look once again at my thin yet strong and flexible arms. I look at David and his divine authority. And I share my insecurity through a message and do not contact him for the next 12 hours. Somehow, things seem to be easy after the feedback session with god. And I wrote the stern yet honest opinion of having been ignored by David, untouched for sometime. Something was amiss. I was deeply hurt as David had this condition of putting on weight and love, making I felt he was more eager to finish his dentists sitting for the next 1 month. And I look at my father nodding my head. “He comes home straight form the dentists visit. And he smiles and shows the cotton and the fresh medicine applied. And there are 3

More teeth yet pending. Give me a break, will you father? I throw my hands up in air, as my readers blush along I look a them and I smile. I share the message, close to out hearts.

MSG * when you told me that I looked skinny and longer aroused you, I just pause and wonder. How is that you see and admire a woman, dressed in all that stuff, she gets your attention while, I despite getting my son ready to school, cleaning the house, doing my work, cooking food, still fail to catch your attention. I guess familiarity crates complacency… sure, sex needs to be kept working at. Having children doesn’t mean that sex ceases. But you need to find the new place and variety. Sexual relationship is the spirit of being more expressive and not to be stuck in the same old ground… sex needs to be approached with sensitivity. Its an opportunity to discuss hope and fear. Its not an easy area in marriage. But, when neglected, it causes serious damage to the marriage. Anyways, you take care man. Doing my job, to deliver the message. Not that I want one.. neither, am I interested in making love, after being humiliated. Take care. Bye.

And David calls. “You hurt me”. I make my emotions loud and clear to David. And David smiles. “Hey! Come on now will you? You know, it has got nothing to do with sex. I just want you to put on weight. And nope, I will not make love to you till you put on weight. One way or the other, its for your own good” and he cajoles me over the phone. And I smile, nodding my head, looking at my father. “Surely, Mr. God is the one who is enjoying

All the scenes here” and I grin.

I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at god, the lord almighty. “these two souls are real saints. Why is then America in such a mess of Beverly Hills and Holly wood? The latest law demands that Homosexuals be protected to make open love in public and police should protect them. I read a banner posted in one of the dungeons, dark and scary. “If you are eight and haven’t had sex, then its too late!” signaling young boys and girls to get ready to begin a movement of a modern, liberal, Santa Claus Church. “Nobody understands us!” laments the homosexuals and I look a them in despair. “Excellent be ready for being slained in hell as the demonic realms will create great tribulations in your mind and soul”. And one of them quips at me. “But we were created this way darling! Its GOD who has created us this way. He is the one who gives us desire. So, what’s wrong in expressing our desires. Stop being a rude parent. You gotto be understanding,” tries the famous producer and director of today’s bollywood era, as he smiles, sitting on his couch, offering coffee. And I look at my father. After all the 6 volumes written, here I AM, back to square one. Addressing the same problems and same issues. “I will gossip with you sir, but can I grab some food and eat. You see, I have a mandate. To chew. Either food, word or your brains. And I AM willing to do all the three. Just for you, son”. I the author, Yeshua Christ look into the eyes of Karan Johar and I see that the “Butt Hero” he enjoys

Flirting with, has already disappeared. “There’s lot more you can do son, than promoting a thought. You belong to my church for I have loved your talk shows” I pause and see my land of Judah, gathering momentum.

“I long to go to Israel. But my father is bent upon that I fulfill the scriptures”. And I pause to look around a man in India/Judah, issuing statements of ridiculous made against U.S, he speaks, “U.S should not preach about humanity,” And I look at my father. “How d you judge a nation? When earthquakes happened in Haiti and Japan, was it not U.S which was the first to dispatch hordes of emergency food and necessities to civilians who had lost hope and their loved ones, without shelter. Why, even when Lattur, Gujrat suffered from its world devastations of a lakh people dead, was it not the U.S who provided blankets and sheets to the needy and poor? Its another story that those blankets never reached them as half of them was already gabbled by the middlemen and bureaucrats. Mr. Narendra Modi, mind your tongue will you? You live in a land of the king Samson who sinned against my father in heaven, Lord Shiva, when he committed adultery with the two sisters. “Mahabharat and Ramayan” are the epic stories which you share with pride. The woman was executed to tyranny in each of these epics. “Bhagvad Gita” you swear upon calling it as the only true scripture of the universal existence. Millions are tempted into drugs and becoming a committed member of Iskon. Thousands and hordes of money spent on constructing lavish temple, for a god, who has been thrown out of the kingdom. You call him as god lord Krishna, Vishnu and Ram. We call him with one word “SATAN” and he is doomed to HELL. And I look my fellow Americans.

“America is a great Christian nation. It may have lost its roots but it has never abandoned its pulse and sensitivity to solve world problems. With power has it not also acted responsible, in every realm of U.N; U.N.I.C.E.F, military, W.H.O, W.W.A too?” I, the author smile and tell my fellow Indians to understand what the definition of “Humanity” really means.

“I love my country. But god loves America. And so does Yeshua too”, I, the author, Yeshua Christ wink at David and my king understands. Apple in its new i-pad approves anti-gay exodus <-> software creating controversy in gay community. “Homosexuals can be healed through Jesus Christ” and I the author, Yeshua Christ smile. And I look at my father. “Its is all coming really close to Exodus and beyond, isn’t it?” I, the author smile as I write. And I look at David. His all time favourite company which he worked for till date, “APPLE”. The company has not disappointed David after all. I smile along with the father in heaven.

“So, how is Samuel doing?’ quizzes David. And I nod my head. “I had to tell him that I was given scolding by god for being nasty yelling mom for couple of days. And Samuel once again was happy that Mr. God was on his side. I had to feed him with favourite “Pani- puri” snack to make up for all the abuses. “True – seeker he is”, I pause and look at David as he smiles along. “Who is the actor now being shown on T.V, and I will pay you 100 bucks”, I suddenly distract David and he promptly answers. “Ritesh Deshmukh” and I AM

Surprised. “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for David to have guessed his name”, I say to myself and suddenly it occurs to me that he has read the name, which was flashed on the T.V, just as we were talking and I look at David screaming. “YOU cheated! You read the name of the actor shown on T.V, that’s cheating” I present my case as David laughs hard. “Excuse me” he interrupts. “You asked me for the name, and I told the name. how is it cheating if I had read the name shown on T.V, couple of minutes ago? That 100 bucks is mine. Give it” he grins. And I fight back. “Look here David. I have struggled and spent time reading and remembering all the News in the paper. I have put in the efforts to recall their names. You cant simply read the flashed names and take credit for it. You have cheated. And I will not give the 100 bucks” I confirm. David replies. “How did you know his name? even you, had read it somewhere right? I too ain’t different Ms. Yeshua. I also read it just like you did. You had taken years while I was just lucky, to know his name. so, you see, I deserve that 100 bucks” he grins and laughs out loud. And I look at my father making a puppy face. “David’s arguments are indeed fair and just” and I hand him over the 100 rupees note. And he gleans. And I add in again, “But, you know the truth. That’s still called cheating” and he smiles kissing me on my cheeks. Here you go. Take back your 100 bucks” and I smile wide.

“Where is the money now?’ asks the Lord god almighty and I nod my head once again. “The judge always decides the cases. The 100/- bucks was promptly ducked into the pockets of Samuel. Hey! Remember, that day, you had borrowed from me. Its my pocket money due!” he laughs and I chuckle. “Thanks for the income of sufficiently father. Enjoying the journey”, I confirm to my dad, the father in heaven.

And I catch up with the headlines. “Mr. Modi projecting his image as GOD who is incorruptible” and the Americans being cautious about Modi’s rise. And I the author, Yeshua Christ look around the unfolding events. “There a huge controversy being churned in the house of the parliament and the opposition is bent upon bringing the government down along with the Prime Minister”, I, the author smile. “So, whom are you supporting? Which political party will win the next elections? Asks the critic and I check my G.P.S. “On Time”, I murmur to myself and lift my head to answer the question. “Which political party do you think should I support? None of the leaders or kings or ministers or priests or prophets or officials came to my help, when I was single and left alone to find my Samuel’s stomach?’ I answer the question. “But that not the answer” ushers the critic and I look at him. “If you ask a wrong question, you will get a wrong answer.” I smile using the same dialogue which one of the ministers had answered a few while ago on the breaking news. And we begin to pledge together god T.V making a vow to the entire kingdom of GOD.

“GOD, Almighty, hear our ministry which is “!” class, in quality and quantity and here me, they are AWESOME. Here’s our church at large, who believe in coming closer to GOD. Each of us have a platform and a unique mandate to serve you and we have an assignment. Papa Abba. Help us co-ordinate and begin to function and claim all the 7 mountains in the sector of society” and we begin to form and establish, the kingdom of god in Zion. This place will be a volcanic rock, that nations will come to this place.

The gospel of salvation is great, but our assignment is not limited. Its all about reflecting GOD, in all the sectors of society. May the children of god, not stand as mediocre, but as a dynamic warrior in reality to implement our own movie script, given to us by GOD. There’s an objective, there’s romance and there’s the bad guys to be over ridden. Let the things as it the functions in heaven, come down on earth. Let the pattern as it exists in terms of economy in heaven, let the same structure be implemented , the government as it is heaven, let it come on earth, the family and education and media and entertainment as on heaven, let it come on earth. And let all this glory be reflected in the church, the believers and children of god. May we smite the enemy’s power and may he gather dust. Remember all the hardships we, your children have underwent in the land of Egypt. May, you repay double hell to the wicked and to the enemy, who dare to stand in front of the creator and not fear of the Lord God Almighty. May their teeth be broken and may their tongues be slewed. For, they have dared to touch the children of god and have now dared to touch our boundaries. 7, the perfect number. Volume &. 7 mountains”, and I smile looking at my readers. “My kids will beat the hell out of Satan. Its VICTORY ALL the way!’ I smile singing. “Hey! This sis GOOD” I smile and look at my father.

“And my most elder of the church, GWEN R SHAW, walks on the podium looking young in beautiful PINK and RED dress and she stands in mighty strength on her own despite having broken almost all the bones in Ukraine, where she was almost operated by a Muslim from Gaza on the surgery. Ha! Ha!” and I close my mouth. “What a weird comedy of errors!’ I chuckle

Along with my father setting the tone for the terrible scenes and the seriousness that the world be plunged into soon. And I look at my father god, stern and I , the author Yeshua Christ, command my father, “You will keep her and all my children of GOD alive. If anyone dies, then I will go back to HELL again and bring every of my sheep back. Don’t you ever dare me again. I AM proving it you with m work and I can prove it you again, to walk through FIRE a zillion times. You promise to love them and take care of them, just like you did to me, your own daughter. Sure, everything is fault in human and has abandoned everything for his own flesh. But, as a creator, it is your job now to ensure that every soul can witness eternity, the super natural, without nay discrimination of gender, age or wealth. I love my grandma. I look at Gwen and this cute little godly saint, who I can meet anywhere in the world. A littler German girl she is, but is heavenly trained. She looks perfect in her Sunday school attire and she oozes freedom and experience in you, Mr. God. You need to forget that we have fleshly manifestations and overlook our flaws. Isn’t my CRUCIFIXATION enough for you??’ I the author, Yeshua Christ scream into his ears as loud as I can. And my father smiles. “Do you know the story about RAINBOW?’ and I look at him and gaze at him confused.

“What?? Where did the RAINBOW come from?” I AM asking here to be a miracle worker and you talk about RAINBOW. Please father… hear me, will

You? You gotto ensure that your glory be manifested on earth. I love you father without YOU, its impossible” and I the daughter, now try to persuade my father, when my authoritative commanding voice doesn’t work. “What is this hustle and bustle and rustle” which you make, Yeshua?” he smiles and I AM in no mood to go to bed. “I AM not going to sleep. Now is the TIME, to be awake. WAKE UP father. WAKE UP! And I look at the clock. Its 1:00 midnight. “We have moved into eternity. I hate watches”, I murmur and look at my father’s continuing persuasion to put me to bed.

“Deck my temple in Zion will you?” my father said. And I looked at him. “Whom shall I ask to do it? Rory Alec?” I ask him and my father says “NO”. and I ask “Whom shall I ask to raise the tent for you? Nobody will be willing to come to India to deck the tent bearing expenses of travel father”, I clear my throat and preach my father like a lawyer. “Do you want me to ask someone in specific?” and my father said “NO”. and then I turned to look at my father. “Okay then who will?” I asked. “YOU” replied father. And I looked at my father. “There are many many ministers in India, who can deck it for you. Sure, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jainists, do not enter the church. And for heaven’s sake, they give certificate for their Baptism to prove that they know you. So, maybe you can deck your temple father. What say?” and my father looks at me. “Are you willing to carry this cross for my sake? Can you?” and I breathe heavy. “Father, but are my offerings not enough

For you? I still have 30,000/- saved in my account. I can deposit for the further installment of the book to be published. An empty account is the best I have to offer father. I cant pa any anymore bills cant feed my loved ones, he have t give up our pleasures.” And I begin to break down as I begin to search for the other way out. And I pause to write when father whispers. “There’s enough wealth in my kingdom to take care of you, Yeshua. Please, do it for my sake. Will you promise to raise a tent to deck my temple?” and my eyes begins to cry for help. “Trust me father. Your children can do it for you. Choose anyone else father. Spare me of this responsibility. This is a task too hard for me father. I AM pushing my boundaries beyond natural father. I will serve you in every realm of my life. Even when this book is completed, I AM there onto death” I, the author complete and my father along with 50,000 angels and Gwen, my grandma, sing t cheer my soul. “My soul says yes. My soul says Yes” and I look at my father. And I gain my composure back with wet cheeks and I look at my father.

“This is the biggest risk I can take father” and I, the author, Yeshua Christ go on my knees and keeping the book on the floor, I continue to write, trying to evade any eye contact and bend my head to declare the ALTAR open to all the believers waiting to receive the choice to deck the temple of Zion. “here we go…”, I breathe heavy and I just

Pray, I can complete this take soon and go to bed as quick as possible. I, the author, Yeshua Christ look at Karan Johar, “My apologies my son. I really, AM not in a position to sit on the couch”, I smile helpless and try to hurry up the task. “God I just need to deck your temple right? But what if your crazy children of god begin to generously donate? What will all the money do in the account? What can I do? I AM a poor woman after all!” I cry out desperately to him and I look at my father. “Writing a book is easy father. Living it is easy father. But managing your kingdom is honestly, something which I don’t want to do”, and I, the author, Yeshua look at my land of inheritance. My Israel. And the sky seems falling. “How will then miracles happen Yeshua? Use your muscle of faith. Someone has to try. Everybody is scared. Are you willing to go into water? You will find your way, if you keep believing me”, says my father. And I fart in my pats as I say to myself, I don’t have a chance, but I have seen miracles happening all along. Maybe, that’s what things can do, even if we fall sometimes. And I look at my father, with one hand on my head and kneeling it against my knee. “This is a strange book. What do I do now?” I murmur to myself. “What you really need to do is get on the same page and be on my level, so that I can take you to the next level.” No weapon formed against you will prosper” he makes another crazy statement and he continues. “Do not be afraid YESHUA. NO FEAR” understand. And I begin to wonder, how is this experience going to shape my life. And I move uneasily from one knee to the other, positioning and repositioning my head and I heave a heavy sigh. “Its just chaos everywhere. There’s just

Piles of rubbish on the floor. But people were clean and walked with their clothes without any wrinkles. And they walked around rubbish, being completely obvious to their surrounding. They all look like they have reached their level of success and do not understand their limitations” I continue to talk to myself, still trying hard to find another alternative.

I look at my father. And I pause. “I just need sometime, to take the risk which you la ahead father. This advertisement of my own, is a little scary. I Am fearful of my flesh, my jealousy and when I watch all the rich running loose and haywire, I AM scared to experience MONEY in my account. After all, what will I need more for? I can still have 3 meals in one month and hear and see all that I can”, I look at him in one last attempt. And he smiles. “Its okay for you, Yeshua. For, you know the beginning and the end. But, this is where I live and I dwell. And if you don’t pull it out of the bag, I will have to put you to much more stress. So, 3 things I say. Do not fear. There is a life for you where you do not have to worry. There is a life which awaits, which you always looked for. I AM the lord god almighty. And I AM old. Hence, now will you hear my advice and my plea” asks my father and I give in. I get up, pull the cheques book out of my purse, and write the details of my personal account. “Just DO IT” whispers father and I wear my Nike shoes to finish this task and move on.

“One FINAL PUSH”, I say to myself. I should not get at mad at 30’s. I AM now in a serious

Territory. And I decide. “if at all, there’s extra money in the account, after having decked your temple, after experiencing self sufficiency of being rich, I will pour it all on my pass and dreams father. We will get together and with the mighty warriors, we will begin to rebuild one stone after the other. I know, its going to be BIG, but together we can”. And I look my children waiting for meals, a library, an education, old people being cared, youth being mentored, every woman taking up and serving her calling and men beginning to walk in the presence. We together can fill in all the spaces”, I dream and I suddenly stop dreaming. “What about David? what will he have to say? This money is to even MINE. How will he react?” Phew and I breathe heavy. “How much will you stress yourself out Yeshua. Just write the details will you?” and I look at east, as Samuel begins to cheer me to look towards east. I look at the huge land of china crying onto me. And I smile and look at them. “My Chinese children most affectionate and passionate zealous children of god. Will you be the first ones to help build relationship with Yeshua and Christ? My precious ones of east from Indonesia, Philipines, Malyasia, Hong Kong, Vietname, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore join together in this mighty wave of awakening of souls. “I cry out loud and they begin to hear me. And they begin to come one after the other and the temple begins its pave of being decked in all the silver, gold ruby’s, stones, and all precious pearls and corals and clothes and sheets and curtains. And I reveal my details carefully in 4 lines. ACCOUNT HOLDER name : POORNIMA DAMLE.
Name of the Bank and Address : Central Bank of India, Kamalanagar branch, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Account Type and Number : 1208730900; Savings Account.

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