Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Leaned over, he laughed yet again. “Why do you do this to me father?’ I smiled at he taking pleasure out of my plight. I held my gastric filled weaning stomach and held on to my gut. “Sipping tea and loss of appetite” common withdrawal symptoms while David chews the sweetened nuts. Everytime, I had the binge, though I AM seeking GOD, I thought about my mother. She is along with my dad in Singapore. And all I could think was my parents will surely be proud, when I quit. Being single, there are only two things you got to grab hold of. 1. Do you respect your parents? 2. Do you know your God?
However, when two people before marrying need to know how does the partner spend time and money, during the courtship or dating? Can you trust this person during the adversity or fall in unbelief regularly? Have you seen this person getting angry with YOU? Do they resolve issue biblically taking responsibility of their behaviour? Remember, for ladies, you need to ask, and look for stability. Is he/she responsible with money? Is this person behaving with love and not lusty sex drive? Is this person capable of resolving issues? Does the future maid respect you? Is he/she open to your inputs? Is this person a giving person, what kind of teaching they receive? If there is a divorce, do you know the preceding and the proceedings of your partner? Does the partner stand to commit against all odds?

“So, well I AM not a believer but JESUS CHRIST is the most influential person on this earth” said Larry to Tim La Haye, during the break of Larry king Live! And I picked up the key. “PHEW”, so Resurrection is the key. This is how you know JESUS CHRIST is the Lamb of God. And I smiled as I looked at my father.

“IS JESUS sinless now? Have I tasted death to man’s sins? I asked and my father reached down to raise me up from the dead.

“Okay, so now that is finished!” I laughed heartily, “Will I rise again on the third day?” JESUS prophesying his own resurrection, oh! Spirit of prophecy “Ha! Ha!” I laughed hard. Be absolutely sure, the church will be captured before tribulation period. And I will keep the sheep from the hour of trail, so that man can be prepared for a greater byz. Hence, the best thing which you can do is, get yourself ready during the tribulation period. Its easy and its safe. And when I enter it will be the beginning of the trail. And even when the anti-Christ , who likes to control the whole world, ISRAEL will be the bread basket. And this land is the “Apple of the eye” of my father.

“My mother called me from Singapore father. It was soothing to hear her voice. My dad’s voice sounded aged and worried. Father, don’t you think it is time that you hear my parents prayer? Get me married to David, will you?” I asked him laughing. “And everytime you sang, dancing around David, singing the tune, David ran away, pleading for mercy!” laughed father hard. And I looked at my father. That brings me to a very important

Question. I looked at my father. “Why do Martians dread marriage?” and my father laughed as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, and I plunged in to ask, the most popular question of the hour. “Who is god’s favourite? Is it a man or a woman?” and even before he could answer, I wrote the answer. “WOMAN” and I looked at my father, as he continued looking at me, in silence, I told him bluntly, “Well, I AM the author, isn’t it?” and Samuel said, chipping in, “Bad Joke” and I looked around my angels who all remained silent agreeing to Samuel’s comment. And then I looked around the boat. Nobody heard. And I looked at my Japanese brothers and they were relishing the word of god. Finally, I looked around David. And finally David spoke, “you think I don’t know?” he smiled. And he added, “Only one can understand the other!” he smiled softly and his liner, I did not get it! I looked at my readers and smiled, as David screamed, “Mercy father. Spare the rest of my LIFE, father!” and I looked at David ready for yet another Cub fight!!

Well, some couple find it helpful to find couples who can understand each other. Have you known the effects of emotional cycle of deployment when a husband or the wife or a long term relationship end up arguing more than loving more, the tensions always mount. Hence there are remedies for the difficult periods of endless tyranny. Because, arguments happened many times because there is tension of “GOING AWAY”. Hence got on with the awful moments, saddened hours and Days, the hardest effort to please everybody around, miserable feelings. Hence, it is really important, that you listen and you understand. DON’T FIX IT. Temptations, being away from home, does not mean, you walk away from your wife. Everything need not require post traumatic responses. Showing appreciation, in a sense, being together physically and not emotionally, is a sure fire party ruiner. Hence, detachment hampers Adjustments. And its important from moving away from “ME” to becoming “US” to lead a family together. Taking a step back and letting your husband a step ahead, growing in confidence to cope to come back and settling back together, when LIFE has moved on is the sure fire party Ruiner too.

Hence, the reality is, it ain’t easy to get into a routine with partners. But a partner whom you love, should be able to hold your attention beyond 10-12 minutes of attention of the other, isn’t it? Hence, luxurious and abundance, small unseen details of “SPACE” and “TIME” plays a pivotal role to develop a relationship. “Well, what is the secret to enhance a relationship?” I looked at my father as I spoke. And strange enough, my father had a strange project for me laid today. “Can you jot down 101 reasons as to why you love David? No tongues, only simple truth you can pen down. Want to try?” winked father. And I looked at him.

“Was I not supposed to be an author and not an actor?” I looked at my father. And he smiled, “You came in to my kingdom, seeking for a JOB isn’t it? And you signed on only 40 days trip. Now it’s about o be 390 days tour. And I AM glad you transformed .From an actor to an author!” he smiled. And I knew the appreciation my father had for me. He didn’t care whether I tried, I put an effort, I cried, I smiled, he just wanted “ME” and it did not matter to my father, how I looked what I did, who I was, before I began my journey. He plainly offered me a JOB, when I asked for one, this is my father, the Lord God Almighty and I AM proud to be his daughter. And I knew, though Many (51%) will be offended; I had to give my inputs of 49% . “Give me another chance. I wanna GROW UP once again.” Because 49% were enough to FIX 51% and I smiled. “Hey! Stop debating and start writing. Will you?” smiled father. And I breathed heavy. It is especially because, these moments and reasons are special to me. And they mean the world and I hope, every eve and every Adam understands the emotion that goes into every reason. It is LOVE COLOURFUL. And very simply, I can assure you, many will not work for you. Because “CHEMISTRY” varies, “TASTE’S” varies. What remains constant is the BIOLOGY and the Geography of LOVE. “Impossible pyaar Impossible”.

And I began to recollect the moments, because with David, every moment was New. And we always recollected our moments as we built New ones. Hence silence while watching T.V or even when we could not express in words, was alright because we knew the bond and divinity that held us together. And I looked at my father, “I will not write 101 reasons father. Because, I have already done the impossible in these 2 volumes of “Books of Revelation of JESUS”, isn’t it? I have woken up CHRIST the GAINT. Hence its time for his second coming and I sense it all around!” and my father jumped In delight. I had learnt the art of saying NO. and my father asked me the question of the New Age. “So, who is your favourite GOD or DAVID?” he winked. And I looked at him, with strange echo, “So, who us your favourite MAN or WOMAN?,,, I looked at my father. “DAVID” I smiled and paused. “Did I miss the train?” I wondered, when I told the answer. And father smiled. I felt my lips. They were smooth. “The wonderful father” I smiled. And just then I saw David oogling at another teenage on MTV, with her boobs drooling all over the screen and David asked the heart of the question; “Look…!” and as I saw her, I made the frantic expressions as I gestured her boobs rolling out of the T.V screen, hitting David’s eyes typically like the eyes popping out from the mask, and I gestured as his organ grows in length, I would take a Huge Hamma and I gestured that I would smash his balls if he dared to look at some strange fuzzy balls! And David laughed his guts, when he looked at my antics. Strangely, David takes pleasure in my antics though, I have communicated the same message in this progressive stories. And I looked at David. He pulled me towards him. “You are so cute and I love your antics” ad started his rejoicing moments of tender kisses and smile. “This is how I AM in REAL too!” I smiled, looking at my father. “And this is how David is in REAL too! And this is HOW WE ARE in REAL too!” I smiled at my readers of 51% MEN. “So, why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?”

I left the room. For I know, a Man of GOD can understand the compact short story with a moral. Because simple stories make a profound point in the planet of Mars. And I want the (49%) Venus women to understand this. And as I was about to leave, one of them called Cleopas, spoke, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over”. And I knew, they recognized me as JESUS. After all, “Were not the hearts burning within them, while I spoke to them on the roads and opened the scriptures to them?” I smiled as an author. And I told them, what my father promised as it is written.

Elevated status of JESUS was the only key to kick out the weed within. And surely, we did it in small groups. Prophecy is history written in Advance. Hence, we have two relationships with GID. 1. How is it now? 2. How is it in future? “Shall I declare to them now, what “I AM” going to do here, because of what David is going to become in future with a quickened spirit?” asked father and I smiled. “Can you get US into that place?” I showed the word of life, to my father. And my father smiled and I prayed. Because I wanted LIFE. And it is important to ME.

And I struggled as I wrote. Because, while I AM being changed, real warriors do not look for sympathy, they look for majesty. And change is a fabulous expression. And he was giving me something as I climbed Mount Nebo from the plains of Moab to the top of Pisgah, across form Jericho, I was enjoying my life, as GOD was energizing me with LIFE. I loved LIFE and I LOVE MYSELF. And I have a good opinion about myself. “I AM doing okay. Take care.Of my humanity” I smiled as the lord showed me the WHOLE LAND – from Gilead to Dan, All of Naphtali, the territory of Ephraim and Manasseh, all the land of Judah, as far as the western sea, the Negev and the whole region from the “Valley of Jericho”, the city of palms, as far as Zoar. Then the lord, my father looked at me. “This is the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when I said, “I will give it to your descendants”, and I went down on my knees as I steeped into my true Identity of JESUS, returning over a thousand years later, with the prophet Elijah and I looked at my Great Ancestor. MOSES, PAPA MOSES. “Endlessly curious?” spoke Papa Moses. And I said, “I love this fight. This a good fight and I will enjoy it. No tears. Only cheering. On earth as it is heaven. Outlook of LIFE and sheer pleasure of being ALIVE today. and this is my persona, your great grand daughter, JESUS” I smiled in JOY.

“And JOY is the essence to the Nature of church. To establish the persona of how we speak to one another, how we behave with one another. And I looked at the Devil. This is PAY BACK and I have favour, TIME FOR SOME REVENGE” I wrote. “JESUS ain’t nothing like YOU but this a great day, a fabulous life, ALL the beauty and Majesty unfolding” I winked at my readers.

“SPLENDID LIFE!” I breathed. And I continued living in astonishment. “CHANGE is really GLORIOUS and FUN” I spoke mischievously.

- 14th January 2010

A new prophet has risen, whom lord knows face to face, who did all those miraculous signs and wonders the lord sent him to do in Egypt – to Pharaoh and to his officials and to his whole land. For no one, till date, other than JESUS CHRIST, has been able to do all the things in the sight of all ISRAEL.

I did not have many pages to fill in the dairy, with four months of pages remaining. Roughly 120 pages. And I wondered what the lord god almighty had in mind. And when the Messiah finally emerged out of this nation, everything changed. And the soil looked good and fertile. For JESUS and JOSHUA had fulfilled the original mission of the lord god almighty. And it was to cleanse the land form impure elements. The war fare is a wider dimension. It is between those who follow god and whose who oppose him. And the sin of the inhabitants had reached FULL measure. Hence, my PAPA MOSES, always spoke about the intentions of the lord, with clarity.

“GRACE! GRACE! Onto the land. The foundation have been laid since long time. FAVOUR BY GRACE and I shouted it! “HAIIL” <-> strength of many by the power of one man”, the temple cannot be built with the army or one man, but the combined strength of the spirit of Jehovah, the visible proof and the Lord god of hosts, HE IS THE GOD OF ALL CREATED THINGS. And we rely on only the great spirit of GOD to demonstrate that nothing can stop GOD’S plan when the house of The lord, WE, as we yield to the Holy Ghost, the mystical spiritual building, JEHOVAH, you are the capstone, and we are your living stones, PRAISE GOD!” I cheered loud!

“Adversity only pushes you to succeed” I wrote. “What’s wrong in being black?” asked a pastor. And the pastor who had everything, wisdom, voice and followers and believers, all who shone GOLD. Yet again, I looked at them. They shone GOLD. Yet again, the third time and I asked my father. “We ALL love. And they are friends who stick closer than any brother. They are deep. Adversity separates truth form facts. Is there a demonic dimension? Is there a spirit of under world? And what is the hidden blessings and love to outlast these adversaries” I asked father. And my father smiled. “There is a blessing!” I jumped as I looked at the smile.

Pastor Mathew Ashimdov, of winning ways, cheered as together we chose to enter the realm of Africa and I was finally relieved. Africa, I smiled. The richest continent. And my vacation lies here. Just then, Creflo, stepped in. and I smiled. And I wondered. “How does it matter?” and what kind of a question is that? What’s wrong in being black?” and I looked at my father. “I find everything RIGHT. What do I answer to that question?” I looked at my father. And I showed it to my father. “Look at their smile. Look at them. Look at the heart. Look at the joy. Look at the humility. Look at the celebration. Look at the peace. Look at the fun. They shine GOLD. Now you tell me father, “What is wrong in being black?’ I asked my father and I knew he Sensed my irritation.

“IRRITATION” another symptom of quitting smoke. And my thinking and my actions however were in perfect alignment with god’s line. Surely, I will get over this too, I said to myself. And I looked at Africa. I smiled. Did you know, when I started writing my first book, the only nation which pulled me to be one amongst them was Africa? I began to voice my opinion, for the first time, for the nation Africa? My father says, this nation will be reaping GOLD, because it is GOLD. Who then seeds the complex of BLACK OR WHITE? When death prunes your flesh rotten and giving away to bacteria, will then you look for skin Black or white? And that question still pestered me DEEP. I looked at my pastors. And my Apostles. “I don’t have an answer. I AM sorry” I said.

And I turned around to my nation AFRICA. And I, JESUS spoke. “Your perception of truth determines your life. And you believe the lie, which Satan tells you, and you believe it’s true. Africa cannot succeed because it is poor. The economy is bad. Are you telling me you cannot do something, looking at somebody else’s reality? I ask you Africa do you know your calling or do you want to barely get by? You have stopped adding value, because, you think the car you drive makes a man. Doesn’t mater. Your future is bright. And you stand where you are. And I approached Zimbabwe, Hwange, to visit a church to joint the celebration, as now you know that JESUS floats!! ;-)” I smiled as I wrote.

And as the other people grumbled as they saw another lecture, on its way, I was irritated all the more. And this very fact made me pour and outpour, to draw the oil deep within my soul to anoint the Nation of Africa. And I roared. “You selfish Moron believers. Have some dignity with you? I come here with a mission. And I dont care whether you read ahead to skip pages to move ahead. JESUS will do the work, wherever her father wants to USE her. Because, it’s not my will, my wants, MY MINE has become HIS. Hence I come here to do only my father’s work. You have a choice. Drink water or submerge in water. However, without water, there is NOTHING. Hence, I will pray and I will enter into the partnership with my nation, Africa.

“Father”, I prayed. “Give me a creative and innovative approach to my nation to GROW strong. How do I ensure my blood will cleanse this land of forests?” I went on my knees.

As the hours passed, it was getting tough. There was an uncomfortable feeling within. Energy drain. And I knew, tomorrow was the eclipse specifically visible in India, where the second temple lays and I knew before the arrived time, I had to complete around the world, for only, WE can change the planet with the word of GOD.

I lay at my father’s feet. “I CANT father. I cannot go on anymore” I broke down. “This pruning HURTS” and I stopped writing or addressing AFRICA. Why? Because JESUS didn’t feel great INSIDE! And I looked at my father. Yes, I knew,

He knew the situations he has been placing me in. my sisters nieces, aged 16 and 14 loved me. And I missed their closeness for all these years. Several times, they had urged me to visit their home. Today, when the love of my kids cried out for my presence, I sat broken hearted calling up David asking only one question. “When are you going to tell the truth complete that you want to marry me?” and David responded, “I AM trying right?” and it broke me down further.

If I was DAVID’S mom, who loved her son, beyond herself, would I allow David to get married to some lunatic, single mom, divorced, a 11 year old son; living away form the house of her parents? The truth is simple. No. why? Because, I wish to see David who is 29 years, to get married to somebody who is younger, HOT, GOOD and all the NORMALCY of a wife. And I looked at my father. And I continued writing with my heart pouring.

If I were David, will I want JESUS only or a free package of Benjamin as well? NO! Any young man, with raging hormones dreams a woman of his passion and desire and then have babies which further proceeds his bloodline. But who is Benjamin to David? NOBODY? Then why should David accept Benjamin as his own son? And if people say, “Adoption is easy” then call them as “Self confident fools!” I cried.

When I find my teenage fast growing nieces, ready for the new stage and
Adventure in life, here IAM. A wrong example of an ideal woman in the Holy Land of INDIA. Nobody can even know the depth of sorrow of this soul, who just wants to live life right. I did have a great time at my sisters place for 3 hours and s I returned home, I don’t why, I felt I just did not want to live like this any longer.

I called up David and yet again asked him “When are you going to tell the truth complete that you want to marry me? And David responded, “You know the truth right?” and I broke down explaining the previous two paragraphs. David loves his parents and I love mine. David respects my parents and I respect his. Well 3 years have passed waiting for a TIDE from you father, believing that you will make way. And I ask you father “When?”

“April 8th” smiled father. And I wanted to shout back at him telling him, “I AM sick and tired of prophecy dates”, but I gulped my emotions and wrote. If bible does not speak anything about the period between 12 years to 33 years about JESUS, it is because it is only I, JESUS, can share what happened to me in these years and nobody else. True, it’s a great feeling to know that “I AM JESUS” but take me off this title and you will see me as I AM. A woman normal like you and me. And I breathed heavy. Let again, I did not have any answer.

“What about your job? You promised Christmas but its past new year” he paused. And I struggled all I could manage was to mince some words of fake assurance of finding a job for myself and also spoke about the mandate my father had place for my life. And please understand my readers, I have nothing in blue print. So continuing promise after promises but promise holding to the word of god, I do not want to be another Israelite who yet again turns away form god, robbing god. “Will you please break down the walls of Jericho father? Only YOU CAN. Only YOU. My god, my father, my creator, only YOU CAN”, I wrote and left to join my son to watch “Shaun the sheep”. “Will you please pray for me? I really want to get married and together be with you in a family along with David. Will you pray for me because I know a 11 year old prayer is for more powerful than mine. I believe in your prayer” I moistened my tears like a little girl and David too was doing everything in his might, RIGHT. And I looked my father in silence, without a word more.

Well! Let me try explaining why I need to understand the process at a higher level. I need to identify the inputs and the outputs. What is flowing and what is flowing out the process. Here, I AM referring the process, INSIDE ME and OUTSIDE ME. This I do because, in Lean Sigma, even before I can become the voice of the god I have an internal support process, within my soul.


And by doing the internal analysis, I AM well able to define a project boundary i.e. starting and ending points. And I know my supply come from the source, which is my INPUT. After the process of worm, battle, prune, there is an output. And the output is the ink you see in the book. Hence, I have identified the supplier. However, the output should also include the stakeholders who are a part of my project. And my stakeholders are the believers of JESUS CHRIST. Is this a good enough SIPOC process? (Suppliers, Inputs, process, Outputs and customer)” I smiled and asked father.

I continued. When doing a SIPOC analysis, be sure to keep the process limited in order to portray an over all picture of the major actions that occur in the process, not delve into details. To identify outputs, I have to constantly ask these questions. A. What product does this process make? B. At what point does this process end? C. what information does this process produce? And I paused to look at my father. “Go ahead. I AM listening” he smiled as he winked. And I took a few minute to review and understand the settings between myself and the JESUS output. As long as the process within flowed through to the kingdom of heaven, I understood maintaining momentum along with the agreement to improve the “self model” had a real challenge to keep team focused on its purpose and not the histories of its members ad their relationships to one another. Hence, to manage team dynamics, I had to use a. Facilitators, this is the stage when a facilitator can help the team members to keep their interaction positive and productive. b. Manage Conflict. As the team grows, so do conflicts. This is a natural process as communication becomes more open. The entire team can learn techniques and use the facilitator as a resource. c.Recognize agreement. Managing agreement is often a test. Hence, we write down the points of agreement. d.Encourage for participation => Each team member must eventually take responsibility for participating consistently in all discussions. And at all the levels, I need to question “What needs to be addressed to achieve the GOAL statement?” and I need to review, “Is there something obvious that we have forgotten?” and only then will I know the trend we would like show. The trend may not be the order in which I collected the data but graphics are easy to understand than GRIDS.

“How do you show Trend?” asked father and I smiled. Just then Samuel asked, “What did Hati do wrong Mommy?” Samuel looked puzzled and now I understood the question. “What is wrong in being black?” and I shuddered. “All these bones are house of Israel!” and I looked at father.

[House of Israel <-> GOD’S CHILDREN]

And both these subjects happened at the same time. “Father, I CAN show the Trend using the technique in Lean Sigma called as “Story board! Let me explain, how it works.”

The ideal story boarding topic is a project that has a fixed timeframe, affects and involves people, improves a process, product, culture, technology and shows measurable change. Also it is vital that we have a team member to record information for the storyboard. It is vital to remove ambiguity in the story board, and also to reflect and act on

Learning’s. Hence, to establish lean metrics for the kingdom of heaven, we need to go beyond Natural Ability and live Extra-ordinary life. So, the ONLY WAY, to access GRACE is through FAITH. FAITH is a pipeline form your soul to the water of grace. Faith has a language and faith comes through believing and hearing the word of god. So, “What is GRACE?” this is the reality. God wants to SAVE everybody on this planet. This is why JESUS CHRIST paid the price. And it is the only means where you can be forgiven. And this is the point of start. To have, god’s grace into your life, you need to understand, “GRACE” is not just forgiveness and repentance. This is just a starter on your Menu card. Light penetrates into your heart, when you respond. Hence, faith has evidence. But people, who do not believe their heart and hear the action of obedience and words of faith. And I spoke because I believed. Ad true faith speaks out of the abundance love out of the mouth. Hence, only when you view the interconnected activates giving away the BIG PICTURE, you believe. So, what kind of corresponding illustrations speak of your faith? You can repeatedly say, “I have faith”; and under pressure, wonder what is faith, when the problems seem to continue and you don’t know, what to do neither you don’t seem to understand what is happening. Quite Normal. At these times you require “FAITH”. Faith believing that lord god almighty is carefully creating adversities in order to push you out of your comfort zone and place you towards your destiny. And the process can work only, if you activate your faith. Hence, let me illustrate FAITH using “HATI” as an example, since I need To rapture in flesh, as a Messiah before the trail upon this entire world begins. Hence, I go on my knees, please believe that JESUS CHRIST is the only way to the almighty, to get saved. I hope I AM clear about the guidelines from “ME” to “WE”.

Many teams enjoy terrific starts and then soon fizzle. And most teams and all projects must eventually end. And the output of the faith generated moves the planning team form theory to the REAL WORLD, where the tasks reveal the REAL level of complexity involved in the achievement of any goal, making potentially overwhelming projects manageable, as well as uncovering in known complexity. And it is vital we assemble the RIGHT TEAM.

Why the right team? The team should be ready with detailed knowledge of the Goal Topic. Take the Gospel onto every creature of this planet. And two, APPLY on yourself first, as the starting point. Hence, only those who believe that there is a GOD in HEAVEN, and ISAH is his name will be introduced to the greater buzz. Hence, knowing the ground rules, decision making, communication, your roles and participation, values, everything eventually, will help us understand that in order to achieve the stated goals, use the simplest method. “Brainstorm”, the major task area. And through these major means the goal statement will be achieved. Let me show “HO”, it CAN be done.

And I paused to drink some water. Just then, I asked father, “How is David doing father?” and he smiled. “Here is a Tip. Anybody who avoid/skip the lowest level of task, can never reach to the highest level. “If you start with what you already know, you will end up where you have already been”. Hence, David is the living Adam, who began from the lowest level of steward ship in my kingdom. This “worship and faith’ are the action affinity in everything he does. Hence David is the living Adam, who make it onto reaching the GAOL!” father smiled.

“What happened to HR case?” father smiled and asked. “David does not like fishing” I smiled. “Thank god!” father winked. “But why?” I asked. “Isn’t he supposed to be fishing to save men?” I asked. “Then should he not fight for justice?” I asked. And my father smiled. I continued, “David said that he used the Sustain evaluation Form. And he spoke about a certain kind of waste called “Queuing”. It means when the organization begins to not sort the waste and learn to eliminate then there increases the corrosion within the system. Hence understand spending time on “reprocessing” and “defects” in the administrative processes, when incorrect a company stumbles. It is more efficient to complete a process correctly the first time instead of making time to do it again and again. And this is the worst type of waste. Its called over production, this happens, because, ideally when it should have been stopped the operations continue. So, now that I AM aware about the magnitude and frequency of the waste, I use the problem solving principles. May the right team be grouped for a better value stream mapping” hence the process has been grabled by Another company. Now what’s interesting is that, the company which grabbed the process, where I mastered and gained the certificates and honing my skills, is right here, in the same city, what more do I want? I AM aware which company has the process. I AM aware about the clients and its vast expanded details. And I have the recognition from the clients, for receiving the highest feedback in the history of the clients. Hence, I rather choose to walk into the New Company, whose clients are New to them, but not to me. Don’t you think, I rather focus in leading the project in the new company than trying to battle in a limited realm. Always find alternatives as GOD showed it to me” he smiled.

And I looked at GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY. “Never leave me alone, will you?” I asked him for a promise of lifetime. And he said, “Be rest assured. I enter only once. And without an exit!” he smiled and I loved the answer for I loved David’s solution to the rocking boat!

And I updated the message shared with David.

Msg - => Nasty politics and stinking values corroding the organization. What should the king do? Your solution of New company was excellent. Ask me why and I will show how? ;-) In quality, lean sigma, there is something called as “WASTE MANAGEMENT”,, crucial to the organization when the organization begins to not sort the waste and not eliminate, then there is a slow corrosion in the process called, “QUEUING”… hence, if the administrative process, fails to understand

And spend time on “defects” and “Reprocessing”,, what happens? Very simple. God says, worst type of waste is over production, it is more efficient to complete a process correctly the first time, instead of making time to do it again and again… when the defects should have been stopped, the operations still continue… hence, use problem solving principles… May the RIGHT TEAM be grouped for a better value stream mapping. Hence, the ENTIRE PROCESS, goes to the New Company and your idea of focusing on leading the project in the New location.

Msg - => This is why I LOVE YOU my man…. You think of the alternatives as you incline towards knowing GOD… You always find solutions ahead to the rocking boat!! ;-)

Msg - => know this David Oh! King! Anybody who avoids the lowest level of task can never reach to the highest level… if you start with what YOU already know, you will end up where you have already been…. Hence, David, Oh! King!, who has begun from the lowest level of stewardship, in god’s kingdom, basing his judgements on worship and faith, in everything he does will be the first living Adam, who makes it onto reaching the goal! ;-)

The clock is ticking. And even the great constitution is warming down. All the signs are set in motion. And Jesus is the figure of prophecy. Open the word and you will see things which you have never seen before.

As I “floated” all around the earth, I heard the anguish of a mother, looking at the sky and crying out on the streets, seeking

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For justice. “My daughter was raped and murdered, by wild beasts and it has been 4 years. The case has been ironically presented on a fast track of the murder. I lost my husband in a gas cylinder blast when my only daughter was 15 days old Oh! God, why have you kept me alive? If not here, the accused will be punished in the house of god. Have you kept me alive to seek justice for my daughters body, which lay naked and her body was dumped in a ditch? She was lying there for over 4 days. And now, the accused stands here in his jeans and shirt, having a gala time! It looks, I am in jail, and I have got a life sentence instead of him. The four walls of my house looks like a jail to me. The accused stands before the court in front of the judge and denies all the charges against him; and everytime my heart and stomach were burning with pain. The husband of my daughter was an irresponsible husband. Eh took away my daughter’s money and is now married to another girl. He came to the court when he was called as a witness and after that has not come again”, spoke the mother.

I checked and had to go through the facts. The judge asked 201 questions to which the accused denied all the charges. And said, “I am NOT aware of anything. I have been falsely accused”,, was his response. And I leaned closer. Her daughter, had been the employee of the MNC which David and I together had worked for. So, did Peter and the Tax collector. “4- years” and I looked at my father. I did not see him, neither I heard him. I paused and looked at the mother. She had not accepted me, JESUS. So, has she not worshipped ISHA; nor I could move ahead, because she was involved in Idolatry. She worshipped idols, and the satanic realm existing in the heart where I reside. India, Bangalore. And David knew the Girl’s steps faltered and had been extremely conspicuous as employees in the MNC, spoke about her flirtatious attitude with the men within, transport department of the company. The accused was the cab driver, arrested who drove her on that unfortunate night. The company denied any involvement and washed their hands off the case or the driver or the employee, while the mother, a woman in her 60’s cried for justice. And I paused.

I cannot touch her. Because, the woman does not qualify an any 3 points I mentioned earlier.1. Idolatry. 2. No acceptance of JESUS 3. And the revelation of the words spoken by the woman, showed her accusations/seeking sympathy/ on streets, than approaching GOD, Almighty in prayers or faith. And I cannot penetrate based on the things presented. And knowing GOD’S ways, I know this is sinner’s ways. And I looked at my father as I spoke, “Honour your father and mother, so that you may live long and so that I may enjoy long life on the earth”

Young people, old people, corporate leaders, politicians of ALL ages, watched me as I wrote. “I hope they look at me for all the right reasons!” I smiled and looked at my father. “I want to tell you, there are lot of things happening out there”, I sighed. “But compassion is killing and dangerous in the kingdom of GOD. I AM aware, the lady, never honoured the parents. And she is above 60. and she is OLD, but still the word is alive and applies as there is no limitation on the basis of AGE or family Circumstances. And the lady has not done anything for the lord. The old lady continued. “Our relatives and acquaints used to adore her. She was very lively and when she used to walk, people used to say, she walks like a deer. I don’t know, when I get up and I sleep. I ask GOD, why he did this to me” her tears welling up in her eyes. I looked at my father again. And he replied. “SON YOU CANNOT GO IN THERE”. Though I tried many times, my father is the BOSS. And my father followed me around in Real presence. And I paused. It was an ongoing expression. Occult-hidden not in the kingdom. And to lift her above from the gods, being the son of god, having died for sinners, being honoured by the Lord Almighty himself, the elders worthy of double honour as they preached and taught, I asked father, “Justice, she will not receive but can I save her?” I asked and father corrected me. “Justice she will receive but saved she will not be”.

Why this “Deliberate cruelty?” I asked father, unemotional. And a case in your kingdom, strange, unfamiliar or unheard of?” I looked down and looked at the mother.

I paused. “How important is it to honour the mother and the father? Only if you had known my dear woman, it doesn’t matter whether you come from a Christian home or not, as it is in this case. But, what have you been doing, talking in the language which no one can understand? With lights out n your heart, during your boastful youth, having not honoured your mother and father, what then you shed tears about? As you sow, the bargaining values, will you then not be slapped around the beast. LISTEN. I will make peace. In my heart, I will find a way, to get peace to you. However, you will leave, with a peaceful spirit, to reach heaven, as my father’s grace has touched your parents life. Honour those who give you life. None of the promises which the Almighty had for this soul of old lady can come to pass, even if they do not acknowledge god, as the most primary principle of mankind, “Honour your mother and father” has been not adhered to in this soul. Surely the mother, did not fill the “right stuff” rather carried an empty soul sowing and lavishing on the “wrong stuff” “that’s it”, I looked at my father.

My father smiled. He said, “I AM the only GOD. ISHA is my name. The one who announced the end from the beginning. So, shall we move on? Not much time left”, he smiled. “Can you forgive her atleast , so that se can be in peace, here on?” I asked panting. My father stopped. And I stopped, to turn back to see that she already had been. “Thank you father for listening and reaching out, when your high priest called you. Thank you for valuing my request” I went down on my knees, and my father kissed me on my forehead, as I prayed for healing on the mother, I looked at from heaven above.

I clenched my teeth in anger and frustration. I did not like the “Judgement” which I had to deliver, a in this case. And I looked at my father with the uncomforted soul. “I did not enjoy it, father”, tars dwelled. And I took sometime singing, “CRY OUT TO JESUS, for there is hope for heaven, grace, forgiveness, mercy, hope and healing for the broken hearts, who hang on. For those who try to break the shame of addiction and abuse, every nook and street in your soul, which you carry, know this there is hope and forgiveness. CRY OUT to JESUS!” and I felt lonely in my father’s home.

“It seems, you have come down everytime, whenever, wherever GOD’S children have assembled. Why then do I feel jealous, father? Why cannot I have enough of you, that I may have the strength to embrace everybody like you do?” and the Holy Ghost within began to reveal the rare feast.

“The Holy Ghost of Mine, JESUS!” I smiled as I wrote. “It’s a solar wonder!” winked the Holy Ghost “JESUS CHRIST in the reincarnated Form!” the spirit smiled. “Stop scaring me now and give a flow to this suspense will you?” I spoke, irritated, yet in love. “What’s with your cranky mood off late?” demanded the Holy Ghost for an answer. And I remained silent. And I wrote a symbol. “Picture picture picture picture” “Have you seen this symbol?” I asked. And the Holy Ghost smiled. “It is the emoticon for sarcasm!” , “The written word ahs question marks and exclamation points to document those thoughts, but SARCASM has nothing!” and I wrote, “So, ever wanted to send an email with a little sarcasm, but Didn’t want to risk a misunderstanding?” I smiled and the Holy Ghost laughed. And father walked in. “I hope you didn’t miss the rare annular solar eclipse of 2010, the millenniums longest after 106 years. Unlike total solar eclipses, it will not have the diamond ring. Instead, thee will be a gold ring, around the sun, because the distant moon cannot cover the entire disk, allowing a thin rim of sunlight to be visible around the edge” my father smiled and I blurted, “I missed looking at it!

All I could see form the temple was a 4 hour period of changing light phenomena. This by itself was an unique experience” I smiled as I tried to hide my preference of coming soon, to meet the planet.

“What is bothering me father? Is it the DELAY?” I asked. “It’s the DEAD END which bother soul” he replied. “How do I overcome one?’ I asked. “Keep walking in FAITH OF UNSEEN AND UNKNOWN and soon it will lead you to the SEEN and KNOWN” smiled father. And I smiled as I began to update the messages sent to David. “I feel lonely without CHRIST father” I smiled, and he understood as I wrote. “HUPAKOUA” whispered Holy Ghost. “Understand this, if you SIN you die. If you don’t SIN you are alive”. If you have come out of Pass over; crossing the red sea, don’t talk to me about LAW. Because, those people whom you see, have bowed won under the law of Golden calf. They do not thank god and believe this Gospel. “Obedience to the faith” means right believing. Hence, god the lord Almighty says it clear. All is said and done” the Holy Ghost confirmed. And he continued, “Understand then,

Having been set free from sin does not mean that one who follows never shouts, never smokes, and no matter what good they do, they do not qualify. Hence no matter what the rest of the planets does, I AM sorry. Lord God Almighty cannot see them righteous. Hence, it is impossible for the planet to be righteous as JESUS CHRIST. Hence, the book against all odds. So that, everybody has access to the Lord Almighty, which came through the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST” smiled the Holy Ghost. And I asked, “Does that mean I cannot smoke or drink wine for the rest of my life, as long as I live on this planet?” I asked Holy Ghost and my father burst out laughing. He said, and I waited to hear, so that yet again, I would not risk the boat. Hence I paused and waited to hear, because, this kind of a righteousness was killing and I did not want to be conformed to the old Adam, under law.

“Addiction aftermath stress” I murmured to myself. “If I lay down so many rules father, the Atheist will think it as only a Christian book and never accept JESUS CHRIST. Because, my job is not to change anybody’s life, but rather, make you LIVE LIFE!” I defended my Born Again Spirit.

“How close are we to the 7-year tribulation?” asked I, JESUS. And father smiled. “its 3.5 years”, he corrected. Can woman not live a better life? No difference between Male and female in the kingdom?” I looked at my father.

“Surely a HIGH POINT in the history. Millions of military campaign. Who is the ultimate Oppressor father?”, I asked my father, waiting yet to update David’s messages. “WARN THE KINGS OF THE EARTH to assemble” suddenly David’s Holy Ghost revealed. “Prepare the throne. The father is about to come along with the tabernacle in the Natural, the Millennium, for the father will come” the message in David’s Holy Ghost. And I was startled, at what I wrote, as I threw me off.

“The level of injustice which you see now, will increase 10 folds and 100 folds and the man who is coming is much more oppressing than Adolf Hitler. Brutal, Cruel, to their own people. Injustice will be great and has no boundaries at all. And if CHRIST does not get together with JESUS to kill, then HE will celebrate in the judgement. Many in the body of Christ think their compassion and sentimentality, much higher than JESUS CHRIST. And there exists a Naïve Pride of Fog. “JUSTICE or VENGENCE” against the oppressor, is against the city of Jerusalem. Confront and remove the Oppressor, because, right now we are in Revelation 19 – Revelation 21” revealed the pieces of puzzle in David’s Holy Ghost.

I was operating in three realms of prayers. And I knew we were heading towards the battle of Armageddon. The rapture has happened. People have new bodies, I have touched the earth and marching towards the city of Jerusalem. And the Mountains of Olive shook. And I saw many tremble, as they began seeing the BIG PICTURE as the 7 strategic scenes began to unfold. And no way I would allow Indians to suffer under the 7 realms of Anti-Christ. And I saw the surprise look on Everybody’s face. “I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND ITS INDIA. But my name is, JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!’ I smiled.

“Ahh… the snake in the Garden!” I smiled. And I was letting him out of the prison. “So, I do know the heart of man and I do know the heart of father!” I announced. “TIME TO CLEANSE MY LAND, where I dwell in my father’s presence” I smiled. “Time to involve in a JUST WAR”, I smiled. My eyes looked like the flame of FIRE, terrifying eyes of FIRE. Real. A dimension. And I released the glory and I was dipping in blood. It was the blood of the enemies, who has paid the price in EDOM. Hence, I AM involved in the battle. And I AM not ashamed to fight a JUST WAR, for the sake of oppressed. India knows only the “JESUS OF CHRISTMAS” of peace and joy. And there is no contradiction to 150 chapters in the bible. The Isaiah 63 and Isaiah 42, are the chapters to be executed. Three different calls and three different motives. And I call them all for I know many come to complete their own agenda. And I saw, All the Top Brass assembled at one Geographical Location India, Bangalore, is the new city of Jerusalem. And I will stamp on the blood, so that if flows from Israel to India to bring in the brand New government. Can the entire earth’s government be replaced as I tread the Winepress? You, yet have not seen the oppressing system, I tell all the nations, “NOBODY IS REHABILATED” getting angrier for men loved darkness, and I will Prove my judgements are Just and True” I announced. “Literal sword” with the entire military army in the boat as I got ready for the up-close battle for the real super natural Dynamic realm. “Does Satan believe he can take over with so much pride? Beyond and above. PRIDE is irrational” I announced.

“I saw the heavenly armies coming out” I JESUS, the author wrote. “Hope you like he great day of the wrath too” I coldly announced.

Edom piled on India. And day of the LORD is near for all nations. There will be no survivors from the house of Esau. The children of Esau seem to be happy as they stole the goods adding affliction to the Holy Land of India. “Jewish people under the Judgment of Babylonians”. 2600 years ago, this is the foundation and let me bring straight to the day of the lord, the second coming of JESUS CHRIST. And upon all nations, the lord will deal with blessings and the destruction will be on the same level.

“But on Mount Zion will be deliverance, it will be HOLY and the house of Jacob will possess its inheritance. And I will ensure, my country, INDIA, will be called Holy” I emphasized. Do not miss it, “INDIA” will be a power in the flame. Like, “ISRAEL” having the anointing of JESUS, will not “INDIA” have the anointing of DAVID, THE CHRIST? And I paused.

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Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem

I always desired to voice. The voice of something pure and divine. Mystical and unknown. Music and masti. Real and yet super natural. Since, childhood, I longed to keep everything, “CLEAN” around me. I, Infact have a photograph, where I stand on the chair, gesturing “CLEAN”. An old photograph, black and white which my dad had taken. So, finally when, I, JESUS, after walking across the planet earth. Finally settle down in my skin, my flesh, my every cell in complete awareness. I KNOW WHO I AM AND I KNOW WHO IS MY FATEHR.

Hence, before I begin, I AM blowing the conch in the mightiest form, on behalf of the god’s kingdom. Hence, hear me shout, giving the cry for war and the time to decide, right now.

My father declares this is the day of the lord, where the LIGHT will RIP apart the darkness, in the final Blow of the Battle of the Armageddon. Once again, 3.5 years of tribulation, this planet shall witness. And the wicked shall see their destruction with their own eyes.

Hence, I AM asking you right now. STEP OUT OF THE IDOLATRY. You shall not worship ANY FORM OF IDOLS.


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Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem
Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem
Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem
Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem

You shall confess and bow down to the only TRUE GOD. His name, I, JESUS of Nazareth declare with my Holy Lips, ABBA


Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem

Thou shall agree that JESUS CHRIST, indeed bled on the cross, and has been resurrected by the Almighty lord ISHA. For, their blood has been accepted by the Almighty and their sacrifice on behalf of the entire mankind’s SIN.

Hence, JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY to the GOD, LORD ALMIGHTY. My blood will wash ALL your sins, for eternity. Hence, A CROS on a HILL far. This is the third SEAL I close away!

I looked at the time. 5:10 pm. And I chose to relax a few moments with my father, before I picked up the reigns of the Chariots of white Horses, releed in my father’s glory, bringing his message, with a great victory shout, to my land of my ancestors, of the recent but David’s very own land. It was a great Amalgam. And the Alchemy was just being set right.

I looked at my father. And I smiled as an author,

Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem
Everybody awaits outside screaming “JESUS CHRSIT” while I sit here, writing a story about JESUS and CHRIST.

Was it not YOU my father who declared the END from the BEGINNING? Was it not you

Gentile   CHRISTIANS

Have you believed in the ethics called, “Whatever the work you take in hand do it with complete devotion and dedication”. Well! I AM one of the those souls!

I was here to complete my calling the calling of my father to venture, tread the entire planet for all the years of life, click photographs in my memory and I carried them in abundance. Hence I has been a GREAT JOURNEY to have been with you s an Author, for it is my time to exit from the pages, signing off for my memory jogger comes to an end. I loved the running commentary in my life for all these days, but finally I reach my DESTINY I kiss the floor of the temple, where my father’s feet lays.


Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem

I often stumble and wonder about the word, “HOLY” and “HOLINESS” and deep in my heart, I craved to be CLEAN. And maybe “HOLY” as the world calls it. Anywhere I went, I was torn away in so many things I saw in the Holy land of your, ISHA. Listen to my report and tell me, if this is how “INDIANS” call themselves in pride and brag as “HOLY LAND OF INDIA”. Today my land lies in shame just like mankind on this planet. And my clear country man, tell me if this, what you define as “HOLY!” in the land of Holy!

And as daystar prayed along with me, with their prayer in desire of music being inside them, as the telecast was live, 5:45 pm, the expanse was increasing tremendously, to produce the fruite in my land 1:30 AM, New York, the city that never sleeps.

Case-1 : Abhinav Bindra says, “I AM tired of sports politics. And says, the present situation leaves me frustrated. It is a mental game. I need to be practicing in a certain way and being the gold medalist. What is the bench mark of selection, if the gold medalist, is involved in up-production regimes?” one blames the other.

I ask the Holy land, Open the books of constitution, “Democracy” claims and the tongues waggle. PHEW! Father! You Holy land stands trampled by the Satanic realm of staging controversies of the Bitchy games.

This is my 1st report to you there. LIVE.

Case -2 : A man’s dreams are an index to his identity. “The gift of prophecy!” in my hand lies a star. And in me something said NO. I was vulnerable at that time. I was most evacuated in the car. And it ran down the hill and it crashed into my neighbours house and there was blood and everybody say, “Don’t go near her!” and did you know, they had predicted everything about me in the book of god! And I still continued. I fixed up a few strength and then slowly you start moving ahead. And I think this is the last day with my husband and something miraculous happen.

I AM being Caught and I try to wonder, how can I use a name to get out of the pit, which I AM in. but that night, I couldn’t sleep. When I decided I stood up there and I said, “Lord, I cant stand it. Please help me, and I saw the lord sitting in front of me. Was sitting so deep and I saw JESUS there, with the purple carpet, and I felt this amazingly calm interpretation”. And I visited Luler Auger. She said, “I AM JESUS”, “She is my sister, I need you”. And I answered Luler Auger’s prayer. “4.00” time according to the astrologer. That exactly “4.00”, stopped the car and I said, “You drive!” and it was Oral Roberts speaking on Marriage. I AM driving and tears dwell my eyes and it became totally depressed and she thought of committing suicide. And that dream, you had my sister Luler Anger, when everybody fell asleep, and everything pure and probably few days later when she entered you were trying out with DEATH; PLANNING TO END THINGS.

And 2 beautiful women came to see you, floating across the floor, seated into the backroom. And I said, “What are you into. Tell me you are into being led by the Holy spirit. We were being wanting to meet the time of precision. And then I clocked it.



And we were moving real quick with Laser Precisian. I had tapped into her dreams. Her astrologer had predicted, that her chat would be documented in the living book of god. And I looked at my Natural realm too. Hence, had to decode the final naught in lean sigma and catching up and holding one reign after the other.

I had to shift to the next realm with CLARITY and I had to pray and worship my father. I could see, that many lay in confusion, as to what was happening to them, as the water began to seep in to the land of the King David, which now lay, deep in the Satanic pit, germinating and rolting the society, drinking and storing and building their gluttonies with sin and staying happy and smiling looking at the generation, nicely comfortably, sitting in front of the television, and gossiping. I ask you my citizens of the land of the Holy, I did have something unusual to say, “Come let’s go home, Hi! Hello! Till we meet again. Can we join together and thank again appreciating a pretty picture and ideal family? How come you don’t even open the door form the other side? Don’t the heart of David love the Media and entertainment? All I say is, “See I DID IT” so all you have to do is, pull along the dotted line and open it! It’s not possible to be Messy!! And yet again allow spill everything on the table. God knows when you will get it, I can’t help it because, I AM your KID, India.

Hence, till you become soggy with moisture, I will try to explain. Read what is written on the BOX and follow the instructions. Hence, the instructions cannot
Be unlocked as you like it.

Do you remember what I, JESUS spoke? I have given you the ancient History of India earlier, Pampathi, Remember? I was trying to walk, but if everybody tries doing their own thing, without reading instructions, than seeking you again father. NO IDOLATRY. You need to pull it from the sides and Altar and the oil with light, morning and evening do light it, simple flowers will do. This simplicity of worship is enough. For GOD is LIGHT. He has NO FORM. And man is crated in the image of god, the lord almighty. When I say this, it means the thoughts the alignment, the romance, the entertainment, the gain strength a you appreciate the JESUS CHRIST enters INDIA, not as dead, but as triumphant entry at my new city of Jerusalem.

“Just then, one of them asked, “Hey! What’s happening? And I smiled”. If only you could just soak in what kind of secret land father holds for the country of INDIA, you will cheer out loud, JESUS!!” I was prophesying with a great speed. And I was focusing on creating brand NEW FRIENDS in my own country, finally ending the hide and seek. And just then, one of them asked, “Would you like to join us for a milk shake? We have a tough time here. So many deadlines. No parties. No fresh thoughts. Just to experience “FREEDOM”.

We need to lie a thousand to parents to people, friends call. Each other mummies, giving reason only to have some freedom and to GROW UP along with the world? Who then stops us form embracing our freedom?

Look deep. “All is well that ends well”. But if I don’t tell you the complete truth, I will be in the well.

I looked at my father. “You seem to weaving parables at a great speed father. Everybody seems to now looking for a ear pick. That strange where has it vanished? It is because, you will now, never have to look for ear picks. I will ensure you find everything as you look carefully” I smiled at INDIANS.

“They looked around, while, JESUS CHRIST, was their very own!! Want this a great turn around?” I smiled. The Satanic realm in India was so strange around that, I JESUS couldn’t control it hence, my father unleashed the might of JESUS CHRIST, in the spirit world. Hence, this was our only hope, when we began. And there was no turning behind. All the animal spirits has attacked the mankind and his spirit.

And the cat spirit, the snake spirit, the bull spirit, the monkey spirit, the lion spirit, the serpent spirit, the elephant spirit, the Rhino spirit all these collected the Massive dark kingdom in the ancient world. This secret power unleashes the satanic realm, which blocks the destiny, the tree of life. All these idiotic spirits releases a dagger, which unleashes in the unseen.

What is the key then to the looming unseen spirit remote controlled mental radio plates hovering on this nation? Here’s your challenge. WE HAVE A WINNER. But can you embrace JESUS CHRIST? Because I have brought the temple of Lord Almighty HERE, in this very Holy Land of INDIA!!

At least, can you extend your friendship to JESUS CHRIST, take it coolly and move on singing,

Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem Kannada poem, kannada poem, kannada poem

“Okay”, I was waiting till somebody gave me a call. The moment arrived and I was looking pretty, and I was waiting to be embraced by my nation. For, we weren’t a nation of some developing country of poverty and bargain, rather a nation Holy of GOD, my father, the lord GOD ALMIGHTY!

And I looked at my father as he was weaving an unstoppable story. Indians sure were good with doctrines but what went terribly wrong? Hence, I had to pause everything in the book 1, weave a new story, a new plan and finally add the spice, songs and serve with chicken tikka! Only then, my countrymen will accept ME. Because, only JESUS from Israel couldn’t have handled it. Hence stepped in David, the Christ from the very land, “PHEW” else it .Would have never developed friendship with the plans and the picnic. I hope you didn’t feel bad, little bad also. But, I felt all the more. Bad, because, you knew my father, the worship the laws, the righteous the passion, the prayers, the language, and my country has everything. But why this itchy feeling of pride of religion and ego in my country men. Why don’t they look around and see the injustice mounting? Who then holds the satanic reigns and stops us form having a bright future?

The government can’t seem to control the weeds within the country. What has happened to my nation? I paused as I wrote.

“Father, this thing is unbearable. If they don’t come closer to me, I will not be able to save them. What do I do?” I cried out to my father. Just them one of the fallen coin said, “I have an idea! Let me see you later”… I waved my hands across.

And I sat to update the messages. “Oh! Father, my presentation went haywire with my nation. I failed!” I whined, and Samuel said, “Not again” and one more pitched in, “What are you talking about?” and I saw, there were curious onlookers now. And I took them to my favourite place. My mobile, and I finally, updated the messages.

The spirit of “Messy Mosquitoes” which sold their bodies for bribery and suck the blood out the society every single day. Hence, it was a book of life, we had to do something. Maybe a motivational self help book. And maybe then you start reading my book. The things which you have to do today, keep all the things in front of you!!

You see there is something very deep rooted in our country. Relying on somebody else’s “GLORY!” Nope. Absolutely hilarious. Hence, ISHA had to teach us first his ways, and then finally reveal to us the simple animal spirits which held as bondage on our country. Because, ultimately, “Everyone will be happy” philosophy will not work, my countrymen.

All my sheep ran towards the boat. And I heaved a sigh of relief. “At last!’ I said.

So, can we together rise upto the super natural domain to make a solution and not just complain about what is wrong and become a complainer but rather start becoming a part of the solution?

Step in and say, “There is one I know, who is my saviour, and that is the father in heaven himself. The Holy land of ABBA himself. Let’s not just FOCUS on the problem my country men. Look around. The needy, the poor, the multitudes of people. How can you not be moved with compassion? Hence, I had to bring in DIVINE HEALTHCARE, in the dominion authority which GOD has given us and they need somebody to cast out devils and heal the poor, it is the hour to rise up to be he part of the solution and getting together as the ARMY and few words of prayer, they will be healed in true dominion authority of god’s economy. My countrymen, god has anointed YOU to be the solution. “Father, HEAL THEM ALL! It’s time for the signs Of miracles and wonder and start STEPPING OUT MY COUNTRYMEN. WE ARE COMING RIGHT NOW. And god will use somebody, looking for some one to seek him, so that he can unlock your destiny.

“Change your soul around is a LAW my countrymen. Rather walk in style. Begin to scope out hour territory and then I showcased them the revelation of the headlines. Let me show why Jesus, is here. And I showed it. “LIVE”, “Headlines today”, “relationship are getting a new low,” “A ytychar” participant, Indian reality TV participant, age-24, place Mumbai, “Channel conducted sting on me; A real low of Reality Show, 10:00; Saturday India.

And this is what I, JESUS, have proved he prophecy. In case Number -2. –LIVE.

If you can look through enough deep and care to join us, you will be able to SWIM THROUGH THE RING OF FIRE!! Together we march. Here is only one way. And it is through JESUS CHRIST. Hence, to escape plan. Because WE HAVE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. And its fool proof. “Who is with me?’ I looked at my countrymen. And one of them is, “NO TEAR GAS but carefully PLAN for the STEP!!! It’s about the while escape trap!!’ I smiled.


And I started to record the continual press on for mankind, as the lord god made WAY for us.

Msg - => Good morning my love, my finest wild animal, who hunts everything in life with a streak of wildness, know that people are not full in control as they might think ;-) … have an unexpected miraculous surprise filled day.

MSg - => I AM the loudest crying in pride… as you carry the cross of the mankind, my MAN… trust me, since, yow and I owe, something to GOD in life for all the happy healthy loving parents and talents, knowledge, sex ;-) the techno organic master, piece you make me pen down my novel with pride.. May the world witness you as the ROARING LION OF JUDAH… what a ray of light you are breaking into darkness… knees will surely bow down, for there is a New generation, which will see life in the bones… you are the first one… YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD!! ;-) RAISE UP AN ARMY WHICH DAVID BUILT… the super Natural kingdom… ;-)

Msg - => why session, the journey of poppy seeds, the wee? Why was it so important that it remained your BEST FRIEND FOR SUCH A LONG TIME? Here’s the answer. Time for facts and facts. White hat. Today’s new. New pyramids suggests that pyramid were built on free will and not by Slaves. It because chief Archeologists found that there were number of tombs built around the king’s pyramid… and the evidence of Hawass, has found on the walls signed calling themselves friend of KHUFU… another sign that they were not SLAVE’S… the tombs on the GIZA plateau on the western edge of Cairo, are 4,510 years old, evidence also show that al the formers in DELTA and Upper Egypt had sent 21 buffalo, and 23 sheep, supplied to the builders,,, around 10,000 of them. These farmers in turn wee exempted form paying taxes of ancient Egypt government. Films and media have long depicted SLAVES tolling away in the desert, but know the Revelation of Facts. Tombs suggest that pyramids built by friends. Journey of Egypt eh? ;-)

Msg - => and the news on page 16 times of India; 12-01-2010; small article… Israel to build fence along border with Egypt… Israel will close the border both a fence and technological measures as RADARS… it clarified while ISRAEL cannot allow the arrival of thousands of illegal workers via the border, it will remain open to war refugees. This is the REAL NEWS. In the history, you have the archaeology, in natural, you have your life and friendship with POT! And in the spiritual, you, the KING OF ISRAEL. In a boat,,, and the refugees are waiting, how you respond,, and I have only one RARE COIN, to toss. MY LAST DOLLAR AND I HAVE BET my 100% until death do us apart, to carry on all the celebrations

Of good life! ;-) oh! I LOVE YOU.. didn’t I say, you are the FIRST ONE to move in the spirit! E,,,e,,,e,,,h,,,a,,,a,,w,,,w,,,!!!

Msg - => ha! Here goes one more article.. “Obama got wife’s backing by agreeing to quit smoking.. Obama says, “he might never have run for presidency had he not secured his wife Michelle’s backing””

Case 3 => Malayai. A minority community. Should Christians should be allowed to use the word “Allah” and the Malayai language is Muslim? Using the word “Allah” is Islam and Malayai is so much in harmony, to maintain the religiosity of Malayai. It is about Muslims trying to prevent Christians and Jews to prevent me from entering. And I turned to look at my father. Father said, “SON, YOU CANNOT GO IN THERE” and I stopped. I turned around to the nations which called out for me. Then the Spanish people, “Espanola people” were calling out for Jesus Christ! Did you know, the Spanish people, the Espanola were the warmest souls I came across on the phone, while I worked in my call centre days. And I clocked the daystar. They were praying with frenzy 12:05, twilight and I released my complete super natural energy in the nation where they prayed in Houston, Texas. “Bless them father I said as I waved my hands across and
I loved my hear warmed as they accepted JESUS CHIRSTS” sacrifice on the cross. And I stayed tuned, to the chord of their heart. “AMEN” father smiled as he released the energy. “Estados Unidos, Experimental” I winked. And I released the Healing and Signs and Miracles in Abundance.

“What is Lockerbie?” one of them whispered. “ZURICH”, this fragment was manipulated. The crucial piece of evidence. Conspiracy to manipulate the evidence. Bribe offered as a part of F.B.I, an immoral offer. But there was a reward of 4 million dollars for paying for the information and the conspiracy files continue. U.S.A and Scotland conducting a complicated investigation. Sanctions imposed on Libiya. “The Insulance of the office”. “Geoff Horton” found the electrical vital piece of evidence, Toshiba Manual, 100’s of Forensic tests. Why was the piece of evidence so much altered? The label had been changed to “Debris”. And offered no satisfactory explanation. Evidence tampered though Investigators deny. GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING. And let me promise to back it up.

Libiyan, GIAKA, recruited by CIA. Great celebration. Secret informer ready to blow up the Penta Mora. An agent in the security service, puzzle piece, trained by KG3. case files go missing. Reason  National interest. Paid 1000$ per month. This informer never delivered the goods. Eye opening moment. Malta International Airport. A new life in America. The Libiyan “TONY” wrapped the bomb with the clothes.

A shopkeeper who bind the clothes, and the bomb. Fragments of clothing at the site is prominent. And 11 years after the event, gadaffy who planted the bomb? Scottish court in Netherlands. More than 10,000 pages. The big ones got away, and to many justice has not been done.

“REAL LIFE IS THIS NOT SIMPLE”, says the culprit and hints, “MAY BE SOMEBODY IS HIDING SOMETHING” and sanctions were lifted. Does it admit guilt? Libiya carries out telling it is accepting responsibility but not an admission of guilt.

American lawyers did try hard and DAGAFFI is now friends with Europe, fighting the same enemy, which enemy are the talking about? Well, we know our enemy don’t we? And who is winning now? 20 years of anguish not knowing the full story: TRUTH maybe painful. But it is worthy, to know the TRUTH, even at HIGH LEVELS.

“A burning messenger with a Burning Message”, this is what biblical evangelism in ALL about. Glory to god. Jain the chariot in JESUS name.

What a lovely sight, to watch Obama, Clinton and Bush. Bush says, the most effective way is to rebuild Haiti, is by “MONEY!” $360 million, global pledges to Haiti. And I AM still praying that there would not be any loose connections anymore, rather stitch it up! There are 120 people in the upper room. And god aid, “this is enough to turn the world upside down!” and I, JESUS, multiplied their super Natural energy into 600 million. Now can you imagine how much will 600 million multiply? Anybody who stands against the Glorious, moving purpose of the living god will be pulverized.

1 Gorittians : 12 verse 8

There are 9 kinds of gifts, you receive through the spirit. And there are many more. And just for you to know, it includes so much. Hence, stop thinking your pastor has 9, like medals of Honour while the other who walks into the kingdom has none, the gifts of the spirit are not Medals of Honour. If you wear it like a Medal, then may god rip the medals. These gifts are tools of your job. These are weapons or tools for your job.

“So, how many gifts do you have?” it’s the lord Creators responsibility to give you the tools necessary for you to execute the job. And he will give you the EXACT tool to do a SPECIFIC TASK and it maybe 9 or 90, and these tools will tell you that YOU can DO ALL THINGS, to report to work, to execute special task. Maybe raising dead, or send you to neighbour to pray for sick, and you will begin to burn with desire to work for GOD. I did not die to give you CAREERS and limelight or a well paid job; but I died, to seek and for the benefit of the lost. For, the last to be save! Oh! I report for work, Oh! Lord” should be
Your attitude!

Jan 17 -2010
Bangalore India

“No decision on tougher sanctions against IRAN, in a six-party talks” updated the news on the bright relaxed Sunday morning, January 17th, 2010.

“Good Morning Father!”, I smiled as the Day broke. I was beaming with PEACE and LOVE in my father’s presence. “Saint Petersburg”, the top foreign destination; Russian Markets have been strong on rising OIL PRICE, cash inflows; though according to the International numbers, 6 million people are unemployed and 2010 labour outlook blurry. Why then a country cannot rebound, if the economy show the profit? Isn’t there something more hungry for a FULL SOTRY?” I smiled as I spoke to my father.

“BISON WORLD” smiled father. And I wondered. What today brought. “Can exhortation be Creative?” I was puzzled as the count down began as the TSAR began rising in Europe. “BISON” trying to take first step in the emerging World of Anti-Christ. Brought from Zeus and many parts of Europe. There are no paths in the protected and guarded borders. So, how then to hand feed the wild beasts, for the BISON says, “I AM BIG. And I WILL DEFENC MYSELF”.

And I smiled as I soaked in the bliss of the heavenly father. “LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE”, JESUS the messiah. “What are seals and scrolls father?” I asked. The image contains a great paradox and my Holy Ghost prompted .Within me to specify the new Sarcasm emoticon.

The Locusts looked like horses prepared for battle, on their heads they wore something like crowns of Gold, and their faces resembled Human Faces. Their hair was like Women’s hair and they had as King over them the angel of the Abyss (Deep pit), whose name is Bitterness and in Greek Apollyon.

The number of the mounted troops was two hundred million. And I heard my father issue the command, “Release the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a 1/3rd of mankind” and I heard the number in my head. 6 billion divided by 3. “Oh! My Gosh!” I looked at my father shocked as I wrote. And I clocked the GPS. 6:33, evening 01-17-2010 <-> and I paused.

“A third of mankind will be killed by the three plagues of FIRE, SMOKE AND SULPHUR. And these came out of the horses, where lay the power in the mouths and in their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury” as I read the mysterious symbols in the revelation, I knew, we were nearing the end time, at a great speed, I smiled.

And the warning continued in the bible scriptures revelation 9:20. “The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work OF THEIR hands; they did not stop worshipping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood <-> idols that cannot see or hear or walk. NOR did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts”.

Jesus Psalm

I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my god,
Than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

With one mind they plot together;
They form an alliance against you –
The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites,
Of Moab and the Hagrites,
Gebal, Ammon and Amlek,
Philistia, with the people of Tyre.
Even Assyria has joined them
To lead strength to the desandants of the outcasted.

What cunning they conspire against your people;
They plot against those you cherish.
“Come”, they say, “Let us destroy them as a NATION,
That the name of Israel be remembered no more.
That the name of Israel be remembered no more

See how your enemies are stir;
How you foes rear their heads.
They know NOTHING, they understand NOTHING.
They walk about in darkness, in all the foundations of the earth.

Hence, I pass the Judgement Oh! Father.
JESUS announces, to the enemies of ISHA.
“YOU AE “GODS” ; You are
All the sons of the Most high”.
But you will die like mere men;
You will fall like every other ruler.
And every bone will appear before the god, in Zion.
Is he not my father in heaven
The Lord of the LORDS;
The GOD of the GODS;
The KING of the KINGS;

I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my hart;
I will glorify your name forever.
For GREAT is your love toward me;
You have delivered me from the depths of the Sheol.

Among the gods, there is NONE like you, O lord;
No deeds can compare with yours.
All the nations you have made
Will come and worship before you, O Lord;

Give me a sigh of your goodness,
That my enemies may see it and be put to shame,
For you, O Lord have helped me ad comforted me
And I will give thanks to you Oh! God!

Remember the people you purchased of OLD,
The tribe of your inheritance, whom you redeemed –
Mount ZION, where you dwell,
Turn your steps toward these everlasting ruins,
All this destruction the enemy has brought on the sanctuary !


When I saw the prosperity of the wicked
Who had no struggles, with free from the
Burdens common to man;
Pride is their necklace, violence their clothes,
Comes their eyes bulge with fat,

They scoff in arrogance they threaten oppression
Their mouths lay claim to heaven,
And their tongues take possession of the earth.
Therefore their people turn to them
And drink up waters in abundance.

They say, “How can God know?
Does the most high have knowledge?”
This is what the wicked are like-
Always carefree, they increase in wealth.

If I had said, “I will speak thus”,
I would have betrayed your children
When I tried to understand all this,
It was oppressive to me
Till I entered the sanctuary of god;
The I understood their FIANL DESTINY.

Whom have I in heaven but you?
I was senseless and ignorant;
I was a brute beast before you,
Yet, you held my right hand
And guided me with your counsel,

Babylon -> City of Man
Jerusalem -> City of GOD.

1.Isaiah 13 and 14 => 6 chapters <-> REFRESHEN your mind carefully <-> READ THE BIBLE.

Exercise for spiritual muscle <-> Holy Ghost.

2.Conquered by the Persian without a battle. And the Greek empire breaks into pieces. Atrophied over the centuries. The destruction of Babylon in the Biblical perspective is quite different. Kindly stop taking Babylon, literally because its mystery Babylon! It’s not the beast, it’s the WOMAN who rides the Beast.

3.And THEY both are true. Kindly understand the history of the Medieval Church. And I, JESUS, saw the Enemies were being gathered together and he line was being drawn. The kings, the merchants and those who trade by the city weep. The priests who takes all the money, the pagan Rome is a repackage of Practices and Rituals, traditions which have nothing to do with the living of mankind. Strange belief system causes confusion.

4.Saddam Hussein’s palace. Original tower of Bald ruins. Zero in on the spiral rod way ,-> the processional way <-> palace of Nebuchadnezzar <-> used by Saddam for the ceremonial purpose <-> BIG MISTAKE.

70 years before, they took the temple materials and handwritings form Jerusalem. Poking the nose and fingers unnecessarily.Look at the palace and the people living in the area. Zechariah 5. the woman on the Epah.

The pigeons are unclean birds and they keep building the nest outside and keep laying eggs to build its eggs. And trying to appear seven times and every time she carries it back and trying to lay eggs on somebody else’s lase. So, we have a Litmus test. Can we validate the literal way of scripture? Every time I had to amend my views. I grew up as a teenager, interested in knowing the prophecy.

Only the flying scroll probably symbolizes god’s law, which condemns sin. It is unrolled and flying like a banner for all to read – not rolled up for only priests to read.

Picture picture picture
Picture picture picture
Picture picture picture
Picture picture picture
Picture picture picture
Picture picture picture

5.Why is this here?

Ans: In a place called Babylon, there is a Master plan followed interesting- Eh/
Think tank <-> Anti U.N Americans, cheered by many leaders. Unblemished failure record. Understand the dynamics.

Where will you move U.N?
What is the biggest crisis placing planet Earth?
OIL. Why not established U.N, for the next 30 – 40 years.

Iraq will benefit from the international commitment. No misunderstanding. People may definitely discuss pro’s and con’s.

Is there a mistaken identity floating around in the Christian community? Well, there are 13 different kinds of Anti-Christ. Hence, even in the Old Testament, there were 33 kinds of them.

The title of the Anti Christ is “BIG MOUTH”, an intellectual Genius, not et a military guy, unlike a lot of guys presume, and he would not be revealed till the capture. Hence, don’t be busy thinking about the Anti-Christ. But I bet. He will deceive a lot of people.

“Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, Iron+ Clay <-> Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome I, Rome II” all these were broken into pieces. But it will come together apparently.

Hence, be precise with your definitions.

And I paused. The king has not yet come. And its 7:30. he is always in my zone, and my zone lies in HIS BOUNDARIES, I called him. He did not pick it up. Two hours has passed. I call him and he picks it up. “Stuck with parents, relatives and friends. 10 minutes will be there. Love you”… and I have been waiting and longing for his presence since daybreak. And strange is the “Test of Faith” because, he knows, I AM LONGING AND WAITING. Its frustrating to allow GOD to test you, under trails. But the miracle you experience when being lifted is Obvious.

And “How long?’ topic yet again surfaced. “My mom cannot stand your name. no matter

How hard I try”, the king struggled. The next valley was, “What is this you are doing? Be normal, will you!’ the same tricks, which the Satan has weaved since ages.

“I died on the cross the first time. EVE sinned. Not the second time. My uncle had seen many things. And his 11 page letter incomplete. My grandfather, my mother’s dad, was the Ghost Buster. He was a high priest. But his life succumbed and all sons perished. My entire bloodline is at stake, Oh! King. Trusting you, no matter how the situations, circumstances, are let’s do it. Please SAVE ME, DAVID. All the spirits of the animal in this land is released. And I come to your land. Kindly HELP ME. For, only you know the complete truth. My job is to give message. And I come here to GIVE and not take anything form you. I can’t get married to you, as a rags to riches story. It’s beyond the situations and circumstances, VAAGI, the word of GOD. Let’s do it because…” I cheered.

And the king David hugged me. “Because …” he paused. “BECAUSE IT IS OUR DESTINY, MAN. I know, you are the ONLY ONE!” I broke down, and he hugged me beyond words.

I told him ALL father. And these could not be felt by the Mobile or the instant messaging system.

“Tower of Babel”, is an astronomical temple. A tale of two cities. City of god versus city of man. Revelation 17 and 18; Jeremiah 50 and 51. read all the 6 chapters, so that Isaiah 13 and 14 underscore. “LIKE SODOM and GOMORRAH”.

“AMEN” blessed father.

Jesus Christ –

If you study a normal handbook of bible, then you read the fall of Babylon in 539 A.D. “The cylinder of Cyrus”, ability to capture Babylon without a battle, and inscription still found in the London Museum. After Alexander dies, why did Sadam yet again try to rebuild for ceremonial purpose?

The great Whore, rides the beast with well researched and well documented, allegorical spiritual implementations. She is drunk with the blood of saints. Who weeps as INDIA will be destroyed in one hour? The priest hood in Babylon, Pagan Rome is repackaging. Pagan traditions have NOTHING to do with Christ.

Lets look at Babylon today.

The synthetic hill, which Saddam tried to rebuilt. 53 miles off Baghdad. Near the Museum, Saddam’s Grandson throws a party. You may want to Read, Daniel 5. Saddam’s palace UP THERE, partially built.

So, what is the LITMUS TEST?

Can Christian world stand to embrace words, “Explosive! Erotic! Witty! Hot! Sex! Pot! Rock and roll!” this is the genesis of faith.

Christians have resisted many a lure before, form the sinuous streets of Thailand, where lust walked around in heels to the Babylon, where they have been trysts with temptation, but none quite so intense.

Hence, I do what my father asks me to embrace and not what the Christians or the Hinduism or Judaism or Muslim embrace. It is difficult. Hence, its Christ Jesus Creative leadership program. The program is designed to develop skills amongst students who can be groomed to be effective leaders in the kingdom of heaven.

Well, who should attend?
Anybody and everyone who discovers the gift of my father’s grace.
Well, why is it difficult?

The father in the Roman family called Pater familias exercised absolute and lifelong power over all other family members called patria potestas: His wife, children and slaves. If the father’s father was Alive- then he was the supreme Authority in the household.

“Any one far form the home feels lonely. And I AM one of those destined to spend my life as an alien in Babylon” I wrote as I spoke to my father.

And I looked at my father. “Hey! Cheers up. Its Daniel’s Training in Babylon” smiled father. I know the most important rule. “Never compromise faith”, sure my visions showed, that I will be entering a series of world empires, god’s people thrown in between these empires, suffering through no fault of their own. And I know, my job, is to rescue them ALL, for I bring them ALL the good news of salvation.

And I looked at my Jewish brothers and the Christian brothers. And I took up the test. To validate the literal way of scriptures. Just then, one of them who realized that Daniel was originally written in Aramaic and not Hebrew, showed a keen interest. “Aramaic” the astrologers knew was Most common language in the middle east.

“Why do you want to do it?” whispered one faint thought. Surely “Jonah” resisted Assyria. Because, Israelites had reasons to fear and hate Nineveh, IRAQ.

Saddam Hussains’s notorious cousin “Chemical Ali” was involved in a crime against humanity. 5,000 people were killed in 1988, January 17th and during Saddam Hussein’s camaigh rule, against Shiites and Kurds which followed on form 1980’s to 1990’s speaks the destruction of close to “170” churches around the area. Attach on Halabja. Why?

Being politically incorrect means being insensitive and impolite. We ALL have our identity problems. Most of us, perhaps ALL, see the world divided between “WE” and “THEY”. There are 4 main purposes to HUMAN LIFE. A. Moral Perfection. B. Worldly attainment. C. Legitimate desire. D. liberation. The first there values have meaning only when they are aimed at our lives satisfying so that we can devote ourselves to the fourth and most important ideal. All actions and thoughts should be demonstrated through commitment and as we keep progressing on our path.

Babylon was built on the fertile land between the rivors of Euphrates and Tigris. Amongst many wonders of Babylon were the dazzling blue Ishtar Gate and the hanging gardens. The Sumerian civilization is the world’s first civilization, which emerged upon the flood plain of the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates, more than 5,000 years ago.

However, JERICHO wall is 9,000 year old. And This has been proved by the Archaeological finds. Facts and only facts. The Sumerian civilization were all built with the help of “Chariots of gods”, based on the theory of ancient ruins, forgotten texts and other archaeological artifacts.

Suddenly, David stepped in. I looked at him, “When and atom is split, a large amount of energy is released. But why is only “Uranium” used to produce Nuclear Energy?” I asked as I smiled at David. He looked Handsome.

“Welcome to MY WORLD” David winked. And he spoke. “Energy is released from the nucleus of an atom either through NUCLEAR FUSION OR NUCLEAR FISSION. In Nuclear Fusion, it is similar how the sun produces energy, by fusing hydrogen atoms to form Helium atoms in its core. So enormous energy is released, when the nuclei of atoms are combined together to form a larger atom.

But Nuclear Fission is synonymous with Nuclear power plants. Heavy atoms are split to form smaller atoms. Not all atoms can be easily spilt. But Uranium 235 atom is the easiest of all natural nuclei to split apart. Naturally occurring Uranium contains only 0.7 percent of Uranium 235. “Plutonium” is a man made element obtained from the used Uranium fuel” he smiled.

“Other than Nuclear bombs, do we use this concept elsewhere too?” I asked scratching my head. David smiled at my efforts. “The heat produced by fission is used to boil water into steam. The steam turns huge turbine blades. As they turn, they drive generators that make electricity.” He smiled as he answered. And I looked at the Mesopotamia Civilization IRAQ. And I looked at my father. “OPHIR” father smiled. “The golden city of Ophir, great riches along the shores of Red sea. Your ancestors could not have just traveled from Israel to India, those days, isn’t it?” my father smiled and I understood the significance of IRAQ.

“Why is the location vital for Anti- Christ?” I asked puzzled. IRON in Latin is FERRUM. The Europeans believed that the Greeks and the Romans were the pioneers of science and they adopted Greek or Latin words. Many artificially created elements have been named in honour, known to Ancients.

“What is it which you hide from me, father? Muslims will not accept JESUS CHRIST, father. For, they hate him” I sat with hardly any strength left in me. And I was unable to laugh along Samuel’s antics as he enjoyed playing with his friends.

“WHO ARE YOU?” asked father. “Your child” I answered. “WHO ARE Muslims?” asked father. “Your Children” I replied. “What is your job profile?” asked father. “To preach the Gospel to the outermost parts of the earth”, I answered. “DO your JOB” smiled father. And I promptly continued to write.

“Have you ever heard of the ancient city of UR?” asked father. “1923, an important year for Archaeologists. UR was in Mesopotamia. UR was an important centre of Sumerian culture, with many magnificent palaces and gardens, schools and monuments. The archeologists not only confirmed the Earliest known use of the WHEEL, but they also discovered a royal graveyard, and the graves contained not just the remains of kings and queens, but also the skeletons of their servants, and many treasures made of gold”.

“And amazingly, the great INCA, Aztec and Mayan civilizations reached on extremely high level of development, yet they never used the WHEEL!” I was reading another fact shown to me by the Holy ghost.

Father smiled and he continued, “Jericho, Catal Huyuk, and Lepenski Vir, are the three cities not very big, yet showed a great diversity in architectural design and planning “Catal huyuk” ruins were found sin today’s turkey. This place was a main source of western civilization, a centre of trade and ideas for 2000 years, the first organized cosmopolitan city-state and the source of the great mother goddess religion. Catal Huyuk was a multiracial city of 6,000 people, who collected glass from volcanoes to make their tools” and father paused as I wrote.

“Are you following?” winked father. “HOLY MOLY!” I SMILED, “where are you going I not know? But I AM touched by you. Father, I ask you. How can you love and judge? For once you love, how then can you judge?” I asked.

Honestly, as an author, I, JESUS, AM having a tough time and I AM doing the most wisest commandment, which my father has instilled in me. Love thy neighbours as you would want them to love onto you. I AM aware about the mindset of many, who perceive me as a prime minister, Daniel, preparing the king ahead. Let me tell you then, YOU ARE CORRECT. For, no place on this planet, will be a dwelling place for Anti-Christ. For, I know, the END is here.

I looked my father. “I had a very dear college friend called “TABBASSUM”. I loved her eyes and smiled. I wonder, where is he now?” I smiled. And I looked at my heart, deep inside. My mind was battling with judgements and the prophecy and the ISLAAM and QURAN. Russia and the IRAN, with Taliban and Afghan. And I looked at all the strategies once more.

I close my eyes. I saw Tabbassum and her eyes. She wore Burkha and rode a two wheeler, at the age of 16. Pretty confident Muslim girl in the Holy land of India. How does it matter to me, what Tabbassum’s generation or her parents had done in this planet? Who know how they would have been persecuted if they had faith in ABBA? I ask the Jews, Christians, Hindu and gentiles, how does it matter to you, whether she eats meat or she prays 5 times a day? To me, Tabbassum, was intelligent, smarter than I was, in my college days. I loved her “Attar” the beautiful fragrance.

Let me rewind. My mother, Moses law, worked for 25 years in a watch factory assembling the finer parts in the watch. Her job involved hours of seeing through the microscope and an eye glass. And my mother’s best friend was “Begum”. Naah.. being an ardent religious groups of the yester years, rooted in their belief system of Hinduism and the Muslim, they never visited each other houses nor had exported me with her “Lehengas and Ghagras and Cholis” for all my dance programs during school days. And not to mention, I won awards, for the dances I performed on Stage, during my school days.

Saddam’s 66th palace. Complicated yet to find joy and security. Sometimes facing the past can be painful. But when past remains no more a mystery then we have a future to FIND.

“CONTROVERSY” is a definition of man. And I just focused on those who mattered to ME. Yes, it does matter. “Abraham” my grand father, in no means, sounds, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese or European. For heaven’s sale. My grandpa is a “Muslim”! And I looked at my father and I know I am the one from the bloodline. I looked a the graveyard, close the Baghdad. The site, which is the graveyard of the country, IRAQ. And as I saw, thousands and lakhs of them, in the site, where widows wept moistening their hearts, some holding them back of 27 years, since the incident where Saddam executed thousands, I paused. “This distance of strangers with my loved ones ached”. Do you look at the tears and say, “Hey! What’s your religion? Do you believe JESUS? Do you know ISHA or ABBA? Are you good hearted and righteous, having faith in the goodness?” I paused.

“Human life is all, I care about. Note, my father warns, in the spiritual warfare of man and god, ensure you have the appropriate backing. “Satan” is a great benefited of your weakness and doubts, which stems from deception. Hence, do not go by what others have to say but carefully EVALUATE, CHRIST JESUS. You need to look into our hearts, validate and measure our love towards you. And if we fail to prove the essential criteria of Salvation and origin, then only you do have the authority, the reject JESUS AND CHRIST. But I swear onto my father in heaven, I will turn no stone left behind, the gather my sheep for they are MINE, to LOVE and not END.

19th Jan 2010

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain… give me another chance… I wanna grow up once again… Hey! Good morning” I sang loud and rejoiced.

And I sent the message to David, my love.

Msg - => Me scared NOT looking at the size of the enemy, but the huge light of god… FOR THE FIRST TIME, I AM SCARED OF VICTORY… what do I do…?... my hands have slowed won, as I AM astounded with what we have been given by the Lord God Almighty himself… FUCK* we are the first ones, to know our destiny. He past, the present and the future. I feel scared kannada line… VAAGI…. This is TOO BIG…

And I AM thankful, that the boat is smooth sailing. And the lord god almighty has approved the wine and the weed for the planet. However, “ *” warning of SELF CONTROL is amplified and the rules to celebrate life, after knowing god is in awareness. Understand then this ART. Its NOT “Women and Wine”. And I looked at my father. “Anything more you want me to inscribe?” I asked. And I saw the pharaoh, friend of Joseph, who finally joined hands with the kingdom of heaven. The first one to whisper in my eyes, were the women troop. My maid whispered, “The old woman, I help. She was taken to the hospital. I understand drinking is okay. Because, our bodies ache madam, a little of wine is okay” she winked, to my pleasant surprise.

My friend in Egypt; the single mom and she whispered, “Its been 3 years, since I had my divorce. And I have been staying with mom

6.FUCK <-> abusive language <-> not to be used consciously.

Now, lord god almighty, has fixed my life. I have a man from U.S who says, “He has never seen an unique person like me”, he is a voice and accent trainer. I guess I AM in love, I have not spoken anything neither has he insisted on marriage. Hence, I AM HAPPY, for I have been blessed with a good job, my daughter is happy because I get to go home and I AM happy because, GOD , the LORD ALMIGHTY loves me the way I AM. And puuleeaage NEMA, it was me who was more eager to cheer for wine and cocktails. Because, LIFE is JUBILIATION”, she poured her heart out. And I was touched by her uniqueness. The strength she had to smile, ALL through the CRUISE!

“I needed witnesses to confirm my logic” and I saw, my mom loved beer in her time, so graceful, so beautiful never had she maligned the character of a WOMAN. My mother too me is the most purest SOUL on this planet. If at all, there exists a LAMB, then it’s my MOM and she gave up beer only as she saw her children getting married and she now was embarrassed to sip in the Holy Land of India.

“Why this hypocrisy, father?” I smiled. “What is wrong in having a little WINE AND WEED, healthy and fine, strong and rhyme. Can’t we discipline ourselves? And accept the gift, you have to offer. Cannot we accept the NAKED TRUTH in the Holy land, father? It should be okay. As long as you are okay that the lord god almighty who provides, and allow him to walk with you, it should be okay. Hey! Piece of advice for women through. Your body has nothing to do with WINE. Neither SEX has to do anything with WINE.
Stay Clear. Its just a celebration and not a submission. And its absolutely the personal choice” I smiled.

And I couldn’t miss out on Vijay Malya. And the land paused. “Mr. Malya, welcome aboard. I hate your women and wine concept. I hated kingfisher calendars. I hated the bloody parties you threw and messed around. I hated your entry into politics. I hated your power <-> tycoon <-> power with captain Gopinath. I hated your attitude. Every bit of it. But two things I loved in you”, and I looked at David as I gulped. And David chuckled as he looked at Malya, telling “IT IS OKAY”.

I had treasured a paper of Times Nation, dated Monday march 9th, 2009. and I wrote the “The irony of a liquor Baron buying back Gandhi’s heritage is perhaps too obvious and ultimately not particularly significant. For the true irony lies much deeper than how Vijay Malya makes his money”. This silence of the article had raged me deep. And David had said, “I AM glad he put his money for the right cause once. Our government seemed less bothered about retaining the heritage of Gandhi than anyone else”. And I do not know why, this was with me for so long.

“PHEW. Amazers!” I smiled. I sat in silence. As David was surrounded by all his friends, I looked as the Boat carried us all along. “I need to make it so that I can reach my destiny, where my grandpa lays. I need to make it there” I felt the longing deep within. So unseen, yet so real.

Mr.Malya smiled. He sat with humility for the First time as Malya only. Stripped off his “Airhostess” and his pomp and unwanted medals of disgrace. And he asked me, “What is the second reason?’ and I loved his humility o know and seek the reason beyond himself. I smiled, “It is because, you were good at what you were sent here for. The taste of the beer, was good. Not best. Foster is the only one which I found close enough. And secondly, you ensured that I will reach all levels. The grass root to the brass” and I chuckled as I wrote. I looked at my father. “Sure, everybody is a sinner father. But look, its their own deeds which fetches them reward” I smiled. And I whispered to Malya, “its okay uncle, I was also a sinner once. I knew you were a JEW, hence couldn’t let you in Elihu’s camp!” I chuckled. And he was surprised. And m father’s grace kept me focuses ahead as I heaved a sigh of relief. My dad was blushing, from far off. He showed me his toast and I felt great to be his daughter. I knew, I made him proud. I missed him for long, not making him proud enough.

“My judgements” I wrote. “Father is it in alignment with yours? I checked with my father” and my father replied, “You make me proud!” and I smiled WIDE. And I looked at my aunt far away. On the prayer mountain tucked away, every Wednesday doing the silent prayers, billye Aunt, “One thing will save America Israel and the Nations. It is an Awakening to god! Trained me ALL!” I lay a kiss on my aunt’s forehead. “Great Plan. June 29th -> 2008” love you Aunt!

And I avoided her for a long time! And I missed her. It was miss Noble Shireen Nobel. A Muslim and a Christian. Her story of the Abortion. Her painful saga of having lived the moments of her baby in her hands barely few days old and the unforgiveness she suffered in her soul. The prison, she had locked herself in. Oh! The agony of soul of women, men who cruise along and the least their core the wound, the blood they bring along and the “TIME PASS” value of a woman. I and Shireen shared too many good moments against stark ugly pit of Satan. Not that we loved the abortion but can men give us a chance to stand UP in the kingdom of god, while we pick the reigns, and ride the chariots of FIRE and men fight and execute the plan as we go along. “THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE OF GODS KINGDOM”. And I loved this moment.

“Thank you Father. I AM glad she is on the BOAT! And she brought along a GREAT MIGHTY ARMY OF WOMEN. My eyes and my lips were locked tight, waiting for the print to execute in the original. I loved this sector of women. Who can care enough to live the agony of womanhood. “ABORTION is not a Law. It is a sin, hence, consciously removing the seed is a sin!”


Shireen was one of the wisest Christian I have ever seen, Houston, Texas.

I, Jesus judge on prayer, answered, behalf of my father in heaven.

Jesus Christ –

“Phew! Three more seals to go…” I looked at the boat, the tide, the water, the speed, and the spirit was moving quite fast. I quickly spoke to David over the phone and tried calling up Shireen. Left an emotional note on her answering machine and left a message to her. It was quite sometime since we met. She is in Australia now. And I had to update the message shared with Shireen and Raaji. My “BEST-AGE” MATCH BUDDIES, because they have known me, the way I AM. The goofy, dumb, kiddo, sloppy, friend. I have had my best times with them during my first job, undergoing the worst crisis surrounding us. Each had a story to share, on the BOAT.

Give me some sunshine.
Give me some rain.
Give me another chance.
I want to grow up once again.

You know what I loved in the Khan’s family? Imran getting committed to his girlfriend, Avantika! Congratulations! Christ Jesus, I knew Christ will love this qestax! Aamir’s wife coming along a wonderful gesture, however guys, Muslim brothers please GROW UP will you, only one Techno-Organ tool <-> only one GOD <-> and only one sky. So, please and kindly, it is seriously time, that you pick up a few threads looking at the new trendily Muslims. Have you seen Abu Dhabi. Beautiful! Women in head scarf, men in head gear, yet I AM attracted to their pride of knowledge. Maybe, its time to embrace NEW WINE.

My dear African brother, know then what is THE WAY to the kingdom of god… be wise to detect the kingdom of man.. There is a DIFFERENCE. Do You see the dotted line… do you see the dotted line?

Msg - => To Shireen Nobel  I love you re Shireen. Where can you hide yourself from the best and the deepest moments of silence we lived in… too much of “Fountain head”,,,, I love you re,,, for everything you are … you never were a sinner shireen… you are too pure a soul… I LOVE YOU… and trust me, you made it into the living book of “REVELATION OF JESUS”… who do you think I AM? Take a wild guess… U SHOULD KNOW ME… you should. I pray,, millions of angels be released into your life…. Look forward to meet you… and you better lose weight while I struggle to put on … love you my angel…. Hindi poem Hindi poem hey! This is an original dialogue,,,, ;-)

And I shared one with Raji too. She knew the latest updates. Like always, she will know the beginning and the end missing out all the scoop in between… but boy, she would relish all these moments!

Msg - => TO RAAJI I ensured I would pull along Shireen and millions like her who underwent abortion Hindi poem Hindi poem Raaji… hey! Couldn’t SAVE Anita… she did not belong to the troop… hey, Raaji, for heaven’s sake, will you read my book? I AM what I AM,,,, Hindi poem Hindi poem

My dad sang along his favourite song. Nasir Hussains,

Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem Hindi poem

And I saw the boat getting bigger, as millions of brothers and sisters, from the Muslim family, started embracing me. And I felt loved by them.

“Father can you draw this Realm of LOVE, a little more deeper? Can we go beyond the scriptures of bible and Quran? Please father, only DIVINE LOVE. For once, no religion. Just simple children of GOD. Can we have this ambience?” and just then one of them offered me “SHEVAYAIN” and I looked at mom. She smiled. It was time to taste their FOOD of LOVE. And I told her, “only vegetarian. No pigs. And hey! Cheer up, David and Martians and anyone can eat meat!” I smiled and I had a BILLION stepping in the BOAT, with a LOUD CHEER!!

And I looked at my father. There are still two people, whose forgiveness, love and pamper, I seek the most. I AM still waiting to be embraced by David’s parents. But, I want to make then proud as being JESUS, and DAVID as the CHRIST. Else, what fun in making our parents proud? We have a dream. A dream which our father has given us. And we will LIVE the dream”, hey! This should precisely be the ending of the book. You know what, the book should stop, when Jesus, along with Christ and mankind together with the gather in Heaven, meet. Else, it wouldn’t be fun with the NEXT GENERATION. What say, CAN WE EXECUTE it together? And they cheered only. It’s the Holy Ghost. The lord Almighty will release all the supernatural bringing us together. Who says, women are Nothing! Thank them for Love, Mercy and kindness. They are VESSELS OF LOVE. Women are the spokesperson of GOD, LORD, ALMIGHTY.

And I called up my friend, the tax collector, and as the word o god had descended on me; I promptly called her up to say. “Are you toying around with the idea of adopting a lealy?” and since I know her soul and depth of love hidden in her, I asked her that question. “Not at this moment, POO, but surely, will try naturally first. Since hubby is not in for adoption. And I looked at my father. “I do not how they ADOPT. It is so difficult to go beyond oneself, isn’t it? And I am glad you adopted ME, father!” I smiled.

19th Jan 2010 –

“Hi father! Time to give you some updates. Hey! Will I be writing this book for eternal?” I added the symbol symbol symbol tone with a wink! Father, you know what I have done! I have posted the blogs; with the first and last name as JESUS CHRIST. And the first 3 books in 5 sections are open for the world to read. I CAN EMBRACE EVERYBODY FATEHR!! MY SHEEP WILL KNOW MY VOICE. My job is to preach the gospel to the entire world, my live, and our encounter with GOD. Mankind surely will praise you and be thankful for eternal, for having given us such a beautiful life father! Hey! Kindly ensure you seriously TAKE CARE OF YOUR KINGDOM, for eternal father. Because, I AM BACK and what a story of second coming of CHRIST! PHEW! May this seed multiply forever and let out Souls be a gift to mankind. DESTINY and what a HUNT… Hmm… what next father. Don’t I look like the Alice in the Dreamland?” I smiled. And strangely, I had been requesting for overwhelming love within me towards GOD.

“I AM. But bothered about one thing” I looked at my father. “Go ahead” smiled father. “Father in the kingdom, Media and entertainment STINKS ROTTEN. “MTV”, have you seen JOSE, good jokes or few CLEAN reality shows? I hate Splits villa <-> hey! But surely roadies can be pushed to greator levels <-> I love the twitters beneath though you can reduce your symbol symbol symbol more. Hmm… we watched the “new brand <-> instrumental troop” reality show. however, keep music clean. Allow them to be their own self. Bring them on stage and cheer them!! Damn your criticism. We love Boogie-Woogie on sony. Why? Judges are Critics <-> yet loving is not the definition. In Boogie-Woogie, they talk jus the good points! Enough for the youth CHEER and sure let them COMPLETE. Hence, being a judge you can definitely offer feed back and keep the rules clear to decide may there be simplicity and love for audience!! Hey we also love Cyrus Brocha, Nikil Chinnappa, POGO Cyrus, Jose, stripped new host !! Nope, women, please DRESS it up and then maybe we can talk. ;-)

Youth <-> teen <-> rhea, for heaven’s sake no PORN, BITCHY dresses sweet heart. Surely a little head weight, but you are talented! Hence, important you represent the youth well! Hey, Anusha, why don’t I and you team together and maybe you mentor they youth. What say?’… and the most happening CROWD, the youth of MTV generation stepped Into the boat.

And I cleared the throat, with the Trainer’s look. “Youth is responsibility”. The age to EXPLORE. The super natural and realize the destiny you have come here for. The toughest challenge is to LIVE RIGHT. And if you dare, LIVE RIGHT for eternal. Girls kindly be the smartest X- generation in the kingdom of god. Its just that, I , JESUS am concerned. And I request “Mothers” to groom their girls, train them and allow them to be what they want, just like my MOM!

And mothers and fathers can take few tips from what our parents have to say. ISHA seriously couldn’t have taught us better, isn’t it?

Hmm… so, where are we, I looked around and paused. Time to train Samuel for his English test tomorrow. And I had a great time with my king. And I prayed for the rain on the righteous and I embrace the Passover. And I have to free myself and I need it show my father that EVERYTHING IS CLEAN.

What then is character?

Character is supposed to guided by our spirit. And the ability to minimize the character of the flesh. Each person has instinct. And its animal instinct.

Sometimes each of us, is not destined to dominate. In spite of all the good things, keep an open mind, run away from LUST, for everything we see, in our life, then we have a big challenge ahead.

Those who do wrong is what?

Is it righteous or sinful. Yes, Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus, made you rightful. However, until you Confirm thorough your deeds that you don’t be a drunkard/ abuser/ cheater/ murder/ prostitute/ idol worshipper/ sinful justful self obsessed intentions/ everybody will be put to teat to build their character. Did people strengthen their character/ for character is more important than wealth. Develop a right character spend more time in cultivating in oneself than popularity.

Hence, raise up a strong character in one self and popular it will grow. As soon as the good name betrays you, your character will be over. Hence, focus on building your character. For it’s the same evil, and history is bound to repeat, lest we forget. Even kings were put to test on character.

And as I had helped Samuel with strict discipline and some help, I had dozed away and he I hope had read “the last lesson”. Hey! He’s bee doing great. And I have stopped chasing him. He’s scored 16 in science. And he did ask his teacher to deduct one mark which his teacher ahd given him. Hence though he would have given me a “17” as a bragging score out of 20, he risked, with his whole life coming. And I was proud to have seen him building in strength and character. Don’t badge me away, telling that, its fluke” and “God’s interference”, I have worked hard sowing seeds and allowing GOD to correct him and guide him.

I had to tell Samuel that, it was wrong eh copied. Like I earned my grade, once in VII standard, copying a drawing I got ‘A’ grade. And people said what’s wrong? It ain’t marks, it’s the character of doing wrong. Hence when Samuel confessed giggling how
He had tricked his teacher, getting great grades, I told him it was wrong. For he copied and he did not earn it. It’s the same thing, even in PS2, no cheat codes, and have faith. And he went ahead and apologized,, I didn’t pester him with what followed aftermath, for I have faith in Almighty. I can bear laughter and fun. And I skin along when sometimes I see the “TRUTH” and Samuel reminds the part in ME. And look, just keep sowing and I still have faith!

June 6th, 1967, cutting edge music. Rock and ready we never had drug culture before threat. But instead of taking new ways, and while god wanted to open the portal, the devil took the counterfeit of the summer of love, and in 1969, 500 thousand people, though were being grooved for 40 years, there was a hippie movement. But the angel of death came over and the entire nation caught into the drug culture. Sex, computer, everything the world operated. A majority were not touched for the generation rebelled in Bethel in the portal.

Hence you need to not make the mistake. Don’t copy the world style. Rather be a product specialist. Many of you, under the age of 30, god will use in science and wonders and June 6th, 2007, after 40 years, god is using you all again. As young as 23. And this next body youth will get the FULL volume of generation. Don’t be fooled into BACKSLIDING, one day. Everyday, enemies attacking you, people criticizing but walk with JESUS. Take your headphone off, play music loud, be happy and talk about Jesus inside you.

Don’t worry and wonder, “What is this all about?”. Turn the other check and the angels will be released on your behalf. And before you even think, “This is it!”, you find tears rolling over and the Drugs coming out. “Youth” lot of prayers. Your grandmothers, your mother’s, your dad’s, your loved ones will be definitely praying for you. Hence allow JESUS to usher them all.

“KILL OR CURE”? I looked at my father, as I sneezed and father said, “Bless you”.

To my generation of 1967 and to this generation, we are under 30, and they will lead the generation 18 or 19 <-> you can pastor anyone and if you wait and understand that you want to walk with GOD, in authority, Mum, dad, did not make 7 years of marriage, trails of disaster, immorality, adultery, using up money of the church, get beyond your hare Krishna Ashram and focus on GOD, the Almighty. That the issue”, I said, and father said, “AMEN!”

“Shut the technology that flashes into your eyes. You need divine encounters regularly. YOU ARE ON A MISSION. How many times has GOD broken into our lives, you cannot make one encounter and run for next 5 years, you ought to hear the inner audible place and voice with god. You need to spend time with your own food and your own private space. Too many people wants always somebody encouraging them, to pat them, to recognize or I Am not on the plat form jealousy within, unyielding heart, you got to set on something. And that is just to have GOD as a shield of favour and Jurisdiction.
One of the biggest deception of youth is “YOUTH”, not waiting on God, not to run, “While I am young, I can keep up”, excuse me, youth culture,, all the people after 50’s, taking wrinkles off, shedding flesh, excuse me, don’t be deceived with youth. AGE gracefully, will you? For we have a LONG ETERANL LIFE. YO! JESUS and smoke machines going up is a Devil mistake and tat is why the entire 67 generation fell. Hence don’t do the same mistake. Because the Higher levels you go, the bigger Devils you meet. Face the fact.

This is the generation and my Uncle’s Holy Spirit, revealed to me as t what had gone see terribly wrong in that generation. “Phew!” cold sweat and this is exactly what I wanted the youth to know.

“LIVE, daystar, Marcus, holding the cat and I hate this pet”. It was 2:45, twilight. And Joni with the dog, patting the pet, and if you say the answer, then I AM going to sign the book for you ALL! And Marcus was showing the new island, there was so much of Jagg and questions like, “How much does the Golf course weigh? We have given well over half a million dollars to Calcutta! I AM trying to go to India. Form cartoon to dance!!”

And I judged them. “No cats as pets. Avoid them. And everything flashy spiritual will be broken. You don’t require a sign form Joni/ Jesus Christ, but we are just, here for you today. hence, keep it simple, Marcus” I smiled.

I pray father, you release the New tune and style of music, that comes from heaven, and let it come father and manifest and walk in humility. Joshua Generation, decade after decade, they will leave their impression not just run for the HOUR or 100 meter sprint on the soul of my voice, not one will sign for stupidity and insanity. We will make up for the loss. Because as young as 16 years and under will be entering the pasturing and accelerating into every realm of the kingdom. Hey! Please it’s not just SEX of sinful youth. I AM 33, and I am as hot blooded as you. But I want to encourage you, develop your character, your life, your regular situations with GOD, there is no judgement but ensure, NO ONE is LEFT behind. Just take one another’s hand and everyone will stand to be encouraged and at the same time committed.

I want to ask for those here today, I active the super natural DNA, “I will have the fire till I AM well beyond 120 years and ENJOY life eternal. For its super natural. And it’s the strength of GOD we need. If we launch ourselves here, from this point when we continuously work and being called to seven areas. Music, Media, this generation will take sound, drama, movies, arts, film, producers, T.V directors, not just in Christian context, but in demon reigns, we need to change and radical media creative ideas, in secular world. All of it will fail, if we all alone but you need ot venture with glory of god.

“Politics, pastors, teachers, congress, economics, trading, import, export, education, doctors, nurses, science of any kind, genetic science, professors, intellectuals who toggle to experience GOD, everybody will encounter GOD, the Military, the army, the navy, entertainment, everybody, go ahead and take one another’s hand. Shout cheer will you!”

And I hope I don’t bore you, but there is a sense of urgency and jealousy looking at the youth who have been called to media world, theatre world, philosophy world, arts world, precious young people, computer world, hi-tech world, stage productions, not to d cheesy Christian videos, but to be regularly picking up the glory form god. Gifts from heaven. Be brave, in zeal of youth, so that you still have passion, don’t think you have energy enough, but draw your strength from GOD and even after your old days, when you look back you will be proud and zealous to run for the GOD!!

Look at A.R.Rehaman, Kannada line kannada line, family drama, we did have the spark of birthing of a dream. So did Illayraja, so don’t be deceived by same lies. HISTROY IS SET TO REPEATED, AND LEST WE FORGET!

I warned them, as the Holy spirit stirred deeply within me. And I decided to type my 5th book, because as the 4th our will be completed, I need to type At a maddening pace, for the WORD from HEAVEN to reach and impact the nations. Hence, I requested the king. “Please give me your laptop for 5 days. Will you? I need to complete the typing”.

Hey, 26th January is Christ’s birthday. And I want to be the first one, who wants to complete the tabernacles and gift it to David. For, our generations ad my bloodline succumbed. To SIN, not anymore. “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done father”, I smiled and father smiled. “AMEN”

“What is ailing Mumbai students?”, “Best education, best school, parents have no time to spend and ask, “What are you feeling?” no holidays, no interactions, no sharing of emotional control and lack of love and affection, get beyond school and marks will you, students simply cannot handle the stress of marks and internals which results in clinical depression and helplessness. “Lets end up soon”, why should marks matter so much in a system? Excuse, youngsters need to sleep, sat right and NOT do too many things. School authorities and college authorities, accept the fact. “AVAIL THE STARK REALITY”. Your brand of “Exam pressure”, and taboo of “Failure”, “the partiality”, only academics, no story time, no play time, no fun time, no smiles, no talent, all things for pomp and show and an effort to prove parents right. They pay, hence, look this is the product.

Excuse me, “education” is easy. A multilevel intelligence. Sports, listening, moral values, history, imagination should be elevated. And not just black and white.

Nobody seemed to be concerned. I go on my knees, don’t hurt the young minds. “Never stamp your seal” on their destiny. “Pressure to achieve has a breaking point”, hence, understand the blindness and madness and enjoy the facilities and you can understand and learn everything, only if you stop working for expectations or buckling under pressure. Change the approach towards education. “REFORMS” is not solutions.

“NEW FORMS” are surely the ACTIONS and STEPS. “Life is beautiful”. Train teachers and equip the experts. One workshop is not enough, for teachers are the anchors!!

“Vanity fair”, “New York times”, “Celebrity culture”, “Buff of the Industry”, “You are a part of the NEW WORLD.” Don’t be one of those who means and groans but, let’s move away and look at bigger culture. Stop whining about how cool or disappointing the other person is. Stop the hype and the NEW AGE pressure. Identify the gifts and mobilize the moment. It’s okay even if you don’t have experience, stop projecting your ideas and expecting ONE PERSON to change the world, speeches, many can be made! But, its unrealistic expectation game. I stress on the lack of passion that key members have. Because, it’s sickening to be a boring face in every realm, we need more faces in every realm. New critical capacity, new journalism, talk about the opinion. Don’t be passive but understand the demographic shift of the ethnic change to harbours along” I smiled .

3.30 twilight, time to hit the bed-
Goodnight father, good night daughter, sweet dreams
Jesus Christ

“Whatever you want to gain in the life share it with others. Now you have the fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:22-25; hence, “you need to emphasize on the fruit of the spirit”. Some people tend to think, once you are baptized, you are reborn. But understand with baptism comes the gifts. The Holy Ghost is released and you start speaking/analyzing the ways of god, the lord almighty. However don’t stop till you achieve.

“Have you seen Hampi- Halebeedu?” I asked David. “We belong to the heritage as old as this. And nobody had any Bindis on their forehead. Jewellery was a fruit, given as a gift to the woman. But categorizing and compelling her to wear a “yoke/chain” is a bondage to man. Hence, the gifts of spirit, the love of the god and love behaves in respect and equality of the women. This is the HUMAN spirit. And when you operate in gifts, you operate in fullness and love. “Vishveshwaraiya”, the visionary who built the Mysore dam in the Age-old era, “KempeGowda” who had vision of Bangalore, even in the “Once upon a time” era, are sung even today. who then are Jews?”

And father showed me, yet another archaeological discovery. The kannada movies suck today. But let me tell you, we are not ignorant about the spirit of family movies, were, love prevailed, 20 years ago. Hence, GOD, give free wisdom as to how to study of bible/ kannada poem kannada poem. By the fall of an apple, as Newton Isaac sat in contemplative mood. Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground, thought he to himself… why should it not go sideways, or upwards? But constantly to the earth’s centre? Assuredly, the reason is that the earth draws it. Understand then, we are god’s representative. How you behave is more important
To god. And it should be very important to each one of you. How many books do you have on LOVE? Are you studying the fruit of love. Christ is seed. And you have to water the seed. Unbelievers can’t be kind for long. But be kind to them. Its mercy and kindness, should keep your mouth hanging in awe. We cannot be a reservoir but a channel to the ignorant. God wants you to not to do, even when GOD says NO. Only little kids should be happy, when they are getting their way. And if you are trusting god, when things don’t come your way, then go the extra mile. Do good things in secret. And if you learn how to develop this fruit, then you will pray when somebody persecutes you and make the rainfall. Because, perfection means, you grow into maturity. Everyday you get up and you want your behaviour to be in alignment and married to GOD. Stop digging JESUS, “In JESUS name”, is superficial. But for something miraculous, you need to get married. “I LOVE GOD, GUT I CANT STAND PEOPLE”. Then you do no know LOVE. Too many angry people in the world. Mad Christians! If you angry at anybody, you take it out on everybody. Hence, anger does not promote righteousness. Mercy is outrageous and gives blessing. “We have to tendency to make people PAY”, smiled father.

“Be glad. Do not shut people out of your life and justice means making wrong things right. You go out and make a difference, with a rude co-worker. Nothing can change you. You can be just the way you are. Stop Acting. Don’t fret. JESUS is what he is, he didn’t change. But, maybe you can tackle effectively, smiling at those who have been unkind to you. Smile means acceptance and approval” said my mother in her morning Sermon.

January 19th, 2010 <-> times trends <-> will Phoenix rise from the dead? Bible written four centuries earlier than though. Previously academics had insisted that bible could not possibly have been written before 6th BC due to widespread illiteracy, but Gershon Galil from the University of Haifa in Northern Israel proved them wrong. The inscription was found in Elah valley south of Jerusalem in 2008, but the language used in it could not be deciphered at the time, Jerusalem post reported. This text is a social statement, relating to slaves, widow and orphans. It uses verbs that were characteristic of Hebrew which were rarely used in other regional languages”, I read the article as the Holy Ghost showed me the Permanent Ink.

Hence I say, “Come my people! Enter into thy chambers. Shut thy doors above thy. A little moment longer, for the lord will punish people for their iniquity. And soon, the great rapture will take place”. There are 6 raptures in the bible. And when the angels went to rescue to LOT, form Sodom, it was because of Abraham’s Prayer; Genesis 19:22; I cannot destroy the city, till we are gone. Hence, ESCAPE! Therefore the city is called ZOAR. And it then came to pass, and GOD remembers Abraham. And I will rescue my loved ones. When JESUS comes, you should know what to do when HE comes. So, what do you believe and what do you yield for?

Understand, if you are a true convert of JESUS CHRSIT, then YOU WILL never give up. Just like David, and he has named his project in the company as “TITANIC” saving the process against all odds. He has closed 89 cases in one day with just 3 people left. Usually, each handles at the most 5 cases but David handled 89. Why? The last day of the process maybe after two months. But David says, “A ONE MAN ARMY” with god element, I AM going to allow it to let it shine! This is the attitude that shakes the planet. Continuing the work, for kannada poem kannada poem, “Work is worship”!

And I read and was relieved that one of the stress was defeated and overcome. “Britain’s celebrity ‘cat’ killed as it, ‘queued up’ for a bus”. Tributes to Casper from around the world, including the US and Australia. He was named after cartoon character Casper the friendly ghost, because of his habit of wandering off. Despite no road sense, whatsoever, Casper enjoyed the bus rides”. Note; temper forgetfulness, stress, chronic fatigue, cynicism, helplessness, never having a sense of accomplishment, constant illness, tensions, migraines, high B.P, heart diseases, all these are caused due to the root. It ou can get over insecurity caused by man, angry, beating up, is because you are afraid of something. And anger is an expression of fear! “We are perplexed but not in despair. We are hedged in oppressed in every way,, we suffer embarrassments, but it doesn’t mean we have to have stress. You got to take note of few troubles and get the picture. If you say its impossible no its not. You got to believe in the middle of the trouble. If you believe in the middle of the trouble. If you believe in god, then you believe in me. God has the ability to cause these things, hence, no cat as pets. Avoid and lead life beyond your dogs, fishes and strange animals. Believe god and hand on to the word, as I reveal why?

Young people have enough to talk about. “RELIGION” and “POLITICS” is the last on their mind. All kinds of speaking people, should know, the underground tradition and culture. “How can you confront with bible in one hand and weapon in the other?” hence, find and get conformed to your gifts and studies and serve.

Manage with what you have. Gather children, women and hold on to be selfless human fierce dedication.

And I had a case coming in. “Many British Hindus send the bodies of their relatives to India to ensure they are burnt in line with religious tradition. The 71 year old says he want to die “with dignity” and not be “bundled in a box”. And the court, the U.K ministry of justice under cremation Act had a tough time. It is because, to suggest a practice which has been carried out for thousands of years by 800 million Hindus in India is somehow “abhorrent”, is insensitive and very unhelpful”. And I looked at my father. “PHEW” I wiped the cold sweat on my forehead. “That’s an interesting case for you!” I smiled. “It does pose a serious threat to many restricted communications. However, I AM glad, they are getting the know. How of the kingdom”, I smiled. And father revealed his answer, as I waited. I looked around. David’s family believed in burying the body. So did the Arab’s and every line of reforms of various religions. But my bloodline, only mine burnt the bodies and the ashes were displaced through WATERY URN. NAD TRADITIONALLY, this act has been followed by religious groups across. Why? To whom? “The fight s terrific”, I smiled as I looked at my father. “Maybe next time”, didn’t exist now, and lobbying was the last option. Soaring in the sky was sheer bliss and I calmed down as we traveled the shortest distance between two points in a straight line.

“Any taint of ideological or monetary motivation will bring in suspect. Hence, I need to be transparent and explain that not all science is exact. To retain the public’s
Trust, scientists must be careful to separate Hype from fact. Middle East remains violently deadlocked. And it is my job to mediate, when there is public debate. Mohammed, the prophet was a political leader, not a prophet. The association founded and called Islamic Association, confirming to religious ditches. Kindly understand, the Muslims are in the system and not living by the system. Hence, I request the Muslim community to know, “Who is responsible to have the mosque built? And what do they preach in the mosque? “A Minarets” is a part of religious and non-religious. But, can we have a new wind blowing through integration?

I spoke at length to the people on the boat. Even in the troublesome time, many were happy to see ME, JESUS CHRIST. And my job was to serve their kindness. A little help from the Muslim family, who tried to help me quite a bit was driving most of the hard core Islamite’s bananas. “I think I have still more than required energy to burn for my people to make sure, they are not forgotten” I looked at my father. “I AM an ANGEL, not a saint”, I smiled looking at father.

“Do you love grocery store? Old ones, from Aunt Emma store?” I smiled and asked father. And father smiled. “Shop owners knew their customers and what they wanted. And always had time. The baker’s dozen was not just 12 but 13. “Friendly help” always available. This why, these small grocer stores were special than the super markets. The greatest pleasure to know that the customers are contented is the biggest kick. Many come back, few don’t. so, I hope to revive the friendly neighborhood store. And I am sure, the SOS will help” I paused as my sweat bled with blood of stress.

“I need to carefully stitch this wound up!’ I told to myself. “Training session for an Avalanche!” I smiled. “Everything O.K ?” asked David. And I told him, I was. And David Began his rescue mission, while I had to catch the scent, till we found our fortune of Destiny”.

“Dirty trade of Organs” in Egypt, is the FIRST FACT. “The Queen’s illusions”, is the SECOND FACT. “CAPTALISM” is the THIRD FACT. “A job much harder than it looked a year ago! Too many unresolved issues, than I anticipated in the beginning” I smiled and looked at my father. “PRE-CIVILIZD ERA” is a cosmic Hazard!’ I shouted!

“Countdown starts to prevent asteroid devastating the earth” the cosmonautics plunged ahead to overcome the threat. And your idea of “Blowing up, and Nuclear bomb” is a hindrance to the ever growing discriminating society. And I needed some urgent help!

“PAAPA!” I smiled. And father said, “THE TRINITY is with YOU. Hence, don’t worry and wash away any shame, because YOU are on EARTH. And YOU are a PRINCESS, a TREASURE under extreme pressure” he whispered. And god’s voice and his touch of “I LOVE YOU”, helped me to move ahead. “YOU ARE MY SON WHOM I LOVE AND WITH YOU, I AM WELL PLEASED” said father. And I loved my father’s voice.

“I don’t despise the BIBLE for I honour it. It’s a book about relationships. The father’s love for mankind” I smiled. “Unfortunately, we are bound to debt, taking pride of ownership. Hence, what we think we possess, actually belongs to the almighty. What will happen if a famine, a black horse, is asked to measure your grave yard. How much more will you Trade the truth and the living god to the mark of the beast on your forehead or on your arm. Deep ecology deals with the illusion that “nature” and “we” are different. We do understand through science that, the nature out there and the nature inside us in one and the same. Human beings think they are at the center of everything. “WORLD” is not a pyramid but a web and human beings are only a strand in that WEB. If we destroy one strand, we destroy the other strands and thus destroy ourselves.

“Consciousness” represents the ever-engaged mind. And this is a river, which flows towards the absolute. Hence, it’s a journey from the empirical world of duality to the still point beyond thought taking the individual soul to the other shore, the crossing over, to the purity of True knowledge, bestowed by the provider on the seeker. The SWAN and the PEACOCK. The swan is said to have the ability to separate milk form water and drink milk only. The ability to discriminate between what is REAL and PERMANENT and what is transient. The peacock’s vanity at its own beautiful plumage is a reminder of how a true seeker of knowledge has to learn to detach himself form the body by understanding the transitory nature of physical appearance. You may also want to refer scriptures from Advaita philosophy or Buddhism to understand the beginning of a long journey into the mind and beyond.

“Yellow” is a sign of prosperity and a colour of love. And yellow is awesome when nature is at its best, for, mustard fields turn into a heady mix of yellow and green, as they add colour, poetry and romance to life. But isn’t yellow the flaming fire in you, in your fireplace?’ I asked my readers, as I wrote the revelation given to me, by my father. “Only a revolution in consciousness can save us from this catastrophe what we have initiated. And unless a miracle happens, we will lose out half the species, just like 5 times before, of mass extinction, on this planet!’ I said.

“So, how can you catch liars?” I winked at my readers. “Analyse the writing”, father smiled. “What does that supposed to mean?” and he smiled. I caught another bloodily headline.

“Nearly 150 Nigerians killed between clashes of Christian and Muslim gang”. “Mass burials at the city’s main mosque organized”, as the country’s worst sectarian fighting continues. “PHEW” I felt the cold sweat. “When water is given as reward to the species on the planet, 90% of correct decision are made by the individuals, in the group. It can be compared to the primitive version of math’s. Survival advantage. If you are foraging, then it is and advantage to choose a TREE with more berries on it, isn’t it?” I smiled as I wrote in parables.

“Burning the Funeral pyre” is the FINAL JUDGEMENT. It is this process, which frees soul after death. Fire/agni, liberates the soul within. And soul should be liberated in consecrated FIRE, after death. Hence, establish a site for cremations in open, where the funeral pyre can be lit and the rest of the family can watch as the death can be dealt with dignity. And please, stop making a parod about Male/female/Son/inheritance and bogus rituals” I ended and pounded the hammer, passing the Judgement. “Martians are the yellow-red beings. Hence, my dear Venusians, ALLOW Martians to handle this for you, will you?” ;-) I smiled. Hence, this is the fifth seal which I CLOSE.

I JESUS CHRIST, set the yardstick
In agreement and on behalf of the LORD GOD
ALMIGHTY. “AMEN” said father.

- Jesus Christ -

“Father, err… can I wear a Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem on my forehead?” I asked; “Err.. Once in a while, allowed to?’… “Amen” said father. And I looked at David. “Mritryunjaya <-> Jagadeesha Raskha; Vishwa Roopa, hey! Karunamaya, Jagadeesha raskha! Masheshwaraya!” I prayed along.

Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

I was settling into my original calling of divinity. I was called her to worship my father. This si our bloodline.

We chant Rudra <-> and master the Vedas. And we believe in wearing Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem and worship, and pray, “naman”, chandrashekara. With loads of flowers, in love,

Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

As I sang and soaked in the divine calling of Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem; I looked in shy and smiled along with my dad. My dad, after he quit his H.M.T watch factory Job of 25 years, locked himself up in the room, like a Jatayadharaya. And like a Digambara, he called on to the Lord God Almighty. They bore the judgement of the entire generation of “1967” of years of generation. Why? For, god’s children cannot rebel against the lord god. They are bound in the divine trinity of love and peace. They are here to serve mankind and yet operate At a primitive level to worship “the stotra” as long as the world chants the stotra, the almighty shall be awakened and this is how we enter the realm of the FINAL destiny of the holy.

Hence, Dad and my dear father-in-law, use your tongues to chant the divines verses, the gift which you are blessed with. Amy the world be trained, for this is a sure fire space rescue of the divine rescue <-> the water will be opened. And ensure, that the culture caries along for eternity for this is the way of friendship between the ISHA and mankind.

I looked at my father. A little hesitant. “How do I tell them father? We don’t do it for money or begging. We chant because, we are born to illuminate light. Not to confuse, gift with seed. Be a light to the next generation. Strotra Rajam <-> for <-> Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem my brothers, ensure to keep a meter on your ego’s and Pride. Its for free we do, its for free we train, we don’t make “ANYTHING” out of this, its our job, to keep the signals of twilight ALIVE. WORSHIP ISHA!!!

The work to be done is so “STUPENDOUS” I screamed! And David winked. He had ensured to pull along all his managers… David and his mercy!! “Stupendous” I winked and father laughed along, us

He began to reveal his deep, depth mystery.

“WHO ARE YOU?” I mustered courage to ask the question with trembling knees… “I should have been more polite?” I wondered… I pondered along…

Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem the ancient tongue. Make way for the Next generation. A new tune. A new calling keep the chant alive. Worship.

This the dwelling of the VOICE of the almighty.

The wind that carries the IMAGE OF THE TRUE GOD.

OH! The genes link migraine and depression. Did you know migraine and depression may share a strong genetic component, understanding the genetic factors that contribute to these disabling disorders could one day lead to better strategies to manage the course of these diseases when they occur toger…”, sorry I must my mother-in-laws food is yuumm… poor David <-> I always gobble up his food…


And please add the jazz of Brat’s collection of techno trance too!! And then the Phoenix came alive!! The three day- effort to listen for signs of life from Phoenix Lander, presumed frozen to death near Mars, North pole after spending 5 months digging into soil and ICE.





And I updated my uncle.

Msg - => Uncle, can you join along with dad to chant along Rudrastatra… he ahs been asked by god to preach the world… keep it as a surprise though… the Awakening is deepening, deepening,,, pray along will you,,,? We are gathering a mighty army!! ;-)

Msg - => this is precisely what is meant by PHOENIX coming alive …ye..e..e..h…a…w…w… ;-)

Msg - => Oh! Uncle, few secrets cant be revealed… hence, I will whisper good news,, don’t worry,, me okay. Eating, sleeping, lazing and enjoying the role of feminist at home… ;-)

Msg - => from uncle in Singapore  Dear Poorni, got both the messages. I have more than what I can cope now. Don’t know.

Msg - => simultaneous  and I know, 20k.. hey, meanwhile, Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem form Singapore…? Stingy the last time, I ran crazy with your gift was, blue skirt, Mexico One…;-)… E…e… you are my favourite uncle. And everybody knows it… Vaagi too…

Msg - => do not worry symbol symbol it cool no hurry.

Msg - => Uncle, my loved one, AM I not with you? Cheer up… and hey, let’s be the light to the WORLD around… surely, the JOB is stupendous,
But don’t worry, miracles do happen… I promise, I will make you proud…! ;-)

Msg - => Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem Uncle, you sound so tired and old… Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem so tired… go and grab your reward with some beer and smoke, will you…? Stop living in a primitive version… ;-)

And I updated the message which I shared with David. My mom-in law was upset at David not willing to get married and she also blamed me for she is sure about the truth. And I pray along. “Father, let us make our parents proud, for we really LOVE AND ADORE them. And we are thankful for everything they have given us. It’s our time to bear fruit for them and many others.

Msg - => you know what we are and the secret… hey!! Prove your mette David. Good morning! And a great day because we are heading closer and closer to light. While I hold the reigns you learn,, and make way ahead… hey… hmm… like Krishna and Arjuna, the Keshriya and the Prime Minster… whatever you may call this as, FRIENDSHOP, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, MERCY and everything you need to learn to implement my king… it’s character of submission to the supreme.. knowing the unknown and humility… plays a strength of a character… you cannot allow Fierce Anger… give me

Some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I want to grow up once again… Traala… traala… love thy enemies… we are here to spread peace and not make WAR… as we march ahead… we call out to our sheep and they will know their Shepard’s voice… hence put some training into implementation,,, you need to learn the art of kindness… art of heart.. love,,,, why so stingy in showering love on your own loved ones ;-)

“Very motivated, people who moved with compassion” can make a difference. How do you build self esteem? Allow the child to do, what he wants. As parents, we need to give them skills to be self-motivated. A teenager or a young child maybe 16 or 11 years, or yes/No <-> or completely nasty or obedient, one child <-> naturally motivated, other child <-> does not care about grades, then discover this, everybody uses different Incentives. And surely you will their graders soaring. Not just to excel in studies but complain about everything be it cleaning room, losing weight, ensure that understand each other and accelerate your success.

“DRIVES, NEEDS, REWARDS”, its combination of these things which motivates you/ your interest drive. And the test and result is spot on.

And I opened my jaws, in awe, when I saw, with rest of “Tamara Lowe” of rap, right on, she delivered the message at 2:50 on the Robinson couple show!

Now that in self-motivated => once more “Tamara – RAP IT PLEASE!”

Now here is a serious problem. Gather water will you. It is contaminated and has disease in it. They become sick and die. You can be a missionary, for those kids don’t have a choice and they are thirsty. Can you carry this water, for you would not want to give dirty water to your kids, isn’t it? We need your help to watch our children grow up, how can you look at them suffering and not move? A pet dies and I don’t know how you cannot respond to save another soul for you are here for a reason. To answer, somebody else’s prayer.

Just then, “Jeremy Camp” sang along “Give you glory!” and who! The band sang along and David grooved on the stage with joy! So, who is that one person, to whom you would like to give the interview and I smiled. It’s going to be BBC, renats Badawi the woman. And I admired her strength to sit along many scientists and Nobel clurests, the lady who constantly wanted to find a solutions and I hope I make her proud. “Zenab Badawi”, I smiled once again, and I sneezed. Father said, “BLESS YOU!” and the angels said “AMEN!”

And I prayed along with abundant church. Isaiah 22:13. “In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The lord almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people. Assyria, my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance”.

Today is the day, GOD is REAL!

“And the league of Arab states in Cairo, was putting across their views. IRAN, HAMAS, FATAH, trying to reconcile into a deal. And games are played by so many. And many don’t want American policies though the president Obama’s intentions are good. Hence, now Egypt back into square one. Will they wait and watch for the Morning start <-> IS THIS NOT THE GOAL??” I smiled as I wrote. I, JESUS, stand as a Mediator between the two party means. And I Am glad you asked for an HONEST BORJER! I smiled. No creating conditions underground and no process called PEACE! Major mistake. Change and Negotiate. Situations in Egypt is different. They are pre-occupied and planning ahead for the Egyptian role in the world. Their Journalism is different. To rebuild and to get Egypt ready for the future, “Democracy” has never been there before, it’s only since 1952, you can hear many voices. The civil society active and what we need is not free election, but your king back to your nation” I smiled as I wrote.

Look at any brother in Bradford, United Kingdom, the pastor Leon screams, “This is the day the lord has made!”…. and a habit of encouraging and getting the principles, will change the entire world”. What you are inside, people will see outside. Hence, don’t represent a BORING Jesus. Go shake a leg, break a tune, and spread your joy and presence, the god who impacted you so much. As you go back to your workplace and houses, develop and attitude to shine through your OWN eyes in the name of Jesus.


And Pastor Paul, in stronger conference, completed to grow on to make the planet stronger, for there is more strength in god’s people. Hence, GO IN THE STRENGTH, than you came in before. You are more expectant, focused, passionate, loud wild, crazy, don’t quit, don’t be nice, don’t be polite, go back to these communities, “WE ARE IT! WE ARE THE CHURCH!”. And I will not pray for something which is already there.

Don’t you ever lose your ground. For it belongs to you. YOUR DESTINY. I release you for who you are! I RELEASE PEOPLE to their DESTINY!!

And I clocked my clock: 4:20 <-> evening. Hey! Did you have fun this week?

Stuff’s happening. Defining moments. Hey! WE HAVE MORE TO SAY. These people have been with me for ages, so long so far, and one day, you will forget time and you cannot to afford to Miss it.

WE ARE STILL HERE! WE CANT GO HOME, FOR the conference is over, but GOD is still moving. Don’t be so driven by routine, but we are super natural people.

“Target Balukistan and peace will be restored in Pakistan and PEACE will prevail in Afghan. For, GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY, will fight the war of Non-Military. Hence, trust the Afghan government with civilians, in political avenue.

Why to reconcile with Taliban? We don’t join or shake hands or pressurize Satan to come to the table to join government do we? And the kingdom of god will prevail!’ I smiled. Is it not time to turn off? JESUS CHRIST and the MEDIA!

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds anything to them, god will add to him the plagues described in this book.

And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, GOD will take away form him his share in the TREE OF LIFE and in he HOLY CITY, which are described in this book.


And I, JESUS CHRIST, confirm this, on behalf of my father lord God Almighty and “AMEN” said father.

There will be NO NIGHT and NO DEATH. People will walk with god again. Everything put by Human Rebellion in Eden, will be set right.

In Eden, Adam and Eve were driven from the garden, in the New earth they will see god’s face.

They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the lord god will give them light. And they will reign forever and ever!!

The spirit and the bride say, “Come! “ and let him hear say, “Come!” whoever is thirsty, let him come and whoever wishes, let him take the FREE gift of the WATER OF LIFE!

I AM THE ROOT and the offspring of David and the bright morning star. The grace of the lord Jesus be with god’s people Amen.Love you Abba! “Waiting to explore and know you more!”….

Jesus Christ

Love you All for Eternal!

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