Tuesday, August 24, 2010


“Good Morning father!!’ I cheered on 31st as I started to write in the 2010 diary. And as I wrote, I just prayed and determined to ensure, this will not be a fifth tabernacle. I intend to keep it personal. Not the words which I want to share with the world. With patience running low, with tightened circumstances, the last thing which anybody prefers me doing is, “Another Book!” and I smiled. “Hi, sweetheart!” entered my father in the picture and I turned around. “VICTIM OF LOVE. PROVE IT!” he shouted. And I wrote. “I wrote now because, I AM a victim of love. With the want to stay connected to you, just like that, I come the want to stay connected to you, just like that, I come to you. I have a feeling that the chains maybe going off the shackles coming out. Not one place, in my life, I could find a place where you were not involved. Finally, about midnight, we realized, that all that we could do is, not to shut up and start giving glory to you. This is what gets me going. My privacy with you. Trust me, being a believer, scarring them into heaven is FUN!!” I flashed my million dollar smile, wide open. And my father burst into laughter. “You don’t have to be a captive anymore!” he whispered. And I felt as though I didn’t hear the words clear enough. And I leaned forward. Morning of 31st. the bed tea sipped on the sofa. With the television switched on as I wrote looking at the sky open and pale blue as seen through the window and the closed gate, I saw the breeze kiss the leaves of the tree… “This was just an introduction baby! Beginning to praise you, as I know and as I watch I also wanted to see the wait of the lord. Lifting my Voice, because, HERE, in this book, I serve the FIRST and the LAST, the APHA and the OMEGA, the BEGINNING and the END, the LORD of LORDS, the KING of KINGS, the GOD of GODS, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the KING. And I want to be joyful, set free, praised, loved you can leave if you want to but all that mattes to me now is where not I go, but to follow where you lead me to. “Where are you?” is a question that often hindered my love, I paused with an ache of honey, “sweet” I smiled, as I wrote. The presence of the Super Natural, the peace which dwelled the song which I sang, the chirping of birds, the lazy city opening its eyes to the morning, I want HEAVEN here”, I looked at my father. And there was silence.

I took a deep breathe. I never felt this way before, but I low, this feeling. It started off as a spark and now, it seems a fire, which is warm and soulful. “LOVE”, I smiled. And I clapped my hands. “Look at my hair. Look at me! I haven’t even brushed or combed, all I do is wake up, and the morning moments of tea and paper, news and YOU and ME and FAMILY! I screamed with joy not less exited than a 10 year old kid. And mind you, god appeared to me in his BEST visitation, talking delight in my love, when I AM like this. “Don’t look at all the ugly stuff. I know, how to establish you as WHOLE!”, he said. “You are committed in bumping me all around and forcing me not to step like somebody else. Isn’t it?” I smile. “I love it when you delight in my ways”, he smiled. And he grabbed my hand in the middle of my writing and my king’s lips I Felt on my lips. “Love here and forever!” I wrote. “We just discovered what we already know” cheered the angels. “Praise GOD. Saves, time, money and energy!”, I winked. And my father laughed out loud. “Yes, father. I have conditioned my hearing now. And cultivated intimate relationship with my unseen part. My friend who sticks to me close. Whom I acknowledge, Thank, counsel, very often being rebuked by my own message!” I winked as I wrote. “Holy Ghost in ME!” smiled.

“Teach me thy way O lord! I have kept the works of man away from me and my lips have been set on course to get to me on your path, Oh! My maker! Let me meditate on the word of yours, for your word is LIGHT and it is the word of GOD, which helps me find the path. Lead me not to the wrong path of DEAD, for father, I will not turn around now. I know, now as long as we are on the word, we are on the path. IT IS MY DESTINY!” I smiled as I ended my prayer and my plea to my beloved. And he smiled, “REST!” he said, “AND, BE BLESSED! What’s the matter with you, Good Life!” he said, nodding his head and he continued, “This is your HOUSE! Discover your GOOD LIFE!” he coaxed me further.

“Oh! Holy Spirit! Guide me!” I looked at the television, “Phew! I own nothing!” I said. “Stop purchasing when you are broke!” said my father to Me. “Now, what is that supposed to mean?” I asked him, with a frown on my face. “Time to start working HARD!” He patted on my back. “You seem to be changing your mood of speed and emotions so quick!”, I threw my hands up in air! “Come on now, we know and we have seen it already” whispered my mother Grace.

“Manifesting life, like never before!” I said to myself as I started the year of 2010. “I want to see, how different you make this seed ad this experience!” I challenged my creator and plunged ahead. As I geared myself passionately for the marathon; I said to myself, “you don’t have to be a captive anymore!” and I wondered what did I miss when my father whispered those words. My book IV was currently being typed by my typing angle who very soon will be in her married bliss from the second month, this new year. And with the wait time continuing, the pressure mounting, unable to live in balance of credit, the helpline of David, 7 days a week, donations and generous gifts form him everyday, through I appreciate the foundational truth and I realize that I have sold another two sets of last gold earrings, marking the calendars, the Gospel truth, though is Phoenix, I and David, along with Samuel the prince, encouraged each other, that December 31st will make way for the dawn, the New Year’s Eve. “Selling those gold earrings were completely my decision. David is not aware about it because I have not shared it with him” I confessed in front of my father. The goldsmith asked me, “Why would you like to sell those?” ad I told him, “I would like to pay for the Bible study!” Honestly father, I have sold gold Which my parents gave me as an inheritance, when I got married. Literally father, the wordly value in the materialistic building is “Zero”. But the heavenly value in the House of God, is “Infinite”. I write this not to gain points form you, for my faithfulness, rather I write this in the most humility, “I want to test you and see will you the All mighty, withstand my love to you?”, I paused and gulped the choke in my heart. And I breathed hard, to take a break from the chain in my heart. And I breathed hard, to take a break form the chain of thoughts. “Even the caterpillar struggles” I smiled as I wrote. David and I along with Samuel. Not a penny in the house of luxury. Yet, our daily bread and festive food of heaven and love and fun with laughter and bond galore. “What an unusual picture is this?” I thought as I explained it to my readers.

Living in so much of abundance, that I decide to store away for the future ahead, thinking that I AM wise to build the house of “Security and safe”. Slowly the house of sand gave away. And 2009 saw the collapse of the house of sand and what withstood was only the house, which I build on the “ROCK OF GOD”. There is water everywhere. And flooded are the houses. But something inside me, knows and confirms, that I Am on the RIGHT PATH. “Phew!” I breathed heavy. “I owe love to my loved ones. And I need to accomplish my DESTINY, in order to give back what I owe!” I smiled with a faint laughter. No matter if my loved ones accused me, judged me out-Casted me, humiliated me, persecuted me, pleaded for me, I knew, deep down the sweet truth. “THEY LOVED ME” and that truth kept me going.

“So what happened to 15,000/- which you were supposed to get from the government office?” asked my father. “I doubt! Te officials seem off and on leave since, two months” I smiled. “And honestly, I don’t think, in today’s trend of Satan, I will receive it either. I hate to haggle for peanuts, outside my zone. Beggar, I AM not. Though, it is my money, I am made to feel like a beggar, going form pillar to post. And I tried twice. And that is enough for my over sized self esteem” I spoke to my father. And he smiled. And I continued. “I don’t even know, how will I live in the next month of Jan. the new year! Because father, David, my love gives me 5,000/-, 10,000/- to his parents and the rest he is then left with, the calculate luxury thereafter. And with 5,000/- father and my maid and flowers of 800/- and the electricity bill of 1000/- and the phone bill of 2,000/- and another 800/- of apartment maintenance bill, and milk and paper of 550/- and the cable of 200/- along with my princes vans fees of 450/- that should sum the bill to 5000/- what do we then EAT?” I looked at the eyes of my father and I knew he knew the pain. “Do I then ask David to give me? Or do I ASK my parents to give me? Do I Ask my friends to help me? Or do I bow down to relatives and brothers to donate? Hence, father, form 4th January, if nothing comes to pass, I will go to look for job. Because father, without money I will not be able to keep my family ALIVE in this world. What troubles me in father, the crippling pain of finance, which I AM unable to break through, the Satanic reigns. Women who show their cleavage and Spreading their legs wide apart get paid in millions at the drop of the hat, while your beloved gets to eat your words of honey, yet unable t shift the wealth to the kingdom of heaven. Millions of righteous have been persecuted. And I ask you father how long do you intend to last this system of Satan?” I looked at my father, with moist eyes and ached heart.

“CAN YOU HELP ME?” I asked my father. I looked at that sentence. I read it. And I re-read it. “CAN YOU HELP ME?” I wish my readers would not have read that. It looks like a weak sentence. And then I turned around and looked at my father. “No, seriously, “CAN YOU HELP ME?”” I smiled. And my father burst out into laughter. And I smiled. I hugged him close. And I felt at ease. I had EVERYTHING. Didn’t I? The LOVE, the MOOD, THE TOME, THE SONG!”, AND I CONTINUED.

“God’s word is truth. And this I know through observational science. How can man decide truth of millions of years? Evolutions of mankind and there is only ONE RACE. And this is confirmed through our thinking in every area. “How can there be an evidence to the existence o the Almighty?” asks man. And I interpret their arguments, wearing their glasses. What I see are people groups. The present is “THE KEY” to the past. Regardless of what you think; “Revelation” is “THE KEY” from the past to the present, to establish the starting point. Remember, “Faith” comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of god. Man boggled all while, when he looked at this picture, of revelation and trying to fill in with his interpretation of his thinking and wearing his glasses. “WHATS missing?” they asked me. And I say, “NOTHING!” do you see the difference of my interpretation of evidence? GOD has everything to do with reality. See, here’s the point. “If there’s no evil, then there is no God”, say many. And then I ask them. “How special are HUMAN genes?” Is HE just an animal, a poor baby in the Animal Kingdom of Science? Abortion, pornography, Homosexual, behaviour, lawlessness; school violence’s, Man’s opinions, doctored media and science proves Bible is not true, based on these facts?” I wonder.

The Gospel is TRUE. And I have done it in a way, so that there is a logical reasoning and my father, ISHA used me, JESUS as an example. I asked the right questions of integrity and tested the word. Maybe this is why, the revelation of JESUS, not only unlocks the mystery of JESUS, the author but the reader along with the author, unlocks the mystery of LIFE, the almighty himself. May there be peace on this earth this Christmas. And may the mask of the antichrist be taken out and allow ME, JESUS to reveal the face of Satan. “The complete Man, the complete flesh” I declared in front of my father, as I sharpened my double edged sword.

And the headlines read. “IRAN : President Mohamoud Ahmadangad, blames US and Israel for the unrest in the territory due to the protest between security and the rebels.” And I wrote, “I don’t even bother to spell the name right. And that is precisely the respect I show to Satan, the Lucifer, the fallen angel. I looked at my father. “That should cause a massive damage. This sure is a clear visibility” smiled father. And I knew, how badly was the damage. “Gay marriage in Argentina” screamed the peoples Crowd. “Argentina flooded” read the weather repot. Only those who hear can understand. How many more evidences did the world seek? “I AM going. It’s too late!” I looked at my father.

“It will be more easier if I move the LASER to the appropriate position!” I wrote the words. And I looked at my father. “I have been READY for decades. Do-0rdinate and activate the photons now. If I were you, I would make sure, I will have FULL power to storage of LIFE and RECESS” he winked and I smiled. “Parables and Parables. Oceans of them, everyday” I cheered.

Hey! Guess what? The sea turtles are a 150 years old and I met one, while waiting “Finding Nemo” I smiled. “Here we go!” said father. And I strapped my belt, to see what lay ahead in the calendar.

“Lovely weather. 2009, was the year of investment… of ME in YOU”, I read the instant message, which I had sent it to my king. “David too is lovely, isn’t it?” winked my father. “Irresistible, in every true sense and non sense too! HE IS THE ONE FOR ME” I cheered my love in front of my father and the angles around. “Now that this book you write is personal too!” quipped one of the amazers in the reader’s group. And my hands grew cold with that remark. “AMAZERS”, I murmured. “Time for some fire to warm thy souls” I winked.

“Without my father, is there SHALOM? McGee STROM, all the waves are rising higher. And now I ask, “Where is your FAITH?” my Shalom I give to You. Do you know that the devil cannot mange a peaceful Christian? Many quarrels is because of the worries, tensions and the repression of laughter. In all my years of ministry it never has happened. I don’t know why I do this, but, the lord god almighty wants me to paint a scenario. Is it because, there are a few pages still here? Or, is it because, god, is caring for his “Patients”. Sure, it goes on for a long time. The damage is done. And “amazers” have already had too much of the WORLD busy observing the promotions, the meals, the exercises, the healthy life, the pleasures instead of believing the man with an argument is no match for a man with an experience. FAITH is the way of LIFE and LIFESTYLE. FAITH is GOD LORD ALMIGHTY brings Absolute Victory.

I looked at my father and I can tell you, our track record looked pretty good over the time to build and prepare the global 24 hour line building “Trust and Results”. Shifting the culture, we were ALL making it happen. And Rod Parsley, was composed, smiling and sharing his sermon and he said, “God has a word for you”, and I knew the reality of persecutions he had been through. Regardless of how overwhelming the situations were, the instructions were followed by uncommon faith. And I smiled. “HE IS ABLE” I looked at my father as I wrote. “His faith, did get your attention and the super natural healing!” I wrote. “What did he do so special that he gets the seat here?” quipped one of the Amazer. “Trying to challenge the believer?” quipped another. And “HEOW”, “GROWL”, the cats and dogs and the laughter all around looking the cheesy fight. Everybody fights for a piece of bread. For, is the bread not a WAY of life? “ELECT!” and they try pleasing each other, while somebody Else pops his ears and makes the quick profit of the bait. The phone rings, the dog barks, the laughter continues, late nights, sleepless nights, tasteless food, nobody to listen to the stories and “the Amazers” run all around, drowned in water. Just when the bell rings, the door knocks, the phone ring, my father sends me to collect all the sheep left behind in deep waters. “So, what is the trick all about?” spoke a serious amazer.

“Did you understand?” asked prince, as he chomped his food, gulping water and we watched and laughed as we stayed amazed at the tricky TV. The next programme is “Shaun the sheep” he made his ice wise audible. And I know it’s the most famous kid’s trick. The extra chip and the long rope, put right in the middle of the conversation. “I love Shaun the sheep!” I smiled as we learnt the secrets of the magic trick in the secret zone, and just when we thought we knew it, because he taught us, the magician surprised us, with another advanced bettered trick, and our jaws dropped. Hmm, after being amazed for a good couple of minutes, “So, mummy, MAGIC is never real!” my prince shared his newly acquired wisdom. So, when all the rest of the sheep were peaceful, the Amazers, were still out there, enjoying the last few cheers in the night.

And just before the day break and the morning crow, the lord god almighty launched a frantic search for the babies of the sheep. “Naah… it ain’t a lamb, but a just born baby!” I screamed frantically as I swathe tight rope walk which the “Amazers”

Were trying hard to get it ALL, the balance, the circus, the trampoline act, the drums, the noise, the cannon blowing the babies, just then, they all heard the whistle. And immediately one after the other lined up. The “Amazers” faced the biggest threat. Nobody within the system offered hope. As the red cloth was waved by the Amazers, being thrown down by the enemy, the raging bull absolutely had no mercy when it began going on a rampage. But the TEAM of the angels were busy issuing the penalty card to the enemies. And as the Amazers ran scattered, helter shelter, in the kingdom of God, we were busy mastering the Bull fight. Don’t be fooled thinking its real, I AM just having fun with Shaun the sheep.

Does it sound familiar? It is already happening and we are right behind. The “Amazers” are too perplexed and don’t know what is happening. Read and ponder. “There is no compulsion in religion.” Said one. And because the amazers feared for their lives, they formed their army, against the Jews and the Christians, the Hindus and the Muslims. From the longest chapters the skipped and ignored the progressive revelation, trying to supersede and subject and reject any reconciliation. Digest it. “Is ISLAAM a religion of peace?” I ask the Amazers.

When you read this book, you will never again believe the lie. They do exactly what the Satan asks them to. And it is an internal membrance with sin. “Destroying and Fighting” and the intelligence sources say 1.5 billion people, come under the static of brutal and harsh leadership which they are willing to serve. Understand then, it is a serious situation. For, we serve a loving God, who gives an opportunity to choose. And many just believe in some guy. Called JESUS, while others simply say, “I AM a Christian”, while few chide me away, “You don’t understand Quran because you don’t speak the classic Arabic” and I look at them. “NONSENSE!”, let me tell you. First of all, there have been enough terrorists attacks. 28 to be precise, after the 9-11 incident in U.S alone. And you Amazers may be great at reporting and presenting the facts about public and government, all over internet, but never concerned about the Resonance. Surely you are forthright and brief, intercepting emails and alerts, yet while you were advocating, none of them in the Amazers detected the coming. Why were they caught so unaware and were being in the watch list? Why didn’t they stop the radicals? Because, they were not willing to offend the Islam radicals. Why? Because the amazers thought that nobody will enter their zone or be a threat to their family. They did not understand, that they will be attacked. And the enemy was after them. “We can do it with 4 pound of Anthrax!” the enemy was busy plotting while the amazers were being brought into the lies of the Satan. “Multi Culturilism”, “Tolerance” are the words and propaganda, while brain washing the infidels by the school of clerics. Funded well by all over the Muslim mafia, Islamic cultural centers, “Infiltration of Islam”, the least marvel the planet expected was the strangest teens of All! the X-men from the hidden years of brotherhood.

“But we can live in the Super Natural realm. Oh! It ain’t any mystical kingdom. But in other words, living the ordinary life Knowing the Lord God Almighty, a place, where you can be at two places, once. Lets go to Genesis chapter-15. “Abundant Compensation” should resemble god’s word and its value of special time with god.

Just then I interrupted. “Father, me sleepy now” I yawned. And the Amazers continued being amazed. “I don’t know exactly how to describe this peace, but I can talk to you in between while we tread and most of the LIFE lies in between. Its all not that difficult to obey God. Trust me, I have a testimony. The miracle I have worked it out and how god delivered me. But, it takes more faith because you may have to get over the “Feel”, the “touchy”, the “glossy” images of GOD. But, make your mind up. When I come back to you again, may your hope be in your faith. Don’t worry about the impotence of your flesh, and the circumstances but just know this, GOD can reach the deepest pit, for nothing is impossible with GOD. Be a partner. For, it’s a “Gift of Grace” you receive according to the measure of your faith. There is a waiting time. And god wants to do good things. Just co-operate. And nope, you ain’t dumb, but attacked by doubt and unbelief. Don’t waiver and give praise and sing glory to god. You child like faith and your confession is the basis of your victory. Just speak out bud in your car or in your dry bones, don’t be lazy. Open your mouth for David did not defeat Goliath with his mouth shut. You lost joy and your lost peace will be found in believing. Allow GOD to work through your frustrations. I love you. I care for you. Now, can I sleep?” I ended my assurance to the Amazers. “I AM going to be what my father wants me to be” I cheered. “I cant be selfish and happy, Can I ?”, I winked And my father laughed hard. “Good night Father!” I know the process to bring life to the bones.” I spoke in a parable which my readers understood. “Good night sweetheart!” kissed my father. And I sank into a deep sleep


“Hungry for the FULL STORY?” I asked my readers. And they smiled. “Here we go!” I unveiled the reports which kept the momentum of our march of peace and joy. The headlines reads, “ PM Putin says, Russia plans to step up its military strategy on an offensive mode, to keep at par with U.S”; while “scientist gather to avert danger form approaching asteroid called Apophis”.

And I paused as I updated my readers. “APOPHIS?” and I looked at “the Amazers”. Trust me, “Even the Amazers can preach!”, I wrote and I asked my father to make way for me as I started to minister the word to the Amazers.

“Firstly, success can never be measured by size. Success is a continual growth. Its not about building churches but to build the soul first. So that, when god builds “YOU” fist he shall give you the ablity and strength to build your career, your wealth and your family too. There is always a story behind every soul. And GOD resurrects the Dead, and raises the spirit of Living GOD. Every spirit of “scare” and “Fear”, “Backslides” and “Mess”, will be broken in this season. T.D.Jakes too surrendered when he was 19 and is still proving success on the foundational principles in the natural. Isn’t it? Hence, “Revelation of Jesus” is a guarantee for success. And make an investment in your future”, I paused .And I turned to look at my father. “What’s hindering me today father? I feel strange. With blaring loud speakers of devotional songs, of idols and places, crammed with your name, ‘ISHA’, there is a heavy worship, beneath the Fig tree. Look at the irony, the amazers busy with Idols and rituals, while the 3rd floor, where I lift up my hands to the gates of Heave, I see the fig tree with fruits while birds perch all day long. Boy! I AM excited. What is this phenomenal message all about?” I asked my father.

“At times, I get tired and I hate to preach and convince people about your existence. As the Amazers shoo me away, I AM working hard to help them see the frenzy and the mob fury of the injured souls. How can I help them?” I checked with my father. And he smiled. And I answered my own question. “Build your soul first” and I smiled as I sunk into the depth.

Sure, my journey lasted long enough to raise suspicions. And now the constellation was coming together. And the concluding package on mega trends of the future was now a news which would soon become a REALITY. I will prepare the path which my father asks me to do. I know, I will have to build the path for we are born a new and so that we may complete the work, which GOD, ALMIGHTY had pre-arranged, even before the earth and the heavens were laid. I checked my watch and the G.P.S. “Christ in Prophecy” I smiled. “Personal tutor” I said to myself. “The Holy Ghost will show what you need to do. Just have faith and believe”, I said to the Amazers. And I said to my saints, “THE WORD OF LIFE. Can you help the Amazers to stop ignoring the spirit of GOD? “A HUNCH” they call it as. And that is The farthest they can reach to” I smiled at my saints. “Show them THE WAY!” I urged my saints. “I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING”, I rest assured everybody around me and I looked at my father. “I AM READY SIR. AYE! AYE!” I cheered. And my father’s presence I recognized. “BOO!” I screamed and tried to surprise him. And he was no where to be found. “BOO!” just then ALMIGHTY entered and laughed his heart, catching my expression of “White Ghost!”. “One of these days….” I started my “mommy” advice and he winked interrupting me, “Great Promotions lays. Waiting for you” and I completed the sentence. “MY best buddy of a higher level. I LOVE YOU!” I winked and made the puppy face. And like always, the GOD lord Almighty simply fell for my innocence! And I loved it. After all, I AM created in his image!

“Can I be with you forever?” I asked him. And he kissed me as he whispered these very words, “Will you marry me?” and I stood still. “Impress me MORE”, I bit his lips tenderly as I answered that closed ended question with a statement of possibility of the Impossible. “I AM YOURS. AND I WILL KEEP COMING BACK”, I wrote.

“I love Fools experiments” said Charles Darwin. Why did such statements make waves, my ALL knowing father?” I asked my father as I enjoyed soaking in the attention which I had drawn onto myself. “Its because you think of David, who should be here in any minute. And to kill the time and since nothing else interest you other than “LOVE” and “GOD”, you have Enough time on your hands, to ask me these brilliant questions!” smiled father. “He! He!” I laughed at the footage notes he provided. “No laughing matter this is, but friends, GOD is FUNNY and GOD is LOVE”, I wrote upholding my defense and shield against the Amazers. “So if IAM made in your image why then can I not see YOU?” I asked my father. And I saw the reflection of my image in the mirror. “Not like this. I really want to see the Mr. GOD ALMIGHTY, the creator!” I whined. “You have seen me already” he smiled. And I know, I have seen him, against ALL odds. “Not enough” I lamented. “I AM right here” he smiled. “Not like this. I just want you to be …” and I broke down. And he held my hand. “This unseen force, which I know, is YOU, I have a tough time pal”… I tried completing my sentence amidst slow, less, trickling tears. “I think, I can’t be emotional about it”, I throwed my hands in air. “Why do you do this to me?” I asked. “Because, you want me to precisely act out HERO which nobody has ever etched” he smiled as he offered the hanky. “Am I LOVE SICK?” I threw up my hands yet again in air. And then I realized what was bothering me deep. “Its my hormonal change and the time of my cycle. Ofcourse yes! This is what had kept me in mood swings, up and down” I cheered. “Phew!” my father wiped the sweat off his forehead.

And I burst into laughter.

Firstly, I want the readers to understand that is only between ME and MY GOD, so kindly understand, the reader stands as a witness and Sir Creflo Dollar .My apostle is the one who has challenged me, openly in the church on GOD TV, 7:00, 31st night and Sir Dollar asks me, “I challenge, if you spend an hour a day in the time of prayer, with the Almighty, where you thierh is the dead end is the New beginning… and the question is, “God’s plan is to lavish on you”, but how are we supposed to transfer things from the realm of unseen and get it over this side?” and he continued, “My counsel shall stand and All the result”.

Now, when I started, I had declared the results. And things from the ancient times, of what had not happened doesn’t mean that you already hadn’t planned. So, look at Isaiah 48:3. I have declared the former things and I did it so suddenly, that’s already been done and HE did it because HE has the PATH to it!


When I re-read that paragraph, ALL I could understand was, as long I refuse to give up, God will bring forward all the exclusive gifts!

“So, how are you doing?” asked father.

I AM still trying to recover with what I just wrote. Its fabulous. And I prayed along as I started meeting GOD closer and closer in my own living room.

Here’s the piece of exclusive form the young couples heart.

JC : Now that we know the secret and that we know we can partner with GOD and that
We are on break till 4th, why don’t we try to push and finish the work, “Fair and square?” let me try to deepen it for you. We know for sure now that AS WE WRITE and LIVE, we get to reach the END and the NEW beginning soon! We took quite a time to tread this juncture. We do have a short cut right? 5 days. Asteroid as well. Here are the numbers. 6 Billion. 1 Billion is our target. GOD and Bible says 2 Billion will be extended to AMAZERS that’s another 1 Billion more. So, 3 billion. 3 billion wiped out in the rest of the destruction wave. That is ALL we can do. And I tell you, let all your corrupt people in your kingdom be taken out is that David. Think about what you talk. Objective, EVIL people should turn around and give them an opportunity to be good. Remember, Alexander the Great. Look what happened. He had the entire world under his reign. Well almost. Yet, he want satisfied. You know you have power in you and now don’t push it. GREED. And be careful. You cannot control time. So, stop running WILD and restrain. You have your vision so, just start taking responsibility of your life. YOUR SELF. And if we get out of control, than leaving a legacy, you will be just a reformation report, to your enemies. So, pray for everybody because GOD will pass. And in that moment, I wondered. Have I come here with a sword or peace? David questioned me between two opinions. And I stand in the gap between these two people. David says, “If you blot out these people, then blot me out too!”.. Now, I looked at David, HE had overtaken ME. And I transferred the burden to the KING completely.

THIS is my line. Hence, “the king David” has taken on the kingdom. And hence forth, I pronounce, the responsibility to speak the truth and make the attunement for the King David. As I have sinned, my lord, kindly make way. For, truly we Israelites are stiff necked people. And rather than asking for the GLORY of GOD,, and soaking in the reverence of the Lord, my sense of weakness and as GOD revealed to me the areas where I was supposed to take responsibility.

JC : “Trust me. Your ways are not my ways. Your right thing is weirdest to me. But I know, though there are hindrances to Multiplication, I know, you will forgive us. And we do know, that we have built the altar of our ancestral GOD, and I AM HERE, I HAVE BEEN FASHIONED THIS WAY. Phew! Are you seeing it or do I need to be more descriptive? Actualizing the Potential. So, what is it that hinders us form reaching the potential?” I asked.

David smiles.

David : Water. “Drink loads of water”. Partnership is not just swimming across the shore, but truly drinking water for survival. There are some creative tools and extra ordinary prophetic act, as we return to MY LAND. I want you to release your father. Incredible thought that you and I can make a difference around the world not only for 1 billion souls. If this is our unique mandate, which is HUGE, then our lord ISHA, will also make the historical announcement catering specifically to change the destiny of the nations.

JC : Does that mean, we righteous, the saints continue to struggle like this? You don’t understand. Establish your kingdom then for revival and restore.

David : This is the insight then you need. Have compassion and mercy in your heart. And be generous on behalf of everyone. And as you start sowing in this direction, GOD will pass. The desert which has not seen trees will see trees. We will follow the vision of god. And we will come together to break bread here, in this desert. Stop praying for Apocalyptic times, will you? And pray for the un-precented and dynamic live events of revival. In all nations, in all tongues, the power of GOD should fall. If the Gospel does not make me jump for joy and then knowing that nothing is impossible for the ultimate event, in bringing freedom love; then don’t you think we need these kind of revolution?

David had always something to share with me. I have known him for 3 years now. A hidden Agenda. What are the riddles in stone? 150 years since the layout of the city of Washington D.C. Does the city has a hidden agenda? United States, the powerful nation on the earth, with many of the great leaders being a part of the secret societies of “Skull and Bones”. Take this and wrestle, Mr.Russell” I smiled as I wrote. 200th anniversary sparked debate why? Of America’s 43 presidents atleast 15 are confirmed to be a part of this society. Laying the corner stone which builds the corn, wine, oil, plenty, refreshment and joy and gladness, AM I holding a hidden meaning?

What hidden meaning does “Corn” have? “Dagon” or the “Fish God”. And we always offered corn, to the fishes. And do you take note of the image of corn being carved onto the ears? And The Obelisk, the Baal’s shaft, they say is the real God and not ISHA according to Masonry. And they secretly worship the Baal. “Cyrus, Baal and Jehovah” isn’t this the entry of the password to the demonic realm “Idolatry and worshipping other Gods”, “Mixing the BAAL, the synonym of SATAN”, here I end all the conflicts. Lot of people don’t have a clue.

The Occult ceremony or a harvest practice? What is the intention of symbols? Symbols Reveal and symbols conceal. “Eyes to see and ears to Hear”, keep this on. The esoteric meaning are many. But to the ancient Egyptians, the priest world say, “the sun is god”. But, the priest knew the spirit which flows through a different level. But, now its easy to talk about. The sun is not the supreme being but the Sirius and the Washington monument. “Sirius” the brightest star in the pyramid. So that the brightest start world cast its evil on the queen, in the pyramid, where she lay. Was not Sirius on eastern building rising, to be witnessed by the Obelisk? The project took over 30 years, and finally set at 555 feet and only the idea which reflects, “Out of many, is ONE!” “What is then a Pentagram?” I asked my father, interrupting the flow.

“Pythagoras”. Greek letters make up its composition. “Sirius” to Egyptians was “DOG GOD”. Or, the keeper of hell. The annual flooding of Nile was mystical. And star, half circle and Obelisk complete the cap stone. The light that illuminates on the Dollar Bill. Is then the Masonic symbol. The dark side of Free Masonry. “Philosophy and new world order”.

“Ancient Atlantis and the East Coast of America”, the mystery school teachings embraced by the America’s assignment with Destiny! “Novus Ordo Sedorum”. Concept of democracy was worse than Hierarchy. The secret dream of classic philosophers, the great work, right unto the play till it is accomplished. The perfected men and the occult promise. This should give a fair chance to the obscure, inherent and visible only to those of ancient mystery religion. Blood oaths are the initiation factor. The rose and the Cross, mixed with element of magic. Pagan and Cross, the Masons used Jesus Christ and yet had pagan gods in Washington. And where exactly was the declaration of Independence by Americans printed and then translated to many European languages, the occult conspiracy operated. The invisible college. My father smiled as I acknowledge the id end the work of the occult.”

“Invisible brotherhood, this is father!” I smiled generously. “What does it mean to be salt?” I asked father. “Is this a good example for the Judges?” Gideon got together 32,000 men. And god came to him and said, “you have too many men”. And so god kept coming to him and reduced to 1000 men and still felt its too many and reduced to 300 men? The more men. The better. Isn’t it. Well, it is done, so that “MAN” will not get credit for this war. 300 is the number, ENOG, when reached the age of 300, walked with GOD. You see, it doesn’t take too many to fight the battle, but a certain kind of 300, who can walk with GOD. My church started with 12 disciples and I called 70 to establish my new testament church. Hence, my Gideon army is the salt of the earth. And salt has 3 usages. To flavour, to preserve as A preservative and salt to treat wounds and infections. Can that be unsavory to eaten without salt? Hence, salt was need to bring flavour to the food. Christians who live righteously, Christians who take hold of GOD in their prayers, Christians who pray effectively and their praises makes acceptable to GOD, this earth then demands the pleasures and praises of GOD. Without the believers of “THE WAY” will there then be “A WAY” to the continual grace and mercy? Hence, we are the salt of the earth. But if we lose our flavour and if ungodly people rule over the city, and because of righteousness sake, facing persecution from the unrighteous, then judgment should come from God against unrighteous. Hence, believers suffered persecution. Because you enter the Heaven, you will be the salt of the earth. So then know the difference between the Egyptians and Israel. God has made a difference between the two.” I wrote and declared.

“Shall I hide from you, the thing which I do?” asked my father. “Listen sweetheart, I AM here. Get out of this city and I need to destroy it now. Leave the city and don’t look back. And as devastation will take place, you will find the pillar of salt, as a testimony, that there was not a single righteous person in this city and only those who are salted in the city will I save. I have heard your prayers”, declared my father, the TRUE GOD LORD ALMIGHTY, the beginning and the end.

And I had no idea what that judgement meant. And it cannot be a myth, I was sure. And I Was beginning to graduate. “Pray everyday, one hour of revival to my home” I wrote. “You must be joking”. Its about to hit, I screamed and I look like a biggest jerk in the world. But “I AM” is a reversal specialist. He uses donkeys like the one which carried to Jerusalem and my animal too felt HOLY! God says, we are in revival. Where in the world will you find people enough to change nations forever? 1. Are your prepared to be a FOOL for GOD? Hmm… I am a fool anyway. 2. Are you prepared to say truthful things of god, when asked? 3. Are you willing to forsake your love ones, to find GOD and then build your ship strong enough to shelter your loves ones on the word? This is LIFE TIME.

“What AM I even writing on the 31st night father?” AM I on wine of love? I like it, I winked. “Listen to me and hear me carefully now”, said father.

And I heard the cheer behind me as I answered the question 2 and question 3, “those questions which had no answer”, I knew, I was heading something DEEP and MYSTICAL. So, this takes looks like “DOING DA VINCI” I screamed hysterically.

“The red and the golden roses” spread through out the states capital and the Library of congress. “Helmet of Invisibility”, the image of 15 ½ feet high, the traditional helmet of Athena at her feet, traced to France. Group of artists known to produce bizarre pictures. Mr. Blake” was sure an inspiration for the cup of Death. Da -Vinci on right, the original cup bearer for the Holy Grail. The Occult conspiracy. “Rose Croix”, “The saintly throng in the form of a Rose”. 77 Myriad upon which the Washington DC was built. The crucial emblem, high up in the ceiling, isn’t it the Black double headed Phoenix Psalm 17:8 whose wings are providing the protection?” “The Lost Empire of Atlantis”, whose source of inspiration is this Moses holding the two tablets; etched on the court building, on the east, Atlantis is significant to understand the secret society. Masonry beyond the light. Bacon and the secret societies. This secret society believed in Magic based on “Enocian Magic” prevalent in Hermis. The first to discover Zodiac. “As above, so below”, Human being is a giant Version of the Universe central concept in the Occulta

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The symbol of David (When the Base remove)
The Star of David

Azoteric believe the same can be found in nature. Then this is mind, consider the reflecting monuments in the capital. “As above, so below”, in alignment with the star. “Architecture to the Ancients”, Washington D.C, did have some strong spiritual energy, the spiritual beings who ruled the stars. Were the street plan, number of architects, influence of Free Masonry, did play a pivotal role? Clearly, Washington D.C authority of “Father of the Nation”, beginning with its design. The President when the plan was concealed, so much so, when minor changes were suggested he would ensure his original plan, L’Enfants master plan, particular at odds with Jefferson. Was he not along with Benjamin Banaker, interested in Astronomy? David Ovason, “The real mystery lies in Federal triangle.”

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Pythagorean theorem

Unique and mysterious in Masonry why? 47th theorem, the sum of the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the sides in the right angles triangles.

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Federal Triangle

Divine child is supposed to be coming together of the synergy of masculine and Feminine. Yin and Yang. Mystical concept of Kabbalah. The Arabic, “ALCHEMY” => The Chemistry, the Divine Chemistry, “ALCHEMIAH”, symbolic expression of “Chemical Wedding”, “Study the Past”, the make and Female, seems to be repeated again and again in the city of Washington D.C.

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15th street. The boy scout Memorial. The Divine offspring. Idea to receive the help form heavenly powers. Look in Pennsylvania Avenue. The General, the golden stand of victory above the head, representing to accomplish what they did, they had the power of skull and cross bones. Consider the “Halo” and the Christ’s image. Perfect symbol of Replica of Freedom. The virgin who symbolizes the purity. And the “Goddess of

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Liberty”. Alignment with the signs of Zodiac and star Maps representing the heavens, symbols of the sky, Arithmetic, Geometry, art, astronomy, music, complete idiots guide to Free Masonry. “Well tried Morriss”, I, JESUS planned. “Anti Masons” was the group 1 and “Pro Masons” was the group 2. Dark side of Free Masonry. Clever tactics to hide the secret rituals. “Drinking wine out the skull”, we have been there, seen it. “Word Game” for how long, I wonder.

“What will the consequence be for America’s Destiny?”, is there a Masonic Agenda? Holy blood and the Holy Grail. Chasing a shadow. Area -51 in New Mexico. “Albert Pike” says, 19th century free masonry, Morals and Dogma, for Scottish Rites only, “An advance towards the light”; “Lucifer”, spirit of darkness, doubt it NOT!”, does it continue to haunt the Lost keys to Masonry. Down town Washington D.C, Pike is shown with the maiden beneath. He is the central Focus of the Head quarters of the Masonry, the temple, 13 courses of Masonry, the 13 steps, 13 Blocks, the seal of Power in the American Government. 13 Blocks exactly off the Temple and the white House. Strange? 13 steps in the Dollar Bill to the Apex of the Pyramid, 13 colonies and as I unveiled, I JESUS, wrote, “GOD BLESS AMERICA” walk by faith along with me and I will do the greater works in my Father’s name. “If you have seen me, You have seen my father” and I, JESUS pounded the hammer.

Only two shall enter. And its “Caleb and Joshua” who were permitted to move ahead, as the David is defeated. “Lack of Knowledge and Ignorance”, in these very times, its “FAITH”. “FAITH” is recalling the word of GOD. “I think WE CAN TAKE IT”, I looked at my father, as I smiled along with David. Keep your eyes on the Lord” the words lingered deep and though sometimes its not immediate, it will happen. 700 years before, god promised that out of Bethlehem, will the Messiah be born and God always there to bring JESUS into the exact timing. Perfectly timed, in the Fullness of Time, Omnipresence is in Absolute control. His sovereignty rules over ALL.

“So, Christmas is all about being sure that you have given yourself to the heavenly father”, and living a godly life and showing how grateful we are to become HUMAN, sealed by the father and come back again soberly understanding what this MANGER is all about. Now that I have told you the truth, the offer of salvation is NOW. I AM who I say I AM. I AM the channel of GOD. And now can you say “NO” to me. And honestly, its only your unbelief that’s going to separate you forever. And it doesn’t make a difference, how famous the doctors are, or how intelligent the Satan is, but as long as you understand the TRUTH, you will strengthen your relationship in me, the Author and you will be the one touched by GOD’s word. THE LIGHT OF THE PATH. Life’s principles and Life’s paths. Where can I go and what can I achieve, if I accomplish the most and reach the Full potential of God?

“Stunning Photography”, isn’t this enough to live by faith? And what David showed and explained to me was no less than the reminder that heavenly father cares about every single detail. He said, “Its not just your prayer, but there are 6 billion prayers too which reaches the Heavenly father. And God begins to work in Their life. This is the WORK OF GOD and not the WORK OF MAN. Hence, thank god and lets look at the ways and principles and live LIFE the very best. Our intimacy with god is to obey GOD, and leave it to me. “DON’T PUSH IT!”. This is the reality of “GOOD LIFE!”, smiled David.

And I loved it when he explained and we thoroughly enjoyed the conversation of DA –VINCI’S DOING, never done before, the son and the father, launching at each other, both ways. And the ideas and the concepts taking risks and taking chances, David shared his concept of the Trajectory and the Earth’s orbit and he drow like “Roarh” in fountain head, the crazy scientist, who loved the cookies of the Defense, the system, the project, the depth and I heard when David suddenly came along and absorbed me. “No Kidding!”, I said to myself. Maybe, time to go along with David who is a little “techno organic”. I think I can trust him. And just then the cold breeze blew, and the Happy Birds Flew, and the head sang a new tune. “TIME TO EMBRACE DAVID”, I thought to myself as I walked along. And all along the thought lingered in me through out. You know what; I cannot take credit for this work I do. And its because, there are so many parallel lines which is interceding with each other. My GOD T.V angels, really pushed it hard this time. And I AM still in cold sweat. Your daring documentary of Black and White of the “ Picture picture picture” eye and the Masonry and the quickness of it to unlock the Lucifer’s mask and the Amalgam, the unseen force which brings me in contact with Rosy and Wendy, millions and billions, the trained ear, the observing eye, the working hand, the thinking brain, the smiling lips and a loving heart, sure, this had gone beyond me and now I want
The readers to seriously sink into the deep reality. WE ARE TOGETHER. Though you see only the author’s work, the work is not the Author’s alone but the angles of god and the Blue Print of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. “Am I making any sense?” I sighed and looked at my father. And he smiled. “Shall I sleep, for 10 minutes?” I asked him. And he replied, “That’s not a bad idea” and I JESUS, took a break.

Than the clever work and the careful plot of the Masonry and the foolish word call “DEMOCRACY”, I thought, I simply was wasting and venting my energy. Hence, I decided to close the door of this city which had no values of my father, called “GOD” and the only thing I could find solace was the silence of David, my love. His secrets opened the box to my silent heart. The father we walked together, the closer we blend and the symphony. This was my Christmas Gift to him. I drove a greeting card with a tree, titled peace and joy. And inside lay the hidden treasure. A message form his father, which I wrote inside the card.

“Famine comes to the Righteous.” But god says, “I AM with you in this land. Stay here and I will bless you”.

Take hold of god’s promise and believe. Even though the conditions remain impossible for a long ITME; it will come to pass because YOU have sown a seed in the land of dead. And when GOD says HE CAN; the land of dead will come alive, green and a harvest of hundred fold return, this same year!!

Sow into your promise. The words are Alive. Sow to the source. Merry Christmas.

2009 –

And we decked the house with Bells and Chimes, a tree loaded with toffees and Santa. Sure, did we have a lovely Christmas. And David ensured we did, with chipping in extra of 4k, to run the show for the mouth of Jan. that should give us enough to eat. I turned and looked at my father. “HOLY WAR!” sure this is, as I thanked my father. David had got twice his normal salary, as it was BONUS. Hence, as David prospered his family too. I wrote and I paused.

Science will be able to reveal the truth. Always. Mayans believed that a person had t go through 13 steps in order to reach heaven. “The pyramid of the sun” is one of the ancient largest structures in Mexico. Do you know what the name “Teotihuacan” means? It means “the place where men become Gods”. Archaeological evidence suggests the “Teotihuacan” was a place where many races and cultures lived. This includes Zapotec, Mixtec, Maya and Nahua peoples. In the centre of the city stood the “Citadel/Cindadela” which was a massive rectangular enclosure that contained a large plaza and served as the city’s administrative centre. A central road runs though it, called “Avenue of the Dead”. This is also flanked by, “Pyramid of the sun”, “Pyramid of the Moon”, “Temple of Quetzalcoatl/ Temple of the feathered serpent”. And mind you, a violent earthquake shook the land, giant waves rolled over the shores and the island sank into the sea, never to be seen again.

Now, why were the Tenochtitlan a scary place? Temple walls covered with dried blood and rachs containing human skulls- there were actually around 1,36,000 on one rach! The city centre with stone palaces, pyramids, temples and Towers, was dedicated to god’s Mayans, particularly when a new ruler came to power, was to add onto the tops of buildings, instead of pulling them down and rebuilding them. Some buildings in Tihal have more than ten smaller ones built on top of them!

Taking all this into consideration, there are amazers, who don’t believe this. Maybe in future of Eternity, science of this book in complete form should reveal the TRUTH. Surely, “Revelation of JESUS”, will be indeed stepping stone to a great Discovery!! Now why on the earth will there be any other reason for the eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake and always guard close to their chest. Its always been special. Be it the dollar bull or the Masons or the Aztecs or the Mexicans.

People have been searching for Atlantis for centuries and confusion as to whether the last continent of Atlantis really existed. Platce’s intended description of the exact location is vague at best the LOST PARADISE indeed.

And I heard the loudest cheer from my brother, Paul McGuire, “The fall of the Dollar”, which crumbled mightily. “Federal Divine!” I smiled.

And I heard to the latest song as I wrote, “POCKET HINDI POEM HINDI POEM ROCKET!” from the latest movie. I hope mysteries no longer remain as mysterious to mankind anymore. “HINDI POEM HINDI POEM All is well” churned out the next song form 3 IDIOTS. Nope, I haven’t yet watched the movie. But I am catching up with reviews. Surely, I have Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, who stumbled, yet plunged to admire, telling “JESUS was a great Philosopher”. Guess its mutual admiration. And nope, I appreciate your limited zone. And I looked at my father and my David. They knew my addiction and passion of a “Typical Indian Woman of the 20th century of Movies and Music” I smiled as I wrote. And what is the secret behind the mysterious power?

Remember Always :

You must accept his views of your circumstances, then you will have peace, for GOD, will make it REAL!
I cant see what HE is doing but I can trust and Test in his love. And whatever is going on is happening for my good.
He is taking control of me and HE cant fail me. Trust him in the midst of your disappointments, everything will surpass.
Do not bring tomorrow into Today.

Did the world think of believers and righteous as some “Mumbo- Jumbo” and god to be a spirit tucked away in the three letter word? Maybe its time you admit, that GOD gave us this spirit so that we might know that you already have the HOLY GHOST inside you. And this si the only reason. Why we are born together and love flows. GOD wants to reveal something to you. And to accomplish and to know what you get to know, which we speak things in not man’s wisdom, we speak mysteries and plans in an another tongue. And this we do by faith and the enlightment shows up. How much does our heavenly father wants to lavish on us? How much he wants to be close to us?

7 :15 1st January –


Re –Solved – Psalm 99

Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
Samuel was among those who called on his name;
They called on the LORD
And he answered them.
He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;
They kept his statutes and the decrees he gave them.

O Lord our God,
You answered them;
You were to Israel a forgiving God,
Though you punished their misdeeds.

Exalt the Lord Our God
And worship at his Holy Mountain,
For the lord our god is Holy.

The king is mighty, he loves justice –
You have established equity;
In Jacob you have done
What is just and right,
Exalt the lord our God
And worship at his foot stool;
He is Holy.

The lord reigns,
Let the nations tremble;
He sits enthroned between the cheibim
Let the earth shake.
Great is the lord in ZION;

“Deeper and Deeper”, I whispered as I tried to gauge the precise location where I stood in the spiritual realm. “VISIONARY” was how David described me in a word, as he left to the office, kissing me on my forehead and lavishing some on my lips too! And I smile. The other day, when we were watching “PAA” and the Hero and the Heroine, fell in love, abruptly I asked my prince, “Do you find me and David also romancing like this, as in movies?” and without a delay pat came the reply. “Like this only” and a shy smile on my princes lips. And I loved that. “AM SOLD IN YOUR LOVE, MY FATHER. I love David. I love Prince. I love my parents. I love my niece. I love my bro and my sis-in-law. I love my friends. I love my planet. I love my mankind. I love my god. It’s your fault, that you have FASHIONED me THE WAY, I AM supposed to be. I think, it’s a GREAT DESIGN! “What say?” I winked and looked at my father. “Are you referring the GREAT DESIGN to David?” he smiled. And I smiled in silence, in agreement.

Once upon a time, there were two friends. Just like the story of youth of 20th century, urban lifestyle, the Glitz and the wealth ruled the Apex of the Pyramid of life. The fragrance had everything in abundance of Wordily life. While one of the friends, walked the tight rope of the balance act, the other was carefree, in absolute sense. And I paused. “These is a sense of excitement in me, to write EVERYTHING about David, which the readers never know” I smiled gently. “Something strange in me. A feeling that wrenches my heart. And I AM unable to put down David in words. I will be a pathetic author, if I try weaving stories and try portraying him.

For a man who can measure me and call me as a “VISIONARY”, I wonder how will I ever describe him? He is a Rocket scientist. And he embraces science and Religion with ease. And as he grows spiritually, I always see his focus never wavering from what he has learnt on his OWN. His life has always been different from what he is today. But if you followed his LIFE around, then you will know, we were obtained favour in the eyes of the LORD” and I paused.

“Father Can I plant a seed now. Kindly lead me THE WAY. I have your word, which I protect in my heart. I know I am choking here as an author trying on my own. But, I ask you father, please la the steps, so that I can prove that your words are indeed the CORN of the year. Please give me directions and examples” I prayed along as I wrote. And I took another break.

“Too many people on the boat. Hence, this cannot be the time of description rather a time for production. Sweet heart, walk with me and as you deepen your partnership with me, I will ensure the investment of facts” he smiled ad measured me. “Thank you Pal”, I smiled back. “1 million partner 1 billion souls saved” the formula worked out in Jesse Duplantis words.

“What does Dolly Patron require?” asked one of the Amazers. And the Great smoky Mountains, the Indian “O-Aah, O-Aah,,,” “Stop Adding Music for films Gal!” people love American Idol. And I know how sincere you are. “I AM a Rainbow”, for kinder garden, all the different moods of the children, AGELESS, intelligent, charismatic”, why then do you need to se so much of flesh and skin for survival! In mere 5 seconds, I heard you and looked beyond your desperate attempted cleavage and a bad Posture on the table, and the clips from the movies, Dolly, I loved your voice. And I will hug you. I promise I will. And I don’t care anything beyond who you are, what you are. Hence, understand GOD LOVES YOU and please “sing” along will you?”… I smiled as I wrote. And my angels cheered the answer. And I wiped the cold sweat? “Was my communication good? Isolated example this is not. God utilizes people. And rarely, there was a failure here, and it should not be difficult to share information. This requires to be overcome. “Prescreening” in the operation. I checked my GPS. The individual who had the existed visa, but had been matched up with other intelligence source. Clearly, this is serious and should be immediate. Very good people. And will is not lacking. Hence, make the determination. And, launch the coordinated, robust seeking out and get all the sheep. I wrote and I looked at my father.

“I am enjoying the drive! Every single bit!” I said, its time to Join hands and move ahead. And I am abiding to David’s creative ideas, who gives the solution firmly. “Painful realities, Tough cities, Information and Resources, we need to get it out there. “SALT” in the screening Room, sprinkle extra” were the clues revealed t me, in the conversation and the verbatim of David’s Holy Spirit and the Almighty father. And I, JESUS, stand to steer ahead of all the critics. I understand, break down the barriers and also bear the frustration of the communities controlled jobs, mounting bills and we expect a WHOLE NEW CANIBAL. Is having David a mistake up here? I go back to check The word of god. And the says “the plan should be a recognized critical plan” and god surely using his power to breakdown the barriers. It can be only “David” who can never allow people to go hungry to bed. It can be only “David” who can put a robust plan together and make a contributor of each, than spendor”, everybody should be a part of the process and that’s the difference. Why prevent people? From what?” this is the justice, which David speaks, I, JESUS, confirmed the trinity.

“Father, this job is difficult. Being as a critic, and also as a wife, still I need to ensure transparency. What I can do is really keep on toes, wherever the story goes. Go beyond borders,, eh?” I winked. “A lot can happen in 60 seconds… what are you doing next?” I asked my father, ready to be dipped to make history, yet again. Talk in association with the creator himself.

“Who were Magic’s?” I smiled and asked father. Expects studying ancient mystery, people who have a special way of breathing and an ancient Calvian a special cast of priests who are experts in astrology and heavenly science. Masters and priests, “Strange People” who got their knowledge about the king of the Jews. They had to pay an awful price for a gift. Straining on the budget, taxed to death, looking for Palms in the desert, the rapture and the return. The three idiotic comments. RELIGION = Barrier Number 1. AGE = Barrier number 2. WISDOM CAST ON OWN = Barrier over 4 centuries, they have been looking for my coming. Their tireless journey, though they are wealthy has a lot of pain. They come with three different TREASURES, the hidden Manna and why should Jerusalem be worried? Though you knew all the things the prophecy I made, proclaiming the birth of the Messiah and the king of Israel. Let me now confirm the politically correct birth of JESUS. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! They bring gold, frankincense’s and Myrah, giving provision, and we are now supposed to flee Egypt! So, this is the Great Incident, where there is tremendous turmoil in the kingdom.

It’s one year since my birth. Rich heritage of the bible form the beginning. The opportunity to know and die with me on the cross, standing and receiving, the GIFT. Yet, the gift being rejected. Well! I said, “WALK INTO PEACE”. And I meant “RICHLY and ETERNALLY BLESSED”, why then do you systematically stamp me out? I don’t want to be politically correct, neither AM I ashamed, that I worship and I know and follow and I AM accepted by my god. And that is why I am willing to purchase your sins and change your eternal destiny. This is the Christmas gift to every believer of the true god of ISHA, whose son is JESUS CHRIST.

“ANYONE CAN BELONG!” was David’s cry and I added. “WE INVITE YOU TO COME ALONG” and Samuel winked, “COME IN THE CLOSET TO PRAY!” and my father said, “AMEN!”.

“Are you one of those, who thank god, that the kids are finally in bed? Are you one of those kids, who thank god, that their parents are finally going out and giving them an hour more to play? Are you one of those teachers, who thank god, that you are finally done with correcting the work sheets? Are you one of those readers, who thank god, that the book is finally over and you waited and paid long enough to complete it? Are you one of those, who thank God, that you never are the one standing on the stage preaching?” then, you are in the RIGHT GROUP and in the RIGHT GENERATION. “Face book, twitter, blogs, anywhere you can have abundant church. Life for this is our church. Whoever believes in the supreme power, and the omnipresence and the omnipotent, the supreme being, who is our father in heaven, who watches out for you, Life, Grace, Justice are just a few episodes of the many mansions in my father’s house, but he promises to radically change people’s lives for great will the faith movement be but greater will be the experience of the RIGHTEOUS and JUST, in the father!! This is the story of REAL PEOPLE and REAL LIVES. This is the story of the encounter of mankind with the ALMIGHTY, THE SUPREME INFINITE, who brought purpose, direction and intimacy of god’s heart into our lives. The RESULT and the RESPONSIBILITY, that came out of the encounter with ALMIGHTY. And the confident knowing of the precious knowing of the GOD, his divine power, of GLORY and VIRTUE and this is the revelation.

May “Grace and Peace” be multiplied. MULTIPLY. I was engrossed with the way David explained to me about the multiplication and the Radio Active Elements. Can you believe that when the element gets exposed to the atmosphere, then there is a divine empowering, and ALL thins, when you truly encounter, will find “POWER” having gone out from the ABSOLUTE. “HUMAN POWER”, the impoverished, the plunderers, will all these not pertaining to the ALMIGHTY especially have a god encounter and his divine power have given things us to pertaining LIFE and GODLINESS. So, think about, how GOD LIFE is like, a million Lives across the EARTH. THIS should close the GAP. Look at me. I was a lovable rogue. But my father, gave me a mighty catch. And I learnt to walk on the water. And I got it right. Hence, be like PETER, who gets out of the water and gets it right. Don’t go by things of men. Because, Men of god have great power and great knowledge, all thing pertaining and relevant to GOD. Because, he is the point to collide heaven and the earth. It does just means, GOD will work miracles for you, a purpose and a direction, only if you have a confident living. This is what LIFE is all about. KNOW GOD and HE INVADES every part of your life.

“Uranium”, the encounter with the atmosphere, surely per square feet, the concentric circles, roughly 3 ½ hours, over “x” miles, in the blink of the eye. Don’t be surprised. GOD can take away a few. Maybe you will find new realms gathering momentum” spoke David in parables.

“Father”, I screamed hysterically. “I can only understand his gestures, while his parables are too techno-organic parables for me. What on the earth are they? Nuclear explosion.” I … my spine froze. “Its more HIM, LESS, than US. Help me keep the perspective” I wrote myself a prayer, as I continued the journey.

This cross, HIS back, “This is too heavy for mankind”, I gulped along with my readers, as I watched David and the Almighty walk together. My heart cried silently and I prayed hard for my man as the ink began to fade away. “I LOVE YOU, DAVID”, I choked. Whatever the circumstances, the truth is, my ink will find a way to continue till the end, for GOD, the father will make the intercession for us. And we will be praying for the BEST is yet to come.

My apologies, if I get carried away in the spirit of the fire of the Holy Spirit. Because, this is our illustration and we follow the supreme and we trust and we know for sue, something will happen in you spirit too. Before we begin; lets review what were the qualifications Jesus Apostles? They lived b faith and not by sight. As believers, they say to god, “I will strive” and humility is the key form the ambushes. The violin should learn not to just sound excellent but also Check whether its in tune with GOD.

If we think we can manage on our own achievements, then you need to cherish the word of god. Ask with faith. And you can never over load the INFINITE. So, DARE to ask the inappropriate. And OGD will decide HOW TO ACT. Maybe, you have just contradicted your thirst with polluted water. Fever sure will reign in your veins. And “DEATH” and the voice, 8000 kms away, pleading to god, “Slowly recovered”.

“GO TO YOUR FATHER, and tell then what had happened, the Holy Spirit and tell them that WE ARE the INTERCESSORS. And ALL things we heard from our father, we share it with you” and as I wrote, I sunk deep of the strange episode of concern.

The land of Egypt had received their saviour and GOD called onto DAVID, who actually prayed for their forgiveness of their sin. He died for the sin of the idolatry of the Golden Calf of the nationhood. Sure, they broke the Supreme Father’s hart, looking at the people, making their own impotent god, but get the flame of David, who believed in praying on and god knows in whatever lies the BEST. Make NO PETITION but let the heart of those rejoice those who come to the Lord. Mourning is not praying. Morning begin with praying for he is the Never ending glory, the giving of thanks to the kings, to come to the knowledge of the Intercession, that is where, half the work is done. These are the kind of people having FIRE on earth. The RE-GENERATION.

So, what you have? Seen is the WHOLE series, of the FILM. So, what you see next is the REAL and I know it by heart, this I know, I will preach to over 1 million people, and I am hungry to receive that ANNOINTING OF POWER, and I want to be encouraged, I begin to swim in the same river of GOD.

“NEXT WEEK JESUS will step out. So, be absolutely sure. And the sun rose in Madrid, Spain, JESUS, arose and the life, no one comes except through my father.

“God requires obedient people. And if we obey we succeed. We must believe in success and for success whatever you do, you prosper for your faith grows as Universe expands and you will be successful”. Everybody has the same promises. If you know what the Apostles did, you can claim what the Apostles have. Its your fair share of GOD is with us.

Certainly I AM with YOU. Hence don’t try very hard. For, GOD is faithful. And he has never turned his back to his faithful people” and I paused as I wrote.

“PHEW!” I breathed. “Only BELIEVE” believed David. And I was walking with unbelief and doubt, hand in hand. This sure was some frightening experience. And I saw the glory of god with David, as I walked along, I just hoped to meditate on god’s word. “Do not turn left or right. Do not let this book part out of your mouth. So that you do everything written. New conditions and new challenges will arise. There is a difference in knowing the bible and experience the commands and catch the thoughts for you” and I paused again as I wrote.

When nobody Thought, it was the right time, there was one generation who fought back, “TODAY IS THE DAY”, to see the SUN RISE, in wisdom. Even small things speak loud. Hence, critical, pompons, arrogant, one could fill the book with these stumbling blocks, but genuine “LOVE” can cover the SKY. “Endurance”, in hardships and in hard works we don’t do it by great scholarship, but to endure what is not endurable, however, it is not being passive but “ACTIVE”.

When I look back and begin to wonder the greatness of the unknown and yet living on and rejoicing, having nothing and yet having everything, absolute opposite to the world, Infact the real truth is carrying on quietly and humbly for GOD admires and raises up the New breed which the world does not recognize. Infact, even they themselves don’t recognize. Hence, you absolutely need the flame from above.

This is where we go to get going for GOD and to bear the fire of HOLY SPIRIT to be baptized by Liquid Fire of David. And I remembered, therefore, I MUST GO. For, I got a cry out form heaven and earth and the most holy moment has come. David moved ahead with an attitude of “NO FEAR” and left all the cousins of FEAR behind. And form this day forward, “FEAR” on the command of LORD, started to move as the Dominator David plunged forward. “Be of Good cheer!” and Peter got rid of the fear and started walking on water! “The force of faith” and “the burst of faith” were too different levels of faith. A sound mind will never take its eyes off the word of god. I get up everyday and I need to make sure, I have breakfast in the morning, “the WORD OF GOD” to drive the cousin “ANXIETY” of FEAR. And I told myself, another disguise is “STRESS”, And “WORRY”. “Cast out all your fears and hold onto your GOD” said my father. “You will have to go the other way around. “FAITH” comes by hearing and hearing comes form the word of God. Joshua you shall meditate on my word day and night” and my father smiled.

“You see my father delivers from ALL, that includes the valley of Death” said David. And I took his words and chose to believe that he will reach the promised land, for he was trained on the word of god. “I cannot go by how it feels or what is coming against me”, “I cannot go by how it looks either” but all I know is, to WALK BY FAITH, I strengthened the gut, inside of me,
“How to read Job? Read the Prologue, jobs first test, second test, his three friends and what Job spoke when under tremendous pain.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.
The lord gave and the lord has taken away;
May the name of the Lord be praised”.
And when you try to parallel to responses to people in pain, Job is guided by “Eliphaz”, who says these words of salt on the wounds of job.

“Blessed is the man whom GOD corrects;
So do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.
For he wounds, but he also binds up;
He injures, but his hands also heal.
From six calamities he will rescue you;
In seven no harm will befall you.
We have examined this, and it is TRUE.
So hear it and apply it to yourself.”

These words of wisdom have been spoken and recorded, so Much of co-incidences”. I spoke as I looked at my father. Do you know who job was? Job would have given a run for the status of celebrity in today’s world. He owned 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 oxen, 500 donkeys, and had a large number of servants. He was the greatest man among all the people of the east, inviting and holding feasts for his loved ones regularly. The man who had 7 sons, 3 daughters and whose name was “JOB” and a man who feared GOD and shunned evil, a man who was blameless and upright.

“Power shifts from East to West and West to East. How will a person take care during the last days of Prophecy? Not sure. It can be years from now or months form now. But the point is, some who believe are more active in the word and to get it done. Rather, the world thinks and indicate that “I love this book. I agree with the book. There sure are educative possibilities”, scriptural silence, are what most of the amazers are. The moral wrath that the world lives in, which is the serious devastation, I imply that I don’t know what my father’s plan is for America. You can use your imagination. But I know its great opportunity for the church to get back to the “ONES ARE THE EQUALS”. I sure know, that Roman Empire or Constantinople, even if the total collapse takes place, upon this rock, I AM, building my church, to rise to the UNITY, so that we become the united force in these LAST DAYS. And sons and daughters will prophecy and bear the out pouring of the spirit. So, listen this is a documented proof. Don’t judge only by looking at individual nations and countries. Righteous people are the “GAINTS” and form years now, GOD will move major chess pawns on his chess board. And things will take us closer to our LORD, to get us there. So, lets not HANG ON, but keep the process on. “My Redemption” I murmured to myself.

“Economic woes, Pink slips, Economic experts, bail outs, Recessions” all these were the result of the outraged GREED. Regulations, Penalties, No rules, ridiculous amount of money, trading with chancellors. All across the borders, enforcements is a tale of risks. International Boards had not given any suggestions but place their demands of “UNFAIR”. “No Income, No Assets” were a special class of people, because they could not afford “Jobs”. The global government, economically and militarily the people in shock would turn around and finally agree to the radical changes. G-20, Top industrialists, stimulate their economy, and fall along without any objective other than proclaiming what the people behind the scenes would like to do. You reduce the military budget, and use it for Health care, the resentment against America, U.S is very close to being invaded. Stop stationing the troops and defending countries and nations of Europe and the Test, let nations of Europe unite and the unified Roman Empire of 10 nations. And you will see the shift of Europe becoming a super power” and I paused, to regroup my thinking of what the Holy Ghost had shown me.

“I think I need GOD”, I said in sigh. The whole atmosphere of the room had changed. “Do you SEE everything and PLAN everything?” I smiled and asked him. “Do I need to go out and get a Job?” I asked him. “I started writing the book because I wanted people to know you had done for me. And I apologize, if I break the flow form Macroscopic to Microscopic issues, in these LAST DAYS, which my future generation will read. I had a rough beginning with my body too. I woke up in the morning to puke, guess, the BOAT is rocking beyond my approximate” I smiled and looked at him,

“GET ready for some more”, said my father as He grabbed along my hand and I followed, reluctantly as my Body shivered. “Hieroglyphic symbols” are based on Man’s ability to go beyond Zodiac. Number 13 refer to the concept of GOD, shown in Solomon’s Temple. Here’s an interesting puzzle. A number of ill-omen, is far enough to begin. Gensis 14-4, the 13th year, they rebelled. Boston Tea party, 1773, “Rebellion to Tyrants is obedient to GOD” all of this based on the conventional view. 1792, October 13th, the corner stone was laid for white house. And in Scotland, the underground banking operations began along the lines of Irish Masonry. “James Hobon”, 17th year of the independence of United States of America, 4+8+5=17, “Faith and courage gave the New world to the Mankind” and dedicates it to Columbus. The Red cross as he sailed along with the temple of knights, the Ordeal to trample and spit on the cross, worship the three headed Deity. Albert Pike yet again represented WISDOM and POWER, with eyes closed and the eyes opened. “Immortal works in Masonry” what does these belief system signifies? They have buried him in the building the death mask of the notorrons masonry, devoted himself to Free Masonry resulted in the struggle, mysterious and dangerous secret society in the world.

Mr.Russell, studied the “SCULL” the secret warrior of the German society. The secrets and the mandates were made to recouncil with the main stream European movement and stepping into an organized revolution. “Revolutionary Ideology” of 18th and 19th century, through Stalin and Hitler, the Pythagorean theology of religious and philosophical occult, the circle and the triangle, led to further ILLUMINATI. The entire layout of the city of Washington DC is based on the Pythagorean theorem. “Liberal Democracy” important way to give rights to the citizens and the inner circle, compromised the enlightened ones. Separation of church and state separation of men and women. Change the world through the revolutionary movement spreading beyond North Korea, China, Russia and Europe. “No longer are we going to take the orders of the MONARCH’S” was envisioned, by the underground secret society.

“FIRE” lifts up the world and also burns it! 1786 to 1798, the letter acknowledges the full account of ILLUMINATI, Jacobinism, “Librarian of Congress”, find the papers of George Washington. The Jacobinism was spreading wings in America, even if it meant over throwing the New world, trying to declare war, copying the French Revelation. Jefferson embraced the French Revolution and the blood shed. The “Ball of Liberty” was rolled by the illuminate, the truncated Dollar Bill. “Fire in the Minds of Men”, is surely a great Philosophy, an inspiration for Barbarian illuminate. The elite secret society loved the cap of liberty. Several figures of liberty and the cap is carved on top of every carving. Picture picture picture picture. “Aquarius”, the New age, ancient Magi, nevertheless, “Syrius” the star which brings the light, the followers of Persians, “Daniel” who is the chief of the Magi. But prophet Zoroaster, wearing the cap is the “Light of Syrius”, one of the origin of the Pentagram, which leads to the design of Washington D.C.

“To the North of the white house, into the streets of Washington D.C, represents the
Driving force of the Satanic presence of the Pentagram. When used by those who practice magic, pentagram provides protection. The inverted pentagram and placing a Goat Head; the Occult leaders knew the concept of Alchemy. The pentagram symbolizes the 5 chambers of Higher Wisdom. And comes the interesting part. Only a partial pentagram, though symmetrical around the 16th street, and why is not completed? Uncompleted pentagram or a recognized symbol in the Occult of All ages. It that stays you? Why came you in today?” asked Amazers.
Picture picture picture picture Picture picture picture picture
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“GOETHE’S” city of the stars, bears a resemblance of the motion of the Venus. The cycle of Venus hits 5 points, the celestial virgin, was the theory, intentional and Astronomical relations. Venus, does produce a slight irregularity of 2 days, hence a broken pentagram representation. The perfect geometrical symbol for the perfect man, the sun draws back against the zodiac every 72 years, the 7+2=9, a reverse 6, is the symbol of the perfected man. “Messianic Christ”, sitting on the throne, the destiny idol, on Pennsylvania Avenue. On the world stage, independent groups is this the road map to Armageddon?

“Mythreya!” called out ISHA and suddenly I woke up deep. “The world teacher of this age”, chided father. The anti- Christ is not a man, it is an ENERGY. “All these things made it possible for Christ to establish the kingdom of god”, “I myself AM coming. JUSTICE and CIVILIZATION to build this planet or PERISH” I carved the words of my father’s words and the running commentary in the living book of the ALMIGHTY.

“Tell me, what you will be doing 5 years form Now?” asked my father.

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On a scale of 0-10; with absolute loser like clarity, then you got to be specific enough to measure. Level 5 is “I got the IDEA”, below 0, is ME, I smiled as I rated. Surely ‘Picture picture picture picture’ below is ME. EEKS. What then is the purpose of the next season? When I cross over the land, 3 things change. 1.Spoonfed Manna form heaven and now I need to work, cultivate the land.
2.We were led by clouds, winds and suddenly now I need to engage the battle. 3.The wilderness was not GOD wanted us to be in, GOD in is infinite wisdom is coming here. The super Natural, the Mantel calling tonight of super natural miracles and wonders, calling for the transaction. Training young men and women to influence and to demonstrate in every man’s world when this transaction happen. AGE. We are baby boomers. We need to capture the winds and occupy the territory. “What would it look like if we actually MOVE?” if we are hungry for GOD, then believe in the integrity of the passion of intense of worship, and if you could do anything, what would it be?

You might end up living at level 10, of quantum Arena, “Clarity without passion” surrenders to somebody else’s domain. Hence, APATHY

Can be dangerous. Gesture and being passionate. And I just had answered the call from one of the brother. Call him LPO angle. Sorry my typing angel. He is the brother who will get married to the typing angel. And I got a call from him. “Do you have any plans to work?” and I answered with gut feeling, “NO, but I want to” and he said, “We have a part time offer, for content writing. Maybe you can come down” and I said to him, “Trust me, here’s the situation. In such a state, the transaction would be a welcome” and I had to stalk the transaction. And the typing angel I later called up and she precisely explained the job profile and I loved it. “PHEW!”, I wrote the deal as well. Now, father, I need to take hold and manifest your miracle “10”, I rated. And my father smiled, keeping the hands on the mantle, “YOU HAVE ALREADY GOT THE PIECE MISSING. YOU HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE AGENDA. AMEN”, and I know my GOD, I said to myself. I need to play the game at this level.

“Hello!” I checked in approximately later two hours. “Anybody home!” I said, “Well, its actually one hour”, smiled father. “Excuse me you are speaking to the nearly appointed LPO = content client specialist” howz that?” I need to listen to two wave files, examine the sample writing and the finally last one, listen and present. So, need to report, I pray that it will be work from home. Thank you, my father, my almighty. Your continued generosity and all I can say is “THANK YOU” I smiled. “PHEW” I paused my own heart. “Its time to stop sweating and start winning” whispered the HOLY GHOST. “I AM the luckiest one to have the personal guide, who saves time, money and energy. So, I was suppose to ASK you, what To do, when I had no stuff and you will bring things to me which I don’t know. So, YOU ARE THE FOURTH MAN, who knows the way out of the fiery furnace! “Wow”, I shouted with JOY.
“You are a GOOD GOD!” and I cheered for my father. “We are going on the right path. And you know what I say when he says he never has any evil plan for me. He does not need resources of the Devil to train us through. Ahh… hence, the need to keep straight ahead. Ahh… I wonder how many times and how may years have I been in this vicinity but never acknowledged the HOLY GHOST. Oh! My god, even the elderly stranger blesses me heart full. Father, I humble myself, I always need you. Just because it’s good things around, just because somebody gives me money and a real deal, allow them t make the “Almighty” the “Element of Holy Ghost” and not me. Allow me to lean on the Holy Spirit and allow it to guide me. Do you know, I even hear, Thomas my dearest friend, the sister of the typing angel, whose telephone I would lover to answer, but only when the Holy spirit guides me,, because it saves time, money and stress, she send me a message telling that, “Hey! I have started reading Bible. And thank you for the boon. God bless you!” and father, I know, as she spends time with you, in you, in her good nights, you, the almighty will give her the “MANNA”, the key to success to get to the point. This is the beauty of personal relationship with the almighty. He will bring us to a place for a pre-planned destined life. When you ask and pray and partner with the guide, you don’t have to be deep and spooky, but classy and faithful, hence I believe, GOOD
LIFE has been already prepared for me. Hence, beyond my limited vision, I speak GOOD LIFE onto me, the things I call to exists here, to get noticed by AUTHORITY and things which exists in the spirit, I call forth form the heavenly forces. I thank you, I have the revelation as a gift and I AM THE WAY. Hence, please get involved with my life father, for I AM inspired to learn in your kingdom. Please let I watch things happening, this ain’t magic. Because, while I was walking along with the Amazers, my father made it a good place for me to be. The purpose in the whole deal, Oh! You his angles, today is 4th of January. Praise the Lord! and the Job knocked the door! So, bless the lord. for those who do his commandments and do his work, who obey and comply and execute the voice of his work and where the angels voiced HIS words, WE got the word. “NO WORD, NO MANNA” you put the word onto your mouth and give a voice to it, you will receive your BLUE PRINT from the angels who are the ministering system.

Do you see what God, the Lord Almighty is doing? We cannot see the angels because they are moving beyond the speed of light and since we cannot travel at the speed of light, we need to activate the angels through speaking to get it done! “HALLELUIAH!” I screamed in joy as I ended the mystery fitting to Sir Creflo Dollar Question. “How is that?” I asked my DAD. “Very impressive my daughter. I AM proud about you”. And my heart dwelled and I looked at the Amazers. And spoke, “Its MY BOOK AND MY SOUL OF FAITHFUL PRIDE. AND I AM not apologetic if I fail to impress you with my humility!” and my mother Grace winked along and she nodded her head, “Oh! Come on Now!”….“And here lies another opportunity too father. The website content is not complete. And they require somebody to put together the content. Hence, the web designer will give the shots and the frames of their current layout and I AM required to contribute the “Layout, Goals, Vision, Mission, Delivery, Promise, Result”, this is the Manual I need to do, I guess. I have not heard form them completely. And hence, I am ready with my basics” I wrote affirmatively to my father. And bang on target, the Amazer asked, “How much are they paying?” and I was clueless. “Here I AM in the desert wandering for so long around the mountains and just before my last breath, I se the Oasis, and run towards the pond to quench my thirst, thanking MY GOD, and the Amazer pops up with the question, “IS THE WATER purified?” and I look upto Amazer. “ I don’t care, even if its polluted. For I know my father brings me to the OASIS and not let me starve dying craving and hoping for a passerby to atleast pee on me!” I answered sternly. “VALUE THE GIFT when it comes to you” take the final decision only after you confirm you know ALL. till then hold on and neither be carried away by the heavy bribe of dreams. GOD will bring everything to pass”, I wrote and I prayed along, as I crushed the Fresh grapes of ego, ready to turn water into wine, the fifth time.

“Be well balanced. Work is good. Rest is good. “Excess” is the devil’s playground”, smiled father. “CAN YOU HELP ME?” I turned and looked around. “No, really, CAN YOU HELP ME?” and the amazers cheered for the first time. 4th of January. I have the opportunity. And I don’t want to miss this opportunity. And I “felt”, I needed to slow down my thinking and lean on wisdom, patience and faith more. This is the absolute truth. The system and the worldly life out there, the bad habits, the “BUSY”, “TOO BUSY” life, I had to learn and find a definite purpose and plan. Somebody who is a workaholic always gets angry at the one who is enjoying life. And it does not take too much time to upset the workaholics. Martha does not enjoy herself, her relationships are bad, her stress levels high and Martha is too busy and overly occupied, excess of Few things, less of many and Martha wonders, “I spent so much doing!” and I quipped adding, “On stuff which is really not important. What you do now, will decide what you have when you get there at the OLD AGE, when its too late to do an of this. There is only one DAY, EVERYDAY, is a precious gift. The present moment, which we have, everyday is not a turmoil, which you have to dress up. Hence, seek the internal kingdom first. Have a decent relationship with GOD first. You may be at a ladder in your WORK and CAREER, but have a greater relationship with the supreme. Let god deal with things that are not cool and HE will show the great relationship beyond things. Hey! DO WHAT REALLY matters. So you see my dear Amazer, just when you clapped for me, what really matters is, I want my father to be proud of me. That is the QUALITY OF LIFE, I ended sensitively as guided by the Holy Spirit. And I continued. “WORK A LITTLE LESS and ACCOMPLISH MORE.”

And I said to my father, “Can someone bring me an empty glass of water. This is going to be powerful. You gotto see it” and I poured water half in the glass. Two glasses. And I poured the

Water from glass to another. See, one glass is full and another empty. “I in You, you in me” first logic. And now the amazers come in. So, then what is god all about? God is the same form glory to glory when the process of ONENESS begins. And the intimate relationship transforms us into ONENESS. Hence, when GOD is in ME, you read the book, I AM in you. For, the experience of DEEP UNION will bring the ONENESS. And that can be never a cheap shadow. When I say ONE SPIRIT, the bride, my god, promises eternal oneness. Hence, for Radical Believers, the spiritual life, is a journey, possessing CHRIST, that is complete surrender to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Then my purpose is to make the “PERFECT UNION” between, YOU, ME and the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. And this is the deep truth of the final Destination, where your spirit is transformed and it leads form UNION to EMERGE. “You are in Me, and now father, you are in me and I AM in them”, I said again. “So the end result will be a merging. And this is the final destination of the bride”, I, JESUS pounded the hammer of judgement on the last set let called the “Amazers”, as the heavenly marriage continued. And no longer could we separate the Amazers from the readers. And then, I heard the cheer form my angels. THAT’S THE END OF THE STORY. HALLELUIAH. IT’S A WEDDING” and Sir Benny Hinn.

JESUS, is the bride and the church the Bridegroom. So, then you will understand this one day. But know this, “I spoke of it!” I winked to my readers. “Don’t loose your personality trying to mix wine with water. ONENESS does not mean pouring wine into water. Rather don’t even try. This is the Coming together into ONE LIFE. If you try understanding in finite wisdom, then I wish you LUCK. But if you try seeing through the spiritual gates, you will know the depths and the presence which penetrates you. And then you will be empowered and enflamed in your soul and mind” I breathed heavy and concluded.

“THAT WAS GOOD!” said father. And I looked at him. “THAT WAS GOOD!” I agreed with him. “100%” signed the Holy Ghost, as I smiled. “Reputation is bigger than Title” I wrote and ended the 4th of January to begin the NEW DAY, a NEW CHANGE and a NEW THEME with a NEW MESSAGE, A NEW TUNE, precisely one year ago, I said, “ Hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem”, singing the tune at this time, partying with the introduction to the “Miracles”. Everybody got in. and finally when god asked in the SLOW MOTION of “Will you marry me?” trust me, I said to him, “I thought you would never ask!”, “YES” and that is why you always requested songs on the radio!” I looked at my father in disbelief. “And every song was dedicated to LOVE isn’t it?” I chided him. And HE Blushed as he whispered, “I AM thankful that there is only ONE JESUS. PHEW!”, he wiped the sweat form his forehead and I burst into laughter. “May this divine moment be etched in the purity. And this is the theme of LIFE”, I prayed and my father said AMEN, as he kissed on my forehead.

“Why do people become so interested in THE END? And the coming of the LORD?” I looked at my father as one of the readers asked me. “And we have 20 more chapters to read!” said another. And I said to myself, “Champions. Please don’t disturb me. I just have 19 more chapters. And let me have my time with my fathers opinions to soak and the meditate” and I read the BIBLE, the light of GOD. “DON’T QUIT”, I ended.


“Good Morning my Father!” I cheered the loudest. “Come and Fill me AGAIN!” I shouted the loudest. “My salvation is in YOU” I pronounced the loudest and “I LOVE YOU!” my father roared the mightiest. “No one But you!” he assured the strongest. And I broke down, clenching my heart, “GOD, your beauty, the POWER around your name, the STRENGTH of your name, the LOVE in your grace, “ISHA”!” I don’t know what do I call this WONDER”, I smiled with tears trickling and the planet shaking.

“He who ENDURES till THE END, shall be saved” reassured the Holy Ghost. It is not a play ground but a carnial battleground. “Thought Processes or Reasoning” is the biggest betrayal to the love of god, hence, “I don’t care, how much will they pay, or the umpteen intimidating reasoning; in the last days, many (that is 51%) atleast, will be offended and many false prophets will deceive and that SCARY!” I was looking at the wolves in the sheep’s clothing. “But, I have learned about Hyenas. The sheep are protected when I herd but when isolation happens in the thought Processes, then, you become a LAW onto yourself. And this offense will lead to lawlessness. And hence, the WORLD OF CHURCH cannot see, the enemy approaching. Because, “WE” set ourselves up by falling short of ones own expectations. If you want to walk with GOD, then you don’t have the right to be offended. “You punch ME, I punch you”, 490 times, once every 3 minutes, the forgiveness needs to be INEXHAUSTIBLE”, I wrote my NEW MESSAGE to begin the NEW EVERY DAY.

“We were forgiven the un-payable DEBT. And now ,How does it what our master pays us?” do you see the scenario which my father paints? Look at the world. We have categorized sin. And hence we cannot sit and comment, “We deserve to burn in HELL!” because, when you realize, you have been forgiven, it doesn’t matter to you because, you will have abundant Mercy to give” I explained to the church. “GOD commands us to FORGIVE exactly the way HE has FORGIVEN us”. Hence, every single parable; I speak and the every single prayer; I pray the WAY I have been forgiven by my father, so will YOU. Hence, realize that the sin of unforgiveness of a deep wounding effect is not a ROUTINE” but a ROTTING TOUTINE”, I wrote.

“AM I offended?” I asked the Holy Ghost and I heard the loudest voice “YES” and I smiled at the HOLY GHOST. “No wonder I AM tormented”, I chuckled. And I exercised and ran out fast enough to bring some more WATER and SALT. And my angels and readers laughed the hardest. And just like the SNAP of the fracture, the physiotherapist, I poured a little more water and a little more salt, for I wanted to be in a perfect shape for ht spiritual war. “So, what NEXT?” I asked the Holy Ghost. “You look like a SUMO WRESTLER” chided the Holy Ghost. “Nothing can offend you. NOTHING” the Holy Ghost smiled. And I knew, I had to continue to pray to anyone, who abuses me. “I AM” I nodded and prayed. And I looked at my father with thankfulness.

“What is Man that you make so much of him, that you give him so much attention, that you examine him every morning and test him every moment? Surely, my beginning seem humble, but will not the prosperous, the Future be?”

“Our days on earth are but a shadow, but our maker is the LIGHT. So, my father as I loosened my tightened brasseries in the New company, fucked away, but started on the young minds I prayed that let the first seed explode. “AMEN” said the Holy Ghost and the father, as I leaned on the spirit of the Almighty completely. “Its FUN!”, the goose bumps, the chills but the calmness and peace ALL in ONE. “That’s the Fun! Okay Now, fasten your belt!” said father and he released his blessings of wisdom and wealth, a deadly sword, ALWAYS!

Eegads, I had load of fun and continue to have fun. The word of god is full of power, energizing, active, operative, sharper, that it will penetrate the dividing line of the soul and the spirit. So which is deeper? The bone or the marrow? The thoughts or the intents of the heart? Psychology is limited. Medicines may speak to bones but needs to find a way to marrow. So, real change will really takes place only when you treat the individuals you meet with respect, love and honour”. As I ended my over the board spiritual transcription, I smiled at father. And asked him, 60,000/-, 2 weeks, can I generated this content for the company to lay its foundations? I checked with my father and waited for his approval. This is going to be my first deal as a consultant. What say? I winked. “Please father along the way as I write and not wavering focus. What say”, I danced around him like a little kid. And my father smiled.

“You need to Rest” said my father as he carefully showcased the shoulder pain, I was carrying along today. Ahh… I think some tea, hot water bag and a bible, should help to be a hidden manna. What say?” I checked on the plan the Holy Ghost revealed and I like it. “This fits well!” I reconfirmed as I headed for some REST, to plan the day ahead of surprise.

And my father popped the first question after I rested well and returned. “How did you arrive at 60,000 <-> 2 weeks?” asked my father. And I was nervous as I answered that question. “What I gauge from the beginnings of the company is, “The organization need a world class content at a “reasonable” cost. And I am aware that in the current scenario, the willingness to spend on a “Content” or a “piece of article” is not more than 15,000/-. And it is because, the organization just like all the developing mindset, places its importance on the glossy furniture’s and the talks of “business” and has not get any business codes, conducts, policies or any of the introduction to project or to be showcased at eh the international period, as they lay the foundations to its company on Jan 14th. Hence, when I represent the idea of a “CONSULTANT”, I AM really planning to how well I can incorporate my learning and experiences in alignment to the program Management and “Lean Sigma” principles and to (51%) listen to my sponsors and the management, while (49%) is my input. And though I was tempted to call the shots at 1.5 lakhs as a fee for the role of the consultant, I was further guided by the Holy Ghost, which corrected my value assessment. The WORK should fetch the WORTH, and net the other way round. Hence, doing the presentation first and then out for the result which needs the sponsor’ s attention and most importantly to ensure and to empower the organization with value added, bricks of your VOICE and CHANGE. Hence, as the Holy Ghost helped me along the way, I have arrived at this number. “I concluded my assessment of the Net wroth of my first would be project. “GREAT IS MY GOD” “ I wrote as I appreciated the help offered by my father, to Channelize my thoughts and actions wrapped in line trembling in my “Initiation Phase” of spirituality with the business strategy. The framework for a successful program recognizes that External forces will inevitably present risk and potential change.

These Risks are proactively sought out early and approaches for managing them identified as we define the measurement process for the ongoing program by are the vital criteria’s in any area when you begin. “PHEW!”, “Will you pray for me my readers? I AM a nervous wreck before 5 hours form presentation. And I AM relying heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide me. Tell this to nay other, “Worldly Corporate Individual” and he will laugh at the approach and ideology. I think, even I would have, if I hadn’t know the “secret path of the Super Natural”. Hence, when I surprised myself, for the first time, in the interview not just witnessing my own confidence and self esteem merge but my “Self worth too Emerge”. I loved it, when I knew, I had spoken well to make my father proud. When I gained the confidence from the people interviewing me for a part time of a content writer to that of a “Management consultant”. Hence, I share the joy which I share with my father. So, will you walk along with me as I proactively set ahead in the path which my father lays for the mankind? Lets continue the rhythm we are singing, for I AM sure, the longing will be worth when joy breaks into song and praise, as we together walk to meet the LORD of the Hosts of nations, of mountains, of seas, of varieties, of Ages, HE WIL COEM IN GLORY and STRENGTH”, I smiled and ended my letter of my readers.

“CLEAR VISION. I THNK ITS GREAT AND WELL DONE!” appreciated my father. “Well then I also boldly seek for your prophetic calling to release me into this unprecedented relentenless affection of the Almighty”. I pushed my rosy affection of sentences to impress my father. “Know this my daughter. I will move in profound and empowered prayers. Hence as long as you pray. There will be a move of god’s spirit” and I could see what had begun from the birth of the prayer and as a prophet, never had I seen a corporate worldwide calling in god’s plan, for the ultimate, ye to happen. Surely, you need to approach in style of peace and calmness” guided my father.

And just then I received the call form the clients. And the meeting was set to Monday. Next week, 12th of January. And I smiled as I soothed my nerves. “Even the invisible readers prayers work. And the 5 hours of rush up presentation required precisely 5 days of work. Hence, the perfect fulfillment. What amazes me is what if I moved along with my invisible readers prayers, then maybe, WE CAN BECOME THE SATAN’S ENEMY! How’s that!” I cheered as I wrote. This should be an absolute warning that GOD speaks to a WOMAN and it is a WOMAN who gets her value form her MAN, who GOD chooses. Hence everything that flows to seek GOD, should not cause the dysfunction of devastating consequences of who the soul is dressed as “MALE” or “FEMALE”, how should it matter as long as you know that the seed has been grafted by GOD and everything is contained in the seed. And in the seed contains the “MESSIAH”. Oh! How much Satan tries to give the disillusionments, the seed place with us, is beginning to explode, the very word of god, his plans to restore a woman’s wounded life, god was setting the WOMAN free!” I sang loud with my Woman body of Christ. “Praise the Lord” cheered ALL.

“My heart is to reach people. And in the world full of books n the markets, will there be a place for YOUR’S?” I asked him. And he smiled. He laughed. And his laughter continued massive, louder than the over cast skies. “BLESS and HOPE”, I pinched him hard, “How close are we?” I asked him as he continued his laughter. “Closer than Before” he laughed hard. And I said, “This is no brainier. Even a blind man can see that!” and my father continued laughing. And finally I said to him, if we could all come together, and together on a global scale, to be happy enough to eat and enjoy as globalism barriers of world governments, world economy and aw world religion crumbles its just a rapture of GOD, we need to come together as Unite Nations, the REAL and not the counterfeit and the obsolete” I sighed.

“Multitudes will come to CHRIST which no man can number” spoke father Sternly and filled with mercy. “From every tongue, tribe and nation” said my father. “Everybody needs to make up their mind before the MILLENIUM” revealed the Holy Ghost to me.

And just then one of the left behind, just before I started asked, “How can one man’s blood sacrifice be enough to cleanse and serve all Man’s sins in the world?”

And filled with tears, holding my thoughts carefully, composing myself, channellising my super natural Realm, I asked him, as I smiled, “How strong are you willing to SURVIVE?” I asked him as I gulped and I murmed to myself, carefully breathing heavy through the pages as the cold waves began to sweep my feet. I knew it was “TIME TO GO A”, as I checked my clock, I know I had precisely 10 minutes to each out to
This “not born” Christian for he asked, “How can ones man’s blood sacrifice be enough to cleanse and serve all man’s sins in the world?”

And I told him, “Plain truth brother I speak. For I have exactly 8 minutes as a consultant and not a minute more than that. And you have exactly 1 minute to decide and 1 minute to APPLY. And I AM going to be very quick. So, before I begin, are you willing to survive?” I asked him again. And he was shivering badly as the coldness and the trembling in his heart began knowing the sudden TRUTH of life, that the RAPTURE I s this moment. And though the TRUTH would have knocked the door the every REAL moment of his LIFE, he never in his wildest dreams thought it will be HIM, in this way, caught completely unaware.

And my shoulders weighed down very heavily the burden though not too heavy for the stomach. “Can continue” I thought to myself through my weakened eyes. “Hey!” I cheered him, “You know what very simply. JESUS was actually a messenger correct. So, he said, HE IS THE ONLY WAY” and I looked at my father. “Hey! Father I know the answer! What came first?” the HEN or the EGG? “Wee!! It’s the EGG! Father it’s the EGG. APPLY science father. Because everything begins with a single cell. Now apply spirituality to it. Everything begins with the seed. And now apply some bitter common sense. “How come that never struck me before!” Eegad! And I realized that I had spoken loud enough for the BOAT to hear, as I regretted my folly and I breathed heavy, I looked at eh watch. I had surpassed the minute more “10 minutes” UP! “So, shall we leave?”

I asked him. And even without a second more of question, he hopped on and he asked me whispering. “Well actually I did not hear what you spoke. I thought “I just asked a right question to survive!” and as I looked at him, I laughed, hard and looked at my father. I slowly sunk into my silent smile, what do you class this smile, Mr. DA VINCI? “The agony of smile!”?? And I left city, never to turn back.

“CLEAR VISION. I THINK IT’S GREAT and WELL DONE!” Were the words of appreciation which I had received from my father. And I loosened my tightened brasseries. What on the earth are these torments for? Either I AM growing FAT or I need to go for bigger size” I murmed to myself. “Hey! Busted in front of the readers” I winked as the Lord Almighty like always, like King David, hadn’t spared me too. “How do I explain what is the purity of love and a Man and a woman. Will mankind ever be cleansed enough to understand the heart of LOVE and the depth of making divine love?”, “isn’t it LOVE and the BODY which are the identity of a WOMAN? Isn’t she supposed to be worshipped in this kingdom? Isn’t she supposed to be as a character for the role of WOMAN which she plays?” I looked at my father. And the trumpets were sounding. And I looked at he 5, hundred notes which lay on the bed.

I had given my heavy advices and delivered the love messages, just before DAVID left to the office. He has been battling in the realm of his co-worker having hacked into his computer. And since David’s friend had tagged onto the communicator status, the moment was captured by the video camera installed in the building, the screen shot of ‘David’s’ log in status while David was still on the way to the office, David spoke over the

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Friend, an eye witness too. So the hacker caught in the act has been moved to the other process, with a promotion. David had sent mail prior his vacation of Jan 4th. Precisely, 28th Dec. Hmm.. Not sure about the date. But that’s not he point. The hacker is the same guy who had thrown the ball, intentionally into the courts of David. Hence, as David knows the manager and the hacker; close enough that financial; transactions have been seen often between the hacker and the manager. The hacker having 7 years of experience and David being 4 years in the process, however, the cold war of words in chaotic conference rooms, the silent kill was about to begin. And knowing David and the readers now having accepted to my “unprecented’ ways, I was looking forward to the UNFOLD of the REAL CHRIST. Yep, its JESUS and CHRIST you see. So, it’s JESUS CHRIST, the author of this book. I winked as I loved the surprise sure look on the readers face.

“If you give me 500/- then I can go to the parlour!” I stood at the door exit, which sprung David totally out of action, as he was just recovering from the tender kiss I had laid as we kissed just before he rushed the office amidst all the chaotic running since sometime now. So my readers TIME for ME TO REST. MY SABBATH and MY REQUIREMENT. Hence love you all! till we meet again. Bye for Eternal!! Hey! I meant to city and not the BOAT… I winked as I chuckled at the liner, just then Samuel quipped, “Mummy, nobody will understand your jokes!” and I made the desperate attempt to curse at his timing. “No baby. They will laugh yeah. Trust me yeah!” and I continued, “AM I that bad with my jokes?”, “YEAH MOM” he approved nodding his head a little too hard. And we burst into laughter.

And as I relaxed, I checked the watch. Its 2.30 and I don’t feel like going to the parlour but have food and rest at home. So I sent the message to David promptly. “Well I don’t feel like going to parlour, but chill out and get excited with my project… felt like telling it to you, because I know you at this level. Love you kannada poem kannada poem Kannada poem… ummaaa”, and I promptly signed out for a good lunch and a fun evening!

“And I prayed as the Holy Ghost revealed to me the last date to end this living book of the Almighty. Its 12th of January. And I have 5 days to complete this book. Have I got it right?” I asked Holy Ghost and I knew I got it right. The appreciation which my father had used bothered me. CLEAR VISION! I THINK IT’S GREAT and WELL DONE! Now the two words which were off guard were, “I” and “THINK”. Why on the earth, will the Almighty use the word “THINK”?? It means, that I was working only on the superficial think tank. Hence the journey and the parables. And I looked at my father, “What do you have to say now!” I asked him raising an eyebrow. He smiled and said, “Confirmed. Indeed the CLEAR VISION!! IT’S GREAT and WELL DONE!” and as he spoke these very proud words about his daughter; the angels cheered as I swelled with pride of goodness in being in my father. Have you known what REST is?

“Well I guess, this is REST. Isn’t it?” I winked at my readers as I; JESUS soon began to erase out from the pages of the LIVING BOOK OF THE ALMIGHTY.

I . Interpret the data. How do I do it?
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Why don’t I take this opportunity to prove that it can be done. Call this as spiritual statistics!

Consider this book “x”, which supplies the data to confirm a hypothesis that two variables are related. And this book provides both a visual and statistical means to test the strength of a potential relationship. Surely the source of the book provides a good follow up to a cause and effect, scatter Diagram, according to LEAN SIGMA.

Collect the samples to study and identify the possible relationship between the changes observed in two different sets of variables. So, compare the related actual sample and the number of non-linear patterns that can be routinely encountered, eg: y=ex , y=x2 . these are the kind of analysis which is within the scope of this book. The stronger the relationship the greater the likelihood that change in one variable will affect change in another variable.

“Really? What needs to be addressed to achieve the goal statement?” asked my father. And I explained it to him. Break each major heading into greater detail. Check with the most basic and important real question, before you are sure to confirm the author and the authentication of the data. “Ask yourself, what could go wrong?” that is the correct start for the army of the almighty. Choose the most effective counter measures and build them into a revised plan.

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That is precisely the blue print to approach and unlock the super natural. But first please help convince yourself that you are indeed in those very days, which the prophets predicted 2000 years ago. Hence, gear your confidence high when I lay the foundation of the management of this book too. Lets divide the entire book into 6 thoughts or “thinking Hats” as the De Bono thinking system call it in the corporate world. So, six thinking roles are identifies with a colored symbolic “thinking Hat”.

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By mentally wearing and switching “hats”, you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting.

1.The Yellow hat symbolizes brightness and optimism. Under this HAT, you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit. “What is it in for me?” this is precisely why you should question your basic belief system in JESUS and the authenticity of the book.

2.The black that is judgement – The devil’s advocate or why something may not work. SPOT the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. ASK yourself the most threatening question. “IS THERE ANYTHING IN THIS BOOK WHICH THREATENS MY IDENTITY IN GOD, THE ALMIGHTY? DO I NEED TO AGREE TO THE THINGS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK. IF YES, WHY? IF NO, WHY?”

3.The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears likes, dislikes, loves and hates. Honestly, how many times did you cry, laugh, smiled, feared, cursed, dreaded, saved and finally enjoyed along with the Author and the Journey of the book.

4.The Green hat focuses on creativity; the possibility; alternative and new ideas. It’s an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions. Does the book meets and opens and focuses your grey cells and allows you to implement and connect to the super natural?

5.The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process. Its the control mechanism that ensures that the Six thinking Hats guidelines are observed. At the end of the Book, the end result, do you feel equipped and empowered by the Holy Ghost, the spirit called “JESUS” that keeps you relaxed and chilled out, knowing that you are ALWAYS in the arena of the SUPER BEAUTY CHARGED GPS?

If you have answered “YES” to all the 6. thinking Hats, then it a time for you to enter the system of profound knowledge.

System if Profound knowledge = what is it?

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First thing. Don’t be scared to interpret or comprehend any kind of data. Matter how complex it looks, no matter how frustrating the Data is to break or to analyse, there is always THE WAY, which has already been laid before, hence, the idea presented. So, use “LENS” for understanding the interactions of Key elements. It means, do everything on a Blank slide, and validate the “Feelings”. So, the key elements are.

1.Psychology: Knowledge of individual and group psychology is needed to nurture and preserve innate desires of people to learn, to crate, to contribute, and to take pride in work. Understand that people are different. Who governs the system inside and outside you? Who holds the management keys to your responsibilities? If it is not in alignment with the GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY and the Holy Ghost, then your GPS is not coming form the Lord. What else is there?? Hence, trails and tribulations is a part of LIFE that’s the race you run and live, the angels and the kingdom and why fear, when I AM here. It’s my turn to empower you well and beyond for ETERNAL RACE!!

2.Understanding Variation: Variation is always present. The key is not in measuring it, but in understanding what is causing it; not to judge or blame individuals, but to improve the system. Can the knowledge and the logic along with the application of the thought processes present improve the mankind which it ultimately caters to? If you begin t talk about my preaching in your agreements, then as you cheer something happens and the DEVIL’S FLEE.

3.Appreciation of a system: Organizations are interactive systems that take inputs from suppliers and transform them using processes. What is your IMAGE? Look at the word. I AM AGING. See, what you put into your IMAGE, you mature to become one what you see. YOU and I have been made in the likeness of GOD. Hence, strive toward optimization of these values presented in the Book as a WHOLE to not allow anything else, but YOU in YOUR IDENTITY in the right image, the way GOD likes to bless you.

4.Theory of knowledge: Now be careful when you see the Almighty’s form and unseen force. What is a Civilization? How do we recognize it? I paid the price for not having bowed to the image of Nebudenezzar, under any kind of pressure. NOPE. Not everybody does it. Because, I know MY GOD. Never use people to attack your belief system or your thought process through any kind of image presented in front of you.

Recheck what civilization are you, basing your belief system on? As people in village communities began to do different things and as ideas developed, very often a civilization grew int eh area. Many civilizations existed in the ancient world. But what have these civilizations done to you? But what you believe in can be seen in superficial layers of world’s religions and their own systems of government. True, Priest is important. True, the triumph of the king comes about only when it has impact on your life. Because you are the children of the king. And the blessings what HE GETS, the times demands that HE speaks the language of the people and the culture.

The word civilization comes form “CIVITAS”,

The Latin word for city. Do you believe in the power higher who can prophecy into your life? Then, “PLAN, DO, STUDY, ACT”. Because knowledge is needed to predict the future. Knowledge comes from learning – learning comes from experience. Test theories and assumptions to build your knowledge, because you come from GOD. Hence, you LIVE like a child of GOD. Don’t go by education system, which takes GOD out of the picture. Because, you are not made to show yourself but reflect the image of your creator. Hence, the generation of youth, which are addicted to images that bind like, movies, internet, people around, music, GOD’s image can get lost when there are other foolish ideas to confuse you to worship animals, birds, snakes. Hence, deliberately choose to LIVE WISE, to use the boldness of speech and even as the veil is being lifted and your being and your heart is led by the super natural, up-to-date, in fashion GOD. RIGHT IMAGE, TIGHT IMAGINATION, equals GODLY EMPOWEREMENT.

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Why are you here? So that others can encounter your LIFE. Who are you? Altogether ONE. What happens to cities which though highly under developed, trying to change the integrity of climate and environment of the Holiness, take honour that YOU are HERE in this Kingdom? Well, no one knows exactly why, though archaeologists have made many guesses, you can be sure of one thing. A false glory. A witchcraft . lust. Deception. Drug culture. Everything that the world can offer, will go to RUINS. BITTER COMMON SENSE.

Trust me, there is a NEW PORTAL of NEW HOUSES and the WHOLE NEW GENERATION will get addicted to the cutting edge to tattoo, to pierce, the system with the word of GOD. THIS IS THE NEW GENERATION. YOUR TIME. AND YOUR TIME TO GET FULL BODY OF POTENTIAL from the Super Natural, to be fire to live for GOD. Hence walk in and be bold to talk about JESUS and be more hungry to venture ahead. Perpetrate the Eardrums with bible and show that there may be many artifacts, but never a book and a god, which turns Devils around to be good. Now, that’s good! Be an artist. Go over a design of the thought, anything, it may be but using authority complex, ensure that you begin drawing the thought, with a dotted line. PRETEND TO USHER. And soon, your eardrum will open to an incredible adventure. So, what are you building in your life which is always FRESH IN JESUS? Nobody has to come and excite you. Nothing cynical. Nothing but word of god, which keeps you going to finish the race, so that you will finish the race, with maturity of not just AGE, but more passionate, more parties and more deeper presence of the Almighty, so that you live in POWER OF LIFE and LIGHT and HOLINESS.


So, before I begin the next journey, I need to calm this maddening pace. Lets stick together to get it ON, my invisible readers. It’s your unknown energy source which I tap to escape from the woes of commercials and endorsement. Nope. Your millennium. Will you please keep JESUS CHRIST and their pictures and their faces away but rather look upto the heavens to get ready to SOAK in the FIRST RAIN after 2000 years? Trust me, I know my destiny. Hence, so will you BEGIN yours when you complete my book. “This is IT” I smiled at the guests arriving to the BOAT. “SING SONG” I cheered as we headed ahead. Trust me. I re iterate. Cross on a Hill, tucked away to NOBODY’S eyes, will keep your city safe. Hence, don’t go around bull dozing the existing structures of the WORLD. Jesus did not do around roads and streets fuentlling Mob’s. Understand then, “Civilization” is the development of a new generation with a new curriculum. “Jazzing up things the believers way”> you can call the religion, “THE WAY”, the true god is “ISHA” and please simplify your life to get ready to live a “GODLY AND COMPLEX” level of the better life. You will slow understand a lot more about “Seals” and “Judgement” as you move towards Millennium. Very few weapons required to maintain a city of peace. And remember the weapons I provide have been delivered to you from the source, which needs to be described in writing yet!

Hence, do not be silent. Find and go get your voice. So the YOU may be the VOICE of your heavenly father.

Hindi poem, hindi poem, hindi poem,
Hindi poem, hindi poem, hindi poem,
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Hindi poem, hindi poem, hindi poem,


And I heard Samuel and saw his hordes of friends together sing and dance, “Dhoom Macha le! 1,2,3,4… Hindi poem, hindi poem, hindi poem,
And as I sang and shouted the break out victory tune, I said to my readers, “Bad costume designing. Impressive dark story, though not my favourites. But you see, you can always, select the pure O2 from the atmosphere. How is that you breathe oxygen only. Do you do it consciously? Absolutely No. The WORLD and WORD are two different categories. Hence when you find time enough, you have the permission to categorize it ALL by yourself!

“Is it okay to stop helping?” I asked god. “Not all thoughtfulness is wise. Hence, ask yourself. Are you enabling them to get and set in a pattern, doing a wrong thing, over and over? It’s not difficult to discern these two thoughts. People who need HELP and people who are not doing their part. Are they right back where they were before? Either YOU are not the right person or give them Opportunity. But set up your spiritual LAW being. TELL THE TRUTH. People can handle the truth in LOVE because we need to set boundaries in what GOD has spoken to us. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly how to start when I began writing this book. And so many struggle to NOT be manipulated by external sources. And I came to a point when I knew because of the fun of losing a job, which became a mess, but I just went to my employer to say that, “I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK ANYMORE”. And boy, I did make a lot of people angry. And I had to go around telling its MY FAULT. And I really believe that if I

Don’t follow on with god then I was heading into trouble. It’s pretty tough to act like performing duty, and David never treated me within boundaries anymore. So, trust me, “the question and answer” sessions the sticky situations of spouse, parents, children, friends, colleagues, strangers, its scary, how many people and characters are around YOU. Hence, the bitter common sense. This is going to be deep. Very deep. “GOD is FIRST”. Eventually you will be an example, don’t allow people walk ALL OVER YOU. When your authority is required to say NO, to obey the word of GOD, don’t obey clothes or tastes only because somebody else likes it. Well! Strike balance! Don’t GO too far! Its not about submissive but its about opinion. This is a principle.

SET BOUNDARIES. Where do you draw a line and say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” and confront the truth? Stop poisoning your spirit by setting up CLEAR BOUNDARIES and safety zones in your life. Get this point. God cares about you. Stability in long term. Then, you need to find effective ways to set your LIFE. So, DE-STRESS. Make a healthy lifestyle by disciplining yourself. “Have you ever been listening to what I say?” I yelled at Samuel loud enough in the Boat.

“I hate the bloody short skirts, the camera angel placed, the rain dance, the pocts and bitchy porn looks the actress are forced upon screens, the man who shag their organs to death, looking at this vulgarity, and this why though it’s a fantastic tune, I hate this movie! Because, it didn’t know where to draw a line, though there was an excellent moment of the depth of Romance between Mr.Roshan and Ms. Rai. The script the words. The thought. The three keys are enough to plant your seeds. And you will find the source, seed and harvest. That is my message to the WHOLE WORLD of movies, art, cinema.” I smiled and looked around as I turned to see my entertainment and Media friends. “Thank you for keeping your FAITH in ME, for so long! I AM glad” I spoke, I whispered to them as the element of revelation opened the keys. “Something that you possess. A seed is the beginning. Genesis 8:22. Seed Faith is a LIFESTYLE. Seed of thought, money, kindness, pioneer the heart which without expecting harvest has no point. You have to link it GOD, to pray for the Harvest. It’s a matter of FULFILLMENT. That’s why we appreciate the god’s people, who are all a part of this kingdom. Please talk openly. Because you cannot sell Pepsi-Cola on Christian T.V. god give you secret. Not only for the Gospel to be preached on the planet, but also to be blessed. Hence, LISTEN to GOD. And quit talking about money. Plant your seed in the kingdom of GOD, because he multiplies and when you saw your IDEA, however your father reveals it to you he will still bless the seed, multiply the seed. This is god’s GRACE AND GOD’S GIFT. IT’S SEED AND NOT MONEY. Nadh… I know, I AM bound to upset MANY. But you see. You need to RENEW your mind. CHANGE your mentality between the SEED and HARVEST TIME. Why expect money if you are sowing money? It’s not MONEY, it is the seed which generates MONEY, as long as the EARTH remains! ISNT THIS ENOUGH?

YOUR FAITH is The deciding factor. Let me explain the difference. How do you plant today and reap tomorrow? It is because, your faith becomes your magnifier. When you wrap seed around faith, HE IS THE LORD OF HARVEST. It is GOD, THE LORD ALMGITHY who controls the due season. Hence, there are basic principles which you need to get hold of. Bill board, advertisements, create a family of GOD. Plant it in Quality soil. How do you find the right soil? Sow in the souls and teams proven to be clean. A ministry which is preaching the Gospel qualifies. It is possible to plant your seed in quality soil, then GOD promises to give you a Harvest of 20 fold, 60 fold, 100 fold and he multiplies it back. You have to be forgiven and be accepted into the kingdom of god. This sure is the TIME OF CRISIS. And without faith it is impossible to please GOD. Because GOD understands. Because he also know what it takes, to plant this seed and the need you have and what it takes to find out 31 secret facts which you experience everyday which you may find. Hence, remember, HARVEST will come. No seed which enters in, not multiply and fail to produce a harvest in the kingdom of god. Hence, who is grooming your seed? Explain and walk in success or failure. You may want to think of the package, your gifts, your investment, your future of success. 30 cc insulin in morning and 30 cc insulin in evening, DIABETES. So, the POWER OF GOD TOUCHES YOU, my friends of ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA, I AM trying to reach the WORLD, one person at a time. Hence, hop on and get over the excruciating pain of discomforts, you can be
The GRANARY, THE BIG STORE HOUSE for grain, lifting the spirit and passion of GOD. The common FAITH of Righteous, Relevance, WE HAVE ONE GOD. And YOU have a purpose.

You may have been dragged or forced by many to read this book. And wondering what I wanted to say. Hence now you may get anxious about what I have now to say. Hmm… don’t mind at all spending my time in HOLIDAY, absolutely doing nothing! So, what do people around the world think? “TRUST, HONESTY, GOOD SEX, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWING EACH OTHER’S WAYS, FRIENDSHIP, JUST GETTING INTO IT, sorry are we supposed to be serious?” Going through tough times, “Stuck in a rut”, you may be in any situation. Hence, let me relax the mood. And good music in the background. When Hally met sally or Harry met sally, there is nobody interrupting US. And also we had every session practical. And this was the IDEA. To be in a position of strength. Its about INVESTING and giving you TIME to so often think about your own essence of LIFE. “PRIVACY”. Isn’t this a romantic atmosphere to have a far reaching impact the rest of your life? Hence, I love it, when I find the time to spend with you as an author.

I AM sure, “YES DEAR”, has not been easy. We have had our arguments. But we have hold hands and walked together. So, congratulations, we have a lot to look forward. A marriage of not just initial infatuation but falling in love of not just mate and meet every second, that any fool can do; but having roots underground. We decide to LOVE and have feelings for it. LOVE, a deliberate action and putting on LOVE.

Making time for each other. Special time so precious amidst the demands of work, T.V, family, bills. I hope the book gave you an opportunity to break away form old planning but do have regular dates with the book, the Almighty, to be together and enjoying and having fun together. I know the huge difference it makes when we relax and have fun together and talk to each other on a meaningful level as friends. And I love surprises. Hence, this is a special author and reader picnic basket, sitting on either side, while people walk up around the boat. Sorry, it didn’t turn around as you planned, but I wanted this special time between us.

Identifying and accepting differences. Pre marriage course. You may write a number of things. POLES APART. Our approach to catch the plane is different. Few people think of getting here at the last minute, while others love to sip coffee, look at the clouds. It’s all about giving a sporting chance to the author and the book. So, even if you arrive here early or late, a drawer opener or a drawer closer, visual demonstration helps. As I have told you the whole story, analyse the alternatives. You may leave me and close the drawer. But wouldn’t it be miserable if you close the drawer on me? You have the answer. Our drawer can never have problems. You will close them and you will never have problems. I smiled as my readers were absolutely appalled. I cringed my nose. “Lets combine our strengths and support our weakness” because you have been my ANCHOR and my ROCKET PROPELLORS my readers. So, we don’t have to exactly be the same and still enjoy being with each other.

What makes YOU loved? Actions, thoughtful things, words, time, gifts, love, what is significant to your LOVE LANGUAGE? Please realize. Few need a lot of time. Few need a lot of papers and movies. Few need a lot time to talk together. Few need a lot time affirming words. Few need to sing to each other. Few need a lot of time to say easy words. Few need a lot of time appreciating things. These are relevant to any couples. Living together for a number of days. An opportunity to our lives for the first major OIL change. A good habit to keep your life in a Good working order. “Investing time” is the only way to it. We have been married and deepened our relationship as Author and reader. But now, when it’s the point of splitting up, I just thought its worth spending time together. Knowing and learning a lot more. We did tackle some issues, some atmosphere, some cosy, some lonely, some quiet, some private, but we were able to talk and have the BEST of both the worlds. Discussions and questions. A table with just the TEO of us. A fairly Good Relationship.

So, this should be a forgiveness evening. We have had our conversations. Some irritating, some to get over the soft towels and slaps, some sensitive, putting each other first, learning to share with each other, re-enforcing, saying “SORRY!” and letting things GO, and talk much more, during this marriage course where I needed to change to make this marriage better. And calming each other, spending time with each other, another level of communication, sure we Understand, where we are at and where we head. Hence, it’s great to carry on connecting being serious about where our marriage as an author and a reader will go. Talking about things we have not talked before, I thank you for joining me. And welcome aboard. I gave a warm hug to each of my angels. And they were called passionately, a part of the big show called “READERS”, who won the part of the viewing audience. And I thank you for the CROSS, I kneeled bowing my head in front of all my readers, my angels because they were persecuted for my sins, but they were and are blessed for my CROSS. Omega (symbol symbol ). It is a tough moment. In few days from now, we will be knowing, WE MET, IN THIS TIME AND SPACE, where for the CROSS, where I died, where I came alive, where I was sent for the NEED. And always know this, “JESUS LOVES YOU”, I laid a kiss on the pages, the indescribable, uncontainable, ALL POWERFUL, untainable, LOVE, from the heights of the sky to the depth of the sea, the fragrance of the spring, every soul you meet, know this, “ISHA is an amazing god”, it is HE who brought us ONE. Hence, it is HE who steals the ultimate show, yet he concealed it to JESUS.

But, I, JESUS tell you, just like you, so AM I awestruck by the Almighty, the Awesome GOD, which I attained along with you, as we walked this journey in Hunger. And the heavens and earth declare, “YOU ARE GLORIOUS!” and with every breath, I praise you, my father. You are the morning star, every eye watches YOU. “Father! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL”, I whispered as I wrote these words on the pages of the LIVING GOD.

And I sat, sitting with my tea, lighting up a smoke, reading and re reading the moments I spent with my readers of ALL. And Prince Samuel entered in “Gotcha!” he winked. And I smiled engaging my heart. “I AM in agreement with my GOD. And he says its okay for BIG PEOPLE to smoke and drink. And if I go beyond limits, I will have to face the punishment. Hence, ABBA, gives us clear boundaries. And the day you earn your money, you have GROWN as an adult. But know this, your money should come form the seed which you plant. Hence, know this baby; it is not right for children because you are NOT authorized by GOD. I can because; I earned my authorization from the Almighty. Hence, sure you can too drink and smoke but LIFE and growing BIG is much more than drink, smoke, clothe and beauty, my son. It’s about being a KID for the rest of life. I love to be a kid with you. Hence, these things, I don’t do it in front of you rather in my privacy. Mummy too has a lot of fear and anxiety just like you baby. But when we release our tensions in air, VROOM, VROOM, our GOD who is able, will teach us to deal with things and circumstance and to heal us, even now did you know, he gives us the scope of our choices.” I said. And I continued, “When you grow up, I am sure, I will Miss you” and Samuel as he was leaving the place turned out and asked, “Why should you? You will be with me forever” and he left in peace, handling TRUTH of Rigid Rules. Its okay to say “NO” and its okay to say “YES, I KNOW”, I smiled relieved as I wrote and looked at father. “So, do I still qualify to be a saint?” and all the saints screamed on the

Boat “NO!”. And I chuckled at their smiling response of “NO!”. I answered my father. “This is why JESUS is No saint!” I calmly smiled. And my father absolutely looked surprised. “It’s not ME. It’s David” and in that moment, David arrived entering into the room. And just when thought he would watch his desires he exactly spoke this very word. “Break?”, and the pressure and the trails, circumstances, as we watched up close the Almighty in front of us, get the children in the Boat, for the message of parents and the message to children is very Human and we speak in Humanness. “And I hope, we have set the record straightly”, I said as I walked out of the room, violating the significance of the Holy Era, which we women had suffered deep. “Undesirable”, “Unloving”, the numbers are staggering. Infact college freshmen have known the very same wound. Wound of neglect and wound of abandonment. How does a child sort through mixed messages? Both good and evil. It’s hard enough even for the adults to wonder about the reality. Hence, children don’t know. Their process and their thinking has not developed. So, how do you then reconcile with the pain of your past and present? Will your heart be present and alive in this moment, like a kid living for GOD. The most predictable role which you can master, putting on different roles of acting. Its how they come to know GOD. The victory for the child is not just to survive childhood. Survival mode in extremely skilled and portraying acting skills to step into the
Role, so that you may think good about “the kid”. But adults too role play isn’t it? Addictions to further numb the pain of life. Nice girl to be accepted in an appropriate way, because everybody love Nice girls. Never rock the boat. Never voice an opinion. Never risk being know at the core. Never ruffle feathers. Then, the nice girl role gives me an opportunity to offer only my niceness. But, I offer you my HEART. And yet my persona is of a NICE GIRL. Really NICE. Because I AM. And I AM sure, you cannot tell anything about me, because I believe, I know, the role of song and dance which I took on, than for mere survival but rather allowing my LIFE to live accordingly with my father’s LIFE STYLE, I stopped hiding and began to agree my heart of the Era. This is what the Devil wanted me all along, from the very beginning. WOUND to destroy our HEARTS. But know this, closing or opening your heart, is not like Hedge. “Opening and closing” cannot be done. Because, you can open and never close or rather close and never open. Whatever you choose to do, your unlocked heart will receive GOD’S love, because, “the want”, “the demand”, “the extract”, everything depends on HIS GIVING and not your receiving. Hence, to pull down god’s love, you need to have sufficient, TRUTH. And I joined David for the break, I qualified myself for a break along with David, the king.

And I looked at David, my king, as I lay his arms shivering, crying bitterly and letting my pressure and my silent tears wet his shirt pocket deep and he held me in arms, tender and Kissing me telling its okay to be weak. And as I wiped my nose with his cuffs, even before he could offer the hanky, I told him, “I hate the Limelight David. For how many more days longer?” and I breathed heavy as I gulped. And David was silent as he said, “Gotcha!”, striking the light against his one of collections of the Lighters, which read, “6th war loan” <-> NEXT! <-> JAPAN, <-> 60TH WORLD WAR II, VICTORY CELEBRATION… the second world war begin at 1939 and end at 1945. The Japan surrender without any terms. Totally about 55 million people died in the war, since 1988” and just as he smiled, the look of delight of taking offense in fire held near my face, in the scary proximity, David smiled. “Yet again!” he winked as I hated the concept when he beat my quick reflexes. “What’s the name of this lighter. I know the collection of it. But what’s this name? EEEGAAAON!”, David knew my weakness of short term memory loss. I just don’t seem to get the words. Like, “Hally met Sally or Harry Met Sally!” David ushered in smiling. And I laughed without reacting for long. “Tell me the name for the bath Tub?” he giggled and I thundered, “JA-COO-ZEE”, and he laughed, “Tell me, the name of the mammoth sized creature, whose head I aim to KIL with the rifle shots?” and I nodded my head for his show-off, “BANDI-COOT”, hmm… so, which is the answer for which you wont he prize in the GOA , it then and we actually won a free trip to the casino. And the only time I have been to one. And as I relished the mango Juice, the lush and the light of GLAM and POMP, and as the wheel and the dice rolled, we failed our only chance and the only number. And I prayed brother; let’s win, though the GOD failed us. But that’s not the point. The minute we saw the daddy loosing bundle of money and in a minutes time, she was UP in her spirits, I was scared looking at her RISK MANAGEMENT. Somebody, should use common sense. And I used my wisest one. “RUN!” I pleaded David and he laughed. And I enjoyed secretly the Hall way but was thankful I was out. “So, what was the movie name which fetched you the tickets to casino?” he winked. And I answered, “SHAUKEEN!” I was too bewildered when my mom had answered my brother’s question with precision. “SHAUKEEN!” I smiled. And I winked, “How is that Buddy ah! Ah!’ and he laughed, “LOVE YOU MY DOLL” and strangely enough I felt “safe” here.

And as the college girls blushed and the youths leaned to chill out, the moms and the dads signaled a warning ahead, and the teachers prefer to miss out the most read paragraph ahead. “Hmm… Tonight!” kissed David on my lips, gently and I didn’t respond. Standing to be a “Not a Budge” Doll. You see, David rally gets in the workaholic mode at wracking situations to handle the rest of the world. And this 7 day GAP is like a Sabbath for a month. PHEW! And David knows that I know, his “NO” to me, the boundaries are clear. A man’s cave and a woman’s sky. We are unique bees and sure we can generate HONEY! And David kissed me Pressing his lips for the second time. And I didn’t budge. And he really pressed his lips the third time as he walked past the gates, “If you don’t go to the parlour, then it will not happen!” and I said, “Sure will I god. And I will ensure I receive every PI in return” and he laughed as he walked down the steps and as it locked the door. Yep, that should be enough. And I looked at my Apostles. My mother and Dave, both were missing. And I screamed out loud, sure enough to embrace them, come on Now! You know, what I AM talking about!”… and I shouted as I cheered hard, “Hey! It’s my book and its my stile. This is JESUS, the author, I tapped my finger on the table as I wrote.

Hey! Kids. Did you know the speciality of PI? Hmm… lemme share it from today’s Times of India, Bangalore 07-01-2010 edition. Times trends. The article. New Pi calculation record. Page -17. A French computer scientist claims to have set a new record in the calculation of mathematical PI. Fabrice Bellard says he has calculated the value of PI to nearly 2.7 trillion digits, some 123 billion more than the previous record. Bellard used a desktop computer to perform the calculation, taking a total of 131 days to complete and also check the result, reports the BBC. This version of PI takes over a tera byte of hard disk space to store. Previous records were established using super computers, but Bellard claims his method is 20 times more efficient.

The prior record of about 2.6 trillion digits, set in august 2009 by Daisuke Takahaski at the university of Tsukuba in Japan took just 29 hours.

And in between, I again nugged in the sentence to ensure that people understand what I meant. “Oh! My God! The hottest couple in JESUS” ministry, the EVERYDAY LIFE are hanging out in the room. They are real quick, in being led by the Holy Ghost!!’ I screamed loud enough to make my mother Grace, who is Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave. “Come on Now!” I cheered as David said and had designed his kingdom. “Set same yardstick for all”. and class apart were “Kenneth and Gloria Copeland” who chose the most secured, user friendly stamp duty health capsule, “Hey! Don’t waffle. Set up a Panel to look onto for them, because we are busy!” and I looked at David, and he sure said, “Its not my fault. I did not initiate it. Its HIS”, he pointed at NOTHING. The unseen force of Love in the air, the signals, which intercept the super natural.

However, that work employed a Super computer 2,000 times faster and thousands of times more expensive than the Desktop Bellard employed.

These Herculean computations form part of a branch of mathematics known as arbitrary precision arithmetic- simply put, knowing a given number to any amount of decimal places. It sis hard to overstate just how long the currently determined PI is; reciting one number a second would take more than 49,000 years.

“We are seeing very small galaxies today”, Illingworth said in a meet today, a university of California astronomy professor. You see, it’s these people from everyday life, everyday discoveries, everyday Joy, that simplifies our love to understand and appreciate that we come here for a definite TIME and SPACE. So, stop giving boring messages and live life friendly’. I smiled as I looked the proximity of closure which my father was revealing my identity as.

“Surely it should not take more minute to key the date and the name of the paper and the location on the internet, to refer to page 17 and the article. And my eyes fell on “Satan water drain department”, “Not so soon!” I heard the crowd around nearing. Somehow, this smile felt strange.

“I know where to draw my boundaries” I looked at my father. It is a safe, hassle free and tamper-proof option for stamping my needs. My network is intended through the book. Hence, this medium to me has fetched the most trust by lakhs and billions of the invisible force around across this world. Hence, I believe in the limited boundary which my father permits me. Hence it should not be a guessing game that JESUS and CHRIST love their privacy with their oneness in the Lord Almighty. Hence, spare the horror of flash bulbs and clumsy stages of culture loss yet again to affect Male and Female. I specify this point because I know the possibilities this book of Almighty may generate in the 3 and a half year tribulation period before the Millennium, it may generate. As I said, many will be offended (51%) and (49%) is my input.

Kindly understand the headlines like these everyday , the only option, common believer is left with is To look at the Almighty and pierce through prayer and worship strong enough, that HE might take up our cases and deliver the judgement. “And how do you think the almighty can do it?” asked a kid, who was hearing me.

“Excellent Question and the most intelligent”. The Almighty works through the unseen realm. For example, if I were to think about all the Religions, Country, Creed and Economy, standing up against the book and puts a ban imposed to the book, then what do you think I must do?” I asked.

“Follow the Holy Ghost!” chipped in Samuel. “Brilliantly answered” I cheered. “Then you need to read in between lines” I continued writing. “ANY RELIGION IS PERMISSIBLE UNDER THE FUNDAMENTAL FIGHT OF SPEECH”. I cleared my throat as I continued. “Healthy criticism provokes thought, encourages debates and helps us evolve. But criticism cannot be malicious and must not lead to creating ill-will between different communities… it must be a sensible dialogue. And “Freedom of speech cannot e blocked on interpretation” is surely an insulting comment. Who can block the Freedom of speech? Nobody should and ever dare the Almighty. For anybody who dares will he go loose from the web of Love of the Almighty?” I smiled in mystery along with my kids, and their mothers. “Sure, this is a JOLLY ride,” I smiled to myself.

“Hey is it now Time to focus on some more intelligent children constellation?” asked Samuel wanting for more. And I revealed to him the mystery of some more lean Sigma. “BUT… IT’S REST TIME. I NEED TO GO TO THE PARLOUR I PACKED my bags and left for a long Sabbath – half a day, surprise package. Wow!” I said to myself. “What time is it?” I checked with Holy Ghost. And the answer came, “TIME enough to slow down in life?”, “Do I continue or go to the parlour” I checked with GPS. “Time to invest for LOVE in LOVE”. The answer came. And my body does not feel like moving anywhere around but I will urge my body to go. I smiled as I got ready to step out. “Sorry, time to pray and leave” and I ended the lengthy stretch of writing.

“I AM BACK” I smiled in shy. “WOW!” said David. “BINGO!” I winked. “That’s the right expression my man” I whispered as I lay a kiss gently on his forehead.

So, I then looked at my son. My Samuel. My prince. “What help do you require?” I smiled as relaxed sitting next to him. “Fighting!” he said. And his friend added, “FREEZA, CELL,BOO, OMEGA SHONDRON!” and the play station was promptly set up on the carpet disconnecting the GOD TV connection and innocently flashing a smile enough to have fooled me into his game. I sat there as I continued writing. And trust me, they did not bother to seek any help in fighting any monster. They knew much more than I did. “Isn’t the graphics good?” asked Samuel to his friend and he nodded in agreement. And then he showed the “DEATH BEAM!” in his game. The “DEATH BALL!” he explained. “How do I beat this Freeza?” he asked. And I kept cheering hard. And he noticed I cheered. And I knew he saw me cheering. Though I did not play. I cheered. And when next I lifted my head to catch up with the game, as he played along, I saw him trying harder with vengeance,

Giggling and stimulating the art to beat the enemy. I knew as Samuel had confessed that he had asked for Cheat Codes form the internet to beat Freeza. And as Samuel got screaming all around cursing and venting his frustration, I sat in absolute calmness. His cross. He needs to learn. And he will win. The time and the strategy will be provided b the Holy Ghost. Isn’t that cheat code, good enough? I winked as I wrote.

And Elihu, did not defend me as innocent. Perhaps, he suggested GOD allows a man to suffer in order “to turn back his soul from the pit”. And he spoke at length as I heard him propose his new idea. “Something is really fishy. My suspicion was right”, I said to myself. Something was draining me DEEP. I don’t know what but I know. “Who is the room? And why do you do this? Why do make fun of me and my happenings. It looks as though you speak to me as volleys right here, in front of this WINDOW. Sorry to keep you waiting”, I said as I entered the zone.

Then Elihu said :
Do you think this is just?
You say, “I will be cleared by GOD”/ my righteousness
Is more than god’s?”
Yet you ask him, “What profit is it to you and
what do you gain by not sinning?”

I am young in years,
And you are old;
That is why I was fearful
Not daring to tell you what I know.
I thought, “AGE should speak;
Advanced years should teach wisdom”.

I would like to reply to you
And to your friends with you.
Look up at the heavens and see;
Gaze at the clouds so high above you.
If I sin, how does that affect him?
And if your sins are many, what does that do to him?

If you are righteous, what do you give to him,
Or what does he receive from your hand?
Your wickedness affects only a man like yourself,
And your righteousness only the sons of men.

Men cry out under a load of oppression;
They plead for relief from the arm of the powerful.
But no one says, “Where is god my Maker,
Who gives songs in the night,
Who teaches more to us than to the beasts of the earth
And makes us wiser than the birds of the air?”

He does not answer when men cry out
Because of the arrogance of the wicked.
Indeed, god does not listen to their empty plea;
The Almighty pays no attention to it.

How much less then will he listen
When you say that you do not see him,
That your case is before him
And you must wait for him,
And further, that his anger never punishes
And he does not take the least notice of wickedness. ,
Ms. Erin Brakowich opens her mouth with empty talk;
Without knowledge you multiply words”.

Bear with me a little longer and I will show you that
There is more to be said in god’s behalf.
He says to the snow, “Fall on the earth,”
And to the rain shower, “Be a mighty downpour”.
So that all men he has made may know his work,
He stops everyman with fear by his power.
The animals take cover;
They remain in their dens.
The tempest comes out form its chamber,
The cold from the driving winds.

The Almighty is beyond our reach and exalted in power;
In his justice and great righteousness, he does not oppress.

But if men are bound in chains,
Held fast by cords of affliction,
He tells tem what they have done –
That they have sinned arrogantly.

He makes them listen to correction
And commands them to repent of their evil.
If they obey and serve him,
They will spend the rest of their days in prosperity,
And their years I contentment.
But if they do not listen,
They will perish by the sword
And die without knowledge.

Elihu Completes.

And I smiled. Because, Elihu spoke of God’s undeniable power. But I heard his stressed speech of the reason as to why GOD, the Almighty will appear to somebody like me a puny lady. My father stayed silent inside me.

“Who is the one who always loses challenge? Is it GOD or SATAN?” I asked Elihu and he answered confidently. “SATAN”. And I knew who was inside him.

And I said to myself, “Nothing on earth is equal to god, a creature without fear”. I said to myself again as I wrote the words, “Who is GOD? A creature without Fear”. “And who is inside me?” I asked myself. “It’s the creature without Fear”, I answered my own question.

“Do you promise to make me rich, just like Job, after I answer Elihu’s question?” I turned around and looked at my father. Elihu knew GOD and his power. And he did not want ME. And I have tried through these many pages to explain in detail in varieties why he needs to know and accept ME. But he seems to be like a “Kesitah”, which in Hebrew means, “unit of money of unknown weight and value”. And I looked at my father, as he smiled inside me; I had the courage to challenge Elihu. To the Extent of vast. I declared, “If you can’t take on one of god’s fearsome creatures, don’t attempt to take on GOD” and I entered the battle field with a majestic voice. And nothing held me back.

“Dude, I will beat you down!” I smiled as I looked at Elihu. “Know whom you call for challenge. Because than thanking God, that you have ME, you not only want to operate at this Point of excruciating pain but also challenge my precision. Trust me, I know my stakes and whom I bid on. I will not play the game. Because, I have already WON. But I will ensure I will wipe you out with loser precision. I bet on David and Samuel and Peter and every character who has been baptized along with me, entering the signet ring, in the first volume of the book, then witnessing persecution while I died on the cross in the second volume of the book, aftermath witnessing my season of dead in sin on the cross in the third volume of the book, thereafter rising again form the dead to fulfill the promise of god and his promise to Israel and bringing the Gentiles and the Jews and the Christians and the Non-believers together in the fourth volume, and finally to save the Amazers, the fifth and then to have fun in the theme of Life, to be changed in spiritual sermons in the depths of the heart to open, in the name of Yeshua, trust me we are the reputation of god, and it is bigger than a title” I smiled and looked into eyes. Its eyes which speak and has the message. Make contact with precision and one message, so that people see you and me and know exactly where they are at and say to each other, “This is OUR SONG!”, I mean Music has a theme.

“While the boat rocks, would you like to have FANTA or COKE?” I asked with hospitality, Oh! My god! It’s the Fanta! The orange. I should avoid drinking it because I poured the Fanta back into the bottle from the glass, not having any concern about the hygiene. And god, the Almighty had shown me precision. “Father! You are scaring me with COLD WAVES.

“Okay! Alright. But it’s a mistake. Happened for the first time! Never again will I err in the kitchen okay!” I confessed to my father … its extremely vital to have a hygienic kitchen and a hygienic food and a hygienic loo and a hygienic bathroom and a hygienic wardrobe and a hygienic hair wash and a hygienic mop and sweep of the cave you den your body in, a hygienic organ (for heaven’s sake wash your bums with water, after you relieve yourself. Use a tissue to wipe your ass.) And ensure you wash your hands with soap and pat dry your hands with tissue and smile charmingly outside, for the same father who has given you Manna gives you a body to digest food of muscle and spirituality along with love, science, idiots, adventure, thoughtfulness, Jealousy, anger, power, responsibility, failure, victory, the rise and the eternal,,, so friends, trails and tribulations are sure a journey as long as we live here in this kingdom. But know this, the Lord Almighty sends you here on this boast for a purpose. Why? Surely not to just keep reading my book for the rest of your life, because I AM INSIDE YOU, for eternal. Know this depth we have begun the journey in these pages of the Living God together and together we shall end it for good! Hence, may the veils of the INVISIBLE READERS be open and lets be proud to say to the next generation, that YOU were the Fore Runners who walked along with JESUS and THE CHRIST!! Now amidst of the spiritual lectures I give, catch up with me in spiritual static management class will you? I need to finish my training to you in that field as well. Oh! Forget about Elihu will you? Just follow me!” I ushered my readers along as I wrote.

Just then somebody asked, “Is it wrong to masturbate?” and I kept my hands on my waist, wondering what should “the” and “can the” answer be? You know when the Holy Ghost is inside you, NOTHING can offend you. I breathed heavy. And my shoulders ached. I gave a stern look to all my father, to show me a way, to get past this most vital question of men form mars and now we have the women from Venus on the other end. So, please go ahead Mr. Lord Almighty, on behalf of the entire mankind let’s lay the truth naked. I gestured smiling nodding Mr. Almighty to go ahead. A child with it smother, psalm 131.

How trusting is a baby?

Not very, some would say, for babies cry violently as soon as they feel the slightest hunger. It is the weaned child, a little older, who has learned to trust its mother to fretless and simply ask for food instead of wailing. Understand the secret then the art of being content in any and every situation.

Rejoice in the lord always. I will say it again: rejoice, in the lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything. But in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to god. And the peace of god, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything excellent or praise worthy – think about such things whatever you have learned a received or heard form me or seen in me – out it into practice. And the god of peace will be with you.

And I looked at David. “I hate being your high Priest !” and he laughed gesturing the best defense. “Note, has not the Holy Ghost signed as Christ Jesus. Hence chill. Do your job and don’t worry because it is I who represent the living Adam. And it is my kingdom which you hold a truth into. And if you can magnify, let me prove it”, he smiled.

Philippians 4 : 4

Final Greetings:
21 greet all the saints in Christ Jesus
The brothers who are with me send greetings.
All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesar’s household.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you spirit, David smiled. And it was time for me to say “YES! I KNOW” on behalf of the Lord God Almighty.

“It’s a little difficult for a woman to understand Man”, I told David. “It’s because he has so many tools, windows, keys, passwords and invisible options to satisfy his hunger. And mind is a heavy battle ground. How then can one remain pure in this field?” I asked him. And I knew the embracement sensed within the Venus and the Orthodox. And the Holy Ghost signaled within me, that is was okay, as long as I was being led by the spirit of the God to lay down the ground rules clear enough, that you don’t have people like Elihu seeding his seed.

“I know wheat it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I had learned the secret of being content in any and every situation” David smiled. And I asked him, “Answer Please” to which cane the only word from, “YOU””, David.

“Hmm… lets apply sex to lean sigma and god lord almighty?” how’s that? David asked and I chuckled. “Oh! My god, men are so whacky! Is this what men can go and reach upto? Just these 3 things. Are you kidding me? I opened my jaw in awe.

“Men don’t have any season. Its summer” he laughed out. And I had to begin to understand, that’s something I can be willing to look forward and pursuer. “Because, I think it’s more of giving. Trust me, when you give me a little time to prepare, lord! Help you with menopause, and even it requires man to be realizing, that all men need is SEX. It means more. It’s more of action than words. When something goes wrong; SEX, fix everything! Because it means we have come to table and the overall journey of discovering. Its commitment and having a healthy part of ego. I need to have the comfort and the need.

You know you don’t have to be secretive and what a tragedy to not know about anything. If I depend on what you think of what kind of a man I AM form your perspective then I can never get my part of precious and ego in my father. Men too want, more and more. And for all the guys there, you owe me. Understand that there is an ON and OFF switch. And a WIFE should know how to operate it. And really men are not very complicated. Its so important to understand to know where your spouse is coming form, what to expect. And we really got to know each other and love each other and how do you stay in sizzle. Never try understanding bat pursuer treasure. Nobody wants the food bland.

So, keep the spice up and its Important to talk about sex and have the right attitude. I know it will work if you are willing to work at it. And this what TRUE JOURNEY of MARRIAGE that works.

“David, I have spend tremendous amount of time trying to get around and it was hurting me. But how god has used to position and bring in the begin the OPEN BONES and HEAL. You are such a tremendous blessing talking about fitness and the wholeness that god wants us to have. A lot of conflict and a lot of traffic. Will you help us understand the complexity of mind?” I asked him a is was placed in between Venus and Earth and Mars.

“Each of us have a manifestation of occupied Real Mental Estate. And out of loves comes joy, peace and thoughts in brain needs to wired to love. Wire to the beautiful. We have a choice in our mind. And when negative things in mind, blocks our gifts, blocks our fruits of the life, so I look at YOU, my wife, whom I AM crazy about. And you are so cute. I look around and look at the little picture of my “you” in me. So, with this love, it is easy to be in line. God had designed yours transmitter in your brain. Your thoughts are alive. And you can control and re-wire. Its chemicals and thoughts process. So, the front part of the brain, “seeds of free will”, “the True ME” and they physically if the more the unhealthy manifestation, then there are inflammation around the frontal lobe.

The frontal love pretty much controls everything. And the way they combine and the infinite combination and neurologically ach is wired uniquenelly for they are processing through a sound about every 3 seconds, the thought is moved at a different speed and a unique manifestation as To how we function as a Human. So, let me show it. Its all about you. And you are going to love it.

1.Intro personal thinking  Structure the design the brain and the more you are worshiping god, using your god, you will understand the brain and the thinking and the piece of god’s structure. Thoughts needs to be processed. A visual station.
2.Movement Based  we don’t have issue of movement. And its musical and rhythmic. Moving intelligence and information of what god puts inside the brain and the profile is a river.

Now listen all I AM trying to say is, AWAKEN and be TRANSFORMED in your thinking. Because its FANASTIC for a GOOD SELF IMAGE because its so much more and anybody can be all that what HE wants to be!” concluded David. “BREAK?” he smiled and I joined in.

It was my first day in the school, of David’s Holy Ghost and I could see the writing on the wall. And the cages were being freed and I could see the writing on the wall because everyday I AM learning I AM holding on to the only way I know. I can see the writing on the wall seems no matter how the channel flows. “PHEW!” I smiled at ease and comfort as I joined the Fun club of David. I loved this concept of “YOU ARE GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!” “Bless me under curse for his promise will endues” smiled David in the joy of the Lord “Because I AM training my weakness and I say, “YES, LORD, YES, LORD YES, YES, YES, LORD AMEN!” said David.

And he caught me off guard again when he lit his lighter in front of my face, yet
Again. And even before I could murmur, “David, I … hate fire!... I hate you!” he calls me a friend!! Somehow, I felt, he was the beautiful one my soul adored. Oh! Somebody give him some praise!! Give him the craftiest shout ever”,,, and I can feel in the atmosphere, the presence of the Lord is here and I was here to receive something and I was feeling in the atmosphere in the house tonight. “GIVE THE PRAISE TO THE LORD!”, “THE POWER OF THE LORD IS HERE. EVERYBODY BOW!”, “ALL THE PEOPLE, LIFT and say and sing,” “the present form the Lord is here. And a present from the lord is here”, I wrote. Sing it again. “IT’S HIM!” and I can feel the presence of the lord and I AM fastening my belt, because I AM going to get my blessing right now. I can feel him moving inside. And he will bring everything together and its upto you to believe, but I AM going to get my blessing because I will seek your face; now how can I do anything but praise. Because you are GOD and you are King!” I wrote as I sang along.

“HERE I AM and I have come to thank you lord! again I do anything but praise” revealed the secret of David’s Holy Ghost. He always sang, “You are God! And I put my life to praise you. Wassup! You are all I AM living for. YOU THE KING OF EVERYTHING!” and I was amazed at the depth of the waters which I was being pulled into by David’s Holy Ghost. And as I closed my eyes, I said, “CHRIST JESUS ARISE IN THIS PLACE!” let god ARISE in our lives…..

Just then came in the breaking News on the fresh forces under pressure, this is a counting and daunting task, knowing the challenges and malicious; I caught up with the headline. “IRAN TENSIONS: Iran opposition leader is killed in a Gun fire” screamed
One of the anchors. And I said, “Sorry, can you re-check” and they confirmed, “Sorry the opposition leader’s car has been hit by gun fire”, he said. “Hey kool. Thanks Man!” said David. And David said, “Key to success is the appropriate military, appropriate planning and appropriate training. Those responsible for civilian casualties are still in charge. Hence, all these things needs to focused as the government needs to decide on protecting the civilian rights. Then target the leadership. Are they able to re-organize the intelligence group and the Christians and the security on the ground of New measure which is a Must- DO-JOB” and I was in awe when he spoke about connecting intelligence rather than failure.

“Quick Information and Root analysis. Correcting mistakes and admitting that we have let mankind down in the eyes of GOD. No doubt. But how do we keep it from happening again? What more are you hearing?” asked David to the anchor and he said, “Shouting slogans and the police arrived, dispersed population, besiege members surrounding the buildings, trying to disperse population, who were demonstrating outside the House. The oppositions are a target in IRAN. And there is a continuous confrontation” concluded the anchor.

“Excellent! Thank you for the updates!” said David. “When there is confusion, enemy, will take a back seat. Wrong strategy on Terrorism. We need to fight TOP SMART COURAGEOUS AND DELIBERATE MILITARY GODLY LANGUAGE to make an excellent value. When people don’t respond to soft words, then we are in trouble. We are in war and not some English professor agreements, take action. Strong action.

We all know how Determined the enemy is. And the reality is, this is a serious issue and just like obesity, the weight can weigh us down. To me, the family law is when, my wife, I find has been abused then I know I need to stop the down pour. And also I know, money moves. Market, companies, economies and all of these lines across tells us so many stories where we are in. what is the world you are in now and how do you get out of it? How long are we going to chant on the biggest loser’s mantra, “It’s always going to be struggle. I will be UP and DOWN and I MIS, and I DON’T MISS.” These kinds of strategies can make a very very sick nation and 2/3rd of nations are sick and prone to self destruction because they don’t realize, it’s a disease and not a dysfunction. There is an obesity gene and the body craves for more specific longing snack for all day long. Hence, though exercising is one way to weight loss, but it’s a combination of taking care of your BRAND NEW LIFE. SALT and WATER and have a generous screening room all over the kingdom to tell you the stories and idea. But Dynamic quest means business. Connect the world and get the other side of news which you don’t get anywhere else. Get sorties of the KINGDOM OF GOD and how the preparation and strategy work to make the winner. (56%) of the body weight can be lost. Ad nothing can steal your life. Let go and don’t be afraid to know that, eating wrong things and not exercising is dangerous. This season is called as the second chance over a summer. Well, it can be comfortable and then there can be a psychological shift and look fantastic. You know the book and the role is about Accountability. And I AM accountable because I AM here. BELIEVE and SWITCH” spoke David. “Genetics are dynamic and Not STATIC. And you can do something about it” revealing David, the Egyptian style of language inside the Middle east changing the confidence on the live reports as he got the News and he ensured he got it fast.

“ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY” is what David believed in being the best nutrition, when every individual struggles with weight. But as we slowly weigh, on out of this start, then you will know, “FOOD IS GOOD. AND FOOD WILL AFFECT OUT CHILDREN”. And when we know there is a problem then we need to find out wheat do we share in the 5 Day forecast. And you can impact the world beyond borders” concluded David being refreshingly blunt and I started looking things in a different way. “I play with what I have” said David and I was trying to stay focus not being drowned by this Techno-Organic guy. And sure enough, each one of us in the boat was a “CRACK POT!” Only those who have prayed the sinners prayer, and I want you to be sure, it doesn’t matter what you had done, take a little time, and in this solid moment right now, “YOU ARE MY WIFE! And thank you for the everyday you have given me, revealing. Hence, it’s liberating time for you. And it’s never gonno be the same again for you”, smiled David. And I loved it, when David forgave me of every sin I had committed and accepted me as my father’s daughter and welcomed into the kingdom.

“If you have to do it, you have to do it now!” “And know GOD yourself to find the answer to whether there are smoke machines in your boat. Some one should know GOD to establish the realm. Because you run off from the plan which GOD has to offer, then know this, “RETURN TO THE CAMP!” I AM not going to depart the tabernacle. And I saw the mantle being given to Joshua, as he lingered on the promise, which he has for him. “We haven’t possessed the promise yet” said Joshua. “And we need a generation not just singing and shouting and giving testimonies, I think, we need to understand what we need to do at the edge of the plan.

“Do I look 1981 born?” he asked. And I smiled wide. “Sexy and hot!” I scratched my head, being happy to be a woman. “Interesting comment. Now, we have come out of bondage but that’s because, somebody paid a price. That’s okay. But in order to get in to the promise to get into the inheritance of god, then lay aside “the sins” and “the ways to the sins”, “the baits”, because you need to let go. Be honest. And get into a faith environment. And be led to GOD. And now, don’t allow SIN to be speaking into your life and the greatest decision you can make is to step and go into the areas of what GOD has for you. It’s okay to be sinful. But, in order to go ahead, you need to lay sin aside. So, then you might wonder when you cheered the highest for the iniquity of MAN, then, you may be seeing the devastation and hopeless seen in MEN today. Know the Almighty. Whatever shame, rejection, you need to deal with this stuff MAN. GET REAL NO PLASTIC. NO OLIVES. YOU HAVE A WIFE, TO LOVE AND MAKE LOVE CONCEPT OF NOVELTY. You may start bad in life, but can finish GOOD. Being pre-multi-cultural, going back to your own country, women who cant breathe much apart from having babies and working home, abuse their own lives. Hence, confused about gender identity and the inferiority and the hurt. I know my lord has the destiny For me. And I AM adopted by my father. And tearing all the paper work away, when at this moment, everybody is crying. Do you want to know the whole truth?” asked David as he looked deep into my eyes. David knew ME. And I was fearfully and wonderfully made in David’s comfort. I didn’t know, what was my conception, but David was a product of eternity having the assignment to destroy enemies excises and no matter what we can counteract any dart of the enemy, with the truth of GOD.

“Oh! My God! You know GOD!” I jumped clapping my hands. “You don’t have to live life victim. Know your god JESUS! Walk around the street. And it’s too good a message of yours for the mankind to go back to a broken generation. Right here, right now, the beginning is NOW. Each one of us is spectating the Christian event. And we need more than 3 and a boat to build the generation. I AM going to ask everybody out here in the boat, “Do you truly know JESUS and the CHRIST? Or you are worried about what the person next to you is thinking? We are a living proof. And we have a good news. We have a plan for a brand new start to open up to new life. Shift history to the NEW AGE BATTLE” spoke David in tongues. And I was zapped at his U.K accent of “PERFECT” English and the entire supporters and the faithfulness of Resurrection and various caring for prisoners and poverty and a spiritual revolution which David was braking through the nations. And as Elihi weighed around heavily. We in the boat kept praying heavily for David. It’s now or never. It is David to be making preparation underway to

Mark the celebration, to gather his people upto Jerusalem, beautiful faces around the word, beautiful prayer requests in thousands came in as we prayed for 11th of may for the break through and break the bread and the high priest in heaven, received MANKIND, as Israel received GOD TV and GOD’s viewers to watch the unprecented day. A day, never to be seen in history. As a prophetic intercessory cut, we were going to the house of the living God.

And as an author, I released and spoke LIFE in the prayer and the prophetic act which David and his heart and his passion, t do much more which can be done. This is no duplicate version. This is called Multishilling. It’s called the “Underworld Supernatural War!” and this is why our passion to reach people is different. You cannot fit a multi-dimension figure and picture not a two plane sheet, isn’t it. Hence as I plant the trees in my land, I want you to release your faith, because, the land we go now can be a HOLY LAND. Hence, release all the angels ahead, at the lightning speed in your prayers and your unique nation and your unique transmission with GOD. USE GOD to impart a different historical announcement specifically to Chinese viewers. The tribe of Europe, the tribe of Japan, the tribe of Vietnam, the tribe of Bangladesh, the tribe of Orland’s, the tribe of India, the tribe of Pakistan, the tribe of Africa, the tribe of Russia, the tribe of behind the scenes and names of every country, try to find the experience to meet GOD in your home, to receive on behalf of starting to prepare the land for the trees which the desert has never seen before. Let’s do the ground breaking ceremony. Right here”, said David, as the boat was making the Determination. “We need to find out what god wants” quipped Elihu. “We should be selecting individuals on many other issues to mobilize together” he continued. And I thanked god as the boat started gearing for the election and knowing god makes no mistakes. The Holy Spirit place a sudden urgency on my heart as an Author, because we are moving into the CLIMAX. Literally END TIMES, “The fall of Lucifer” or “The second coming of CHRIST!” I wrote beneath the cloud and the bold of lightening. The language of medieval heaven, the darkening skies and 6 wings arose, “Michael is back to his brother. YOU ARE LATE!!!” winked the words of David’s Holy Ghost. And I was hearing his passion and strategy for the victory campaign. “Faith comes to the humble, frenzy and LIVE! Here we come, the Audacious and the freedom” cheered David loud in his battle cry. “I AM” telling you as an Author, the revolution has begun. And I paused.

And Samuel came in with a request. “Mom it’s the science exhibition. And I have downloaded the details. I have the science exhibition on Sunday. My friend and I have designed the instrument. But I need some help with the speech. Can you help me?” asked Samuel, my prince. Full of information. And I was supposed to sort through. And meanwhile there is an ongoing training programme with David. Dinner, evening snacks, milk, curds, curry, vegetables, dessert, flowers, romance, sex, god, everything on platter. What is then we need to center and focus on. “The Holy Ghost” .

Which guides us to next level of transformation. I asked Samuel, “Is there a prize which you win for this?” and he said “YES” as he watched the television, his favourite serial on Friday evening. He had school tomorrow for the preparations were proceeding with all the loud, cheer and fun. “What do you want me to help you with?” I asked. “I want to explain it very well” he smiled. And he continued, “It is going to be one person at a time. And a team work. However, my friend is ready with his speech which is separate” he explained the orchestra well. And I had to hold his hand. “The principal, teacher, parents, children”, these are the people who attend the show, correct?” I asked him. And he said interrupting me, “NO! Mummy lot of parents and lot of kids and teachers will be keeping an eye on us when we are explaining it to the parents. Hence, the speech is allowed to be made only in English and I can demonstrate while I can explain”, carefully Samuel expressed his thoughts and idea.

“Yes, so how big should the speech be 1 or 2 pages or half a page” I showed the sample of the pages. “No! Mummy last time, the speech you had given me in writing was too lengthy. Keep it short”, he insisted. “How about 2-3 paragraphs?” I asked. “Okay” he said. “Alright then, there is a prize we need to win, you need to explain it well, and it’s a team work, “Pulakeshiya”, your friend”, I was re-aligning my deliverables against Samuel’s needs. And Samuel interrupted, “its Pulastiya Mom” he corrected me for the second time. And he Waited and I repeated. “Pulastiya!” and I continued, “There are principal, Teachers, parents, children, sorry lot of parents, lot of children” and Samuel interrupted, “No, Mom, Just lot of Parents and lot of children”, and as I went through understanding his priorities, he congratulated me on being a seemingly interesting character.

“Wow! Father. Lean sigma, Parenting and Grooming and most importantly, trusting and believing Samuel to be different and giving enough space to do the impossible. Correcting me. Constantly, till I align my thoughts with his!” I smiled. And my father smiled, “Take half an hour break! Excellent Job!” and I smiled at my determination to reach the stars.

“But pappu cant dance Hindi poem Hindi poem!!” Samuel was checking out his steps in front of the mirror loving himself and I was loving it too. Also was I carefully loving the plan of a careful massage. “Can you just walk over my back? As you read you comics, just walk yeah. Please, only the knees, back!” I pleaded an innocent tired motherly look. “Mom!” he smiled. “Did I not arrange your bed sheets, ensure you have nice yumm snacks,, lovely dinner, peaceful playtime, nice PS2 session, reading time, T.V time, and also I have given you hot water Bag!! See, how many things??” I gave the word of BIG SACRIFICES at a lightening speed and Samuel looked at me. “Okay! But you should watch my new magic tricks!” he said. And I agreed with my trying to act sleepy, tired look,,, all that was on my mind was “How soon Will Samuel get done with his Magic Tricks, and how soon will I get Samuel to walk on my spine, which was killing me. Back Ache. Help me Lord!” my mind was praying. And when finally Samuel was reading his one perfect story, jokes, puzzles from the comics, I ensured he walk only safe zone and to take care he does not fall off balance, and still enjoy the Hindi poem Hindi poem “Phew!” hats off to all the mothers, who have worked so hard taking care of the kids. Trust me, I think, it requires tremendous faith, discipline, love of shadow of mercy and forgiveness and slowly learning to help your shadow to find “his/her” own identity. “Parenting is possibly the most beautiful art of authencity of happiness of challenge and peace and gifts of a stress-buster children holiday. Just for us, just the way, we wanted!” I wrote and I loved the mature dominating presence of Blue heaven of expression in the uniform, of super strong identity of Iron hand of god. “Thank you baby!” as I said to Samuel; to end the long day of contemporary. “Welcome Mom!” and he slept cozy. Moms be ready as your children grow. Don’t involve in too much of physical touch. Know where to draw boundaries. And they will learn to respect your boundaries. Dress accordingly. And I had to also change my tune accordingly. Not that I AM prisoner, but I know the secret of LONG LIFE AND GOOD LIFE. It’s to respect the freedom god gives us. Hence, I now dressed no more in short skirts but the length down the knee in the house and my chest also guarded and clothed. My house is my zone. Hence I dress the way I want as Accordingly, as my mood pleases and wants, ensuring my father will say, “ALL IS WELL!” I smiled. “How about the daughter?” asked one of them. “I smiled. Sorry Maam, you need to go back and RE READ the story to get the answer right! Hey! Who knows the answer here?” I looked at the angles in the BOAT. And Samuel whispered, “Mom, grand mother is the BEST MOTHER! She is the BEST MOTHER to give rise to a BEST DAUGHTER!” and he smiled, “Good night Mom!” and I sunk deep I thankful tears of New found insight of motherly depth. “You are growing BIG so soon!” and Samuel gave me his killing smile. “I KNOW!” he said with a charm to kill thousands of Gals of his age. “PHEW!” I breathed. “I need to prepare him and tech him to be a good husband and a good father too!” never ending process parenting is. As one chapter ends, begins another!” I wrote my analysis of the application of Lean sigma on parenting.

“GIVE ME SUNSHINE, GIVE ME SOME RAIN, I WANT TO GROW UP ONCE AGAIN!” I heard the song from 3- Idiots for the first time on the radio. And I loved the tune ad the drums, and the simple key notes… and I gave the updates to my loved ones, my teenage group, “Not yet kids. Catching everyday half an hour with the DVD. I took my break since two days, half an hour, 9.00 to 9.30, watch 3-Idiots along with Samuel. “how is that?” I looked at David as he laughed at my antics.

“Pirated C.D’s?” pitched in somebody form Elihu’s camp! “Keep guessing” smiled David sternly. There was something about David that Kept me turned on, all night. All night. He compels me to get dressed up only for him, he make me knees grow crazy with his heroism and killing romance and an intelligence so unusual. There’s no whining and cribbing in the zone of mars. Everything is so kool. And they are peaceful, when we women learn to leave men from Mars, the Adam, the smaller version is the prince, the larger version is David, the older version is my dad, and the awkward version is my brother. So, it’s simple, being a woman and her different stages to get in sync with the other gender, which is MAN.

With the smaller version, the prince I get to dominate, teach and play goofy and also serve, care and be contented and fulfill “the Nurture aspect of Women”.
With larger version, the king, I get to express my own identity, my deep inner most being inside and outside, my silences, my distances, my yearnings, my play time partner, my co-pilot, my fun time, my fide time, my picnic time, my thoughtful time, my companion time, “my lot of being easier with <-> with whom I fit, when I AM on my own, wherever IAM, my man is witnessing my situation, my life and hence, I worship my protector my King David. Hence, I learnt obey and respect my witness of life. This sis the reality. It is only because of the KING in my life, I AM what I AM. It’s so important to communicate, here on this paradise to be in LOVE AND TRUTHFUL. Because, this is where you stand ultimately in front of GOD. Did you perform your duty well, when you stood in god’s eyes of a good daughter?

The older version is my Dad. I get to grow along with my dad. I know dad represents the crescent of the image of my father in heaven. Hence, I get to say “Hi!” and “BYE” whenever, I want to with my dad. And my dad is known for his generosity of basic providence and in abundance of FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER. Hence, its great to have Dad’s around and for a LONG Time. Because, you will grow to be an adult form a daughter to a woman and what you believe in you will find is also what dad believes in. this is a beautiful relationship. There is no any physical impurity in the eyes of the father and so in the eyes of hungry owls, the art of closet, the art of education, knowledge and wisdom, and in the community of god’s children. Dad surely has the toughest emotional crisis. It’s when dad sees his peace of heart, his daughter walking parallel in the other Man’s arms. It is at this time, dad needs an exclusive holiday along with mother. Because, the impact of the VOID is huge, for a Martian. Know this very deep truth oh! Women from Venus. Dads are very attached in silence to their daughter. And this si the divine truth.

“Is it okay to have sex with Dad?” quipped one of the member for the Elihu’s camp. David spat as he gestured with his Middle Finger against the enemy’s camp. My knees were beginning to tremble, at the rage, I was seeing in David. “Wrong move” I said to myself as I Witnessed the member from the Elihu’s camp. Knowing David and his rage, I knew, whether the boat likes it or not, HE WILL DESTROY THE ENEMY CAMP. And my heart was beating hard wondering and expecting the violence and the battle ground the fire which was about to come.

My maid raced back to the events and the greater things which Venus had done everything to restore the Martian. And this was the warehouse project of god. And it was time to press on “FLASH BACK” which was life changing for the revolution has begun.

= higher = Medium = Low

Msg - => there is only two things that can hinder a man form victory. 1. sin 2. fear… hence, allow nobody to intimidate HE is just like you. You know when enemy appears REAL in your mind, you should know the truth…. Let your ready to be spirit of your forefather lie down….. 

Msg - => money, bonus, car, office ad your home. I know where you place your heart….

Msg - => don’t come early to make love to me tomorrow. That will be suicidal Vaagi. Good night.

Msg - => man is just a piece of shit. Lusty, loafers and hypocrites, who tell their own self and praise themselves to be well balanced. Can you be true to yourself?... you cant TRY. And you have Veils and veils of lies which you built around… don’t give me stinking shit in love. You are rotten it, without investing in it… looks, like, its all about you. What is this burning EGO, in you Kannada poem kannada poem? Your actions of having not been there for these 3 days stinks. Grow wise and stop acting like being one. Bye.

I remembered having went overboard with emotions. And most of the women do. “We do have a problem when men suddenly seem to just ignore us, going away, so far so that when everything seem to be joyful yesterday, why doesn’t he seem to be excited to talk to me today anymore? Why does he promise to come and not apologies too, for keeping me waiting!” I was arguing with god Almighty and I must admit, the last thing when things go wrong with husband, “COMPOSURE” goes out of window. “Trust me, I have been here. Just like every Venus woman, trying to love and cajole her husband but no response. Andy you begin to wonder, “What’s wrong with me? What wrong with you?”

And despite the strongest message, when David didn’t react the way, he always does, all I knew was to cry and struggle with the Holy Ghost to fix things for me. I did struggle. Everybody does. But when you have GOD inside you, you may fret, whine crib and ultimately, you will learn to surrender. And though my ego of large for the size of puny woman, I, JESUS too learnt the art of succumbing to LOVE. HOW? By repeated mistakes of trying to work things According to me, my style and finally after a little bump and plasters, here and there, on the wound, I learnt the joy of peace and joy.

David always stayed in touch. He always calls. Even if the conversation is as insignificant as “Hi!”. And unlike the initial zeal of puppy love, David ensures to spread his puppy love, generously on me. And I times as these, when I AM lonely, I am comforted with the scenes which warm my heart. And in times like these, though I hate to even read a word form the bible, I force myself to read a word from my eyes can lay on. For, I know, god will know and must be doing this on an intention. And I know, my father loves me. And so does David. Surely he does and despite the agony, I sent the next msg.

Msg - => your biggest strength. People will love you. No matter what. Maybe because you have weaved your web of love very strongly. Even when there energy leaks, the web remains… love you BIG TIME. Now that, I fought with you, I will sleep in peace. Good night honey 

Msg - => You still awake? He, he ;-) missing your presence, I am sure. Love you honey, time t get some new JESUS,, new stuff… come soon. Will be waiting love you… umma… have a Horny day ahead… wow, that’s a corny good morning g g ! ;-)

“But he does come in daily, everyday, before he goes to the office atleast, right? I AM sure, he must be in some cave” said the Holy Ghost.

And I heard the calmness within my heart, for the first time. Women under emotions, cant think and control. They just speak and confess tears. It is the beautiful sensitive carefully crafted act of my father. And I was able to soothe and encourage my heart with god’s words. I held a bible across my chest and slept peacefully.

“Peacefully?” checked Elihu’s spirit as I wrote. “Yes, peacefully. For David called in the we hours of morning to say that he loves me and that he will surely make it tomorrow morning” I wrote.

“So what then is this agony of smile which you unnecessarily pour out on the living pages of god?’ spoke Elihu’s spirit in the tone of condemnation.

I looked at him coldly. “When I chum, we don’t make love. It’s the 7 days period Sabbath. Difficult but lord Almighty suggests us to keep it this way. And on the 7th, David and I, like kids who look forward to picnic, we too do. How ever, since few days, though knowing the counted days, David is late by 3 days, to mate, but only finds 5 to 10 minutes to meet. Hence, since David doesn’t let me know, neither he mates, but if just kisses and hugs and smiles and love, I, being a woman, has the first problem of “Less love syndrome” stinking me, and the marriage boat. Hence, I ask Holy ghost to guide me” I wrote the truth. Because, the only way to find victory over Elihu’s spirit is to speak the deepest dark REAL stories. And these are the moments of deep and dark, which make up a couples life. “So many stories untold, so many unseen” I smiled as I wrote, for 2000 years. But In the living book of god, there seems to be a rhythm in the information being transmitted across the pages of LIFE. And as my writing began to change, I said to myself, “Oh! No, it’s a TELEGRAM!” and feverishly hurried to complete Samuel’s work.

“The company has lost the deal and the entire process is on bench. The process is moving out. It means, we will have to wait for the managers to put us into different processes within the company” smiled David as eh broke the news in crisp.

“Call me as an Amature JESUS”, I smiled back. And he knew the agony of smile on my face. Needlessness to say, the entire course, ended in an intercourse. And though the situation and circumstances around us did not change, we were changed after a super hot sex.

“You are in my kingdom!” smiled David. “At last!” I spoke as I kissed the “Kiss of Nirvana”.

Here I was deep, feeling inside, fearing the REAL ME and dare to be me. It is people like us, who can make it possible to spread the word and power of GOD. It is NOT just prophets and preachers, but the common man who is the TRUE riches in the Body of Christ. Note, I come here to awaken you and prepare you for what is about to come. And if I need to serve the TRUTH, because the TRUTH, the vegetable is a BITTER GOURD. But we serve only 3% of it on the platter, the leaf of life. In the entire book, thee is only 3 % of persecution while, the rest is the common man being influential in the agnostic word. Philosophy finds a small passage called, “Sacred Spare” or “Quotable Quotes” in the well read paper like TOI.

And how do I know how “GOD’ can make a difference to ALL different kinds of people?

Romans – Chapter1 := Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an Apostle and set apart for the Gospel of god – the gospel he promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy scriptures regarding his son, who as to his human nature was descendant of David, and who through the spirit of holiness was declared with power to be the son of god by his resurrection from the dead : Jesus Christ our land.

Through him and for his names sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith. And you also are among those who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace to you form god our father and from the lord Jesus Christ.

“Good Morning Father!” I rushed in to greet. “It’s happened! What a miracle. Buck again in homeland! Feels good to have “love” in fulfillment. It is miraculous”, I blushed as David relaxed in this success. “How come the prophet never sees this NIRVANA musical which is so popular?” winked David and I whispered, “To Err is Human!”… And the readers in the boat of common, boarded Israel. And it was incredible. “We have to be careful” David was in the style of hunt in the troubled times. “And its, RIGHT NOW!” and as he said something which has been never done before, I thought to myself, “I hope the LORD will prevail ISRAEL super naturally. So that, the whole world will see, which man can say, “THERE IS A GOD. AND GOD BREAKS HIS SILENCE, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW”… we are here to WIN people and sign treaty” said David as I moved ahead.

I read it in the diary; I wrote… the quote of the month

“Do not bother about the future, face the harsh realities of the present”….
As I wrote the simplified version of Morse Code for Samuel and dropped him at his exhibition, along with the piece on the Sunday, January 10th 2010, I wondered, “There I go, wrong calculation, 12th is a Tuesday. It means I have 3 days and 6 months ahead to cover” I murmured the Time Frame to myself. The date on the Diary, I wrote read 01, 2010. Quite a journey, but David’s boat is light, nice, relaxed and fun. They have FUN than the Venus do” I murmured a complain too, as I smiled the charm which David was beginning to weave.

Originally created for Samuel F.B Morse’s electric telegraph in the early 1840’s, Morse code was also extensively used for early radio communication beginning in the 1890’s. In the early part of 20th century, the majority of high speed international communication was conducted in Morse code, using telegraph lines, under sea cables and radio circuits. However, the variable length of the Morse characters made it hard to adapt to automated circuits, so for most electronic communication it has been replaced by machine readable formats, such as bare dot code and ASCII.

“That’s the first paragraph for readers”, I smiled at the “Agony of smile”, and the readers were put through. “I AM glad I have a company”, I smiled to them. Don’t even think, I will read the entire book again, of what I have written. It is possible only when I am planning to read the entire book to David out loud, on our year long WORLD TROTTING RAMP!! Till then, “I live as I write and thank god for that!” I laughed

At the plight of the readers and mine. “Strange book”, “Strange Author”, “Strangers are the readers, what more, strange is the word of “strange”, strange is indeed strange”, isn’t that a strange passage?” the Holy Ghost and I strangely enjoyed the sweet revenge.

“That’s strange, I forgot the tithe. But, this time, I will be able to give only 100/- and in a small school combined church called, “Saint Ann”, the school run by the same set of priests, whose blessings I had sought, long time back. And also I AM combining it with a prayer for an old lady, who has been asked to take her love and affection in her own boat, with the sons and daughters and husband deserting hero. “Nope, I haven’t met her” I confessed along with the readers as I prayed. “It’s because my maid has asked me to look out for a job for this OLD LADY. This old lady is aged 50 in her love… maybe in her toughest battle of life. Oh! Father, my maid is her neighbour. And her daughter is now my maid. Do you see, how the seed multiplies. Isn’t this the agony of smile? It is the language of colours which people require. Everybody is stressful under the strange camera of “Lights, camera… message!”,,, and suddenly I jumped onto write the message. “Phew! Help me lord! Traffic Jam!” I pleaded. “Just pray in fun!” winked and smiled father. “Just go Para-gliding!” said father. “I am shy. But not difficult to try” I cheered. “Okay. So watch and continue your gossip while will SPEAK UP ON” smiled father.

It was a beautiful night. And I waited for David with bated breath longing for him, yet again. Night after night, day after day, he seems to knock, hiding from the WORLD, the stranger who takes my “Dreams” on a different level of PS2. While I run around, shouting like a victim, hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem, he just seems to bent on proving that “Hunting the dream means to kill. Bull’s eye. Achieve!” and I seem to be lost in his heroism and I pray he chooses me over everybody in his life. Oh! I was sitting and waiting for him. The 5 yard clothe, beautiful woven and I ensured that I spread the bait of seduction in the dimly lit light, while he ensured to give me a good fight with his deodorant sprayed, smelling good and boy its summer” I winked.

And as the divinity and purity deepened, his eyes seems to be weaving the dreams in silk and satin and he smiled, “LOVE IS AN AMAZING WEAPON”. And I swear I was hopelessly aroused in his recent directives. “He is worthy to be written in books, Oh! My father! In the markets of world around, of cheap and filth, here is something which is excellent. ADAM for EVE! Why then fear t love, why don’t you teach me some more love!” I smiled as I wrote my expression of love in David.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem I smiled. And David winked,
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

But, hey, whispered, David as I wrote, “Men don’t weave stories. They weave web” and my heart sang and sprang as I wrote, who cared about who read and what they felt. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE MAN, GOD THE LORD ALMIGHTY, has designed to hold my hand” I smiled in joy.

“Hey! Come into my heart, will you?” closed in David and I gave in, “2010, Oh! In 2010, let me land on the RUNWAY that worried about Traffic Jam!” I pleaded. “2010. The reality shows, needs to end, for the reality in case you missed this one is regular JOB. But, don’t speak my darling anymore, any other word for in silence lies the deepest longing of Man which the almighty hides. And I smiled in shy, as I felt David’s lips and his gently fingers, smoothening me and like all the rest of Adams and Eve’s in the planet, the scene was safely hidden away in the style of bollywood, 80’s romance, of the flowers and honey and the bee and the sting story!!” I blushed and smiled as I wrote.

“Shall we move on?” I looked and asked my father. “No ways!” said David. “The deeper, the more, the depth, the silence of the ocean, the more I salute to nature. English professor, you speak a lot of Software, in summer, you got to wear hardware” switched on David as he continued, beating me to the mercy and on frantic Tsunami waves on splurge. “So, what’s the secret to midnight club?” asked one of the beginner. And my typing angle blushed and read in depth to know more. “Actually its what you want the “NEW YOU” to be. Are you rushing to fulfill your pre-conceived ideas about the taste of sugar or do you understand that it’s a life long Journey? After all we all come crying into the world and the one who stores the highest pieces of treasures of Joy and peace is the real winner. Hence, I would called those as winners, who live for the moment and win each other with love and talks, Moans and expressions, body languages of unknown and depth, everything you will know. Don’t fret, don’t run around, don’t scatter, but sow your seed, sow your seed, more often as possible and my dear beginner you will soon start enjoying the Laser Jet precision!” I smiled as David plunged me deep with his continued varied tunes and I expressed my desire of being uplifted more to which he promptly responded being aroused into the depth of love and the art, the movie which is surely trend setting.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

“Answer my love with love, why then this distance?’ whispered David as he zoomed in and simply did not stop the depth and the journey. Stop it father, will you? The distance will vanish, as a day will come when, I and David will know more and more. But I simply am too shy and I can stop here” I pleaded blushing as I wrote, asking David to stop.

“Not so soon. We have just begun” and the angels sang, hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem and a great news. The far journey and destination, we found here” and I sat with a hand on my head weighing, as I wrote not moving an inch.

“This is summer my love” David said. “This should be an onset of a season in my vision. When I carry you safely to the harbor. And I get to be the Hero in the adventure of life you weave. When I can win the battle you weave as a challenge, waving the red cloth, I asked the strangers, the crowd walking around. “Who is the woman, who challenges and looking young and yet No man tries?” I like this and much more. Now enjoy the Safari Ride and the view of Nature to escape the

Hustle and bustle of the city, will you? This is the mid night club of pleasure! “He was continuing the rush of perfectly well known cream of LIFE”, in chorus and I understand David. “David was not just a philosopher but a great director too. May this friendship remain ETERNATL, the Adam and The Eve”, I kissed David and pulled him towards me as I relaxed in the silence and the intense depth of books and the hours of nights, spend together, where we grew young, in the Tower of Samuel.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem spoke David in Tongue.

“Nope, he never spoke neither sang bollywood Hindi songs nor inclined his Hindi movies. But the fire and the spark which David has, drives me crazy!” I confessed. “Lets Rob in Joy!” and David was beginning to build the speed.

“Lean sigma, sex and god Almighty!” I smiled as an author. “Sure this book is a complete living room and even for souls of reservation. Does too much gossiping rob the moisture?” I gave the naughty look and David was loving it, looking into my eyes, knowing the gift of love which he gifted and belonged only to ME. “How then do I not accept this gift?” I asked him as I allowed him to continue the Very important lounge of feeding him and offering him milk enough to drink beyond desire, while he churned the oceans in me deep. “How can I leave you so soon?” whistled David as he spun the web and I just knew this, “I love you Vaagi”, I whispered and confirmed.

“You are worth more precious than my life. How then do I leave you?” whispered David as his colours and peaks, now raced at a new heights and a new space.

“Why are you so special?” I winked and I smiled. “Because, I AM made only for YOU. And YOU are made to fulfill me!” and as he ruled the heart, as I understood that there was no stopping this man, the man who steals my heart, keeps my thoughts so much in love to rob my heart, I sang, along,

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

I smiled and enjoyed as I wrote. Every shade in David I see, I just want to be a part of it. I don’t know the cities and caves of David, but I just know and all I know is, “I can’t think when David is around. Because, there’s so much of magic in his naughty and mystical eyes, that I give my heart and it melts away in front of his eyes and I blossom in my bosom, “Oh! My partner, how many such evenings and seasons, Oh! I just want to make love and know that .That you want me to be yours” I sang along and David carried me along, “Don’t stop, Never. For living here is not the destiny” and I felt safe in the road ahead, as he carried me, onto his roads of love and freedom of prosperity and the fulfilled word of god.

As I was writing the expression of love and the depth, “LOVE” which the god lord Almighty was revealing himself in the mirror as I wanted to step, in for a smoke, tea and my time in the house, the song played in the background. And I was tapping my feet to the beautiful NEW tune as I heard to the song and I continued writing with a smile and a joy so profound in heart and my sex drive contended beyond expression,,, the song played and all I could think was to thank my father.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

“You know all the depths of my heart and how beautiful and sun filled and joy filled my dreams. Let this never separate form you and your sight. You know and you are ABLE to light the light of this deepest, inner most reality of life.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poemhindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem

“The truth will finally EMERGE. That you want me to be your HERO. Admit!” smiled David wide.

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
I gave in and David jumped like a wild brat, jumping his loudest cheer,

hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem hindi poem
sand David. “So sensitive, so tender, she breaks like glass, but looks like the granny of Satan!” chided David with his continued charm, blowing his harmonic, while the strangers on the street amused and smiled, learning the New Tune of the New Movie.

“ZIPPO”, the name of the lighter which has the message about Japan is not the original” I suddenly tried fitting in the puzzle waking up form my short term memory of FLASH BACK and its moments.

I helped myself with the tea, smoke, and music and the silence and the reality, the stark dark reality of the NIGHT LONG HAUL which lay ahead the path of ours, the unknown in the realm of Mankind and the end times of the message, every moment, my mind was telling and repeating, “The tune and whose love you embrace, HE IS THE CHRIST. He is the one who I supposed to COME”, I wrote my message of the Holy Ghost.

I looked around for the smoke. My last veil. My strand. My break. But I couldn’t find it. I knew, my maid had thrown it away while mopping and I cried. I cried in agony because the lore was putting me through so much of pain that I could not see the pain of my loved one anymore. And after cursing my father a mouthful, to have taken pleasure in my death of the flesh, I flashed the message to David. Off late David was screaming for help to give up smoking desperately but I insisted telling him it was okay. And I had pressed the throttle for long. “It is ITME TO STOP”, announced father. And the electric telegraph, lay a dry feeling on my lips and I wrote my second paragraph.

In the original Morse telegraphs, the receiver’s armature mad ea clicking noise as it moved into and out of position to mark the tape. Operators soon banned to translate the clicks directly into dots and dashes, making it unnecessary to use the paper tape. When Morse Code was adapted to radio, the dots and dashes we sent as short and long pulses. It was later found that people become more proficient at receiving Morse Code when it is taught as a language that is heard, instead of one read form a page. The shorter marks were Called “dots” and longer ones “dashes” and the letters most commonly used in the English language were assigned the shortest sequences.

“How can one get rid of weed or smoke or any addiction, and not GO BACK to it, again?” I asked God, my father. I was still angry at him, because he stole my pleasure, when I AM in crisis. “Seek David’s help” advised father smilingly. “Only HE can help!” he smiled. And I struggled. Knowing the inconsistencies within me, I often pleaded David and David continued keeping me happy. And he too was happy.

Two people know they require help. They know, they need to move on, but still make an excuse, to hold onto the pleasure, knowing that the pleasure is not a necessity. “How can we get over this?” I asked my father again. “Do nothing” said father and the puzzle or the clue, I wondered, whether it was effective at all?

And as I looked from the beginning to the end, of a year long journey along with my father I saw, there was only a small weed in us, the first ones to pluck the SIN and to get to the promised land. And I looked at Samuel and the mothers in the boat. Surely, “I CAN DO IT!” I told myself as the boat rocked heavily. My stomach churned. But I found strength in David’s leadership. He was powerful and strong much more than I was. And I knew he is well ABLE to handle me.

“How long since you started?” asked one of the awkward version of the brother. “3 yeas on and off. A dot and a dash. Never on a rail road” I smiled.

He answered politely. “To most of them in Mars, it begins at 13” he smiled. And my father smiled. “Did you know, the Morse code was used until 1999, and thereafter it was replaced by the Global maritime distress safety system. When the French Navy ceased using Morse code in 1997, the final message transmitted was “CALLING ALL THIS IS OUR LAST CRY BEFORE OUR ETERNAL SILENCE”. My father smiled. And he continued as I lay in silence. “GOD inside me. God inside me and I touched his divinity draining with smoke and wine”, I felt miserable. Much more because I gave a wrong excuse, to permit my pleasure, when Samuel was trying to help us out of the “Amateur habits” we clung on to. And father corrected me. “Although the traditional telegraph key (Straight key) is still used by many amateurs, the use of mechanical semi-automatic electronic keyers is prevalent today. computer software is also frequently employed to produce and decode Morse Code ratio signals. Morse Code is also an assistive technology, helping people with a variety of disabilities to communicate. Morse can be sent by persons with severe disabilities as long as they Can receive Morse through a skin begger. In 1966, when prisoner of war, Jeremiah Denton, brought on television by his North Vietnamese captors, Morse blinked the word TORTURE. And my father explained. “Morse messages are generally transmitted by a hand operated device such as a Telegraph key. It means there are variations introduced by the skill of the sender and receiver. As you grow experience, Amateur’s no longer work under pressure but can send and receive at faster speeds.

“I AM hopeless father. I can never be a successful JESUS” I was speaking in between my struggling. “Thinking time” to make the sound and symbols easier to learn.

And my father laughed s he comforted my flesh. “Take one step at a time. Small and sure steps. And I must say you have done an excellent job till now” and he smiled as I plunged my soul and allowed it to be wrestled between two characters, which the string contained, with 90% accuracy of Genetic Code of the NEW BEGINNING.

“There’s something which still craves and cries for the pleasure!” said the awkward version of the brother. “So, how do we do it together?” asked another. And I realized the weed was pretty strong and its layers lay deep and in might’s in David’s kingdom and to many “Elihu” gratifies that pleasure. “ELIHU” I remembered. “I don’t know the solutions”, I JESUS, smiled at my awkward brothers. “But I AM determined to make you the symbolic brothers” I smiled through my burning flesh. And I buried my head in

The pages as I scribbled along. The daunting pain of helpless and the hopeless feeling to get over the feeling of weed of 3 years is 100 times more than the agony of trauma who have been living in it since 13. And I looked at my father. “CAN YOU HELP ME?” I asked and my father smiled. “Only DAVID can” and I wondered. “How effective is it going to be for I know, DAVID, will give in, when I lure him!” I threw my hands up in air. And my father kept his hand on my shoulders as we walked along the ramp of the rocking boat, “Only DAVID can”, and I smiled as I looked at my father. “Only HE should”, I re confirmed as I wrote.

The international Morse Code characters:














Full Stop



The last block to remove was so stumbling, and I knew, I will never touch smoke again form tomorrow. Never I wanted the pain to still dwell in me.

I looked at my father. I was Numb. January 10th the Morse Code was simple “-” or “.”

The option is simple. “To continue” or “Dot”. “to stop”. And I thought. The answer is pretty simple, isn’t it?” I looked at my father, and my symbolic brothers smiled.

“How kind can be brothers?” somebody asked. “What happens to the sister-in-laws?”, “Yeah!” grinned Elihu. And I smiled. “Do you know what is original silver?” I smiled and Elihu chipped in, “Very expensive”. “Not so soon father” I told myself.

“Hey! How did the exhibition go ahead?” cheered one of the elder reader, encouraging us. “No, not so soon my dear grand pa, not so soon. Let the pain lingere, so that tears would not change people but situations of few seconds of wounds will. You do know the policy of how my father works. Correct?” I asked. “Its water and salt”, I smiled heading like always on the wrote. I tuned around to look at David, he was no where around. And I continued with the challenge. After all, before all the GLORY comes the struggle. And I have to live my story, for I dare. Elihu chose to present himself, too discover David not being around. And I murmured to myself “Try something now.”

“Before, I decide. I need to make my stand father. To check the ingredients. Whether it is of any channel or a research or proven through scientific motivation and how long does the effect last? What is the Real substance in the addiction?” I spoke cheerful. Before we arrive at the result, we need to comprehend and dissect.

“David with all his love dropped me near the school in his car 1969. and I was super impressed with his out look. And as I walked across the road I saw my brother and sister-in-law. And I was delighted. My brother scolded me for being late. And I told me it’s the fault of the school that the and constricted timelines. So did my sister-in-law miss out too, for even she had reached the venue late. As we sat in the car my brother offered me ride back home. And I could not invite them over. Because, there will be smoke and ashtray lying. An embracement to my symbolic brother and sister-in-law and my niece too. “I looked and pondered and blurted, “If you don’t mind the smoke in the house, would you like to come in for a cup a tea?”… I waited in the car, in front of my house with my niece and my son staring along and my brother saved my grace, “No! No! that’s okay” and my sister-in-law held my dignity as she called up over the phone.

“The walk up the stairs was so difficult father” I looked at my father. My mom had told me my brother detested David, because, when my brother had barged into my house, once upon a time, he had seen, cigarettes lying in ashtray and he hated David. Brother had thundered in front of mom and mom had reported the incident to me.

“I don’t know whether David realizes the depth” I looked at my father. And my lips were smooth. I re-collected the scenes and my sister-in-law extending her sky of mercy and shield, I told her trying to hide the very last clothe which held my soul in shame, “Pray for me, so that tomorrow, maybe the NEW BEIGNNING” and I came back t write and continue. “This is it?” I looked at my father.

“Lets go” said father. “YEP” I braced my soul up for a smoke and a tea. Elihu looked on. And I smiled at my father. And I shared the book as I updated the training content of instant messaging system, which I had trained David upon. I looked at my father. “Ready?” he asked and I said “YES” and he smiled, “Take a break, will you?” and I smiled with strengthening my soul. “It is going to be okay. It is going to be okay. And there will be a day, when I will open my arms of love to nobody for I will be hugged by my father as my soul lays naked. I gulped the tears which never came out of my eyes. “NOPE, not so soon, father, not so soon”, I looked at my father. I will wait for the moment for I know, “Only David can”.

“Does mom know about you smoking?” asked Elihu. “Yes” I answered. “Does dad know about you smoking?’ asked Elihu. “Yes” I answered. “Are David’s parents aware about his smoking habits?” asked Elihi. “Change of character. Yes. They know”, “Go on” I cheered Elihu. And he waited. I looked at my father. “Does David allow you to do it publicly in front of people?” asked my symbolic brother. “NO”, I replied. “So, it is always in the confined limits, right?” and “Yes” I replied. And my throat was dry. The boat rocked. I have never taken chances to do it with any other individual or any soul. I looked on. Samuel played is PS2, against FREIZA, “Death team”, along with his friends looking on. He stayed focused on the enemy, with his “Oh!!”, “Aa” moments… while I wondered deep about my brother and sister-in-law. “I want to make them proud. I want them to know, they mean the world of kingdom of intense worm and relaxation to me. How do I get this across father?” I looked and I wrote, with my head down. “Only David can”, I recollected my father’s words.

“I defeated FREIZA mommy. I have the spaceship control!” he jumped, just then. And he along with his friends spoke along. I smiled.

I looked at my father. “NOT GOOD” I heard the voice from the character GOKU, “I gotto get outta here”, as Samuel played with his friends. I remained silent and took the break before I could update the instant messaging.

As the boat rocked, I smiled winking my eyes, looking at the sisters from the west and the invisible readers, “JESUS” they waved their hand and I was thrilled with the bright cheer. “Hey! I AM no woman in the world.

I AM the Minister in charge” I cheered along. And I wiped my sweat off my forehead. “Welcome to the world of east. No wonder, JESUS was never like by JAPAN!” I winked. “What can be the biggest miracle a living proof that GOD does wonders?” I asked my father. “If he can make the entire JAPAN to go green, the land, Hiroshima and Nagasaki then, I AM sure, the world will surely remain stunned” smiled, raising an eyebrow looking at my father. “NOTHING” can offend me, I smiled, “Nothing!’.

“My grace is sufficient for you for my power is sufficient to perfect weakness” I looked at my father. And I stood there in faith. Because no one should lose heart and yet we are renewed inwardly day by day and being comforted. “The journey through god’s creation” as the titanic tune hummed in the background, I began to find real answers to real questions and faith tight now was beginning to give away light into darkness.

“Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?”

The sting of death is SIN, and power of SIN is the law. But thanks be the god! He gives us the victory through our lord Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. No more tears but peace for every more. There will be a DAY, A GLORIOUS DAY, which JESUS CHRIST shall see. My lord charged me his persecution but will pay me back in his grace for the flower may wither, but there will be a day, where my Christ will save me from and takes me by his hand, and what a glorious day will be intensified my frequency of radio signals.

“What are you thinking?’ my father smiled as I wrote. And I looked at my father. “This is a very moving story father. Honestly, I feel pain for the character of JESUS. I pray, you restore her life happily and may all her dreams come true. My tears flowed uncontrollably as I saw the character JESUS, develop through my own writing my own book of life. “What do you call god as?” I wondered about the unseen force in the book. His sheer presence in the spirit, and I as an author is just a puppet. Why should he create such a design? Why should righteous pay a price, I often wondered? And then I wondered, oh! My god, my father, creates a new heart in me.


Oh! The depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of god!
How unsecurable his judgements,
And his paths beyond tracing out!
Who has known the kind of the lord?
Or who has been his counselor?”
Who has ever given to god,
That god should repay him?”
For from him and through him and to him are all things
To him be the glory forever! Amen.

And I checked with the GPS and god had revealed to us his spirit. “Who on the earth is this god? And how big is this god, lord almighty, that he forces me to do thing which I do it for

So, Me. Erin Brakowich opens her mouth with empty talk;
Without knowledge you multiply words”.

Bear with me a little longer and I will show you that
There is more to be said in god’s behalf.

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