Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Message -77 : In the beginning god created the heavens and earth. Now, earth was formless and empty… darkness of the deep and the spirit of ISHA, hovering over the waters… and 66 times, being stayed was still willing to forgive… so, this curse, breaks and the curtain raises the revelation. It’s a command to forgive one another… so, there are 62 kinds of forgiveness… and trust me, the sweetest revenge you can take is to free yourself,, and so, most of them will be forgiven by my father, because they knew not the complete truth. For, god loves his children… and its enough for me, if you can stand firm on the word of god… let me park my place here… are you willing to get high on the truth. We are like god in the world of dead. Walking. It can happened if you allow it to happen. Hence don’t be deceived… you cannot sow through flesh and reap… you need to change within, for the physical to change…. The flesh always refuses. Its very clear in the mind. The answer is to get rid of few rotten lies “Father, I pray for my granny, who has hurt her hand. And also my mother who is taking care of her. I, Jesus, pray to you to release the healing Realm to all the children of god. Kindly ensure them good health, good food, good everyday life, good godly, New beginning of the ever miracles of the infinite to be showed on all your children with mercy. Kindly, release them with healing Oh! ISHA, lift the burden off your children as I reveal the seventh seal in my authority, under your command”,,, “Holy! Holy! HOLY! Pounded the angles” and AMEN said father.

Message -78 : Then, wild animals. Finally, ISHA looked at his angles and said, let us make in our image, in our likeness and let them rule over every creature, ISHA said…l “LIGHT”… and there was light… and he said “Oo..la! La!.. Good… kannada line kannada line” :-­) so, then, he separated light form darkness. Isha called light as “day” and etc… DAY 1: then the expanse of water, sky, land… DAY 2: then maestro drew seed, fruits, trees and said, “Good.. like Joey in friends”… DAY 3: then came the marking of the seasons, days, years then he made, two great lights. The greater light to govern the day… and the lesser light to govern the night… so, came evening and morning on day4… then, he went crazy like you, Vaagi in his imagination. He created living creatures, in water, sky,,, moving things, creepy things and then he said,, MULTIPLY… and then he smiled hooligan like you telling… “GOOD” … DAY 5. then came live stock moving on the ground.

Message -79 : God said, le me find for man a suitable helper. He brought all the animals out, but none, ISHA could select. So, finally when ADAM grew tired of naming all the birds in sky, the fishes in sea and ALL the earth,,, and then came MAN,,, now, in the image of MAN, say, HOME.. like “ET” and he told MAN, the head of the home,,, I give everything to you and then he said,,, “GO..O..O..D” and 7th day .. he rested… I mean everything was perfect in the garden,,, hey, notice all this was still happening in the backyard…. kannada line kannada line god formed MAN from dust, kannada line kannada line ,,,then ISHA breathed into MAN’s nostrils, the breath of life and man became a living being… then, in “the east” ;-) in the eden he put MAN… kannada line kannada line,,, then he said to man, take care of it. Warning, kannada line kannada line but tree of knowledge which divides good and evil kannada line kannada line. Because it has breath in it…. And then entry “EVE” heroine kannada line kannada line ;-)

Message -80 : kannada line kannada lineEVE … “He! He!... kannada line kannada line” and Adam, kannada line kannada line… why did I weave such a lengthy story… his creatures, and playing kannada line kannada line PS2, he dogged off ;-)… enters ISHA… Neat aagi, Man kannada line kannada line and
He! He!... so, far, everything is sacred.. PUURFECT… of all the wild animals, the “serpent” was the crafty one… he crawled slowly to eve and asked innocently, Did god “really” say, you may not eat the first from tree of knowledge?”… kannada line kannada line,,, eve ge kannada line kannada line .. it is because you wil know the difference between good and evil and you will become “like god” kannada line kannada line.. condition”… kannada line kannada line trap eve,,, ,,, then Adam asked, “Oye! From where did you get this fruit… ISHA warn kannada line kannada line?? Grr..” ;-)
“Hmm… text book landing there in Florida, as well!” he smiled… and happening now was the landing of space shuttle. “Wow! Wish I could also fly along with my king in something as big as that, don’t you thing, MAN should have easy access to science and the feel along with the freedom! Isn’t it a herd initiation?” I asked my father. And he smiled. “Don’t worry, there is definite system in the kingdom. And here, its not a trade off!” he said. “Phew! Thank you father! Some acid management, this is , I said”!

“If people were a problem, they can also be a solution. Human actions can either restore or destroy the climate too. Improve your productive not through diesel,,, great volumes of water flow down. Restoring natural ecosystem benefits everyone. One could benefit much more. Look at the farmers who have prospered in the worst drought decades. All the roots are organic materials which is a living soil, where life emerges, where carbon is, hence the soil retain moisture. All these carbon is absorbed through photosynthesis. Isn’t then simple to transfer technology to people, ensuring food security on a global scale, with the brains part together, we should be able to see light, wherever we live” said the king as he was

Talking about the future to mankind. I was glad to witness this multifaceted genius. “Are beaches a threat to climate change?” I asked the king. “You got to be kidding”, he said. And he explained the strategy of the petrol-electric wheelers, the turbines and channeling and utilizing the resources and so on.
I, Jesus checked the clock. 8:30. and I saw the headlines,,, “IRAN condemned and a growing isolation. Possible sanctions on rapidly moving closer. If Iran, does not do as it should respond merry face severe sanctions. But Iran so far, refuses to co-operate, claming that neither have they confisticated the Nobel medal”… Hmm.. I continued. The fallow on… there is a sudden increase in YEN,, the emirates are in shock and the flag bearer in investments now wants to defer payment. Fortunes of Asia and Europe holding their breath. America’s top companies worry about the ripple effect. “Credit Crisis” losses and credit crunch. “Lot of fall onto there!” I looked at my father and he looked BUSY, after the thanksgiving and he was not surprised.

“No more consciousness of sins. For if Russell owes me 10,000$ and pastor Henry, singapore’s billionaire loves Russell very much, and asked prince how much Russell owe you and offers, one million,,, them the debt is paid. But no one came and told Russell to pay his debt. His debt is on his conscious. But understand, it affects his joy and sorrow. Think carefully then. Supposing somebody goes to Russell and says, “That tycoon Henry has paid your debt, a million Dollars, even if Russell doesn’t believe, then the debt is paid. All the sins put together cannot match the over payment made through JESUS. Hence, my father stands to gain more. So, Russell will be insulting the lord’s payment and insulting if you don’t acknowledge that their sins are paid. Hence, they need to receive. “Do you know condemnation kills?” I wrote the words of god. There are many people in Israel, but few qualify. Understand then, RUN to JESUS, RUN to GOD, for your sins are remembered no more. Hence, GOD favours the flow through all the nations in the era of restoration, as the impact will be radically shared with the continents.

EAST OF THE WORLD 28/11/2009

“Good Morning Father!” I looked at my father. And today, I went up to the higher place and held him close in labour. And I was unable to hold back the dreams of god which overcame the nightmare of evil. “The shaking you are about to experience is the same as Daniel, as Ezekiel as Job, as Isaiah, as Mosses, as Amos, as Obadiah, as Micah, as Jonah, as Nahum, as Habakkuk, as Zephaniah, as haggai, as Zechariah, as Malachi can you see the dead bones in the valley coming to LIFE? My son, JESUS, the second coming, I, the lord god almighty chose you, the woman, who all my prophets saw the day, THIS VERY DAY, in the early century, this very day, as the flood come, this very day, I the Lord God Almighty, the king of the kings, the lord of the lords, I will give you two wings, the two wings of eagles who will carry, you beyond the clusters of Satan and even as I speak as

You obey, the sickness, the miscarriages, the wounds, the crumbling business, the economy, there will be sign from the heaven, write and prophecy in my spirit, Oh! My love, the earth shall swallow the iniquity of sins, and the earth shall swallow the people with whom Satan is okay. And this holiest movement will be accomplished through YOU, This is a necessity. Since, the spiders has woven its cobwebs, it is time, that you understand, the movement has been born. Those who have rejected, THE TRUE GOD, they very own creator will witness ME and my unusual spirit. I will wash this planet, with the blood of my son. The Protestants, the Roman Catholics, will join hands with Indonesia, china, Middle East, which will defy the spirit of rage and religion. Put your feet firmly in the heavens, Oh! My son, Jesus, and prophesy to the emirates who will bow down their stammering lips and the biggest carpet and biggest mosque, will crumble at my mercy. South Korea and North Korea will I bring them to my kingdom, staggering and bleeding. This is the kingdom of Christ. And the kingdom of world will be thrown into the dust, away in fire. What is United states of America, except that, it is also a nation like the rest? Bring hotness and the sanctity to this land which has shed the blood of my children and their pride and arrogance, stenches till my nostrils. Have I not repeated and lay the foundations of this very day, THE DAY OF THE LORD, spoken by my prophets all along? Hence, my son, stand high and prophecy as you approach the end times. Prepare my children and reveal the truth and the sinister plans of the nations, CHRIST has come. And the time of the darkest and HELL shall be never heard again. “RELEASE and PROCLAIM THE WORD” ordered my father.

DATE : 28-11-2009
TIME : 12:00

I, Jesus, sound the trumpet. “Write on a scroll, what you see and send it to the seven cults in “ASIA” us the same ancient names and write what will take place, my father commanded. “Don not be afraid. I AM the first and the Last. I AM the living one; I was dead and behold. I AM alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades”.


From = These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among golden lampstands.

Commendations = I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be Apostles but are not and have found them false. You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name and have not grown weary.

Concern = You have forsaken your TRUE GOD, your first love. Do you see, the height form which you have fallen?

Exhortation = Repent and do the things, which you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand form its place.

Know this, you have in your favour. You hate the practices of the Nicolatians, which ISHA also hate.

Closing = He who has an ear, let him hear what, I , Jesus say the cult. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat form the tree of LIFE, which is the paradise of GOD.


From = These are the words of him who is the first and the last, who died and came to life again.

Commendation = I know your afflictions and your poverty, yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are god’s own children, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Concern = Fear not of Satan, for woe to your little faith in the Almighty that you succumbed to fear than victory in faith.

Exhortation = ISHA says, the devil will be sent to put you in the prison to test you and you will suffer the persecution for 10 days.
Know this, you have in your favour. Be faithful, to the true god, ISHA even to the point of death and ISHA will give you the crown of LIFE.

Closing = He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the cult. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second Death.


From = These are the words of him, who has the sharp, double-edged sword.

Commendation = I know that despite Satan living in your city and having his throne, you remain true to the name of ISHA. You have not renounced your faith in me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city.

Concern = Nevertheless, I have a few things against you. You have people who hold on to the teaching of Baal, who taught the Israelites to sin by eating good sacrificed the idols and by committing sexual immorality. You also, likewise, hold to the teaching of Nicolaitans.

Exhortation = ISHA says, Repent! Otherwise, he will come soon to you and will fight against you with the sword of his mouth.
Know this, you have in your favour. To him who overcomes, ISHA will give some of the hidden manna, the lands where food grows in abundance. ISHA also opens new realms of wealth, the documents of agreements to him, who receives it, with the new name written.

Closing = He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the cult. He who over comes, will know then he receives the manna.


From = These are the words of the son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze.

Commendation = I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

Concern = Nevertheless, I have this against you. You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given her time to repent of her immorality but she is unwilling.

Exhortation = ISHA says, “I will cast her followers and her children on a bed of suffering, and ISHA will make those who commit adultery by worshipping her image and idols, suffer intensely Unless repentance comes through. All her children will be stuck DEAD.

I, Jesus, declare the wife of ISHA the jealous GOD, the only TRUE GOD, do not hold on to her teaching and understand the Satan’s deep secrets.
Know this, you have in your favour. No other burden will be imposed on you. Hence, hold on to the only TRUE GOD.

Closing = He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the cult. He who overcomes and does ISHA’s will be the end, ISHA will give him the authority over the nations.

“He will rule them with an iron scepter;
He will dash them to pieces like pottery”
Just as I, Jesus, have received authority form my father. ISHA also gives him the morning star.


From = These are the words of him, who holds the seven fold spirit of god and the seven stars.

Commendation = I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my god.

Concern = Therefore, obey what you have heard and heard about the TRUE GOD, ISHA. You have a few people who have not soiled their clothes. They will walk with ISHA, for they are worthy.

Exhortation = ISHA says, if you do not wake up, ISHA will come at the unknown hour and time and Strike you down.
Know this, you have in your favour. The people, dressed in white, having not soiled their clothes, is the saving grace.

Closing = He who overcomes will like them, be dressed in white. ISHA will never blot out his name form the book of life, but will acknowledge his name before I, Jesus and his angels.
He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the cult.


From = These are the words of him, who is holy and true, who holds the key of David, what he opens no one can shut and what he shuts no one can one.

Commendation = I know your deeds; I know you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied the name of TRUE GOD, ISHA. Since, you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will keep you form the hour of trail, which will come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.

Concern = Therefore, see ISHA knows the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be the children of God, but are liars.

Exhortation = ISHA says, “I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I loved you.”
Know this you have in your favour. ISHA will write on him, the name of the TRUE GOD and the name of the city of my GOD, Bethlehem, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of

Heaven form my father, ISHA.

Closing = He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the cult. He who overcomes and holds on to what he has, so that no one will take his crown. To him, ISHA will make a pillar in the temple of my father. Never again, will my father, ISHA leave it.


From = These are the words of AMEN, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of god’s creation.

Commendation = I know your deeds that you are neither cold or hot. I AM here standing at your door knocking.

Concern = You say, “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing”. But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Exhortation = ISHA says, “I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear”.
Know this, you have in favour. Because you are lukewarm, ISHA will spit you out of his mouth, so that you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.

Closing = he who overcomes, I, Jesus, will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my father on his throne. Those whom ISHA loves, he will rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent!!

“Father” I said. And I fell onto my knees with all the other creatures as I, Jesus, wrote these very words.

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty,
Who was and is and has come”.

“You are worthy, Our Lord and God,
To receive glory and honour and power,
For you created ALL things,
And by your will they were created
And have their being.”

Just then, all of the angels gathered together and sang a new song, while one of the elders screamed with excitement, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals”. Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled around me and my father, and in a loud voice they sang:

“Worthy is the lamb, who was slain,
To receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
And honour and glory and praise!”

“Father, this is embarrassing!” I blushed and my father said, lifting up my chin, to show my face to all his children and announced, “To you my daughter, my love, who sits on the throne and you, my lamb, be praise and honour and glory and power, forever and ever!” “AMEN” said angels and elders.


Just then, I heard the king’s car beneath the parking Area. “1969, white horse, the king is here father”, I looked at my father. “Final Judgement and Final victory”, smiled father. And I paused. “Don’t try to analyze details, just follow the main flow of thought” and I interrupted, “which us YOU!” I screamed like a kid in his ear. “Can I ever surprised!” he replied and I could not stop being impressed by my father.

“Its 8:00 evening, Sabbath father! And I have to complete the race at any cost! Hey! I served some noodles and sandwich and tea having great fun with the king and the prince! So, will this effort be notice, my dear father? Also, I have washed the utensils; will this melt your heart a little more father? Strengthen my focus so that I can grab ever cookie in every realm possible. I am going to run this race” I looked at my father.

“Don’t you worry, what would like me to do?” he asked. “What do you mean by HIGHEST??” I asked him. And he said, “IAM HIGH”, “YOU ARE YES!” and he winked!!

Message -81 : “This is why I say, new heavens and new earth. And like a thief in the dark, when everybody were sleeping around, he used me and you, literally enacting out every scene. Understand, it was always man who ****d up god’s intention. It was never god’s… From here on, every single time; man invited the wrath, because he wanted to grow above god,, and how much ever ISHA lent his heart to his children, they repeatedly back stabbed and continue even now in ignorance under the curse which has been standing for Generations… hence… let me answer your question… If we cross this, its straight to eternity, because me and you will establish ISHA’s kingdom forever. The heavens will meet the earth. And the kingdom of god, will be established once again… in this 21st century.. Yep, you can fuel all the “IMPOSSIBLE” in your brain cells because its happening for real… Well, how real you ask? Hmm… you remember, the bite of the apple I toll, which had worm in it. You had brought Mousambi and apple, but “kannada line kannada line´

Message -82 : So, the sure fire result of the race is, “YOU WILL UNLOCK THE FINAL knot of the “naughty”(zero)… let me see… then, in that case, I will make the training difficult for you vaagi… it’s my turn to take revenge … he! He! Poorni with hooligan laughter…;-) Yep, I will give you Truth which will cut you deep” ;-)

Message -83 : US president is in South Korea,, and takes a head on with North Korea. Know this my king, North Korea has the nuclear weapon, which UN and US and the world debates single scene,,, we did exactly that,,, and I was all written in kannada line kannada line… sorry BIBLE… so, what happens is, I started writing the book as HE commanded me to … I was thinking all THE WAY,,, that ISHA will be merciful and kind, if I follow him just like you did Vaagi… but who knew that after the immersion, suddenly the awakening was so intense and depth… the same way, the only way, the way to ISHA,,, the heavenly language, the natural, the physical, everything blended.. and you and me were captured in pages, of ancient prophecies… hence, It ain’t easy to begin. Do you see, why nobody except we could start..? Because we are the ones. And this is the “Reverse process” in the Matrix Zone. You will have to walk from the past to catch up with the present and then unlock the future. But the bible says, before JESUS could end training CHRIST unlocks ;-)

Message -84 : Good Evening! Hope you are hungry for more! ;-) have you ever wondered why east and west are so different? Connection between Jesus Christ and ISHA? HOLY MOLY!! Why does Asia worshiping idols and scriptures, million branches, while Christianity, the cross, Muslims, the Quran, Buddhism?? What is the bigger picture?? Why did you ever wonder why ISRAEL, your land a speck in the world, so debated?? Hmm… the end times. How does god judge all the nations of this earth? The bible records it. Plain and simple, the nations which blesses ISRAEL will I bless and the nations which curses ISRAEL are doomed. There can never be compromise between truth and evil… hence, the told will witness and be stunned what god does, when ISRAEL will stand alone.. hmm… to understand this logic, you need to also understand more about your enemies… not according to man’s logic, but according to god’s judgement… somehow missing “you”,,, but I know, time is short and hence I will have to keep aside my personal feeling… love you kannada line kannada line… reached?

Message -85 : Lord SHIVA owns the Alpha and the Omega. It starts of with so many stories. Let me start with kannada line kannada line oh! My king, the Egypt it was called in the ancient. Many Powerful sons of god, ruled the earth and Solomon was the wisest of them all… the disguised himself and fooled men with his powers of. Have you ever wondered why is English in specific a universal language? Did god foresee it? Is the slavery curse on India, where we stand million of dollars in debt to the world bank designed by god? Why were so many Jews killed? What is the connection of ISRAEL to lord SHIVA and beyond any angel, ME and YOU getting involved? Where are we heading to and how on the earth is it possible?? And why me that too a sinner in god’s eyes, David? Hope, you are being moved by all the questions presented. Be open. Because, god’s truth does not fit into the man’s limited box thinking. That is why the transformation is directly proportional to the information download…. Hence, the sooner you can arrange the truth, digest, bear the bitter ;-)

Message -86 : His sins led to the ultimate destruction of mankind and the earth was soaked in blood kannada line kannada line… while Solomon was busy constructing palaces… Hence, Lord Shiva our hero, enters… … third eye and plunders the palaces in oceans deep and Solomon is killed… and god leaves the rest of mankind in mercy… element of god… lord knew the intent of Solomon… the most powerful sin is sleeping with daughters of men. He fucking spread his sperm everywhere… at one second there were 9000 wives and beyond… he was the fallen angel,, and the one from the blue green planet.. your “Krishna” darling… Grr… this is when the selfish woman dressed in purple, the idols she wanted hers to be established and though being warned sternly by lord Shiva, she went ahead and got her idols made and convinced Solomon to further fall in disgrace… King Solomon carefully crafted war of Armageddon, kannada line kannada line kuruskshetra… meanwhile, he also got himself constructed
A palace bigger than the altar ;-)

Message -87 : The woman was spared though… hmm.. so, Vishnu uncle, the fallen angel.. Saturn,,, hmmm… serpent and the woman, ALL “BIZZARD”… I wish I could explain the palmistry, Hindu shastra,,, etc,, etc,, but time kannada line kannada line… okay, in the present time, these people are marked in hands, hmm.. to understand this Oh! King, mankind was fooled by Solomon’s tricks… because he told them to worship me… I am the one who is GOD ALMIGHTY… hmm.. ISKON book, I quote, kannada line kannada line writes, “Even lord Shiva admits that VISHNU is the god Almighty” hmm.. please note, Uranus is a beautiful blue green colour planet which travels on its side for its axis is horizontal… not upright like that of the rest of the planets… so, in Uranus lies the beast, the “LIZARD” hmmm… the beast of who shook hands with Solomon,,, that the serpent, yet again… Grr… Meanwhile, Saturn is best known for its colourful rings.

“Very tired father!” I looked at him. “Am glad you spoke. Do you know the concept of a train, the engine and the bogies” he said in an accent which is truly familiar to Asia. “Nice compliment. So, we are matching your speed, are we not?” I heard my readers closing in, drawing insanely a picture of a path which was now zooming to the Ribbon held across the finish line… “SNAP” said father. “No time to dream. RUN” he shouted and we ran possessed by the Almighty himself. ISHA.

Message -88 : Now, this is the primary reason, why none of the idols, look normal… Remember, the word… God created Man, in his own image…! ;-) now, moving on the sons of the woman multiplied and they thought evil in their heart… they decide to construct the highest tower for themselves. “Today they are everywhere Ammonites, Philistines, Egyptians, Moabites, Canaanites, ,, eyes. To just black Satanic, they are hidden from the word of god… so, they walk dead… hmmm… before I end the east,,, the woman turned out to be the mother of all prostitutes in Babylon… she slept with men the entire human race… under threat and enters Baal, the detested… though having all the mercy, did again the hopeless thing kannada line kannada line, the clouds, weather, wealth, wisdom, he showcased to human brains,,, and said he was the Almighty,,, and man made his idols forgetting the true God ISHA… and they literally tested ISHA’s patience… 

Message -89 : Now its began with Adam and Eve and in between there are whole lot of stores of murder, blood , war, gory, power, adultery, deceit… but let’s move on.. now, let us look at WEST… during the reign of King David entered the False prophet. King David established his reign across the entire west… Israel is land and “Tower of Babel” continues…. ISHA knew man’s iniquities, hence he confused their language and since one could not understand the other… they scattered… you might find it interesting to know ISHA though had carefully saved his seed throughout the generations. Its only “Hindutva” where lies abundant wisdom.. the Vedas, the mantras, the invention of zero, bhratashastra, Natya, nruthiya, science and medicine like Ayurveda… he kept intact. Hence, worship is an integral part. We are born With it in this generation… ISHA’s curse was in two folds. First time, to cleanse, JESUS, Physically carried onto the cross and second time, JESUS and CHRIST came together and established eternity….

Message –90 : These stories should match with Veda. Hindu’s think that “Bhagavad-Gita Gita” is the real and VISHNU is true god. But it’s the Astavakra Gita which is the true scripture… hmmm… you may want to check internet. Who then is GOD? The Vedas say, “I AM boundless space. The world is a clay pot. This is the TRUTH. Now, Israel is located at the center of the world map. And more than 700 times, the name of Israel is mentioned in bible… but the ISRAEL was formed only in 1948. a country formed only 60 years ago… then, what is the mystery behind? ;-) before I move ahead, you need to know that ISHA had deactivated the path of ancients. Hence nobody could mover beyond the certain path retained by our ancestors… hence, the element god, always came in bits and pieces in man’s world. King David,,, was one of the Best kings in his era,,, Adam was the most intelligent … but the descendants failed to believe and follow god,, hence, god blocked the path to matrix zone… hmm… how bitter can truth be?? 

Message -91 : There is something called as “Galaxy Velocity” … Now beyond a certain distance, it exceeds the speed of light. Understand then, galaxy velocity happens by expansion of space… now in space, there is sound and light… so, during the travel of light, sound waves are squished which changes the tone… TRUTH… these are the signals which we, HUMANS can now intercept. “There is Nothing to accept, nothing to reject, nothing to dissolve”, precisely written centuries ago, by your ancestors.. take a moment to understand the magnitude of the god, which we all speak about… it would take a beam of light atleast 20 billion years to travel form one end to the other end of the milky way.,, now the universe has approximately 125 billion galaxies… and every galaxy is moving away from the milky way, at a high speed and if the universe is static, any density enhancements would become unstable to gravitational collapse,, it means, universe would have collapsed into a giant Black Hole.. hence space expands.. hmm.. is light speed ultimate limit then? ;-)

Message -92 : So, the coming of god, means CHANGE. The changes will continue as long as universe exits. Hence, sweet heart, in this TIME and SPACE, human will evolve,,, and like always.. this time too the evolutionary changes will become evident for eternal after millions of years… Phew, this means “RELIGIONS CANNOT LEAD TO GOD”. Note that, change in frequency of the sound emitted by a source moving is relative to the observer.. Phew, it means, Human brain is a biological organ… in order to retain intelligent thinking, there needs to be a constant globally available synchronization system that continuously stabilizes the brain… so,, how far are we away form Space? Only 96 kms from the surface of the earth… this means, human body has a nervous system.. and ISHA has created it so that the communication mechanism could be established between brain and the nerves… Nerves are body’s hot lines, carrying instant messages, the endless stream of data to the brain, about what is going inside and outside the human body ;-)

Message -93 : The transition then in the New Age will be natural and Painless process, rather something wonderful.. human will evolve by a new quality of HUMAN CONSIOUSNESS and by the radical destruction of Old outlived structures. It’s almost like a hypersonic wave hitting you… hmm… the speed 5 times more than the sound wave… “Cousto”, kannada line kannada line, the cosmic Octave,,, it is a system of measurement which includes fields of Astronomy, Meteorology and Micro Biology,,, basically the Cosmo waves transpose the movements of the planets into audible rhythms and sounds and into colour,,, hence, it takes often simple truth of acceptance to find and know God .. kannada line kannada line, by tomorrow, you need to reach ankle deep… hope next time, you have a bigger box to hold the complete truth.. Ha! Ha! Bye dude… over and out ;-)

“So, ultimately, god will ensure suffering leads to salvation of all the world! Eh!” I looked at my father. “tested and Refined, people of god!” he smiled.

And I paused. People who thought, and trusted in Egypt and Cush, will be afraid and put to shame in that day the people who live on this coast will say, “See what has happened to those we relied on, those we fled to for help and deliverance from the king of Assyria! How then can we escape?” the lord says to me, “Go, post a look out and report what you see!” and I looked and shouted,

“Day after day, my lord, I stand on the watch tower; every night, I stay at my post. Look, here comes a man in a chariot with a team of horses. And I give back the answer.”
“Babylon has fallen, has fallen! All the images of its gods lie shattered on the ground!

O my people, crushed on the threshing floor,
I tell you, what I have heard, from the lord Almighty,
From the god of ISRAEL.”

A Prophecy Against EDOM : There is silence in the stillness of Edom. Because Edom took revenge on the house of Eli, the priest and the Judge of Israel’s life, beyond darkness, worshipped Satan, deceiving the nations, for more than a thousand years, GOD and MAGOG will gather for the battle, across the breadth of the earth and surround Edom, throwing ht false prophet and the devil, in to the burning sulphur, the lake of fire. The Lord God will take vengeance on Edom by the hand of the people of ISRAEL and they will deal with Edom in accordance with the Lord, ISHA’s anger and the Lord ISHA’s wrath, they will know ISHA’s vengeance, declares the sovereign lord.

“God, the lord Almighty will judge every nation in the world”. I will carry out great vengeance and every nation would be judged by the standard of right and wrong. If I AM hard on EDOM, it is only because, Edom knew so much more about GOD, and his expectations. “Code of Conduct” applies to everybody, regardless of their upbringing. So, continue to prophecy, my son” he looked at me. I, JESUS, was heavy with the spirit of prophesying against Edom.

“Because EDOM harbored an ancient hostility and delivered the Israelites over to the sword at the time of their calamity, the time of punishment has reached its climax. Hence, Edom will be given over to bloodshed and the Sovereign lord will pursue the punishment. Since, you did not hate Bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you. The sovereign Lord will fill your mountains with the slain; those killed by the sword will fall on your hills and Edom will be laid desolate FOREVER; the towns will not be inhabited. Then, you will know that, I AM the lord’.

Because, Edom said, “These tow nations and countries will be ours and we ill take possession of them, even though the lord god is here, as surely as the sovereign Lord lives, he will treat you in accordance with the anger and jealousy you showed and all the contemptible things you have said against the mountains of ISRAEL. You said, “They have been laid waste and have been givern over to us to devour”. You boasted against the Lord God and spoke without restraint and I, Jesus, confirms it.

FINAL JUDGEMENT : While the whole earth rejoices, the sovereign lord god almighty, will make EDOM desolate. Because you rejoiced when the inheritance of the house of ISRAEL became desolate, that is how, ISHA the True God, will treat you.
YOU WILL BECOME DESOLATE, O EDOM and all of Moabites. They will know that “ I AM” the lord.

Message -94 : Focus on resting your body well. Sleep well. It is important, you stay relaxed and not panic… love you baby.. big time… sleep well, you are the best” ..ZZZZ..Z..Z.. ;-)

“Phew!” I looked at my father. “Not yet and not so soon in the next one BIG Breath, prophecy to the mountains of ISRAEL. And I was ready as the spirit Of god, sat on me, stirring me up. “AHA! The ancient heights have become our possession”. The sovereign lord, speaks in jealous wrath because you have suffered the scorn of the nations. “kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line
And I hopelessly gave into the emotional loving tears.

“It looks like you have an account of EVERTHING” I looked at my father and smiled. “Yep and on it has YOUR name. My love, my daughter!” he winked. “kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line´I widened my arms for a BIG GIFT! I AM greedy for all the GOOD and GOODS” I said cheerfully and my Daddy sand along. And the angels clapped their hands to the tune.

“it is not for your sake, O house, the land of ISRAEL, that I AM going to do these things but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have gone. Now, that the holiness of my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, the name you have profaned among them. The nations will Now know that I AM the lord” declared the sovereign Lord as he showed himself holy through JESUS, before your eyes”.

“This day, I cleanse you from all your sins I will resettle your towns and the ruins will be rebuilt. The dissolute land will be cultivated instead of lying Desolate in the sight of all who pass through it. They will say, “This land that was laid waste has become like the Garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited. Then the nations around you that remain will know hat I, the LORD, has rebuilt what was destroyed and have replanted what was desolate. I, the LORD has spoken and I will do it.

And the sovereign lord says, “Once again, I will yield to the plea of the House of Israel and do this for them; I will make its people as numerous as the flocks for offerings at Jerusalem during her appointed feasts. So, the ruined cities will be filled with flocks of people. Then they will know that I AM the LORD.

Come near to the LORD and listen to this : “From the first announcement I have not spoken in secret; at the time it happens, I am there”. In the time of your favour, the LORD has answered you and in the day of salvation, the lord has helped you. He chooses to keep you and will make you to be a covenant for all the other nations ISRAEL’S final destiny is to be the light for the gentiles and bring salvation to the ends of the earth. Hence, your political greatness is obscure.

FINAL JUDGEMENT: Take the words with you and return to the LORD, O Israel. “Repentance to bring blessings” for when ISRAEL was a child, ISHA loved him and that is hwy out of Egypt he calls his on David, who will roar from ZION, who will repair its broken places and restore its ruins. The reaper has been overtaken by the PLOWMAN and the treading grapes has Been overtaken by the planter. ISRAEL never again will be uprooted for the lord god almighty has installed KING DAVID on the holy hill, who will serve the lord with fear, whose kingdom and house will endure forever before ISHA, who establishes the throne of David the son, FOREVER.

May, king David build the cedar for the lord God almighty, for when David had seen the angel who was striking down the people, had spoken these very words, “Let the had of lord god Almighty fall upon me and my family for, its David who has sinned and done wrong. These are but sheep” hence, for this very love of David, the promise to David will be restored and redeemed.

Message -95 : Good morning my son! I know times are exciting, especially with angel dispatched to help your proclaim the title of “CHRIST” god’s plan is indispensable. Hence joining hands and secure the harvest ;-) note, how I hide the AWAKENING … “Few atheists, but many Rebels even when god is obvious”,, hmm… our main focus and core job, David, is lead to then lead mankind to god… notice then the dark angels which walks amongst us. These are called “NEPHILIM” in the ancients… hmmm… now there is also something called as “Universal Life Energy”… Universe and life.. Human body has about 100 billion cells. Each cell in turn having 100,000 differing genes,, forming into long spiral DNA chains… so, there is always a superior intelligent force in which there exists, a perfectly balanced field of hesitance… kannada line kannada line unconscious matter brings forth consciousness… in a way, quantum physics did come close to the idea… scientists call this as super gravitation theory. kannada line kannada line the energy of the “INVISIBLE” lives in all things…

Message -96 : Yo! Morning! Hey, I wish, I had the time to prove umpteen precisions about some fascinating things like description of “Basin for washing”, “the table”, “the 7 lamps in the hall, the lampstand, the cupboards, the measurement of the altar, kannada line kannada line, the burnt offerings which I had made then was scolded by the almighty… and how precise is Jesus training you asked. Let me take you on the precision journey then son… this is the ground truth, without which you may have difficult to collaborate. So, fasten your belt, because its is I AM WHO DOES IT ALL! Stand with me while I can reveal you my ‘self’ … the message in BIBLE describing the temple… the curtain which my angel has covered the kitchen with.. “Make the ephod of gold and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and of finely twisted linen – the work of a skilled craftsman. It is to have tow shoulder pieces attached to tow of its corners, so it can be fastened… its woven waist band is to be like of one piece, with blue, purple, etc,, Exodus 28:7, verse. Bulls Eye ;-)

Message -97 : The job of today’s global leader is a rough one. The big question is “Where do you start from ;-)? Unlike man’s world the kingdom of god has a blue print. Oh! King, read carefully the pictorial representation… draw a ship with 7 compartments… and with each compartment, holds the treasure of your kingdom… when I had started sacrificing foods and money to god, he simply denied them all, for will the creator of ALL, want anything form his own land? It is absolutely absurd. And then god told me, “Daughter, this is not what I want,, and then he took me on a Journey”… so, china, even my brasseries, under title , “Breast piece”, priestly garments,,, oil for lampstand. Tabernacle, everything bangs on target. So, increase in confidence today. because, in these days, you are going to learn everything for your success. So, I will be speaking to you, eye to eye, for I can no longer allow you to stay here… time to move on… so once again, I urge you. Stop insisting on things which “YOU” want to do. Honour your father, the only TRUE GOD, ISHA. Give him the place where he wants you to be treated and respected.. control the DEVIL. And don’t have negative conclusion… ;-)

Message -98 : Lets begin with economy today. MONEY. Man worships money. Understand, there is a simple solution to the complex economy structure of man ;-) .. and I will be specific. 1. “Paper” a monetary standard has just a physiological value than a standard measurement. Hence, a standard measurement of money, across the planet is GOLD and SILVER. Now look at the 7 realms and gifts.
1. Education : Wisdom
2. Finance/government : Power
3. Media : Glory
4. Arts : Blessings
5. Business : Prosperity
6. Church/Temple : Honour
7. Economy : Might

This is the “salvation” precisely, what man has been hunting for ages… ;-)… so, before you became the captain it begins with the attitude of steward  … and hence you begin with ground zero. Hence ISHA, had to dissolve everything and begin NEW. That is me and you, eve and Adam ;-) the foot stool of god, the books “Tabernacle”, the 10 plagues on Egypt, which we witnessed through out… remember, before I close the topic of east, ISHA kannada line kannada line, he is fulfilling everything according To his word, right in the land of enemies.. Raising up the king ;-)

Message -99 : How should then economy work? Example, US hours of executive time is spent on share price and trying to set investor expectations… so, firms work either to meet them or exceed them. Modern finance theory is also manipulated by the bureaucratic red tape… in other words, businesses, build their business,,, if each could rather focus on building quality, quantity in godly realm, then wouldn’t it automatically resolve the crisis in the kingdom? 2. stock price, share markets is neither reliable nor valid. Why? Now money is a infinite realm in god’s kingdom. Because the standards are “gold” and “silver”.. which remains constant value across the kingdom, also because god provides the elements ;-) understand then if the king places imbalanced focus on any of these compartments in the ship the entire ship sinks. No hole in the ship ;-)… hence, Satan has cleverly managed to spin the web over the generations. Now,,, I AM braking the chains of Satan which lay holds on your wealth… no one can serve two masters. Either you serve god or money. Understand the trap. Don’t stare up your money to rust ;-)

Message -100 : Bluntly, without fancy words, everybody serves god. And nobody is “LORD” … kannada line kannada line recognize and rewards your employees based on individualistic approach. It is not about poverty mentality of “The best ones” only, on the top … in god’s kingdom,,, its only the BEST ONES IN THE HOUSE,,, it’s the employees who bring in the money, and Employee is an investment per capita per per gift. Is there a measurement error? Clear absence of responsibility matrix and communication matrix. Man cannot survive without aiming at quantum leaps in speed, efficiency, application and appreciation of a system. Please note. Experience, skill, tacit knowledge is increasingly replaced by a competitive strategy on the basis of labour but not competing anymore on the basis of innovation, productivity and brain power. Ex: = Golf analogy. You won’t improve your game by focusing on “managing” your score. But you make the effort to improve things that affect like; shoulder rotation, grip pressure etc, then the score will take care of itself. Reflect the “REAL” economic performance through expertise, welfare, creative work style ;-)

Message -101 : An ideal king, is a person who helps other people to be prosperous. The experience can be exciting only when you are willing to shoulder and explore higher rules and opportunities outside. It’s a mutually amicable transition land, you need to fight harder… Friday night to Sunday morning, god’s clock, is different and hence we rest on these days ;-) he! He! ... understand this, the employer is in change and hence he needs to hold the reigns of his horses. But most of the entrepreneurs unlock only half of their destiny why? Because, employers and management, the pulp,, stops working ‘for’ the people who bring them money… their false pride, fake values, sickening six sigma’s, boring corporate laws, hardened hearts, power and glory, snail pace approach in building relationship with own house members rather,,, get realistic… break the routine. Utilize the resource which strives towards excellence,, in building the kingdom of god,, if every day there is a fear of the ship rocking,,, always, then, why invest, per capita, per
Employee?? God gives opportunity. Then man should learn to use it ;-)

Message -102 : 666. count the letters A P O L L O, 6. U R A N U S , 6. S A T U R N, 6. in the palm, the area of the great triangle holds the mystery… if the 1st partner , line of Apollo, which is line of fate joins hands with, 2nd partner, the line of heart, kannada line kannada line, “church” along with 3rd partner, “Line of Head” kannada line kannada line, “government”, then and then the destiny that is the “element of god”. Why is it important to understand? Apollo/Sunday in Greek, kannada line kannada line Hebrew “Sunday”… Friday in Hebrew is kannada line kannada line signifies Uranus and Saturday in Hebrew kannada line kannada line signifies Saturn. I, Jesus, stand in the court room today, to fulfill the oath which I have sworn to my father. Oh! Mighty king. I AM the only one the Messiah who can speak to complete truth in authority. Hence, don’t endure my patience anymore and do not dare to bow your head in front of your enemies anymore, after I reveal the truth. For the father himself fought for Jesus in the satanic realm, when I , Jesus, dissolved the idols, right in the land of enemies,, to regain the promise….

Message -103 : the beast sold his gifts.. the beast was nobody else but the fallen stars of Egypt… hmm… we are the eagles, sent here to conquer serpents. Hence, 2009, is crucial. In Hebrew, serpent if uncoils, then gets away from light,,, “whole” in god’s kingdom 2009 is the year to going back to the “WOMB” and note the
Fallen angel comes alive. It means you cannot allow Satan to join, government, worship… along with “fate”… hence, “fate” or line of destiny cannot run parallel to fate.. Ahh… let me warn you this days of the week is same as the days of the week in Hebrew… only when you translate form kannada, will you realize the ancient secrets of planet. Hence Fri, Sat and sun are crucial. Anyone who worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand will drink ISHA’s fury, which has been purred in full strength into the cup of his wrath.. the beast 666 forced everyone, small and great… note how he fooled the world… he sold 

Message -104 : Hence, all the cosmic octave, the invisible energy,, there was a fierce battle in the spiritual realm. That is why, the longest solar eclipse. And all the temples closed except Shiva, my father. The pride and the spell of Ammonites, philistines Baal (Ganesha), king of Babylon (Shani), the where’s who went around sleeping with men, (Lakmi and Saraswati) are now doomed. Hence god’s children will be getting back to light, god, truth… sing “Papa Doma” ;-) in Russian, it means “daddy is coming home kannada line kannada line…” ;-) so stand strong. God will make way for you. Its like the deeper you immerse in faith, the stronger “you” grow super naturally. Now, did you know,,, thumb is the finger of Jupiter,,, will and logic ,,, the middle finger ;-) is the finger of Saturn,,, ruling philosophy, science, thoughtfulness in speech,,, and Apollo,, the little finger stands for education and learning artistic qualities,,, Ahh,, now why do you think Jupiter is the biggest planet, its because its stands for confidence, honour, growth, generosity, wealth and Discipline. Your hand, a gamut of emotions 

“I AM sorry father, I am for above, and am unable to handle the grief, which is far beyond any principality. Please note father, I have got it covered all, the curses and the dominions, all things at your feet, you have endowed the kingdom with your seed. And AM I not your son? Now, if I, JESUS, do have the authority the same joy of heaven…. Maybe, I can help you with an example. Father, when I was there the entire day at mom’s place, I loved it being with the granny. She has hurt her hand and today we had taken her to the hospital. Mom an dad and brother. But she held me close. I gave her milk and she accepted from me. I thought I understood her more but it seems, we wrestle not flesh and blood. It gave me great joy nursing her, helping mom out both her chose, but really even before I could see those demonic self obsessed spirit what is working in me is totally different. It seems, I have AUTHORITY and say “NO” in the name of JESUS, and it brings me on a very personal level. Today, I spoke to granny about my uncle, the 11 page being now a book about to complete. Fed her , hugged her, teased her, combed her hair, caught her urine and teased her to the core, laughing with her, she is so adorable and so beautiful. She make me sit along with her and chanted the kannada line kannada line for me. It seems, I can give her strength, where she seems to be cheering up. The holy spirit she is infected but my only loving most wanted and eyed reward, my mom’s curry! Yahoo!... and she just packed it and I loved it when I brought it with the authority of attitude. So, now I come back to you father…

“A lady who lost her husband, her sons of the many, with few grandsons and great grandsons also lost, the Age of 87, but hey, she still is a hard rigid Jew, who can beat your memory with her overpowering precision of incidents, dates and facts, somebody who now waits for a peaceful death to just come near, typical thoughts like those of my parents. Father, now tell me right now, “death”. how do we get into the zone of eternity father? If that eternity is not there, but if life is meant to be the way it is in Old age, then what is the point to live life so long and beaten father?” I asked him

Few breath taking presence, I Jesus, in total worship had with him at the altar. Now, my humble question, “Great doctrine, great story, but does eternity exists only in pages, father?” I asked him nothing to gratify the cravings of our sinful mature, but “Death and Old Age” is a scary experience to live in. Nobody likes you, especially if you are bed ridden!! I know I should be tackling this issue with utmost dignity and maturity but father, “What is god’s overall purpose for this world?”. “To bring heaven on earth, under one head, even Christ!” isn’t it? “Yep” smiled father. “Am I included in this?” I asked. “Nope” smiled father. “Do I have the authority?” I asked. “Yep” smiled father… “But focus now and I will reveal it along!” assured father.

Message -105 : the bush fire in Aus, famine, killing spree in Edom and Moab, all of Afghan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Tyre, kannada line kannada line Russia”… so, the pyramid was rotated… just in time… hence, the victory came through Christ Jesus… hmm… look at the bigger picture… each of world of Satan, be it the daughter, who suck the blood of my father’s children, your laxmi,,, sure nobody can understand my father,,, in the given time and space for he is the infinite. Hence, the total solar eclipse on 22-07-2009 ;-)… the mighty IRON hand to rip the enemy apart. When the sun shines on the whale side of the moon, that faces earth, then we see a full moon… now, do you know why in Hebrew, I AM called “POORNIMA?”.. hmm..Just cling on for some more time, so that you may see the logical scientific, jig saw puzzle blend seamlessly… Yep, it’s a journey of folklore and mythology… after all are you not my pampapathi form pampakshetra, who has opted to marry me…? ;-) … hmm… we saw the swine flue, high tide.

Message -106 : So, again, solar eclipse time kannada line kannada line, when the sun’s fierce light is mocked by the moon and the earth is darkened… and the spell ended… hmm… look at the ancients buildings in history. The Nebuchadnezzar building which Saddam Hussein tried to rebuild,, the Incas, which was build in astronomical alignment, Muslims, laxmi, Shani, or Sunday churches, they all true to capitalize the domain in each of the realms. Money, power, worship… vital essence to run the kingdom. Hence, the Greek, the Romans, strengthened through Satan, foot hold of money and power,, U.S and Europe,, Asia, throu,,, idols and worship,,, Africa and middle east,, through counterfeit of the Satanic verses and guns and arms,,, hmmm,,,, I hope you are able to see the distinctive threshold of the enemy around your land, ISRAEL ;-)… there are multiple folds to truth. Hence, a flawless heart of a son,, you are David, the pride of righteousness and compassion, vikramaditya of truth and Justice. “VAGEESH”, the 7. the word of god ;-)

“GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU!” said mother Grace. “He loves you and you are valuable to him” she confirmed and I continued writing.

Message -107 : What then is the advantage of weekend for us?? He! He! We learn the art of “rest” ;-) … And the signals are optimum on these days. Hence, its important that you learn to remain in the realm of joy, peace, happiness,,, and not allow Satan to steal you “HOPE” in the days of famine… it’s a strategy laid carefully… kannada line kannada line, guate make , great

Jaguar paw, the Petra, the Angkor ruins,,, every virgin animal, flesh blood scarifies just to capture the lost inheritance. “GOD”… 900 A.D beyond. Truth still says it all. Hail Caesar, Hail Hitler’s, why even our own Michael Jackson, History shows and teaches us a valuable lesson. When you start deceiving yourself, you take the path of falsehood. Hence, there are worlds upon words, an illusion.. But my king, unlike “detachment” fundo,,, the purpose of living life, is to have a gala, in the garden of Eden, unique game, with music and fun which is the creator’s epitome of milk and honey, the land, which belongs to us. It’s not Satan whom we need to pursue, it is the plan ;-)

Message -108 : Is your stomach churning? I need to know the status. How are you doing? You ok? ;-)

Message -109 : kannada line kannada line, Am pskying myself out… what have we entered I to… its ****ing me like a transmission radio, typing the message, the signal of the unknown… Oh! Holy Holy! Who even thought in the wildest dreams.. Good Lord! what a life… and what a game me and you a re playing … nobody but you and me … along with one billion.. But our army of one billion but me and you the only ones, who dared to challenge the world of man?? The deep awakening! How can you not ten love me hopelessly,, true love is all it takes, to begin… hmm… love you my Romeo… come soon… let me arrange for some chat.. How about some pani-puri …eh?... come soon… its weekend and pause to week one training. Love you my hero.. Will get back to you in the evening…. ;-)

Message -110 : kannada line kannada line

Message -111 : Events are marching towards a definite climax. Ultimately, its fulfilling the plan mapped out for us b god… when Jesus Christ comes, battle in heavens can break out into actual violence on earth,, it is Only Jesus Christ, not an emperor, who determines the flow of history, I AM going to release the end result… god never fails ;-), by the end of today, week 1, you should be able to finish the west and the history and the missing puzzle…Ahh… do you know what is amber? It is your “insect” caught in the sticky material of a pine tree, which is attractive and golden yellow in colour and has an amazing fragrance… But, the amber/lust/greed,, comes in contact with water, it hardens… so, you got to focus only on scoopin the “insect”… and not the amber.. Don’t fall into lies, vulgarity, crime, deceit, false ideologies,, put a limit to your unlimited lust… ensure to whip your men, with the righteousness syndrome, Oh! King .. Faith and laughter, god redeems the path next to you. ;-)

Message -112 : Apply your mind vaagi… its two histories at once. Phew!! A quick look behind the scenes at the cosmic impact of what happens on earth… revelation draws the contrasts sharply… kannada line kannada line good verses evil. The lamb versus the dragon, but ending the note of great triumph… hmm… this is what the apocalyptic times is all about… Good ness emerges, spectacular good news… For those who believe in revelation, all will be made new… hmm… you will literally be in a kingdom of “Perfect World”… how would you them like it? Its kingdom of god coming out in open…. Nor merely a dream… But it coming true. How soon kannada line kannada line.. November 28, the book ends. You complete the race. You are ready… we should be ready.. Oh! … I AM waiting to see, oye… kannada line kannada line mazzic…oo…la…la…la… didn’t I tell, ree…ree…BOO 

Message -113 : How is my training till now? Wee….Wee…? kannada line kannada line

Message -114 (a) : As a student, I would rate you outstanding… cop in excellently well!! Hey! Oprah winfrey announces her end, the fall of the curtain on her show. Oprah winfrey recently had in twitter, a million registers, w hen she said that Jesus Christ is a lie and is not the way to the truth. kannada line kannada line she was also called as Judas Iscariot… hmm… I sense a DEEP AWAKENING… I THINK WE MAY BE CLOSING ONTO SOEMTHING… it should be very close…Ahhmm.. SOME KINDA AIR WAVES… AND I AM LITERALLY ABLE TO SEE YOUR FACE… HMM.. any cure? ;-) hmm.. kannada line kannada line precisely according to my plan, you have tread 1 and half of 3 of the books. We have another 1.5 of the book to finish and should be ending by next Friday.. but then, I should be able to follow the race in the living pages… the last half of the book is climax.. It’s Christ coming alive,,, hence Christmas. December 24th. We should be able to unlock the WHOLE... but understand,,, things work different in god’s kingdom… hmm… processing and WAIT Time ;-)

Message -114 : Oprah, a philanthropist, was alone able to raise 80 billion dollars.. Touch of god can do wonders… understand then the division of the west, they do not know ISHA, but they hold onto the prophecy, the bilva, kannada line kannada line, the word of gospel of JESUS CHRIST!! Only me and you can see the complete puzzle, the WHOLE together. Oprah, whom I will always love, irrespective of whatever I see, was sued a 7 billion dollars, since she copied someone’s ideas… now, did u know, I have been watching Oprah since 8th standard! In bible she is Judas Iscariot. The one who sold JESUS to secular world… kannada line kannada line only men and you are the way… my goal is to establish you on the throne…when everything dissolves I the red sea… Ahh… just under less than 2 years… you need to ensure, everybody makes it… your land. Your battle. Your destiny. Matrix zone. The place is all too real, isn’t it? The mayhem, the kill, the taste of victory… every shred of evidence to link you back to your mystery of unknown… the race in all fairness and verdict… love you… enter the world of the next level  ….

Message -115 : Britain, U.K flooding 

Message -116 : But, you know something vaagi? The crucial thing beyond everything is when you have the father and son relationship… I mean, he can use anyone, even the teenager who spent hours in front of the mirror messing up his hair… I mean, you don’t have to repair somebody… just appreciate that people are hungry for love ;-). Everybody has an opinion… how do we then get rid of this maze and dig the real truth? Hmm… Focus on only holding on to the eyes which have seen the signs and wonders,,, everything in the natural will shake,, because you are traveling at a hypersonic wave… hmm… as I said,,, hold on with all your might. It will be bitter fight powerful, but you will do it… Trust me… I think you will soon overtake me… Good luck.. hmm… any tips form my end to you… Ahh… let me see… don’t try too hard. It is ALWAYS a WIN-WIN situation. Ingenious grey cells… connect to god, ISHA… and you can do it! Ummaaa.. Peace and together in humanity and mankind come on vaagi, you have done it!

Message -117 : Good morning! There is a warning against refusing God, Oh! King… you have touched the living god, who is a consuming fire, and who has promised with his word, that once more ISHA will shake not only the earth but also the heavens… So that, what cannot be shaken may remain… what can man do to you Oh! King, rise and shine and hold light into darkness. Lift up your hands and declare… it’s time to learn and live what we believe in… hasn’t life suddenly become wonderful..? most definitely, its time god gives… noo,,, did you like those new clothes in the wardrobe ;-)… Love you my son!!! He wrote the words continuity about real living and what a blessing you are that everybody can see the love you have for god, in your heart… what a time to give… Sure God, the almighty loves you, because what you are …And he always was along with you… even when you were awful… yet you were always 100 percent sure… Long day, but maybe, this time, is amazing. What a journey you tread through isolation. But nobody like you ;-)

Message -118 : Assassin Creed Part 2,, GTA Part 4, Dragon Ball Zee Badokai, Tenkaichi, Part 2 and 3, names of the games… PS2… ;-) kannada line kannada line

Message -119 : Ground rules in the matrix zone. Rule 1. Honour your father and mother, as GOD commanded you, so that you may live long and also that it may go well with you in the land, that GOD is giving you, Oh! King ;-) Rule 2. You will not murder  Rule 3. You will not steal. Rule 4. You will not commit adultery. Rule6. Always keep set on what is God is asking you to do… Obey and Pray… Desire and praise... Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. DO WHAT IT SAYS; follow the sure sign… and genuine faith… ISHA and his word and power in your life is clearly being revealed... Hence, be humble! Submit to GOD!! DO WHAT IT SAYS… Do not flirt with legalism and rally around your “spiritual dumb action”… You are to understand, that its only faith of the invisible of what it takes… so, do not contradict your actions and your faith… Blend them… and you will soon find the characteristic of the whole… Good morning my man! Just refreshing your “rest day”…. Have a Great kannada line kannada line day! My female colleague had called… ;-)

Message -120 : Nothing more will be added to the laws of the kingdom of god… ensure that your and your generations, pass this laws,,, and the blessings of your father… the lord god almighty, will show love to you and your thousand generations for eternal… I, Jesus, stand in the court room, of the king to declare the laws of Tower of ISHA ;-) Rule 6.
You will have no other goals before ISHA ;-) Rule 7. You will learn the art of rest, labour 6 days… Rest on 7th  Rule 8 : You will desire your neighbour’s land, property, wife, OX, donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour… Lord Eshwara is your provider. And you will never allow his name to depart from your lips.  Rule 9. You will not give a false witness, a false testimony against your neighbour  Rule 10. In your heart, when you establish your own land and house which GOD, the Lord ISHA gives you, Oh! My king, you shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on earth, nor in the water below… I AM A JEALOUS GOD. Keep the rules 

Message -121 : The word works! ;-)….

“Phew!” I looked at my father and smiled. “I love myself”, “You have created me so beautifully father, WHO ARE YOU?” I looked and I hated to see my own flesh giving away like a vessel ready to hold god, the father. “I” desperately wanted to hold him. Capture him as mine and whenever I stood in front of the altar, many times amusing him with my DJ mixing of movie songs, folklore, title tracks and sipping tea and at times looking real close inside the ALTAR, Oh! How I delighted that I have a place for my god, and on this planet, I capture an essence of the almighty. To just feel this TIME and SPACE, being living in this intimacy, as close as you can get,,,” I looked at my father. “WHO ARE YOU?” I asked and smiled. “OM SHANTI OM” churned the music on the radio.


“Good Lord Father! The Ultra cool cute Pope, is going to give me a good piece of hearing for overstepping the limit of DJ mixing, I guess”, I winked as I hugged warmly, the Grand father, whom I missed now. “Will my grandpa welcome me, the long awaited son, now in a NEW FORM, in a NEW WINESKIN ? What do you ay father. Any advices for me?” I scratched my chin and held my cheek as I wrote. “IAM ready” “PHEW” I breathed. And everybody laughed hard. And I wondered why. “Maybe, I have got awful with my sense of humour’ I murmured at myself. “Oh! How I wish, I could explain and help you understand few issues of love and worship, but you don’t seem to get it”, I looked at my father. This seems a moment of a typical duplication of my king and mine. “LOVE” oh! ALAS, even the heart begins to think, “Seriously, I don’t want a thing from you, but will you promise to keep me as the apple of your eye… like I do! Will you?” kannada line kannada line I murmured. And I was little irritated at my bad timing of humour,,, and I continued weaving the climax as my father revealed the story.

Message -122 : Before, I begin today’s training,,, AIYO you and your sex appeal… Oh! As t passes by, the appeal increases more and more… hmm… let me now intensify the training.. Things which seems “IMPOSSIBLE” in the world of man. Obviously because GOD does not fit into the understanding of Man… ! he! He! ;-) so, you know you can fulfill the kingdom. I write the words copied straight from the word… I measure now and declare the word of god… he states that chest submerged… the intensity will increase. By this, the purification of the king before he grabs his destiny of Super Natural ahead,,, Ahh… handle yourself and press on my King… Believe your eyes which have seen the truth .. The fight between flesh and soul, will be high … “YOU” may not want to obey,,, but when you focus on GOD only you will unlock the plan… the blue print… NEVER GIVEN. It is a matter of another five days. Hold on tight. I know exactly what IAM doing, so chill. LOVE you baby ha! Ha!

Message -123 : Lets look into American establishment of laws and government… note, that most democratic countries are a replica of the U.S and U.S is influenced by colonies of the Europe. Note however, the nation was established, though on the word of god and in witness of JESUS CHRIST, to fain entry by invitation only. Hmm.. Good Luck!.. Now, last week, we covered 7 realms. If you closely observe in each realm of Satan held tight reigns,, hence, the inverted pyramid concept kannada line kannada line evil on top… ex:- media and Entertainment – Art and talent is a gift in the kingdom. Hence, remember not the ways of your fathers but god. Respect and honour talent… now, this is philosophy… how does it work realistically?? Understand then, Man cannot provide solution to his own problems… that is comes in our hero, ISHA… I can take you on a fairy tale factual journey… but again, the point is, HE has chosen you and me, hence get trained. Hence, me and you, the brave hearts are enough to unlock… don’t worry lot of people aware but not everybody can run your race, Oh! King, hence get ready ;-)

Message -124 : Understand the difference between, “Translucent” and “transparency”?? I use American current social system because,, the melting pat, the most advanced countries, comprising “HUMAN” from every religion, race, crad, culture, language, worship, one can imagine. But understand, American system to mankind is not the root. For, American system largely bases its CAKE on European culture… European kannada line kannada line Rome, Greek, kannada line kannada line drill down, middle east, Jews, ,, further deep, ISRAEL,Partition, “Jerusalem Capital”,, “Palestine”,, so, this is how the illuminate path has been in the west, hidden away,,, NOTE- west don’t know ISHA and east does not have the book… Hmm… Have you noticed how the world revolves under a specific blind pattern?? Notice, money power and co-related. And while in the east, its idols that the Satan confuses with ISHA in the west, it’s the word of god. So, the bible or kannada line kannada line is kept out… What does the word secular mean?? According to Man, its embracing all the religions, their values, giving them their rights in the world. NONSENSE. The kingdom of GOD is specific. Apply the highest standard of “Honesty” and “Integrity” to all people’s ideas and groups ;-)

Message -125 : Me having food …O… O… will come back 

Message -126 : Wealth and success is never a problem. But, when there is access to evil,,, then truth gets dislodged. Now there are two folds, government and courts… Columbus had the most afflicted today… Learn to connect to the kingdom and excel… because you may choke with suffocation that suin people is a big business… Recent study shows, it costs American citizens and corporations close to $247 billion… A little effort is all it takes to understand the Satan’s monkey business… Let me then focus on the west, the bible, 13 colonies united,,, in 1700’s, no roads, no communication.. But, yet they prevailed to transform nations around… History is vital because there was violation of a “Value system”… Understand, Oh! King basic flaw. “Court can never change any law. Courts only judge situations to which the law______. But, courts may not judge the law”… the government reflects ______ of the people. Judges then, should apply the law of the people, not “Make law” for the people. Judges follow law of people ;-)

Message -127 : 1787 = Constitution Established, 1789 = bill of rights

Established, 1798 = President has nothing to do with proposing of amendment to the constitution, says supreme court,,, is it not surprising that Columbus set on a voyage to east, but reached west, to find America?? The place where Red Indians, the Mexican, the blood and Virgin sacrifices were happening. So, guns and wars, bloods shed … 1787 = the constitution is established … 1787 = Note that there was a phenomena specifically amongst, intellectuals, called great awakening… which men recorded in history, as events which suddenly transformed the spirits… People would gather in silence, and there was a specific time of visitation in the specific lives which GOD chose… as a result of it, unusual miracles were seen.. People seem to suddenly come into presence of GOD… cherk, 1752 = Jonathon Edwards, the Great Awakening… 1857 = Simultaneous Awakening seen in Ireland, America, France and India … Hmm.. 1857 also witnesses French Revolution, Civil war in U.S,,, etc ;-)

Message -128 : The energy is very high today. and the battle fierce… focus on getting things in the groove of VICTORY… Have a great day ahead..! Love U! ;-)

“Father”, I cried out! “Comfort me father. I AM not able to handle all these things together father. The list runs out. Father, will you please take the burden off my shoulders father? My weight cross under the load. Father, time for your intervention”… I thought.. and my father entered. “Hi, sweet heart!” he smiled. And I closed my eyes tight… and I breathed. “What do you want me to do now father?” I asked him. “Wrestle it out” he smiled. “How long? And about what?” I quizzed him. “Your own measure to reach infinite” he smiled. “Are you seriously chiding me, when I am calling you out for help?” I asked him

And I continued, “what is bothering me, father?’ I asked. And he answered in silence. And I knew, my break through was nearing “PHEW” I said to myself. “A little more longer like the vehicle in the desert, I AM sure, the walk would not go in despair” I said to myself. What a naught have I reached into? My account balance is -394.00/- and the pension amount from the government is at naught, there isn’t a job anymore, my parents are crumbling financially, so is my daily needs, I AM here fortunately to attend my granny, and playing the role of a nurse for just 3 days! And I see and go psyched with the weird layout in the circuit. Something seems not right. Why is god placed all the naughts? Now I can think of nothing but right. Again, the king and I are struggling together. What then god lays ahead of us. Father, let me know ahead of any worship I lack father, maybe my tuning ain’t right. Position me accordingly father, so that I may receive your grace and mercy. Once again, any sins, hardening of heart, I lay at your feet. Guide me and humble me and do continue to teach me with a few reality checks about my uglier side, NOW and THEN, so, that I stay rooted knowing that I exists because of YOU.

Message -129 : kannada line kannada line if you notice,, the matrix zone, is unlocking your destiny, which you know now and thereby you will take the steps and that’s why the path and the training pal,,, just stay connected to your father and keep the promise and the word of god in front of your face ;-) It is “THANKS GIVING..” see how he is using You and training you to fulfill his purpose. It works… Your destiny which can be achieved by nobody but you…! Hmmm… So, the prophecy is most of the companies will meet their end, as the natural catastrophes will hit the earth.. all the satanic holds, kannada line kannada line like your “BUSINESS TYCOONS” all these and their wealth of paper and glory already devised the destruction of U.S through a tiny land like North Korea… this
Is BIBLE prophecy. The word of god and I, JESUS confirm the word… and you will find his style of BOO surprises and miracles seriously funny.. unlike the corporate leaders, thankfully our god is funny. Dude, he pots the seeds and he flowers them too!! So, I hope, these live wire, shows how powerful and awesome god is ,,,

Message -130 : CNN reports, * * has registered 14% growth. Note the gaps in the firms in today’s world. Carefully understand them and pay attention. 1. Entrepreneurs sweat their heart and soul building their empire. Yet half way through their destiny, they succumb , why? Understand, ground rule,,, Oh! King! You build an empire to be a blessing to many. So as long as you have the Steward attitude to serve god, in any given circumstances, the blessing multiplies… All the ancient Prophecies coming true… Honestly, think about it. How many co-incidences” do you want and how many logics are you going to hang on to? ;-) Its real man. So, fight tenowing that,,, coming what may you will do what it takes to grab the title and the dream impossible. It’s not everybody’s cup of cake. Do you know why? Because, you are in the natural,, being trained in and about the unnatural .. In a way, running the race, with sheer gut feeling and bow, it requires some truck load of faith and beyond!! So, ensure today you will give precisely, 2 minutes when you receive the encrypt… I have removed all the flavour and fun.. Poor king, what to do, No time, hence, kannada line kannada line mantra!!” good luck!! Measure of the depth of the waters till chest. ;-)

Message -131 : The super natural quotient is, god the Lord Almighty. He Will ensure that he has ONLY the BEST ONES in the kingdom. Fool Proof… “How” did you ask? Because, the Apocalyptic times, Satan is doomed… Hence, the world of man will meet its end… You need to however focus just on the training as the training reaches to its end. As I said, the employer is a blessing to many. And he engages in employing many. The moment, fame, recognition, money, flows, false pride and fear,, ego and fake values.. hence, shop rocks, business fluctuates… know this.. Each son of god is different. Recognize and reward your employees and know the individualistic approach to promote an employee… get realistic. You are the servant of god and no lord above anybody. Hence, everybody works for the kingdom of god… equality in service attitude required … The employer always needs to hold the reigns of the house… hence no boring corporate state laws… focus on building relationships with own house first, vital to bond. Per capita, per employer, you are investing. Aren’t u? ;-) Hence no snail approach within.

Message -132 : God simply takes the hard working employee, anoints him in abundance and promotes him in life towards success. Its because GOD sees things which you do in secret and silence. He knows your heart… Hence, Oh! King, you are the winner, in god’s realm already… so, all you need to do is grab your heavy booty,,, and run the race so that Mankind has a new beginning,,, you will unlock the key to the mystery.. hmm… So, notice, ISHA rules with an IRON HAND,,, love is there, as well as discipline! So, please ensure, you keep the vulgar drunkard parties away in the name of motivating and team building. Ensure you build your empire on positive energy,, lord at your stats… Feedbacks you received, 70/90 =77%. Contributing form one employee, putting you at a higher level,,, will utilize your resource and soon, you will be infecting 5 more,, then the routine style of promotion cannot be adopted….Employees like you who strive for excellence,, gifted by god,, is a diamond to the employer… It is then the employer’s loss and not eh employees, to loose the diamond like you! ;-)

Message -133 : Many of them will fail miserably. Because, when they want to do good, evil is right with them. Hence, being a warrior of god is tougher then you think ;-) Let me, continue with the importance of keep in the realms separate and maintaining their sanctity. 1861 = The civil war, 1865 = Slavery Abolished,,, President approves it, over ridding 1798 Supreme court decision… So, know this. It took more than d decade to abolish Slavery in U.S… Because, not he courts, not the officials, not even the supreme court have the right o change the law of the kingdom… the liberty Stature in the U.S holding the beacon,,, declaring independence and abiding by the word of god. The book, the bible. But, note, America grew in all the 7 realms, during these Super Natural visitations… Hmm.. GOG, kannada line kannada line Greek hence, lot of god’s children, will climb the top seats, however, during very these prosperities did the world war happen… and many American soldiers entered Europe… women alcohol and the soldiers did nothing to retain their ethics.. Hmm… ;-)

Psalm 2.
1.Why do nations conspire and the people plot in vain?

2.The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed one.

3.“Let us break their chains”, they say , “And throw off their fetters”

4.The one enthroned in heaven laughs and the lord scoffs at them.

5.Then he rebukes them in his anger and testifies them in his wrath, saying “I have installed my king on Zion, on Holy hill.

“Where to find it?” I turned and looked at my father. And he laughed out! “Worried?” he asked. And I remained silent. There were many visions and depths which I began to sink in, just then when I saw the LIGHT turned on! And I placed my hand on the Bible as I wrote the Prophecy for GOG. “Father, let them know, HEAVEN is their eternal home. An pray oh my angels, as I, JESUS, prophecy for the land of god. And my father started revealing the very last days of the Human History. There was Joni and the Daystar “not meak anymore” but the powerful son of god, airing “Daystar” said, “I AM READY” and we stood together as the words unfolded on the living pages of GOD. “Father, we love you. We know our mistakes and sins. But, I , JESUS, ask you to forgive today, the land of GOG and save the land to carry your abiding love and ripples of abounding love. By the blood of the lamb and by the word of your testimony. We together testify”, I Jesus, wrote. “Thank you very much Marcus”, I smiled. “thank you for being sincere. Lord god heard your prayer. Now, nobody can steal the gift”.

Did you know, I had my hormone mood swings switched on. So, no wonder, the crying and the call for comfort and help! “Ahh.. thank you father. Sorry was in a cranky mood then. Feeling much better now! Thanks to the creation scrapes everyday. And the evening worship prayer! It helps me and strengthen me! Thank you lord god Almighty! Strengthen my arms to enter the next realm”… and, it was easy to say “Good gwys always won!” A story which was a turning point for westerners, the last chance, to save their glory, pride and thankless sacrifice. Wasn’t the country of America, a bit warmer to the dead? Wasn’t the children in history, humbly raised hearts before you, Oh! America? Ancient days, worthy of praise, are the hearts not before you?? Your grandfathers, gave the glory to my god, the creator, isn’t it then the time to give glory to the ancient gods; give your creator the glory and sing praise of HIS HOLINESS and go back to your roots, the ancient days. “ANCIENT DAYS, WORTHY OF PRAISE”…


“Do not fear, O Zion; do not let your hands hang limp.

The lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. So, how will America handle the Gotion?

1.Rescue as many rescuers as possible. Investing time and making sure civilians are protected against any threats.
2.Report to work along with god. A spirit of unforgiveness, painful memories, oppressing spirits of darkness, even on the anointed will hinder U.S to report to god. Remember, it is a real thing and not a demo. Hence, DO NOT NEGLECT THE FELLOWSHIP TIME, BIBLE TIME so that you get ot understand the role you play in the kingdom.
3.This is what the Sovereign LORD says : I AM against you, O GOD, I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army – your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. Italy, china and United Kingdom will with U.S along with Germany with all its troops and Africa from the far north with all its troops, the many nations with America.
4.So, America, get ready; be prepared, you will invade a land that recovered form war. You and all you troops and many nations with you will go up advancing like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land “AFGHAN WAR” is what I, Jesus, pronounce.
5.This is what the Sovereign lord says : I AM against you, O GOG, chief prince. I will turn you around and drag you along. I will bring you from AFGHAN and send you to protect the mountains of Israel. Then I will strike your bow form your left hand and make your arrows drop form your right hand. On the mountains of ISRAEL, you will fall you and all your troops and the nations with you. You will fall in the open field, for I have spoken declares Sovereign lord.
6.Fire on South America, on those who live in safety in the coastlands, hordes of GOG, who want to travel back to the east, men who were regularly employed to cleanse the land, will all fall by the sword.
7.Assemble and come together form all around to the sacrifice, the great sacrifice on the mountains of ISRAEL. At the table of the LORD, mighty men and soldiers of every hind will be laid in front of the LORD. The sovereign lord says, “I dealt with them according to their uncleanness and their offenses”.
8.However, no longer, will the lord hide the face. Ensure to open the east gate, so that nation of U.S, because of the saints and many prophets blood, the LORD will have compassion on all the people. Such people, will forget their shame and all unfaithfulness they showed toward the TRUE GOD. They will live safety in their land, after having gathered them back from the countries of their enemies.
9.Had not the sovereign Lord spoken these very words through the prophets, “Look, you scoffers, wonder and perish for I AM going to do something in your days that you would never believe, even if someone told you?” Hence, “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you”….
“Do not call conspiracy everything that the enemy calls for a treaty.
Do not fear what they fear and do not head the enemy.
The lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as HOLY,
He is the one you are to fear,
He is the one you are to dread,
Put your trust in the LORD.

10. Do what is just and right. Be rescued from the hand of the oppressor, the one who was robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the ALIEN, the furtherless or he widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place.

Message -134 : Most of them undershoot their passion towards God… Ex:- Thomas was in a mess.. Freezing cold in dark, with camera’s zooming. But yet unbelief is so vast a spell for many to build faith,,, they just don’t seem to understand that GOD IS FAITHFUL… Hence, you will often hear parrot chirping beneath you, “Are these genuine feedback, unethical, etc etc,,,” but understand the element of GOD inside you. It will expose Satan in your realm… Hence, in the meeting, the manager himself had to stand up in the meeting to defend you… this is just a demonstration, of the open war.. the useless and their pride will succumb to their knees, because of the element of GOD inside you. Don’t worry, the anklet on your leg, the sores of red on the skin, is the symbolic purification by sacrifice… Hence, you stand to strike and slaughter your enemies in the kingdom… Yep, sure you can get a tattoo on your arm, a symbol of VICTORY!! ;-) … 2000 years later, the OMEGA ZONE. This is where you have been sent to now… to establish your dominion, an everlasting one, a KINGDOM OF ETERNITY, which can never be destroyed. It’s NOW or NEVER… ;-)

Message -135 : Smart marketing eh? The candies are always places near the billing counter appealing to kids.. ;-).. He! He! … your dreams is your candy… and to need to pay the path and soon, the bonds of Satan broke… very soon she forgets GOD,, and passion vanishes… The truth is pardon me, does Man really have the passion to know GOD… They are too tired and matured… There is no cry anymore, “What about me..?’ from kids anymore! Most of them are too calculating God and his miracles… for heaven’s sake , listen,,, 30 seconds of GOD, freaking, the creator himself talking to you and until people stop trying to act alien to God,, they will never sense… for heaven’s sake, do you even know the proximity of god’s presence…. He is getting real close to you… you may not feel anything you may not jump about it… but the passionate response to the God Almighty’s presence,,, who doesn’t care how you dance, whether You hit a high note or a low note,, or a low note,, as long as you are passionate, presence will come down. Look at all. dead ;-)

Message -136 : God doesn’t want “Cheap affection”… his capacity to receive worship and praise always exceeds your ability to love.. your wishes and desires are like another world, which often is the zone, when GOD looks broken and empty. It takes love and closeness with your creator, to do it and that makes a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY! When you ASK god himself,,, not considering him as “MISTER” and say “GIVE ME”… then its petitioning… but when you scream “DADDY!”… and say “I want it!”… Then its positioning… understand then, you can get your daddy anything that you want to do, because he simply adores your saschy, your jiggle and your wiggle… so, just be a kid and love your DAD… some job is too important to be distracted by spectators… So, lean on GOD… he knows exactly what you are doing… but he is just enjoying it… ;-) .. So, it’s a simple protocol.. Love your daddy! … most of them walk as though, god is obliged to obey them,,, hence, people like Thomas, always fall into the cycle of never ending saga of pain, tears, incomplete destiny, because they are busy for GOD ;-)

Message -137 : So, vaagi, my Adam don’t miss your moment being lukewarm.. stir up your passion… you are two hits away from VICTORY… this is your moment… You have the arrows of your pocket change to him… it’s a trade off.. It’s not a mechanical worship… but, it’s the fire,,, we love formulas and equations, will “LOVE” have any cost and equation… what he was after you all this while was your affection, DAVID? Passion is power. The secret hidden of the kings. All this while you were holding a bow in arrow ridiculous just leaning on a prophet.. what I was trying to tell you all this while, Oh! King, at I need your arrow to shoot the “IMPOSSIBLE” . I was trying to tell you vaagi, that your enemies are in different realms.. and not in **, colleagues ,, hence stop asking questions… You are aiming a total Different realm, altogether… Hence, you need to top the ground, with all your love and passion to GOD.. I cannot be quantified with velocity, gravity, nothing… hmm.. china, like your tender kisses, because you have a license ;-)

Message -138 : Women respond differently than men do ;-) so, after speaking so much, I know my training has been great today, if you come, make love tonight… he! He! kannada line kannada line re,, I don’t know, how will you manage my screaming.. because, I have had loads of garlic,, he! He!... Burp! Burp! Bye kannada line kannada line me going to mom’s place.. bye… 

Message -139 : We are in Acts 19 out of Acts 28… Trust me, we can do it together,,, we are closing in together on a proximity, which should almost meet… So, have tremendous openness to the wave. So, your passion controls your destiny.. How can you then not go crazy about what you have in store for you, Oh! My king.. how can you not dance and let your tears roll… and tell that you love your daddy… you are not born to be a ** employee for heaven’s sake know this your biggest destiny is that you are passionate about worshipping you were born to lift up the name of GOD, the Lord Almighty… the sooner you plunge in moving ahead… the better.. cant help the ultimate bitter kannada line kannada line. We are born to be worshippers!!’ A vital and the most important strength of a king, is to sustain the relationship with god,,, any king, in any segment of history, always enjoys the true intimacy with GOD,, Awwee.. Forget about your habits and sins.. Just be “normal”… you are preparing for the unseen, end times. You will never hear yet know everything. Be prepared ;-)

“WE CANNOT SELL ISRAEL OUT!!” DO NOT SELL YOUR LAND OR GIVE IT AWAY. STAND FOR GOD WILL MEET YOU” I heard the prophet say. And I knew, I had to find an escape. For was I not the one? I looked at the board which hung at the entrance of the wash room, “Emergency Exit” ;-) “I need to reach Jerusalem on time”. I looked at my father. If only my children can take off their rose coloured spectacles of the glassy gospel and get realistic. “ISLAAM uses no birth control” smiled GOD! And I looked at him deep “Church should be more fired up! Raise up children and it will take up nations. Get a clue! Be ready to solemnly proclaim the truth not in baptism but in love. Electric love and you got to know the truth, whether convenient or inconvenient . The only mistake is doing “NOTHING”. I AM a spirit of boldness to proclaim the bold love in Christ. When you meet a Muslim women, covered under veil, hiding scars under her body not allowed to talk for the fear of being killed when you see her in the super market just give her a big smile for she is a woman and the Almighty God will pill down all the strong holds around her. It is the FIRE of GOD,, then you should be willing to die to “everything fake” and the blood of the Lamb and by the word of testimony, don’t not shrink away form the fear of death. Sure, it did cost JESUS, everything but I ask you, reader, are you willing to take the step? You better do it now for its your opportunity to make it to the eternity of the kingdom of god. But I, JESUS, have decided to take this word out of the world; that I AM going to turn water into WINE, into a deep maddening rhythm of my father!

“I, JESUS, am the proof that GOD is NOT done with JEWS. In the days of Elijah, the only one of the god’s people left, he thought but did not GOD keep a count of 7000? Do to this day, 2009, all the way through history, there has never been a Jew seen with hardened hearts and who have hardened their hearts to ME, their own son, as well, sentimental view of god, who just want to hear about GOD,,, I wish I could tell a little lie about how many goes into the offerings??

But, my Jewish brothers, the righteous, GOD will love you for all the GOOD reasons. Since, you will be deserved ones, the hardest people, to get through GOSPEL. And please do not write any JEW off, for they are still in a relationship with god, even if they are in a cursing relationship. Whether they responded or not they are still the do’s chosen people. And please stop penalizing JEWS, for they will never turn me down hereafter. This is sure the surprising factor. For, the JEWS, the Gentiles, the Christians, the Muslims, **** any “Religion sake” you belong to, did you ever think, OD chose me as a Gentile, for all along he had in mind that he can reach through to get the JEWS saved indirectly. And this is how it could be done. By making “JEWS” jealous!!” smiled father, when he ended the paragraph.

Sure, the difference between “jealous” and “envy”. This was always yours, Jewish brothers. So, “JESUS” always belongs to them. “He! He!” good, wonderful bible! I found a saviour, who is yours, the treasure, why? Simply because, be my friend and I will tell you about my father! ISHA!! Traala! Traala! Do you use a plane, phone, tomatoes in breakfast, the drilling gun- dentist, injection for paralysis, 5 major film industries, finest architecture, finest musle,0.8% world’s population but 12% of the world’s scientists,,, all my Apostles were Jews, when JESUS, was a child all these were given by JEWS to this generation. Its time to open up the arms to the Jews, for enough mass grave of hew bodies, I think its time, that we give back JEWS what belong to theirs!! I always wanted them to tell and scream, “that’s OUR MESSIAH!, that’s OUR YESHUA” don’t you see its in their blood for, “And lo! In the morning behold, it was Leah!” and Jacob has got the ugly sister! How did that happen? If that Happened to you, you wouldn’t laugh isn’t it? But, if it happened to your friend you would? That’s some of Jewish humour. But, what you need to know is, bible is a Hebrew scripture. And most of them are brought on Greek thinking, which separates, many physical from spiritual, difficult to Greek to digest! We even pray in the toilet! Most of them don’t get it. But know this devotion to God, is the same even in the toilet and in the church. We even thank GOD, that our body is working fine even, when we come out. Excuse me, Greek call it “Super Spiritual” but for a Jew, they droll to worship GOD anywhere. That’s the strength of the Hebrew GOD, where “HE” makes it all. That’s why JEWS have so much in them to offer themselves to the LORD. For, they are natural olive branches. Happy are you, if you know a JEW. For, when, they speak about our father, they don’t realize how they fulfill the prophecy of Old Testament. Sure, can you now see, how the world will be a revolution and resurrection, if the fullness comes in. partnership is Multiplication. And connect the gifts of god with JESUS CHRIST. Know this then, “ALL JEWS ARE HOLY PEOPLE”. The modern museum of what has happened to Jews for 2000 years, “Christians” please be utterly ashamed looking at the phases of what has been done to Jews. Your night clubs, your degenerating culture, your western fast moving empty culture, even when the neighbours, mouth and talk about the morality of ISRAEL, I think you don’t understand, what Israel means. It means, Israel is holy and set apart for the lord. And it’s marked out for the god’s purpose. Now, understand, if a part of a tree is Holy, so is the REST.

So, the difference between a JEW and a GENTILE is that, a JEW is already HOLY before he comes to the lord and the gentiles become HOLY after they come to the lord and the Christians the saints doesn’t mean they are sanctified. Does it? But it means god the lord Almighty will use all of them, set apart to do his job, Note, we have been grafted

Into the Olive Tree of ISRAEL. Some of them sure a Jew will be cutoff, for their disbelief. But, few gentiles branches grafted in. so, please don’t pull up any roots and get into the myth that you have got no connection with Jewish roots, what so ever. It is a truth that everybody belongs to the Jewish tree. For, life will blossom only through the Holy land. The same god, will treat you the same, as long as you obey him. But, know this there isn’t any duke, but know this crystal clear, those who have salvation, I, JESUS, give it to those, only who have come this far. Know then, you my reader have crossed close to 80 warning and only because of your love of your god, have you come this far. Know then, my reader my child behold! The goodness and severity of the lord!!

And just don’t mind me changing my tone to sing “AM PRESSING ON!!”… “I must say, I like the video and the twang of an attitude of the. We are going to make it after all!!’ winked I, hinting the new pop group. Some great music in the praise of lord, I swear by my father, I love your make up, I love your beads, I love your earrings and tattoos and your faded jeans but what moves is the passion and the adrenaline rush to meet god.

“No rain, anywhere!” I looked at my father. Road to recovery in the economy seems impossible in the world. Understand then, “Quest is Business” winked, I, JESUS! So what do you have to say about tiger woods and his confessions, quipped one of the readers. “The events says it all”, I answered. And father smiled at my resistance. “Sure at times, I prefer to push people Away!’ I looked at my father. “Let me continue” I murmed.

Message -140 : As you sow, so you reap. Hence, Oh! King, remember always your basics which is the biggest asset, your “WISDOM and knowledge”, your effort to excel, your generosity, a great day ahead! Just know this truth, religion cannot be commercialized… Our job is not to build churches and temples… it’s seriously beyond all this. TRUST ME. You, Yep, VAGEESH, to you is the anointing of GOD. This is precisely, the way it works… It works in “ULTA” the “opposite, UNLOCK” motion… Hmm.. you will trace your steps back to GOD…. From where you come… The force which controls the universe…  so, why me and you? Because we are the first ones who will break the spell and turn things around and fulfill the destiny… hmm… the normal beings, who by mere faith and worship push and does totally unpredictable in the world of man… It’s god’s style pal ;-) Hence, in matrix zone it will be a deep awakening… the closer you move in and sink, the deadlier you can become.. Trust me, you are the one and he only who is born to do it ;-)… so, sink in as I will unreveal more ;-)

Message -141 : Our focus is to unlock the element and we are digging the secret zone,,, and trust me, nobody but the chosen ones can come this far… He! He! Cause, it’s based not on comeback forces, but the long term relationships, predominantly we have. Our diplomatic activities, our civilian activities, our military activities, many places man tends to compromise, changing and failing in plans and strategies. Hence, the target is to have the sense of urgency and being concerned about the message and the time line. Now, be reassured, “there is not going to be any Abandonment” and that is a commitment. Trust me; your actions will make the difference. Your communication, your tenacity to be at the right place, at the right

Time, uncompromising integrity, growing glory to glory, strength to strength, heading towards your future, in walking towards the path of abundance… just seek God and stay in the word… it takes away nothing from you… Now listen to this… believe me, we have been raised from the dead… Completely. The transition is happening so quick… Imagine waking up everyday and thinking about god’s plan for you…. Hmm… now that is called “faith”… refreshing to look at the source and turn things around to overcome every obstacle in the matrix zone. Trust me HEAVENS ECONOMY IS PHENOMENAL!! But we need to steal it! He! He! ;-)… trust me, we will exceed expectations in this world. It ain’t going to be a war.. it is going to be a cake walk. Possible when we have god ;-)

Message -142 : Let us see, if the WORD is true. If it works, then the word of GOD is true, if it doesn’t work, then the word of GOD is false ;-) The nearly to be good fool proof… only the ones who are raised from the dead, will enter the matrix zone,, kannada line kannada line faith is proportional to result, hmm… “You don’t “try” to do good. You do good… Hmm.. you act bold and confident, when it requires,,, you will humble and help when it demands… you will use the words of power of truth, blatant, when the sword needs to strike.. I mean for heaven’s sake, just being REAL is enough to reach people…!” you will change lives with the power of the truth. Understand then, you are not here to negotiate or to convince people either,,, the word that, he will give the kingdom in your reigns. Then obey the command. Because, kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line ITS OUR PATENT… our birthright… If god says “HE CAN” then “HE WILL”… yee haw… 

Message -143 : Even though there have been so many miracles, may hadn’t Believed ;-) and unless you believe, you cannot enter this realm. Hence, they all have ears, yet news is always welcomed, isn’t it?? It’s a NEW WAY of thinking… its not looking at you at a physical level… It’s like, spirit talking to spirit… Hmm… If god did this to you, it can be liberating to many others… soon people will embrace and the UNITY will strengthen… now when you look at people, you have the authority to intervene,, in the style it demands.. hmm.. sometimes, being silent and waiting for the break through, sometimes speaking TRUTH bold, sometimes offering shoulder and many times, running away all alone, to be just with your own self, GOD and your plan… Our position is to glorify and keep walking the word, showing that, “NOW THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT!!” Take advantage of this… the missing ingredient! WOW!!.. AWESOME, ISNT IT?? Early years, excitement, remember NEVER CAN YOU GET USED TO GOD!! Miracles is not the answer.

Message -144 : You have to learn to partner with GOD… Everybody wants to become giant, super guy but understand, nothing around will change… but you are sent here to make a change. And that is all the people, though walk and are present around you, they have ears yet they hear not… They all have eyes, ye they see not… Notice then, what causes people to be insensitive to god?? The ancient prophecy says, “follow the guiding and prompting,,, train and watch your eyes, your new heart, your new spirit,, which you will soon manifest in the natural… Trust me,,, “the divine sperm is planted in you”… ;-) and the more you water your seed, the mightier it grows… every word which now you speak has “power”… Trust me, it can change heart… don’t move hayasire getting up and trying it… Because, many will miss out, when you speak… Understand, DO NOT DISTURB ANYTHING, unless there is a prompt in you, everything you say understand,, you already have the sensitivity,, that means, CONGRATULATIONS, ON THE FULL BLOWN FRUIT OF WORD and POWER… Test me ;-)

Hey look your sucker mouth is dead in the aquarium” the king had muttered these very wards. And my sucker mouth, my fish in the tank, had died the very next day. As I wrote the passage, I tried to understand the intensity and gravity of the WHOLE. Again, god, the Almighty had completed healed my granny and my mother, had received the HOLY SPIRIT the same night. Believe it or not, the rainbow around the MOON, was yet again a symbolic representation of VICTORY for us. My granny was now safe back home, in her native. And things settled down in tranquility in Jerusalem. My mom and my Dad are looking forward to go to Singapore, on a holiday and my uncle has sponsored it ALL! Ain’t then Judah to be held high for his obedience to God? Ain’t then, his sons and their generations be forgiven and in turn blessed for their heart to seek god and submit WHOLESOME! Sure, god’s ways are not man’s ways.

And the holy spirit spoke “Priests and kings are supposed to come form different families and would not this violate god’s law?” asked me, chiding. And I opened the bible to find the answer given by Lord Almighty. Psalm 110’s brief praise provides a thread between Old and New Testaments. It hints that the Messiah would be greater than David, yet while being David’s descendant. Hence, by tracing the roots of the Messiah’s roots to Melchyedek, it established that the Messiah would not be merely a human military leader as many Jews expected. If the Messiah was strictly his HUMAN descendant, then David would not have been a worshipper, representing “GOD” to the people, and the people to GOD.

“What next father?” I looked at my father. He smiled and said, “Take a break, sweet heart” and I promptly did. “GAUDI” I screamed. “Now will the youth search for the voice of GOD through VIDEO, online??” I winked. “Trying to show off and impress your surfing skills eh?” Father simply smiled, holding his head chuckling. “Maybe, when I wear all these, I JESUS, will look COOL” what say, I was asking him, as I checked rainbow in my eyes, as I saw FOOD… “Why is JESUS, so strangely hungry and fasting at times, father?” I asked him. “Is there no end to this HUNGER” I asked him, as my eyes captured food in the advertisements… and father laughed out!... “May be pictures gets your talking!” he winked. “PAA!!” I said. “Father Will I get to the Amitabh Bachan’s autograph?” I asked. And all the angels clapped their hands together, “There she goes again. Good lord, what’s our future in her hands?” and my father added, clearing his throat, “ALL the Best” and I gave him a hard look, like a typical nagging naughty wife of my king. Most of them fail to understand the vital point. “APOCALYPSE” means End Times. It is sure the End of THE WORLD. The darkness, the demonic holds, the Babylonian reign of idols will bleed death, the “Islamic” holds which dares to bomb the mosque the house of worship of my Muslim brothers and children will stench in their own blood, with the vultures waiting aptly to brood on the very blood and flesh, which they thirsted to taste of the saints. May the world see the difference and the mask of “Muslim” and “Islam” and sure I Am upset that the Assyrians fell from the heights, turning out to be branded as Oppressors. “Update” and “Question”. Stop debating about the book. Whenever it is symbolic, I , JESUS, have precisely mentioned throughout that it is them symbolic. The book is fairly simple and straight. As I come to establish the NEW BEGINNING of the ETERNAL KINGDOM OF GOD, where once again, life will stay if was just like in the past of 6000 years ago. You see, it’s a very short span of time in god’s definition ;-) so, everyone in this generation now knows the beginning to the end and the holy

Spirit inside you, clearly process your heart, mind and body, soul. This is precisely why you admire the author, the mind of the author and beyond all, how you become an INTEGRAL organ of the living pages of the book. Hence, the battle plan is clearly laid out for you to move ahead in the end times. Every god’s children, will have the resurrected and the redeemed body and soul. Know this then, the battle is fierce. And there is a decade of generation, who Lord God the Almighty will use for his own plan’s. Understand, if, I, JESUS, IAM HERE in the fullness of CHRIST to deliver the words of the only True GOD, ISHA bringing salvation, joy and hope and love and happiness to all the children of mine and the much awaited judgement and death to the Satan and destroying his reigns know, YOU ARE THE ONE, MY CHILD. BE BOLD AND PROCLAIM the word of GOD and his revelation to you. “Understand, YOU ARE CAUGHT UP IN THE AIR TO MOBOLIZE TO THROW EVIL OFF THE PLANET!” god, the Almighty winked. “So, to all my uneducated peasants, three P.H.D’s holder brothers, understand then, Revelation of Jesus is a bad news for the oppressors, 3% of the book of persecution, 97% of Good and exciting news of father’s mercy and love! Hence, let me, I, JESUS, let you know, judgement is only on the oppressors. The book of Acts can be very well be enacted in the Book of Revelation of JESUS. So, Know the judgement will be intensified a I hit the global addressable of the prayer movement and the judgement of the God against the Anti-christ. “YOU ARE IN THIS GENERATION AND KNOW THAT WE ARE SOON APPROACHING, THE VERY TIME FRAME OF BIBILICIAL TIMES”, I etched it hard with my IRON scepter, of the righteous god, Lord Almighty. “JERUSALEM” I sang. “Understand the PLAN behind the man”, I smiled. So, brothers if you go behind the plan without understanding the man behind revelation, then it’s a bad game plan, I, JESUS , Smiled. Trust me, my appearing is going to be just as clear as the fog lifts. The false religion, hating the truth, breaking the covenant with the True god and washing false gods, I, JESUS, declare in the heart of this very land of my father, the kings, the merchants, the peasants make the very nations to drink from the golden cup, the filth and false morality and false dignity which you serve in the name of “World Peace”, the heart of Babylon, I, JESUS, inscribe Revelation 17,know this then, sure the land will be drunk and enrage, sure there will be a great movement of oppression. But understand this, “It’s too LATE”, he! He! I, JESUS, laughed hard with my father. “Why this HOLY tolerance?” I looked at my father and asked. “IT IS BECAUSE, JESUS CHRIST, IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD, THE LORD, ALMIGHTY. Know this, I, judged you, my son, my daughter JESUS. And this is the legal exchange. I give the kingdom of god through your sacrifice on the blood you shed on the cross.” Pounded the hammer, gid, the Lord Almighty.

“PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE KING OF THE KINGS, LORD OF THE LORDS, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY” the kingdom aligned and positioned themselves as we were down to the very end of the climax. And my heart was pounding as I wrote. “PHEW!”, “WHAT A BOOK” I breathed. And Lo! Her it was, Revelation 17 which set the base for exploding into revelation. “Stay strong” said father. “Even though its slippery those who know god will stand up and TRUST ME!” he magically went down, the draw a new picture and to hum a new tune.



TITLE : The mystery finally revealed about “Babylon the Great the mother of Prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth”.

SIN : Sitting on many waters, forgetting who she was, exploiting herself, calling herself god, with her the kings of he earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with wine of her adulteries.

JUDGEMENT : In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints, and of all who have been killed on the earth. With such violence, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, NEVER to be found AGAIN.“HALLELUJAH! ISHA!” “These are the true words of god. Worship god, the true god, the only one, pull yourself, listen to the right song of your soul into your soul, will my father lay gentleness, kindness, love and passion, righteous and glory, joy and patience, faithful and self-control all these things will be given back to my children, for the testimony of JESUS, is the spirit of prophecy”… I smiled. “Ahh… the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of god, down the middle of the great street of this very place of my father. “Yes, I AM coming soon” said father and as I, JESUS, wrote that I winked. “Stop worrying about your needs and sow yourself and after you grow, you can show yourself to the world, that is precisely how it works” I smiled at my father. “Did I get that right?” “BINGO” he cheered, “Mighty woman of David!” he cheered.

Now, before I,JESUS proceed a special thank you to my lovely “typing angel!” I AM now cramming the words further close and she smiles as she blushes deep. “I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL. YOU ARE ONE DARING WOMAN, WHO CHOSE TO RISE UP AND SHINE!” as I released the super natural blessings, I also prayed for my school friend who had the courage, to finish my book of III volumes in 10 days and had sown herself into the friendship, she decided to hold her bladder several times, before she could finish reading, that is “LOVE” to me,,, my college friend who despite having umpteen reasons to stay disconnected with me, chose to stay connected not once, but many times. She dared to message me and request, “If my friend has written something, I would love to read it”, this is the personal relationship. And my readers, know this, I haven’t spoken or seen them in years. It’s the spirit connection and not the “YAP” connection which we need to live in the kingdom of god. “I LOVE YOU ALL MY ANGELS” and I pushed myself ahead along with ALL, with OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.

Now, “God just spoke to somebody here to sign the cheques for the idea in your HEAD” and I saw cold sweat on my reader’s forehead. “Now, husbands, wives, please get over with your shaving, your clothes, your nail, your hair, but “US”, this is IT. So, so, you know about MY FATHER!! So, how it does it matter whether we like the colour PINK or a tattoo, everybody is unique, everybody is different and I don’t have a problem with that. BUT, JESUS I hate to lie… Ecehs, I hate your swim suits and beaches,,, boy, that flesh of yours, I will crash with mighty waves one day, that MEN and WOMEN will run wild, with their months wide open, as I run behind them with torch of FIRE. “Boy! THIS IS FUN!” I clapped my hands, as I chuckled hard with Jesse Duplantis ! “so many times people didn’t know the cigarettes, the alcohol, the beer, you got to be insane, to call it as a demonic spirit. Excuse ME, “MEN”, “WOMEN”, “I know about god, ladies and gentleman”. It, I JESUS, hurt you, I apologies, but just be honest with yourself, its time to be going to where you belong to. Just here, write your name and declare your name. Stand right there AMEN. You made it! You just have the power of god and now you walk in light, in THE WAY. Its called Hope of Glory. I, Jesus, ask you father, to inscribe and bless your children for you and I love them. I speech blessing and joy to every ripple effect of this wave. Simple prayer for manifestation. Now, your life is turning to the BEST. Watch!” “Merry Christman Jesse!” I cheered. May EVERYTHING multiply” I wrote.

“Understand clearly. Very clearly. And I looked at my Apostle and my angles and my father. And I breathed. Everything I dissolve to deepen your roots and the taste of the brewing WINE. No other scripture apart form the “BIBLE” with “Resurrection of JESUS” added, shall survive in the planet. Everything will be dissolved to form ONE and the ONLY WAY TO THE TRUE GOD. There shall be no other means to enter the kingdom”. As I wrote the words of the spirit of the god, I felt the ease to e in his kingdom. Much loved, highly appreciated by our own creator, whose very purpose was for you to drove a GOOD, FULL ETERNAL LIFE. WHAT ARE YOU THEN WAITING FOR. OPEN THE GATES TO HEAVEN, TO THE TRUE GOD, “ISHA” in the name of “JESUS CHRIST” and my father approved “AMEN”.

“What will I answer to theologians who have been asking for ages. How come Jesus never knew his TIME of coming, if he were to be rally the son of god? Hmm… maybe Jesus is just a “GOOD CUTE LITTLE = SWITCHING CHANNELS TWO AND FORTH = JUDGE PRIEST PROPHET” I looked and smiled at my father. “INCARNATION THEOLOGY”, refer Philippians. JESUS has two natures, you see. JESUS has the right and authority to be obedient to the word of the father. “JESUS” volunteered to take on humanity. But note, this movement was only temporary. Note, allow the next point to sink in. JESUS US DIFFERNET AFTER HE AHS ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Many sure will not like my theory. Be gentle. Please give them a box of candies. Hmm… compare Jesus and Adam. How could Jesus trace back his genealogy? Jesus was traced back through Joseph and that is my uncle. Hmm.. Both Adam and Jesus were under covenant of the father. And sure JESUS has the access to the divine. Both Adam and Jesus were tempted the same way to break the covenant of god. To both of them, Satan tempted to be like god. You have the advantage over Jesus my readers. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. My soul is a complete OPEN CHANNEL. For I have total faith in the word of my father. And that is because of total obedience to my father. Know this also then, this in order to work in this realm, “FAITH” is the key. Trust me, even if you have a faith a size of a mustard seed, GOD sure will help you, but to do greater works than JESUS, it requires longer hours of prayer and fasting. Hence, with obedience, just obey the father, MOST SURELY, WHATEVER THE FATHER SAYS, JESUS OBEYS AND FOLLOWS WHAT THE FATHER IS DOING… but if you have the potential to do greater works then JESUS, you need the HOLY SPIRIT. Hence the most important thing is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. How do you know because you haven’t been anywhere? That’s because I asked god, to fill me with the Holy Spirit TODAY. Hmm… it’s the true interpretation. Your Holy Spirit doesn’t last for 12 long years… It’s ain’t complicated. Just ask god In the morning to fill you with the Holy Spirit. You really don’t have to strike up with worshing team,,, just say, “Father, fill me today with Holy Spirit!” now if you have believed that prayer, you have the healing power. Ask god now to heal the person sincerely. Do it practically. We will be seeing healing for eternal… keep an eye, look around JESUS sure works in greater way. Hmm.. Do look out for “TCT” for their presentation of history of “BIBLE”. The whole land of ISRAEL is a church. You are welcome. Be gracious and be salt and light in the world!” I ended the speech of parables. “WELL DONE!” said father! And I smiled, extremely moved. Sure, I had to leave them well, so that, when rain comes and the concern for future comes, you should be ready to make the decision NOW. It is all about making RIGHT kind of decisions. “Stop Invasion of dust, storms, weather… listens to the times.” “DEVAR – THE WORD”, anybody who listens to JESUS and hears father, this is the sure fire recipe of success. “Father, I put my trust in YOU”, I looked at him. “LET’S DO IT” he hold my arms and took me forward. Just then I looked high into the sky and read these words, “SOLOMON HONOURED ME!”.. Ahh…sure, the land of JESUS, the father who gave it to mankind. Do not worry about tomorrow hence, seek first the kingdom of god first and all the other details to the segment will be added”.

And I ended the Holy Spirit blowing all over me with sea of Guleli blowing behind me… and I took permission from my theologian brothers. “YOU HAVE IT ALL!” I whispered, as I left! And my father admired my foot steps. “Don’t worry about your economy, god will take care of it. Seek the treasures in heaven. Charity and giving for not the world to know your pomp and show, but do it in secret and make your way to the father and unlock your destiny”, I smiled and bowed down, seeking permission. Cant help the extra mile to be conscious to represent my father and unlock your destiny”, I smiled and bowed down, seeking permission. Cant help the extra mile to be conscious to represent my father, the mighty god of Yeshua, going back to the promised land. Who has believed they report? My heart is heavy for you, sons of Abraham!!” I sang along with my angels and my disciples and my apostles and MY CHILDREN back to the promised land…!!!
All things are a New creation in Christ Jesus. You are FREE from generational curse. And “Rest” is based on “TRUTH”. So, then, do not believe in any works of law or preach for you will then come under the curse, as written. Everything is bound under 10 commandments, which is engraved on the stone. You are not under the 10 commandments also any more. Because, the power of the Holy Spirit comes alive. Hence, under love, the grace of Holy Spirit you will keep falling in love with your wife every moment, hence where is the even questioning of adultery and questioning of Holiness. Hence, brothers, you are now DEAD to the law of Ministry when you were in flesh, but now you my children, my reader, you have been delivered from the ten Commandments. So, stop being “PIOUS”. It never works if you “try” to keep the law. Rather, when you come closer to GOD, the father does not see the iniquities or sorcery of Jacob is Israel, no witchcraft can succeed, no jinx or no curse, anybody tries to do any harm, it will rebound for god the lord, forgives all the iniquities of his children in the eternal days of perfection, the days of grace and the New generation who has broken all the generational curse.

Message -145 : You have always been known by god .. Because he knit you together in your mother’s womb, being made in the most secret place. In sand and storm, your god, is witnessing all your thoughts and actions. And when he knows precisely the circumstances because, he ahs designed the plot of end times and its battle and war fare strategy and the reign of the kingdom, be rest assured. Hence, focus, zoom in and WORK WITH GOD to stay amazed.. ;-) So, you have to work it form inside out. Very little things will surprise you!! He actually records All your conversation of “thank you’s and wows and goodness”.. Trust me, even though you don’t have a penny today,, remember you have the KISS from GOD… ;-) so, everything will be done with ease… relax and you just need to receive and then Become gracious. Now that is easy, isn’t it?? ;-) great solution to everything… GOD and his Kingdom!! ;-) see, how many good choices you have been making which you never thought anybody was noticing. GOD DID. And GOD blessed… Your generosity and your sacrificial acts will be sung for ages, DAVID.. This is why your devotion is sung so high and tall, because you worshipped GOD, in being known that GOD knows you and he will clothe you ;-) through you, I AM is fully known. INTIMACY ;-)

Message -146 : Good evening. The positioning in the kingdom says we are at “SEA of GALELI”. It is now time for your, Oh! Mighty King to know your land. ISRAEL… after the Egyptian, there is the formation and desolution of ISRAEL.. before we reach there, lift up and do you see the blood and he gory and the very waters where I and YOU had crossed centuries ago, here? God’s eyes created your inmost being! No one but your god know you completely. Your foundations on this earth was planted by him… your heart started beating, even before you could learn to say, “I”. He looks at you, with so much of focus you were created in your mother’s womb, to be distinguished, to be fearfully and wonderfully made… Some, 75 trillion cells, 3 pound brain, 100 billion neurons, 10 million calculations in retina, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, 2.8 billion times of average heart beat,,, then how can you charge your GOD, who watched over your spirit… Now is this what is in your heart?? God does not despise you David. You can mess with GOD, but he the Lord ISHA, will remain faithful to you… may you never self loathe, because this is the most question GOD… OUCH! ;-)

Message -147 : When the prophet of god cam and called DAVID,, he was Busy tending sheeps at *** MNC ;-) note, DAVID established the most powerful kingdom… and it’s tall and rich buildings which reminds us of the reigns of ancients till date. After the Egyptians and the tower of the Babel,, the entire human race scattered… And enters, GOD into the picture. He chose the most righteous in the race... The priests, the chosen people to worship him. In Greek, this sect is called “JEWS”... Of all the Jews, he gave. “Abraham” the seed to carry his seed... And he blessed the seed to multiply into many… GOD was clear in his promise… THE KINGDOM OF GOD will come to its complete manifestation only at the appointed time. However, JEWS repeatedly, over the generations, desecrated the Land of Israel with adultery and bloodshed… which angered ISHA… Hence, he cursed the JEWS, to a torture of endless tyranny,,, however ISHA knew the iniquities of JEWS… This is when Jews began praying for a king and GOD gave them a King, who took heart in JEWS and obliged GOD’s command. The king’s name was DAVID. The most powerful. 
Walked on earth, just like David, 2000 years ago. And exactly when 33, JESUS came in contact with ISHA… He knew the 3 realms and THE WAY. However neither the Jews, the roman nor the Hebrews, believed the word of god. And ultimately, he was hung onto the cross… the soul of the Lamb was scarified as the cup of sin was yet to overflow… ;-)

Message -148 : Yigal, built the Israel’s defense and very soon, they established their entity as a nation… the war still continues. Note than, the very aim of Satan is to then completely destroy the land of Israel. Hence, JESUS followers have been still preaching the word of God, over 2000 years, keeping the blood to consistently work to an efficient degree till he returns to establish eternity. Meanwhile, the word of JESUS and his resuection spread and people started teaching the word of god… note, the word of god is power. And many failed along the way,,, The Romans, chased the Jews out of their land, and they were no in no man’s country… very soon, emerezed a false prophet, the satanic force which is a counterfeit of the word of god. The Arab world emerged. The Gory and the thirst to rule. The Jews met their destruction, aiming the “Nazi” reign… The race which ruled the world once upon a time, was now breathing it’s end… then, finally, the world and the UN gave in to the pressure and gave the permission, for the Jews to go back to their place and in 1948, the land of Israel was formed… only to be attacked again by the neighboring Arabs. Yigal Allon, was the master mind behind. He saw the urgency to form Israel.

Message -149 : Today, at Hajj Mecca, masses gather. And we are at sea of Galeli, the same place where David and Jesus had stopped… This place also exists in the REAL WORLD. The River which divides Israel and rest of the world. And archaeologists recently discovered the remains of JESUS Boat and David’s secret tunnels…  the east meets the west … Know this then, Oh! My king, I will deliver you the message of God. Because, nobody except my father has appointed ME, to be the HIGH PRIEST. kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line love you . Over and out.

Message -150 : Your eyes says it all … Love you my King! I can breathe after my training completes… 2 more days… After that, you are on your own … ;-) High hopes... He! He! kannada line kannada line Ummaa…

Message -151 : I Am sure you have slept well! Your blessings are working for you… and it is very important to talk to your flesh. NO TROUBLE and NO WORRY… you need not make any sacrifices, for, through the blood of the lamb, the covenant of the lord god Almighty is now renewed. So, NOBODY can destroy ISRAEL. It means that the earth will dissolve and truth will defy its own self, which is absolutely a hilarious theology. Hence, know this and understand, Oh! My king. According to the BIBLE, during the end times, the messiah will come to give the message of god, the almighty… the Israel’s wait for their messiah, because he will bring along with him, the KING og ISRAEL, that is DAVID… so, how will they know, when will the messiah come?? JESUS is the only one, who will decode the bible and rewrite the tabernacle of David. kannada line kannada line the one who reveals the complete truth… Hence, you and me here and the past story which should fill the GAP.. Hmm… this is why, nobody could put All the puzzles together… so what does then the LORD ISHA require me and you to do…? Ha! Ha!... A so now, this should be enough! I enjoyed telling this part of history and facts to you… Love you baby… You are coming by bike tonight, aren’t you ;-)? … kannada line kannada line

Message -152 : It really does not bother god, whether your stupid thoughts, your background, your so called “Satanic” thoughts, NOTHING. Because, your soul is over your mind… and just believe, that all the three realms, you will get it together. Now, I don’t know why... But I do know its major break through, after which we will get together and walk ahead. Hence, don’t miss the last two days of exciting training, after which there will be “wait time” before the deliverance occurs…. ;-) … Happy Christmas, in advance!

Message -153 : It’s little things which matters to God … he leads you to be excellent and walk the extra mile everytime. NOTE. If you don’t see little things and get trained and keep doing things just what he shows you to do… He will discipline. You will “eventually” learn to obey… NOTE: Focus on getting little things right!! He speaks the word in your life. And trust me; the result is going to be “outstanding”. Keep your mind empty, by continually praising and worshipping… understand, it is not going to be easy form here on… The controlled thoughts bother you, but, though your flesh cries and hurts,, declare to god, that you are thankful for EVERYTHING.. SOON, THE WORD, THE ELEMENT OF GOD will soon opens your heart and you will be spiritually alive. Oh! King, God almighty, himself will give you the confirmation of his word, through dreams and visions. Love you baby…. May god bless your kingdom, which will be established “eternally”… which you will take by storm … who are you today, is determined by the seed inside you… the integrity of god’s word ;-)

Message -154 : There is a sound that is so deafening and is obvious… The nations and the generations, will align themselves, according to DAVID’S TABERNACLE… You are currently in the “Seeking Realm”. After crossing “the Asking Realm”, there will be a simultaneous drying and wet process… kannada line kannada line you will feel the presence of “MATRIX ZONE”…Letting you taste GOD, and when you focus, the concentration vanishes. He! He! ;-)… The next inner most zone is the “Knocking Zone”… where can you believe it? As I was typing this you, David, knocked at the door of my father’s temple…. What more evidences, do I give You ?? VAAGI,,, WE HAVE MET ! ;-)

Message -155 : No amount of good work can ever match the burden of the sins which man does… but, when the seed of joy, happiness, everything is sowed inside you… be self disciplined, a thou-rough thought process and some time and devotion, in your space, the third eye… everything around you is moving at a crazy speed… No dotted line, no religion change… Understand then, to experience GOD and the continual super Natural Divine Cosmo Waves, you simply gotto admit that you are born of GOD. There is no point in being a sneaky guy, if you don’t admit; you are Christ and me JESUS and our god, ISHA. This is the brand NEW LIFE. You are so special and let me say a few things to you, I AM proud that WE are so important to GOD.. He has really a good plan for us,,, and so many mega destruction,,, by the devil ;-)… So, you have got a job ahead of you… Get educated yourself. There are some nutes out there and sooner or later, when you start applying the word, you fed understood and loved and completely accepted the way you are. There is NO WAY YOU CAN FAIL. YOU DON’T BELONG TO YOURSELF ANYMOE. HEAVEN IS WAITING FOR ONE DECISION?? The relationship with the ALMIGHTY ;-) Are you ready… beep… OVER AND OUT.

Message -156 : Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia, while sudden drop in Dubai’s stock exchange causes concern….

Message -157 : Good Morning Hero! 2009, strongest typhoon warning, “Nineveh” kannada line kannada line Dubai markets crumbling,,, China also under stress… ;-) Everything leveled at a rapid pace… WHAT A WRAP!! Love you! Big time!! People still prefer Italian suits compared to Chinese. Will china take a deep look into it? Freedom gives rise to Love. And love in every touch gives rise to Joy and happiness. A land known for its roots of ancient worshipping powerful in their preaching and practice, what then is the satanic bonds that them clamps the freedom of people of china? Satan holds the curbs on slavery, forcing people to labour hard and long yet paid in pennies, since when has love taken over communism? Isn’t it now for the god’s children to set up the mighty movement in CUSH?? “Humming birds are the only birds that can also fly backwards” and don’t you think then it is time, that god, the lord Almighty would help cush to get over. “Didaskaleinophobia” which means, the fear of going to school ;-) even when “Recession” word appeared 1,583 articles in the wall street journal in 1990,, china was working on “Fabaceae” the eight letter long word, playing on a musical instrument. Hence, the entire region of Cush and around, the lord almighty has given a call to persevere and with a warning of “If they shrink back, are destroyed but of those who believe and are saved, by faith! ;-) “VICTORY BELONGS TO THE MOST PERSEVERING”.

DAVID said, “WHEN THINGS ARE TOO WONDERFUL FOR ME, I DON’T TRY TO EXPLAIN THE MOMENT”… what a testimony to choose to love the god, Lord Almighty!” and I pause after I wrote that sentence and I looked at my father.

Message -158 : AISA, MIDDLE EAST prophecy covered… As of now its GOG,kannada line kannada line U.S… But in the book, its happening simultaneously… your training, your race and the other nations prophecy… so, I guess, by the time, I finish updating the messages by DEC 7th, the prophecy of the seven lampstands also completes, reaching the end of the book, when ISHA brings things on ME, I will let you know god’s will… continue to pray. As of now, you enjoy, the health, which you have never experienced before ;-) … Hey, KEY IS IN THE BAG… just in case, kept it… Umma… this kiss is form me, JESUS, to Christ, you and not ISHA ;-)

Message -159 : Oh! King its time to be ready and prepared, Am seeing unclear fragments. Only you can solve the other side, it’s bad news for the Anti-Christ… Pick up your sword and come home an hour atleast early… I need to give you a few quick updates… Revelation never seen before… ISHA is just revealing TRUTH about himself and its stunning and hey! Also, once again, I saw full moon, with a perfect rainbow around it, ME, MOM, PRINCE, NEICE and the neighbour along with her son… Hmm… Vaagi, “Lot of dangers”. People will warn… smile, and don’t let your heart panic… BE STILL and may your soul thirst for the presence of ISHA himself… the enemies ask… “Where is your God?” but something seems very silent… But Oh! King, please don’t quiten and empty your soul.. if you are hungry then you are at the right place. “The enemy is battling “YOU””… It is real brother… But “You” Stay with God, HERE absolutely still and just strengthen. Know this, the enemy cannot find “you”” for you are under the covenant of GOD. Excuse me; were you not the one, who enters the HOUSE OF GOD, Eh? ;-)

Message -161 : You need to stay here and battle all events today. Today, your lips will praise rejoice fully to allow “GOD” to “Penetrate” through you. Good Lick ;-)

Message -162 :You cannot stop in between DAVID. When I, JEUS, was there battling at mom’s place, you left me… and know this David, the devils were back again in the world. Due to time restrictions, know this, you need to position yourself David. God is looking for your fellowship… you cannot saturate your position… Know this Vaagi, you have already developed the intimacy… And form now on, I will no more tell you. “FOLLOW ME”, ,,, I pray that you understand the entire depth and seriousness… I sleep with my BIBLE and I have seen how the enemy has tried hard to conceal the truth… Only few brave men had the courage to carry the truth…. David, you know the complete collection and the journey though time… the last battle. I can provide complete footage. But, I remind you, you success is dependent on your intimacy and courage to follow the training…. December: is the last month, where you play a vital role. ;-) Over and Out.

Message -163 : “Woods and Golf” – Success, fame and everything he had, but adultery, the ground rules of 10… penalty. Did man say to god, “Nobody can control me?” stupid man and his arrogance who never can understand meekness and strength. “Well, man could be wrong, isn’t it?”… “Real meekness… submission to god, under control, waiting for the almighty to deliver you”. Hence don’t worry about the parrots,,, stay under GOD and have strength… And you will have GOD using you, because GOD will deliver you when its gets Uncomfortable for you ;-) … So, are you a desperate guy now to obey GOD!! Test him ;-) … The more you want to be a fool of ISHA, the more he loves you … ;-) … god will birth a “NEW KING OF ISRAEL” in you, he is NOT trying to hurt you … hence, laugh, smile and fart more like a naughty kid angel… because you are in ISHA’s CLUB … ;-)

Message -164 : God who has started the work is well able to complete the work begun in you. Hence, get over yourself. If people don’t seem to like you, don’t bother,,, god, the Lord Almighty, picked you up, to refire, rekindle, restore, redeem you,,, and no wonder, the DEVIL is mad at you… he! He! … god already knows every dumb thing which you will do next week too.. so, renew your mind, my king! God really loves you. Doesn’t that make you say “I actually LOVE myself”! I really love myself!... Now, how calm, cool and collected are these thoughts…Hmm… communication Relationship.

Message -165 : Ever since the 1999 kargil conflict, ISRAEL has rapidly emerged as India’s second largest defence supplier after Russia, notching up business worth a staggering $9 billion… ;-) …

Message -166 : Pray, pray, pray hard enough that we change the generations Oh! King. Pray that you know in your womb, the seed planted by the lord god transform into the reality. Because, you have everything with you and every knowledge and complete truth… So, hold on strong to your faith, do you think, “fools” bow down 17 times a day per person… facing Mecca, the Satanic, hold they know the power of the tongue… so, Vaagi, be careful… know this, just walk through… GOD, ALMIGHTY, knows exactly that I will be talking about ISLAM at this day, at this hour! ;-) Have you seen Satan respected in the mosque? You indeed have. Why do You then fail to even believe the existence of GOD? Strange?? Why haven’t then multitudes gathered under GOD? Well, this planet was waiting for true sons and daughters of GOD… ME and You to confirm the word and to gather the army of the Lord, God, Almighty. “Whoever but god, dreamed that I, JESUS will be talking to you!” “LIFE IS GREAT, isn’t it DAVID?” ;-)

And I knew, “We were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary we worked night and day, laboring and toiling, so that we would not be a burden to any of you. We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help; but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. Never get tired of doing what is right. Because, it is your copyright, hereon!” and this how I sigh the contract.



“YES” said the spirit. “You will rest form your labour, for your deeds will follow you” and my father blew the trumpet of VICTORY. “Blessed are the Alive who have the lord form now on!” cheered all the angels. And my father showed me the Satan released from the prison, a thousand years ago, who are in number, like sand in sea shore, the Satan who went out to deceive nations in the four corners of the world. From the GOG to the Magog. They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of god’s people, the city he loves. I looked at my father. “I will show you the things that must soon take place. Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right and let him who is holy continue to be holy”.

“Father, king’s parents had a heated conversation pressurizing king To get married. Needlessly to say, taunts about me, the call to “Talk” and “warn” my parents also followed”… I looked at my father. And he smiled. “I AM sure, the KING will be established” I murmed to myself. Just then, I read the last chapter of revelation, “Once again Human Kind will rule over creation, this time with open across to the “Tree of Life’”. Everything put wrong by Human rebellion in Eden will be set right. In Eden, finally Adam and Eve, in the NEW EARTH, will se the GOD’S FACE”. And I paused. “THE WORLD WILL END WITH JESUS ESTABLISHMENT OF AN ETERNAL KINGDOM” and I, JESUS told myself, “YES IAM COMING SOON”, “amen” BLESSED FATHER. Just then one of the angels asked me, “which is your favourite liner in the bible?” and I replied, “Mark these words, ISHA is not the god of the dead, but of the living. You are badly mistaken!. Mark 12:27” I looked at my father. “You are not far from the KINGDOM FO GOD” he smiled. And all the angels cheered. “Love you Mark! Thank you for that tremendous courage to inscribe that sentence,” I, Jesus thanked and complimented Mark, because I knew how hard he had laughed “the loud Victory Pride!” and I looked at all the Mega structures around. “What magnificent building!” said one of reader and I murmured to myself, “Not one stone here will be left on another, everyone will be thrown down, but you my reader will be saved”, I smiled. I looked at my father and breathed hard. “What NEXT?” I asked him. “Take a break” he winked. And I burst into laughter. “I LOVE YOU, MY FATHER” I hugged him tight. “HOLD ME TIGHT, AS I AM PRESSING “ON”” He said as he released tremendous power of the hypersonic cousmo waves. It was unusual, as I saw it for the first time. “And hey!” I looked at my father. “In your calendar, there months equals one year”, correct?” I asked my father. “Bad mathematics” he taunted me and I pinched him hard, “Not in front of my readers at least” I chuckled. “There is only one way daughter” he cleared his throat. “Return to ME And I will return to you”, he winked. “And what do I get in return?” I asked him. “CHANGE OF HEART” he whispered and I broke down, as I held him tight. “Shout and be glad, O daughter of Zion, for I am coming and I will live among you. Be still therefore, for can Jerusalem be measured with a measuring line? Am I not the wall of FIRE around it and AM I not the glory within. Jerusalem will be a city without walls. My towns will again overflow with prosperity and I will comfort you ZION and choose Jerusalem” spoke my father.

“Gnostic” he decode the word. “It surfaces in varieties as I design them to be. The belief that “matter” was evil and a desire for “super-spirituality”, base on building a dangerous cult believing to be fatally attractive” smiled father. “Take a step further” said father. And as I noticed a strange day was beginning to unfold…

“Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. These will speak abusively against whatever they do not understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals . it is these things which will bring their own destruction” spoke father.

“Sure are the qualities to have abandoned he home” I spoke cold. “Are these also not eh grumblers, the fault finders, following their own evils desire; and boasting about themselves and flattering others for their own advantage” I looked at my father. “This is because, these are men who merely follow the natural instincts and do not have the spirit” said father.

“Shut Up David! HALLELUJAH!” I cheered for my god. “Let judgement run down like waters and righteousness as streams said Martin King Luther. So, I AM taking what Satan had stolen form my children of god and transferring everything back into the kingdom. “Vengeance and Recompense of the lord”, nothing to do with hate or resentment, but the affliction of love of my father” I smiled as I wrote. “Hmm… The final Jolt”, I thought was coming in the next few pages and I saw entering into the Satan as big as a
Whale. Now, being a fish, my only focus was to secrete “FAITH”! I knew as long as I secreted faith around me, my god, the word of god will make the way automatically. And I knew, I had to plunge! “HALLELUJAH!” I said again.

The wind of Persia hindered me. I was trying to invite Daniel. I am trying to break through but since 21 days I, JESUS was being delayed. And I waited to mark my time and I knew I will have to get it out. “It was so difficult to just talk t my king”… there was something so dark when he walked around. And I was unable to trust him. He said he could not meet me the entire day yesterday, because of umpteen reasons of arguments, getting the spores right and ensuring 1969 is up and perfect, like always, with the king always taking personal interest in her, the king also had a hard time getting through cops near the agency and 5 minutes of helpless hugs, delayed each day, brought doubt and illusions each day into my mind. The king spent time today with his friends like always but unusual to me. It was because I felt may be the king was now realizing that maybe, I want the right spot of a wife. Illusions after illusions. But I walked around chanting “ISHA, ISHA” and walking in the natural, calling up the king and checking how soon is HE going to come.

My prince, was pestering me today. he had been waiting for CD’s and thanks to the king, he had picked up the PS2 CD, “GOD OF WARS” And I had placed the mobile on loud speaker while having this conversation. My prince jumped and he waited eagerly since noon. He kept asking me, hour by hour to see why was the king delayed. And since yesterday, I was tired giving reasons to my prince. I understood now that the king was prince’s hope and the king had hopelessly giving tenderly to the prince’s heart. And they enjoyed each others company now, playing and competing chatting with Each other, while I lay in the kitchen cooking and singing and worshipping! My mind and my spirit were under tremendous pressure. And as I began missing my king’s presence, I noticed the anklet coming in every month had stopped. “Had the king forgotten this month? I wondered. What will I write in the book?” with fear increasing I knew, I needed encouragement. “The king is getting anklet. That is why his late” I said. And finally King David came. And he was tired today. “Man and maybe his cave”, I thought. I desperately wanted to just be felt, loved, cajoled, heard,,, but there was no opportunity. The king took the CD, gave it to the prince and took out his shoes like that of the king, unusual for a formal wear. It looked royal and rich in design and the shape resembling the Ethnic. He also showed the three belts, board and just 350/ sounded so cheap. “It sounded so low for our lifestyle. We never were this bad. How long is the persecution. But we should continue the partnership” this is exactly what I thought, when I looked at those belts, father. “The king had literally adjusted his basic needs to save us father”, I cried desperately as I wrote those words. Bit I could not show my love any way apart from preparing couple of omlets. And as I started cooking for the prince, I tried to again engage in a conversation with the King. But there seem to be a wall. And as I started keeping everything inside, I took out the Box and I laughed.

“Please keep it with you!” chided King David. “No way!” I said. I kept the box on the tepoy and went in. again, when I walked back from the kitchen to the Hall, the King was lost watching BIG BOSS, and the “Eastern Boys, Western Girls” bothered me. I broke down in the kitchen, every piece by piece, I knew I was the only one to have the ticket to God. One ticket. One life which I could plant. I wrote in water on the granite stone, “GOD HELP ME… ISHA”… by when prince walked in. He was sweet and the knew I was depressed. And he Ensured to constantly pop in every now and then. And then, I finally sat down, because, I completed all my work. I didn’t know what else to do. I hated the Box and its presence.

Here is a story, which goes about the Box. The king brought the Box. And the white Box. You know my dear reader, how much I love the Box. And when I saw what lay inside the box. “It was the 8th wonder of the world”. I sure had made a vow that I will go there along with my loved one, one day. But somehow, the sculpted monument, a replica of it, brought strange negative viles. The king said innocently enough that he had asked his friend to get it form the place of its origin. I found a place for the monument inside my showcase. And the next day, I gave it to the king. I told David, “I don’t like this. I feel, it has a lot of negative energy. Did you know it’s a tombstone? “A kannada line kannada line” and David said, “What will I do? My mom will not like the Assyrians either!” and though having convinced him to spread the negative energy everywhere in his office, once he places it on his desk, he had promptly brought it back home.

“Mummy, look your anklet” said prince, showing the box. And I told him, “No, its not” and I was so embraced in front of the king. And the kind looked at me in disbelief. “So, you have nicely trained the prince about the anklet, reminder indeed he said. “No!” I screamed. And finally, I told him, the entire story of reasons, the anklet, the western babes, the insecurity and ad-midst all these, I told him, the relevance of the situation and illustrations.

And just then the prince, once again quipped in “What is inside this box?” and I looked at my king. “You know that I hate it!” I told my king. “Destroy it!” he said. And I suddenly acted intentionally the box fall on the carpet. “Mummy, why are you making it fall down!” my Prince laughed, sitting on the couch. And my king said, “I think, it must be any ways destroyed, so open it”, he said. And the prince pestered me, “why do you want to destroy it mummy?”, “Why?” be said.

“So, what is so abnormal?” asked my father. I looked at my father. “Strengthen me father. Its because, my father once upon a time had brought the same monument and suddenly my mother and father had personal relationships. Finally after a few weeks assault, one of my mom’s friend suggested to give away the monument, which she promptly did. My mom, always has shared this story with me. So, I thought…” I checked with my father. “Did you tell the story to the king?” he asked. “Maybe I would like to go over it” and I looked at my king. Exactly at the beginning of the advertisement on the television, I explained and narrated the entire incident. Suddenly now, the WALK WAS WAR. I realized and so did the king and the prince, too realized, that we were not carnal not the flesh war, but we were here to cast down imaginations with our minds. And this was the little foxes, which was casting us down. And only when you know the word of god, can you have the encroachment to Satanic holds. And every thought, was supposed to brought under the captivity of Christ. Otherwise, they will start to take the world over, our souls over. The thoughts come all the time. And it is called the “NOISE TRAP”.

So there is man-made perpetuated sound everywhere. This crazy war. And we were trained to disciplined, maybe you don’t realize. These is science behind noise.

And just then, as I opened the box, only the four pillars fallen apart. “Strange” I thought. The king smiled as he looked and so did the prince. And I looked at my father. “Did you know my dad always said the Assyrians had plotted the pillars specifically around the tombstone in an angel away, so that the tombstone would be guarded forever” I looked at my father… And in the real, the natural, my king said, “GO AHEAD!” he smiled. And my prince again interrupted asking me, “Mummy why do you want to destroy it?” and I told the story as the king heard. “This tombstone they say was built in love. And Satan blinded the eyes with story and the minds of the men. He did not kill but blinded. It is because, he cannot KILL, and he can only blind men. Else, wouldn’t HE have taken us out? So, all that Satan can do is suggest and one of the ways he does that is, he keeps a constant noise around you.” And I paused. “Now is this why, you did not have the power today at home the entire day and I have been writing and just know that today is the last day. So, the High priest was tempted to do all sins with idle mind, so the entire day, you have put me in a battle as I walked around the house, battling every single thought! WOW! I AM proud about myself! LOVE YOU FATHER. To be inside You is Awesome. Is this why you told me constantly to keep baby steps, hour by hour slowly!” I looked at my father. “Keep writing” he winked.

“Why do you want to destroy it mummy?” the prince asked again. “Oh! My holy Spirit is leaning on god, the lord Almighty!” I said to myself. “Go ahead, destroy it!” said king chiding me and finally he took the monument into his hands and I continued speaking to the prince and as I looked into the king’s eyes. Sometimes, the look says it all. “LOVE AND EYES” and witchcraft can be broken if “GOD” is the element inside. “Can god be tempted by anyone?” I wrote. Ad the king knew I could not do it. “Why do you want to destroy it mummy?” the prince asked.

“A billion dollar question!” asked the king smiling. “I AM just asking because I want to be sure” he added. And I said, “Aright” One last scripture for Man, the battle of mind. Did you know, every piece of history, facts, everything is hidden in the real by the Satan. Like the ugly story of the monument. It took 20 years to construct this. But, the emperor ordered to chop the hands. Of the labourers who built the monument. This is the bitter reality. Don’t you think all those tears will not affect us?” and I looked at my king. His mind and my prophecy locked into the timing of the prince and GOD, the lord was in control. The king threw the monument against the wall and it came crashing onto the floor. And I ran to collect all the pieces and put it in the BOX, “Only you could do it, my king! Only you!” and I said, “I love it. Amazing ending. This is exactly how it’s going to work. Of the six billion, two billion will be wiped out of this earth, who have infiltrated our planet! We defeated him and it was only because your faith was upto the level hope, only then, execution happens, in reality!” and the prince clapped his hands. “Mummy I thought it was anklet in the Box!” and I looked at my king, as though pretending, “I don’t even know the last time” look of silence, when my king said lovingly. “Okay, Okay, I know, the anklets.. Oh! My god!” he chuckled.

And I burst out into laughter into complete embracement once again. As we kissed good night, it felt great! “FAITH IS ALWAYS TRUE!” And I saw the king was busy decoding as he was hearing the words coming out the television, “It’s your choice. You know the Blue print and you know the existence”. And as our lips touched through the gates he smiled and I asked him, “Did you hear that?” “That’s where we go for vacations” he smiled as he left.

“Wow!” I looked at my father, jaws dropped. “I cannot believe, we simply did that all! Power of faith sure transforms US all! So sure shall we save mankind. Yahoo!” I looked and hugged. With extreme love and depth and stillness” I told him. “I LOVE YOU TOO” he held me.

And I looked at the clock, 12:40 and we had just crossed the December 6th by a few minutes. Seems hard to believe that knowing that thought the due date was November 28th as said earlier, The battle had extended to 21 days precisely. This is the reason and the static’s of having given a continuous flow to the entire challenge of two weeks. “Take a break” said father. And I knew, I needed one. “PHEW” breathed my readers as they read the confirmation of “TAJ MAHAL” as the name of the replica of the monument. “Yep, I AM ready to let go” and I took a break.

“Rakhi” I called. “Get up and its time to encounter me! And I know all about you. Who do you think you are a Samaritan woman, married five times, yet not having a husband but yet ordeestrate and living the bollywood moment?” but there after, there was a lot of hard work to fetch “LOVE” isn’t it? “ELESH” was too hard for you to be loving. But, you have value of god the Almighty! Hence, god the lord conquered your heart my daughter. Hence let me read this to you, “You gave me a place in your broken heart, though not knowing this journey. The favour has come NOW. You have been planted in GOD’S KINGDOM, to be established, so that INFINITE can find shade under your tree”, I chuckled and gulped the emotions and the beauty of this woman, who stood here, so beautiful and captivating in her beautiful robe of righteousness and faith and love and passion and discipline, as she set out to change the world with her story of living in the beauty of LIFE forever. “Yes, Rakhi, I , JESUS, followed with you along kannada line kannada line kannada line kannada line” I smiled as I re-assured her fans and surely ELESH’S too. My king likes ELESH. So, does my prince. But, Rakhi, I AM your fan!” I confirmed and pounded the hammer.

“Father” I jumped out of my seat. “Oh! Father, three months times four, equals One year!” I said smiling wide. “Always right!” he said, with a victory trumpet! “PHEW” I said. “We still have 12 hours to relax before WE REST and ARREST father”. I smiled as I wrote those words. “Boy! We getting better to start it all over again!” I laughed hard this time as I wrote and my father replied, “Bible study, did you say?” he said.

Isaiah 31:8

“Assyria will fall by a sword that is not of man;
A sword not of mortals will devour them.
They will flee before the sword and their young men will be put to
Force labour.
Their strong hold will fall because of terror;
At sight of the battle standard their commanders will panic”
Declares the lord,, ISHA, the TRUE GOD,
Who fire is in Zion,
Whose furnace is in Jerusalem.

“Bi-polar depression, persistent sadness that lingers, irritability, concentration problems, your mind is so fogged, excessive sleep-not even wanting to get out bed, not enjoying life, everything just looks bad and you know that there is no escape, so now here I, JESUS, is the doctor. Let me evaluate you.” I was diagnosing my children.

WOMEN : 14 days before your period. You get severely depressed. And you don’t know why? Lousy, bad mood, nutritional or medical problem? Bi-polar or psychotic? Worship or Demonic roots?

ISSUE : Interesting story. I had my first child and was terribly depressed. Baby blues. Working through it. Trying to get better. And 5-6 months, post delivery going through hormonal change. I went through abortion. Psychotic? Lot of anxiety and long time stress, unable to function properly, no proper eating, no proper sleep, centers in the brain, gets HIT!! I begin to change my thinking. Feeling, bad, sad, miserable there was only one decision to not put up with the complications and busyness. So what?

Take a holistic approach. Every response to the “issue” is what it counts. Another thing worth mentioning. “Constantly negative mind set – versus – I AM going t think differently in Positive psychology movement”. Bad test; good mood, who is at fault? And who will take accountability for all the people, situations, governments, officials, trust” everybody wants something of You”, “God does not take care of me”, “where is god here in this terrible thing”, “lost in hope”, “wounded”, “throwing up life”, “Difficult things”, “children taking blame for things that they are not even responsible for!”, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Violated”, “Let go and Press On”.

SOLUTIONS ETERNAL : Have your normal ritual griefing of 30 days. To get through “the Grief Reaction”. Lot of children are stuck in mourning. But, the bible says, “Do not take anything to the Next level”. God can give you joy and restore. And YOU have control on your thoughts. On purpose, you need to “PUT ON” the garment of worship. “I choose, where MY mind will go”. And finally make a decision of GOING and MOVE ON to the next level. Your joy should be completed and perfected in GOD. You have the joy of GOD. Now, how blessed and attractive and peaceful should that make. “Bi-polar-ORDER” and deeper areas f disorderly hopeless Love with your walk with your father.

This is how you overcome depression. Its lack of knowledge which brings people to destruction. But if you bank your life on ME, JESUS and be unstuck with this basic information, then YOU HAVE ETERNITY! And have Joy and Abundance now.

MEDICINE : Action it out. Be fruitful and not BUSY. Love Revolution. Look at the need and how HUGE the world is. Ethiopia, crippled men, barely walking arms bleeding, no bandages, cutting nerves, “STOP”!!! lend your hand of hope. Even if you are struggling with sex, drugs, alcohol anything you make be caught in, but see that you transform lives exclusively against all gods for, you have FREE access to the generous gifts of your father in Heaven. You have intimacy with god, spiritual TRUTHS, Realms of prayer (Asking, seeking, knocking), you my reader, have entered here, in the Holy of the holies. And this is where, you can Enter into liberty and prayer. And the enemies holds is loosened. Communion of heart to heart begins here. From hereon, for eternal your heart will be experiencing the most AWESOME, EVERLASTING GOD, even the youth shall faint! The fullness of intimacy where you are protected in quietness and strength in confidence. So, ASK,,, and pursue God and wait upon God and don’t stop there for fellowship. For you need to repent. Confess your sins. Build your tabernacle. “Outside IN”. God of glory, who cannot be described with “HUMAN words”. A god who has a Rainbow around his throne, innumerable angels crying out, “HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!”, that GOD wants to have a fellow ship with YOU. Suddenly your heart is knit with HIS and there is more to fellowship. You really have not experienced the communion. “Thee will I cherish, thee will I honour, thee will I love”,,, wile we cant even concentrate, our prayers spoken with empty heart; rushing in and out of god’s boundaries, you seriously tire GOD with your repenting here! He! He! And god will not freeze. And liberty soon begins to come into Existence in the seeking Realm.

Then 10 minutes or half an hour will do no more. And your heart begins to persist. And you will begin in the realm of flesh. Outer courts, the place outside where god is. So, there are two curtains. So, you need to cross two realms before you enter. So, experience the realm, which I AM talking about. And you cannot stop, my precious children. This is the place where “DEMONS” cannot break through. There is a PATH, where lies the secret path of the most high. “Nothing can take the heavenly glory”…. This is where the heart overflows as mountains, absolute protection, the angels they appear in god’s presence, and angels will be released in response to prayer. Forge the things that are BEHIND and pursue HEAVEN, where “no fowl” or demon can find it.

REWARD : GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY<-> Yep, spend time with HIM. Sure fire remedy for all the longing of your heart! “And I ended my prescription, over whelmed and making sure that every child of GOD is precious and hence drawing them HERE Was important. PRECIOUS LORD, IN JESUS NAME, all your prayer requests, I promise you, will enrich your knowledge of him and quicken your heart with hunger. Hence, check your list. Super natural power. And I looked at my father. I have included the most important beauty of “the AGE” of eternity. Hence, I AM offering the Divine Realm in this book as a GIFT. Keep watching everyday and I, JESUS, will visit your life everyday in my training!! “33 years” of wordily experience to conduct these events, I laughed. “Let there be care for 200 nations around the world and WE are truly going to the world, to fulfill the word of GOD into eternity”. I paused. I was on my last paragraph. And I had to unveil the strategic approach of the full details of the end times.

“THE GREAT DAY OF THEIR WARATH HAS COME” “SIGNS OF THE END TIMES – Can you not discern the sign of the times?” how do you know “JESUS” is the only messiah. Hmm… an average person can fulfill only 7, till date. And I checked my clock, “FATHER, I HAVE FULFILLED THEM ALL!” I screamed with joy. And I, JESUS, I AM BORN IN BETHLEHEM!! “Sure one of a kind”, winked King David, the Christ! The SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST IS THREE TIMES HIGHER than the FIRST COMING! “So, why is Jesus, the only way?” asked a new brother yawning waking in just then. And then the BBC read the news, “The coming of Russia – the invasion against the little nation if Israel. The common hatred and Russia is gathering hordes of shields and the middle east?”… And I, JESUS, looked at my father who is omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Eternal, Immutable and I told my father. “Good Grief. I don’t know HOW TO DRIVE THE CAR! IAM 33! And times to buy the NEW CAR”… and I looked at King David. Hmm.. David, why don’t we go on a long drive, while I can give the new comer the book to read and it dawned on me.

Slowly. “When you pray, YOU and I pray to the god of THIS UNIVERSE! Now, I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it feel great, to know the merciful god who has cleansed our sins.” I asked David. And David replied “LONG RANGE VIEW”… as he enjoyed driving, living in the period and age of grace. “JESUS BLOOD PAID IT ALL” he kissed me. “Son of God of different blood, the Almighty GOD himself raised him up from the Dead.

So, what’s god’s plan for future?” asked one of the readers eagerly


“EUTOPIA” on earth in millennium. And then with JESUS CHRIST in control, there is HEAVEN. “Yep, and all will be satisfied customers” winked David. “did I convince you the first character is GOD?” I asked and looked at the new comer. “But, this book talks about global warming!’ he nodded his head. “And, I just made it in time to thank AL-GORE!” I looked at my father. And david and my father burst into laughter.

“Now, why would GOD select this spot?” asked. David as he drove through traverse, “It’s better than I could ever dream” he smiled gleamingly. “BRIDGE OF NATIONS” ISRALE ----- BABYLON. The armies of the north tried to ransack the land of blessing. “Russia working with Arab, Jordan, Hamas, Libya, Sudan, hmm,,,, neighbours of Israel are working together. Who is missing? IRAQ? The largest U.S embassy site in the world is in IRAQ. Could this be the future embassy of United Nations?” spoke David in tongues.

“Geographically we are just a treaty away” I checked the GPS. “Have you come to take a plunder against the richest country in MIDDLE east?” King David parked his car on the mountains of Israel… “PERFECT, ALL characters in alignment” I confirmed. And the new comer said, “Err… I wonder…” just when, IT happened in our life time, in the last days of the world, when the “ALIENS” landed on the planet. “What JESUS were you expecting?” I smiled. “Told ya! YOU WILL meet JESUS CHRIST, whether you like it or not” I smiled at the Anti Christ. And I sang my favourite song, along with 3 billion ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND ONE WORLD ORDER against the trembling “*******”, “ABBA, IS MY LORD!” and even IDAHO was responding to the god’s presence in ALL the gentleness and worshipping and response; where every soul now knew the beauty and how short we were of change of various denominations, opinions, challenges… “ALLOW YOURSELF TO

Make changes from this night onwards. GOD is EVERYWHERE in complete personal tangible manifest presence of near involvement of GOD showing up, when we gather in HIS name. “AM I not here?” I wicked at my reader. “SO, WILL YOU RESPOND TO CHRIST RIGHT NOW?’… And the new comer jumped, “Beat the Baptist to the pancake house! I just want his personal presence” he came out of hiding. And David and I laughed hard. “Do you remember, how we used to flee and hide from the presence of god, in the backyard of Eden?” I asked him. And David replied, “Wanting PRESENTS without ISHA’S presence. Now that is what I call as sin conscious.” And I continued, “hmm… I know a lot of you have studied and know everything about chronicles and the foot stool and the symbolic representation of the ark and the covenant! And a lot of attention and stories about 1 chapter Samuel 5. Fast forward. And I slowly took out the Ark of covenant, playing the music on all kinds of instruments,,, and “DO NOT LOOK OR TOUCH THE ARK OF COVENANT OF CHERUBIM” warned King David, to the new comer. And the new comer said, “I know about god’s presence for 20 years. I have been a Christian even before I was born. Its familiar” and suddenly he tried helping me carrying the covenant. And even before could scream “NO!” Because he handled it irreverently, the fire of god struck the new comer, DEAD. “Don’t bother, the Fat Cat dude was never meant to be in Oked-Edom, you were the heads of the Levities and because you did not consult god and dig into the scriptures and handle the presence of god and did not bother to ask GOD, I would like to give corrections. STAY OUT OF MY WAY. I need to strip down to my underwear and before you, I am just David, tearing away everything that is stopping me from coming to you”. And David danced with all his might as to separate His joints from his body. “How can I even be APATHETIC and my heart is stirred because I am in front of the eternal presence of the god, lord of universe. I NEED YOU… All reputation and titles, I don’t need. What I do, I DO before you my LORD! cheered David “Any thing but saints. They look like people happy going to HEAVEN!” said the unbelievers. David had been practicing the genuine, unhindered passionate love of the “OMNI GOD”, ISHA even before Jesus was hung onto the cross. And we marched ahead responding biblically and we established the ALTAR of the eternal god to shine and passion simply could not be contained. “GLORY TO GOD. I AM IN HEAVEN”, I, JESUS, screamed my lungs out. 2 Samuel chapter 6:16, 20-23  and all the female following DAVID, who were charmed by him, clueless, sarcastically asked, “How can you strip down to your underwear, Oh! My god David!”… And I knew the tragic of these opinions and denominations. The don’ts. DON’T BECOME DESPISING AND CONDEMING of people who are responding to GOD passionately. “Receive the forgiveness of Christ!” I said with a heavy heart and moved on. “May you get over tightness” and I humbled my self in front of KING DAVID, bowing down on my knees, RIGHT NOW. “As the rest of the team came, not missing out on the season, o look forward to the point of contact, DON’T MISS THIS OPPURTUNITY. DON’T HARDEN AND RESPOND” I gave my last instruction to my children. “BLOOD OF JESUS IS POWERFUL” I winked. And DAVID said to Michele, “It was before the LORD, who chose me rather than your father, form his house, when he appointed me ruler over the LORD’S people ISRAEL – I WILL CELEBRATE BEFORE THE LORD. I will become even more undignified than this and I will be held in honour, by the Sovereign LORD. Nobody like HIM, and NO GOD like HIM. Who is then like MY people ISRAEL, the one nation on earth that god went out to redeem as a people for himself and to make a name for himself and to perform great and awesome wonders by driving out nations and their GOD’S form before the world, redeeming form Egypt?? You have established your people Israel as your very own forever and you, o Lord, have become their god!” sand David. And as the readers were captivated by the holy and wonderful, magnified god and I winked at Michele, “Oh Earth as it is in Heaven!” and the 24 elders said “AMEN!”… And they sang a new song:

“You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain and with your blood you purchased men for GOD form every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, ISHA and they will reign on the earth!

And then the king handed over the box. As I opened the Box yet again dreading, I found the heavenly blue silver perfectly in sync with my walk, the anklets. I smiled as the King gestured with his eyes. I placed the feet on the couch and he gently connected the two hooks. “How beautiful are your fee!” he said and I kissed him whispering “THANK YOU”. “What is the count?” a reader asked. “Not less than FORTY” smiled DAVID, and continued, “I want talking about the mountain, I had other things to do”, he winked and we saw the NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH!


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