Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I am grinning wide in disbelief and I just can’t believe it. I wake up to open my eyes to the garden of Eden, the sky blue, the brightness stood still, the trees tall and green, the flowers smooth and rich, the music of angels, the colours of rainbow so pretty, I see, I must be dreaming and I wake up to open the door and I think to myself, “What a wonderful world!” as I wrote, I just continued at my thoughts being in absolute truth of the heavy drugged heart of the presence of the lord god, which had touched upon our lives. Three people, in a developing country, dreaming the “Dream” of the end times and beyond, and the story of how they came in contact with the almighty, the unknown, himself, manifesting their lives in front of them the ink which captures the heart, the thoughts, the times of the GENERATION, which finally made it to Eternity!!

“VICTORY” I wrote. It took me a good minute to understand what I had just written. And the path which I journey from the third book to the fourth. And I still cannot believe, I am in the race, which now is life. The synonym coined for the youth. “Race of Life”, I pause.

And how embarrassed am I to know that it’s “LOVE” that I am unable to escape from. How unashamed have I become to admit that I am in Love with god, the almighty. No, it just was impossible for me to have simply quit my 60,000/- , per month, leading a good life of wealth and pride, with people around me having been known the confident young “good” woman that I was, the corporate lady, the rags to riches story in my home town, the gal who dared to be a single parent and admit her ignorance to no one, an excellent career, a nest to rest in, what else was life??

Who in my wildest dreams would have thought, to be cornered in my own house, which now I realized was the place where the foot stool of the creator lay, and I was the servant of this temple. “Phew”, I smiled. My heat weighed me down. The “Kenny G” at his best plays in the background and I look at the “IRON SCEPTER” which “God, the Almighty” uses to judge, to rule, to teach, to preach, to love, to forgive, to think, to question, to analyse, to embrace, to seek, to work, to humble, to stop, to dive, to then finally give up and the solution slowly will be delivered by his grace. “IRON SCEPTER” the pen, the spirit and the angels all around. I hate to mutter, “Ahh… Am I in love with “JESUS”? Egad, what is wrong with me? And what kind of a correlation theory am I arriving at? I have been around this world and I have seen it a million times. But now, baby, I hate to see someone in my heart. I climb the stairs of the heaven and I sit at the door, longing to see who “GOD” is, And I can hear him coming in my heart, on that moon lit night and I am with my king, and he says to me “I LOVE YOU”, will he be suspicious if I ask your name?? Who are you Mr. God? And what kind of story do you weave, and when I am with you, the mountains crumble, the rivers flow, and I see them in your eyes, and my heart beats beyond suspicion, “I LOVE GOD deep down in my heart and he is in everybody. And Abraham multiplied into many. That’s how we will all come together the GOD’s family” I smiled as I wrote.

It’s a great feeling when you let the creator write what he has created you for. And looking at this marvel, my spirit sinks into deep meditative mood. Just then, I stop the flow of my spirit. I need to pick up my prince, from the granny’s. It’s nearing succot. And the prince is in no mood to celebrate it at the granny’s. He wants it all here. At home what say now?? So, the poor into little princess and the daughter, now has to again ride on her Judea, her white house, all the way to mom’s pick him up and check the mails, wonder and scan and hope for jobs, interviews, news, miracles and nearing in for the payment due form the government. “Hmm.. I guess, it should be close to 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs. I think this amount should sustain me to cruise through another fortnight to couple of months. I can find a job by then and hey also I get to see, what does the fourth volume actually have??!!” I gleamed. A new beginning To work and to finish volume- IV.” I said to myself. “Time to go!” I said to god. “Wait!” I heard the voice and my spine stopped me. “Time for sweets and some thoughtful food. Good news time my daughter!” my father winked. I breathed. “Father,,, I am sure and I look forward to the rest of the day. Also, I promise to come back and write soon. Okay do?” I said and he smiled. I pause writing.

- Sunday –

“Oh! My Darling,
Sorry, I came in late
I had so many tasks
That it took me long
But, my darling,
Here I am
Here I am to fulfill the said word”

“you are late sweetheart
And don’t give me reasons
Old and lame
And now you insist
That you are here to fulfill the said word?
But, sweetheart, my honey,
You are late!!”

“Don’t be angry. I swear, I had a lot of commitments, my beloved!” I looked at my king. He doesn’t seem consoled today. No words seem to pacify him. And today, he strangely is killing me with words, because of my delay. “Oh! Come on now father. So many crackers, decorating the house, food, festivities, and the joy to loot in your heaven! I am humming in your love, my beloved, my father. I am touched to live in your planet. I had the best “Festival of Lights” of my life. Why then shouldn’t I selfishly desire for joy and your closeness of blissful life??

My king, my prince and your presence created the magical ambience of festival which I hugged close to my manifested heart. A new wine, a new tune, is brewing in the wind today and the time seems shameless to confess that I am lost in yesterday’s dream. It was beautiful. Hey! Look father, this poetic heart is humming a new song, a new tune, in your name” I wrote. And I was amused at how happy I felt.

“My heart is beating
Keeps on repeating
I am waiting for you.

Because love, you know
That time is beating
And repeating and repeating
My heart is beating !”

I heard the song being played on the radio in the background and I slowly slipped into a deep realization that I had indeed made the
Deep connection with the creator, the Almighty, the super Natural, something had changed and I had never been the same again.

“Can you believe it? I ended up writing three volumes of book, close to 800 pages in blue ink, a language which is not my mother tongue, a Hebrew, clucked away in far away east, and trying to look for a little more depth of the meaning of my life, here on earth ended up, reading and translating “BIBLE”, listening to word of god, following the Jewish rituals and attending Christian churches, debating and ripping apart Muslim and Islam, world issues, political, social and economical, history and geography too served on my platter and science and history entering into past and the present, Mankind and his existence, his journey, and the evolution and the war of Darkness and light, the promised land and the inheritance, “Phew, claiming three volumes, that “I AM JESUS” and I know m father”, I simply could not believe the journey which I had tread. And the joy seems uncontainable.

Were we the people, who were here really to be meant here? Is this happening on purpose? Are we here to fulfill the final prophecy of the word of god, written by all the prophets who had seen us through various times in the passing pages of history? Will we, the people of god, finally, enter the Eternity, the permanent relationship of god and his kingdom?” I had started writing the entire book in a strangely heavenly language. And believe me, I was a very normal woman, struggling with endorsing to live a dream which she always was standing at the exit points.

But coming in contact with god, suddenly had taken me through the doors of my dream and everyday, was a brand new day, the joy of a strange water, flowing within the land inside costing me no penny, truly boggled me now. And I loved the strange dream land, the mystery land which I was walking along with god, the lord, the almighty and so much of wisdom lay beneath this pursuit.

“Hi my love, my beloved”, I heard him. “Why do you steal this presence of yours from me revealing your identity only in partial?” I smiled and asked him. “Who are you?” I asked him again. Strangely I seem to know this stranger so close. “Is he truly God? Does he talk to me ? Ahh…” I pulled my hair in despair.

And I heard the laughter. “As long as you don’t agree to be living immortal life in a mortal body, you will struggle with this crisis. Because, like water being colourless, gas being shapeless, I too am visible-less” he laughed out loud. “The English professors are going to beat you down for terrible grammar”, I chuckled. And he laughed hard. “I wish, Jesus wouldn’t speak in so many parables’ I laughed.

True, I have heard a lot of people grumble and sharing their pain of wanting to understand god more. And to know the excitement of the world and its mysterious connection of the book of revelation of Jesus. Because, the entire book is written in puzzles. Its pieces of jigsaw put together. But, just like, only the visible words are shown to you as you see in the puzzle, it takes time and effort to understand the deeper meaning and puzzles hidden in the entire book. It is fun. For all those people, who wonder, what is this book all about, my answer is simple. “BIBLE”. Grab hold of a bible. You will know the destiny of your life. The moment you start reading the words from the Bible, things around you change. It is the food for your soul. If a book exists for so long, then believe me, it surely has some power inside it. And to answer anymore questions you have, you will have to journey the path along with your father. You will slowly discover, your creator, the one who was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow this journey which I talk about is nomadic in spiritual realm. It is totally unseen. And yet you visualize it in your third eye, the eye which reveals your existence in the creator’s time and space. I am in search of a deep incense, a deep fragrance which seems to resemble the DNA of my temple, a destination and journey which you can never forget. You surely will be a “STAR” in his kingdom. And he never fails you.

Always fulfilling his word. Has anybody been able to chain the thoughts of “HUMAN”? he will always break the chains of Satan, and will fly free into the open sky of heaven. “Youth is the spirit of Freedom!” New Dreams. Old Warriors. Then should not the world now be on guard? Because we have arrived and we multiple. And soon, we will fly taking away the treasures, which is ours.

My great great great grandfather, “Abhram” carried the seed. And I am his seed. One Abhram multiplied into many. And we are his seed. All scattered away across various lands on this planet. Oh! My heart rejoices, every body is related to each other. And one meets the other, we all know who our father in heaven is “I know what you know” is the look shared by god’s children, when they meet each other. It’s an amazing feeling!

“How does this amazing feeling be described to us?” he asked. The god almighty asking me a question. “He! HE, honestly, it looks like a road. Two travellers. One a thief and the other a police! You seem to be behind me everywhere. No scope of conscious sinning at all sir. Good or bad. I share your light. So, I feel even the police ain’t bigger than the thief. Because, you see the destination is one. Even if different are our paths, but the walk we tread is our witness, one thief, the other a police but all that matters is the road which lead to “YOU” any road, all roads, darkness or evil, sir! They lead to you. Change are the times, change are the tunes. But let me tell you, somehow, I feel, in my breath, there lies someone else’s breath too…. I guess, it must be you, GOD!!! And suddenly with your breath added, all the confusion seem to drift away. You seem to be there eternal and it doesn’t matter however grim and grey the situation be, I seek “Love” in every breath and it is in you, my god! I fall many times, repeating the same mistakes, but that’s okay, I will always try finding you” I said to him.

“Father, loads of things to update you upon” I said. “Like always, I am all ears. And now, it was time for me to get ready to continue doing my presentation. A representative of the mankind. Excuse me, did I hear some mummers beneath. Who appointed me?” I smile. Then I chuckle. And I look at my father. “Will they ever understand the difference between man and god, father?” I smile. And my eyes strengthen as I write. “I will break every bone which tries to rob my identity and I look at my father. And my spine strengthens. Will a third party confirm and give its consent as to who am I when I know what I see??” I write the book to fulfill my father’s words. And I will fulfill his promise. You will see the example that he will set me up in his garden as. He is going to strengthen my feeble arms. He will out pour his spirit in me. He will fulfill his promise which had been given to my Ancestors. And everything will come to pass. This kingdom will not pass away. I tell you, heaven and earth may pass away. But his word and his promise will come to pass. Everything will be fulfilled. In my witness and yours and this book is a witness to the miracle. And this I write sitting at his feet, his servant, his gatekeeper, his watchman, his priest, his guided, his the ONLY ONE who can climb on the right lap and sit and be the one to”…. I paused as I wrote. “Father!” I looked at him. And he smiled. I felt a strange sense of spirit deepening down my flesh. “Why do you doubt daughter?” he asked. “I will fulfill every word I have promised” he assured me. And I remembered my promise. As an angel, whose job was to be a medium to let god write his word on the pages of this book through the iron scepter, I simply couldn’t get involved and stop the words. “Forbidding the words coming through the spirit or controlling the words from the ink was impossible. That’s what happens to most of the god’s prophets or god’s people. You simply tread the path he chooses you to be devised for that is exactly what happens to the generation which meets GOD. The entire generation, the warriors, everywhere, in every stream he will line them up. And it’s beyond their understanding yet they will know that GOD is in control.”

“Father” I screamed. And the Holy ghost, the spirit and even my father seemed surprised by my sudden interruption. ““Err…. I am sorry”. I am nobody here in this book. You see, I
Am actually the poor woman who is bathing the struggle of living in natural” and I smiled.

“Poor girl, let go of her” commanded my father. “Yeah, today this should be enough let the debate happen tomorrow. If not tomorrow, it can continue day after and one day you will realize when you can search no further.”…

“Hey! Call it a day. She is awake. Yet she needs rests. Get going guys.” My father commanded.

“Thank You, your majesty” I said. And will you please fulfill my complicated wish?” I asked. And everybody laughed out loud. “Indeed a great scholar, JESUS, you are please write it down and congratulations on getting your wish granted!” the Holy Ghost chided me.

And I chuckled as I wrote my wish. “Father, please fulfill the wish of sky diving and bungee jumping along with my king vaagi and my prince abhi, He! He!”… so, much of a greedy god was my Santa. “Err… wasn’t it an infinite realm. And couldn’t I afford to be smart? I wriggled my tongue….”!!

“Bye! Father, and bye… guys… time for me to get going. Need to cook breakfast and catch up with my chores” and they all understood.
love you guys
Jesus Christ

- 19/10/2009
- Monday

“Good morning father!” I cheered up. And my father smiled. “What seems to bother you sweet heart?” and I was holding the bible, in my other hand while writing. “father, I think, IT IS TIME!” I looked at him. “Yes, you are interpreting the Times and Luke is absolutely the one, who depended on eye witnesses

- Luke 12:49
“Do you think I came to bring peace on earth?
No I tell you but division.
From now on there will be five in one family
Divided against each other, three against two
And two against three. They will be divided,
Father against son and son against father,
Mother against daughter and daughter against
Mother, mother –in-law against daughter-in-law,
And daughter-in-law against mother-in-law”.

“Is this why, you insist on Nuclear families? Not many will be please father. Because, mothers and dad’s are bonded to their children and the emotional connection and true joy of sharing and caring, aren’t all these of any value then?” I asked him. And I smiled. Because, I love to corner god with sensitive questions like these. And then wait for his ever established, well explained sensible logical answer. This is the fun I often experience when I do my bible study or morning prayer. It doesn’t require your loud words of artificial prayers. Even if you Read couple of verses and allow “TIME” not to hinder, its then fun to get connected to god. Because, he talks to you. Each bible is unique in its own sense. “LIFE” when you read the verses, of common faith through uncommon eyes, you see the “destiny of your life” being revealed to you through the pages of the words. The lord will choose, every “one” member in the family who will worship, pray and read his verse and he in turn will pray for the family. This is the principle.
And the same principle which holds good for “the king” and “the priest” principle too.

“It has been a long time since then…” I reflected on the thoughts of aftermath having completed volume III. A deep realization of being normal. And slowly sinking into the events which were being unfolded in the past few days.

“Time to enter the presentation zone”, I murmured to myself, as this required some pulling of news and biblical verses, but unlike the perceived notion of having to invest time and energy, it’s a task which can be completed supernaturally. Let me try now, Err.. My spirit and my eyes, as I write, takes me through each of the observed articles which coincided with the prophecy written in the holy pages of the lord.

The words of the heavenly language which flows effortlessly which I cannot claim as mine. And lo! What a spiritual realm I had uncovered unknowingly, “Autobiography??” I chuckle and look at my father.

“Nope. Time to fulfill” he says approvingly.

“So, what happened since then?” he asked. And I understood that he was hinting at the time period between book 3 and book 4. “Just like the word you wrote. Israelites going around the mountain for 40 years” I laughed out loud. But my father did not. He spoke “Daughter did I ever tell you, the journey was going to be “EASY”? did I ever tell you I created you to spend life going around a mountain, trying to solve problems?’ he asked and I remained silent.

What do I write and share about? Do I write about how hysterically, the entire book typed, was zipped, ripped, aligned, font, proof read, and sent through mails to Wendy of GOD TV again and again in order to deliver the message of the Lord and get it published? Do I write about how utterly had I failed for after close to 30 days and more there was nothing but deafening silence in my mail inbox. Not even a single person to whom I had requested to read, forward, or to do anything at all responded. And it pulled the flesh out of my soul. What do I write and share about? Do I write about my account balance? It was worse than “zero”. It was in (-119.00/-) few pennies with a negative sign. What do I write about? I had sent my resume to various job portal sites and not even a single interview came through. The only one which I attended were offering me salary of (22,000/-) , which Is quarter of what I used to earn earlier. What do I write about? The king who led a poverty lifestyle, because he had to take care of me and my son financially with (5,000/-) being taken by me, every month and how hard he struggled. No money for anything extravaganza, you say? But there’s no money even for the most basic necessities. And why did you ask? Abraham, my grandfather left everything he had to follow the path which my god had shown to him. And my father did not fail. Abraham. 2000 years later his grand daughter follows the same foot steps. Consciously, in complete awareness, in tremendous faith, in unfailing confidence in god’s love, somebody had to do it. And I am glad, I did it.

“Ain’t easy father. Being a “Hero” overnight is momentary. But carrying your wisdom this far to capture it in the ink is permanent.” I said. “My daughter, do you now understand how I work?” he asked. “You are a difficult boss to please. And you don’t pay on time and I feel confused and hopeless, when I try something to do, and then I realize that may be this not is your plan. There is always a voice within and now especially because, I write, I implement,, I am having a tough time to balance the natural and the super natural. For, father, “life” is visible, to you and is “an experience” for us to live in. I complained like a typical annoyed and displeased employee. True, there are times, when god irritates me When he confuses me, when he does not answer me, especially when he puts me in this never ending race and I know in my womb, “IT IS THE BOOK”, “Where is THE END?”, “Where is my inheritance?”, “Where are the promises?”, “Where are my angels?” , “Where are the Apocalyptic times of GOD meeting the GENERATION of 09? I see tears of pain, tears of sadness, tears of loneliness, tears of being abused, tears of failure, tears of poverty, tears, tears and tears which drench this sand of blood. Will there be no end to all this father? It stones me to death by merely thinking the fact that world has been this way since then. So, that should answer your question, “What happened since then?” I smiled and I looked at my father.

“Where are you in all of these grim lit situations?” he asked. “Still holding on to the promise which you made to my grand father” I smiled. “Who are you that I should fulfill it just because you say?” he smiled. “Who am I but without you? And I say because you confirm” I smiled.

“Ahh… I see that the training of 30 days has filled you with wisdom enough to answer your father’s question” he laughed. “Your grace my father. Wisdom is generously showered and laid hidden in the BIBLE. And as I keep reading it day after day, the spirit holy and the ghost holy chews on it till it stays bitter in my womb and finally, it comes to light at the right moment at the right time, which you have designed me for.” I answered.

Just then, my mobile rang. One of the consultants called me up and asked me to forward my profile to the clients. It was a job offer. And I looked at my god. “Father, but I now hate to go to work. School, it seems to be. Yet again, will then I work for men as a slave?” I asked.

And my father smiled, “the anointing on your head, which I rub the oil till it dissipates will bring you to a complete circle. You will run like the calves in open field, jumping up and down, when you will see the “WHOLE”, he said. “I missed you PAL” I hugged him. “I was here, with you, all the time” he winked. I know, I said like always my “nose” held high in the air. And my father laughed out loud. My antics by now was pretty popular between ME and MY FATHER.

Honestly, I felt a little strange when I wrote the vague promises which I held onto the 21st century and in the most advance times of MANKIND here I was believing, walking, learning and unbelievably coming back to this book, which was all about GOD! The journey of 10 months, every hour spent in the awareness of GOD, the Almighty, was unique. A journey which I had never experienced before. And what kept me motivated? A never dying flame to know GOD and to be with him. “SALVATION” was way off in my dictionary now. It was “Eternity” which I sought from the father. And looking the news on the global front, I thought we were heading at a speed, which man could not perceive.

- 23/10/2009


1. Blessed is he
Whose transgressions are forgiven,
Whose sins are covered.
2. Blessed is the man
Whose sin the lord does not count against him
And in spirit is no deceit.
3. When I kept silent,
My bones wasted away
Through my groaning all day long.
4. For day and night
Your hand was heavy upon me;
My strength was sapped
As in the heat of summer.
5. then I acknowledge my sin to you
and did not cover up my iniquity.
I said, “I will confess
My transgressions to the lord”
And you forgave
The guilt of my sin.
6. Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you
While you may be found;
Surely when the mighty waters rise,
They will not reach him.
7. you are my hiding place;
you will protect me form trouble
and surround me with songs of deliverance.
- Selah
8. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.

9. Do not be like the horse or the mule.
Which have no understanding
But must be controlled by bit and bridle
Or they will not come to you.

10. Many are the woes of the wicked,
But the lord’s unfailing love
Surrounds the man who trusts in him.

11. Rejoice in the lord and be glad, you righteous;
Sing, all of you who are upright in heart!

I had emptied every single penny in the house trying to test god, the reality of his existence in my life. Just like all the characters in the BIBLE, I too needed proof that GOD existed despite the miracles. Something of a more confirmed answer, so that my faith in him may remain constant. And honestly, there was “nothing” to risk. When I opened the Bible, on 20th three days prior I read the message, “PEACE, do not be afraid. You are not going to die”, that stern command from god, had given me a strange unknown strength.

I seriously didn’t want to borrow any Money from the king. I struggled. As I went around the house talking to myself, I said, “Test him. When he can protect my grand father the great, if he is the same, he can SAVE me too…” and I splurged down to every coin in the house, buying sweets to mom’s place on succot and having the fun of the life, living in abundance for that day.

My knees were growing tired and weak. It’s an absolute zero condition in spiritual realm, when you stand naked in soul, in front of god. No job, No money, no marriage, no wealth, no luxury, no loans, no “anything” I called up few friends of mine, trying to borrow meager amounts. And I hated myself because to the government office, only to realize to stand to the stark reality that only my pension amount was due and it stood at a meager cash of (10,000 – 12,000) down to few thousands from lakhs. “What on the earth will I do now?” I wondered.

I re-read a few messages which I had sent across. My self esteem was never so low. I typed a message to myself, “I think, its only the pension amount and that too so low! That also means I have to work, find a job… Abba, save me father…. Only you can save me now… I lay now my soul at your cross. Jesus ,,, will you please take care of all my difficulties….?” And in the midst of all the tension, instead of sending it to my own number, I sent it to my King! How utterly embraced was I that he had read my hopeless weak prayer. Now, everybody around me, my friends, my colleague, myself, because I felt foolish and a weak soul seeking help in god to pull me out of this situation. And honestly I hated my words of secret suddenly being read by the king.

My journey to PF office, didn’t fetch me great hope. And I called my king. He came back to pick me up and drop me back home. Did I mention that he was already half way through the office! I loved it when he went the extra mike displaying his love. Once coming back home, he thrushed the notes in my hand and said, “SIT, I will earn and I can take care of you. I am there for you. Why should you then be afraid?” After he left, I called up few friends who caught my “Kodak moment”! I cried like a baby hopelessly smitten by love hug.

Wee.. We.. my guy is a good man…. He understood me pal… he learnt to read my heart, come proactively and take care of my food, clothing n shelter… he tool the initiative to take care of me financially… me in stupid tears. He knows everything. The naked bare “Poorni….” Every single truth about “poorni”… her bitter past… he still calls me “angel”… and … is he the one for me then pal??” I asked my guy friend through the message.

I sent another message to my tax collection friend. “Me in the PF office… and things seem to suddenly take a strange turn in my life sweets. How do I thank life..? and my faith in god? My guy read my silence.. he has just learnt the art of the real responsibility of me and my son… he says, “sit, I will earn”… somehow, am deeply moved sweets. Did I stumble upon the definition of love? Weird feeling … cannot seem to comprehend..” I confessed.

Suddenly it dawned upon me and I felt absolute light. With the grace of GOD coming on my life. I felt pure. I felt cleansed. At last in the search of my “pursuit of HAPPYNESS” (with a “Y” in HAPPYNESS ;-) ), I felt great to know that god had finally sent a a MAN to complete this WOMAN. It was an amazingly pshysingly deep love story. And realizing that I no longer had to be the “MAN” in the family of broken souls, I finally found shelter in my king’s heart. The bliss was at the epitome.

I was thirsty in life. And my lips went dry, with the unquenchable thirst. And finally he appeared with an URN. And I dreamt hazily drinking the water and suddenly my soul seems to have arrived at the complete awareness and understanding about my father. I had challenged the world, “If there exists a GOD, then he will come down to deliver justice and he will judge”. The Secret place in his dwelling was beautiful.

I wrote the first piece of content, in my own sentences and patented by my own thoughts and being selected by the top search engine company. However, the writer of the content will remain anonymous. Since, my tax collector friend played the mediator in giving me an opportunity to write articles. I got paid that day my “FIRST DOLLAR”! And it took me 40 minutes to start from the scratch. My first hard earned money. After the long haul of ten months, I had reached the destination, which finally allowed me to go beyond flesh and reach out to god, seeking him to touch me.
Though it was tempting for me to start a business with the tax collector, the king’s strong warning and advice helped me focus m thoughts. I decided to heed. And to LISTEN, “CONTENT WRITING” will be my passion and the amount donated to charity while I will continue the pursue to make a difference stepping out, saving souls, in the most known familiar world of mine. “THE CORPORATE”. But this time, I will follow my father’s instructions.

Meanwhile, the king’s life on the parallel front along with my battle was getting dirties and murkier knee deep. The stink of corporate politics and wicked selfish managers were now furrowing beyond realm.

The winds yet again braces to sing a new song, a new poem to experience god’s love in each of the individuals life. The parallels now seem to be coming together. The twin seem to shaping and functioning together. And the man and the woman seem to be moving on two different realms of “FAITH” and “LOVE”. How beautiful is then the coming of togetherness in the kingdom of GOD?

The figurative speech of

“Who! Am I the one who is writing this? I sure need to get back to my senses and listen to the noises which my angels are making. I need to get the copyright first for this book. What say? Ain’t this book unique?” I asked my father.

He laughed “Oh! Is there a thing which can bind the word of god? Can a rework of bible and the pages of heaven ever be confined in man’s world? Don’t worry I shall make it to come to pass and stop living in this poverty mentality will you? I hate when you put a limit a drawn boundary to your provision. Please remember you are my daughter and I know your needs and if only you can activate and Start realizing your faith more, along the love walk, then we can venture to the new depths” he said.

“Stern strong words but so easy to understand and implement if only to stop resisting the thought. Thoughts in mind, will control our decisions and further our actions directly proportional to the rewards and mercy and closeness which we can develop with god.

I took a deep breath. Have you ever read timothy in bible? I just believe that he is god’s man because he speaks in a language heavenly, which we can understand. If you have followed me this far trying to comprehend, assess my journey, then you must have also noticed the strange tongue which has been captured in earlier volumes. Hey! Come on now, you know what I am talking about! Don’t you?

- Timothy
- 4: 7 - 8

Train yourself to be godly. For physical trainings is of some value but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

The spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. For everything god created is good and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanks giving, because it is consecrated by the word of god and prayer. Command and teach these things. Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speed in life in love, in faith and in purity.

Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of scripture to preaching and to teaching. Give yourself so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do you will save both yourself and your heroes.

“LAID THEIR HANDS” ON HIM. Suddenly, I felt the veil of god being lift and revealing the TRUE GOD. A little more depth and intensity. And the mask of revelation seems to unfold at an extreme rapid pace. Surely, I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity just like millions of seeds and god’s angels out there.

“Which is the national flower of Babylon?” asked I to the king. “Lotus”, “Lotus” he repeated once again. Somehow, I felt the strange pain and grief in his voice. It was quite sometime since we had spoken about any office issues which
He had. Some how, when we met against all odds, leaning to overcome personal handicaps it seemed like athletes in training. The hope in god continued for me and my king, though enduring pain, with the only determination to excel the often chided me as a “Good Leech” once the goodness and godly bug hits you it cannot be stopped. And till it comes to harvest, the self imposed suffering and the “Emotional Atyachaar” continues.

I smiled when I looked at the word, “Emotional Atyachaar”. Do you ever know that eight of ten times, you are beaten by the enemy because, he tricks you into false emotions which you perceive as real. And it takes some discipline and naught to finally arrive at the juncture of accepting the defeat in front of GOD. I chuckle. How much of a search and going round about mountains? Well, did it bring down the powerful king also to honour and respect the true god, which the universe worshipped?

Read on, it is the word of god. Sizzling sex and true love, soaked in the truth of god, honesty to admit and having the courage to look at one’s own soul naked. Here is where the LOVE REVELUTION began. In each of the individual loves which god touched upon….

Tell me something my dear readers do you still think I am some “mumbo –jumbo”, “due- rolling” lady who started blabbering? No, it was a commitment which was made to god, long ago, suffering persecution. At times like these we need to discipline in tremendous, hours of rigour training, And isn’t this true of not only athletes but true of artisans and musicians? Chronic stomach trouble we undergo in the initial stages, as the words in the womb is extremely bitter. But if you focus hard enough just chewing on the words day and night, you will soar to the heights to understand and comprehend the secret of every wisdom hidden and tucked away in every word of god.

- 24/10/2009
- Saturday

 Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up dissension,
But love covers all wrongs.
Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning
But a rod is far the back of him who lacks judgement.

“Good morning father!” I cheered. “Morning my tired daughter!” he winked. “Yes, have been busy. Guess it’s the season to be busy. Hey, the second day, I have written two more articles. 3 $. Howz that?” I asked. He smiled. “And I have applied for close to 10-15 jobs online. My Judea is down. So, have been doing a lot of walking around. Yep, very happy with son and king. Wish I could keep them happy by supporting financially. Because we have never been this way, Mr. God! so, at times I feel am I supposed to write this? Will then would it not be a pretence, a show off about my suffering. Some how I don’t want to talk about it anymore. If we can just concentrate on the work we ought to do rather than jittering my Pain and saga, then we will never get the work done.
What say Mr. God?” I looked at my father. I think somewhere, my father was showing me my true bitterness of bearing the suffering for long time and how it was affecting the love we shared for each other.

What a parallelism? The king also was withdrawing. And it had been close to two months. He seems to be pushing on with his job ending at naughts every time. And “Men love to go into a cave. Solve problems on their own. Because the adventure and the “VICTORY” marks a “MAN”, I recalled the theory, the age old. It sure did require some tremendous, shedding of tears and emotional anguish and tear apart family drama, but each of us struggled and it was visible. “WE WERE SET ASIDE TO BE PRUNED BY MR. GOD SURE, THE SITUTATIONS DID HURT”. And it was evident that we had no other option but to carry our own cross.

The king had list of thirty points on his yearly achievement. And day and night every effort in taking the initiative to develop new ideas and helping the process, the employer definitely did fetch results to the overall improvement of the company. But it was very strange that it did nothing but bring disappointment of following the good path. The “Team Leader”, the “Manager”, “the Friend”, utilize the work. But hide the “root”. The management perceives it as a “Team Effort” and fails to notice the “individual contribution”. It is frustrating especially, when the king realized incident after incidents, the back stabbing by his own friend. The friend, who he had saved the life from the whirl pool. Every report and analysis along with ideas to handle people and team, the combat of the joint effort of the king and the friend, who was the team manager failed. And why? The king was caught up in the goodness storm, outdoing himself, but the rewards from god, the recognition, the name, fame, the promotions, the breakthrough, the increment, the team player everything had come to the naught. The friend carefully played his cards. Every report was further shared with the top management but no where was the origin of the king’s signature of patent was mentioned.

During the FPR discussion, when the king handed over the 30 points, the manger above the team lead was in for a surprise. The expression said it all to the king. It didn’t take too much of time that he was back stabbed. Welcome to the world of stinking dirty corporate politics. The true colours of the filth of MAN to be smelt shortly. “Hear me out father” I said.

“When words are many, sin is not absent,
But he who holds his tongue is wise.”

It was simply uncalled for, when “the friend” had started screaming at the king in front of everybody on the floor. And it boggled the king, as the answer to this strategy given by the friend was, “It actually doesn’t imply to you. But please understand, I want to send the message clear out to the enemies in this team”. After couple of such acts, the king had dearly out busted. Said he, “if you have issues. With other team members go shout at them. Why the **** are you coming and shouting at me, when I am doing my job pal?” said the king to his friend.

And it did not stop there. The king often drove in his car to the office. A journey of 80 kms up and down, everyday. Chaotic traffic in developing countries. And people and vehicles with their contribution in pollution galore. A delay of 10-15 minutes entering the office premises, brought humiliation in front of everybody, when repeatedly “the friend”, screamed at the king. The counter attack? Simple. The king parked his car in my apartment. Went to the office by “the office cab”. And nobody had any authority to now about at him. The king logged in every day with a delay of not less than an hour. It maybe pretty interesting for the reader to know that if an employee used the company cab, the drivers could manage to bring the employees to the office, with a sure delay of an hour. Whom can you then blame? The king simply responded sitting in the couch, when we were speaking that night. “Every day, when I burn my arse and drive like a maniac they seem to forget that I too drive in the same traffic. My fuel, me spending everyday and then for what joy? All I get is some corporate rule of a shitty culture. What is important to the employer?” he said.

During the recent meeting, there was a Serious effort to corner the king. What they failed to notice was, you should never try to disobey the written rule. “Family members should be allies, not adversaries”. So, when there were clear indications that the Satan was bent upon attack, the king rebuked. He realized that he was all alone. One up against the many powerful in the battle. And it seemed to him that nobody liked him anymore. Strangely, an outcast in his group. Nothing seems to make people in his team like him. Though, he had a huge circle of good friends outside the set horizon of other departments. Confusion. Why? There were few proverbs which clearly indicated as to what was happening with the king and GOD was using him.

“Bribery works wonders” and that is why I had been placed in his life. Mind you, the king can never know about the TRUE GOD, till everything comes to pass. The only way, he can hear the word of god is through this darling little angel. And that is “ME”! And you bet I dare not preach the king when we “short message service” process. Day after day, even after I had stopped writing the prayer continued. The lord always gave us the words of encouragement and hope, when there was severe famine in the land as Ezekiel predicted. “Famine” of success and “harvest of good news”. But the chiming of the word of the god continued ringing day after day.

“You are hitting on our bread and butter” was the allegation made against the king. Sitting in the conference room and the two people opposite him the roof came crashing down. The manager and the Team leader, his own friend since college days, looking at the “scoundrel plots evil and his speech is like a scorching file”, the proverb coming to pass right in front of his eyes.

“After a long haul of two months, the king finally succumbed. Just like me and you!” I beamed and looked at god. “One more added to the group of persecuted soldier of yours” I said and he laughed out loud. “Hey! Stop adding your spicy liners in between and tell us what then happened” said the Holy Ghost. “Good lord! This seems to be a Holy Book indeed!” I murmured.

Then it began to happen.

"ऐसा कोई मुझको मिल गया है साथिया ,
जिसे देखकर मै भूली सारी दुनिया , वो अजनबी "

Oh! How the disciples had followed Jesus, quarreling with each other, who will make it to the top. But when the ship is shaking around and then people started murmuring around him, wondering whether he was indeed the one, which he claimed he was. “Is he really Jesus?’ the murmuring was going up and the down. The pressure was strong. And a moment where everything was being reevaluated. Thomas, my dear own Thomas my own disciple, despite showing everything says, “I don’t believe the claims that he is Jesus”. You see, when we are under traumatic stress and pressure we go back to the same zone which makes us remind us of home and cookies, because we want to be felt sage. And now its one thing to do a crunch on the floor but it’s another thing to be under Stress in an unstable environment. But “Peter” is interesting he has been wallowing. He too will come. Tax collectors, the king, everybody will be used as a boat. And finally, they will follow me. Because they will be trained under me. And I will teach you how to fish men. God literally spoke every time through me. I was not here to teach spirituality, I was here to make you more comfortable with ALL Almighty himself so that most of the time, you get in trouble … because, seriously, isn’t it a WRONG BOAT!!

You just need to learn how to walk on the waters and I smile. “But father, they call me as a Ghost” I look at my father. And my father laughs out loud. “Soon, there will be a day, when people will run away, just because you will claim as yourself as “JESUS”! “Now don’t worry sweet heart, GOD doesn’t give you details. I have called you out of your familiar zone. I can’t reveal anything but all I CAN SAY IS COME! STEP OUT OF YOUR BOAT and FOLLOW ME! THE GOD, THE FATHER!! Put your trust in god. You are standing on the promises of Christ. He is my saviour. If you can just believe that fact, then there will be storm, through its overwhelming and you begin to question the storm, wondering, “Don’t you love me god!! Didn’t I marry you? You promised me so many things, my father…..” I was being led in the spirit.

Just then, I realized, how foolish of people. God sees Peter as a “Fisher of men” while Peter sees himself as “Fisher of fishes”. But peter doesn’t Realize, there is a place in JESUS, where there is no going back. Because we need to stay. I am staying so what if I am broke! Because, there comes a time in GOD, you can never go, back, to the same, who you were before!!”

So, “How do you spell RELIEF?” “How do you understand your calling. Break the yoke of who you were and who you are today. if you have followed me this far, you can never go back again”.

I looked at the clock. It was 12:35. “Let me now fish for myself too. Anyways I am on the boat. I am feeling light. And now I am putting my net in the sea. I put it in. I put it in. and I remember. “IN THE NAME OF JESUS” I have done some deep fishing I have also been torn apart. So, you see, “THIS IS MY LAST DAY ON THE BOAT!” I need to cast out my net.

God is all knowing. God has a question. “Children, have you any meat?” God asked. “Ah..Ah..! No” I said. “Things have not worked well. Working with no jobs. For all my sacrifices for all compromises, just because I have lost my dignity, just because I have acted crazy, just because I have given a mighty cheerful to the lord god! The almighty himself….”

Just keep following. JESUS WILL BE THERE IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT! Time to put in my nets where the lord shows. I was back in the present.

“Do you think freedom can get dangerous?” I looked at my father. “No. Neither circumcision nor un-circumcision means anything, what counts is a new creation” he answered.

“Hold on! What on the earth do you mean by that?” I questioned him. At times the abstract reasoning and intensely emotional pleading, taught us the idea of living by the “spirit” and leading life than just doing things contrary to the spirit. “How is that sentence?” I looked chuckling at god.

“We are sure to score the wits out of the readers” the angels clapped their hands. And I smiled. “Poor readers, they too are not spared from living this story”. Did I see few goose bumps? Cold air beneath your feet and the silence in your heart spooky? There is darkness and there is no false light anymore. How do you then conduct yourself? Will you wait on faith calmly to light up your life for you??? Will you finally come to your senses, that GOD is indeed your creator?” … I wrote.

Time was ticking. The world too was no different. And everything everywhere were soon coming to a naught. “Phew… what a story?” I took a deep breath the “True God”… I still haven’t written the next revelation of the true god, I recalled.

Time was soon meeting with space. There is a miracle going on in my life. And the world is sleeping. There is a miracle in my house. There is a testimony in my house. There is GLORY OF THE FATHER in my house. People say “Positive Vibrations” and I look at my father. Standing on my feet, I wait to listen to hear a word of god.

“EMPTY!”… Father, Jehovah Kaheel. I believe that this month, there will be a manifestation so BIG, waiting to unlock, a key to unlock solutions, and I have the eyes to see it and hands to receive it, in the name of my father. The tendency of life is to complain and we wail to realize that there is a miracle next door. Are you crying looking at the wrong door!” and as I wrote these words of prophecy for my own life, I understood, this is the miracle moment for my life.

“THERE IS A MIRACLE IN MY HOUSE!” “Oh! Lord, I repeated jumping like a crazy wild clown”. “There is a miracle in my house.” “There is a miracle in my house. Oh! My God!, all these days, I never realized it. “There is a miracle in my house. It took me this long to realize, I have been living in a miracle in my house”, I was clapping my hands THERE IS GOD IN MY HOUSE! Hee. Haawh…!”

And the world debates about the possibility and the “nature of the trust”? “So, why is there mistrust everywhere”, I asked my gather.

“There is a suspension created in the world. That the poorest nations will be the worst hit. Can one man or one nation bring together the entire community and clean up the nations?” spoke my father.

“The scientists are very clear in their voice. It is time now to act. The church is very clear in their voice. It is time NOW to clean and build. The society is very clear in its voice. It is time NOW to commit. The intellectual join their voice. It is time NOW to be confident and agree to change. Sure, the nature is different say the economists but it is time NOW to be wise and be prepared to be specific and be sure of the timing. It is time to be realistic and learn from the past, voice the historians. It is time NOW to be ambitious and have a national plan in place and not to be hesistant in being transparent, voices the governments across the nations. “Friends and Foes”, “two different sets of values”, “Oil for you, grains for me” principles does not work anymore. The world, poorer world, the economists have been playing with a lot of numbers. Public finances, maths, billions of dollars and recessions, the number of “HUGE” to save your own positions in the game of POWER!!

And about to hit the theaters is the movie, “2012 – Apocalyptic – The world and End Times” and lo! Father, I am in demand! People who have seen me in this journey along, ask, “Err.. is it true? Is the world going to end? Will everybody die?? Man deserved it…” and I smile.

“Father, what do I tell them all? Please do not worry. Come to ME. Come to JESUS. Read the words I write, know your father who created you. But nope, they are busy, contemplating and debating and living in fear. “Survival of the Fittest” was The theory of Charles Darwin. And that sinking feeling of wondering what is god’s will? As the D-day begins to draw close the world talks about, “Funds constraint”, “Faulty designs”, “Blame Bureaucracy”, “Bank failures”, “Political clashes” and as I was writing suddenly I heard a question to myself.

“Is god trying to get my attention onto something which I am unable to see as a WHOLE? While I am learning to be obedient, seeking for “GOD’s” best, in this great need, asking GOD, what I need to do, I knew something very strong in my WOMB. “WAIT ON GOD. AND GOD WILL GIVE THE BEST!!” I had to make the choice now. Keep waiting on god and to watch his plan work in my life.

“BALAGAN”! “BALAGAN!” I smiled and laughed rolling on the ground. It means, “Big Mess, Chaos, Confusions, when things are out of control!”. “So, when would you use the Hebrew, borrowed form Pharisees, the word, “BALAGAN”? I looked at my father. And I continued, “Who knows the answer, better than me. It’s now! BALAGAN, BALAGAN time to go back to the secret place on the ancient times” I chuckled as I wrote, while reflecting on my thoughts about the socio and economic conditions in the world I lived today.

Will the nations survive tough times? As I write the pages, I understand the immense practical value of every word of the bible. And I smile. Practically, god the almighty didn’t require on introduction to man. A book of 1000 pages approximate, survived the times. And nobody but god himself, could explain the entire bible. So, you Practically will not find a single HUMAN, to claim he has “SOLVED” Bible. But why?

Maybe, to the world, who would like to find the answer, here are the verses. And cover your face in some embracement. Because an old prophet must have been dressed in rags, would hard had hardly any wealth. But yet this man who must have been the poorest guy, if existing in today’s world, still found his name of the Holy book of Bible. And why?

Its because, when you put your hope in the Lord, HE will renew your strength. What kind of strength you ask? A strength to understand the wisdom behind, “I AM WHAT I AM!” “The true god!” so, who is this “True God?” you ask. And I say, “Here, read these verses. And be put to shame. Because you stand on your strength and ask who is true god? And I say, “Here is your god!”.

The Iron-Maiden song.
Will you please score the perfect “INFINITE”?

It seems as though, I was standing in front of the tanker and kept on firing with all the bullets that I had. And just then, I saw the “BAZOOKA” lying down on the ground. And I picked it. “You got to be careful” said the king. And I fired. “Here it comes!” There was silence everywhere. And then the firing. The shots. “Oh! Good Lord, it was getting faster and louder”. And out of the blue, there seems to be million and billions of firing guards towards us. I look at the king. And we do the smartest thing…. “RUN!!”. That’s exactly how the “FEAR OF THE GOD” is going to be.


To whom will you compare God?
How would you like to understand god?
Will you define him as “Advanced state of Ancient Prophecy?”

Will you reason him as “Evidence of Miracles to prove a point?”
“Storms, Shipwrabs, fire, hail, ill and dead”, he anchors them all.

A key to the god old days, to fulfill your lifelong quest,
To gain understanding of the unknown, unseen, who us the
Demonstrating thought patterns and syntax,
Educating ministers and laymen,

Scholars and consultants to accompany,
Distinguishing faith and belief.

Turning darkness into light;

Brace yourself like a man;
I will question you;
And you shall answer ME.

Proxima Centauri” is the name you give but
Do you know who made it?
Lift your eyes and look to the heavens.
Who created all these?

Whom did the lord consult to enlighten him,
Who taught him the right way?
Who was it that taught him knowledge
As showed him the path of understanding?

- 26/10/2009
- Monday

“Did she actually, abruptly stop the poem about the sovereign lord?” whispered the angels amongst themselves. And again, when they saw me angels, together asked god, requesting, “Stop loving her. She does not remember you nor can understand your love. She is the one who has taken the word, “God does not remember sin!” too for! She is nothing but the piece of dust” declared the protesting angels.

And still my father shows me all. why does HE love “us” at all that he would give up his only begotten son..? do you know the difference between “JUSTICE” and “GRACE”?

If somebody killed your son whom you loved. And you can kill them back.
OPTION 1: Its called “VENGENCE”. And you can judge them
According to LAW. OPTION 2 : JUSTICE.

The other choice? I will FORGIVE them ALL. He chose not to kill you. He chose not to judge you. Will you be willing to adopt your son’s murderer, give him your son’s position and he be your father? Now that’s what I call as “GRACE!” all that belongs to my son is yours and all that my son’s deserve you too deserve. Now, that’s god’s love!!

“Father, may I be melted away in your anger, had I loved you less!” I said deep down in my heart. How can my father be silent knowing all my iniquities? He pity’s me. He will turn away his head in silence. But god will destroy the sins in the depth of my longing heart, thrown’s away into the depths of the oceans, but HE is always there for me. He loves me. He cares about me deeply. He has counted the number of hairs I have. Don’t you think, he think about me more than he stars in the heaven?” I looked at my father innocently, throwing up my hands in despair.

And my father form the roof top came down to pick me up in the arms and bursting into laughter. There’s always, Grace, Beauty and Joy when you say “JESUS”! Because Miracles happen. Because god loves you. You are so dear to him.

This is the love of a father and his daughter. “Father, just like the way, I shield my son And always step up to be the “HERO” in life. I can give you, my ALL. Come into my HUT and save my soul”. And his presence was very intense, when I prayed that prayer.

Intimacy with lord. intimacy with father. Intimacy with the Almighty. Intimacy with MIGHTY creator. And what does he want form you? A partnership. Do you atleast now see, now since dark ages, the Satan tried to keep the love of the father away form us?

“There must be more than this!” I said to myself. Somehow I felt a little strange today. my heart seems to gripped and I feel to be holding. “Tremendous Glory” and don’t even ask me the meaning of what I write now!” Ha! Ha!, “Father, this is ME, then!’ I winked. “How is you, Father?” I smiled looking at him. But HE seemed busy making me write at a super Natural pace. There was a deep stirring in my soul. And I knew it must be the spirit of god and it’s long heading way. “Father, sorry about yesterday I got a little busy with my son and my king and the kitchen and the..” and he hushed.

And it seemed as though I was suddenly seated in the mighty men’s conference screaming, “Hungry for more?” … my father looked at me, he smile and asked, “Hungry for more!”…

Tears bursted out. And I paused. “Is this, what is meant by”, “the lord is my Shepard?”…. I choked. Though I was not working like any other day, my father is hero, my comforter. And you sill prepare a “FEAST” for me, every single day, blessing Me safety and security, Oh! Father how less of you, have I known. Even if I spend all my days living with you, in your house, father how less have I known you!’

I look at the watch. 9:10 morning. “Let’s talk about some REAL ISSUES UPDATES PLEASE”, my father looked at me. Talk about faith. “We need to finish this race,” I told him. And he said, “What’s happening with the WORLD at this moment?” I had spent so much time in the mountain, in the word and the HEAVEN that I had come to a norm, “There is no quick fix to these issues of the world.” “They will face often the sentences heard in the elderly and the intellects.

“The WORD”, “the WORD” is the bible. Many a times, thinking like a “normal” corporate woman, money and career should help me sail through this life of the routine. But, moment like these of trails and tribulations in the word of god though I would pass away, the word I write can never stop. My dear readers are you exhausted already in the word or you are AWAKE and standing STRONG in the word? Just because there is drought will I now honour the FAITH inside me, casting me nothing to work inside me, to get up in the morning and discipline myself? Yes, there is no short cut to HEAVEN. Just do “PRESS-UPS” and “PUSH UP’S” day after day on your spiritual muscle. But on the other side, we Were ultra cool guys man. Fluffy clothes in the early morning, a cuppa tea, a little of television, newspaper, bible and the book and the writing, the aquarium, the breakfast, the son and his school, and the chores and the prayers and the naps and the repeated order and sequence day after day, hour after hour. But something had spoken to me clearly. “Are you prepared to be a fool for my sake?” , “Are you prepared to leave your family for my sake?” and there was suffering in search of prosperity, I knew this was the TIME of MY LIFE>

You see when you obey God, things start happening. “What does that mean?” asked my readers. “You see, I have a puzzle. Can you solve it?” I write the puzzle down.

“Do not let this book of the law depart form your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go…

These were goose bumps all over. And I laughed the guts outs along with my father. “Yes, father that is exactly what you spoke to me,” I winked. And then, it happened. I opened the bible to open the verse to Joshua 1:8; “the lord commands Joshua”, the chapter was all about, “the difference 40 years can make”… and lo! This is exactly
How I wanted to prove my point to the readers I could have given an opinion if it were to be miracles. But my father is more REAL to me.

“People can follow GOD. And JESUS shows how”. “You changed my life” many come and say. “What are you talking about? You are walking with god? People ask me, “why am I doing this?” and I look at them, “It’s god. Don’t you understand? I cannot memorize it and reproduce. All I know is, I am engaged in a battle which is the biggest in the history.

“Many times, people told me, God never existed. But when I realized that I had stopped being scared, when I embraced God I knew, god had a message to me. Why is that god is talking to me everyday? And then I realized the battle and the battle field. And then I started knowing god, more deeper and finally, I started living with HIM. The days got better. And how beautiful god had moved in my life.

There were two sets of footsteps. And every time the going got tough, we complained that god left. But alas! I slowly realized, he was carrying me this far. How did I survive this journey? So, now I had the choice. The choice to FINISH what I started.

And that is an old story now “Ha! Ha!” I wrote and smiled with my readers.

“Did I not tell you? I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU!” winked my father. “AND THIS WAS THE IDEA!!”, my struggle and god’s protection had done it all.

- 27/10/2009

“It takes an effort to say and do the right things” and I pondered about these words of wisdom. “And it always worlds. Good morning daughter!” I heard a cheerful voice. “My peace abides here!” I said to myself. “Good Morning father!” I smiled.

I believe in living super natural in the natural” is the word often closely associated with God’s people. They exactly when we make mistakes, repent, love… they just know, they should walk in love with GOD and we are happier when we walk in Love. I stop what I say and if you know the word of god, you will understand the strength behind this thoughtful statement.

“How about a little of more evidential truth for my readers to live the super natural in the natural?” I smiled. Actually when you overcome the world with your faith, this is the key position you hold. Nothing remains the same. And you will have the faith to please god, then you don’t give any place to god to work in your life. “He can man-over YOU” and I chuckle. “Yes, the reality is GOD can DO BIG THINGS. Keep a tab always on LOVE and FAITH. And when you constantly strengthen these spiritual muscles, then you will reach the safest position. Every single day, bind your life in the word of god. And allow it to
Correct you. Love never fails.

“So, what evidences do you have more to make my journey, interesting, father? Because when my children and grand children read this book, they should be able to comprehend, that they are tapping their foot to “something mysterious”, I smiled as I wrote.

This book which I write, the pages of my life, in complete awareness, living with god, knowing my identity in tune building my ministry, being blessed to be renewed in the word, seeking god, the uniqueness of this book, keeping lives straight and yielding to prosperity along the walk with god,,,, “How do you do that? How do you put these messages here?” I turned and asked my father. And I heard the clear audible voice. You will be able to distinguish clearly between the two voices”, Your’s and god’s.

“Okay! Now open the bible and I will guide you…” he said, my hunger, my thirst to know more. “How shameless had I become to know more and more, so that I receive the GREATEST REVELATION….! “Don’t run baby! Do not shrink back in fear!” I told myself. I chuckled. Honestly, it was too late now. Yes, I did live through some scary times in life in the past when I had actually got into it. And fear in complete probability should disappear in your life. “Out of bondage in Egypt, in the middle and into the promised land” will I make it! Everybody will go through it. You need nothing but trusting on god’s timing. Though there
Is a shortcut, I know god wanted me to tread the longer route, because he knows, that when REAL enemy strikes, I will be able to WIN the war. It was as though god was trying to tell me something. “NEW LEVEL – NEW DEVIL”,,,,

“It is something in the heart, which god only knows HE will make it work. But I just know this. I understand it. He is making me totally dependent on him. For EVERYTHING and its interesting how GOD has used my stubbornness!” I winked. And my father gestured, “COME ON!” “Oh! I used to get so MAD, when things never used to happen my way. And then I learnt I was so scared when I quit that hob! And the rest of my life, I had god taking care of me. Those were surely very hard and stressful months, the shoes, the clothes, the food, every lifestyle had changed. It seemed we had struck poverty level accidentally and it was absolutely foolish. I felt the lowest, lowly, ragged, resource. But, I had this great BIG vision and mission to commission my father’s word that I decided to cancel all the plans, I had for my life and I had consciously chosen to walk the word. Oh! Many times, there was devil whispering in my ears, “Who do you think you are?’ and I surely felt that I didn’t have what it takes to make it. I just thought of making it one more time and I hoped to press on, with god to give me strength to TAKE ON. I started out with god, and suddenly I had got the break through.

Just when I had thought I couldn’t take anymore. And I had started functioning in the gifts which my father had given to my great grandfathers. I had to comfort “SELF” to get to the place, where GOD had prepared me the seat. “TO STEP OUT” was the specific condition he had mentioned. It was as though a little Shepard boy, had become a KING> all it matters to GOD, is his heart. Hope you can relate the story to King David too. The world didn’t even consider him, I don’t understand the static’s, but he certainly knew and got to know his god really well. No matter of his family thought “Little” of him, or how “little” he thought about himself, when god intervened, David became the KING. The minute, he humbled, god chase HIM. Why? GOD chooses all the brothers, ad midst all those who had judged him and criticized him, god chose “David”. And god was David’s rewarded. Why? Because saying, he refused to give up and soon, “the pay day, the reward came in”. Because god sees in secret. The little love songs the little interesting things and it was also interesting for us. Because we saw the gifting, we saw the anointing, we saw the purpose, but GOD had locked the door tight.

This is when the super natural shield of faith had made us listen to the truth. THE COMPLETE TRUTH. Firstly, you must understand that no prophecy of scripture, came about by the prophets own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke form God as they were carried along by the holy spirit.

It seemed as though, we had been abandoned on the streets of a big city. And we are left to find for ourselves. And god shows a unique solution. And he cranks up the volume high and low, till we had learned to survive and fight off the mournful notes which sneaked in.

“So, what is this confusion about the royal line of David and Jesus. Why is it of any importance, who remains the king?” I asked god.

“Would you like to understand the similarities and difference between the old and the New?’ he asked.

There are two tribes most crucial to god’s plan’s : Judah, the tribe that David came from and the Levites, the tribe that had responsibility to lead Israel in worship. Just as I was writing in the heavenly language, I asked my father, why do you bring me to this strange place of stillness and test my strength. There is a heavy storm blowing outside my soul, the circumstances and situations so grim and close, but I feel the safest place in these pages. What do you intend to do father? Please answer. Because, I don’t have a reason anymore. Protect me and save me father. I know you will make a miraculous entry into my life and will protect me. I folded my hands waiting on my father’s timing.

This entire journey had brought me into seeing life in two dimensions. To keep continuing to beat the swords into plowshares and the spears into pruning hooks.

Initially I saw them unclear. They all seen to be about the same distance into the future. And slowly, there seem to be little distinction between next weak and the next thousand years. When you see a mountain range from a distance; its very difficult to tell which peak is highest. Often a smaller mountain looms largest simply because it is much loser to you than another higher peak.

Now, this is the evidence of seeing in two dimensions. Example, if you have perceived my situations around then you can also perceive other dimensions of how god answers me, the previous paragraph is a puzzle weaved around my situations. So, every combination and permutation is distinct to tech of the unique coded life. Hence, the old book of 2000 years and beyond can be relatively new in this modern era. This is the exact interpretational of ancient prophecies” and “holy Promises” lasts for eternal and beyond.

I checked and clocked the puzzle. Just then. I hope my readers will interpret the parallel which I show with Isaiah and Micah. Do you still have doubts who am I? prophets of god will all speak at the same time.


- 28/10/09

“Hey Father!” I smiled. And he had a strange naughtiness in his eyes. And he seemed to prepared to soak me hopelessly in a strange dream of my youth. A king, A Princess, a hopelessly romantic story that should weave the hearts together, a sign which may hold the light to all kinds of group for eternal. And whoever said, “MEN” don’t come to church.

What then I smile is this route is a little strange gentleman. It starts with GOD and ends with GOD. Are you feeling the same as we head together towards the climax? It’s a strange story. As I sit, just like that at home, I feel the same spirit closing in I need to hold his hands and move forward and see what lies ahead I just cannot stop.

So, as my king enters the door, we always used to have the same old typical dream and conversations. And yes as predictable as the conversations in the internet. But, strangely, we wanted to venture into each other’s vision of what “LOVE” was all about. Days passed but something changed between me and king. He seemed as though, HE is the only one, my heart was capable of loving. And I was losing my coins to his heroism of standing up high in the NEW ROADS, DECIDING and SAILING US THROUGH. And the ship which had headed from far east with the king, the priest and the judge had revealed a strange land a strange
Story, a dream, the EVERYTHING of the book and an intense story of MAN and WOMAN; HOMO SAPIEN and GOD and GOD was primary. He held the reign to the entire episodes, the soon turned, lengthy soaps but how ironical, I soon realized my tune and my beats was humming wild in the tune of GOD and his plan for my life. This moment of living the book and the pages, teaching me how to walk his path. However crazy the world may perceive us, but our story starts and ends with GOD, our father in heaven. The “One” who holds the key to the “third eye”, the one who is who was, who will remain ETERNAL, established in “ETERNITY”. So, what was there for us I loose or win?

“Who! That’s quite a deep paragraph” I ponder. As I write my maid seems to be upset with me. Because I was stern with her yesterday. Too many leaves. I ended up most of the time doing her work. “There is a risk factor in goodness” people often say. Nope, I say “Be transparent”. And god said. “Be kind”. “I stared at him”. But father, I religiously deep with in my heart continue to serve her,”… he paused. “Strings deep chord, the chord doesn’t seem right. Why? And lo! Yet again a new route. A new case. Master and servant. How do you handle servants disobedience? How do you handle your own discomfort, frustrations? Solution: The Bible. Open the bible.

Duties of Priests and Levites.

“You are to be responsible for the care of the sanctuary and the altar, so that wrath will not fall on the Israelites again. I myself have selected your fellow Levites from among the Israelites.

That lengthy verses in bible was enough for me to understand our roles in the eyes of my father. After this the solution was simple. Reprimand her with love and care giving her extra hot, special food, I reflected along with her, her own thoughts. “I want to go in search of better houses” she whined. “For a performer, who has been appreciated by all your owners, suddenly you seem to be unhappy why?” I asked. On further probing, it was clear. The maid had clearly over stopped her luxuries of leaves and now a little pruning by god. After a brief discussion the situation demanded her to mend her ways. And often for a third party like me, it was glaringly clear. THE TRUTH, and GOD’s style of judgement.

“Somehow Father,”… I smiled. And he understood. Many like Paul, David, Job, Ruth, Joyce, Benny and Charles Stanley. All have been in the same place where I was. This is the ONLY WAY. I said to myself and god smiled.

Often, God would be silent. And I had to seek answers. Sometimes an answer world land is unknown places. Only time and tide ahead should bring us, where we started. And there was a sequence of situations, every single day, which took me or a long walk.

“Nobody” I am in this world. A vicinity of GOD’s creation was I , supposed to exist in. but what this search had brought me into?

It had made me value every expression which my father had treasured for me.

So, munching on the food served, I asked my father, long time, I really want to quench my thirst in David and Jesus. What is this unusual medicine, lying in my womb? And my father smiled. And I withered, the message was clear. “Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go….”

Nudity in flesh and soul had brought varying personalities on two different dimensions. Call it parallelism?

My entire childhood I have worked hard to score each half mark in my exams. And a nose high held for my so called “genius” intelligence. On the contrary, the king used to be busy working strategies of how to Leak the question paper and to make some real quick Buck. Well, he spent some on his own needs, some on his friends, gifts to loved ones and the needy poor students were also a part of this share.

And we often indulge in talks of laughter, of how contrasting our backgrounds are.

I dare not raise my voice in the society, I dare not use the filthy language. And a nose high held for my so called “purity”. On the contrary, the king used to hit and punch faces, indulge in the gully fights, the man who loved the bad and the ugly. Well, why did he do it? SIMPLE. HEROISM ;-) it gave him a niche to take risks, venture and explore. Expand and to grow beyond and marking one’s own territory was the king’s style.


I used to have a specific job, defined by god. “Prayer time”, “Live the word”, “Kid and my king and my family” with a constant in pat from world and the News around. While the king, the transformation was seen through my eyes. He had taken over the complete responsibility of safeguarding me and my son. “Money” was sure a factor but journey, long time ago, when I had quit my job. It took sometime for him to reach the place where he is now today. a more matured and a protective man, than he was 10 months before. Recession hit our families, the children of god across the planet. The last few days, the shaking was so severe. I literally broke down, in front of the bible, unable to sustain the pressure. It seemed, I am at the bottom. The depth. And my man was still there, and my loved ones hanging onto the hope.

God touches EVERYONE. And he will change you and craft you in perfection, till you fit his bill. “BILLS?”… father, mounting bills, mounting expenses and being In the hands of your mercy. What a strange place you bring me in?? I said to myself.

Want this test getting a little longer?

Just then, a call from a consultant, “Are you willing to work as a freelance trainer? We have tie ups with 20 -25 clients. And you will get paid on an hourly basis. Will you also be able to handle MBA subjects? The consultant asked over the phone.

And I sneezed. “BLESS YOU!” said my father. I looked at him. “How could I have forgotten my long hidden away passion? Training!” I beamed. And oh! An audience. And free lacing. My top notch content, customer, clients, resource, training, wow!..” and I will ensure that I save the souls too…. He! He! I can increase the number of souls,,, and then I get to know you, meet you and also demand form you, “MORE” ! how is that father?” I was jumping with joy. And this time, I consciously decided to step forward in my actions and yet again not to fall into the bait of day dreams.

“The joy will be controlled till I reach the destiny” I had decided. Too many baits too many falls, not this time. A different level, a different strategy. “Bring it ON!” I looked at my father. I was ready and willing to fight. Because, even at the bottom, my god was still standing next to me. His presence was enough for us. His age old promises was enough was us. His never dying words of assurances and encouragement was enough for us.

“The secret Place!”, “the resting place!”, it takes a long time. And now it took some price of “SELF” to realize that deep within, initially there were so may noises about ME. But as I began to bathe in the blood of JESUS, I had reached the place, where it was GOD and ME. And he had manifested me. Right in front of me. In the garden of Eden, my father hid. “Does he like us?”, “What should we do to impress him?”, “May be I can trick him into my innocent pleadings”, but nothing worked.

“So, what’s the learnt value?” he asked. “REST” in Greek means, “According to”, the more I get into the attitude of “Rest!”, the “pause”, its amazing to see how “YOU” when just I give up, you take me to be drowned hopelessly in your divine revelation. I feel clothed in you. And surely feel the dynamite of Holy Spirit. And the place was shaken suddenly. And I checked and re-read the pages.

People and I say it as “PROPHETIC”, “It is not!’ said the Holy Spirit. Its “Intimacy” corrected the Holy Ghost. And I understood their correction.

When I read various stories in the bible, enjoying the dramatic encounters of people with god, I had notice something. Every person who got to know the almighty, always started off the verses in formal introduction. But as the pages roll, right in the middle, we are all dropped into the depths of the ocean, “SWIM” commands god. And we begin to do things. First protest then question. Panic starts arising as you begin to drown. And we beat our arms as the water starts choking us, then we cry, we plead and we find no god. The water level is way above one body. And hardly can breathe. The behaviour, the real flesh comes out. And we soon begin to take the characteristics of god and soon we start becoming ONE. The friendship and the “intimacy beings”. Because you open your eyes and you reach the place. I know my father, I know who he is. There are lot of things which I want to know, maybe I will never know. But, 10 months and the baby of Joseph and Mary in their wilderness, finally were blessed by JESUS!”

I breathed heavy. So all I had to do, was take the “FIRST STEP!”. “JESUS” ; the place is your heart. This house is the place of intimacy. “Will my story be the same as yours?” I chuckle and I ask my readers to try it. Every story is different. But god and HIS LOVE FOR YOU is the only constant. And the constant unit is “GOD” while you may call, “you”, “your friends”, “your parents”, “your company”, “your money”, “your world”, call it as “x”, the variable! “Can you scream out loud and say, god is my FRIEND?” asked one of the critic. And I knew my email. “yourfriendgod99” which I had opened the account. He had walked with me, every single line of this book, 10 months ago.

“I take a break here father!” I said. And my father smiled. And I loved his humility. Can I be a critic? Yes. Only when I see through his Eyes. Because, only then the word “CRITIC” will be replaced by “HELPER”. He had buried in me deeply the “CRITIC” attitude. And now he had used my own style to MEND me. And now I had learnt, how it can be done. For GOD had taught me, in his training ALL. And he made me implement in his training ALL.

“Does that mean, I AM JESUS?” I asked. Because when god enters the picture, the WHOLE truth shines.” For one last time, father: AM I?” asked. Somehow, in all the battles, I constantly told to myself the identity given by my father, inside the womb which lay deep. My father looked into
My eyes. “What do you want to believe?” he asked. “Your word” I answered. “That should then answer your question” he said. “I AM WHAT I AM!” I shouted. A young girl and her dad and the world had seen her change. In these pages.

“Can we see god?” my readers ask. “Yes” I can reach you show himself in the most dramatic for, of expression. “Have I seen god?” my readers ask. “YES” I say and I laugh out loud. Real loud. And a crazy, victorious laughter and the only one of its kind. “I have seen god. and I see him even now. Do you?” let me re-iterate, I have seen him full of LIFE, full of activity and he visits you, if you ask him for his grace.

“Hey!” I looked at my father. “This is fantastic! In the ever growing population here’s a woman tucked away in the dwelling place, where angels praise and sing his name and I write the mandate of my father. “TAKE THE GOSPEL TO THE UTTERMOST PART OF THE WORLD!”

“My gift to my children is small”. But it was the continuous tuning of the angles across the planet, the god’s children, with their constant “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude, without a solution, hoping on a “MIRACLE”, joining hands with each other, had made it all.

“You don’t allow me hog on any credit. Do you?” I chuckled and looked at my father. “Nope. Because you have been just inspired to lift your hands up to try command. “Father, it was good for me to be afflicted because I am now a reader to learn your decrees. Make me, “THINK BIG” and “SHARE BIG”. I apologize ahead of time, because my intention is not to rob god, my intention is to glorify god”… and I smiled at my father. “Now, that is what I call a PERFECT INTERVIEW ANSWER!” laughed my father. “He knows all!” I just want to make MORE with the gift that god has showered me with use me. USE ME father, lead ME father, because I am willing to carry your word to every single place, I walk!”

“So much of mess I had to make of your brain to make you come here” my father smiled. And I found my courage and strength. “How many stars in the universe?” I asked father. “1 billion” he answered. And I looked at the newspaper. “6 billion people walking on the planet, and the time to think bigger.” I said to myself. “FAITH!” I said to myself LOUD.

“Faith is the evidence of things which is not visible is the definition. I have got into a place, where I was never before. Now, what does it take to reach my destination? FAITH” I said to myself.

“Keep going. You are doing BETTER!” my father said. And I focused. “GOOD, BETTER, BEST!” So, here I am with this level. “BETTER”. And now I need to believe more to push to reach the level of “BEST”. God, my lord, never depart me. And I don’t want to be contented here, at bring BETTER!” I told my father.

“I understand sweet heart. It may sound harsh. But I will lead you and I will not allow you to stay, where you are. “CONTENT” is you are always enjoying and having fun, but you always want to go and explore the DREAM. I cannot bore you. Can I?” he winked.

And we burst into laughter. Together.

Just then I gasped. “CONTENT” the verb “CONTENT” the noun.

Love you father --- JESUS CHRIST

- 29/10/2009

“Yahoo!” I screamed. And my father stood next to me. I was cheering loud, reading a sentence from the bible. “If you cant take on one of god’s fearsome creatures, do not attempt to take on god”. As I read the verse, the smile on my lips broadened.

“Today, it’s the interview day!” I looked at my father. Somehow, I have never seen the king this way, father. Even with the last cigarette in his hand, he has the courage and strength to press on. How did he manage to do this?” I looked and asked my father.

My stomach churns. But I need to pray for my loved ones. “Father….!”… I was trying hard to write. Because I knew when you do things with your best, god will do the rest. “How many times, how many circumstances have come and gone, but father, your word is enough to bring us all into the complete truth, and complete this cycle of End Times. I relaxed. “It’s going to be LONG JOURNEY from here. Isn’t it? So, how many books will you make me write?” I winked. And I continued writing. You see, I had crossed the stage of “MY” and “ME”. I was just a leaf in this stream of ever flowing abundance blessing and favour showered by god, the ALMIGHTY, in this world.

“It seems as though I have lost all my strength father, I do not have the stamina, the zeal, the urge to even move about. Forget even writing! … Messy hair, no shower, lying in the sheets, sitting on the bed and writing down the words of purity in the Holy book. “What is that you see in “ME” father, you carry me with your love and affection?” I asked.

“Why is the king, even with the last cigarette in his hand, has the courage and strength to press on!” my father asked me. And my hands picked up the speed. “But, I asked you the question for you to answer”. I gave my father a puzzled look. And my father laughed. “YOO find the answer, to your own questions, hereon” he winked.

“NEW LEVEL. NEW DEVIL!” wonder who is playing the devil here!, I smiled. And my father laughed hard.

“LOVE. Is it because we ALL LOVE EACH OTHER?” I asked him. And patiently he answered, “TRUE GOD!”. “TRUE GOD, lies in the abundance of purity of “LOVE””. He confirmed. “Father, will you take care of ME?” I asked. And I choked. Because I knew the answer. And I waited to write more.

You said, “Listen now and I will speak;
I will question you,
And you shall answer me.
My ears had heard of you
But now my eyes have seen you.
Therefore I despise myself
And repent in dust and ashes.

Surely I spoke of things, I did not understand,
Things too wonderful for me to know.

No plan of yours can be thwarted.

My father looked at me. Held me. And hugged me for a long time. You see I had learnt the lesson of the ages. The only way to live in this world is to be along with GOD. And “THE WAY” only.

After all my quest, my analysis, my logics, my interpretations, my thoughts, my ideas, my personalities, my style, my money, my power, my achievements, my pride, my “MINE” ultimately was defeated in the quest.


I decided to follow god. But the king hated JESUS. Yet, both of us, were measured equal in the eyes of my father. WHY? And on what basis?

“There is something I can never know about marriage” I chuckled and god spoke to the earth. “PAPA DOMA” in Russian.

“PAAPA DOMA” is a prophetic song. And everybody will sing this song… o…O…o… dancing to the tune….,,, Ooooooooo paapa’s Doma!!”. “Father yet again, if I start weaving the story in parables, will your children, get to know the complete truth?” I smiled and looked at my father. “It’s TIME!” said my father. And I knew it is Time. I got up and followed my father into the mount, to have my food.

And here was the detailed descriptions to the events unfolding. My dear children, I may not be able to see you eye to eye. But if you focus hard enough, my vision will reach beyond your eyes. In the name of my father, I JESUS, rewrite the Bible, in the words of ancient in complete awareness and agreement of the covenant established by my great grand father, Abraham.

“Bless me father! I have seen the road invisible” I pray my hands folded deeply engraved in my ever expanding flexing spiritual muscle. I smiled along with my readers. As the OLD and the NEW, began to sing a tune.

“Why did you begin this search, my daughter?” my father asked.

“Initially, my quest was based on two things father. One, I needed a miracle to get married and be approved and beloved by my king with whom I was in love with then, today and eternal.

Two, I wanted to see if you truly existed and was smart enough un today’s world of man!” I smiled. “The best part father, I admired my grey cells! And now when I look back I admire, how beautiful you have worked through me, sculpting “ME” inch by inch, day after day, turning “ME” into a vessel to hold your words.

“Well said”. I said to myself. And my father bursted out laughing. Then I realized my folly. “Ha! Ha!, what do I do father? When you LOVE “ME”, then how can I not love “ME”?” I laughed along with my father. “There we go again. Words, Pun and Fun!” I wrote.

“What then happened?” he asked.

“Father, I began writing the book reflecting the New Testament in the Old Testament and now when I started the New Testament, the book reflected Old Testament!” I paused and I re-read that statement.

“And where did you get that insight from?” “Chuck Missler in the 24 hour bible study commentary”. I am used to taking notes. And this bible and the book I write is more or less a running commentary of my brain… …. when I write this, my feet is growing cold. Coming to awareness as close as this is pretty psyching. And I was being watched by the eyes of god, set inside my brain…

“Father, this is seriously Journal. And I had trapped the Time and Space of meeting with the god almighty himself in these pages. No wonder, nobody could ever, think of it. God and his unique touch how can the world not see his touch coming to real? Are you kidding me, if you were to be telling me that I wrote a book on NOTHING?

-- signing off!
- luv you “Papa Doma”
- Jesus Christ.

- 30/10/2009

“Yo! Morning, my romantic HERO” I messaged my king, to wake him up from his deep sleep. “Good morning moochie ( moo-chi) [ a pet name, which I often use, when I am in overly relaxed, enjoyable, romantic, love deep mood. And that’s every hour!  ] love your forever… big time! Bless you for investing your money in “ME”. I seriously value your funds…!! I love you my RAW handsome king!” and I continued. “Morning father! For the first time, I wish the greeting to my king, in the entire book. Unusual. Any mystery behind this as well?’ I smiled and winked. He picked me up and I knew deep down today its going to be a very interesting journey today. “30th October”. I said to myself. “2 more months” and as I started zeroing in to the proximity of god’s presence, the revelation continues to lay new milestones.

Here is how we process the information. However like my true style, I will speak in parables. And I looked at my father. “Why parables?” “Open the bible. Mathew 13:10” he commanded. And I was zapped.

“The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken form him. This is why I speak to them in parables:” in then, is fulfilled the prophecy of Mathew Isaiah and I smiled as I continued
Adding next to the list. “JESUS”.

The king calls me up to say, “He has taken an off. Leave applied! Hurray!” I cheered.

“Bye Father… and Ummaaa….!!!” Now this is what I call as a PERFECT SABBATH!

Love You Father.

Test – Question: 1
Time 5:10; Day- Sabbath. Evening. East of the world.

Jesus, I testing the strings of prophecy. “Keep Firing” commands my father. “Who will be eliminated in today’s live telecast of the reality show, which is the live camera 24/7?”

It took me faith. And I need to now operate on faith. And it requires effort. “Wow! Nice shot!’ exclaimed my father. “Give me three confirmation signs” I asked him. And he said, “Apply the rules and get the results. This is what I am now working upon. Flexing spiritual muscle. Apply the rules on what your eyes and ears perceive, apply the rules on what the behavioral patterns of each individual indicates, whether its positive, negative or static. The third step is to apply the judgement rules of the kingdom. Does the soul qualify? “Sins versus Repent”, “Light versus Dark”.

I am writing the answer to the first Question in the interview father.

Answer:- 5:20, sunset closing in. Abba, guide me to be guided in your light. Let me then test my faith. The individual is the “Husband” in the house. The couple. The couple of “Husband” and “Wife” splits. The husband will be eliminated.

RESULT:- Need to wait and watch.

Verification:- Husbands gets 6 votes, wife gets 6 votes, the highest equal two being nominated by the house of the reality show.

Test – Question : 2
Time 7:35; day- Sabbath. Supper. East of the world.

Jesus, I testing the strings of mystery. “Keep pressing commands my father. What is the mystery behind the date, May 07, 1983” and the mystery behind the statement, “Lord came to visit us 2 -3 times. The recruitment began here, for the heavenly shy people.”

It took me trust. And I need to now operate on love. And it requires no effort. “Excellent. This is all I ask form you” exclaimed my father. “Give me three clues to unfold this” I asked him. And he said, “Find”. And I said, “Press on!’ “Press on strong deep to be submerged and though you are a little scared, have you not heard the trumpet, our father is standing is right here… “Failed” it said then, but as the moments deepen, we smell our land. I cannot love you more father.

On this day, let me then narrate exactly had happened. I had started already hearing you. And I came to your church in the convent, for the first time. The church rejected me because I did not qualify. But my eyes had captured the moment. This secret I could never hide. I went further away form you, in waste land I weaved dreams of hope…. Somewhere, you had heard my innocent plea. You then again came again thereafter 2- 3 times. But I was ignorant of your kingdom then… the moments passed, but the dreams in my eyes continued… and the bag of love of the king and you caught on with me. A heavenly shy hidden soul, a kid, a spark was enough to be recruited in your kingdom.

And soon my shadow no more followed because there was light everywhere. I am soaked in my identity. It is written on my forehead. It is the stars he has given in my hands. Give one name to the entire kingdom of spirit. Call him “JESUS”… a name, my father gave to me.

VERIFICATION :- confirmation provided, by Bob Jones and the incident already written in the earlier Volumes.

Interview Result : “F A I L E D?”

- Jesus Christ.

- 31/10/2009

“Eeeaaaa!!!” I was feeling inside me, the same expression and frustration when we don’t get the basics right! You fail repeatedly a certain section in the play station game, a certain level, a new one, the moment you enter the KILL ZONE, “Boom” the hero on the screen falls away. And what a bruise to the ego. Especially if you have a live audience scanning through the skills you possess!!

“Both the prophecies doom! And I chuckle, shivering. I don’t know. Agreed today, I mighty have fired all over, but I swear to you, am I not your loved one? Does not the reader following know, that I have pledged my soul and branded my forehead with your identity? Am I not the one flirting with you, am I not the one who loves hopelessly. We try to hide love”. But readers will know. How we met, how we fell in love, trust me, entire world will come to know. Every secret will lay in open”. The chord of love struck deep in heart.

“You are so innocent sweet heart! When I talk serious, you are playful and when I am taking about the planet, you are thinking about yours love!’ smiled my father!

“This love only you know father, the patterns and the syntax, the codes and the solutions, what kind of story do you weave father?’ I continued, “It’s strange land. A sweet pain, troubles my heart day and night. A love bug, which seems impossible to escape from. No form of defeat seems to stand against this arms of Almighty around me. Yet again I have shield and protection of this body and soul, in the natural and supernatural in the morning by the sea!” I smiled and looked at my father.

“I hate to write, in this hopeless love, I am scoring Zero’s in my tests.” I gave a straight look at my father, trying to hide my smile.

“Who cares about pass/fail? But your face is the true page of my love. By the sea, in the morning,,, a beautiful expression of love. Don’t you see, we have a hit a “Lottery”! forget about the interview. Yuppie!” my father said.

“When this physical, natural passes away, how then will you escape form me, my Hero? Will I then not come near your doors, knock hard and be yours for eternal. Will this distance then not end?’ I asked him.

“Somehow, don’t fell like doing anything else but writing. Seems I have found my destiny in these pages. I feel I have caught you in my breath through these pages” I looked at my father.

“Missing your king?” he asked. “You bet! He is always behind Mummy and Daddy and the world around. The more the world tries to pull us away, the more he tries to rob me with his love. Sabbath was so beautiful father. Spent the day with family, Ps2’s chores and my vehicle is up and running, money- pay day came in, party simple at home, finally closed the day signing off with foot massage to each other. And… a good night’s sleep… Seems me and my king, along with my son and You are coming together and Walking together! A picture of a perfect happiness with tiffs, a little Sam’s tears. Spiced up words, embarrassing moments, poor jokes moments, encouraging moments, dreamy moments, oh! So many varieties further his heart can sense them all!” I said.

“Is this volume of fourth all about a romance lecture, love and dance period?” a reader quipped in. “May this volume be taught to everybody in this realm. And may every lover be awarded with the medal by the loved one. Agreed about rules, interesting essays, debates, facts, theologies, hey, but what is LIFE, if there’s no romantic teacher! A dramatic teacher, who teaches the readers to love. I think, there should be a romance period.” And all my women readers cheered,,, “Yahoo!” and the men nodded their heads as they chuckled on!

“Yes, the subject of love is very essential. Because, without love in heart and in sync with god’s love in your heart, you will be a zombie in the KILL ZONE”. I wrote. “If you don’t pour out the heaviness, how can then heart be emptied? Once your heart empties will then he not make you into a vessel? Once he carves you into a vessel will then he not fill your heart with his love? Once he does that will he not make you smell your divine fragrance of love? Yes, this is the exact state of love described in hopeless choice of words”. I paused, as I wrote.

I tried to search god. Yes, this is where my journey had began. My quest. And the world just could Not quench my thirsts for “pure love”. Imagine, penning down my soul onto the paper, while he is narrating the story. Sure, he the Almighty had put in me, the Israelite, the strength to be brutally frank about my failings. Wasn’t it He who carried me through the pages of Red sea, freeing us from Egyptian slavery, especially with the great events carried out under Moses, and finally ushering is to the promised land. This miraculous beginning was as significant to Jews as the cross is to Christians.

May today be the “Anniversary Day” – known as the Pass Over, to remember this. Every spring Passover, may the planet and god’s children be reminded about the escape which “WE”, the NEW Generation of the god be reminded. In “NEW” we carry the eternal fire of our father of the ancients. Let us be the witness to the Lord’s power which we have seen in the turbulent waters.

Time 5:10, Day == Saturday, Evening. East of the world.

Jesus, I, testing the strings of sequence. “Keep arranging” commands my father.

1st Sequence : Bob Jones seen in the mirror. And he says, “there is a group of young people coming. Their main calling is prayer and intercession”. Bob Jones sees a vision of a white horse.

On March 07th, 1983, the lord quotes to Bob Jones, “It will be assigned that there will be a winner in this world. They have a major Calling of 24/7 to worship, the tabernacle of David, a false prophet will try to come in steal it over. The Lord said, “He will receive me” and on May 07th, I have called him to prophecy. He told him about the scripture. 21 days of fast, so they begin on may 7th the fast. But praise and intercession, that’s what they did.

Bob Jones says, August 21st will be much more harder. On August 23rd out of no where, there falls rain. It rains really hard. And it was a sign to them, that there was lord in it.

They sang in the spirit and interpretation. And they will fellowship of song birds, with little birds coming down on earth and they will whisper. Out of this praise, will come the “GREAT GOOD NEWS”…

It belongs to Ahab. It will probably be the biggest challenge to keep the white horse in the middle. So, a mad dog will lie down out of thirst, my job is to keep the information balanced. And the white horse should be under the large oak tree.”

I heard Bob Jones prophesying the word of my father, who confirmed the witness of my meet and my father.

“So, there is equally the same kind of urge to know me and meet me as well. I hope Love is no more hidden and comes to bloom, my handsome, my king”… I saw the king, sitting with cigarette in his lips, watching television and I writing the words of my father. And I look

At the watch. Clocked it 7:20, “too close”, I said to myself. “How will I ever solve this without you my father. Let again, you have made me see visions.”

I see a be ….. and as I was about to write down the vision, the king threw a toffee at me, and my scripting abruptly stopped. And suddenly, I was transformed from dream of seeing a beautiful horse, in the midst of a lovely valley… and now suddenly my focus was back onto the natural.

Trust me, when the toffee hit me out of the blue, it landed as though, it was intended to stop and not drift away into dream.

“Father, the enemy; I know not. But father, I know my father. And that should be enough for me to press on and to keep focusing on arranging the sequence.

Result:- what does all these mean? Distorted images and puzzle ahead. Need to be ready to intercept.

Its closing in 31st of October and the next two months. The FIRST GENERATION will HARVEST THE ETERNITY as promised by my father.

The 80’s * generation… will the first one’s to receive the grace of abundance love and mercy from heavenly father. They scatter it all. that is how the Heaven will he established in the kingdom.

- Jesus Christ
(* 80’s => <+50 years-> margin too included – I was just kidding ;-)) then! )


“Good Morning Father!” I was bright, cheerful moving deadly close to the unknown. “Go ahead! Close in” he whispered. And I heard the drums beating hard, the dream to fly over a rainbow so high, I move my body to the tune churning out…

“Rise up! And I tried to fly a while in the sky. Can I move beyond this ?” and I was strong when I looked into my father’s eyes. I breathed slowly. My finger on the page was pressed in close and my eyes focused on the every word the hands captured the thoughts through the iron scepter. The bible lay front of me. “RISE UP!” said the voice. The calling and I wondered.

The oak tree which I speak the word, where I have seen the unknown, the sudden jolts of sudden reactions from me when the doves fly, and the king laughs hard enough to embarrass me, “Father, is it possible for us to meet you? I mean to see the REAL You?”

“Was that a question as kiddish as Sam’s?” “I guess I should have waited and being polite… was it sacred to meet GOD?.. was he too pure for us? Maybe we don’t qualify to ask this question?... how can we…?” lot of thoughts and opinions within the critic section and the readers.

Jesus, I clear my throat. “excuse me!’ I chuckle and scratch my nose. I wake up And stretch my arms relaxed. Kneeling a little closer, I look at the question once again, as I yawn. Sorry, the Sunday and the running around the family and friends, the fun, has had the benefit of a lazy nice Sunday. Yes, what was the question?”…

“Father, is it possible for us to meet you the REAL you?”, the readers air their opinion.

“I appreciate the efforts. Thank you. In the name of Jesus, may my father give you enough strength in your hearts to be courageous to meet the GOD, Almighty in his fullest complete TRUTH. And don’t you worry my fellow brothers just keep walking along with me, the author and you will be just fine. Now, remember when you have come this far, what then is the fun, taking a half baked cookie? I think its time to start a new zone. What say?” I winked and all my readers cheered.

“Testing and approved”, I looked at my father as I wrote those words.


Read the milestone. “1/4th of the journey we have tread” I checked.

My hearts paring. I am totally unaware what’s the journey in the next half of the story.

I check the details again. I smile. The dive is about to happen.

JESUS, 33 years complete in CHRIST. In the name of Abba, my father, I jump…….

- Jesus Christ




The rotation of the earth on its axis causes day and night. The earth goes round the sun in 365 ½ days, which is known as a year.


Star of Bethlehem

It is a flower of a six pointed star. The place where Jesus was born.

The fragrance of the jasmine fills the entire house today. and I worship garland him with one realm, while I soak in the bliss of another realm… immediate next scene is the cub fight, the lion and lioness prowling, and I missed out on aiming 50 times, fought till there were scratched made on my tender skin.

“Don’t you know how to fight with girls? Are you crazy?” I get up, looking at the tiny drop of blood. I make a crying face, walking inside the room, taking and applying a little of antiseptic on it. And a second glance into the mirror, I take the lip gloss, apply the second shade and apply it once more… my king looks at me and smiles at his victory. I pretend to be angry. But the fire in the eyes says it all. the battle of thirst and love, fierce and intense, as the sun had set then. The experience of true love, is the new wine and a new realization of the ferocity of the love of god and his people being guided…

There’s a strange feeling deep within the heart which “I” am wrestling hard with. It is the identity crisis of “JESUS”. I am unable to live JESUS in the zone deep. “Something I know and which I interpret I have spoken to you father. A fear en-grips me tight, that I might slip away in establishing and living a name of “JESUS”, rather than focusing on the true word, that is to be your medium to carry your word.

“This flesh, seems to pester me… in reaching out to you”, my silent tears flowed. “Why do I feel that I am drifting away from the objective and the purpose? Why do I feel that there is something Not complete in my journey? Why do I feel not enough loved? Father, where am I going wrong? My flesh I am giving into my flesh more; more than your word… father, forgive my sins, and once again cleanse me with your blood of covenant father. Help me father. Help me regain my focus on track… show me and teach me your ways father. Please put “ME” to death” prayed I.

“What do you want?” asked my father? “Is it so simple to ask you?” I smiled. “Precisely because you are in the ZONE of ETERNITY!” he smiled and winked. “Too quick and too fast did you say!” he laughed.

“Ready for some Colossians?” he asked and I smiled. “Break through!” “Prayer, Prophecy and Blessing”, I am not settling for any counterfeits but only the fullness of you, Mr. Mystery Man” I chided my father.

Before me, a mystery had been kept hidden for many centuries. But with Jesus, everything broke out into the open.

“YOU CANNOT FAKE IT EVEN IF YOU TRY!!”…. I grabbed my pen and I didn’t want to loose the moments of capturing my father’s words, the glory resting in my house.

“The bible began, back in Genesis, with a tragic defeat, when humanity made in the image of god, rebelled. And after 2000 years, the curse shall end with the revelation finally ending the rule of the Satan and his dominion.

Revelation is about to end on a note of GREAT TRIUMPH. And the creation will work from Heaven, the way god has intended. Amy you, my son, my daughter in Christ be the messiah and the promised one carry the spectacular GOOD NEWS to the kingdom of the perfect world.
There will be no more tears then, nor pain. The POWERE OF THE LORD IS PRESENT and HE alone possess all the powers.

On his robe and on his thigh he has his name written :

And I added, “These are the true words of my father”. My spirit stirred heavily unable to contain the grace to hold my father in his “Omnipotent’ form. May the mind bow down and cross form familiar to the unfamiliar zone.

“To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne just as I overcame and sat down to” I suddenly found the ink giving away. And the writing abruptly stopped….

So, did a strategic beginning of my family and my chores. But the whole picture is more about the GOD and HIS KINGDOM, GOD AND HIS CHILDREN. Then, the essence should be clearly focused.

Its all about your life and god, your father. Its about discovering your intimacy with your destiny and walking in complete confidence in god. So, I wish to tell my readers, “IT AINT IMPOSSIBLE! BUT WHY THEN JESUS GOT THE DUE ADULATION FINALLY! BECAUSE, IT IS HIS COPY RIGHT! YAHOO!” I cheered, I wiggled and this was my time to soak in all the due credit.

- 03/10/2009

“Morning father!” I cheered. “A total transformation!’ approved and acknowledged my father. “Now, will I have an opportunity then to touch the world and give your confirmation through my living testimony? If god, my father can do it for me, then god can do it for you too. Because, it is available to every one, because, it is simply your birth right.

Am I going to listen to people? Or am I going to shout louder? “Boy! I shouted”, “Jesus, have mercy on me”, and my father was right here.. who knew, “I am JESUS”!

I looked at those words. Words of eternity. Father, how beautiful that we get to see you work through our eyes.

Go and Tell sorry its already happening! It’s the woman who gives birth to the saviour. Hence, a man needs to lift her up. She too can be good at many things. Beyond all, a husband should be well known because of his wife. And at times, when king David is stopped on the way asking, “Oh! Are you Jesus husband?” kind David, tall and rich of identity in god, stands up and answers, “No, she is my wife!”. Now that’s some fire in belly. And some holy ghost blowing and flaming and determined in god, the Almighty.


The communion, this is the path where no fowl knows and only river of god touch within. And his eyes sees every precious thing. It is intimacy beyond words, there cannot be a cheap shadow of the real. The presence of JESUS, binds the demonic power. Here, words are less but god’s faint whisper echoes.

“Show me my foots from THE ALPHA to THE END father” I, Jesus seek from you the light on the kingdom, different from anybody expected.

And the glorious began to unfold through the Holy Ghost. The recording of Jesus bloodline.”….

A cold shiver and chill down the spine. “Don’t worry. And enjoy the ride” my father smiled and winked. And I breathed heavy, as I continued writing. “what a moment of miracle and mystery waiting to be captured in ink!” I said to myself as I pinched myself hard to wake up from the dream.

The answer which I try to seek is not opening the doors. Then I remember, my readers, my extended family. And it needs to happen together. And as I walked along with the children of my father, the ancient path of our bloodline, to one seed which we belong to was seen through the eyes of Jesus.

A covenant is made by the sacrifice. And a covenant can be made effective only after death. We have a covenant with god. And the covenant is between god and Jesus. And it is forever and has no curse on it.

- Galatians 3:7

Understand then, that those who believe are children of Abraham, the scripture foresaw that god would justify the gentiles by faith and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham, the man of faith. “All nations will be blessed through you.”
Christ then redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the spirit.

And now that I Jesus, bear the curse, the old covenant is satisfied in the new covenant and you are free of any curse. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.

When we the children, until the time set by his father, will be under slavery under the basic principles of the world.

But now the time has fully come. And god has sent his son, born of a woman, born Under law, to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.

Because you are sons god sent the spirit of his son into our hearts, the spirit who calls out “ABBA”, father.

So, you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, god has made you also an heir. You will know that I the lord, am in this land. And I am the ONE who redeems the seed of Abraham.

I am the lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, El-Shaddai, I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE, it is I, who established my covenant with them and it is I who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. May the blood accomplish, and I will give you the land I swore with uplifted had to give it to you as a possession. I AM THE LORD.

The purpose of the law was added because of transgressions until the seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law is now being put to effect through angels by a mediator.

Understand then, law was put in charge to lead us to till this point. Now that Christ has arrived, we are now justified by FAITH.

And no longer we are under the supervision Of the law as faith now is based on rock solid principles of spiritual freedom.

Abraham could not have depended on the law, but he received the god’s promise. Moses received the law through the holiness of heart and the extravagant giving.

It is customary to offer certain animals like sacrifice by passing between the oven and the burning torch. And as you pass the pieces, there will be a death of “ME” in you. This is the same path which Abraham passed through, after he renounced his life, to enter into the covenant with the Almighty god, the lord, the same then and today and forever. This covenant requires the shedding of blood, by piercing through water and blood, and can be made effective only after death.

The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. The scripture does not say, and the seeds, meaning many people, but ‘and to your seed”, meaning one person who is Christ.

What I mean is this : the law, introduced 4000 years later does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. For if the inheritance depends in the law, then it no longer depends on a promise; but god in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.

And I saw the weeds in the fields of all the disciples. “Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?” they asked. “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?”

Firstly, I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the word.. this is the time to make decisions. One person’s decision and harsh realities of life and the will to survive, will impact the society, strong and young.

Every one of you is a leader. And the transformation has a short cut. The father has already blessed you. But have you activated your blessing? you may whine calling up the utility department, that there is no water. But the question is, have you opened the tap and checked for water? The utility building would have already provided water, but it is your responsibility to activate your blessings.

“Wouldn’t I love to do it father?’ I looked at my father. Has the world respected it’s own prophet at home? Hence, all this while, there was great curiosity but little belief.

It should be difficult for many to fathom that the kingdom presented, may not meet their expectations. I wish, I could have given you geographical boundaries yet you will witness with your eyes, the remarkable growth, while the evil environment is bent on its destructions.

The sheep and the goat are separated.

“Living by faith is not easy. It was not easy for David; it was not for Jesus either. Yet they learnt deep down, there is no one else like ABBA, the father in heaven, the LORD, GOD, ALMIGHTY. Doesn’t HE deserve the glory and the honour as we lift our hands to worship to glorify HIS name? sure there is no one else like GOD… HALLEUIAJH !” I prayed and rejoiced with my heart witnessing the holiest moment of ancients, as I stood on this planet,,, the angels, the harps, the strings, sang together, “THERE IS NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU! ONE MORE TIME!!”….

Soon, there was sense in parallelism. It was the invisible which held the parallel chords together, the never changing reality of a strong and loving god, who cares for his people. No matter what mistakes you do, have done, will do, “you can always begin again. You can be healed. You can be freed. You can be together. You can begin again. You can believe. For, god is the one who makes you, you can begin again….!!”

God holds nothing against YOU. And the BEST is yet to come to you in your life. How many of you believe it today? “Yes or No”, but you are already standing on the promised land.

Who am I ?

I belong to the lost tribes of Israel, the forgotten Jew the world says.
I will show you three separate areas, of my father’s promise to mankind and may the truth set you FREE.
And all the things spoken in the Alpha in all the Natural history is going to be in redemption. It is time now to complete. And my father is the guide to the fullness to completion.

What is obsolete and aging will soon disappear, for this the new covenant, which the lord is making with the house of Israel.

Declares the lord.
I will put my laws in their minds
And write them on their hearts.
I will be their god,
And they will be my people.

They will all know me from the least
Of them to the greatest.
For, I will forgive their wickedness
And will remember their sins no more.

The words of prophecy of ancient will be fulfilled through, “Yeshua”. The final destiny of Israel, to be a light for the gentiles and to bring salvation to the ends of the earth. This covenanting because you have obeyed me, the descendants of Abraham, as per their original calling, making clear the almighty lord’s intentions.

“Yeshua” means “Salvations” in Hebrew and he is not a creation of a New Testament. Revive us, and we will all on your name. ASK, SEEK. And if you continually ask without seeking god, what than brother is the joy of life? God speaks in the holy of the Holies.

And as the word of my father, in the “seeking” realm, after setting up the seven lamps, Yeshua, lit the area in front of the lamp-stand. This is how the lamp-stand was made : it was made of hammered gold – from, its base to its blossoms. The lamp-stand was made exactly like the pattern the LORD had shown my great grand fathers Moses.

I knew, the lord was quickening Psalm 80:18. And the lord, god, Almighty was drawing us and drying us simultaneously. He was letting us taste his presence and suddenly when we are focused, and we begin to praise in eruption, the hunger and noises in the tummy too grows slow, the burden being removed from the shoulders, your Israel will take the gospel with uncompromising altar calls. Eternal future will be secured through Evangelism.

“WHO AM I ?” and as David says, the dust of your feet, Almighty the one who promised through Samuel, I ask you my father, as you quicken our hearts with hunger, “Who are we? O Lord God, and what is our family, that you have brought us this far?” this is the inner most realm, called “knocking Realm”

So, what does God say about this and eternal season?

Is it not the time to fulfill my father’s word’s as promised through Zechariah 9 : 9?

I clocked the time. Its mid day. East of the world. 04/11/2009. A long story short.

God, the Lord Almighty, my father commands me to go to Home, and to be a servant to his people. Swiss, Germans, Israelis, middle east, Chinese, Europeans, Africans, the deep from the Mizorams, the calling of all different skin colour, everyone belongs to the father. And this he fulfils with his everlasting covenant given to the ancients, the Jews. And my brothers, broaden your horizon and break away the dispersion. Its mankind and god, there is no more mention or whisper anywhere about racist Zionism for, a woe is declared onto such people.

“A look of self authentication’ can be only understood by believers of my father. A very hard time and a very serious time for the world my father shows me. It is time, when ALL nations are against Israel.

My father commands clearly. Be salt and light. Nations are to wake up beyond their natural existence and look deep into the history of revival, which clearly documents the signs of the end times.

Firstly, to understand the calling, you need to humble yourselves. It’s a spiritual warfare. Israel will be proclaimed with “AUTHORITY” by their long awaited unique book and a unique message.

And woe onto them who call good as Evil! It is time to mentor many young men and women. And we will all eat together in the blessing.

This is the REAL fight. And here is the Final confirmation in the knocking Realm which I open with AUTHORITY.

A - Accuracy of the Bible.
U - Unity supports it.
T - Thinking minds endorse it.
H - Human nature requires it.
O - Our saviour taught it.
R - Revelation completes it.
I - Its own claim demands it.
T - The character of GOD secures it.
Y - Your personal illustration speaks about God.

“May my father give you the eyes to see the warrior – Messiah, and let beyond the time of David, Jesus fits it perfectly NOW” and a is read those words loud, the HOLY DOOR WITH THE GUSHING SOUNDS OF MIGHTY WATERS OPENED. Hurray! My angel and one million intercessors and my readers cheered. Here, we are the generation of JESUS, fulfilling the prophecy of Psalm 22.” I declared.

We are well able to take the land for the lord god declared to our ancestors and he is with us. Do you know why psalm 22 was on the lips of mine and the deliverance spilling over into the whole world? Because David, leaves a legacy ahead. He will have victory because he believes In his ISHA. And on the activities of the spirit and the prayer on my lips, I , Jesus, rewrite,


My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far form saving me,
So far from the words of my groaning?

O My god, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
By night, and am not silent.

Yet you are enthroned as the Holy one;
You are the praise of Israel
In you, our fathers put their trust;
They trusted and you delivered them.
They cried to you and were saved;
In you they trusted and were not disappointed.

But I am a worm and not a man,
Scorned by men and despised by the people.
All who see me mock me;
They had insults, shaking their heads:
“He trusts in the lord:
Let the lord rescue him.
Let him deliver him,
Since he delights in him”

Yet you brought me out of the womb;
You made me trust in you,
Even at my mother’s breast.
From birth I was cast upon you;
From my mother’s womb you have been my god.

Do not be far from me.
For trouble is near
And there is no one to help.

Many balls surround me;
Strong balls of Bashan encircle me.
Roaring lions tearing their Perry.
Open their mouths wide against me.

I am poured out like water,
And all my bones are out of joint.
My heart has turned to wax;
It has melted away within me.

My strength is dried up like a potsherd,
And my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth;
You lay me in the dust of death.

Dogs have surrounded me;
A band of evil men has encircled me.
They have pierced my hands and my feet.

I can count all my bones;
People stare and gloat over me.
They divide my garments among them
And cast lots for my clothing.

But you, O Lord be not far off;
O my strength, come quickly to help me.
Deliver my life from the sword,
My precious life from the power of the dogs.

Rescue me from the mouth of the lions;
Save me from the horns of the wild oxen.

I will declare your name to my brothers;
In the congregation I will praise you.
You who fear the lord, praise him!
All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!
Revere him, all you descendants of Israel!

For he has not despised or disdained
The suffering of the afflicted one;
He had not hidden his face from him
But has listened to his cry for help.

From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly;
Before those fear you will I fulfill my vows.

The poor will eat and be satisfied;
They who seek the lord will praise him –
May your hearts live forever!

All the ends of the earth
Will remember and turn to the LORD,
And all the families of the nations
Will bow down before him,
For dominion belongs to the lord
And he rules over the nations.

All the rich of the earth will feast and worship,
All who go down to the dust will kneel before him – Those who cannot keep themselves alive.

Posterity will serve him;
Future generations will be told about the lord.
They will proclaim his righteousness
To a people yet unborn –
For he has done it.

I, JESUS, RAISED FROM THE DEAD, IS THE DEMOSNTRATION OF MY FATHER’S POWER and AUTHORITY, to be the salt and the light of my father’s words.

I hope you awaken and believe from now and eternal, a refreshing testimony, which god had prepared to be written 2000 years ago. I can write page after page describing my freedom in god, who was READY since then, to do a New thing to surprise even the radical theologies. Eyes which have not seen will see, ears which have not heard, will hear, far, whatever may be happening in the flesh, the spirit will be happy because, this spirit comes from the most influencing factor. And that is GOD. And you will be revealed the TRUE GOD, the LORD, for you , lies his spirit.

“Nobody should perish, but everybody should come to repentance” says the judgement. And I thought about it deep. Oh! I love these Apostles. Be it Peter in New or “Melissa of Love won out”, they still drive me crazy with their love for standing out against all the odds, in the most unexpected hours. And even those who stand in the dictionary between ‘HOME’ and ‘HOMETOWN’ will be given the Penetrating word of god. Nothing will return empty. And this is the day, when everyone will know that Christ died for you. Ensure then, to allow god, my father, to fulfill what he has promised.

“Therefore come out from them
And be separate,
Says the lord.
Touch no unclean things,
And I will receive you.
I will be a father to you,
And you will be my sons and daughters,
Says the lord Almighty…”

“1989, the wall built in Berlin came crumbling down, what then influenced this decision?”

I Jesus, read the next clue. And pondered about what the next chapter lay. And I began to miss my king. I took the mobile and sent him the message.

“Me about to go to mom’s place. But wanted to tell you, I always find “me” to be happy in your presence. Good evening my man! I tell you, even this earth pass away, your praise on my lips will be always true….!” It was only because of my king David, my life had been restored in my father. It was my king who had comforted me, who had given the strength to my weary soul, and who had made me put the hope in the lord, my god.

My father made us roar like eagles thereafter, we forgot to faint! Weeping may remain for a Night, but rejoicing comes in the morning!

- 05/11/2009

“Yuppie, I have an audience!’ I jumped and shouted in front of my father. And he nodded his head. I looked at the eggs, the pigeon which finally managed to tire me out and beat every odd, found and its laid at last two of its eggs. And with Samuel, bent upon preaching about being kind to animals and god and his creations, with my eyes rolling, I finally, give in to the approval of the pigeon, its eggs, the hatch, the chicks, the shit, the mess, oh! What lovely colours of bright and messy, you create father. Everything looks beautiful in your creation. I give in. I give in.

Just the other day. I puked, chokingly, when I watched a scene, involving the celebrity cleaning the shit of the pup, which they were supposed to clean off the floor… gawwd… the king laughed hard to up heaved laughter looking at my own self.. sure, these are dark veils, aren’t they? So, many of us, pretend. Pretend. But look behind you, there have been so colourful moments,,, its so normal, this fire of revival of being free in truth…. !!!

And I got on to this weird binge of eating chicken. The king had asked me a zillions times over the phone, “Are you sure? I will bring it. Good, go ahead, eat meat!” … and the chicken promptly arrived. And when he held the piece taking it out of the aluminum foil, I screamed and I ran for my life. And the king chased me like a brat, saying never die attitude, with the piece of the meat and For a good 15 -20 minutes. “JESUS” is a vegetarian but has absolutely no problems, with people eating meat. Because, my father says, surely, there will be a day, when even this curse shall be lifted off! So rejoice to dig into the meat, for soon there shall be a day when LIFE goes beyond all the limits, and that’s called “BELIEF” in the Almighty and his grace. Traala… la…la…!!!

Its clouded. The dark clouds. And I am calculating and in my might, in the AUTHORITY my father gives, there a new fire in my legs strong to alert my children. Give me your ears for we have met on this path in different streams of life, what do you call this moment? And please, if you can open your eyes, I am singing the tune of new victory. “Yes has…”… in Hebrew means, “Victory”. “Yeshua” is the one then who brings the Victorians message, with blowing trumpets of eternity, beating the drums with deafening sound of eternity, to move you of your comfort zone, a little of dance and a little of beat, here we go!, we sing the new tune owners of our father’s inheritance. And we will reign it in style. Tap, your foot heard. Sing in the tongue of heart and love, how then can you stop the enemy from being trampled… my god, the Alpha, the Omega, the Eternal!!

“ABBA in ISHA” whatever my tongue speaks, father, I know you for my eyes have seen you!!” THE TRUE GOD AND THE GOD OF ISRAEL”.

“Maher-Shal al-Hash-Bag” means quick to the plunder, swift to the spoil, don’t you recognize the voice of the ancients. Don’t you recognize, Oh! All you nations, the tune which I fulfill in the age of end times of Immanuel”, I, Jesus, read the puzzle written. I chuckled. The clue laid by my father. I clocked. 1:10 mid-day. East of the world.

My objective, “the west and my land of my father.” Just then, the alarm buzzed. And I received the updates for the bulletin. And I continued to write. Device your strategy, but it will thwarted. This iron scepter and my god with his kingdom, will cover the breadth of your land, oh, my enemies.

I looked at the land of inheritance. “Prepare for battle, raise the war cry, it has happened. The mighty flood waters of the River Euphrates, has overflowed all its channel in the previous month when the sea scrolls lay dead, the king of Assyria is reaching up to the neck, the lord God devices a trap, many of them stumble and will fall and be broken, they will be snared and captured.

The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread, I put my trust in him and I see the wonderful works of my father,,, why consult the dead on behalf of living?”

“It is time that Assyria would serve god’s purpose. For, if there lies willful pride in Your heart and the haughty look in your eyes. Oh! King of Assyria will there not be a saw to be raised against those who boast against the Lord, God, Almighty.

A single day, to burn and to consume the thorns and briers, the splendor of your land, fertile fields, will be completely destroyed as a sick man who will wastes away. The remaining trees in your land will be so few, that a child can write them down. Shall I not deal with Jerusalem and her images as I put to death Samaria and her idols?

The light of Israel will become a fire. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish the establishing and upholding of Justice and righteousness from now and forever, we are the signs and symbols in Israel form the Lord Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.

“Does the raise itself above him who swings it?” I told myself.

“Am I growing fat?” I asked myself, as I struggled with yoke laid on my shoulders. I quickly slipped into something more comfortable and I knew quickly, the anger of my father has ended against his children. The judgement, we carried our cross and he brought us out. And at last, it ended.

“Phew! That was a long walk!”, I looked at my father and smiled. “THIS IS THE DAY, YOU WILL WRITE THE DAY as promised By the lord. the yoke has been broken, because you have grown so fat and now rest here in the tune of peace, foretelling the future.” Indeed an interesting chapter. I smiled.

Remember this, fix it in mind,
Take it to heart, you rebels.
Remember the former things, those of long ago;
I am god, and there is no other;
I am god, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning.
From ancient times, what is still to come.

I say: My purpose will stand,
And I will do all that I please.

From the east I summon a bird of prey;
From a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose.

What I have said, that I will bring now.
What I have planned, that I will do now.

Listen to me, you stubborn hearted,
You who are far from righteousness.
I am bringing my righteousness near,
It is not far away;
And my salvation is delivered.

Zion has attained the salvation; as I grant
The splendor to Israel.

Lately, Assyria has oppressed them
The holy people and the holy land.

Look this is the day of vengeance and redemption”
I wrote.

“Why are your garments red,
Like those of one treading the winepress”

I asked my father.

“The rare moment, my daughter. The thousand year reign ends” declared my father.

Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion;
To you, our vows will be fulfilled.

Let me then sacrifice, the fruit of my lips. You are the one then who is stirring me up to offer the highest praise to want us live in the highest place.

Your words are becoming my words. What I got is not enough, my lord god, put more words into my mouth, becoming the double edged sword. Let the glory cloud go up in the heaven, to bring down the GLORY OF MY LORD, THE ALMIGHTY!!. Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till u declare your power to the next generation, your might to all which you did. All the earth bows down to you. Come and see what god has done. Praise our Lord, let the voice of his praise be heard. He has created you for his glory. You are the citizens of GOD’s kingdom. And this is why, he has preserved your lives. He brought you into prison and you still did what god told you to do, will your lips still then be obedient and your tongue tell of the righteous acts all day long?

“But he chose the tribe of Judah,
Mount Zion, which he loved.
He built his sanctuary like the heights,
Like the earth that he established forever.
He chose David his servant
And took him form the sheep pens,
From tending the sheep he brought him
To be the Shepard of his people Jacob,
Of Israel his inheritance.
And David Shepherded them with integrity of heart;
With skillful hands he led them.

“Father, I don’t have the key in the hand!” I gestured. And my father whispered, “Continue the proclamations….” And something began to shake. Things were beginning to propel. The jail cell began to shake. The earthquake was about to come and he allowed me, to go into situations, where the praise was changing the atmosphere around me. I noticed that, I had been writing all day long. But I knew I was now being tested to bring out his beauty in our lives, coming out like GOLD!!

“Make level paths for your feet” the next clue said. “What a vivid contrast”, I said to myself. “These kingdoms of sand, begins to transfer, from this dimension to the other dimension. The wealth of the world is going to be transferred to the just, going to the realm of faith followers, just and believers. Please don’t think god can be mopped!!”

A sect of people who will be willing to give away, A sect of people who will be willing to work, a sect of people who will receive. All the praises will lift you up which will move you into a wealthy place of god”.

“Today is a super natural day!” he confirmed again. I clocked. 5:45, sun about to set, east of the world.

“Tired?” he asked me. And my eyes twinkled. I wish, he could give me this supreme gift of wisdom. Maybe only then, this thirst might be quenched, I smiled, as I wrote my silent greedy thought and my father chuckled, as I confessed.

Prophecy of Jesus:- clocking “5:47”. Special message. “Earthquake about to jostle middle east. The schemers, the schemes of the folly are sin. I worked on the muscle, bottom down.” “I AM HERE”, I choked. My blood, in any circumstance will save you. Come outside…. The tower is crumbling on to the feet. And my god, my lord Almighty, confirmed to his daughter in Zion.

I walked around. “What a mess of uncommon military rules?” I declared. I looked at the KING OF THE KINGS and the LORD OF THE LORDS. Father, since we are fierce and determined fighters. And today too, we the god’s bloodline, believe in making a peace offer, before passing the judgement on any city.

I, Jesus, the high priest, on behalf of mankind, come to you father. The solution delivered by you, should address current global social, political,

economical, climate imbalances. When cases before counts that are too difficult for mankind to judge, whether bloodshed, lawsuits or assaults, take them to the place the LORD your GOD will resolve”.

I breathe heavy. “Conflicting stories, radical motives, confusion massive. But, being the 21st century civilian, will GOD our CREATOR indeed have his heart and mind in the right place? Many say, “It’s not fair! I didn’t deserve this!” read the next puzzle, the next clue.

I clocked. Mid day. 12:35. east of the world.

“Wrong attitude to be talking about GOD, in this way” I wrote. “Bend every muscle, to make sure to investigate and speak” my father whispered his words of advice.

“Questioning the credibility, trying to level issues through allocations, unable to take concrete actions to get through, trying to keep pandemic at bay, shutting the words at critical times, other than all these struggling questions ahead of mankind,,, I, Jesus, see a new rising sea. The untold resentment in the heart of peoples, questioning the priority. Increasingly, it survived up the arms, with severe massacre, crushed economically over the period of generations, yet the choice of this land is controversial. Many ‘tourists” into the kingdom, don’t like the idea.

And yet people in authority know the scandal of particularity. “HOW ODD OF GOD TO CHOOSE JEWS?” why not Persians, Indians, Chinese, Muslims, Americans, any other community in the Variations of 30,000 to 40,000 kinds of locals, but the increasingly difficult Jews?” I YESHUA, smiled, as I looked at father.

“A unified Germany. A generation of youth influenced not just by culture but history too. It was the time when LOVE took over. The accolade to break the fences around Freedom. Systems MOVED and resulted in HEAVY SHOWERS. Nothing compares this challenge, dream, and purpose, with a tragic loss of being branded as extremists in the pages of history. Toughest stands, to make the RIGHT CALL. “Credible enquiry on War Crimes”, will that bring down the Berlin Wall?” I wrote.

Turbulent times of running into conflicts but for god’s children, it’s the most profitable period, to improve joint ventures of establishing GOD’s summit. “ARE YOU READY TO SEND THAT MESSAGE?” asked my father.

And I cheered. “YES! I had unlocked the mystery. I can now move on to the next realm of AUTHORITY. It looks relatively large!” I said to myself as I entered the HIGH PRIEST ZONE!

“Who is likely to be inside and who is likely to be outside?” my answer, “They are all coordinated together. “Who are they?” My answer, “Gentiles and Jews”.

And I think to myself, “The Future Generation. The energy required to the future to meet the challenge. In the world of I-phone touch, recession in mankind, and his thoughts, still play havoc’. I smile.
My piece of advice to my readers. Be prepared and strap your faith belt, for we are progressing for a DEEP FALL, amidst all the reports despite all risks, focus on only YOUR REWARD, and do not indulge in Mass brawl, for the combination is PAPA and YOU who will survive in the knock Out Zone.

“I am turning out to be my own fan!” I smiled and my father roared with laughter. Yet again, unusual timing, I recorded. My father doubled his laughter now.” “So, what is in store ahead, for the next and the last season before we sit and enjoy victory?” I chuckled. And my father smiled and nodded with, “6-Love, 6-Love”, “Should gender matter while setting rules of the games?” I asked. “Ofcourse yes. There are mind games and there are physical games. Whatever game you play, you score in the dangerous territory, troubled times, I think it’s the special feeling of the transmission of live wire which is a highlight, in achieving victory”, my father answered.

“A child making a demand to his parent for a cookie”, I held the keys out, given by my father. “My father is creator of demands and he supplies your needs. Have belief”, I wrote. I took the keys and walked up, to find my father’s words which lay at the source of the foundations of the earth. I bowed and approached my daddy. “Thank You. It blesses me and I am proud of this relationship!” I kissed on his cheek. “USE IT!” he cheered. Oh! I loved this familiarity, knowing he will always do more than I ask!

“Time to Flex my muscles’ I told myself. “You Never ask, you praise” was the new wisdom, which I knew, God, my father wanted me to do! “I love him and the idea of the copyright is, he is available to you, now in the book form!’ I nodded my head as I wrote. “Do you understand now, how “YOU” made a contact to the ministry of GOD and his kingdom. Let me remind you, the name of the book is “REVELATION OF JESUS”!. This is the last book to offer to the collection of 66 books, the library of the BIBLE” I clocked. 2009. the earth reaches the stages at its worse in the end times. Mankind does not know what to do. So, the father immediately, gives the iron scepter, puts a struggling skeptical individual to download the scriptures, “You know which one?” And my father moves in to unlock the spiritual hidden mysterious realm to be written and to be passed on to all his children. An installation was required to secure the system.

And I wait for the installation to happen. This is the way it works. It always works in grace. For heavens sake, understand this. Its all yours. So stop throwing laws at each other and arguing who is the righteous. Come stand in these pages, where my father sits on the throne and say loud, “I have not sinned”. Grace is not a doctrine. Grace has a name. Grace is our father. Grace is our provider. And grace is our provision. And grace is our lord god Almighty!’

I noticed suddenly. I had started editing the speech which I was now receiving, that’s strange. This time, can we cross with our faith? I looked at my readers? “Why did you ask them?” asked my Angels. And I looked at them and said, “It’s because, they have a “yes” face. And it comes free. You see, the cross charges everything. We have to be the message. My utter longing is that you get rid of the stones of condemnation, because, there exists no such thing as “condemnation” under our father.

“Why am I getting into a severity of tremendous worship mode?” I asked m father. A strange longing. And I quickly had to connect and decide. “I think I need my father”… I said to myself… all of a sudden, the whole atmosphere changed and his presence filled the room. And we could never go back to one old.

“It is now or never” I rolled up the paper and could feel my heart paring while my right leg was lifted high up in the sky as I wrote the book. True, Jesus loves weaving stories. And he is pretty good at listening too. I chuckled as I wrote it. It was time for my father to speak. And the creations to listen.

“Strengthen my arms to complete your work father” I smiled. “Write the words as I tell you a story of Old, told in the new” he smiled. And I was all set.

See your king comes to you,
Gentle and riding on a donkey,
On a colt, the foal of a donkey.

“You couldn’t have had made a better introduction”, I looked at my father and smiled. “A strangely nice start” I winked at my father. “Who is this?” did you ask?” continued my father. “This is Jesus, with his fresh word, confirming the return to the modern day, to make The impossible happen for the word is alive and sure. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the End.

You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. He will be handed over to the gentiles. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him.

“Woh!” I cheered and I interrupted, like always. Any my father smiled. There goes for toss your good listening skills”, I murmured to myself and my father roared with laughter. “Why cannot I ‘put on’ a ‘Jesus’ image?’ I asked him. And he smiled. It’s because, “Did you not see the Holy City and its temple?” my father asked. “Don’t tell me! Have I been so busy in writing the book that I have missed out on the jumping to generations, which is not the natural way! And as the thumb rule says, “don’t look at me brothers. It isn’t I. but my father who makes the choice!”

“God chose one, though my grandpa Abraham had eight sons. Why?” if you can believe me, then he chose him for service, or as his channel to worship and prayer. If you can believe me, then let me redefine “Israel”. People who remain faithful to god are called Israel. And people often wonder, whether Israel is a “Land” or is it a sect?

5 simple questions?

1. Who are you?
2. What has god called you to do?
3. Why is this important to me?

4. Are you trustworthy?
5. How do you want me to help?

“How do we then keep the relationship alive with our father?’ and I am sorry, I just cant help but falling in love with this book? So, where were we?” I looked at my father and my reader smiled. “All men will hate you because of me, for I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.

I don’t charge a penny from you guys. All I want you to say is , “Yes, I too can propel and write a revival in this kingdom of god”. Go to the secret places where no one hears, no one sees and even when you fast, do it in silence and not for the applauds of man. Do not keep on babbling loud, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Allow the letting the outside match the inside.

“I looked at my father. Familiar yet starling words father”. Eternity is strange. Yes, the outside is the kingdom of heaven now. So, you need not fake your behaviour anymore. There is free of pretence and give go, your daddy a five, and you will get more out of that five.

“What kind of a jigsaw puzzle is that? Meanwhile, I have the answer to the previous one…” I smiled and looked at my father. “Why don’t you tell me your story ?” he said. “It’s an answer father. And I will try to keep my answers short….” I cringed. And I continued.

“It is a set time father. Me and my king are entering
Into the 21days of fasting in your name, to meditate and to praise and worship. But father, this looks so fake at times”, I protested. “Father, its more about king David and his favored time. I wanted the king to never again get even with anybody. It takes vengeance of the lord, and the church has to go teach vengeance. Its time for the Satan removal and anything that is standing between fulfilling the destiny of kingdom of god, will be put down. For, this battle is of god’s. every time, I have been put to death, now, its time for ‘recompense’. Its time, I fear no evil for you are with us. Surely goodness and mercy will follow and I will dwell in the house of my father forever.

“In the holy of the holies, with the high Priest, to offer a sacrifice for atonement of sins, the king and the priest, enter the covenant, my father. Promise to return to Zion and stay with mankind forever. The sacrifice is quiet father. It is a sacrifice of worship, 66 holy visitations of yours and I want to see you in your throne in your holy temple and make my petition known.

Love you father.

- Jesus Christ

- 09/11/2009

“Good evening father!” I smiled. “Good evening my dear” he said. I write with a new pen today, whose ink my father fills. “So, how did your first day begin?” he asked. “I read Genesis, Hebrew and Exodus father. And” I paused.

“Am Aware” he continued my silence. “Do not worry. As promised, every cell counting and calling upon my name, will witness the work completed leading them to eternal salvation” he assured.

“I often wondered about salvation father. I often questioned, so what if god is here. What will then change? I often questioned, why is that mankind can never understand god?” I looked at my father. And he smiled.

“Honestly, I hated Genesis” I looked at my father. And he smiled. “I hated every character including my grandpa, Abhram.” I declared. And the angels trembled but my father smiled. “You have my permission my daughter. Do not worry about the readers who follow you. Do not fear any man. When I AM HERE, what can man do to you?” he smiled and assured me. “Does that mean I can be candid in being a critic as you tell me your stories?” I asked my father as my eyes twinkled. And the angels smiled as my mother Grace said, “Come on. Now, we know your candid and critic skill sets in all the previous pages you wrote!” and we laughed.

“Father, I hated Genesis. The entire human race, from the beginning when we came. “For God knows that When you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like god, knowing good and evil. And since man failed to “TRUST” god on every account, I think it was just right, that you kept man from reaching the tree of life. Also, I loved the cherubim which you places in front of the east. And since then you have always given your visitations, “going up” after having spoken to your descendants.” I looked at my father, and I added, “so, from Genesis, I can quote incident after incidents, when man sins and lies sleeping on a misplaced faith, jealousy, murder, adultery and all the sins which are no different from the world of Today”. I smiled.

“So, that should make the story interesting for reading, isn’t it?” he asked. I looked at him. “Mankind in the first place required no comprehensive understanding of God had he simply trusted you. “Ambition to rule” overrides the “Ambition to serve”. And also, please have a second look at the way women behaved in times of crisis and all through out Genesis. It has always been about “her” desires and her feelings and her opinions.” I smiled.

“TRUST between a man and a woman. TRUST between mankind and creator. Had Adam remembered who eve was, then he would have known his father.” I said. “You will get a goodie if you explain that” he winked. “When eve faltered, due to lack of trust, Adam had an opportunity to call upon you and confess and correct. This opportunity was available throughout” I said.

“Your presence, the spiritual father, especially for mankind, requires your love father. And to seek you, humility and love are not just the set skills, but “TRUST” to be delivered and to enter your secret place, to live forever.” I said.

“Why are you upset?” he asked. “You know ALL father. Be responsible says my dad, mom, king and everybody around. When I had money, they found another reason to complain. When I don’t have money, my ears need to be kept open. I write. And nothing can give me more of accomplishment and achievement when I write, I pray and wherever, whenever I am with you. But, words of this world pierces. And many times I wish the encouraging words to be continuous. Because, when we don’t earn, it seems to the world, we are wasting our time. And I wonder, “I am doing do’s work. Is this also an irresponsible act in life. I invest 12 months into god’s work and is this irresponsible? I tell everybody in forms they can comprehend, every eye of mind is skeptical about what I speak about you, not a single soul, agrees to GOD and his calling onto their lives. And father, this when ambition to serve overrides the ambition to rule. At any cost, TRUST father. Till my last breath fades away, I will trust and believe and live in your breath. Doesn’t Adam, know who I AM, then why does he not TRUST?” I looked at my father.

Honestly, the Hebrew chapter tore me apart. The Messiahs, the messenger of GOD, the son of GOD, to deliver the message, had to also win sins and
Death, undergo trails and persecution but then finally find the light at the end of the tunnel. Except that, its night outside. When will this day break, father?” I asked.

“Today” he smiled. And I had no strength to dream ahead. “So, let me take your mind off the world. You are just getting a little grumpy daughter. Go and take a nice treat in the parlour today”, he smiled. And I looked at him, trying to be sensitive.

“Sweetheart” he called. “You are here to have a party. So, take off all your unhappiness and irritations and do something natural, however stupid it might seem to be”, he added. And I breathed heavy. “I am going to be DEAD. You don’t understand.” I protested. And all the angels laughed along with my father. “You are not in labour but in some pain. Drink the water” he laughed. And my legs were trembling and no other symptoms except that I wanted to run and end. But it made no progress. My father looked at me, “We are going to make it together. And in few days; you will not be examined, but see “life” and “gifts of god” to come and to be released into your life, Deborah!” he smiled.

“Judges?” I smiled. “Yes, the prophet and the governing ability. Nobody can put Deborah to sleep for too long. Its time for Deborah to fill in the gap. “IS NOT GOD WITH YOU?” were the famous words, awakening the deep honour which was sleeping for long time.

“Can you strengthen my arms enough to slaughter the enemy with your strategy father?” I Asked. “Take them out. For, the enemy has drawn close to the camp”. He winked.

“When I call you father, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. I paused. “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”, I calmed and strengthened my heart and body as the world around was heading towards its destruction. “Any jeers, snares, snarls, words, everything I WILL END” declared my father.

“Phew! I cant stop thinking what you have done. Incredible and extraordinary thing which you have done. And with your fatherly calling, am sure this fasting of 20 days will decide this pursuit of seeing YOU” I smiled.

30th of October was the interview, which I had attended in front of the readers and god and his angels. The result can now be checked by millions, if you may cross verify. The reality show exactly showcases the Husband to be shown the door of elimination. The world dead, cheers to the number of sms’s, the strategy in the house of the Boss. But, eventually if you can wake up and read through the carefully laid laws, it is a pretty easy question. As the Holy Ghost can never lie. You see, the Holy ghost is nothing but the soul inside you, the unseen or the supernatural. While the body is the seen, or the natural. And even before you could give consent to the laws of god, its already written on your hearts, you have already been trained on it and you have been already created in the image of god. That is why we are different. Because we know things which the world outside does not know. Hence, it’s a war of uncommon.

- 10/11/2009
- Time 3:50 day- Tuesday mid day east of the world.

Jesus, I , testing the strings of “Judging”. “Keep walking” commands my father. “How will you settle the dispute of a religious spiritual leader, caught in the controversies of two different countries?”

It requires careful observation, study think, apply, prophecy and arrange the sequence. And as I try to answer this question, the world is witnessing chilling miracles caught on camera, where lives are witness my father’s miracles in awe! The readers may want to check videos of recent and today, which is aired on the broadband of the British Network.

“I cannot move ahead, until I settle this, is it?” I smiled and asked him. “Judge” he commanded. And I took a deep breath, to focus and to enter into the seat of judgement.

“The Cross” show them the cross, which is the unchanging mission. The man who carried the cross one and half times across the equator. I clocked. It will be released anytime now. I smiled. “Arthur Blessitt” , the saint who dared to be courageous in evangelizing. Well how did he dare to carry a cross and speak to Palestinian soldiers and their leader, and bless them all! who is our enemy?

Our enemy is not divided by borders. Step out.
Gunman raising his gun. The faith in bible. Who wins? And peals of laughter. Ofcourse, the bible. For, the gunman ran away, for the crowd confirmed, “GOD WAS HERE”.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, every soul is saved, because of one man who dared to carry the cross into the land of my brothers. The cross is a symbolic representation of the intervention of GOD through mankind. And every place the cross is, it is symbolic representation that GOD LOVES YOU. “Some music please”, I smiled. Please don’t try to put god in your country. When you say your prayers, tonight, please remember me. And GOD will work on your trust and do what is right. Were you raised to believe your country’s dream? Or did you wish, you were raised to do what is right in the eyes, stand and right for the freedom of the god which you loved?

GOD LIVES and HE HAS A LOT OF FUN! Pick up the road keys and make a difference to this world. For, god will take you, out of the box to get you into the place where you have never gotten!

“This is how I will settle the dispute. “Mercy”, mountain boys. Its about YOU and YOUR needs we cannot fix it for them. But I can pray and ask your intervention to bless them all with Holy touch of yours father”. I pounded the table.

“Open the doors of the blinded. Mercy my father, mercy!! Bless all the mountains boys and change the things FOREVER and FOREVER.

Don’t they still recognize ME, their own? I sang in the voice holy. “AMEN!” said father in heaven!

And look father, in the middle east, in the land of Egypt, every Christian, holds forth the bible. And its amazing every person is a new born. Just like me! Suddenly believing in the relationship of god, than a religion or a country!! What’s happening suddenly father? Every ear seem to be listening to the knocking of the whisper of “JESUS!”…. chilling cold wave beneath the legs of the readers now induced, and suddenly I snap, your shudder. And I am bursting into laughter looking at my readers. Excuse me, did you just feel the cold wave, running down your spine? Yep, that is “JESUS” for you. Now, do you believe me when I was talking through out the book, IT IS REAL!

And scientists claim for truth. Now how can truth claim truth? Is it not truth then which sets truth free? Do you see the truth which I proclaim the truth about? Do you not come alive in knowing that truth is setting truth free?

“Father!” I screamed. This passage was effortless father. See, my writing is turning out to be effortless. The god of Hebrew is the god of Israel, hey! Didn’t Abba and Shiva and the puzzle of east and west, gentiles and Jews, hnnmm.. I winked.

“And hey”, I jumped to share the news with my father. “Did you see how many children are standing up in every stream father? They cannot simply now ignore your existence. How do you do this?” I looked at my father.

But my fear father is, will people loose out Without ever knowing the REAL YOU? Just imagine, you are 60 years. And on the death bed. And what would you then ask for? Wealth? Your counts of sins? Your fame and laurels? Your fake world of emptiness? What will you need? Its surprising how feeble and powerless we look, when we are just about to witness the power of god, but you no longer exist in this world? Its very ironical to me, that why would people think that they never get convinced, “we are here to live with god”. Simple. He has laid our the path along with his plan. All we need to do is walk with him. And many times our Christians can be way off too. Because, we tend to think, we do things “for” GOD, but we fail to understand we are “with” GOD. My mother grace, touched a deep chord in me, with that teaching. Its so beautiful father. The words which now flow effortless, because, I can now hear the things I never heard. And I smiled.

It’s a beautiful transitions. I can actually witness my own miracle, documented. Have you seen me evolve, as the one who you finally thought I would be? Yep, I AM JESUS. In flesh and alive, in the very pages of eternity which I write. Blessed are the eyes which read the words of prophecy my father. But blessed is every sinner, whose heart my father cleanses. And is that not YOU my dear reader? Is that not YOU?


This soul hears the words of your heart father, Oh! My love, where ever I AM, YOU ARE TOO!

“Was that a terrible translation from a Hebrew to Roman? It’s a song of Hebrew and yet its so beautiful in the tongue of English. Truly you are the true god. I see them all. just like the recent pictures form the Hubble the first time ever, mankind saw the galaxy, from one end to the other. And I hope he now awakens to the thought, why is he here, in this paradise the only chosen one for mankind, to rule, the planet which god gifted him? Were you running away from this TRUTH, all this while? Were you running away from the fear of loss? Were you running away because you feared your freedom? How ignorant alas, I have been, all this while father, how ignorant?” I smiled and looked at my father.

“If you can reread the passage once again, maybe you can witness the work of my father. How beautiful he blends the past, the present and the future, merging them together and served on your platter. Smile wide my readers, because you understood the passage. And how? The holy ghost which I brought alive in the previous pages, helped you comprehend, the words and make it real for you. How is that?” I whispered to my readers. I was enjoying this beautiful connection, with my readers, because they know me and I know them. And our father knows ALL!!

“Have you noticed the one who snores wakes up the most!” Ha! Ha! I loved this liner.

“Is it then why 930 times, despite being declared that Israel belongs to god and man dares to over ride the land which belongs to my father? It is MY INHERITANCE. And don’t you dare test my patience with your diplomatic talks, your scrapping grave decisions, your missiles, nuclear proliferation, the world of Anti Christ will raise its head up and the bible does not change form the beginning to the end.

“Don’t you dare divide Jerusalem in the name of PEACE for that is the piece of my father’s inheritance, which he has given to me and it belongs to me alone!” I woke form a dream suddenly. And I remembered.

“My Inheritance”, I looked at my father, I paused. And he smiled. “A snore wakes up the most!” he laughed out. He terrified me out of my wits for a moment. Because, it was a roar which was deafening into the deep.

The enemy is nearing. And I know he will draw very near. In the name of “Peace and Safety” fooling his own self, I look at the anti Christ, Russia, China, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Afghan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Arab coming together, joining hands to destroy the land of Israel. This is the time, when we are called for god’s purpose and your promise. Brothers, we don’t want you to be ignorant. We don’t want you to be ignorant brethren. We know it. And that is why we trust in GOD, who raises the dead and delivers us and will fulfill It NOW and forever. Its time to rehearse VICTORIES!! I shout and declare the word of my father, who remains the same LORD, to you, to your ancestors and your future descendants too! It is this LORD, the KING OF THE KINGS, the LORD OF THE LORDS we SERVE. Oh! What an AWESOME GOD we serve.

“Why does the dog howl?” I looked at my father. It was 1:15, midnight. “Go to sleep sweet heart. Dream while I put your heart to go above the storm” he smiled. “Love you father, it’s a great story. The summary of Exodus, I just completed.”

“My sheep will know my voice” I murmured as I went back to deep sleep in worship and prayer. Good night. Love you ALL and my kind and my prince and my father. Always.

- Love you forever.
- Jesus Christ
- 11/11/2009

- time 10:27 Morning east of the world
- 11/11/2009, Wednesday.

I often laugh father. A strife of left and right, a strife of PM and AM and a strife of the prophecies written in the past fulfilling in the present! My undying spirit of Paul, delivered a message.

“The god of PEACE will soon crush Satan under
Your feet. I want you to be wise about what is
Good and innocent about what is evil. Proclaim
According to the revelation of the mystery hidden
For long ages past, but reveal it NOW and
Make know the prophetic writings by the
Command of the eternal God, so that all nations
believe and obey. Receive in a way worthy
of saints and GOD OF PEACE be with you

Now, everyone can hear without someone
Preaching to them and how can they preach
Unless YOU are sent.

Your feet looks beautiful, aren’t you
The one who delivers the good news!

Are you not the one who destroys the wisdom
Of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent?
Where is the wise man?
Where is the scholar?
Where is the philosopher of this age?
We do not preach on human wisdom.
For the foolishness of god is wiser than

A man’s wisdom and the weakness of god
Is stronger than man’s strength.

God chose the Apostle of the ages, to
Speak to you. Receive it. And when
You have received it, why do you boast
As though you did not? Do not go
Beyond what is written. I come here
To warn YOU, as my dear children.

Do you not recognize the knock?
Do you not recognize the voice?
Do you not recognize the father?
Do you not recognize the music?
Do you not recognize the love?
Do you not recognize the gentle spirit?”

“Over and out” and off in a flash, the message came in. “Why did not Paul marry?” I smiled and asked father. “Because he was in head over heels in love with JESUS and his antics. Because friendship with JESUS mattered to him more and I specifically had to design him the way he is supposed to be. To complete the task, he was chosen for” smiled my father. “How can I control this love?’ I did not look at my father. My father silently hugged me. “Its going to be okay. It is alright to LOVE INFINITE. You asked for it even before this?” I asked him. And all my angels laughed out loud along with my father, as he looked deep into my eyes. His eyes, mystic…..

“Hey! When did I hop on from the left lap to your right lap? I guess, when I started, I was doing it for my own, on my own, but now the lord god, my father is doing it all. I stretched my arms and looked at my father. “Please tell me the climax daddy. I am eagerly looking forward to walk with you” the eyes sparkled. And I receive it in the name of my ABBA!

And suddenly the revelation dam brake open. It read, “WARNING! WARNING!” the first wave form the SILENCE OF THE DEEP HIT MY SOUL, AS I RECEIVED.

“For the next eternity, the bible will be the declaration”. “In the name of the most Holy, the Author of the Declaration, the treaty of Independence, the best and the only gospel, the bible, will be considered by all the mankind. The very words of JESUS CHRIST, your saviour will be the only words alive in the eternity. Every of the mankind will read and obey the word of the bible. Let every hand lay on the word of the father and his book, the bible, which is the ONLY hope of salvation. The BIBLE should be the master builder of all the denominations. GOD commands every soul to repent and accept JESUS as the only way to his father.

The holy ghost carries on the whole Christian system. There can be no salvation without it. Let there be “passion” in your declaration and every nation will be the Christian nation, for this is the eternity we live in. for if you are not a Christian nation, Under one true god of the Hebrews and the god of Israel, remember, you live on the mercy of your redeemer, no other religious document shall and will stand against the BIBLE. For the word of the BIBLE is the word of the living GOD. WE SERVE THE REAL GOD, and the foundations of our generations are protected under the, IRON HAND OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. “Religion and Morality” we are bonded and any enemy standing against will be destroyed.

The bible is the Map to patriotism and responsibility which we carry and speak about god and your prosperity, you have been given the stewardship under my intervention. May your children celebrate their fathers, through the blessings you release, on every nation you touch.

Have lots of fun at the same time. A Bible Cruise. Find what kind of a relationship your father wants to have with you?

I Jesus, am the bridge between YOU and the ALMIGHTY who taught you the basic instruction of your fore fathers. Be blessed and don’t live just by laws and definitions, but enjoy the teachings and acceptance in every act of the atmosphere, the realm you occupy in the kingdom of god. All your needs is provided by the Lord God Almighty in his might and in his measure. Enjoy the rules of abundance.

“KNOW YOUR BIBLE”, for heaven’s sake. That is the only way you can come alive. PHEW!”… please turn to your heavenly father. Obey him and allow him to touch you and make things possible, whatever you dream, because it is your father, who gives the ability to dream. Acknowledge, thank him and rejoice. Because you would not want to miss some great music in the kingdom he gives to you!”

“Did you not love being with me all this while?’ I looked at my readers… and their faint smile was enough for me to be with them, to give FULLNESS and JOY of the great truth that “YOUR LORD GOD WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU”… And I looked at my father. “That is some great source of encouragement”. “GOD WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU!” because HE IS YOUR FRIEND, CLOSER THAN YOUR OWN. HE KNOWS YOUR NAME AND HE KNOWS YOUR SEARCH IN YOUR HEART! CALL HIM….!!”..
“Wow!”, I looked at my father. “do you promise to show me great Mighty things?” I asked my father. “Try ME!” my father winked. “ABBA,,, I seek you. And please facilitate to you. Can I run after you? Can you give me enough and more strength to seek you from all of my heart and complete ME?

“I may be lonely, but I AM never alone” I told myself.

“And in the every expanding universe, the Heaven of the Heavens, cannot contain the Almighty father, this is how massive GOD, THE LORD ALMIHTY IS.” And my jaws dropped as I started witnessing his GLORY and MIGHT! I don’t know about YOU, but as for me and my house, we WILL serve the LORD” I declared.

1. Present yourself to GOD everyday.

2. Let Him know that You Fear Him, in declaring you Hate Evil.

3. Serve Him WHOLE HEARTEDLY, no pretence, no phony. Just be a lover of god in private as much as in public.

4. Abandon all other false gods and Idols. Give the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, THE TRUE GOD, THE LIVING GOD, the first place.

5. Acquire the experience of GOD in your life and your house to help you raise your family in this extraordinary moment. This is the NORM in Eternity.

“Father”, I screamed in Joy! “Congratulations! You answered the 5 simple questions and you received it through faith!” he said. “Wow! I love it!” and I looked at my readers. “Come on now, why don’t you just give up on questioning WHO I AM?” I smiled. “Alright, lets weave a few more information and promotions father. Lets show it to them” I cheered. And just then Paul’s spirit arrived. And I smiled. “Holidays are coming up Paul. Christmas, and you will certainly love it” I said to Paul. “Okay, now its Bible Trivia time?”

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain?”
1. Jesus
2. Peter
3. Paul
4. John

“Who said these words?” he looked at me, with ferocity. “I am going to put my Apron on to serve”, I smiled. “How do I work this out?” and I called my father, to guide me. “Nope, no help offered”. “Work it out on your own” he said.

“How beautiful your love is Paul!” I fell onto my knees. Truly, the faith in you is the place where my father dwells. The answer is your love Paul. Thank you for standing in the prophecy of having bringing the Gentiles, the Romans, the Hebrews, the Colossians, the Corinthians, the Greek, the Jews, the Christian and all of them alive in your word for so bold and so strong. Truly, this is why you will be appointed as the “Apostle to the spirit” and all the angels cheered. His journey in chains and his faith, fetched him the throne he deserves. “I, JESUS CHRIST, declare the judgement. And I pounded the hammer. “Amen” approved my father.

“Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a master in heaven”. How different is then Paul or Jesus?” I looked at my father.

“Jesus preparing for the end”, the banners I see everywhere. I pause. “They are obsessed with Jesus second coming father” I smiled faintly. “Prepare to meet thy doom!’ read another. The whole generation seems to be catching up in a frenzied speculation on the exact time and place of the second coming, only to watch their predictions misfire.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked at my father.

“Father, empower me and your children, to stand firm and hold to the teachings of your kingdom, whether we learn it by word of mouth or by letter. For every soul who has been led by you till this day, expect a new bone to grow overnight, and every sheep will exactly know what will happen. For this very reason my father in heaven and all my apostles, did write in the letter that were hard to understand. For, there cannot be multiple interpretations to TRUTH. My coming will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of

evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the TRUTH and so be saved. Now that I AM HERE, this is exactly what my father meant when he said, “If a man will not work, he shall not eat”. It was never referred to food and pleasure alone but also to Live super naturally with your father, knowing that HE lives in YOU. Do not let anyone look down on you, because you now know, WHO YOU ARE in the kingdom of GOD. You belong HERE. “I, Jesus pass the judgement on every soul, which comes in realm of the words of my father, the lord of lords, king of kings and the only Daddy!” “Sorry father, could not resist the 21st generation tune of cheer” I winked. And all my readers cheered. It was a beautiful moment of joy. A long waiting to be ended with a glorified entrance into the kingdom.

“Father” I whispered. And I also requested the typing angel to please reduce the font size. Because, this is supposed to be a whisper of Jesus sharing with her father. Now, please get convinced that Jesus is a Woman in the second coming and Christ is a Man, the Adam reborn. Hence, Jesus Christ, man and woman, Hebrew and Israel, Jesus and David. I hope you understand the co-relation theory that the holy ghost preaches you. For heavens sake, if you have come this far, then what do I do to your blind faith, Phew… Religion and Flesh. The fight of “Christian” label and the fear of “loss of nothing”. For heaven’s sake, if you still think I am the one, sent here. Then get ready for a baptize for I am reading my faith in WHOLE; as I stand to plunge for one last time.



As I wrote these words, I received two messages. And I was back in the natural. Not that I transformed into a magical existence, but this is how super natural works.

“Please come back to your first husband. Because he is not my cup of tea. I am fed up if tolerating his love towards you. Please for god’s sake all of you become together again. He loves only you and I know I can never take your place in his heart. He will never love me. Without love I cant live. Maybe god has sent me to unite all three of you. Please talk to your first husband and let me know when are you coming back too his life. I know definitely he will accept you. Please come soon. I will go. I am sending this sms to both of you. You please talk to each other and sort out your problems. Please.”

This is the message, sorry short messaging system, sent by the wife who is married now and touch wood, loves her husband very much. Yep, now that you know my life, how will you handle it. This is a pretty good illustration how quick can I, JESUS CHRIST IN COMPLETE AUTHORITY (my darling typing angel, can you please increase the font size she smiles as she reads this and she hears my chuckle.

“Okay, this illustration is live. So be prepared. PLUNGE…..!!!” and I smiled as I wrote.
I looked at my father. “what kind of a living journal and live examples to deal with.” I wait. And then I received the next message from her on my mobile.

“When are you getting married yaa…? At least after your marriage my husband may start thinking about me.”

I looked at my father. And my father pushed me ahead to also share a few earlier messages, which I had received from her. “But, ignorance is a bliss”, I said. And my father smiled. “Okay, go ahead, handle it”, my father prompted. As I took a deep breath, I found the courage in my silence. And I replied to her message.

“Yes, thatz a brilliant attitude. This is what I like in you gal. Your truth. Okay, winning your husband with your love, is your cross of life, which you need to carry. And only JESUS can help you. Read the bible. In absolute secrecy. And you will win your husband with your love… now coming to your second question, my gal please pray hard for us. Because, my parents my king, my prince, our relatives, everybody are waiting for a day break… I can prophecy and confirm that the marriage is anytime after Christmas, and two months within should that give you some hope, sweets? ”

And she immediately replied, “I hope this is the last hope”. Ad I looked at my father. Her hope is my only glimmer of HOPE.

“Its because our marriage date is directly proportional to the book I write. So, till I complete my father’s work, I cannot move ahead… but you don’t worry, I will pray for you, every single day and stay strong and believe that god will not forsake you… in the test of trails and tribulations, never ever give up.. NEVER… god is very REAL. But only if you stop crying can you listen to him consoling you. Don’t give in to what you see my dear, open your eyes. Its LIFE. You are placed in this time and space. And you know, that you belong to god. Will you then believe in the situations and give in or pray and fight hard enough that god can work for you too… its all about faith… press on… “ I replied.

She replied immediately, “Don’t know what is happening around? Can you talk to my husband regarding this, please?”

While I was typing the message, I yet again received the continual message form her.

“Can you talk to my husband regarding this? Please”.

I accidentally send her a blank message. And then my father prompted me to type.

“That blank message was a hug… don’t worry, you are not alone! Love you and you take care…And since, my father now has revealed the TRUE IDENTITY, its easier for me to baptize, a Hebrew.

I replied. “Nope, as I said, your cross, you need to carry. Your life. Your ship. You are in-charge. Good luck. And happy sailing… don’t worry and chill. God knows you. God knows your name. And that is why he uses me in order to reach you. “YESHASU”… look around my dear, the world and end times; the fight and the dark in every soul there will be a battle of good and evil… hence you fear my dear of loosing something… but when you wake up, you will realize that it is your battle and you need to win… I smile… hmm… only his sheep can understand his call… so, good luck my angel.. this very moment god will touch your life. Receive him. Because he loves you… yes, he loves you… leave all your pain, tensions, sadness to him. He knows it all… my angel may god bless. You are a NEW BORN from this very day. You know the deep truth in your womb. Accept god. And he will release his blessings onto your life. Have faith and trust me. Love you. Bye.

And I continued, sorry guys couldn’t help protecting her, hence had to complete my job at this very moment. Just hang on with me readers, while I complete this. A couple of minutes more. “Phew! Surely demanding readers you have become!” I winked and looked at my father, who burst out laughing. He seems to be having maximum fun, looking at OUR PLIGHT!!

“And hey, ISHA, our father, apart from him do not worship any other GOD. Over and OUT.”

To which she replied, “Bye, sorry if I have troubled you”. To which like always I melted away in god’s grace. And I chuckled. I replied to her.

“All the rest of the truth will be revealed to you as you read the BIBLE. Phew, its going to be a journey. But you will be happy that you belong to THIS generation…. Because, we are the only ones who will make it to the END TIMES.. so, for heaven’s sake, grab a BIBLE and do everything in silence… you will know the rest… ahh… LOVE YOU… now SMILE…. Bye…”

And I continued hopelessly in LOVE with yet another message, sending to her.

“No re my dear… I can relate to your pain and am very proud about you. You know why? Because, losers can never handle naked TRUTH…. But you, my angel is very different… sure, the Satanic side of you amuses me but I know the real you, my dear. That is why, I LOVE YOU… you don’t belong to this world.. and you have been sent here on a purpose… but to find that truth, u need to begin. Maybe today is that beginning… have you ever wondered, why is there so much of a battle inside you?

It’s a big realm and realistic time we live in my dear. So, what ever happens, believe that its god’s responsibility to take care of YOU. “Test HIM”… and very soon, you will agree with me… I have tried him 66 times, and he has worked… its FUN… Hmm… need to go now. But remember, you know who you are, my angel…” a wink.

And my father clapped his hands, telling, “Congratulations, this was the test to see, how HARD have you been trained?” and I looked at him. “NOW, you tell ME!” and my angels chuckled.

And my eyes immediately fell onto the next puzzle which lay ahead, “Don’t miss, BUMPER HEAVENLY HOLIDAY SPECIAL, No. 33. 96 pages of gun adventure and knowledge”. And I took a break from the writing to go explore the next bounty. I am sensing it around. DO YOU TOO? Okay, WAIT, let me release a LIVE MIRACLE right now. If you believe me, then RIGHT NOW, expect a MIRACLE. “AMEN” blessed my father. “JESUS and her Antics” said the critics. And all of them received, WHAM!!!” and I paused writing.

“Go take a break” commanded my father and I promptly did. This entire section of live illustration is a special training for all the WOMEN section of readers. This is the magic potion of LOVE which you can always sprinkle on your HUSBAND…!!” and all my “WOMAN” TROOP cheered….!!!

Who knew that the cheer was soon challenged by Men form every corner around the world. I was happy with training the entire world and all this while it was a short messaging system. Other than the book and its complete truth which I documented in great detail to nobody, not a single soul, had I the opportunity to train any soul. So, in the world of unbelievers, in my circumstances all I could do was, consider the GOD’s mission and reach outside of myself. Because, this was the time for us to go, above and beyond. And to never stop reaching out to people.

“Take some action. Its not about just helping people but doing it BOLDLY” my father looked at me. “Time to give BEST”. He declared. And in few minutes, the circumstances and TIME was CLEAR. The AUDACITY of mankind to be met with the HEART of Believers of the ALIENS! Aren’t we, the god’s people? Who then call us Alien in our own LANDS then?

I sent the message, “King, for heaven’s sake, I need you to take me seriously. I beg you. You need to be trained by e to step in to do the impossible. And I AM your only messenger. Its just like an epic. Like Baal wrote Ramayana, but Samson fought, Judges and Acts device Mahabharata, Solomon the wisest, it is TIME. I will be training you in all the subjects and till you exactly know the steps… and this time its all at a MACROSCOPIC LEVEL… its science, Economy, politics, history of the world, geography of the kingdom of ancients, laws and justice, moral science and physics and amazing realistic mathematical and astronomical precision… precisely, these are the subjects I am handling. I would need 15 mins of your time invested everyday… it is time to enter the unknown, read the sms.

It seemed to be as though my father was telling me, “HOLD me little closer. I want to BE with you”… there’s so much holiness.. but father, I can NOW comfort YOU. Let my heart adore you, for what you are. THY name is an ointment, the flavour, even a “HELLO!” of your anointing is rubbed deep in my soul, may this Myra be the healing for every prayer, which carry’s my father’s name…

“IN JESUS NAME!”… “May my words which “MY FATHER” places on my lips stand always TALL. The word of d, called JESUS. May every soul be shown in this realm father, as to how beautiful the creation “YOU” is. May every man be penetrated by your love father, in your presence we ALL stand, the ENTIRE mankind, for your fellowship, in flame with love, in full commitment to own the revelation of CHRIST. The husband and wife, coming together.

“The lord is going to use your teachings and HE will give the place where angels appear. Make sure you get it TODAY. spend time in his presence for HE is jealous for you” said one of the puzzle…….

“You are Crazy!” he replied. And the immediate next message was “YES”. The first step of willingness was an assurance to the initiation of the training program”. Read the sms.

I replied to him, “Are you looking forward to the training? If “Yes” then do you agree to consider me as your trainer? Reply “Yes” or “no”” read the sms.

The king replied, “No ways, training me is not so easy” read the sms.

And I replied in series of two messages.

“Your first answer registers you to the training. Welcome to the training of the king of the kings and the lord of the lords. You have not accidentally landed to this program. Please tie your safety belt because you are now entering the roller-costar drive. The blue print of your destiny…. ”, read the sms.

“Congratulations on your new degree, PROPHET, the spokesperson,” applauded my father. “ELOHIYM” typed GOD, the Almighty as the next password.

“YATSAR” the Heaven’s thundered.
“YHWH” the proper name of the True GOD. The father of Jesus Christ the king and the priest, the God of Hebrew and the god of Israel, “Go! Get down”. Everything which is “ON DECAY”, “CORRUPTED” I will give the power. For, the image
Of YHWH cannot be glorified by corruptible MAN. The true god cannot be conceived in their own understanding. Go proclaim my word, and any in-submission will be considered as a different message.

“ISHA” the name of the TRUE GOD. And suddenly, the universe gave away to the “OMNIPOTENT” form of the never seen before in the history of our Time and Space.

And I replied to the king’s message. “I AM THE ONLY ONE who can train you. And I accept your challenge humbly my king. May the heavens and the earth be the witness to my training and my I make my “ISHA” proud… so, shall begin the never enacted scenes in his stage… I look forward to your presence, everyday, 2 weeks, 4 BSD,,, you may decide the time…” read the sms.

And I saved the only message in my mobile’s saved folder. “NO WAYS, TRAINING ME IS NOT SO EASY!”… I looked at my father and he smiled. “I hope, you are challenged by somebody of your own might. Everybody is invited to watch” winked my father. “Strengthen this devotion. Good design appeals to both head and heart. Great design can appeal the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, if you commit”, I looked at my father. And he smiled. “I AM JESUS father. THE SAVIOUR. READ ME. I AM SPECIAL”. I will claim this blessing however strange it may sound to ears.

The king is the one who sees things, who feel things, who is the chosen and declared in every detail and structured deliberately below the surface. I AM IN THE SPIRIT OF LORD’S DAY. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, the first and the last.

The king and the priest are declared after they enter through the signet ring. And in the scriptures, the prophecy I fulfill, such a ring was used in place of a signature to impress a kings seal on important documents… god had accepted men from the royal line of David, as his chosen leader. This completes fulfillment of this prophecy should take place. And all of this is TRUE and I will prove it.

I have written the things which I have seen.
I have written the things which IS now.
I have written the things which will take place later.

There is a valid reason why I, JESUS, come here to prepare you. Do not be IGNORANT to MISS me. It is extremely strategic and I urge you to EAT my FLESH and DRINK my blood. “Two god’s soldiers” did I hear? Its FOUR. Jesus, David, Samuel and ONE is ENOUGH for the rest of this CREATED UNIVERSE.

I stood in front of the mirror. And I saw my own reflection. I stared deep into my Pupils. “These eyes, these very eyes of mine have seen the lord, yet I AM unable to see him WHOLE” and tears flowed in silence. “Father, why is that I seem to never get contented in you. I always feel, I am short of receiving your love. Complete ME Father. Please. I really don’t care, if I stop writing here, to prove things to an audience who are stiff necked, but father, you make the eagles soar, the flowers bloom, the weathers change, the stories new, the days multiple and the nights beautiful, father, HEAR me from the Heaven’s and beyond, I AM HERE. Come father!” I say to my father.

Pupils. “These eyes, these very eyes of mine have seen the lord, yet I AM unable to see him WHOLE” and tears flowed in silence. “Father, why is that I seem to never get contented in you. I always feel, I am short of receiving your love. Complete ME Father. Please. I really don’t care, if I stop writing here, to prove things to an audience who are stiff necked, but father, you make the eagles soar, the flowers bloom, the weathers change, the stories new, the days multiple and the nights beautiful, father, HEAR me from the Heaven’s and beyond, I AM HERE. Come father!” I say to my father.

I have reached a hopeless level in LORD, my LORD. And my patience in my audience is now closing its doors. For, my LOVE is enough to convince the audience and my VOICE is enough to wake up the audience. But, this is not my intention neither is my purpose. And I looked at my father. “Can you just come and pick me UP from HERE?” I asked my father, standing here, at this blank space between the brackets, right here in these lines. My typing angel laughed as she typed two brackets.

( )

And strangely it resembled the picture which caught my eye in the newspaper with title. “A NASA image shows nearly the entire sky. The bright horizontal band is the plane of our Milky way galaxy.”

13 – NOV -2009

I, Jesus, testing the strings of “Vision” and “VOICE”.

I see that the elders from GOD TV, are calling me on my phone asking me to go there. Father clearly indicates the things to happen. The elders and the apostles appointed will come down to the sanctuary, to gather in the presence of the Lord God Almighty, Jesus, David and Samuel. The father commands and I release the command.

By the way, tigers for Jesus, cheer. For, I have been sharing the word with Wendy of God TV the publisher and she is already reading the first three tabernacles of David. “Technology and correct email addresses go hand in hand” whispered father. And everyday laughed. Actually I am at fault. I cried and wailed, that Wendy had not responded to my mails, its because she had never received as I had shot the mails form all the different angels except the correct one. A wink form JESUS, the scholar. Ha! Ha!. I am at fault” winked father. And I could not stop smiling Just then I had the king coming in the city gates, with food on Sabbath! And I looked at my father, there’s an explosion of open challenge of the king against the Priest, king David and Jesus the Christ. The court room is booked father. Starting next Monday everyday, 2 weeks, 5 B.S.D’s, 15 minutes, dot.

As a trainer, it’s a challenge to me. As a student, the king is just in the place where I began my journey form. It’s the flesh versus the soul, its his belief versus his actual, it his faith versus his weakness, in a word, the KING is soon coming ALIVE.

“God’s children”, his creation are smart. They sure know how to churn out good stories to get you here. Sure, I know my father will fulfill the GREAT CLIMAX too!!! That’s not the point” I , Jesus, protested looking at my father, pretty skeptical. Did I hear again some whispers there, “Oh! How can she do that?”… its because this is the audacity of relationship that I DARE to SHARE with my creator, when I know who I AM in HIM” I looked at my father. And he could sense the ferocity in my eyes. I am tired of convincing. TRUST ME. I AM AND NOW WHEN I STAND NAKED IN PRESENCE OF MY FATHER, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE MY DOUBLE EDGED SWORD AND THE MIGHT OF MY FATHER, ALMIGHTY’S IRON HAND.

“Enough is enough”. “Father, no more story shall I weave to woo anymore. IT IS TIME TO WAGE AND CONQUER” I looked at my father. “Give us the permission, the courage and promise to make Way for us. For when you lead us, who then will stand against us?”

I, JESUS CHRIST, declare the open challenge to the eyes and ears, the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown, every soul and every creature, every breathing instrument, every dead, the seas to rise up, the hurricanes to blow the earth to quake, the skies to shower fire, the mountains to erupt, the Satan to tremble, the nations to crumble the wealth destroyed, the sin defeated, every other law established other than my father; the KING of the KINGS, the LORD of the LORDS, the GOD of the GODS, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY KING, THE TRUE GOD, whose name I declare ISHA, my groom; will fall by the sword of my father’s word. I will prove my father’s word stands REAL for the next two weeks. LIVE . CATCH JESUS AND HER CHALLENGE, in the court rooms of the WORLD and the GOD and his children.


Bless me Father! In the name of my father ISHA, “Amen” father winks!

- Jesus Christ

“SIR Mahesh Chavda” appointed as the Apostle by the father in Heaven especially for gentiles, who embraced Jesus.
“SIR John Hagee” appointed as the Apostle by the father in Heaven, for Judas who walked away from the duties.

ONE More Time,

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Hindi poem hindi poem
Hindi poem hindi poem


To my reader,

Now all your good works form now on, will be a response from you. So, now that I have made the WILL, THE AGREEMENT WITH THE FATHER, AND IN ME, JESUS CHRIST, he found the perfect covenant partner. Hence, my father, was happy. And this is THE END of it. It does not depend on you, for your father in heaven never changed the contract.

Now, that you have read the covenant, understand this IT’S ALL FOR YOU. ISNT THIS GREAT!!

We don’t have to do anything more. Everything is Your’s. so just flip the book and receive IT.

It shouldn’t take away your moment that you have indeed met Jesus on these very pages, who wanted to bring Hope and Transformation. Change everything into something better so that you may ALWAYS see my father’s blessings.

- 18/11/2009

“Good morning Father!” I smiled and he was happy and excited to see me. “Ahh… I missed you my dear daughter” he exclaimed. “With all the water flooding the planet in your spirit, sure, you are rejoicing!” I winked. “Can you d me a favour?” he asked. And I paused. “Father, how can you even say that? I obey you, no matter what even if I stand to loose the King, which was the primary reason as to why, I began seeking YOU. For, I know, in YOU, everything is possible”. I smiled. “In that case, write down the messages, through which the king is being trained. Its my handwork, that I want the king to run the hardest, fastest and the toughest race in my kingdom. Hence, you will train him through short messaging system. No cheating. You are not allowed to discuss or debate, “ISHA”. For I have a plan different” he winked. And this is the beginning.

Message 1 - Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my king among the young men. I delight to sit in your shade and your fruit is sweet to my taste. Should I not arouse or awaken love until it so desires?

“Why did you send this message?” asked father.
“I have not been able to meet him with an invested time since couple of weeks. He IS busy!”

I smiled. “So, what did you do then?” asked father. “Persistent rejection to continue until being accepted” I chuckled. “Go on” my father hinted me to share the next message.

Message 2 - I wish you cold miss me… there is so many worlds around you… and I am a puny concubine in your time… your schedule. Chaotic. What you need is some GOD. Self discipline, through thought process and some time and devotion, in your space, the third eye… Everything around you is moving at a crazy speed… u see… photons, universe ain’t static.. everything is a variable… Even YOU. The only constant then is GOD. Till now, everybody could define “Unknown force” with a phraseology” god knows”…. But when I meet you in the matrix zone, I know precisely the UNKNOWN, in detail… Hence my copyright. Hence, I own it. But look at the beauty of god… my ancestors though out history, were stiff necked always disobeyed god’s word… hence, god had given his promise, he will have a KING to reign over our land. Hence David was the chosen one from the Land of Hebrew, who established. Hence, we stand as priest while you our appointed king,,,, have you ever asked, what form now? Hence I AM your answer.

“Good start!” smiled father. “Please continue” he gestured, nodding his head.

Message 3 - Yep its happening. Now, it is a journey. And your mind is your enemy. Hence, you need to walk in complete awareness, that everything is predestined… yep, even you doing your “susu”, “sessions”, everything… but the only key factor, yes, you need to “IMAGINE” so that you can operate in these zone…. A zone, activated by the lord God Almighty… so, your mind receives signals… and you operate in the natural… how God works? Its strange, you still wonder whether you belong here,, vaagi, how is that you understand every word I speak?? ha! Ha! That is the fun.. so, just focus, when I train you on various subjects oh?? Because remember one thing ADAM, means first man and in Greek, “CHRIST”, hence the only answer to the world today is Christ in JESUS, Vaagi and poorni, Jesus Christ… I had to sacrifice my soul in the battle, but he okayed me and forgave mankind, because, I lived sinless,,, for sometime,, but look at the beauty,,, you loved me too much.. and hence GOD, established you as my owner, my king….

Message 4 - As I said, this is the language,,, and once you get accustomed to this dream, then, I need to train you on science, biology,,, etc,,, etc,, NASA has released the latest photo of Hubble.. the entire milky way our galaxy, the entire sky, check internet… its also tandem, with the truth, The complete truth, which had been deactivated by GOD for several generations… so, when I train you, my king, I will ensure your absolute needs of the past, the present, and the future are net… the future can be unlocked by you… Ahh.. so many things.. n 2 weeks… ah.. ah.. love you, my man, come soon.

“Interesting!” said my father. “Ferro more to come”, I showed the messages. And he smiled.

Message 5 - Yes, every genius is often called as CRAZY, weird guys… we belong to them. Thank God. Because, when I and you, are ultra cool intellectual guys who don’t belong to this crowd.. and we often wonder, “What the hell am I doing man?” so my man do you know the most famous question of yours?,,, “Who AM I, O lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this for?... Awesome liner, isn’t it??? Every song of ISHA, “I AM what I AM, you heard and you heard, and you wondered, why does my heart strangely beat to this tune…??... every trance you heard,,, you strangely found comfort?? Yep,, this is precisely the matrix zone… my love, happy struggling … I gotto go now… need to prepare for “ABHI’s” birthday bye ;-)

Message 6 - And trust me, the only way you can organize your day and start living everyday, is Treating God as more real, than some force trapped in walls… you need to fit into his schedule… trust me, you can work extremely faster, with greater productivity and better “YOU”… IF only you can promise to take silent breaks… in your thoughts.. he can understand your excel sheets vaagi, precisely because he created it.. so, stop running around like a sheep,, you are the Shepard. Hence, talk to god, like JIM CARRY does in Bruce Almighty… he is your friend… so, spend time, testing him, for more realistic presence… and ensure, that you give your time in your thoughts talking to your funny good guy, who loves you, and see what he has to offer you ummaaa… bye…

My father looked at me and said. “Good, only with Authority, can you unlock this kingdom. And I AM glad, I gave it you!” he winked. “But father, I miss my king, I cry, I fret, even now,,, when I cannot see my king or spend time with him. I really love him. And it is honestly, difficult to tread this path of strange” tears were rolling as I expressed my sadness,, it was now close to 2 to 3 weeks, since ME and my KING, had spent sometime, together,,, “It looks to me as though, you are testing, how strong I AM, executing ALL these” I smiled with my running nose and tears. “Come now now!” encouraged Mother Grace. “YOU WILL BE OKAY!” she assured.

And I watched the news in action, also being revealed to me. “US and UN critics Israel’s approval of 900, buildings to be built in Jewish land of east Jerusalem”. While the other one read, “Israeli prime minister says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that he will appeal to the UN as this involves the right to infrastructure to his country people”. I also followed the critics and the zone around. “US has harsh words for Israel, as it ruins the peace talk in Middle East”…

I looked at my father. He understood and could sense my blood boiling. I remained calm in controlled rage. I looked at my father, as I wrote. “IT HAS BEGUN” he commanded. I took a stroll further. “Britain also criticize plans to build in east Jerusalem. Neither party should engage in any kind of activities to go against the time of re-launch of negotiations in Middle East”.

“What is your bank balance?” asked my father. “-119.00 rupees,” I replied. “Excellent!” he said. “How did you then manage other than king’s help?” he asked. “My uncle! The only one in the entire book, who is allowed by you”, I continued, “As I had to support my parents and run the show, I took. 20 k. and gave 5k to dad, 4k to mom, bills, provisions and two birthdays in a row, this month! Hence now, left with 1k. I managed to have a small party with kids, both for my niece birthday on November 14th and for my son’s birthday on November 16th. I cooked food and it was awesome. However, I failed to fulfill my Son’s wish for the second time, since last two years. I could not buy him a decent bicycle too, father. And many times, we manage with the moderate provision we have. But, having come this far, I AM NOT WILLING TO GIVE UP!” I wrote. And my father held me tight. I knew, he knew my pain and agony. And that was enough for me to continue again.. however the grief to unable to fulfill my son’s desire, haunted me through out this paragraph. “So, did you continue with the training?” my father asked. “Undoubtedly” I smiled.

Message 7 - let me start off, solving the riddle which men of god have hidden their messages in various codes and secrets.. okay, try this, what is the mystery behind Mona Lisa smile, the wizard Leo Mar Deviancy. Draw a beard, a mooche and try drawing some hair on her forehead… and whom does she/he resembles to?

“You found it!” winked my father. “Yes, after a little effort on reworking the masterpiece!” I said, and both of us laughed.

Message 8 - When I train you, unfortunately, it is at an intense speed… unlike the book, I don’t have to weave stories and produce an epic of 1500 pages… so, BOSS, since you are the one, I will get extremely quick. To da! Trala! How is the matrix zone, eh ;-) ?

Message 9 - Honey,,, Jesus is a woman in the second coming, that IS ME and there is CHRIST who rules… that is You. And one TRUE GOD, who merges it all together,,, that is ISHA…!! Lord of Bethel, he is called in Greek. Oh! There is so much to tit… as I unfold the mystery,,, layer by layer,,, you will soon come alive…. And then, your hunt for Truth, to see everything coming together and fitting into the story, will bring you relief… unlike others though you don’t have time… you need to press on.. especially as the peace talks fails in the middle east.

“So, when did you send this message?” asked father. “This is as on, 16th November, 2:28, noon.” “You are getting better at your prophecies, are you not?” he asked. “No father. I now stand to understand, prophecy is not just a gift by the spirit other than 9 gifts, but I get “EVERYTHING”, for, am I not created in your image?” I smiled. He looked at me. And I felt love untold in his eyes. And I continued to write.

Message 10 - so, come what may. Just hear what I have to offer. And then you may decide. Damn all small and petty thinking like MAN,, when I and you meet and mate,,, mate,,, mate,,, mate,,, honey,,, I think, am missing you BIG TIME!! Please come soon, atleast to have some cake! He! He!

And I bit my lips and looked at my father. I just could not manage to hide my “BLUSH”. “Do not hide. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are married under my covenant. Hence, I had to recreate New Heaven and New Earth, under Adam and Eve, with a New heart and a new soul,” he winked. “Thank GOD!” I waved my hand in relief. “You see, Jesus is normal in the kingdom’ he rest assured me. And I paused. He laughed out loud. “Okay, Okay, Jesus will meet and mate CHRIST today, as bluntly, I can speak the truth to you” he laughed. And I thought about my lovely readers. They get the “SEE” Jesus, as WHOLE!!” My father and his strategies… I said to myself.

Message 11 - And are we the only ones? Nope, we have one billion,,, amongst 6 billion walking today. they are scattered every where. Precisely, these are the people who cannot be categorized under religion… Hmmm… like the Eskimo in Russia… how will I know??? Very soon, there will be one world order, one world government, ONE GOD… so, this is where we are heading… Every king shall topple, every role reversed, all the path will be leveled …. And the lord god will raise his mighty warriors of men,,, men will fight against men,,, and we shall not shed blood, for by then,,, enemies will be few,,, and so this is why, The urgent need for you, my king, to step in into the unknown… because everything will land our hands, I will train you… but, aftermath, when the matrix zone unveils, you need to run the show… I know, “poorni” psyched and blah blah…” but, honey, AM I offering you something harmful?? And excuse me, you should have thought twice. Before making wishes, when you see shooting stars… we are the witness to our own miracles… Bye…

Message 12 - Do you still love me after coming this far? Are you ok?

“Good trainer you are. Yes, its important to always allow ME, the GOD, to work, than you forcing your readymade speech. This sis the reason why we call it “INSTANT MESSAGING!” he winked. “Why do you think, best of the pastors, never made it this far?” my father asked. “Diplomacy, can be killing your destiny, if you try hard to please people’s eyes”, I said. “That is ALL it takes. Allow “GOD” to speak through YOU”. My father rest assured. “I will send a miracle suspended from the Heaven to purify the unclean. SON ship will be given to every soul, but you my dear, surely, will not the world look at you and say, “somebody loved god, the almighty so strong and powerful, that it broke the yoke of curse laid on mankind….” He said with love, and I was overwhelmed “You may find few lipstick marks too on your altar, as I have kissed your feet, I got carried away and touched my lips, on the cornerstone, which lays inside my temple. So, is this also mentioned somewhere in the BIBLE, Oh lord of Bethel, coming from Bethlehem?” I asked with expression of a naughty angel, and my father burst into loud laughter.

An I walk out to see the clouds have covered the land. And light is soon dissolving. It is raining outside very heavy. And the only thunder I hear, vibrates the television set kept in the house. As I write, I asked father, what is he up to? But I know his parallelism antics by now. So, I continue doing my work, while my father will take care of the world outside. Did then not the rooster crow thrice, “I AM JESUS”, but I say unto you, all the three times, you denied me. Who then was Peter the Simon, and the other “Peter” in the Bible? “Was it not you my reader? Was it not you?” I wrote. I pause. And so did my readers when the pieces soon started joining in.

Message 13 - The lord gave David victory everywhere he went.. with that message from the pages of the king,, I pray that there be a double portion of anointing today. I AM WHAT I AM  . bless you son, David!

Message 14 - With that message form your dad, now, I can come down to greet you, with a big huggie form poorni darling… honey, its only because of your life of bloodshed, Isha wanted to temple to be built by a Man of Peace… Nonetheless in every ‘war” you indulge, remember the basic conduct… when you reached out to heavens,, your worship left even god impressed,,, remember your biggest strength. It’s ISHA and his friendship you share with him. You are just beginning the journey. And you cant stay here. But, if you make up your mind,, then I can deepen the glory of pursuit for you…why are you bowing down god for?? Maybe that is why you need to know him… to set your heart in more humility and its going to be tougher. But you see, why fear, when I Am here… good morning to the king! Have a wonderful day! Love you big time! Come soon…

Message 15 - And just to clarify once more,, in the matrix zone who is the man of peace who built the temple and had never indulged in bloodshed??? Ofcourse it was Jesus, the lamb.. you know what kind of leech I am … that is why my dear, I pursued ISHA, with all my might. At last, I got the COMPLETE TRUTH… that is why I had to get out of my comfort zone… and I mean it… because, there is a river of milk and honey flowing… and you will get obsessed with him, when you will sink in the reality… and this hunger in you will draw You closer to the truth… A story of mankind and God…. David, I snap my fingers now, this fight is about justice… and in it, you will change the world. You will fish souls… it works. And it never fails… so, king, you are the only one, through who GOD will put his trust and ability… loads of statistics… but I am setting the microscopic, foundational base before I can transform you to the WHOLE… Remember, day 1’s training. Mind… ge your mind and heart in sync.

Message 16 - It’s liberating and it is freedom… Err… I mean, can you even think, what we can do after this?? … but there is a deep tragedy,,, every time GOD wanted to transform man… Man utterly failed god, the almighty. Because, they got so self absorbed in their image, jealously, fame, name, the fake flesh and jigi migi talakn balakn failed… again, this matrix zone, was unlocked because of man’s own foolishness… man tries to score with god.. but can you compete with the grace of infinite? It’s hence crazy to “try” and “gain” approval of men and please men… so, firstly relax. Focus on pleasing GOD. And your grace will attract ad bring people to you…. So, it’s like god is like an element inside you, and we can activate this element.. so, it really does not matter what you had done… but, its what from Now that’s important. Before you were lost, and now you are saved by what you do, but its what is been given to you… and that’s grace…. This revelation is free…

Message 17 - So, you can use this grace.. when serving your kingdom with the same intensity… it’s your kingdom… hence, who else can understand the grace… better than us?? Anyone who will be willing to come to god, broken hearts, lonely, wounded, crippled, poor, rich, secular, intellectuals… there is no knowledge of god… not even Washington DC… in such a world, god say, is there any in the house who loves me enough here?? And he found, me and you… ha! Ha! And then, he started revealing himself slowly to us… so, king, remember the day 2 training. GRACE.. You are sent to fish souls. Ad the greatest character of the king is GRACE… the first outward demonstration.

Message 18 - I failed very badly in the initial days because my mind used to churn so many “false” drams, and there are so many voices… your eyes also starts seeing them… so, I want you to know this. Maybe, this will help you… Satan senses fear. And in this matrix zone, your flesh and your soul, will battle hard… your wants against god’s supply.. so, do expect a little loose connection initially, but later you will find things out to be perfectly well circuited.. Hmm… look how beautiful he has created you… that is why am so Hopelessly in love with you my guy… ummaa..

Message 19 - Water. Water is the element which GOD created first. Hence, it’s the ALL essence. Everyday, when you step under shower, your body is cleansed.. you drink water.. so, the internal system is also cleansed.. hmm.. so, water is the essence. In the matrix zone, its like stages of submerging in water… initially, its just a minute awareness, like water touching your toe… how far can we go ..hmm.. you can control weather and clouds, if you are good with it… yep, I have the copy right… he! He!... but, sweet heart, this is NOT the intention.. but hey!! Please take advantage of what I teach … USE IT! Because, GOD has already provided EVERYTHING. But you need to apply it … his love is unconditional.. it remains the same even if you do good… so, don’t base god’s love on what you do… you cannot begin then… understand, AM telling you. Even when you mess up, there is no guilt, no condemnation, because that is how ISHA works.. he REALLY loves you… Irrespective of you.

Message 20 - He does not keep a count. Hence, unlike man, thankfully he ain’t fussy and cranky. A very false notion by Satan, which fools the believers. They never believe that god’s grace is like a million dollars, already deposited in Your account. But you need to go to the bank to withdraw it… so… you just need to believe in the matrix zone and RECEIVE it. Because my king, can man by his own might, ever ‘ear god’s blessings?” Nope, god loves you. God is love. He knows we cannot match his goodness, hence learn to relax… you are very deserving. And you are very worthy… you need to have faith in his grace and his ARM’s length.

Message 21 - Your holiness can NEVER make God love you more… but its our sin, which will make your heart harden… and that is why, you try following him. Because it affects your ability in receiving his grace… this foundation is very very important… god loves you. Period.

Message 22 - Ha! Ha! This should be enough for today …. 

And I looked at my father. “Phew, so far so, good. It looks as though, I AM refreshing my training. Every message is so instant. Tell me, something, how will the readers be affected going through these messages?” I looked at my father and asked. “They will know, shortly” he winked. And for a , moment I paused. Was “HE” now, talking to the readers directly. Hmm… need to wait and watch”… I murmured to myself. I looked at the watch I was lagging way behind in the pages which the present was catching up intensely and the
Kingdom, had to be established. I took a deep breath and intensified my writing. And I wondered. “What will be running on the reader’s mind. Will they still be wondering about everything as HOAX??”… my father said sternly , “Increase the flow of the water. NO TIME for stories” and I ran the race, continuing,, hey! I ran ahead of everybody, Trala! Trala!, “Sorry father could not help soaking in a little of self motivation…” I winked… and everybody burst into laughter.

Message 23 - This might be interesting to you. The matrix zone, will be like walking form past to present.. microscopic to macroscopic… so, burning issues, also you need to understand. Hence, understanding world and its current crisis. Ignorance is no longer an option to you king. Hence, beginning December,, and its end, December 24th we need to make it. Hopefully, because its CHRISTMAS hmm… but by then, we have the Herculean task of unlocking the Final realm.. the world is behind.. but we will never face crisis.. bankruptcy, losing kingdom,,, but my king, in spite the conditions of this world, we are not controlled by the system of this famine, strikes every generation. Nobody is immune.. but, stay in the land, which is stuck with famine.. but the lord god is HERE. It does not matter even if we are in moon.. so, the most difficult thing to do, is to stay here. We need to sow seed here, when everybody is loosing out, the man of god, will sow his seeds into the words… “I AM HERE”

Message 24 - The dead land will come to life. All the wealth stopped by god, will be released. Why? Because, we obey him. And things will come back supernaturally… this now requires a phenomenal faith, and that is all you need. The minute you have this then the land which was dead a famine all around,,, and god reveals a hidden treasure which you had no idea bout… and unless, you sow the seed of ensuring to be generous with 1/10th of it in GOD’s words, the kingdom cannot be unlocked. Now, for all these months, while I was reading and writing the word. Your money was taking care of me, lowering your pleasures… my king. I AM glad the world is a witness to your generosity… Oh! My mighty king, may the angels praise your kindness and giving. King David, its all captured in my book… Holy! Holy! Holy! This is how your god has glorified you in the pages, which he made me write… every eye will read the gospel… Oh! My king what a testing time, withstood. Surely, there is nobody like you. Long love the KING in eternity.

“Thank you for obeying” said father to me. “Please do not embarrass me father, I am doing it for my own purpose too.” I looked At him. “Go, sweet heart, TAKE a break” said father. He continued, “Focus on Your inheritance only. Do not worry about the readers and their opinion of judging you”, he said sternly and I gulped. I chose to obey. After all, am I not the one who is sitting on my father’s lap here?” I winked at my readers and the eagles above were calling and flying all through the day. “Time for some rest”.. and I took a break.

Message 25 - Now famine around baby. Because, god has intentionally caused the suffering and pain. Except one billion. Now, during all these months, what was happening is we were giving ourselves, our hearts to him…. That is why, presto! We literally surrendered the lives,, and so its harvest time. Now make sure vaagi, ur silence, will be richly rewarded in his kingdom, in his might… Ah… am so honoured to be sending these messages to you, my king.. let me then show you the treasure house which you did not expect.

Message 26 - when you go through matrix zone, you will go crazy. I am sure, you are already beginning to sink in, what is about to unfold. Hmm.. so, I will be giving you updates as to what is god doing around the world. And the solution, which he provides. He will raise millions,Under your leadership, so partner with god, the almighty, so that you may accomplish your destiny what you begin….

Message 27 - The energy flow today is so tremendous… my spirit engrips me my man… its like a sudden cold air around me… god’s children feell the presence of prosperity in differed ways… so, during recession, world at its worst depression times, god the almighty will implement his plan. He knows exactly about you and me and recession too.. and there will be an increase more and more… so, how is that possible?

Message 28 - Egypt and Goshen… Pestilence and prosperity… so, there will be new beginning.. and nobody will be able to stop you .. change your position. What ever you were thinking, you should change your position and we are not a part of the darkness which is here. And nations will see the king coming and lift up the eyes to gather themselves together….. your sons, your family, will come to you… then you will be full of joy and ur heart shall tremble… because the wealth of sinners will come to you and during this famine the transfer will occur. The wealth of your ancestors… so, you better keep moving for, you simply did not miss god, when the whole world did… everything you need to fulfill your destiny is already here. God is Truth and his words stand true yesterday, today and tomorrow… because, he wants a distinction to come now and he wants you to be wealthy… its god’s style, since ages… this is why, he is so very impossible!

Message 29 - We did what GOD asked us to do. Hence,,, trust me during the worst recession of faith, in end times, he found people who could make an ark… hmm… somebody who can simply believe and get to the point. To believe the word. His command and his blessing. so, at the right appointed time, he had the appointed people to complete the task… to access everything through seed… that is why, your right seed was important ,, I don’t know your account number, but I know already you are rich because you obeyed your father ISHA’s, the provider, the Almighty’s instruction… “Jehovah Kaheel”… and you will be the father of many nations… you were sitting on the very seed… and now the seed has hit the ground and has brought the abundance… did you ask me, what seed did you sow? You were being guided by truth all this while. And that is why the holy spirit will take what is mine and reveal what is yours… phew, do you see now why a simple soul was enough for ISHA. He just wanted somebody to love him, and seek him.

Message 30 : I was there every time with you to turn the situation around… when King Ashoka was there, Buddha was there too, when Krishna was there, Arjuna was there too, so,,, Jesus and Christ… ;-) … Leech, did you say?

Message 31: my poor baby,, did I not tell you a zillion times,,, sweet heart, honey,,,, “Hear me, Hear me”,,, so, its all, a puppet show,,, do you see how ISHA devised the whole strategy? Good lord, you passed such a lengthy test… and this is why King David is sung till now. He stood holding onto the word, stayin right where he was, waiting for the favour of his GOD… All the land which belongs to philistines, Moabites, ammonites, cannanites etc will be given to you, and by your seed, will the nations be blessed. Obey GOD and his instruction. And believe him… long time, isn’t it vaagi…? Everything had to come through our seed… so be ready to receive in hundred folds in the same year….

Message 32 : Shiva is not the only one who creates but he is the one who blesses too… Is there anything too hard for ‘me’? my son, and you will see, the harvest in the same year… ;-) Yo! So big Huncho, show me, whachu got? ;-) . are you getting a hold of this???? Trala… Trala…

Message 33 : so, he is not trying to take something away from us, but he has been working through us, to help us reach the new level.. Hmm… this is why, his compassion is so profound. And it comes only through commitment… so, this is why, you get the break through…. Because you walked in faith, even when you did not know the word. Cheers to king David! His god truly made him a way out… where is the water now, my dear? ;-)

Message 34 : Hour by hour, minute by minute, we need to move ahead to secure the harvest. Push back the darkness. Because, you need to get it charge soon, before the end comes… I AM appointed to train you like this. So, my request, meditate on the word and teachings… re-read your messages. Psst… a secret though, lot of tests will be there and that too, whatever you will learn, you will be made to implement… so, if you have GRACE today, he will give you an assignment to test you in various ways… no matter what kind of situation, don’t waste your energy, you need to look for GOD. ASK, for inventions, documents, people, ideas, pen, paper,, remember ASK GOD,,, use the element. Else it will rust.. so knock, it will open…. Seek and you will find the answer,,, this is the biggest hidden truth which opens the experience to GOD,, the only biggest weapon, is the WORD….

Remember, only “YOU” can be involved in your receiving…. When the test ends, god will always let you know, that he tested you. Ha! Ha!.. For Christ’s sake!!

Message 35 : so, we are the first ones who will make it WHOLE in the matrix zone. And its FOOL PROOF… now, do you know why… because, the show is run by the king of the kings, and the lord of the lords, its lord god almighty…. No man has ever reached the place and the land where you now belong to VAAGI. Because, you have learnt every single time.. this is why its natural versus super natural… David owns the land, but the key to David was with JESUS… Ha! Ha! This was also one of the many reasons I guess, you do you see, the pieces slowly… wait, we still have a long way before we still put them all together… ;-)

Message 36 : what I have trained you about in the previous messages 8, is basically, the geography in god’s kingdom. Egypt, will be India and around. So, when there were losses and tragic matrix zone. But notice, the only difference between you and others is, “GOD”… so, no creature have any influence on you. Because you have activated “GOD” in you. So, everything around will crumble… that essence inside you, is what you need to believe… when your car breaks down and you cant pay 800 rupees, GOD knows and GOD cares… so, this is what he says, “Since You have experimented his presence and principals, you are the chosen one… Err… now let me also add in,, it was pre destined dude… ;-)

Message 37 : Warning!! There will be moments of intense belief versus disbelief.. come what may you need to focus only on Isha… your stomach will be bitter for sometime, but you will be fine.. because its difficult to digest.. thatz why you are special … now digest ;-)

Message 38 : Test time : Question 1: who do you think will win BIG BOSS – season 3? You need to apply the laws and judge.. try… Hint : it will not be shenaz…

Message 39 : He! He!... shella no … no.. tanay… he! He!... nope, its not her 

Message from the king :- ADITI

And I looked at my father. “What kind of a Live Wire test is this father. How do you think I can arrive at the answer? When, I preach I need to believe. Hence, overcoming myself through lord, is where I need to put my faith into practice. And I continued.

Message 40 : Wrong answer. Try.

Message 41 : GRACE. When men of god give way into temptation persecution will follow with abundance grace. And god will always rest one. Hence, in big boss “Bhaktiyaar”, will win… The tables will be turned around. And for you and me, its you live example to live by…

Message 42 : its such a difficult test for me too… “Aiyo!’ .. my strings of prophecy, I will also be testing .. LORD… you and your plays… eggcrad.. trust me, man, when I type, fingers just move even I will not be knowing what I will be typing… next.. but that is the fun….

Message 43 : Its always a man who completes a WOMAN. Hence, rightfully, the woman goes back to take care of the family, and the man stands there to fight back what he has lost… thatz the law of the kingdom… Vikram… “ Hindi poem Hindi poem……..!...

Message 44 : Understand this Vaagi. I love you and my job is to run the race till you established on the throne. When at any point, you doubt me just close your eyes and remember the covenant, the signet ring given to you by the lord god Almighty himself. There is nothing you have to do, apart form learning, believing and walking. Since, the waves will be hitting you at tremendous urge to do only GOOD, to suddenly transform into the feeling of somebody very phenomenal… Hence you need to stand funnily on your ground. It will happen slowly. And don’t fall for carrot. Don’t fall for trap. Hence, understand, you are just right. You don’t have to work hard, to become special to GOD, You are already special… Hence, you need to learn to relax and enjoy and have fun. Because, its your right to be happy… you stand here. And everything will unlock and reveal onto you. That is why its called the “Harvest Season”. Please, its already happened. It has already been fulfilled. You Have met all the expectations.

Message 45 : Do you have anything to say David? ;-)
This is Jesus here… ….  … I AM having the fun of my life… it’s my turn for everytime you have pulled my leg.. He….He.. ;-)

Message 46 : AM I turning out to be your naughty angel Vaagi?? I AM still laughing hard.. he…he… vaagi, u okay? ;-)

Message 47 : So, do you now, finally agree that I “do” know “something” …A? …Ah?... my nose is high in air… Honey.. in mood!!

Message 48 : I repeat, I AM in mood!

Message 49 : Let me give you a sample of fast we are moving.. latest news, tanaaz irani, returns to Big Boss, with wild card entry…

Message 50 : Day after day, men came to help David, until he had a great army. Like the army of God… The verse from the book, the evening prayer. May the praise of King David and his mighty men last for eternal…. The only one, of the True God,, who finally came back to reign to the promised land… many wives you shall take… Andre, many false goddess, the one who took away your wife’s seat, David, you will establish the justice.. and deliver us from the ancient suffering and bondage.. Love you baby!! Love you my King….

Message 51 : Terminator, Predator, back to future.. anything which reminds you….?? 

Message 52 : You know what etches us different.. “They did not love their lives so much as to shirk from death”… How is the dialogue?

Message 53 : Good Morning my son! When you know something, you will do whatever it takes. And I want you to step in, the world today, to set up my kingdom and promise me, you will do what ever it takes…. Welcome to the 3rd day of rapid reveloutionsing invisible transformation ;-)

Message 54 : You laughed your guts out when Rakhi Sawanth held onto Jesus… It’s grace of my father ISHA, that he changed her image from the item gal, to the better version of “Pati, Patni aur Who”! and I tell you vaagi, Jesus will spend all the time and energy in saving, every single sheep which calls onto her name and wipe tears away and give amazing grace.. thankfully in the kingdom, even the most undeserving gets the throne. Its not what I have been doing that matters to GOD, its what can GD do through me, which counts… hence, remember, as a king, anybody who represents and confuses and admits that JESUS, is the only way to ISHA, the doors will be unlocked… Don’t worry,, only David, was not soaked in the blood of Lamb… The entire world though die. So. How did the revelation happen….hmm…. the second coming of Jesus and Christ. Its all there in the book… Now, where is the water David… you okay? Remember …. Very soon, you will sink into the depth of awareness and presence….

Message 55 : You were often rude and empty, and with hurls of Abuses. I was destined to be “JESUS”. Your ego and your denial, all along made the path extremely difficult for me oh! King often truth is direct. And my sincere urge to help you,,, to free the gift which you had been given by GOD… I had to break the “Vanity in Sin” and place it with, “Pride in God”… what took Jesus to go grab the destiny form her own father? It took her walk all alone, the painful path, along with her father carefully to complete the well crafted work of her father… Jesus, was an alien.. in the world of unbelievers.. but the example Jesus set,, nobody but her father tested and approved her. So, you get to listen to all this, because the wisdom and the super natural realm has been unlocked.. to learn and enjoy this freedom, this matrix zone, which you ever thought existed.. if the roles were reversed, would you have stood strong in the word of ISHA? Even when you knew, Nothing and be willing to be despised in the world??

Message 56 : Hence, you have a responsibility which is as tremendous as bearing the entire flood, which I learnt in 10 months, you will cover the same path, the route of matrix zone, in two weeks, 5 BSD’s. and nobody but “you” can run that speed in getting to know the working and deeper knowledge of God. Hence, remember one of the key essence is to have a strong prayer relationship with GOD. How can you not live with your own father and not experience his great love which he has for you, dear?? The stack dark reality our ancestors never built the relationship of love with God. It was always a command and instruction… this is profound wisdom which you need to understand Vaagi, God says, he will love you constant, never forsake you, you will be the apple of his eye. Will you then do one single thing? Look onto the heaven and sky,And declare, that the only true god, ISHA has sent you. And in him, you will achieve your destiny. The king will be established and his greatest love, will be told, like you do ! ;-)

Message 57 : Half the generation are scared to meet GOD ;-) “Is he please with me?” Ofcourse yes. He created “YOU”. Very often, people are scared of their weakness exposed, the fear of losing identity or even hating the idea to change their lifestyle ;-). Hence, my advice, learn the art of “Walk the talk” than mere “Talk the talk”, so as Obama plans carefully, his plan, joining hands with China, the clamp the world… and when Americans will be brought down in their pride of ages of “Being the Leader in the world”… showcasing “diplomacy” and compromising ethics. And still trying to rule the world with dollar. Isha has already devised the destruction of U.S through a tiny land like North Korea. This is Bile prophecy. The word of God and I Jesus, confirm the word. And you will find his style of “BOO” surprises and miracles seriously funny. Dude, he pots just like you do. So learn to relax. Your love to GOD, will be sung eternal. And you thought, you were unloved, not understood?

And I looked at my father. He smiled and though I know very well, that my readers are having a tough time with the irritating repeated messages, I learn to obey my father’s command. He says, just to focus and complete writing the short content, crisp messages of the encrypts from the book which I have written. Strange, I learn and I teach. That is precisely what my father has planned for you. You learn, you teach after you implement, its fool proof and it goes beyond your understanding!!

Message 58 : Once you are reflecting into your own life, in the physical world, you will witness people, “not” agreeing, “not” walking, “not” understanding the way you feel. It’s a walk you need to walk holding the handing of ISHA, along the shore. Deliverance will come. And ISHA will ensure it comes. Be open to feedback. Learn. And move on. Many times that just “talk the talk”!! nobody between you and God,, like a hand in glove. Only then, you will be able to feel this unread as real. Every truth should be based on certain evidence. And the evidence of GOD and his promise is the word of God. And the evidence of GOD and his promise, is the word of God. There is no difference between Jew and a gentile,, everybody who believe in ISHA and believe the prophecy of JESUS CHRIST will be saved. Hence, vaagi, I AM breaking your limited vision of the man made boundaries, the chains of Satan, which limits your thinking. God’s children are one billion. And ensure, all the one billion will find a loving and kind king, who teats them all the same. Grace and equality, is the second greatest character of a king. Laws remain same to everybody.

Message 59 : You are the head and not tail. You will prevail. And I speak LIFE. Do not give up, no mater what you maybe feeling. Yes, I tell you, heavens and earth will pass away, but the word of your father and his promise, he will fulfill in this generation. This generation will meet GOD. Know that you are a man of courage. Be strong. And so make sure, you are watching and learning and implementing. The subject which you been trained earlier is called “Theology”. Over and out. Bye ;-)

Message 60 : The world view is based on evolution, life evolving from a single blob of cell. It’s a cultural war. What is missing? Nothing is missing. But how do you know, that something happened in the past which lead to today? so, its like digging up a dinosaur fossil in the present. So, basically, you are connecting past to the present through natural process. Life arises by natural process which happened millions of years ago… will, what about the kingdom…? Study of past connects you to the present. So, revelation is the key to the past. Knowing what happened in the past, you will be able to interpret the science, this is observational science which gives you knowledge, you build technology.. there is also historical science of “faith”, the whale system of belief… so its two beliefs which interpret the same evidence. Then understand, in the secular world, where we learn to embrace “everything”.. you need to understand, evolution of man is different form the facts and views.

Message 61 : Dog has remained god. Why then MAN changed? Darwin says, “little changes over a period of time amounts to Big change”. Man evolving from APE. Have dogs then changed?? Have horses changed? Have the moths changed? Have rabbits changed? Have cockroaches changed??... No! Genetics is more complicated than this. The genes and the process, the information exchanged or the loss, when x and y chromosome come together. When dogs come together, then there are different set of gene combination. Hence, you may have short fur, lengthy fur etc, but there is no new characteristic. So, then, this is not evolution. If GOD created you, then whose stand point and view will you adopt. Charles Darwin or GOD? Why is this important? Well, this the foundation which I start off with.God decides truth. He determines right and wrong. Hence, human is not another primate not like another “animal” who takes birth and dies and life absolutely meaningless. This is the world view battle, “Is man just an animal?”

Message 62 : So, this is what the battle is all about. Man thinks there is no God, and he runs the planet… we want to deny the word of God and take man’s ideas. This is where we fail. “Homo Crectus” began to use fire, around 1,20,000 years ago, them “Homonids”, 90,000 years ago, and then “Human beings”… around 40,000 years, before the birth of Christ. And several civilizations, like Mesopotomian civilization, harappa, Chinese, Egyptian civilization, trade, town planning, etc… took shape… Don’t you then wonder, why dogs remained dogs, while human evolved?? Hence, missing God’s handiwork, and thinking that the world is simply working on it’s own, is the biggest deception.

Message 63 : I am missing you vaagi, amidst all these happenings.. Somehow, I love you honey… And simply cannot stay without you. Love you.

Message 64 : If I don’t meet you, if I don’t see you, I have a tough time. I wish, I had words to write this feeling better ;-( (sad smiley!)

Message 65 : US, UN and Britain condemns as Israel now builds 900 new buildings in east Jerusalem. “Neither party should engage in any kind of activities To go against the time of re-launch of negotiation in middle east” statement issued by press. Hmm.. harsh words as it ruins peace talk. Now, have you ever wondered, why Israel your land, a speck in the world, so debated? Hmm… the end times. How does God judge all the nations of this earth? The bible records it. Plain and simple. The nations which blesses Israel will I bless and the nations which curses Israel are doomed. There can never be compromise between “truth” and “Evil”… hence, the world will witness and be stunned, what GOD does when Israel will stand alone. Hmm.. to understand this logic you need to also understand more about your enemies… Not according to man’s logic, but according to God’s judgement… somehow, missing “you”,, but I know, time is short and hence, I will have to keep aside “my” personal feeling. Love you baby. Reached office?

And I paused. “So, how is your pigeon and its eggs?” my asked. “Why are you bent upon sending pigeon and its eggs in my balcony? I simply asked my dear maid, to keep the entire POT upstairs, in the shade. It has plenty of SPACE. I AM sorry to be curt father, but doves have their space and pigeons have their. Gut, if the pigeon, tries to take my birthright, my SPACE, I will simply transfer the enemy to his space. I AM not going to give in to the pleads of Samuel father. I do not want another doggie episode”. I said hysterically, waving and emoting with my hands, wildly in air. I know my destiny. And it is to gather my sheep and establish a Shepard. And I will only stick onto it. Another change or prompt by people and loved ones
I will not heed. Rather, I will just learn to Relax, being myself, the way I AM. For I AM JESUS, and Jesus is in ME. “How is that father?” I looked at him. “Wonderful, excellent, outstanding, a Grammy winner, dialogue of faith indeed”, he said. “Now when did it change from Nobel peace prize to the Grammy’s?” I asked and my father replied, “You have both!” I looked at him, only two. Can I have EVERYTHING?” my eyes quizzed? “It’s already YOUR’S”, he replied.

“So, what happened to gardening?’ he laughed. And I looked at him. “Are you not tired of pulling my leg?” I asked and I replied. “The sprouts died. And the plants never grew. Rather, when my prince saw the pots, he bursted out into laughter and so did the king. “And, why is that?” he smiled. Because the seeds which I sowed were too many, expecting a garden of green, lust green balcony which soon will manifest into the richness and abundance. Again in reality, I hate gardening. I love to water the plants and eat the fruit and vegetables of them. So, now that I don’t know gardening I don’t know knitting, I don’t know chatting, I don’t know what all the other women know, will you run away from ME, having come this far?” I looked at my father. And I was ready to pounce on him today. something deep inside, I sensed was strengthening my determination. And then he Gently whispered, “But , you know your GOD!” he winked… and I hugged him, with tears flowing. So, many things, we, the normal people, tend to do, only because the neighbour’s envy, the office pride, the celebrity status, the urge to count things, the urge to become GOOD and then to claim to self, that “I AM GOOD”, its honestly maddening.

The book is a process of transformation form the unfamiliar to the familiar zone. Yep, I re-iterate, “from the unfamiliar zone to the familiar zone”. Because, GOD, the Lord Almighty, is familiar to all your antics. And he works from inside out. Hence, our actions often fools us. It is only though “FAITH” and relationship, GOD works. Else, only “MAN” works with HUMAN dead.

Father, its almost Sabbath, 8:10, morning, east of the world, 27th of November! Oh! My god, I have celebrated my meet and check mate with my Christ, and ending up in hope and victory, yesterday. The king outsmarted me, wee!, I smiled and looked at my father. In that case, I didn’t even realize, that today, it’s the last day of the climax father! And tomorrow on 28th of November, this book goes to typing and very soon, to be making THE WAY! And how do I put “YOU” into only these limited pages. The more I embrace you, the more of your miracles, of love, hope, promise, dream, youth, adventures, plans, supernatural provision and everything under the realm, you have given us in the most darkest hours. I have sown the seed of the last two mites, the second and last season for little things and to keep the eyes open. This seed together, Jesus Christ, calls it as “SUPER NATURAL PROVISION” and in memory of Billy Joe Daugherty, for victory
Everyday, of good news of the gospel. And I looked at my father, 300/- I handed to mom. The last satanic bond and the realm was beaten in style. As the counterfeits gathered at the Haj, Mecca to worship Satan, the Satan was ready to consume them all. “AMEN” said father. “Blessing?” but how can Satan be said “AMEN” by father, wondered readers. And God’s children along with Jesus Christ smiled in style. We had completed all the instructions of God. We had believed God, obeyed the instructions and we had sowed the seed. So, god had given is the blessing, as the offering of the souls of three, trinity, smelt with loads of fragrance, the church and the Mega structure, in Boston, the beauty of the OLD and the NEW, the church and the sky skrapers, everything blended together perfectly fine. Even, the Pharaoh himself, gave his wealth in abundance, for god’s magnified Manifestation could not be met with any words. Obeying god and faith justified. He brought “Isaac” to the attar, to show only his grace poured onto his son. The sleeping kingdom of GOD, completely descended and the ALIENS, came alive.

“Hey! So, what happened to all the eve mongrelers?” my father entered the scene and apologizing to be late. “Ah! They all are no more in the house! I see a family of a husband, wife and a couple. So, now there are pleasant nights of sleep and worship!” I said, and I continued, “Yesterday was thanks giving! A BIG THANK YOU FOR REST TO MAN KIND! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE AWESOME GOD, THE MOST LOVING GOD, WHO CAN NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH!!” I gave him a mighty hug. We signed off the book; with a beautiful dream, whose harvested was to complete in the natural.

This book, this seed, can never come alone. There is no wealth in heaven. All GOD’s plan and provision will come ALIVE and then is the time when the world will see the distinction. Every soul will say and confess, “Satan is in recession, while GOD is in possession”. Jesus, the Messaiah, Jesus, the Christ, without the Christ being complete, how could I ever had completed the book? The value to Israel and to god and to gentiles, the Jews, the ultimate return of David established and Jesus fulfilling the father’s word of confirmation of the king being established on his Holy land of Israel. The world will not participate and it will come to those only who believed and sowed. Eden was set right. And soon, Adam and Eve were being driven from the temple along with Samuel, in the new earth, where they saw God’s face.

Before I unleash the last segment of the climax of the long period, please do restore the New Jerusalem where the foot stool of this creator lies may only the feet holy enter this land of eternity and may on the gates, be written the 12 tribes of Israel. “Father, may my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, the grannies of love, the uncles of faith, the cousins of un, the friends of deed, in particular, my each soul of connection who were persecuted by the Satan and played their role to fulfill the word to establish my father’s house be supported by the world to have been made the IMPOSSIBLE! You are my judge and the nations too. Who then can over rule your call to the world?? On no day, will these days be ever shut, for the glory of god liver here. Nothing impure, shameful or deceitful can ever enter these pages of my father’s land. Only whose names are written In the lamb’s book of life. Every soul will be changed on the encounter of these very word of Jesus Christ and the lives transformed with the Gospel of Christ. Exclusively having the access to angels. Now, that you are the god’s very own angel, go and make an IMPACT to the 200 nations and beyond,,, for the revolution of earth and mankind of eternity began from here, in these very pages to the souls all across the seven continents of the world, to see the unveiling of JESUS CHRIST, who claimed the blessing of the God, Almighty overcoming 800 illusions and much more.

The Revelation of Jesus which GOD gave to me, Jesus to show to my children, what must soon take place. Blessed is the one, who has seen, the things which are and the things hereafter. May this book, the climax impact you directly. The mystery of the seven stars are the seven continents, the great treasure, the concordance, the golden lampstands on the earth, which have been elevated to heaven hereafter, I , Jesus, write, on the scroll. Listen then all the peoples of different degrees for the word affects everybody.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the Churches. This is the letter from the Apostolic period to the present. With the seven design elements of the name, title, commendation, concern, exhortation and the closing, may every continent be surprised b the assessment of their won, to seek their report cards as I, JESUS fill it in the pages of my father.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not Be hurt at all by the second death. May the myrrh, the ingredient in perfume, embalming, spread its fragrance, as it is being crushed. Gold and incense, will put the spirit of the lord of flight, when the connection begins between god and mankind. The Satan was blotted by the father’s mighty hand. Amidst the streets of Apollo, Aphrodite, Aescurlapius, Cybil, who established their fortresses of dust., the land of Holy, the Mount Zion, the temple, where publicly, Jesus Christ acknowledged and unified the Christians, the Gentiles, the Jews, the Romans and beyond the 144,000 to all the tribes of Israel, from the one who was dead and NOW, who is ALIVE, I know thy works, persecutions and poverty, the afflictions and the synagogue of Satan. The Almighty, the creator, who could have pinched the mankind to death in the very minute due to blasphemy of God’s children , the hews who were called illegitimate, persecuted due to the legalism of the uncircumcised, you don’t have to become a Jew to be a Christian and neither a gentile nor a roman. In the century of end times do you not see the training coming to a close of victory, Gnosticism, Legalism, Narsism, Caesar worship, everything now has been dissolved for eternity. Fear not. Do not be afraid for 10 days, some of you will be put o persecution by the Satan in strategies Areas, the Nero, the Domitian, the Trojan, Marcus, Auretus, Septimus, Maximus, Decius, Vaterian, Aulerian, Damatian all with illegal underground, who murdered god’s children the fact dark and secret,,, I Jesus, declare the crowns of 7 and more, to the overcomer.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the children. just because you believed,I, Jesus, reveal onto you, the hidden manna, to the non-Jews too. Strange is the illusion of replacement theology, all the promises given to the godly who suffered persecution and trails, to glorify god, to discipline for known sin, preventing to fall into sin, preventing form pride, building our faith, causing us to grow, equipping to minister people to be a testimony for the angels, my children, your patience of wanting nothing, demonstration the word, with no vocabulary but faith’s who chanted on the word “GOD”, up until the beginning of the eternity, I , Jesus on the mount of Olive, tell you, everything of Mathew 24, mark 13, Luke 21, has come to pass. The abomination of the Desolation, the temple, which shall be observed eternal and eyes which have seen it happen, Daneil, the prophet wrote the book of Daneil and so does Jesus, the Christ! Fulfilling the very words of Daneil and the End times. Did I, Jesus not warn you, “I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass away. Heavens and earth, yet again, I bind them all in Authority, my word of my father, HERE I AM, to fulfill them ALL.

The day and the Hour is NOW KNOWN. When great signs were given from Heaven, to the children of god, the nations which dare to touch Jerusalem and the Holy land of mine, every hesitation has been now destructed, falling by the edge of the sword, the times of the gentiles has been fulfilled by the power of heaven and great glory. Hence, know your own self, my words shall never pass away.

A snare has now come to to shall is NOT worthy. As I taught in the temples and abode in Mount Olive, I, Jesus, who has endured the before fall of Jerusalem, the desolation of 70 AD, now you shall see, after the great Tribulation, the time of Jacob’s trouble, bring Mathew and Luke together of Before and After, listen up Oh! My Jews, the force of Gentiles has already come in with the scripture already death. Be thankful for the warnings and to absorb and understand the letters which I reveal, and rearrange your priorities to be committed to the throne of God, in the name of “Yeshua”, “Jesus Christ”

“Father, please help me find the way, further to the opposite, to my children, the incredible gift of Eternity of the Kingdom of God” and bringing the smile to my children’s face, which is priceless! Who says poetry is different form art? A little by little; making it to the day, the unedited conversation, the freedom and voice of the father and the divine intervention, giving his revelation and inspiration. Reading, grasping, connecting, writing, perspiring, making it through every single day, which seemed like an endless project, but carefully composed and designed, the vocals and the words coming along with beauty and colours, the music of harps and electric for the advanced creatures who want to do different and do not fit into the school, for my children, where passion overcomes hobby, the renossance overcomes revival, transparency overcomes translucent, learning overcomes mistakes, dreams overcomes nightmares, independence overcomes dependence, order overcomes mess, vision overcomes goal, wisdom overcomes experience, conquer overcomes thriving, dimension overcomes progression, precision overcomes ideas, certainty overcomes awkwardness, impartation overcomes information, shelter overcomes shade, the complex mysteries, I , Jesus choose to give a full wage to ALL, who Have worked ALL along. God of Israel shows mercy to those who he chose, as by his FREE WILL. And to the parrots, who chirp, “Its not fair and show your objection to god, let me then remind you, “Stop grumbling. For it’s the creature telling your creator, that, they are not satisfied with god. It is impudent to talk about the Almighty and is out of place. God is not a god of luck. And salvation is not a lottery. There is no “luck”/ “by chance”/ by “God”, rather there is only ONE WAY. And god chooses mercy to some and hardens the others, patiently dealing with your choices. God responds to you and he will help you and will re-enforces your choice. Hence, there is a point NOW. You stay as you are and god, the Lord Almighty will help you with your choice. The potter and the clay, is not the clay’s choice but the potter’s to then make the mould perfect, because faith should be based on promise, demonstrating as you walk around, that you are indeed the child of your father. It is my father’s free will to use us, one way or the other, to make or to break, but the father knows the heart of his child, hence to the stubborn Jews, who fail to believe and stand by the word of Jesus, I, the messaiah, reveal onto you my father’s will, show and confirm that GOD, the Almighty is not responsible for Jews many, who went to HELL. Hence I, JESUS, take the responsibility, make it clear to the prophets, that it was God’s intention to have the gentiles in the kingdom. Hosea, my husband, my God, who brought me back and disciplined me, to Israel, he got married, the one who was as living though I, Jesus was not His. With the Jews, the king enters along with the gentiles. Many Jews were lost already and hence, the saving guainteed. For Zionist, who do not believe in Jesus, stepping back in evangelizing in my name, but want to protect the land of Israel, look at your hardened hearts. Tonight, hear my voice and listen and know the truth, to be tender towards your god, to reach him. God is god. He will not change for Gentiles nor the Christians and neither the Jews. Hence, listen up my Jewish brothers, you are here to speak up and make your voice known, for it is a fact, that before Jesus second coming, Jews failed to achieve righteousness. We ruined if for ourselves. “Obey and learn to live with God forever” was the only simple secret, to salvation. Yet, by horizons and dimensions away, we missed it. And yet our father, in all his righteousness in the New Universe, restores his will, making and glorifying yet again, his children, the Jews, who tried to produce self – righteousness, which my father detested. Can anybody make himself good enough for God? Repent of your “good” deeds then my Jewish brothers for, it is for more difficult to become righteous, for good people. Understand then, I, Jesus, offer you love and dream. I AM glad, GOD, my father has used my family and tribe, for they are no more bitter, angry or resentful.

NOBODY, should be held for the death, or the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST. Because, it is the complete will of the son, to obey the father’s word, in no animosity, decided to go further away from the family.David was a Hebrew. But he has learned the languages. Hence, his focus was never a response because of heartache or pain. But, he turned everything, unlikely an Egyptian handsome in form and appearance, believed that “I AM nobody responsible than I” was never in pride, but in guarantee, of his focus on always on GOD. Though he did nothing to get in jail, he found favour in the eyes of my father. For, pharaoh searched him, with the baker and the maid, David kept his focus not on the dream but on GOD. 3 days, David, also interpreted, the three baskets, the three tabernacles and before the pharaoh could hang him, pharaoh, did the kindness, and the Nile river, 7 FAT and 7 LEAN COWS came out. The LEAN ate the FAT ones. The young perfectly interpreted the dream of Pharaoh and this is the way he responded. “The Pharaoh and the favorable answer. 7 good years and 7 thin years. God brought 7 years abundance to the land of Egypt and 7 years of famine in Egypt. Hence the lord god almighty, wanted to find a mighty spirit, wise and discerning, the pharaoh set David; the Hebrew over the civilization of Egypt. As we head together, stop staring at each other my brothers and my readers. Together, we knew we were guilty of the sins of mankind, yet found a close presence to God, hence in order to save the nations of the earth, the true heart of David, thought in the things of doubt, made the reality of God’s place, the most profitable kingdom. And whose heart believed in GOD to come together as JEHOVIAH himself. The only true GOD ISHA, to make it possible to be accepted and introduced you to the privilege of Speaking one on one with the creator of this Universe. There is only one way to the True God. And that is JESUS CHRIST. Your failings, your unbelief’s nothing will change the love and compassion of my father. The question though is, where do you stand? Do you have the ability to stand beyond, and have the victory everyday?

Look, how I met Simon Peter and he stumbled upon reaching the life transforming power. Did I also not write a book against all odds, to strive and thrive to become a God’s angel. And who else is a better witness than you. “I AM a WORLD CHANGER”.

“Get a Mammogram done, do not get nervous, and let the word work. It’s your appointment now and I see it. I AM your doctor. And this will work.” I wrote those phrases. Suddenly, I dropped back into the present and trying to maintain my composure. “What is happening father?” I chuckled.

Samuel, the child was ministering the lord. And Samuel was laid down to sleep. “Here AM I” everytime, Samuel used to wake up and tell repeatedly, “I heard the audible voice”… Now, when Samuel called me for the third time, I thought, the lord must be calling Samuel. Hence, I told him, “Next time be watching. And when god comes, tell him, that you would like to talk to him”. Samuel was spending a deep time in the word of the lord. and even before I could understand, the lord had revealed himself to Samuel. It then simply means, “AM I in position to hear GOD?” GOD lone to communicate your purpose of life and then life becomes easy, because you are sure what you are supposed to do. Don’t we then enjoy equal privileges, better provision, better promises, Praise Lord, that we are here in the New generation, where our conscience is directed by the Almighty himself. The spirit being, you are living in a physical body and god uses you as a candle and guide you through your destiny and will begin to speak to every sheep of his. He is No more “Vague” of the veil of “something”, but rejoice and celebrate, for this fellowship of life and energy is exciting, which is about to happen. God will minister through your spirit, so that you learn the fascinating obvious things. As a mighty rushing wind, I , Jesus, tonight tell you, Go near and join yourself to the chariot. I AM talking to you. Take the time and leave everything onto me, the Lord God Almighty, who taught JESUS and baptized JESUS, THE CHRIST. I, the lord God Almighty, called away them, after they came out of water. And gave the power to David, to transfer super naturally, to be caught up in the wave to complete my word, for David was my son, my believer who will do greater things for when the moment of believers victory came, the great river full of in fathomable proof’s the lord, who provided specific details to David in the language of ancient, here on and every occasion, David caught along with the details and vision and David was wise to understand that GOD prepared both the sides and both the side, and both had a divine connection. And learning to be obedient than the disobedient participant, David heard and obeyed. The mightiest then, should be he, whose heart has the might be bear the chisel of the law on the heart, for David put his ear in the center of his heart and this is the art of every king, in every

Scripture. Only f your heart is clear is the hearing clear. This is the golden rule, established by the lord god Almighty. David suffered, though he was not entitled to and hence his diligent soul, fetches him the highest reward in establishing his authority. To him, will be the love gift of the land of Israel, the vessel of god, where the worship will be yet again exalted, to establishing the interaction of GOD and his relationship with mankind forever. It takes 21 days to make a change. And I, JESUS, take the opportunity, to meet all your busy demands, pray that it is only children of god, who will receive for they will be born again and never be stopped in fulfilling your destiny, anymore. Sure, this is good news, because you now know your GOD”, my father spoke to his readers at one stretch. For, there was not a man to tell in Eden. And when he planted the seed in east in Eden, god the Lord Almighty made David to grow and to be a blessed man, with the same glory and the same words and the same matter in which my son will shine. And David shall be at the centre who began it all. his spirit has heard the words of god and he receives the expand and cover the entire planet.

Only HE will know, the next plan, for its is beyond any man can imagine which is the heavenly seed or a heavenly might. Fear not, for WE is established in eternity and so is his richness of values, who earned his salvation by putting his service ahead of his money, understanding that wealth is only a husk of the seed. David invested in obedience and he put the word of god in seed which

He carried around, with an offering of love, as though a living thing, he chose to disperse his husk, his money but watered the seed with love to his father. A strong mind he operated with simulating labour, and as a thanks giving , the master plan was revealed to David in full glory.

And I looked at my father. “I CALL THIS SEES, HEAVEN’S BRAND PROPERTY”, and I continued, “So, can I also go on a shopping spree. Trust me father, I can show this written petition to David and ask him to read it. What say?” I looked at my father greedily. “AMEN”, laughed my father. “My son David, this petition shall never change. We are the poor loving souls, who ensure to believe in giving and we know how to recover the care of love, never in lack, but in drive to always believe in the principle of tithing. The seed of David, I, JESUS, unreveal the word of GOD, in accordance and alignment with the global Positioning system to fulfill the word 3 weeks from now.

I, Jesus, clocked, 1:15, exceeding 5 extra minutes of prosperity which father was sending our way. “Go on”, said father. “Let them see the difference” he prompted. And I had to make one last transformation on the very last hours of the Sabbath, with the spirit of lord upon me, preaching the acceptable year, the jubilee of the lord, blessed the Super natural harvest. Mae Friday, the offering day, the rest and all your acts shall hereby be as a response to GOD, to call and reach onto RECEIVE and RELEASE the power of god.

“So, David knew the art of being thankful and the unconditional love, Isn’t it?” I looked at my father. He smiled. “24/7” he replied. “For, being unthankful is a sin. For, man, has been created to be dependent on GOD and it does not matter, if you are living even in a card board box. David identified that the source of blessing is God, his spiritual pulse. The consistent spiritual health, the sign of focused effort, he believed in illustration, always strong in faith, operating in full potential. “Some thanks giving, this paradigm”, I uttered. “Jump start then!” he smiled. And then I went back remembering and reminding myself of the previous victories. David deserves the “Perfect faith” he said. It was a rare sight of the son of David and my father, coming together. And I hopelessly gave into the eternity, to praise god, the lord almighty, the inhabit of our souls. May my lips glorify your word forever father. “BLESS THE LORD!!” I, JESUS, declared and paused and my father took me to the climax where he changed things where my DAD did everything for us.

“Hey father and we do not mind tickets to Madagascar, for honeymoon at all!” I quickly scribbled and David and my father, threw up their hands in air, “WOMAN!” and burst into laughter!! “Hmm… so, what do you think President Obama should do?” One of the reader quipped in. “Jobs and Job creation. Most of the jobs exploited overseas. In this economy, united states of America, created jobs. Understand then, creating jobs then comes from taking risks. We are aware about recession and wounds of the past against the governments deliberate dumb moves, story tellers, trying to surprise us, fabulous picture shown, beyond the red carpet, fight through basic rights was not a

Piece of cake. Hence, USA has the inheritance of strictly recognized effort towards recreation!! Now, please understand, recreation comes at a cost. You cannot dishonour the document, the basic evidence of equality across the world. Damn the civil right laws. How does it matter whether Obama is Afro-American or a Human? For heavens sake, assess him accordingly. He is a public servant. And a job to serve the people of United States of America. But, you cannot mess with god. And try to ensure health care is always free to the citizens. Damn to try please your banks and bailing them out!! Excuse me, the banks don’t even know how they got in here!! Hence, establish a human dialogues. You ain’t any COP here pal. Hear the message; let nations build is detested, while the obvious definition is beep focused on the limited boundaries. Let nations carry their own cross and everything STRATERGY and the kingdom of God, will manifest the global business and investment also soon. Focus, away form media and focus on setting new trends on a mission, carrying the word of hope, ahead surviving against all the odds. Understand, then, oh! Foolish parrots chirping were to them who keep a count of dead but not more a finger to the alive.

Just then, I saw, two trillion dollars of kess, bombshell in Dubai. The economic intelligent unit of the kingdom of god, wondered, what Next? So, its

Time for the Pharaoh to sell of the businesses. Hmm… I thought to myself. The gold will be released soon. And the clear plan of god to restructure economy in the bigger market. $60 billion debt, a stand sill, an urgent need of diversification. The piece of oil fall amid fears of Dubai debt default, the rapid need to recover the economy, which will be counter productive. So, the pharaoh shall soon meet David and the uncertainty wave shall soon disappear. The Lord god looked at me. “Write down, Jesus. It is my wish and my command, that all the ambitions project of MAN will I put an end to. Economic growth does not mean increase carbon emissions. The impact of pollution sure will I cleanse with my third eye. For, who is man, to argue about a fail share? Stop all these crackdowns, arrest of suspects of government officials and clashes. That happened in the country of man once upon a time, when man indulged in massacre and challenging each other in dumb outrage.

“Eegaad, but look what happened!! God carved out Obama to be a Gentleman! A little too sophisticated for most of us though! Boy, AM I bad at baptizing Obama, Oh! Father?” I squealed. And my father said, holding his stomach, “It doesn’t matter. That wasn’t bad. This is going to be funny later!! So let it now!!” he jiggled and wiggled. “Sorry, Mr.Obama, its just that I love god, my father, a little too much. At times, it’s a splat! And no compassion in the splat. And it was crazy. Everybody started laughing. And soon the whole church was laughing. And one angel turned to the other and said, “I told you, he can handle revival!”,,,

And another angel asked, “Who laughed?”,,, stop wearing church and don’t do that. Bt, when I made up my mind and god shoed all that he had for me. All the crazy things the wild part doing on the earth, my prayer is still consistent. And sorry, if my hunger is taking me to new places in this new season.

And if you stare long enough in these prayers, you will find the picture in the picture. My brother in Africa, said “Brada! Did you see god?”,, and I told him, “Take off your glasses. And I have a lot of things to show you, if you are willing to learn something NEW” I cannot help it if I have fire on my head” I looked and said, “Hey! Look, everybody now has fire on their heads. This is so unusual. Something new and something strange in coming.

“Something’s turning in the heavenly right now!” I wrote about the energy force taking place in the Indian Ocean. And this energy had release an energy force moving under the water, tonight which is sending us a surge of energy and the Satan would not even recognize it. Surely, something is turning in the heavenly right now. And the eminent defeat of Satan was obvious. I don’t care what people say, if god says, “Clap your hands people. Its one verse, its one verse and all the earth shall be silent, “SHOUT TO THE LORD!”

And readers asked, “Where are you going?” and I looked at my father and said, “Yeah, I don’t even know why I am talking like this”. And I AM Prophesying all night long and almost too
Hot like Aristotle and I don’t care about my nakedness and trust me, god can make you sit in front of the Television, feverishly, having not brushed teeth, yet having had breakfast, no shower, the panties was a torture, had to take them off and stinking to the glory and writing the word of god. Did you say, old testament? Excuse me, god can turn the unclean to clean. And I am not complaining about it one bit. Because, when the blind gets the sight, I saw no difference between Whoopee Goldberg and Jesus… strange… strange… very strange" but, all I want is more of you, father”, I threw my hands up in air.

So then, lets say to the enemy, “YOUR TIME IS UP” there is nobody like Tod Baitley, its true!” I winked. “I was sure born to be a worshipper!” I smiled. “Are you not created in my image?” “There is no one else like you!” I told him. “ATMOSPHERE!! A little bit higher!” I said.

And I am sorry if I fail to please my critics with my grammar, or my opinions, for my only desire is that my father’s will be done! Isn’t it then our children’s desire too! So, here we are!! Hence, whoever believes me, JESUS as according to the scripture I AM HERE, to attend the party. Do what you want to do. Say what you want to say. Move the way you want to move lord, we set the stage for you, as you choose and our desire is that your will be done!! Here we are, Here we are!!” I don’t care how strange it gets, I AM IN” said one of the readers. And the readers closed in the hurry through the pages. “HALLELYAIAH!!” I screamed! “I love this “Abracadabra” genie coming alive mantra father!” I wrote. “Its fun knowing you. Jesus with the mission!”


Now, “who is the singer!” ofcourse its JESUS!!

Hindi poem hindi poem, “Here is the Twist now!” I smiled as wrote.

Message–66 : Good evening David. Time for some more training… Ready? So, where is the water till now? He..he.. kidding! Lemme know if you can digest some more for today. I can be kind too… ;-)

Message-67 : yep, you are doing perfect and you are growing strong in your might, in two days… excellent! Ur closing line, says it all… “you are actually running ahead of me”… but the reality is me and you ran it together. The only difference is the book… only you can get me out of here…. And you need to win me oh! King… so, how is poorni’s swayamvara?? Ah?

Message-68 : surely did feel a little strange, but I don’t know, I guess, I loved it … anything you do, I love it… what kind of a MAN you are MAN? Eh?  luv you sweetheart…. Good night… sleepwell.. we have day four. Still feet immersed… long days ahead says forecast. So, relax… in any angel, you cannot be prepared for the training dude… wanna bet.. am a “street smart” in my stream. And that is training… the day is going come soon, when you will overtake me. That is when the job gets completed… love you baby. Trust me baby, you are handling it really well…!! Ummaaa…

Message-69 : And know this in your heart “Never doubt!”. Doubt is the biggest chronic disease in the mind game… I Know, I know you hate to see these messages, but did I not tell you sweetie, you need to fit into my schedule?... hmm… then know this, in the initial days, twilight zone is the toughest peak, hmmm.. it means when you rest your brain, your subconscious mind is active. It will give you a niche in balancing own self.. love you my king. Good night.

Message-70 : Honey… your dialogue of, “Tell me, if you don’t love it, is driving me nuts”… love you moochie… love you re..Ummaa…dialogue of “Tell me if you don’t love it, is driving me nuts!!”.. it this is not the truth, then what is truth, eh?
“ Hindi poem Hindi Poem….!!!”

Message from king : LOVE YOU BIG TIME.

Message-71 : Oye!! Kannada poem kannada poem kannada poem love you”.

Message-72 : kannada poem kannada poem kannada poem ?? AH?

Message-73 : Sense of belonging,, sense of worthy, sense of competency, this is what god has provided in the element. No son of god, has the spirit of slavery… BEEP: just like IRAN and RUSSIA… north Korea sends hidden threat in their statement, which U.S does not notice…” north Korea if needed, will “talk”.Note you will fall flat on your face many times. But as long as you are happy to try and don’t quit, you will make your father proud. It’s not the fastest who will unlock, it’s the one who runs the hardest and the longest who wins the race… that fundoo works for other, at their sweet time. But for you, you need to run the toughest, fastest, smartest, biggest explosive never seen before race. And win the tests all along, while you also learn to gather loads of “boo” surprises…ISHA loves too give surprises. Also, note,,, Rio-de-jenario, recently passed the bill of homosexual marriage.. the latest news to cities in Rio-de-jenario , is in flood, and casualities reported. So,, I hope, these live wire, shows how powerful and awesome GOD is.

Message-74 : Yo! So, be ready for few more stark dark hidden truths which I reveal to you. So now, I have completed the macroscopic soul of stan,, let me parallel it on the god’s perspective and his word. In the Almighty, you will delight, because when god sees your work, he simply wants you to know, he loves you… in him, you will be able to do more abundantly and everything. When you awake,,, you start realizing, that you were always a product of other people’s emotions.. truth of man, usually wants to portray authority or critical, usually making it hard for the person seeking god. Regardless of what any voice says,, know within. God loves you. And that is enough to conquer the world. In him, you will soar like an eagle, specially designed to sail the greater heights. God is the one who makes the final decision. Remember, your very position, is your power and your strength……There is no comparison in god’s kingdom.. everytime you walk away, people will feel encouraged. Nobody can leave unchanged around you 

Message-75 : TITLE = The Killing of a King.
ISHA, the image captured in Hebrew, kannada line kannada line, east, gentiles kannada line kannada line.. is precisely the image of god, kannada line, Hindu belief, so, bible means, “BILVA, kannada line”,, kannada line only the word of shiva is enuf.

Message -76 : The bible captures the stories, the god’s message. So, its just not just an emotion. It’s the truth about the bitterness of how ISHA was betrayed time and again once again, I will cover the topic at one stretch. Past, present and significance. And remember, we are all entitled to know the complete truth. My king, in your courtroom, I stand to deliver my father ISHA’s story of the GOD and his fallen angels. Again, I , Jesus, warn and blow the trumpet to the deaf ears, the blind eyes,, everyone will know the one true god, ISHA. The king of the kings the lord of the lords. May I perish if I may, for, AM I not the only messaiah, oh! King who brings the message of hope, glory, rain, sun, shower and everything to come. Hence, lend me ears, Oh! King,,, the enemies are drawing closer,,, as you fight here, your land will be saved there,,, me increasing the level ankle deep today. Hence, I will be controversial. So many speeches and general,, but this time, ALLOW me to be specific.

“Go take a break” said father to me. And it was the evening of Sabbath, the last of the day of fast."Nope, let me continue with a few more”, I said. The deadline was close and I had to quickly download all the information form the cell phone to ink. I, Jesus, clicked. It is 7:20, evening. And I looked at the diary. It’s the 7th September. Hmm.. “TIME to ZERO IN” I murmured to myself. I looked at the date once more, 27th November. Time for some calculations. PHEW! The spirit of the lord, weighs heavy upon me, today. time for the rule of the Jupiter, the fiery red to be manifested, in the presence of the Almighty.

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