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Revelation of JESUS - PART 5
Name : Revelation of Jesus
Date of Beginning : 22/07/2009
Date of End : 05 /09/2009 ( ATLAST THE REVELATION !PHEW!)
Volume : Book III
Objectives : Follow up events aftermath the coming of the
Lord God Almighty.


“Hi Father”, I said. “Missed you my beloved” he said. “Couldn’t resist you. Waiting for one long year to write another book was difficult” I chuckled. “Hmm…. The year and days in my calendar is measured differently unlike the human calendar”, he smiled. “Really?”, I asked. “So, how are the events unfolding around you?” he asked with a questioning look on his face. I think he wanted to judge and know my opinions. “Ah! It’s a different pace and a different approach. Nothing like what I imagined. Sure, couple of strange events but around me, the world seems to be spinning out of control and at the same hour there are streaks of good news unfolding too!” I maintained my honest opinion.

“Interesting, can you do this for me? List out the events unfolding at a microscopic and macroscopic level, will you? And hey, I love you, my beloved. You looked beautiful yesterday on my coming. Sure, the parlour visit helped, isn’t it?” he winked. I blushed. I wanted him to tell me that, “Princess, I am” I said with my eyes brows raised.

“Lets see. Microscopic, first”,

a. My life seems to be peaceful, in tandem, had been to to parlour got the best beauty treatment. My angel really gave me a good facial massage, back, pedicure, manicure, trimmed my brows, waxed and a lovely haircut. I look as pretty as ever!

b. “The king unfolded tensions. As you said father, there seems a plot at the three levels in the management. Of the 90, 73 feedback appreciations is received by the king, from the customers. And he works like an ox. His analysis have clearly highlighted the flaws, within the process, which have not been managed by the people well. And you know in the meeting, with the entire team and bigwigs seated the king’s work was not even acknowledged! His numbers, his analysis are wisely used and highlighted as their own, ‘the processes’, as a generic achievement, while, I do know, that it is an individual effort”. The king was very upset. He walked out in between the meeting. He later gave his piece of mind in his own language to the team leader, who also happens to be his college friend. I find It strange father, for you say, that according to your work, I shall reward you. But, reality is father, people in power curb the budding talent. “They” are people who utilize the talent and their works, but they completely cut them off, promoting the talent. Injustice, ‘politics’ in the dirtiest level and selfishness of holding onto the designation and showcasing themselves as supreme is the intention behind. How then a common employee, break the barriers of man, with you anointing?” I asked. He was silent. “Just keep writing” he said.

c. We made passionate love yesterday. The king was dressed in his “Ethnic” outfit and from head to toe; he indeed looked charming and fit into the role of the anointed. So, when he came back from work, I was dressed as a bride. But father, he seemed to be in rush, always! Time seems to be short for his everyday living. Juggling between his parent’s house, workplace, and the little time he finds to climb the stairs and meet me in the morning and midnight, is crazy! I pity him, but I wonder, what is he waiting for? When are my son and me going to be accepted into his family? Why is the king so caught up in two worlds? He wants to keep his parents happy, and he also wants me to be happy? He loves both of them equally. And he says at the right time, god will fix everything at the right time. Often, it boils my blood, when he counts on you and waits for an opportunity to comfort his love to his parents. He also adds in , “My mother cant stand your name, even if I mention it”. The same mother, to whom you made me seek forgiveness. Is the world so closed for this widow and fatherless, dad? For two people and the prince who desperately want to retain their love, and to be not caught up with the lifestyle of “imposed – orthodox – meaningless” culture, we hunt for a home, and we know deep and pray deep down, for you to intervene and restore us in this world, away from these hypocrisy people, where I can just be myself, the king himself and the prince to gain the shelter. We are tired of pleasing people because their wants never seem to be full!” I sighed. “When, father?” I asked. “Keep writing” he smiled. “And I had a tiff with him, for I was jealous, he looked good and also because he didn’t pay any attention in taking time to appreciate me. After all, I had been to parlour!” I smirked. “Anyways, I told him the truth in the morning, after a dignified ignored silence, through the night.” And immediately, he held my face in his hands, looked into my eyes and kissed me deep. “I am sorry my love. You are truly a kid. You look beautiful”. Convinced was I not, but for the next 10 minutes, he held me touched me, hugged me, complimented me and truly his eyes admired me. So I got the twinkle in his eyes, which I had waited for. At times, his humility and kindness, when I approach him with truth, touches me beyond realms. “The same king who roars with power, the same king who melts away in my love, I marvel at your creation father. He is indeed next best to you!” I smiled. “Really?” he winked.

d. I had been to my friends place. The same friend whose sister was caught in a case. As she cannot go out of the house for sometime, she agreed to type out, the book 1, for me. I paid her 1000/- as a token of your grace. I also got an opportunity to comfort her mother and her sadness and also to rebuild their faith in you, father. I felt humbled. “Thank you for the opportunity, father!” I said. “So, when will the book be typed?” he asked. “August 7th is the date, set by me, to complete book- 1, and then I will give her book -2.” I answered. “Good Job” he seemed pleased.

e. This is very personal, dad. Today, I saw my brother asking with a lot of concern to my sister-in-law, “I can get you another laptop, if you want, so that you can carry it to the office. Anyhow, we have money!” My heart sank for a minute. My parents, with sweat and blood, constructed Jerusalem, a temple which stands without paint and is fading away in clutter and ruins today. With both the son and daughter-in-law, busy with their work and making money, my parents are reduced to being slaves and as care takers. My mother cooks all the while, doing household chores till her bone breaks, while my dad, is locked up in his room, doing prayer and writing your name, a hundred times and also helping my mother in the little chores and also teaching my son. He also does attend the morning walk and laughter club. But, since 10 years my parents sleep separately, as my mother had her uterus removed due to the operation. I often wonder, two ends of a contrasting roles of “husbands” in the same house. Isn’t it the responsibility of the son to take charge of the responsibility of the son to take charge of the house at the right time? Or is it always advisable that when children grow up, they should be sent away so that each family grows up as “nuclear” without being forced to stay with each other because of obligations. Don’t the law says, respect elders? Then, why is there a lack of empathy that I see in my brother and sister-in-law? My mother sheds tears of pain working like a donkey. Isn’t it the responsibility of her husband to fulfill her needs, so that my mother stops expecting from her son or her daughter-in-law? Why do they all stay together, yet lead different lives? Hypocrisy, to please the society and fear of the society, unwilling to take their own responsibilities and saturation in lives of the retired. Is this a lifestyle to live life?” I asked my father in frustration. Is there not a deliverance from this mess? Tears of elders, pride of youngsters, my blood boils. I confessed. “I will show you my deliverance in the coming days. I promise!” he said politely. “Love you father” I said tiredly.

“Sweetheart, take some rest and we will talk tomorrow with the macroscopic issues. Okay?” he said. The same father, the same concern, the same love, “I love you beloved. I missed you” I said. “Am glad to know that!” he winked. I hugged with my head rested in his heart. I couldn’t cry. I don’t know why. But my heart felt heavy. “Don’t worry leave it to me. Transfer all your problems and I will make the way” he said. “Get ready and get decked. For the king is on his way. And for a husband he would to see his wife being dressed only for him, both sensuous and aesthetic. He loves sex, he wants sex. And that is how, the image of a man is” he advised. “A sex maniac is at loose!” I screamed. And he laughed with a roar. “Don’t insult ME. For a Man is created in MY image, the lord god Almighty. Remember?” he said. “Sure, father. I will oblige. And sure, I do love to stand in front of the mirror and decking up. I enjoy, looked and admired by him. I feel wanted and loved” I confessed. “Good night father!”, “Good night sweet heart!”

Jesus Christ

“Hi Father? How are you doing today?” I asked. “The same. Always hale hearty and healthy” he chuckled. It’s strange that ‘father’ always answers yours questions, never in pride. The almighty answering a question, like, “How are you doing?”….. I laughed at my own self. He interrupted and answered, “You know, nobody has asked me such questions, for sure. But how I wish, they would ask me more of such questions, for I feel easy then to talk to you, and be one amongst you!” he smiled. True, being as children, we are so consumed with our list of wants we fail to understand, that our father may also have few wants!”. “So, what do you want?” I meekly asked. “Your heart!” he simply said. “Its all Yours, I widely opened my arms and answered. “ I LOVE YOU, my daughter” he hugged me. Bring a child in my father’s arms, always makes me secure and comforted. “So, what’s making news?”, he asked. “Father I will quickly list out all the headlines for you, since 3 days of your coming!” I exclaimed. “That’s good enough for me. Make sure, you continuously follow the happenings at microscopic and macroscopic” he suggested.

I nodded. And wrote the pointers, making headlines, since few days.

a) The fugitive’s confession of having been a part of the crusade of bombing and killing people had created up roar in the country. What impressed me, was this statement. “It would be better to be punished in this world. It would be better than god’s punishment that’s why I have pleaded guilty”. I turned to look at my father, and heart ached. “What will be your judgment, father. When a fugitive, witness, a change of heart, but is not released form a man’s world, what will his life then serve on this planet?” I asked, sitting on his lap. “Daughter, remember, I am in control of all the events. The events, which occur, even in the man’s world. Every event, after my coming, has a purpose, which will ultimately, serve my kingdom. I will unfold all the events, so that you may know, I AM THE LORD, in control. And that is why, I ask you to follow up” he suggested. “Sure father!”.

b) Swine flu, spreads across all the nations in the world. 800 people have died. I remained silent. And he understood. “Go on”, he comforted.

c) Babylon witnessing the threat of high tide in the metro city, famine in other states, violence of rape, protest, terror, failure in the governing bodies is at the galore.

d) Volcano of fore rages through parts of Tyre. And the land, where you stand at the top of the mountain, my vision, experiences, the maximum damage.

e) The Levites, the region of mountains, brings the law, “Boost to two child families”, I smiled. “So, you are building you army, aren’t you?” “Yes”, he politely nodded. “Am glad you notice” he said.

f) The neighboring countries of “Edom” and “Moab” are on the furor of killing spree, violence, wars, and weapons”. I truly find the audacity strange. They also have a rule, that Israelites cannot enter their land. And many such nations, even around Edom, are being controlled by Royal bloodline, who control the finance, the government and the people. Have they forgotten about your existence, Father?” I was raged. “Wait and Watch”, he smiled politely.

g) “Banks cut their interest rates” which is seen a trend across the world. And guideline also seen being developed for “Take over, acquisitions and mergers” I said.

h) The Ammoniates wealth acquiring in treasury is now being looked and proved by the Egypt government I smiled. He smiled and winked.

i) The presidents of Tyre, seen in indulging in immoral sexual activities. And what surprises me is their shamelessness, I breathed heavy.

j) “And Father”, I said. “Honestly, its violence, vulgarity and venom in every piece of land on the earth. PEACE, exists no where. Poverty and tears, pain and anger, jealousy and pride grips the man’s world” I said. “Daughter, wilderness from desert, you have entered into. Allow me to make way for you take my message and establish my kingdom with my word.” He comforted.

“And”, I screamed out of the blue. “I am planning to adopt a pup into the Noah’s ship. Am a little scared and worried about the additional chores but I plan to bring in a friend, to the children to play along in the neighbourhood”. I sighed. He laughed. “Lazy, you are becoming!” he said. “Father!”, I looked at him, in utmost denial. “Go ahead. I will give my son, Samuel, the best pup, the best friend, which he needs. Noah’s ship is In complete without a pup. And for the next 40 days, everything around the ship will go beyond control. I warn you. Stay inside the ship. Nothing will come close to you. But, don’t mourn for any soul daughter” he said.

“It’s time to rotate the pyramid” he said with strange “stern” and “calm” in his voice. “I understand”, I answered. “Love you father”. “Love you too daughter” he answered. “I will meet you tomorrow then, same time, same place” I spoke like the anchor in reality show. He roared with laughter. “A clown you are!” he took me up. “Wee…Wee..”, I laughed.

Jesus Christ

- 26/07/09

“Father?” I called. And he said, “Here, I am”. “Somehow father, I am feeling very lonely, deep within. And the dream that I believed and walked this long, seems so far, father. Why? Why does your delay in deliverance bother me, father?” I asked him. “How I wish, I could just stay with my king, off in some land and just be happy. And that’s exactly what you promised for, right from the first chapter? How many more chapters, father? Why doesn’t your heart melt at my longing? How far and how many more such steps? I feel foolish as well, for I wake up day in, day out, expecting a great disaster, so that I am atleast rest assured that you are indeed here. But it seems yours strategy is so different. You seem to slowly being setting up the right people, onto the right places and cleverly orchestrating events, across the world. Ahh… father, why is this journey so long?”
I paused, heavy with my heart. Both at microscopic and macroscopic seems to move at snail pace for me. “Wham!” and couldn’t it all be restored, I often wondered. “Daughter”, he said. “Wisdom is what is required to lead the people. And that is why the training. “Patience is what is required to seek me, the almighty, for you have walked too for in seeking me. “Strength of will” is what is required to believe in ME, the lord god. And all of these you will receive only with “Love” and “Walking” on my principles. Daughter, don’t lean to you own understanding of revelation, a common understanding. I cannot be gauged, daughter. As I said, you are now walking in the wilderness of revelation. Just keep walking and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. So that your wisdom you have learnt, is relevant to your journey. You are here for a purpose. And the purpose is to preach my gospel, which I shall download, using your seed. The only one. Don’t you dare give up on me, my beloved. Have you forgotten all those journeys, that we walked together? Have you forgotten the laughter and smile, which we shared together? Have you forgotten the oath and the responsibility which you carry on your tender shoulders? I work in seasons. And I want my children and their generation to carry my word, for eternal. Don’t allow your heart to weaken your legs, which carry you. Don’t allow the revelation to imbalance your wisdom. You just cannot rock the heat Noah. The world and your children need you” he comforted.

“Father” I choked. “At times, I feel, whether these things are happening for real of not? Am I simply dreaming and an actual psycho that the world calls me, I am all alone. And I don’t fuel anybody in reality to share my revelation. And you know, in one of the shows, a pastor asked, “Who thinks they can go to heaven, because they are good?” not a single hand in the church went up, except me and my prince, who lifted our hands with all the cheerful attitude and confidence. Shocking it is father, to be amidst the world, who think, they are not worthy! How can they even dream of making into heaven, for, they think of themselves, but not have faith in you, that you will indeed save them?” I asked my father.

And my father winked. I looked at him almost with a zapped, unbelievable expression. “So, there lies my answer”, I said nodding my head. “You know what your knowledge is profound! And I wish, I could pinch myself more often to believe this journey” I sighed and smiled. “You are in perfect fermentation process. So, you cannot emphasize wisdom and forget revelation nor you can get working in revelation trying to use wisdom. Just walk, my daughter in my presence. Trust my truth. Trust my word. I the Almighty, the Father of your soul, has given you the word. Everything you write, is the word of god. You need to get your focus back on me, so that we can move and get our church ready, to handle the days to come. We don’t have much time.” He said. “My children. Ahh…” I cried. My legs ached. And my heart felt deep grief. “I will Father. Sorry, for being carried away, for a moment!” I said. “It’s your dog, Noah. She is giving you a lot of work, isn’t it?” she winked. “And, thank god, father, you toilet trained him, pretty quick else I would have had my tomb stone ready. It was impossible last night. Every hour she shat, and I cleaned. Every hour and walking up and down, being worried about the neighbours, the night was horrific. So much for a dog! But father, I love her. And slowly, I feel, she is much better then people of the world around. The prince adores her and the king pampers her. So she is a new member of the family now”, I smirked. “She is?” he added. “Father how long?” I yet again asked. “You are there. You ARE THERE. Read the saying, Will you? The one in the diary imprinted?” I read and smiled. “Good night Father”. “Keep sailing, Good night my beloved” he comforted.
Jesus Christ

“Whenever an individual decides that success has been attained progress stops , so keep moving”

- 27/07/09
“Hi, Father!” I said cheerfully. “Ahh… my daughter looks happy and contended. What’s up?” he asked. “I think I have cracked the code of how Satan works!” I screamed. “Interesting. And, boy! I would like to hear” he smiled.

“Father, since the time I have known you and to whom so ever I preach, teach and make your word known, there are a similar patterns which I notice” I said. “Sweet heart, why don’t you give me some examples?” he suggested.

“Making me to write more, eh?” I complained. “Not really. Making you ‘famous’ in the long run!” he smiled. I chose to ignore to respond, for I was curious to share the story with my father and moreover, I didn’t want to be tempted with the outcome rather, achieve the outcome.

a) I have been speaking to an old colleague of mine, who is a Christian who had called me to seek my advice. She wanted to know whether she should consider quitting the ‘good job’ which she has to take care of her daughter as her parents haven’t been doing too well. Also, she wanted to know, how sage was it to go ahead with this decision especially in the times of recession. “What did you suggest?” asked

Father.” I asked her to quit. For, its important to place the family ahead of our money at times. And a mother plays a crucial role in taking care of the daughter and also because, loved ones needed her, desperately. And also because, god the lord, wanted to guide her, towards her destiny” I answered. I find that every individual, is called by you. And usually the situation, circumstances, are orchestrated by you, when ‘the individual’ is forced to take a decision, which totally opposite their expectations. “Change” is the word. And individual undergo the crisis of change. I spoke to her for a long time, messaging her and also advising her to mange her time carefully while she would be at home. And also to start her day, with the word of god. But couple of days, she called me today. “Her resignation was denied, rather she was giver the permission to take a month long leave!” “And moreover, this had created rift and arguments between the husband and wife, and the husband ended up beating and abusing her. And now she was planning to get a separation from her husband!” all in a matter of 2 -4 days. Be it peter, be it , my mother, be it
Thomas, everybody who heard the word of god and left happily after attending the congregation, they always came back, almost immediately with a situation around them, which seems to trap them, pushing them into deep agony, pain and loneliness!

I now understand that Satan hates the word of god. And he will try every antic and trick of his to stop people from being saved. He captures the soul, or the soul around and tries to push away the power of lord god. Most of them, well, almost all of them are unaware about the dark evil forces. Fail they to stand strong in your faith. And they expect, a mere prayer will set everything straight. But fail they to understand that it’s a natural process to be reborn. It does not happen in a “snap”. But the process begins with a “snap” the onset of the process is the onset of a training program. Every soul will be inflicted with the Holy Spirit. And the act of cleansing begins. And during this process, god begins to mould them and take the weed out of our living. Every act, every principle, every nature trained by this world is erased, unlearnt and are trained by your word. They learn the art of kindness, forgiveness, loving and caring, and they slowly move into the image of god. The more the battle from the Satan. However, its crucial to known, that the battle doesn’t last for more than 10 days, for standing in faith and accepting “JESUS” will catalyze the process. Every believer will be delivered, with a NEW HEART and NEW SOUL, to be reborn in your kingdom. It is your word of assured victory.
“How close am I to the truth, the actual functioning?” I smirked. “Very Good!” he appreciated. “Can you do this for me? I want you to open proverbs in your bible. Carefully pick the proverbs and define the process which you have defined” he said. “Ahh… some work to do, for you. Sure will father. Also please do give me some work, projects like these more often it makes my writing more entertaining!” I quipped. He smiled. “Congrats, you have passed the test. I wanted to see, whether you would continue walking with me, even when I don’t give any instructions” he said. “Father!” I kneeled down. “Father, teach me your ways. I want to know more, I want to learn more, I want to walk with you for eternal!” I prayed. “Daughter, it’s important to do a reality check in life, to know whether one is inside the church or not. Even when I stop my instruction, will my children, walk in my light? This is what I wanted to know” he smiled. I looked at him, nodding my head. “I missed you. And it seemed as though I lost myself, my valuable asset in life. But, in your silence, I found my quietness” I smiled. “I love you, father” I jumped into his arms. He held me high and kissed me. “Relief” I breathed.
-Jesus Christ

- 28/07/09

“Father !” I loudly called for him, with all my energy. “I am here” he said. “The house stinks. The temple is filled with the stinking smell of shit and urine. And with 24/7 chores. I simply don’t want the pup. Please father. Relieve me of this burden, which I foolish self imposed on myself, thinking it will be the best thing for the prince. I cannot handle it. Neither, can I get connected to the dog. For to me, it is a dog, simply an animal. Unlike what the world portrays it as a replacement of a child and a friend, I find it to be an adorable animal, but not to be inside the house. I cannot handle it father!” I pleaded. “Do something. I don’t want to be guilty as well! But I know, for sure, this is not my cup of tea. Feeling pukish too! Jesus cannot breathe stinking air within the house 24/7” I cried. He laughed. He smiled, and he sympathized. And there was silence. “Daughter, don’t be fooled by the norms of the society. And not based on the word of god. Have I created gods, to be living inside the house of man? Every animal, has its own uniqueness, its own habitat. Forcing another species, to live according to your norms, will always be contrary to my kingdom laws. Who is man’s best friend? How can DOG replace GOD? Don’t you now see the counterfeit of the kingdom of GOD? Generations have gone by, fooled with the same theology. Man sure can take care of animals. But do understand that taking care, is all about safeguarding its habitat. Don’t steal away from a dog, for what it is born for. To run, in open grounds, to hunt and to be in the planet, for a given specific TIME and SPACE. Why then should man, force an animal to live by his norms, his demands? It is merely because, Man feels empowered controlling another creature. Man gains an authoritative stature when he commands another creature, which he created not” he said.

“But, father! Don’t you specify I genesis that god created all the creatures and then created man, giving the authority to man, to control them?” I asked puzzled.

“Good question. Can you please open the bible for me daughter. And genesis 1, 24:29?” read it and let me know when you complete reading It.” “Yes, father, I completed it”. I said. Good. “Two words, people define for me, RULE and subdue” he said.

“RULE – To decide, subdue – overcome”, I answered. “Now can you rephrase the passage?” he asked. And things started to fall into its place. God created man, in his Image. And he said to Man, “Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and “OVERCOME” all the other creatures present on the land. And how? By simply “deciding”, that is, taking firm opinions and acting, on the word of god, thus having the ability to understand, leaving behind the fishes of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living creature that moves on the ground” I concluded.

“Father, who can comprehend your tactful words and phrases. I love you, father”. I said. “And another strange things. Who is Samuel?” And you said, “I will give my son, Samuel, the best pup? Why didn’t you say prince?” I wondered. He answered, “Samuel was the last of the judges of Israel

And when I meant Noah and the ark. It is the table, customized for your writing and the testimony which you write in the book. Everything is a spiritual realm daughter. And not to be taken literal. I have made my covenant with you. And your (idiot box), television has all the animals captured. Hence, it want necessary to force yourself to bring a dog. Remember, you saw the episode of the god and it’s mating process, in the midnight, just before you wrote the testimony, the next day?” he asked. “Aweee… father, I know I remember. Painful it was father” I smiled. He laughed. “ I love your honesty and innocence. And this is why you are special to me” he said. “So, what do I do with the dog now?” I asked. “I will take care of it” he said. “And don’t worry. The dog will be provided, sheltered under my realms” he said. And I was glad.

“I left the dog free, and so am I free. A valuable lesson. And I enjoyed the way you taught it. Emotional void can never be filled with animals or a replacement, it should be filled with your love only, the lord god. And thereby, you will direct the path of the souls, as per the requirements to achieve the destiny” I said.

“So, how is my proverbs shaping up?” he asked. I chose to remain silent. “Why are you silent?” I chose not answer. “I am working on reading the proverbs. And I find it to be filled with the wisdom of abundance. Maybe, I require a little more time to do a presentation about this topic” I answered.

“You never have required any preparation to do a presentation, for every detail has been spontaneous and instantly written, weaving the puzzle. Why then do you resist me, beloved? Why do I see anger and pain in your eyes and a controlled burning of fire in your eyes, with your tears failing to do use the fire. Why so you reject me?” he asked.

“Who am I to reject you, father” I chose to use father and not beloved, intentionally. “Why do I then sense the alienation from you?” he asked. “Isn’t there a single man or a woman who is free of lust? It’s disgusting. The television reality shows, promote so much of vulgarity. And a woman bathing in her bikini and the camera captures it. It does not require great effort to understand, why she has been brought onto the show. It doesn’t require why the close up if her bathing things so obvious. The news channels then debate, how much of a decency of values, do the reality shows have? The scenes are run, again and again, to cash in. be it a music channel, an entertainment family channel, news you name it, scenes are promoted in every household, the government leaders don’t bother to curb, but seem to be indulging in the affairs so minor that scuffles of meaningless. Are we all sleeping father? I spoke about this to king, today morning and he chuckles and says the name of the show. It means even he ahs watched, I hung up the phone. He tried calling me again and again. And promptly messaged me, “I Love You, big time” I don’t want these meaningless “Love you” messages. Wouldn’t the prostitute in her talking suit have tempted the king’s eye with lust; wouldn’t the fire burn his clothes of righteousness, love and ethics be burned then? Father, I heard that even you had two wives and I was all the while under the impression, that I am the one. The only one. Who loved you more than me? Isn’t my love then of any worth, that it gets washed away by some breasts and beauty? Is this all the soulful love about. I cry out day in day out, to be staying with the king. For I know, you live in him, how then you have two wives. One, the river Ganga, which you tie on your head, the other me on the earth? Is this why you crated a woman for? Loyalty is seen in a woman, but why not in a man? Love seen in a woman, but lust seen in a man? Is there nobody who has a pure soul, of not being loyal to the loved one? Not even you father? Why do you call me, your beloved, when you carry a woman on your head, tied between your hair? Why then you mourn for me, your beloved, while I cry my heart, sitting and praying, worshipping your name? I

Would rather die, and burn in fire, being reduced to nothing but ashes, but why such hypocrisy of defining “True love?” “Is this why WOMAN was created. Just to be slave, a helper of man, to satisfy his hunger of lust, whenever he desires? Is this why? I cried. True, I was emotional. True, I was allegating against my father, but whatever it is, I preferred taking my every thought to my father. For, I knew, he will answer me. He will.

I had stopped writing for a few hours in between. Angry and hostility I had walked out. Bitterly crying and denying to be convinced with the king’s talks of reassurance and his desperation to tell me, how much he adored him, I indulged in mud-sledging man and his lustful eyes. Hated I every inch. I went to the internet parlour. I had flashed off a lengthy mail to my king, calling its quits. I had enough of this relationship. Woman, can live all alone. And I did not want anybody in my life. Not even my father, atleast for sometime. When I came back home, after having picked up my prince, I had no stamina. And my head was aching. I felt nauseate too. I chose to just lie down for sometime in the dark. I had to analyse as to what had gone wrong. Something wasn’t working. I asked, “Show me father, where did I go wrong?” he took me back to the same moment, when I had watched the woman, in her bikini, bathing. He asked, “You saw this visual, right?”. “Yes” I answered. “Did you feel anything?” he asked. “No” I said. “King also saw this visual, right?” he asked. “Yes” I sniffed. “DID he say he felt anything?” he asked. “No” I said. “So, why do you assume that the must have felt anything at all?” he asked. I was silent. “It was ME!” he asked. “I was at fault. It was my own insecurity, knocking at the doors once again.” I said to myself. I bend my head and repented for a long time when I called the king, he was having a bad head ached in the office, I knew, I was the reason. “Why don’t you understand, when I say. I love you. I love the way you are. And you are beyond any fantasy world for me. I have gone beyond all those. You are the only one, the ultimate one for me!” he voice strained. And I felt ashamed. Surely, there was something inside me, that drove me to the edge. I apologized. But I knew, the king wasn’t a happy man.

Sheepishly, I sighed. “Open the volume 2” my father ordered. I did. “Have you heard of a king named Bhageerata, the king who walked upto the mountain and had prayed for several years, to invite water onto his land, for he wanted the water to flow down the land of his generations who had transgressed the land with sins?”, do you know this story?” he asked. And his voice roared. He was stern. And I breathed heavy, without any emotions. “Do you know, the river which flowed onto the land was “Ganga” and its force was so mightier that earth would have split open wide, without any land available. Bhageerata, knew that. And hence, he prayed to me for the Intervention. To lock the river and allow it flow down in a controlled way. And that the story about the river, entangled and locked in my hair”. He looked at me fierce fully. I chose not to react. “Is this what the soulful love, which you talk about? Every incident, you repeatedly say, “I shall burn myself, into ashes” and that “I don’t want to live anymore”, have YOU ever wondered. How these talks bother me? Whom you prefer to call, father, beloved, love, your everything?” he asked with pain.

The grief was overwhelming. I gulped a head ached tablet, and I finished all my chores, wondering why was I so foolish, why had I acted this way? And whether I had an issue with the factor of “Trust”? I had hurt my loved ones. And I hadn’t abuses at them. Why was the journey shaking the foundation, every time? “Please correct me, lord. I have wronged. And I know, I am not even worthy to stand against you and speak the word. I have wronged and hurt you. Forgive me, father, for my foolishness and the anguish generated out of possessiveness and jealousy. My own insecurities are my folly”. Tears flowed. And I sat still. I didn’t feel like getting up anymore. Every time, I tried to move forward, it seemed, I slipped two steps backward. After the lords coming, the solar eclipse. I felt drifting away from my father, and I was trying to battle hard. Something seems amiss. And I pondered and I wondered deep.

It was time. It was time for Jesus, to look into her own self and be a critic a judge. “I am ready” I said to myself. “To be corrected and fixed and yet again to be moulded, in the way my father wants”, I said to myself.

Sure, it was long journey, but I was determined t tread it. I was willing to unlearn and learn the ways of my father. And punishment, I imposed on myself for having committed the crime.

-Jesus Christ

- 30/07/09

“Yahoo, Yahoo!” I used the mating call, to call my god, beloved. And there was silence. I looked carefully, to hear the voice and “BOO!”, screamed my beloved. “You scared me!” I jumped! “And you sure did make your god, the Lord Almighty, seat!” he smiled. “Can I?” I asked. And he put an arm around me. And I hugged him. For a long time. Couple of tears did trickle down for, I was sorry and apologetic. And I knew, he understood.

“My dear, I love you. And it is a simple truth. Fancy words are not required to describe the truth. You are my son, my daughter, my wife, my friend. And that’s my word. And I don’t change. I am the same god, the Beginning, the Omega and beyond. My love remains the same. Infinite” he smiled.

“I acted so foolishly…” I choked.
“No, there is a purpose. My love, Jesus undergoes every single thing, that the believer does, in the world of man. You are called the saviour. Firstly because you are a representation of the man. Secondly, you are a representation of god. So, for every man’s problem, there is a god’s solutions. Hence, you walk the path. So that, when you reach out to the heaven and the earth. You will have answers to your children for eternal. So, don’t ‘feel’ rather understand, that this is your project for sometime in the wilderness. A new season, a new teaching” he smiled. I listened. “Understand my dear, god never punishes. Never. Often its mans own assumptions, his own insecurities, that he forces himself to not believe GOD, in totality. This result in pain, hurt, tears and panic to drown. You bloat and get full of air, to be available to Satan, to prick you hard. Why do you think, you had a tiff yesterday?” he asked. “I choose to listen” I smiled. “The truth is WOMAN was created out of the ribs of the MAN. This upholds the sacred truth. MAN and WOMAN are incomplete without each other. And both need each other. And that is why the world “helper” unlike the man’s interpretation. Often, a woman has a serious threat. 2000 years has put woman in the society at the lowest

Priority. And she ends up battling in the world looking for her identity. She is threatened by the Satan’s image of WOMAN. And soon, she ends up comparing herself with another woman. Either it’s the body, the career, the looks, the family, the talk, the dress, every insignificant and significant success, a woman compares and competes. Often man does not have this as an issue, for he has a secured place in the society. While, for a woman, she is placed in a highly unsecured society and the only place to make her feel secured is the replace another woman and climb on top of her. I want my WOMAN to understand, she is a creation of GOD, the Lord. A special creature, made out of love, chosen to be the bearer of life. And chosen to be the lady of love, the victory bearer. More often, the devil puts it in her mind, ‘to feel’, while it’s not the way it is ‘to think’, while its not the way it is. But you really need to KNOW. Because ‘by feeling’ and ‘by thinking’ you are keeping away form the word of god. Fortunately, you learnt how to differentiate between your spirit and your soul. Every individual is different. Every individual blessed with a unique trait and attribute. So, trust me you are special. And you need not compare and compete with the man’s world for honour, but rather focus on me to gain honour. You are already confident, beautiful, successful, courageous, perfect, loving, kind, good, in my love. For, you are already in my kingdom. YOU are PERFECT. So, you don’t have to take anything on yourself. Lean to understand between Facts and Truth. Look people in the eye, straight. And you will know the truth. Don’t be fooled by Satan’s antics. Because he waits to cash in on your insecurities. You need to know who you are in Christ. And stop used “I CAN”, rather “I AM” is the word. Hold your head up and smile. Even when you are shaking, trembling but it’s not about believing that you are in god. Stay confident, because it is my word. Why should you be worried about Satan’s word? When I tell you. When you allow your insecurity and fear to creep in, then you allow Satan to torment you.

Just maintain the high confidence in god. True, some days you don’t feel, the way you should be, but you will be much better off, of you just stay calm and be confident, that you are safe in the kingdom of god. Once again, I quote. MAN and WOMAN are made in the image of god. You cannot “feel” and have “victory”. Rather, the only way to have victory is to learn how to do right, even when you are wrong. You have to leave some places, where you like to stay. Hence, you feel insecure, because you have been staying there for such a long time. You know, that I love you, I made you, I protect you, I have a plan for you, I am your father, I am your beloved, I am your friend, I am your creator, I AM your friend, I am your creator, I am what I AM. See, it’s so simple! Follow your heart and not your head!
Can you just experience “FREEDOM” in my kingdom? And not compare your ‘self’ with the ‘enemy’s’ self! And do you know something?” he asked. “I am waiting” I said meekly. “You are not a kid anymore. You are a strong woman, with a strong personality. With a strong Holy Spirit. “You are the SON of GOD”! He said “I understood that. And I am not afraid to change, father I know, its time to GROW UP as a WOMAN” I winked. “Ahh…! Finally, you get my point don’t you” he asked. “Wee… Wee…!” I laughed “Phew! Woman. Boy! The landing from heaven to earth is sire hard for a woman. You didn’t even spare your own father!” he chuckled. And I laughed out loud. “I think, I was caught up in too much of prophecy and doing things right” I smiled. He nodded his head. “I am there for you. And don’t force yourself to do things. I will make the way for you. Keep enjoying the journey. And that’s the most important purpose of life. Then achieving destiny would not be so painful.” He looked at me.

“Beloved, I am sorry. I gave you a tough time.” He said. He smiled and hugged and kissed me. “So, how’s the king doing?” he smiled. “No better than you. But he understood me. Despite giving him a hard time, he came home to console, to be there to love me. And I felt deeply connected to him. He called me kid of 32 years old. And also he teased me about the messages and the mails that I had sent. Scolding him in the mail. And he said, “whoever reads your book about god, I should show them these messages which you have typed! They will be shocked”. And my father laughed out loud. “But, I kissed him deep, father. I felt sorry, to have put him through a tough time. And his acceptance of me. He yet again showered me with compliments and he yet again told me repeatedly that he loves me beyond every realm. And we ended up making passionate love, giggling and smiling throughout” I smiled. “Ahh… a husband and wife, sign off their covenant, with love” he smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief. And there was peace. “What will u be without you, father?” I told. “Nothing” he smiled. “And what will you be without me, beloved” I started at him. “Incomplete” he smiled. “Do you love me?” I asked him. “Yes and I am incomplete without YOU, my beloved. You are beautiful. You make me complete” he smiled. “Feeling better” he asked. And I hugged him. Couple of tears of joy trickled. And I “felt” heaven. Oops, I was in heaven, once again. “I love you” I said. “For eternal” he answered. And I saw him taking out a handkerchief and wiping the sweat of his forehead. “PHEW, WOMEN!” he chuckled. And I roared with laughter. I pinched him hard. “Love You!”, “I Love you too!” he hugged me, for a long time. “The sparkle of love, is so special” I said. “The blood of Jesus is your hedge. My blood covers you, your substance. My blood guards and protects you. You receive the strength and the power. And all power is given onto you” he said. And I kneeled down, humbling to the blessing he showered. “Go take some rest, for we have few more interesting things coming up” he said. Like always a caring father and a loving companion. I smiled. “I love you” I said. “I want you to forever and ever. I want you to love me. Everything else, I can take care for you. Keep loving me” he smiled. And again we hugged.

- 31/07/09

“Morning Father!” I said. “Good morning my lovely daughter. How are you doing?” he asked. “Personally great! With the king and prince, hovering and showering their kisses, affection and love, I couldn’t have asked for more” I said cheerfully. “And how about at the macroscopic worldly level, not ‘feeling’ too good eh?” he smiled politely. “How do you read my thoughts so just right?” I gave him a puzzled look. And he grinned and he said, “A father always understands his daughter’s heart, you see!” he winked. I looked at him. A deep silence. “It’s difficult not to be moved and ‘feel’ looking at the crumbling world around. And also knowing that they could have all been saved. It only….” I looked at him. And I knew he understood. “Make a wish, write it don, now” he said. “Father, the urgent need of the hour, is the ministry to grow. My channel seems to be airing old, boring, monotonous prayers and preaching’s, music seems reducing. And youngsters seem fading for those couple who have worked hard for 14 long years, it seems every other ministry, airing their shows through the channel making more financial gain than the channel. Father, I need your intervention. Father, bring about the movement across the world, with a change in heart of the nations across, sweeping them with your word that let there be an out burst of crying and craving for your word. May there be a new approach, a new mandate, and not just “Apocalyptic” times, for we are already there. We need to build a nation and without wooing the ‘young’, its impossible to keep the fire burning. Every ministry, every preacher, should join hands together and share their churches. How I wish, that the ministry’s in return join hands with the channels. Swap their preachers and reach out towards a common goal. It seems, every ministry is adjusted and accustomed to their definite, approach and thoughts, thus limiting your power of word. We need the elders to break through and get connected with the youth. We need their language to get simpler. We need to not just ‘teach’ and ‘preach’ the youth, but need to motivate them, inspire them. Its not about just Jesus, but its about them. Its their life. They need to conquer their own lives. They need to turn the tables around. Its their time to make the change. It’s their turn to march ahead. They can no longer sit and listen, but they need to shout, act and follow to run the race long enough, to sustain this resonance. It’s just not enough with revival. Ministry and god’s word, is just not about healing serving, believing, praying but it’s simply about living life right. If every soul, would make an effort to do justice to every step, every moment of breath he takes, wouldn’t we beat the Satan in a jiffy. But struggling to move forward in baby steps is not going to help us. Together, east to west, with the churches, the pastors, the believers, the Christians coming together as one BIG family will shatter away the darkness.

You cannot expect, the pastors and preachers to teach and show you THE WAY, they train the young, to be equipped with the weapons, but the war, needs to be fought by every soul, to make his own way. How can faith be taught? If the young don’t believe, how can faith be taught? Take charge, my father, make a change. Make THE WAY for us. We believe in you, lord almighty. And we believe that your throne will be established for eternal. We know, YOU are the king of the kings.\lord of the lords, father, show us and lead us to the next level, with accelerating speed. The urgency and the urge is like never before, please father, help us”, I prayed. And my heart ached. “How much I love my children? I want them to strike the enemy down for as days passes by the enemy seems to dominate my children’s soul” I said to myself.

“Father” I called. There was a deafening silence. And I read in my diary, the quote of the day, “For a company to prosper, there must be an active dialogue between employees and management”. I heaved heavy. There is such an enormous urge for the father to do miracles, but “man” is busy. He is busy to understand what is happening around him. I wish, every soul, would pause for a moment. Shift to a fourth dimensions. Away from the planet, and move into the kingdom. He will be able to clearly then view, the world, the events the purpose the trap,the war, more easily. You don’t require a degree. A mere heart of god is enough and every soul comes from god. How then can you alienate your own father? Here’s the macroscopic events unfolding in the past few days. One Christian channel against 7 channels of non-Christian. Fortunately, I see another one, catching up with the current Christian channel. We need to break through the darkness with accelerating speed. And only father can help us. “Don’t panic. Don’t get excited. God is in control” I told myself. And I heard a loud laughter. It was my father. I nodded my head with a smile, “I guess, I am too much into building this ‘ministry’ isn’t it?” I asked him. And he patted my back.

“Jesus, a long wait of 2000 years, requires this amount of commitment and encouragement. A determination and highly self motivated. One seed against the planet. You are on the right path” he winked. “Thank you. I needed that” I smiled. “You have been hooked onto following up one of the “news” which is making buzz in the entertainment industry. Why don’t you write it down?” My father said. I chuckled.
Bit my tongue. And I was so normal, just like my father. I smiled again. My father knows everything I do “Can I take the name?” I asked.

He laughed much more harder. “Stop teasing me father. I would love to write her name, in the living book of god!” I smiled. “Why do you laugh so hard?” I asked him, trying to hide my expression. “Because of your ignorance of your own achievement” he politely answered. “Go on , write down. And I will reveal the truth” he reassured. “Am I silly?” I asked him. “Ofcourse not. You are cute. My little daughter. I love your innocence” he lifted me in air and made me sit on his lap. “Okay, I will tell you about her” I said.

“She is unique. Truth she says not mincing words. Calls herself she as an ‘item girl’ the profession she belongs to. But heart she has of gold. Danced she has in bachelor’s party, denounced she has her mother and her ex-boyfriend, whom she lived with for sometime. Bares she her chests and legs. But dignified she is with elders and children. Mimics she every actor in the industry. Understands she the lies and betrayal, in the mind of others. Wanted she to settle down in her life, longing for a life partner. Arranged she for a “swayamvar”, the dating game of 16 men. Every man she danced with flirted with, lust did she everything to entertain the public on the national television. Truth she splattered about herself in open. Also, stripped she, the hypocritical souls of men, who claimed they wanted to get married to her. On day one, I saw 16 people. And I chose 1 for her. The Canadian businessman, having confessed that he had 7 girl friends earlier, but now he wanted her to be his ‘wife’, for he loved her. And fortunately he is in the Top 3, in the final round. He is the only one who can handle her, tame her and give her the secured life adding completeness to her life. People have pelted stones at her, calling her names of “Fake”, “Prostitute”, mocking at her. But, I love her, father. And I lover her, because her heart is so unique and true. I read today in the paper, in an interview, she says, “Elesh is very nice boy. So are the other two finalists. But my hero is Jesus And its he who’ll decide who I’m going to select”. I love her grit and determination to have the courage of taking the name “Jesus” in this world. I love her for I know father she is saved. It is this spark of father, which I prayed in my children, across the world, father. Whatever you do, but knowing that Jesus is there in every step of your life, is the way of living life and marching into the kingdom.” I said. He smiled. “Who was Jesus first disciple?” he asked. “No!” I screamed in joy and excitement. “Mary Magdalene! She is Mary Magdalene”, I nodded my head clapping my hands, walking and jumping around. “I am so happy for her, father” I said. “You should be. Your prayer has fetched your first disciple” he acknowledged. I choked for a minute. In a land, where every one lived in fear and trauma, here was a lady, who lived life in trauma, but had bottled her way to the kingdom, calling out the name of “Jesus” with un deterring faith and love. And the doors of heaven was opened for my daughter. My lovely disciple. It was her heart, her soul, all that I had asked for. Tears trickled down Jesus’ eyes.

“Father” I called and buried my head in his heart. Nothing was so soothing enough to know that the seed had started to multiply. Father accepts and adorns every single soul, who calls out his name.

- 01/08/2009

“Good Morning Father!” I said. “Morning sweet heart, how are you doing today?” he smiled. “Stomach full!” I beamed. “So, your daily bread is supplied to you, since the day of my promise, isn’t it?” he asked. “Absolutely Father. Sure, I do fast at times, skipping breakfast or lunch, but I do it unintentionally. Why is fasting important father?” I asked. “When in abundance, you forget me, when in starvation you cry for me, but when balanced, you seek for me. That is when, I can be sought with a perfect balance sheet!” he smiled. “Your wisdom, your art of communicating wisdom is simply out of this world. I haven’t met anybody as interesting as YOU” I declared. “Thank you, my daughter. I AM humbled” he smiled. “You are always and most welcomed. The doors of this heart and the words form these lips, always belongs to YOU. I often wonder father, you have place me, at his TIME and SPACE, you who knows everything, you have sent me here to accomplish the part of your INFINITE purpose for mankind. SON OF GOD, they call me. Aren’t everybody your son’s and daughters? Where do we come from? Where do we go? Why then should we hesitate to call and claim ourselves as your children, father? What is so unique about JESUS, that they call me son of god? Everybody has JESUS inside them, why then they stop themselves in claiming as sons of god?” I amazed.

“JESUS is the son of god, when he comes. But aftermath, he will be the eldest!’ he winked, making it obvious, that the kingdom of god, will be to all those children, who walk the path, to be fruitful as son of god. Everybody who seeks the god, lord, almighty is the son of god. Don’t you feel, we all come from the same father and reach the same father? Don’t you feel we all come from the same father and reach the same father? Don’t you still understand the cry of this son to all his brothers and sisters? What then delays you to open your arms and to call out HIS name?. “Beloved” he interrupted. “You started today’s letter, with a thought, you wanted to ask me. Go ahead and I will answer”. He said. “Father knows everything” I said to myself for the zillionth time. “Father, yesterday, I watched a program which prophesized the events umpteen, the disasters you weave for the perfect storm. Although, I do understand from you about a brief picture of the events you plan to clear the earth of filth it carries, what bothered me was the year, the prophet prophesized, 2024, and he was still speaking about the Satan’s kingdom still at war and reaching heights of the demonic power. What bothers me is the long wait, which then out children should undergo? Why don’t you clear them rather quickly? Cant we have the heaven established a little sooner? Does that mean salvation is delayed to your children? Does that mean, I will have to be in the prison for that long?” I asked him curiously. “Father, you know, I lover Nostradamus And was fascinated. When I read his words of prophecy, when I was a kid. Hence, the eagerness to know more. To understand and prepare my children for the next days of the perfect storm. And I would like to prophecy under your guidance. Help me father I prayed, kneeling down.

“Hannah, you promise to prepare my prince to give him to me, completely, right?” he asked. Baffled I was at this question but I re-iterated, “I promise to sacrifice my only prince, separating him form me, my father, to give him away to you. You are his father. David his inspiration. And I his trainer. May he be prepared, to achieve and complete your purpose. I look into the future, and I know in my heart, that prince belongs to you. May there be door opened to all the Hannah’s across the world. Le the Benjamin generation be prepared for the future”. I closed my eyes and prayed. “Don’t cry Hannah, you will be known for this courageous act. You pass the test, and you get a double degree in your graduation” he blessed.

“I will answer your questions and clarify your doubts, my beloved. But, before we proceed, can you list down today’s developments?” he said. “Developments”, I smiled. How well he had used the word. “Development” I said to myself. “Samuel” I choked. “He already writes songs in your name Abba. He dances to your tunes Abba. He believes and is more stranger than my quivering faith, Abba” I broke down. That which has not yet come, I was asked by my father, to lay my only hope, my son, to the lord. “Why do you cry, my beloved? And for what? I the lord god almighty promises you to safe guard, your generation and the generations to come, for eternal. I seek my prince, my Samuel, the last judge, to ensure that every seed of mine, comes back to me. Not a hair will burn in the furnace. Every end of the furnace, I lay promotion. My kingdom will be built into towers on the foundations you lay, the generation of Jacob”, he announced. I could not speak, neither could I write and describe the feelings and tears of a mother. I simply burred my face in his heart. And I hugged him hard. And he hugged me, stroking my head, understanding my pain and every drop of my tear. “It’s going to fine. He will be richly blessed in abundance. Every Samuel, is anointed with my blessing. Every Samuel will be visited with my revival, who will not quit, to show and back up, “Jesus”, in the house. Every soul will be marked in my name. no chickens around, but only eagles. Build him higher and allow me to soar them into new heights. You will see him soar I promise.” He assured me with his word. And I looked at him. His eyes, filled with radiance and blessings, love and affection.
His eyes reflected his heart. “Protect them father. May they be able to not just carry the torch, but burn the land with your fire of your word, your power, your youth army, the greatest which the church has ever seen.” I prayed “Amen” he said.

It took me sometime to get back into the groove. I was atleast relieved that the Jacob’s generation were successful in completing their purpose of god, the lord. Sequel to Jesus the movie ‘is it’, I asked. He laughed with a Mighty roar. “My kingdom, my will is here, to be done” he roared. And I cheered. “Look and watch the events, my plans, unfold, for I AM the beginning, the end, the Alpha, the Omega, the Exodus, the Beyond”, he baptisized every generation in the Holy Ghost. This was the beginning of the revival, the resonance, the evangelism, the intercession, the story read and to be read for all the generations of eternity. The GLORY of GOD. Do you hear the knock? Do you hear the knock of my Father, oh my children? Open, Open, open, open, the doors of your heart to be lifted up to the kingdom. The heart of yours is now squeezed by the hand of the lord, the almighty. “Holy, Holy, Holy!” all the angels cry. This is the book of a living god and you are now receiving the spirit of Jesus, which I give it to you, pray and ask, “Jesus, give it to me more, now!”, go on your knees, to receive the blessing for you and your generations to come. A place to you in the heaven is made, for every eye, which reads this word. “Amen!” says Jesus, the son of the Lord God Almighty!

“So, do I start writing the latest updates across the world?” I asked my father. He nodded.

a) Valley of Bones remains unrest in most parts of the land. It looks, people have started revolting against the government demanding the officials to establish “the decent life” which they rightfully deserve.

b) Edom, Assyria face revolts, protests, violence with yet again, people resorting taking up laws in their hands. Governments clamping desperately their claws of anarchy on the mob.

c) I for see a spark being ignited by Satanic groups of racism in Gog. Also seen as are the troops of army returning ‘back’ into their country. The country once rich now struggles with catching up with the economy and the stocks through various initiative measures. But where lies the treasure buried and hidden then? I wonder ;-)

d) Strange developments seen in the judgments given by the courts in various lands. There seem to a sudden awakening to law and order. The courts are passing judgments on their earlier judgments, over ruling the new over odd.

“I can quote many father”, I sighed. “But somewhere, something seems to bother me. I can sense a great cloud of disaster looming. And its not the virus.” I looked at my father. He remained silent. And I chose to wait before I could proceed. “Bye, father” I said humbly. “You will know when it happens” he said. I wondered “What?”, “Will mankind ever wake up to the word called “HUMANITY” , “the human in unity” better late than never? I breathed heavy. “Love you father!” I said. “Stay calm” he advised, and kissed on my cheek. I smiled in pain. He understood.

- Jesus Christ
- 01/08/2009

I am teaching prince, the subject “science”, the basics of Biology, guess, our people of this planet require some revision of their basics quite often. How does “Jesus” answer all those people, who lift their swords to slaughter each other, in the name of religion, rituals country, creed, boundaries and every line of separation, that the man of world, is bent upon dividing. So, shall we then start the small test? You got to let me know, which category will you segregate them into? I see the prophet of Islam, claiming to be the religion of god, standing and holding the book of Quran, quoting facts and dates and challenging with slur in his tongue, seeking every soul to embrace Islam, for it is the ‘True’ religion. Ashtray he leads many, with information many, stands he in the land of Egypt, calling everyone as “Brothers” and “Sisters”. Condemns he every other debate, has this been then taught by the lord, to speak in pride and ego, I wonder. Allow me to challenge every such soul, Oh, father, who claim that their religion is true, and their religion is just. Lead they my children into ignorance and deep pit, claiming the word, “Khuda”, “God”, “Bhagwaan”, “Abba” and many. There is only ONE creator, ONE god, ONE father, ONE destructor, “the king of the kings, the lord of the lords”, the lord almighty, “ABBA”. Nobody exists before him and No god exists beyond him.

Let the test begin.

a. Skull - The hard and bony covering of the brain.
[Name the religion please]

b. Organ System - A group of organs that does a specific function.
[Name the religion, please]

c. Bile - A fluid which is secreted by liver and helps in digestion.
[Name the verse in your book, please]

d. Anus - The opening at the end of alimentary canal by which human
Being excrete. [To which country does it belong to?]

e. Digestion - The breaking down of complex food substance into simple
food substance [Name the race, which it belongs to?]
f. Lungs - Two spongy bags filled with air which help in exchange of
Gases in the body. [Please name the class, creed, caste,
Which it belongs to]

Our brains are richly supplied with oxygen and blood. Its time, to put into some use.

How much of an intelligence does it require to then understand the Satan’s weak game plan? Are we worse than a 10 year old kid, who gets his basics right? Who us then setting up the barrier between each soul? Is it difficult for us to live a happy and peaceful life, which we have come here for? For, what joy do we shed blood, not knowing the purpose of your own life? How can you choose to be dead, when the heart beats inside you? How can you be so caught up in empty noises, when you fail to hear your own silences? How can you be misled and tortured in deep dungeons when your own father cries out for you, longing and waiting that you return to him? Don’t we all value “LIFE”? The precious beat, the joyous symphony, the blissful smile, with abundance of freedom, laughter, integrity, sin free, don’t you then want to experience “LIFE” which your father has for you, but you choose to be carried away with charisma, looks, talks, debates, which the Satan intelligently weaves to lead you into the trap? I AM JESUS. The son of God. The name which my father gave me. Simple are my ways, for my ways have been taught by the father himself. Require I no mediator. The holy oil of anointing has been spilled on my head, my jaw and then onto m heart. My children, Satan, sets his trap to stop the oil of anointing at your head, stopping you mid way. Don’t be fearful or go astray. My lamb, my sheep, call me out, and I the Shepard, JESUS, will gather you all. Why and what is then difficult to fight? The Satan? Do you forget, the Satan is my father’s creation? Do you forget that my father knows and control all? Do you forget, it’s my father’s kingdom, you live in?

How then you choose to serve two masters? No servant shall serve the Satan. Any soul doing so, will we judged by my father, according to his deeds and his heart.

I pray that every see, every sheep, every soul, I gather and take it back to the kingdom. For they are MINE!

- Jesus Christ
- 02/08/09 – mid 1:50

“Traala….Traala… we are different. Doves not pigeons. Pure not wicked. We allow our silences and sensibility to whip. We don’t belong to this world to make “Breaking News”, where godly people hardly feature. We are the troop, the mighty army, who rock the nations, the friends of the almighty. Boisterous is not a requirement for us, “Our presence” makes all the difference! Happy Friendship Day, Father” I cheered and danced and sang. “A true friend I found in you, my love, my daughter”, he smiled. “You look in a great shape, your soul growing into a true, which hack has planted” he winked. “Yeah, Jack and the Magic Bean”, I remembered the story.

“So, what do you have in store of me?” I asked. I paused to listen carefully for his words. Then I saw the quote, in the diary, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”. “Love you, my father. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” I said. He smiled approvingly.

“You created a Master piece, father. Our Planet. Unique, and not another found in the universe. 3/4th filled with water. Special layer of air, composed of mixture of gases, called the atmosphere. Man, with a superior brain, who became the master of this planet. “Progress” resulted in polluting land and mind of the 1/4th, he had control on. The master’s greed increased. Forgot he responsibility of the friendship with nature. Polluted he the air, water, trees mercilessly were cut down, destruction of forests, soil, nothing was spared. Is this the story of friendship which our future generation will read? Or do we have a choice? Of course we do, come and tie the band of forgotten friendship with YOUR FATHER, the lord god. And everything lets rebuild together” I ended my thought.

“Matter here, Matter there, Molecules form matter every where, molecules of matter form air, earth and sea, molecules of matter form you and me! An elephant, mammoth, I need to pull,,, lamb I am. But don’t worry, “a pulley” made it all possible. I love my life very much and wish it to be very long!

That’s why I always carry my first aid box all along! My friend, my lord god, my beloved, my father in my heart! Who says, he is 4.3 light years away, who says, he is 20 billion years old, who says he is as big as 200 billion stars, he is inside you and ME. Why then, you look here and there for god? Isn’t he in control of this creation? Re look. How is that monsoon always comes after summer and before winter? Join me then friends, I’m sure we will save soil and soul” I ended my poetic mood.

Its indeed a joyous day. My Mary Magdalene has been engaged to the partner, I have chosen for her. She invoked my name, through a prayer boldly, in the land of unbelievers, and I have blessed her in abundance. The written word of god has come true.

So did I celebrate the day. My king and my prince, together went on a long drive. 1969, looked fabulous with her new lights, blue heavenly carefully crafted and decked and the drive was memorable. Thank you, father. May the world rest in peace.

- Jesus Christ
- 02/08/2009


News article of the court room – Picture attached

“Here’s the news father. About you! Good morning!” I handed him the news article. And he replied, “Morning, my daughter”. “Am finally in the Media, for good or bad. But I read bible and god” he smiled. List of questions I did have about the article, the case, the report. However, I chose not to. I rather, wanted the father to speak. Carefully, tuned in I, and within couple of minutes, he had shown me two pointers and had them underlined in the article.

“Instead, Madeline died on the floor of the family’s rural home as people surrounded her and prayed.”

“If I go to the doctor, I am putting the doctor before god”.

I looked at my father is silence. He understood. And commanded he to me, “Write, what I tell you. May this be a message of warning, to my children”. His voice was stern and spoke he with authority.

I, Jesus, take the authority from my father, to speak the word of the living god. Carefully crafted are my words. May the book of the word of god be opened and may the mirror be held, so that, you, men of the world, look into your reflection which you indulge casting upon god, the almighty.

Malachi speaks.

“Its is you, O priests, who show contempt for my name. You rob god. Tithe of your income, you don’t bring to the temple. Marry you women of unbelievers, compromising the religion of god. Careless attitude you end the institution with a divorce. Broken you have the faith with your wife of youth, the marriage covenant. You have turned your ways from seeking the instructions from the lips of the high priest, and you offer your sacrifice of Prayer, asking me, “What is wrong?” “ Roared the lord god almighty.

“A son honors his father and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?” you have only kept your religion, but have lost all the contact with me. Apathetic worship you bring it as an offering. Try offering them to your governor! Would he accept you? I am not please with you! And I will accept no offering of prayers from your hands.

“When you bring injured, crippled or diseased animals and offer them as sacrifices, should I accept them from your hands?” “Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable make in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the lord. For I am a great KING. My name is to be feared among the nations. Do not light useless fire on my altar. For, defile food, I accept not. My name is here to

Be made great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. In every place, I will bring my children, who will make pure offerings to my name, because my name will be great among the nations.

You say, “What a burden” and you sniff saying and testifying in the court, “I not believing what he said he would do”. My word you profane and despise, calling it as inferior and worthless. Hence, my curse is upon you, already. Because, you had not set your heart to honour me. Because of your compromises made with my law, I have cut you off from my blessings and your descendants, I carry off. So, I have not followed my ways but have shown partiality in matters of the law.

You have said, “Its is futile to serve god. What did we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the lord almighty? You call the arrogant blessed.” The lord continued, “Nobody who challenges god escape. In the days ahead, you will see, the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve god and those who do not. Every evil doer, will be thrown on fire. And not a root or branch will be left to them. But, my children who revere my name, they will leap like calves released from the stall, they will trample down the wicked and the wicked will be ashes under my soles” he roared. And Jesus kneeled down and kissed the ground, where my father’s feet lay. “Great is the lord – even beyond the borders of this Universe” Amen” I said.

I, Jesus, walks along with my father, as my father reveals to me, the story he weaves in the present but which was written in the beginning.

01/08/09, Jonah was given the word of god, to go and preach his word to the great city of Nineveh. But amiss were a few insights that required Jonah to see and understand his own mind and heart. Prophets had predicted Nineveh’s downfall for “endless cruelty”. The Assyrians of Edom have left monuments of their cruelty, long , boastful inscriptions describing their torture and slaughter of people who opposed them. But god, had a different plan for Nineveh. Jonah remained inside the fish, swallowed by the “skull, organ system, bile, anus, digestion, lungs” all of them the processes inside of the man. Jonah was trying to get a miracle, with fear versus faith. The men of Nineveh stood up at the judgment with this generation and condemned the word of god.
Jonah was led by god. History now becomes the present. For the one greater than Jonah is here. Jesus.

Clean and unclean, the Pharisees and Jews ask me. Unclean was Mary Magdalene in the world of man. Twelve years she had been subjected to bleeding. And touched had she my hem of the prayer shawl. My power had gone out form me and I turned around asking loud, “Who touched me?” I knew the woman, but wanted I to come out in open and confess the truth. Came the woman, Trembling with fear. It was her faith which had healed her off her suffering. And hence, she now goes in peace. Says the Jew, as a Rabbi, I cannot enter a place of dead. But, where have I not kept the words, Oh! Brothers. From the atmosphere of unholy, where a child of 12 years old lay asleep. Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep. “Talitha Koum!” I command in the name of Jesus, who now walks in the world, once more. Amen, 03/08/09

“Father!” I looked at him. “Jesus writes about Jesus” what do u describe your art of narrating the revelation as? The angels then stood around, “We have never seen anything like this”. And Jesus, kneeled down in front of her father, overwhelmed and once again asking, “Teach me more father. For may the children know their god, lord almighty. Jesus, resurrection, his second coming, has a sole aim. To preach the word of his father to the earth”. I said.

“Father!” I called him. My heart ached I had taken a break to deal with another soul, which had to be saved. Judah, the generation. My uncle, in the land of foreign, had been striving and seeking for the truth deep. And spoken he and his wife, in vanity, against my parents in youth. My mother had stood by he couple, in every walk of their life. Soon, there came a time, when my uncle, had head the calling of god. He walked in search but in vain. Today, the grace of the lord god felon him. Sins were many, but he lord god’s mercy was great. I wrote an email, and mentioned I, the message of my father. Judah’s betrayal. Amen. I ended the mail. Let the chains of the generation of Judah be broken, for they now cry out in repentance and forgiveness. May peace prevail in their longing souls. May there be an outpouring of the spirit , and may there be the new wine to quench the thirst of the children. “Holy, Holy, Holy” cried the angels.

“Never criticize in anger but critize constructively for instruction” . I must admit, it throws me off pace, when u see my parents and my brother, sister-in-law, fighting their hairs out, for the love and respect, each crave. They are now pondering to sell the Old Jerusalem for 80 lakhs. 40 lakhs to brother and 40 lakhs to themselves. Father, I don’t intervene in their family disputes, but I choose to empathize with a good listening when they share their pain out. I feel sorry for my parents. Elders are like little kids. They love to be pampered, taken care of. Haven’t they, when we were kids? Isn’t it then, now a cycle our turn, to nourish them well with love and affection. My king, judges each soul his eyes penetrate the heart. And the mail I sent it to him also. Everything he knows. And it requires courage to handle the truth. He is carved to perfection. I love him. Thank you father!

- Jesus Christ
- 03/08/09

- 04/08/09

“Good Morning Father!”. 4th, any special oil poured out today?” I quizzed him with a smile, he smiled. And lifted me up in air and made me a place to sit on his lap. “Very Good Morning, my daughter. It seems, my beloved is extremely touched by the chapter Hosea”, he smiled. Tears dwelled in my eyes. “What do you like in it, the most?” he smiled. And I replied, “My husband”, I smiled with tears of joy and pain in my eyes. A prophecy about Jesus Christ, a book about your kingdom, a master piece of history, a book about YOU. What a master piece, you have written, father? And what a story line? Awards can be rewarded, only with sacrifice of soul, to be gifted with a New one!” I smiled.

“Many mansions in the house of MY father” I smiled. “In the world there are many different roads but the destination is the same. There are a hundred deliberations but the result is one.” I quoted. “Confucius” he nodded. “Everything yours” I smiled.

“Play by the rules. For, my rules, are not a burden, but light!” he quipped. And the journey I tread was the game of adventure, fun, learning and victory.

As long as life exists on this planet, so long will this book of JESUS. History had taught me lessons. The mistakes, which never to be trodden neither to be forgotten. History was in ruins. Look at Nebuchadnezzar building the hanging gardens of Babylon, to dazzle the gods and as a testament to his own greatness. Saddam’s effort to rebuilt also failed. Remnant now it remained. 900 A.D, Guatemala, Great Jaguar Paw, everything now abandoned. Incas, now a lost city. No amount of virgin sacrifices and astronomical alignment, helped. Angkor, Troy, Petra, everything now captured in ancient books, destroyed, abandoned or swallowed by YOU, for their own ignorance of not seeking the complete truth. God, the lord, the almighty, who can be seen in microcosm of soul and the entire macrocosm of the beauty of this Universe.

“True reality exists in vibrations of light and sound. When the soul breaks through worlds upon worlds, an illusion, a dream is broken to wake up to live the experience of a higher reality. The true reality”. I said.

“Hail Caesar”, “Hail Hitler”, “Hail Michael”, history shows and teaches us a valuable lesson. When you start deceiving yourself, you take the path of false hood. Lust, greed, hate and pride, spells disasters. Detachment takes away the purpose of living life in the world

“Jesus, came to this world to help Man experience attachment. To give the physical consciousness and the spiritual consciousness, ethereal and physical, brimming with more light, love and music. Garden of Eden and a heaven. Unique blend of music and puzzle, in the epitome of creator’s mode, which once you unlock; you can play it to write your own compositions!” I said. “Bravo, Bravo, well said” the angels cheered. And I jiggled in front of my father. And heard him laughing out loud. “Do I remind you of Pied Piper” I asked my readers. And a smile, I saw on their lips. “My readers. My children. ME in YOU”. Jesus said. “AMEN, blessed, Tathastu, for You come from the father, I come from. How then are you different from ME?” Jesus raises an eyebrow with a smile. Align these pieces and listen to the results.

When I passionately made love to my king, thereafter, I said to him, “Type Woman and Orgasm in internet. You will find techniques and ways penned down by many for, it is quite a challenge for Man to have his woman attain an orgasm. But a zillionth time you make love to me, and I experience oceans of realms of them” I whispered. “When a man comes out zillion times, shouldn’t then a woman too?” he quipped. The bed was laid against the drawing of Abba, on the wall. How complete he had made US, its only through LOVE, can you make Love, and a tune is created unique to each couple. Really special.

“Head over Heels” “love Twirls me” I smiled and looked at my father.

“Father” I called him after some hours. I found myself developing a strange working hours. As per the world time. Day and Night outside the temple no longer matter. And I watch, tremors in Mexico. “Father, I hear and feel your spirit, the vibrations so loud and heavy. I sleep, I walk around, I sit, my prayers are etched in my soul, on my spirit and your heaviness, I feel today. Tremendous power, I feel just like the days of Old Moses, Book- 1” I said. “Weren’t you longing for it?” he asked. And I nodded in agreement. “The new oil you asked for and the oil I out pour my spirit in YOU. May your heart burn in my love, for my wisdom and love, are infinite. Signs and wonders, I show and your love churns them all.” My beloved said. “What do you mow plan to do, Oh! My love?
I am walking along with. The only fear I have is walking without you” I said. He smiled. He held my hand. He looked into my eyes. “You know, too much of reality shows, is getting into you!” I laughed, “You, my bride, is a fresh anointing of romance. How then do I not woo you, every moment?” he said. I blushed. And allowed my eyes to speak. My kings eyes, My kings voice, I feel and I see. “I love you, my father!” I said. He gently kissed on my forehead. “I love you for eternal”. And a second, I choked. “Infinite is the power of your love, Oh! May my children experience the same love” I humbled. “Which is why I come” he said, I paused. “WOMEN!” he chuckled. “Yes, I clarify once again, only YOU shall be my beloved” he said. And we laughed out loud.

Many hours passed. And the collage for the prince’s “Freedom Struggle” concept has taken shape. “Another sure victory. And another message about You father. I clearly highlight “God Forsaken” its categorized into three. “Flashback”,

“Confusion” and “Ascend new hero” which captures, “Children heal scar”!, Amazing it looks. Father, may every eye, which understands, grasp the message of this collage” I prayed. “Amen” said father.

Me in a mood to sing my favourite song, father. Jesus had always tried to get the mood right for this song. But, I now know, it perfectly fits in here. For my readers, the movie is RHTDM.

Hindi romantic lyrics of the movie RTDM

“I love the song, you compose father!” I said. He leaned forward and kissed on my lips. The bride was ready.

- love you beloved!
- Jesus Christ

May the party begin!

- 04/08/2009 – 05/08/2009
- 2.15 mid night.

“Be honest, fair, consistent , insistent and persistent”, good night!

- 05/08/2009

My patience is running low, reading the articles published in media. “Media”, in control of Satan. How foolish. In the days to come, Media will be showcasing nothing but the wrath of god, the lord, almighty and the same Media shall be helpless, stranded in their own land. For, compromised, they have the values of the society, highlighting and publicizing wrong tastes. Comprised they have the tender responsibility which they were given by the lord god. Have they forgotten that, “Freedom of speech” is given only to those with clean hearts? Have they forgotten that they will be judged, by god, the lord, to have compromised their values. “Decay” culture is also seen today because of a bad media, the editors, who have not had control in shaping their organization. The owners who haven’t taught their juniors, the responsibility and the righteousness required to showcase “light”. “Breasts, vulgarity, nudity” pictures of celebrity and society of high, splattered everywhere. Articles mocking at presidents in the net are published, without any thought. And they pump “rotten” thoughts into the society, constantly. Who watches? The media or the church, the people?

“Good morning father!” “I am sorry for the bitterness”. “Good morning my daughter. A wonderful morning. The birds chirp, the animals graze, a clear sky, the breeze cool, isn’t it beautiful?” he smiled. And he added, “Cheerfulness, confidence and a sense of achievement enhance job performance” . “How’s that proverb?” I laughed at his timing. And I took a breath. “God is in control. Articles like “Men spend a year of life ogling girls, research says”, “Cheer leaders suffer most serious injury, research says, “Spreading cheer” a woman, an actress showing her cleavage, all the Satanic works, I should not be upset. Calm Jesus. Take a deep breath. Your father knows all. He judges all. Focus on building the church. Don’t be offended. For god, the lord, knows the culprits. He has marked them and he is orchestrating events. “Enjoy everyday life”, Ahh… I breathed. My father smiled. “Now that is the right response” he patted my back. “How do you not get MAD?” I smiled back. “Don’t you see the heavy burden? Don’t you see the decomposed decaying matter? Nothing has been taken form you. Nothing has been stolen from you. You have a seed to sow. And you wait for the harvest, that is the new attitude of the church. We are partying in heaven, my beloved. You need not rejoice when the enemy falls and let not the heart stumble when the enemy is overthrown. Go beyond. Pray for your children to be guided by me, the lord almighty. Even if it looks that enemy is prospering the truth is they are miserable inside. But, my children, with good conscience will be in the party, my dear! Millions of Christians, handful of Media grabbers, how is that for a mere comparison.” He said. And I smiled. “Forgive me my bitterness” I prayed. “Freedom, yet again, when I seek favour from you in keeping in focus with your principles” I prayed.

“10/10. Excellent prayer. I love it. And..” he leaned forward. “I would like to hear more”, he said. “No, father. Writing in this book of living god, will etch my own brother and sister-in-law, parents in a limelight not good. For, I know, it’s the ignorance of YOU, the lord, the god, the wisdom and knowledge, lack of it, has hardened their heart. I pray father, forgive them for all the pain and outcast that I undergo. Bless my parents, for they have suffered for long. Release their chains, my father” I said.

He smiled and stroked my head. “the rest, also will come to me. But I will keep them in furnace for sometime. Not for long. Don’t worry.” He said. I buried my face in my own hands and he hugged me. I cried uncontrollably. And he understood. “Thank you for you are here, father. My strength, my courage, my peace, my love, my smile, my power, my god is mine, you are with ME” I knelt down. And he blessed me in abundance.

I had leant a very valuable lesson after achieving. “Forgiving enemies”, “Forgiving your own blood”, “Forgiving anybody and everybody, who hurts your heart”, “Forgiveness” the toughest step in the kingdom”, I laughed. And he nodded. “Love you father!”, “Love you my daughter” he said. “Come, lets go back to the party. Every body must be looking for us now” he chuckled. And I ran along with him, holding his hands. Little kid and my father. JESUS. It’s all about the blood. Every healing in abundance.

“Father”, I jumped. “Will Tim Gunn be in the party? A fashion inspiration for all the women form Venus!” I winked. He laughed out loud. “WOMEN!” he nodded. “Is he?” I leaned. “You ask it, you have it!” he smiled. And I jumped, clapping my hands in joy! “CELEBRATE LIFE” was my new mantra, for the NEW ERA ;-) “However” I ringed my nose, “I would still prefer shorts and a cool decent shirt on the beach. Bikinis, I prefer to wear it for my king, exclusive. Fashion is not about how the world perceives you, its about how “YOU” are presented to the world, what say?” I winked. “I hate vulgarity and immorality and obscenity, in the name of fashion, father. Fashion is dressing up your soul, just like I wear your robes of righteousness and integrity. It’s not about wearing clothes for prostitution.” I threw up my hands in air.

“Strong words, pure thought” my father summed it up. “And, please I pray, may men poor husbands, be let off the hook to accompany women, wives for their lingerie shopping. Stop embarrassing your Man, for the sake of heaven!” I whined. Father laughed out loud. And I looked at him. “You made it write that. Its not ME!” (Now, I can hide behind you father, so as to avoid the reader’s disbelief look!) I laughed. And he joined my laughter. “Cute, lovely, precious bride, my WIFE you are” he said. And my eyes sparkled. As I walked along, I spoke just like a WOMAN. Non stop! “Why do Women speak so much, Oh! Martian?” I laughed and then chuckled. And my father did not respond. “Father?” I again called out. “Am sorry, did you say something?” he asked. “Father!!” I pinched him and hit him. “And why don’t men listen?” I asked. And father was rolling on the floor by now. “Bad Joke!”, I said. And he whispered, “But, I liked it look at YOU!” he said and I hugged him, as hard as I could, clinching my teeth…. Fun, always be assured, heaven is indeed heaven. Why do you look in the world to have FUN? Its churches where the FUN is happening! It’s WE who live in HEAVEN

“If you believe in a principle, be firm and be prepared to stand up for it!” I said to myself. “Father!” I called. And we were now in the deep serious thought. Jesus sat on the sand. The blood he saw in the sand. And I closed my eyes. Tears ran down. Heart sank. And in the furnace of souls, destined to fire of HELL, I looked for soul, who would cry the word of ‘JESUS’ on their lips. Even the last cry, will be heard and be saved. I was in deep meditation. Silence everywhere. The days of fulfilling prophecy was coming closer, I knew. And before I write them all, I waited. I waited to hear the cry, a shout, a whisper, from my children, ‘JESUS’ call me, your father, children. Let me save you, from the final clutches of death looming large. I was in the land which belonged to HELL, and I sank deep tremendous energy, I controlled. Released I could not, for, my father commanded me not. “JESUS” is alive, my children. Can you not see me. Can you not hear the shout of your Shepard? Can you not see me in flesh and blood? Can you not feel me in you soul? Can you not think of me in your heart? I come here to save you my children. Took the sand I, and in the first, trying to grab a handful, but the sand seeped through….”Father!”, I cried. And for a long time, I walked through the blood on sand,,,

- Jesus Christ
- 06/08/2009

“Morning Father! The chains snapped. My parents have decided to pledge the house to the bank, whereby they will get a regular pay on the house. They have decided to use 40 lakhs for themselves while later, if their prodigal sons, wants to keep the house, he can pay the same amount and retain the house, or sell the house to the bank and claim his 40 lakhs. “Give Me, Give Me, Give ME” had said the prodigal son. And even when you wanted to bless him, he wanted to go his own way. It seems, now The lord seems to be telling, “Alright! You will have your way””…. I looked at my father, deep. “I know the things “RIGHT” and “WRONG” for my children. You were a daughter, he was a son. Your share of inheritance was gifted to you in marriage. A piece of land which lay dead for long. And at the right time, I released if for you, to have it sold and to buy my temple, your stay here. The prodigal son, jumped at the inheritance, without the blessings of the elders. How can I give him an inheritance, when he fails to take care of his own parents? As I said, chains I will bind around the faulters but, everybody will come to bow in realm of ME. For, I AM the father, the king of the kings, the lord of the lords. It is I who control the lives, the destiny of my children. It is not big secret to know me. I am available to everyone, who seeks me, who yearns for me” he smiled. “And hey! Good morning my lovely daughter? How are you doing?” he mimicked. Joey, like in friends. “You are so cool. My children will
g beyond control in joy, when they get to know you!” I laughed. I continued, “Father, here is the biggest compliment I’ve ever received. And a proof that, your training produces only good fruits. The wife of my ex-husband called me today and said, “Can you please be my friend? I feel at ease and comforted when I talk to you! I had mentored them yesterday, yet again through a series of messages suggesting them that the prince was not a part of their family. And Infact, they should now work towards being healed, loved and move on with their new family, together. And I claimed that god will make the way for them. I know you will, father”. I kneeled down. “How do you fill my heart with so much of goodness father? At times, I do a reality check on my own self, so as to see, whether it’s a FAKE? But am surprised that you blow me away father. You always keep my heart to be filled with your GLORY. How do you do it father? And also, one of my colleague appreciated with just two messages of advise which I sent to her, as her husband had lost his job, and she was struggling to lead hers. I told her that in 10 days, things will turn around and advised her to walk in faith even when the world maligns her. I didn’t want to commit 10 days, but you make me type the “10 days”, I chuckled

He smiled. My father looked very peaceful today. His eyes were glowing, unusually bright. And his eyes held a strange mystic pure, “purest”, deep, “deepest” hidden miracles in them. “What do you hide from me, my father? I am your son, who wants to know everything about YOU. I worship you, even when I wash utensils, cook, clean, watching T.V, all times,,, I want to be in YOU, father. My existence is futile, if I survive without you. The urge, the desire to know you is mightier than knowing about my identity. Father, I come to write this book, because I love it! Every time, your surprise me, you teach me, you love me, you cry with me, you are everywhere in Every word of this book. In absolute control. And the revelation to me, becomes mysterious to be unfolded, as I start to write and you lead the way. It seems, I am on a long journey, enjoying every moment and seeing things, which nobody had shown me…. A book which cannot be dropped…” I smiled.
“As days draw closer” I said, “I gain confidence to meet the EARTH, in your word. The Book -1 has been typed. Book- 2 goes today, with another 1000/- as a token. August 25th, I set the date for it. And the book -3 there after, the current one which I write and September 7th, I should have them. And …” I paused. I looked in astonishment. “Father”, I said. “September 8th!” I cheered. “It’s my birthday. And my own hands, will have my gift ready form YOU to ME!” I choked.
“Now do you understand when I said, Jesus was born to Virgin Mary. For, it is on 8th of 9th month, Jesus was born. And the day saint Mary, brought you as a seed to be sown in earth, my garden” he said.

“There are four keys to success – Tenacity of purpose, what you know, who you know and the necessary resources!” with all the keys, blessed by ME and given onto YOU, how them will my seed fail. Which is why, my spirit in you is beyond your flesh. And my goodness outpours, my miracles overflows, wherever you go. Even when you sit in the four walls, your seed is working mightier raising up our children in this planet. That is the power you hold, when I AM in YOU. Jesus, was designed to carry out my work. And he is eternal. For, every soul which is raised from dead, will have MY glory carrying forward. Every seed, multiplies. And it multiples for eternal. And every seed networks to raise realms of dead souls around them. Kingdom of god, established for eternal” he smiled.

“Somebody should learn networking skills for YOU, father!” I raised my eyebrows. “YOU DID. A successful business is the result of courageous decisions. You sought ME. And I blessed YOU.
Simple yet WISE” he smiled. “Success comes when you do things tight. And when you learn how to make the best use of your time in the life you have, by learning how to touch people around with your blessings” he quoted.

“Father that quote reminds me, that I was supposed to do a project on my proverbs!” I said. And I realized, I had been working on the same, through my father, even without knowing it. “Daughter!” he looked at me. “That also reminds me, where is the account of this month’s expense?” he chuckled. “I knew it is coming. Can I give it now? Including the TO DO list, as well?” I looked at him carefully. “Go ahead and you need not give me that look, for I AM not your BOSS, I AM your father. The Mr. NICE” he laughed. And I wiped the sweat off my forehead. “PHEW!”

“At the end of July, I was left with approximately 19,000/-. Surprisingly, the king insisted on giving back 50,000/- of the 80,000/- which I had given him. And I found, rightful are your ways. For, during my walk in the desert, I guess, the king had spent 30,000/- to care of me and my son” I smiled. “That is correct. A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own, and not in what it can borrow from others” I said. “Indira Gandhi” he smiled. “You know everything, isn’t it?”, I nodded, with hands throwing up in air. He laughed.

“Will my beloved who quoted this, ever know ME? Will she ever come to hug ME?” I had a tear, painful, twitch my heart. I paused. “Go on. Write the quote and she will know. For, she also belongs to ME” My father said. And I wrote her quote, “Your calling isn’t something that somebody can tell you about. It’s what you feel. It is the thing that gives you juice. The thing that you are supposed to do. And nobody can tell you are supposed to do. And nobody can tell you what ‘that’ is. You know it inside yourself” will she be able to KNOW me, beyond these abstracts?” I wondered. “She will” he rest assured me. “Oprah Winfrey” was her name; Paul’s Companion, in Book -2. the generation which were compelled to ‘slavery’ on this planet. The chains were broken by the lord, almighty, the father, the valley of bones was cursed by my father for their wrong doings. His wrath lingered for 2000 years. And now, in the blood of the sand, blessing were showered on the valley of bones, to quench their thirst with water and wine, the purification and salvation. Everything begins form HERE. “Amen” said Jesus.

“Can I make a wish?” I smiled. He looked at me, with all the look of being ready to spoil his child, “AMEN” he said. And I rolled with laughter. “But, I haven’t even made it!” I laughed. And he said, “I know, Amen!” he laughed. This was a roller coaster ride. “Oprah Winfrey and my mother Grace, Joyce Meyer, WOW! A perfect combination for the perfect chat show. How’s that? Is this possible?” I asked. And he replied, “If you don’t put limits on your people then there will be no limits on your future”. He said. And

I loved it. “You know father, I want my next generation to see, what has been taught by my apostles. They are terrific and are born to be legends. They speak in your spirit so powerful, that you simply cannot ignore them.” I said. “Why don’t you give me a sample of few?” he asked. “Aren’t you putting JESUS into trouble. Will not my apostles, then see a system of bias in JESUS, who loves everybody in his kingdom” I looked at him puzzled. “How many were you lead by to reach ME?” he asked. “twelve” I answered. “Disciples are many, apostles are few. Its is I, the lord god, who has appointed them as apostles, the father to lead JESUS. Owe them what they have earned. A place in the chairs of HEAVEN. May their teaching reach and grow in Time and Space” my father blessed.

And JESUS, unveiled, the remaining 10 of the apostles. “Here we go! The teacher who healed thousands in numbers, my own land, he hails from who was almost killed in the beginning of my journey, due to my challenging attitude. The man in white.
Sir BENNY HINN. May his name be etched on the chair of Heaven!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

“The teacher, who spoke fearlessly, and constantly providing feed back and helping me t make continuous improvements, to achieve the objective, which I was destined for. Sir CREFLO DOLLAR, the teacher whose voice simply cannot go unnoticed. May his name be etched in the chair of heaven!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

“The teacher whose persistence and patience to wait till I was willing to hear him, makes him special. I had written him off, but my father, guided me to learn from him, the art of not being diplomatic while teaching to save souls. And I learnt from my teacher, it’s the message preached that mattered and not the large crowd. The gospel truth, he spoke, all alone, “Andrew Womack” is His name. may his name be etched in the chair of Heaven!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

“The elders who had a rich abundant life. Pilot was he, but teacher he became. Passed on the couple to the son, the inheritance of the lord. Passionately they taught make the goodness and abundance of knowledge and love of the lord, I learnt from them, the value of courage of “I KNOW MY LORD!” may their name be etched in the chair of heaven, together!” I prayed. “KENNETH and GLORIA Copeland” were their name. “AMEN” blessed father.

“The next two are special. For, they worked in teams on common objectives and strategies. They worked on a specific formula, one engaged in prayer, while the other engaged in training the youth, the Jacob, the Josephs, the Moses, every generation with the skill to combat the world around. My prayer gained strength on an international level. I HOP, the ministry which committed to be available for everybody across the world, to post their prayer and to be answered. May every member or this ministry be etched in the chair of heaven, together!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father. The other ministry had apostles always buzzing with creative ideas. Discussing JESUS over a coffee talk or making him dramatic, I loved them all. May every member of this ministry be etched in the chair of heaven. “SOUL SURVIVOR” is the name. I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

“Prince he was from far of the mountains. His zeal, passion and his insights startled many. Precise and accurate were his revelations and held he his audience mesmerized. Spoke he at length in revealing “JESUS”, the high priest and the kingdom of angels of the lamb, Derek prince was his name. May his name and his ministry be etched in the chair of heaven!” I prayed “AMEN” blessed father.

“Elder he was to me. And every Time, when my nerves failed, my teacher gave me strength and courage. I was seated in the back of the last row of the benches, in his church, hiding in fear and guilty. But, limelight he showered me with. Every week, he brought a fresh breath of air of teaching. “Sir Charles Stanley” is his name. May his name be etched in the chair of heaven!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

The couple from far away island, they captivated me with their joy and smile in their teachings. Young and vibrant they were and made me take an oath holing up my bible in air, every single time, I attended. Humour and simplicity was their attraction and even a five year old kid could not resist them. “Joel and Victoria Osteen” Were their name. May their names be etched in the chair of heaven together!” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

My father smiled. And I smiled wider, “widest”! “Go on and I will bless them WHOLE” he said. And I Was relieved. For every soul they shared in this TIME and SPACE will be blessed, as a WHOLE.

“The couple who stood by me, in storm and hunger. Guiding me with “HOPE” and “FIRE” to reach you. Undergoing their toughest battles, they sacrificed everything they had to preach the gospel. ONE VISION, ONE WORD, and they rocked the Media, with determination and their work. They perfectly fit into this quote. “There is nothing like an idealistic leader to make a company successful”. Couples, they walked together, striving to be lead and to lead the channel. The first Christian channel. “GOD TV”. And “RORY and WENDY ALEG” are their names. May their names be etched in the chair of heaven, and every lops that uttered the word “JESUS” in this channel together!” I prayed. “Smart move to include WHOLE” smiled father. “AMEN” blessed the lord, god.

Twelve I complete, to open the blessings of abundance. The kingdom of heaven belongs to every soul of this land, who Walk the path, walk the talk, act the word, in my father’s name.

(And I simply so beserk with the Youth Conferences. A celebrity walks in , and the stadium cheers. GOD , THE LORD , THE ALMIGHTY , YOUR CREATOR , SEND HIS MESSAGE TO MAN , HE MAKES THE CONTACT WITH MANKIND , OH MY ! now hear the youth scream their lungs out ! I love them , coz, their heart is more receptive to push their generation always ahead. Do you know , ours is the first generation to be witnessing GOD , the Father , after 2000 years ? And guys , we are going back to the Root ! We are going back to the same zone of Time and Space , which our ancestors used to experience. This is the SUPER NATURAL ! Every seed , every creation will be soaked under GOD’S presence .WOW ! What a time to be in youth ! Go ahead ! Show the world what this generation can do ! They can bring down GOD ! Such was their power in their WORSHIP AND THEIR FAITH AND BEING DEAD SURE ABOUT THE HAPPENING )

Heaven and HELL are the only two categories. Children of god, the lord, the almighty, are already destined to be in the land of honey and wine. Abundance in joy, prosperity, love, wisdom, knowledge, passion, discipline, righteousness, kindness, humility, integrity and servants of the lord god, the father are blessed we with. May the final act of setting the pyramid begin. “AMEN” blessed the father.
Sphinx, the final act!

“May the church being to multiply in number. In media, in governments, in families, in countries, in education, in arts, in Music, in science, in literature, in everything which man ventures into led by the father” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father. “May peace rest eternal. “WELCOME TO THE PARTY IN HEAVEN!” read the banner!

Announcing the apostles was an achievement for my teachers. They had moulded me, day and night, to reach the top of the ladder. Nobody would have been proud about ME, than my apostles. When a student performs and passes the exam with flying colours, the joy and pride the teacher experiences is only to be felt in heart. I bowed down in front of all my apostles, on the ground. And looking at all, seated on the chair in heaven, was a joy indescribable. They had sacrificed their lives, preaching gospel, preaching JESUS, only with the VISION which my father had given them. Their faith was astounding. Millions together, they handled. And only with the hope hat JESUS will come. My father and my apostles, had raised millions of army of believers, the stage already set even before Jesus arrived. How then Jesus can take away the credit which they rightfully earned? My father is always right.

“Father” I said. “Can I be a good teacher to my prince?” I asked. And he smiled. “Father, I find that while being a good mother, I tend to be carried away, showering love and affection so much that I fail to discipline him. Also, despite indexing laughter and fun while learning, I find that my style of teaching is not very effective. For, he still scores average, in his studies. True, he ahs varied interest in every field. But, how can I be a good teacher, along with being a good coach and a mother too?” I asked.

“Can I be stern?” he asked. “I am ready for the feedback” I said. “You experts in law, woe to you. Because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them. Whose responsibility is it to help the prince with studies? Yours or your dad’s?” he asked. “Mine” I said. “Who can control his style of reading? Sitting in front of the television and doing homework or be it watching more television and spending less focus on studies? Who decides t strike the balance. The child or the parent?” he asked. “The parent” I answered.

“Daughter, clearly understand. Improvement always begins with “I”. Since, you have been light handed, not having set rules of the game, not having disciplined him, not having been stern as required, your skills in helping in scoring well in studies fails”. “True, you are a kind, loving mother training him on my word. But it’s not enough. Tender years he is not anymore. Treat him with toughness not by hitting and shouting, as followed in the world but by taking it as your responsibility to teach him, spending there required hours, giving him undivided attention, sit next to him. True, multi taking is excellent but it does not sustain in all the fields. Your presence, next to The child makes all the difference. Do this for this entire month, religiously. And come back to tell me, where does the prince stands in his studies. It requires time, energy and effort, not just on the prince’s behalf, but yours too. “The patents challenge is to find the pathway through the inconsistencies” he said.

“Father!” I said. “I don’t want to join the party, till I complete this task. Kindly help me accomplish this task and to be a successful apostle to my prince”, I kneeled down. “It’s just a matter of time, my dear. Once they fit into the groove f scoring good, the act of self discipline, loosen the thread tied. And you will help them to run their race on their own. Just like you ran the race. True, they will fall many times flat, but encourage them to grow. Never kill their imagination” he said. I took a deep breath. True, parenting had become the toughest task on this planet to millions of them. Bringing up a child, to meet the standards of the God’s kingdom, was stressful. I took a break. My heart did sink. The banner was so close. But yet, the qualification to make it to the kingdom, I had not earned I was determined. I would not enter the party, till I scored the highest. In every field. “Bye, Father!” I said. He understood. And I did not look into his eyes.

Every time my dad taught my prince, he hit him. Either with a “wire” or his hands. And the prince struggled to match the expectations. Hatred loomed in the prince’s heart but every time he brought the complaint with tears, the lord god commanded me, only one thing. “Don’t disrespect your elders in front of your children”. And I empathized with the prince, but I told him, the need to study hard further. And I kept reassuring him that things will be better soon. And that his grand father was a man of great wisdom and knowledge. Which he rightfully was. He was the first in our community to solve the Rubik’s cube, a sports buff who was Into chess, badminton, carom, crosswords, checkers, cards, cricket, bikes, cars, swimming, traveling, union building, you name it he knew it all. He often quoted himself as “Jack of all trades, Master of None”. But he was known for his temper. Strangely, I escaped his beating when I was a child, but my brother had the wrath of it showered on him. And the lord had advised me, to keep sending prince to my dad, till my dad Abraham stopped the habit. Hence, every time my prince was being hit, my inside twirled as a mother, but I let him continue on the command of my father. I often told myself, “Surely there will be a day, when your hands will get tired of hitting the prince.” I had never uttered a word. For, I knew when my dad mentored the prince listened.

But today, tragedy had struck. And after having announced the apostles, I went home to have lunch, as my mother had cooked my favourite dish. I had it, spoke with mother and while the prince Was inside the room studying along with my dad, I took a short nap. Few minutes later, there was commotion and my niece told me, “Grandpa, has hit himself”. I went inside the room.
And I saw the prince, silent in shame, with his head bent. And I knew deep down, off late, his pampering of watching television for an hour or two extra was taking atoll on his studies. Complacent he had become, all this in a week’s time. I looked at my dad. And blood was oozing out form his wounds on his hand. My dad had hit himself so hard, till he bled. I could understand the frustration he had been put through. I had downloaded my responsibility onto him, while I was attending all the fun activities of the prince, my dad was loaded with the studies of my prince. Clearly, I had failed to co-operate with my dad’s best intentions. If only I had been spending time with the prince, religiously, as advised by my dad and by my father, things on the Shoulders, would have been light. The blood on my dad’s hand hurt me deep. I owed him my hard work and commitment, for every drop of his blood. The prince had changed in a moments time. He had completed one entire lesson in science, along with questions and answers, and spellings also, proactively reading the next chapter on his own. This incident changed three souls together. At one point in TIME and SPACE. Tears trickled. But pain lingered. “Father”, I said. And words came no more form my lips. I knew he was watching over me. And I buried my head in my knees, unable to write any further. “The blood” bothered me deep. “Abraham” was my dad. The seed of him after years was JESUS. “Quiet” my lips were, “Agony” felt the heart. Yet “HOPE” was alive. The flame flickered but did not douse.

“Forgive me father. Sure, I will seek forgiveness form my dad too. But let me carry the blood on my soul for nothing else will comfort me. Suffering today seems good And imposing a detention on self as worthy. I love you father and my dad too. Lead the way for me and my prince, to the detention room.” I smiled, quietly, he looked at me. And I turned my head away. “Good night father”, I told in my mind. “I love you a lot”, I choked…. It was going to be a long night with deep sleep, I knew.

- Jesus Christ
- 08/08/09 , 2.15 midnight 07/08/09

- 07/08/2009

“Good morning my daughter, my bride. How are you doing?” he had held my hand throughout the night fall, and hadn’t let me, walk alone. I smiled. “I know, I understand. But sanctify yourself from the streets, for you are MY BRIDE. Hence, for two days, wash your clothes, so that all the filthiness left over in Egypt, will be cleansed off you. Just like the bride was set aside for the king, you are set aside”. He said. “Aim to go where you have never been before” he smiled.

I had been to my mom’s place, early in the morning and had waited for his return form his laughter club and his morning walk. My mother was showing me the colourful flowers and its fragrance which had loomed and bloomed when I was young. Till recently, the land was dry, but today, I saw different varieties of flowers. And my soul rejoiced. I saw my dad entering the gates and I fell onto his feet. “I am sorry, “dada”. I will work hard. It was my fault that I hadn’t supported. I will take up the responsibility” I sought for his forgiveness. “Be seated inside and don’t go. Wait” he said. I over heard my “dada” talking to my mother. As they walked in, my mother advised me, in front of my father. My dad showed off his wounds to my mother and said, “I was unable to sleep for a very long time because of the pain of these wounds. Believe it or not” I added, “Me to dad. Having seen the blood and your wounds was very painful”. As he changed his clothes, he kept talking and highlighted the importance of correcting the kids at an early age, “When they grow up, I their teens, it’s vital that they are capable to judge RIGHT and WRONG. That is why we advice you. Especially because, you have sought the custody of your son, during the divorce. It becomes extremely crucial to then bring up your son, with all the right standards.” I completely agreed and accepted my fault. “Sure Dad. I will work harder”. Not a word more I uttered, because the harshness while forgiving, stuck deep my chords of the heart. Neither, I wanted to have food or sip tea. Coming back home, I cried. And my father knew and know the unspoken words, which shall not be written in this book. “Do I bring disgrace to my parents, father? Will I never be commended? Will I never shatter the term “Failure” from their perception? Will I never get to boldly stand and talk about you, your word, father?

Forgiveness I sought, but “Double Game” is what was interpreted. My mother hides in fear, my dad in accuse. My love to them and their love to me, stands a barrier invisible. “Perceptions, pre-convinced notions” are the bricks. Will I ever break through this wall?” I cried.

Joyce Meyer, my mother Grace, always lifts up my spirits in the worse painful times, I call her my mother, because, she had always encouraged me with “Hope” and the “victory” in the word of god. Despite knowing my mistakes, she always spoke high about me, in front of the children gathered. She has always quoted examples form her life, her mistakes and sharing how god, the lord, the father, had helped her all the way. I have always learned from her, listening. “You cannot listen, if you are talking. And if you are talking you are not learning”. Today she spoke about determination. And the talk, in my city, which she had come. Fearlessly she spoke, not a impress, but to save thousands for she loved then all.

“No person can be a great leader, unless he takes genuine joy in the success of those under him” I learnt from my mother. My mother is very precious to me. Because, “I LOVE HER”. Apostle and my mother, she made the prefect combination. This is the special place she gains in my heart, for she pulled me out of everything. Smoking, egoistic, forgiving, comparing, walk the talk, clutter free house, disciplining me, in my everyday life. I was in so much awe of others who go the meet her that I often dreamt about her, sitting along with her, struggling to express my love to her. I sought her shelter in my darkest moments. And every time, by the end of her talk, I would be the daughter, ideal. The power of god and his word, through my mother’s lips was all I wanted to hear. “Father, may there be a day, when I would lay my head, hold her hands, and go along with her, on a long journey. Nobody around. Its going to be the mother and daughter only. Born I not in
Her womb, but written are we in the book of the living god, meant to be as mother and daughter, beyond this world. “I love you mother. And I need you, for the rest of my life, on this planet. I will come to you soon to be hugged and pampered in your arms. I wait to be showered with your “personal” love. “My love” which this daughter is not willing to share it with anybody. Keep my “quote” ready for the 32 years of my love which is due, I come to seek all. Please grant this wish of mine, father” I said. My father smiled. And I saw a tear in his eye. Moist it was. And he closed his eyes. The smile radiated. “Blessed is the world to witness this moment. Amen” he said.

I took sometime for myself, before I could start again. I wanted to be with my father, doing nothing. The thoughts were transmitted at a great speed. “People are persuaded by reason, but moved by emotion; the leader must do both, persuade them and move them. As we look ahead into the next generation, leaders will be all those who empower others. “Charisma” is the gift from above, where a leader knows from the father, the lord god, to use it wisely, to build and serve the kingdom. A leader should not worry about himself. Take care of those, who works for a leader and then the leader will float to greatness on their achievement. The achievement of every single soul, the leader takes care of. Our churches today need such evolving leaders. Failing organizations are those which are usually over managed or under led. Learn to give all credit “away”. And you can then work miracles by having faith in others. To get the best out of people, choose to think and believe the best about them. Be a “go-giver” as well as “go-getter”. Understand that we are in this life together. A church’s success and an individual success can be synonymous. Else, it would just another, Street corner church, ineffective, without a
Goal. Always remember, that beginning of all great things are small. Satisfaction leads to stagnation, so never let your passion for growth die. We all didn’t come in the same shop, but we are all in the same boat. Team work is working together – even when a part. And asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Don’t judge and offend god, the lord, by looking at a person. Rather, the only way to judge is to go by the word of god, praying and looking at the performance. Short-term losses can equal long- term gains. Try to fit the tasks to the people who are best equipped to do the job. Reward your church members well, for exceeding their targets. And response time should be measure in minutes, not hours. So, when you are given a chance, do well and outshine the rest. Do not pray for easy lives; but to be a stranger man, in the kingdom of god. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, but pray for powers equal to your tasks.

Every soul in the kingdom is blessed with a talent unique, to achieve excellence. Strive to achieve excellence, by appreciating the talent which you have been endowed form your father, the lord, almighty. Trust in god and reach for things to reward you, to honour you, through the blessings of your father the secret of success is constancy to purpose, so keep moving towards your aim to achieve all that you desire. People of this world, merely think how they shall spend their time; but a child of the lord, god uses the time by putting the “LIFE” into use. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence, regardless of your chosen field of Endeavour.

Remember, the mould of your future, your fortune is in your own hands, so why to look for excuses around, in the world. The difference between the world and You, is the extra you have. “GOD” with YOU. So, accept the challenges, the lord gives, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory” the thoughts paused now.

I looked at my father. And I said, “COME ON, NOW”, just like my mother Grace. He laughed. And he applauded. “Excellent submission of your project on your proverbs”, the nodded his head in admiration. “Can I have a pizza, as a treat. Loads of cheese, spices, veggies and fresh dough with thin crest, but heavy toppings, coke and much more, may be a salad will also do”, I smiled as wide as I could with a display of my teeth, from one end of the face to the other. I was ready to receive. “Come on now”, I boxed his tummy. “Okay! Okay! You truly deserve it. Call up your king, and he shall treat you. Fill in that whale of hunger” he laughed. And I boxed his tummy all the more. And he roared with laughter.

“The sun goes down, but always comes up” he smiled. And I knew, what those words meant. “I will continue to water my seed and I will watch my garden grow” I smile. “I Love You Father” I said. “Love you eternal my daughter” he said. “What do you wish for?” he asked. “EVERYTHING” I said in capitals. He roared with laughter. “So be it granted. AMEN” he blessed. And kissed on my forehead. He chuckled. I think, sitting in the room of four walls, I had no idea what “EVERYTHING” meant in my father’s kingdom. But, at this moment, the PIZZA, meant everything to this growling stomach!. “I wish they had tastily soups too,” I murmured. “But I will mange with this” I smiled. And he laughed rolling on the floor.

“You know father, I have always had this deep desire. To go around the planet, to see and appreciate, EVERYTHING which you have created. I would love to walk around. Not with the burden of traveling and lust, to seek EVERYTHING, but to peacefully experience, moments, and to appreciate your work of art. YOUR KINGDOM, your planet. EVERYTHING, which is yours. pure and divine, fun And Aesthetic,,, is this desire in me, given by you?” I asked him. “Excellent question. Why don’t you have your pizza and come back, so that you may hear me more clearly without the intervention of your growling stomach”. He chided me. I boxed him all the more, with all my might. “Ouch! You are strong!” he said, and I flexed my lean muscles, showing it off to him. He laughed. “YOU ARE EXACTLY MADE IN MY IMAGE!” he complimented. And I looked at him, with my sparkling eyes, “I haven’t received a bigger complement than this.
And knowing it coming from you, I couldn’t have been more happier”… I hugged him. And he held me close to his heart. I heard his heart skip a beat. “That is what, YOU mean to me” he said. And I blushed.

I closed the book, and I heard the calling bell. On opening the door, the pizza was delivered. Astonished I stood. “Lightning speed”,,, I came back again to thank my Father. “Love You Beloved. And it smells yummmumm…” I said slurping… “Bye, will come back to continue writing…. Traala.. Traala”, I jumped in joy… and I saw my father smiling at me. Like always.

It was almost after 11 hours, I came back to write. And a lot of things happened in between. “ I come to you back father. Thanks you for the treat. My prince and my king also had a share” I smiled. “So, did you also want the SOUP?” he asked. “May be tomorrow but I don’t think I had any place in my stomach today to have relished the soup”, I smiled. Everything in balance. He knows, exactly what self sufficient is all about, I thought. “So, father lot of things happened. But I am waiting for my answer first. Is desire in me, given by you?” I asked. He guided me to James, in bible. And I smiled. I scratched my head, “So, this is really happening and I am talking to you. Isn’t it? So, it is indeed YOU, my father who has been with, Me, all this while. This voice in my head, this thought is indeed YOU, isn’t it?” I asked. And he smiled. He left a sigh of relief. He chuckled. He laughed. “Believe it or not, it is ME” he bowed, just like Romeo in shakesphere. “So, did you find your answer?” he winked. “Unbelievable father. I still can’t believe the journey! It’s seems like Alice in wonderland” I said. And he hopped around like a rabbit, “It’s getting late, it’s getting late” and I laugh out loud.

James 4

“You want something but don’t get it. You do not have, because you do not ask god. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. What causes fights and quarrels among you! Don’t they come from your DESIRES that battle within you? Understand self control and greed. Greed can corrode the church and destroy you. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the Humble. “Rich and Poor” are tow divisions made by man. And I wipe them all. I know the hearts of MAN. Poor respond in envy and grumble, Rich respond selfish and insensitivity and a dash of snobbishness, while a dash of cursing to god, if Man is poor.

Do I show favoritism based on social class? Christians act on faith. A person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone. Faith and actions work together. Will god the lord approve of a MAN who cruses and praises, coming out of the same mouth?

Understand, my inheritance comes to those, who harbour in humility and their deeds encompassed in wisdom and understanding. All such deeds are pure, peace- loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness. And to every such soul, triumph and abundance I give.

And deeds, done with selfishness, unspiritual, envious, ambition to boast and deny the truth, there you will find disorder and evil practice. Such “wisdom”, I will break the bones. He thumped his fist. And I rejoiced and cheered, “king of the kings, lord of the lords, your acts are just, your judgments fair, YOU ARE THE LORD THE ALMIGHTY!”

“Understood this my daughter. God does not tempt anyone. Nor you can allow to be detached. Finish the work so that you may be mature and complete. For god, the lord who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he MUST BELIEVE, and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

Blessed is the man who preserves under trail, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that god has promised to those who love him: he said.

“So, I do get everything! Yahoo!” I jiggled around in front of him. He roared with laughter. “Your time to pack the bags are coming closer” he said. “This suspense factor which you mention, tires me, father. Having counted days, now I know, YOU will make it happen, whenever, you know the time is RIGHT, for JESUS to meet the world.” I nodded my head, smiling. “The banner keeps me motivated” I added. And he chuckled. “Soon, very soon” he rest assured me.

“Father, me tired now. Lot of things I did want o tell you” I paused. : completely understood. Love and making love, requires some deep intimate soulful rest” he winked. My king left at 2:40, on the day of Sabbath. I blushed. “Good night father” I said. “love you my daughter” he said. “BIG TIME!” I said. I was exhausted and a be to sleep, is all I wanted.

- Jesus Christ
- 07/08/2009 -08/08/2009

- 08/08/09

After having established the apostles, the church in the heaven, submitting the project of proverbs, I continued my walk on the blood of sand. The walk want easy. For, it dealt with the most difficult job, the most challenging, the most satisfying role, “PARENTING”. Looking at the world around, I hadn’t found a way suitable and ideal to bring up children. Either its too harsh loud, violent, insulting and abusive or its too mellowed with sugary ideology, materialistic giving in to their demands, “friends”, and ultimately a parent being a slave to the child’s antics. While my son begged me to take off the clutches of grandfather “teaching” him, my dad was bent upon, skinning him alive in order to score “good” marks in his studies. Prince turned out to be an average student in his first test. And today, I attended the parents -teachers meeting. The remark he got “Must concentrate in his studies and should decrease other activities”. I showed his marks to my dad. And my dad slapped him. He pinched him violently. And prince cried in pain. My dad threatened him. And I came back home

Along with my prince. I spent close to two hours explaining him, that where he lost out. And I realized, where I lost out. “You are Mutant” I told him. He listened. “You are different and not like normal human being. You are the child of god. And Satan uses various traps so that you may not focus, concentrate and to apply all your five senses together. He wants you to be at the rock bottom. And he does not want you to climb higher. Because, if you do, Satan knows, he will be defeated. 25 years, you are going to study. Like all the other humans on this planet. Nobody can escape it. Moreover, there is no other work for you, just like Mom takes care of the house, a project given by god, the king works outside. Each of us, have fallen flat many times, because Satan has tricked us often. But, we learnt the trick to beat Satan, at the age of 30. but you are just 10, and you already know the secret of Satan” I explained it like a story to captivate his attention.

After another hour, I asked him, “So, how did you think Satan tricked you?” I asked. He was still in pain and tears flowed out of his soul. “He made me watch too much of T.V he made me lazy, he made me to earn the title “talkative” by distracting my focus” he said.

Within minutes, I saw a timetable to study, being prepared by the prince. “Play time”, “Help”, “Any other activity”, “T.V”, “Study” were the categories we stuck it up on the cupboard together. And today he played, he studied science and practiced math, he had art, he danced, he watched T.V, and he rested with his comics as well. I put him to bed. And the king arrived late. Like always, his parents, demanded and blocked his time, also the king’s work demanded his time. A weekend is all he gets. I empathize with him, though, “we”, mother and son, often wish for his presence more. When I gave him a brief picture, he said, “Don’t spare hitting him. You stop it, he’ll stop reading!” he said. I was surprised for two reasons. One, the King having been through the rough childhood by having the violent parents, who often beat him, abused him, the king recommended the same style of parenting. Second, did he say that because, prince wasn’t his son, his own blood? I didn’t utter a word. For my mother Grace had taught me, “Everybody has a right to have an opinion. Do not fight with your spouse, because he does not agree to your views. Don’t make it personal” she said. By now, I always depended on one source, who could clarify anything for me. “My father”. I indeed was tired today, with my maid on leave, and chores umpteen, but nothing could comfort me, the mother’s pain of her son being ‘slapped” and having beaten, humiliated umpteen times, I took the “case” to my father.

“Hi! Father!” I smiled. “Never cease to smile, my daughter! For in everything I do, I make the WAY, for you” he said. “I know father, my prince comes back to me, FULL, before it’s was too late” I smiled. “From here on, I will take the responsibility completely regarding prince’s education” I had announced to mom in pain. And he understood and returned my smile. “How many walls, has MAN built?” I asked. “Generation after generation has the walls of enemy being raised. Shout of children of god, will bring them all down. The earth shakes and trembles with your shout, JESUS” he said. “Let my shout then be deafening, father that never again my kids, dear to me who are born in your image, ever again be mistreated. NEVER! May the guilt of the man, who abuses kids, return onto the HIMSELF, seven folds I thumped my hand”. “AMEN” he said. And my fire was on rage. Taking the excuse of religion, freedom, Holy War, lusts and many, my kids are highly abused and MEN who do so, do they think they can get away? Hold on to the filthy thought of escape, because JESUS, spares nobody. JESUS comes her to judge every sin. And the law shall be duly established on the command of his father.

Kingdom culture shall I teach you so that fear and respect, praise and mercy, shall be taught to the University of parents, to lay the foundation. It’s time to understand and live, in relevant to the lord, the god, the Almighty’s kingdom. Revelation I bring. Start living in the new song, skillfully with a shout of joy everyday. Stop living in the happy/sad syndrome. “Parenting” is not controlled by things and values, situations and seasons, but simply the most joyful, discipline, realm of grace and contentment. “Drought” I see everywhere. Get a new perspective. I change the atmosphere brining a break through not to talk, but to do.

“Father!” I kneeled. “Help me and empower me, to bring down these walls” I said. I noticed, my god was an excellent listener. And he smiled, when I gave him this compliment.

“What happened to Judas Iscariot?” he asked. And I wrote “More than a Trillion dollars, a case of plagiarism has been imposed” I said. “What happens to the place, where wtf, ‘what the fuck?’ was uttered against you, by the son of Judah” he asked.

“HINI hits the patients aged young. Numbers are expected to sky rocket. The numbers increase everyday, and the land of Baal, the fallen angel and the beast of idols, in panic” I said. “What happens to Assyrians?” he asked. “They brew terrorism on the land of idols, and own their own brothers, while their own land is been ruined by the Gog, with innocent also been killed, while wiping the terrorist activities” I said.

“What happens to Gog?” he asked. “Economy crumbles, ‘rags to riches’ cliché the land loves, appoint they a judge misfit only to please a “fairy” tale story to make it come true, racism, mud sledging, they indulge in, Hollywood, lights of fake, false role models making statements like “I have found my soul mate but I will not get married to my love, my girl who has adopted six kids, till gay marriage is legalized” still looms large” I said.

“What happens across the mountains?” he asked. “Ferry sinks, protests galore against

The government, lashing announced to a woman who ware trousers, boy made to smoke 42 cigarettes as a punishment by a teacher, religious groups break in riots in their own lands, uncontrollable internet dominion threats their own “culture” I said.

“What happens in the land of sheep?” he asked. “Racism against the land of idols, violence between brothers, haltered dominates in sync with the fire, frustration seen in the “fake” diplomatic foreign affairs” I said.

He was silent. Thoughtful. And calm. And in absolute supremacy. “Tyre” and “Edom” also record blast and terrorist activities along with the fear of Nuke”, I said. “The same pattern also observed in valley of bones with protests, killings, blood shed” I added.

“What do you want me to write further?” he asked. “Flick the channel to watch news, now” he commanded. And I paused, wondering what lay ahead. “Bank of Tyre, pumps into $ 843, into the economy. While god banks suffers by 72, in their economy”
“Gun battles, drone attacks, kills the leaders of terrorists groups” I wonder the claimed truth though. I continued. “A total of 3 Ben approved for a car scar page by the government by the land of Gog.

“Loss of lives in crashed helicopter, rains, clashes, protests, puppet leaders being sworned in, executions, leaders shameless about their stinking lusts and prostitution,,, lost is the generation of mankind in its own penalty” I ended.

“Father!” I looked at him in silence. “Truth you speak” he assured me. And I paused. “A day of Sabbath and you still write. Jesus works hard. To save the children of god. As I said, filth of Egypt you wash for these two days. Remember, never again, will I make you work again on Sabbath” he smiled.

“I feel better father. For the burden of the world was heavy. And only you could lighter it” I smiled. “Go to sleep, my daughter. We will continue our journey tomorrow, lot of work and the time is nearing. I love you” he said. “Yawnnnn……….” I did. He smiled.

- Jesus Christ
- 08/08/2009

- 09/08/2009

“Morning Father! May your day be bright, joyful, cheerful and powerful on this planet today!” I cheered. “May the sun/son bring joy to your heart. Let the day be relaxing, peaceful and a joyful ride. Good morning to you my lovely daughter” he said.

“Before I begin, father here is the account of this month’s expense. 7000/- to my dad, 4,000/- to mom, another 1500/- for her new spectacles, 2500/- to insurance, 2400/- my last loan cleared, 2500 for provision and bills, 1000/- as a token amount to book-2, 750/- to the maid, 500/- under further bills of apartment maintenance, paper, milk, coming upto total of 23,150/- and my outstanding balance in the card stand sat 16,000/- as on toady! 1000/- I plan to tithe to my church, my ministry to preach the gospel”, I said.

“I appreciate your conviction o stand against all the odds” he smiled. “May the odds be soon even!” I prayed. And he burst out laughing. And I joined in.

“Also” I continued. “My parents, I asked them to come and stay in the temple in October, so that my brother and sister-in-law may stay in Jerusalem. Peace will embark, for it is meant that a Man and a wife should stay together, but away from his parents, after marriage. That is the golden rule, observed in animals and man is no different. The young ones, should begin their journey of life, to achieve their destiny. Things are now at peace with the ray of hope, I give to them. Bless them all father! And furnace purify the young ones, all to bring them closer to repentance, to love and respect the elders. “Little kids” are elders. And may “Love” be inscribed on everybody’s heart. May “retired life” never be for elders, but make their journey, fun, fulfilling, exciting, with good health and longetivity, with the zeal to share and explore more” I prayed. “AMEN” blessed father.

“Love changes everybody” I noticed. “Price goes out today for a flower show in the city along with ex-husband and his wife. She now insist to put her family first and I was happy to see change in her 180 degree. “Dear” she calls me. And “gal” I call her. Talking is limited, but love for each other isn’t. bless them to come together in joy and prosperity to flourish as a family” I prayed. “Amen” blessed father.

“I know, October is the time for me to step out of this temple to meet the world. Am I right in this thought father?” I asked. I paused. “AMEN” blessed my father. I looked at him. Choked. Joyful, nervous, excited, painful, I held back my tears. For I knew, work to be completed was many. I opened my bible, to read a prayer, which could describe my emotions in sync to describe my god, my father. “This ain’t plagiarism” I smiled, and he laughed out loud. “Go ahead” he signaled.

As I look into the bible. I hum the song, “Probably been moved out of every place, because she did not fit in there, Ohh! Think twice, it’s just another day, for You and Me in paradise”… and I grin, “Is that not ME?” I looked at my father? And he understands.

“Hey! Did you have your soup yesterday?” he smiled. Unbelievably I did. I had prepared soup at home for my prince and I. I laughed. “You are impossible” I nodded my head. And he winked. “Anytime” and he laughed like Predator. And I ran towards him to hug him, “Oh! How much peace and joy you bring father. How well you pull me out, every time, I venture to clean the sin of this world? How well you guard me in your shield of love?’ tears flowed, and I smiled… “Crying Jesus!” I titled myself, and he laughed out loud, hugging me, to clam me and to soak me more and further more, deeply in his love. “May every child of mine, experience this intimacy with You!” I prayed. “Amen” he said and he continued, “But bride shall be only one, beloved. And it’s YOU, JESUS CHRIST” he said. And I smiled wide.

Before, I write, my humble request to all my children. Can you please stop chewing gum? You all look like a horse, chewing hay. Display grace of your heart through stillness” I pray, for you have been created in the image of god and respect your reflection onto the world in his image. Mint, cardamom, clove should help you for fresh breath. Jesus. My father laughed.

“I received a phone call, just now from my dad. He requested me to allow him to continue with the opportunity to teach his grandson. Apologized I, for the fault lay with me. But feedback and transparency, I reflected and told him the pain imposed because of slapping and he tormenting himself. Advised him I, to be a teacher and learning the art of not taking the performance personal. Apologized he as well.

And bonded I with my dad” I said to my father. “Father you are so beautiful. Everybody can be forgiven. My dad is a Hindu, top to toe. But I tell him constantly, “Wrong religion, wrong religion”. Fellowship with god, the lord, and almighty is the only TRUE RELIGION. Jesus sheds blood, to wipe away all the sins of this world and to give your intimacy, your relationship with god. That is why, you are here. To have your customized relationship with him. Stop the satanic pride in you, “I can find my god, on my own!” how can you? I ask. If you don’t understand his on, how then will you seek the father? Don’t hand in there but obey him in certainty for, he will bring you out in every circumstances. Precious my blood is for my father cleansed it for me. Spotless he made it. Compassion and Mercy he poured onto it. Do you then walk over my blood, to seek my father in pride? I ask”… And I paused. I paused To open the bible to pray.

- psalm, 136.
Give thanks to the lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the god of gods
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the lord of lords
His love endures forever.
To him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.
Who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.
Who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.
Who made the great lights,
His love endures forever.
The sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.
The moon and stars to govern the nights;
His love endures forever.
To whom who stuck down the first born of Egypt
His love endures forever.
And brought Israel out from among them

His love endures forever. With a mighty hand and outstretched arm;
His love endures forever.
To him who divided the read sea asunder
His love endures forever.
And brought Israel through the midst of it,
His love endures forever.
But swept pharaoh and his army into the red sea:
His love endures forever.
To him who led his people through the desert,
His love endures forever.
Who stuck down great kings,
His love endures forever.
And killed mighty kings –
His love endures forever.
Sihon king of the Amorites
His love endures forever.
And Og king of Bashan-
His love endures forever.
And gave their land as an inheritance,
His love endures forever.
And inheritance to his servant Israel;
His love endures forever.
To the one who remembered us in our low estate
His love endures forever.
And freed us form our enemies,
His love endures forever.
And who gives food to every creature,
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the god of heaven.
His love endures forever.

The layout of the temple and its surroundings – Picture attachment

“Holy, Holy, Holy!” said the angels. “Praise the lord, the god, the almighty, the father who gives us the blood and the spirit” said Jesus.

And I fell onto my feet. The father was magnificent sitting on his throne which extended from the heaven to the earth and his foot stool lay in the dwelling place of Israel. And “how holy is the temple father, because of your presence, how holy is the earth father, because of your dwelling, how holy is life father because of your blessing”, I prayed.

“I am a patriot. For I love my kingdom of god. It is superior to all the others, because you were born in it. my kingdom! When right, keep it right; when wrong, set it right” said Jesus. “Amen” said the proud father. I had made my father proud. And I loved it.

It was evening the prince had returned. He had brought vegetable seeds. And all the pots which lay upstairs, I planned to bring them all and grow the plants in my balcony. I loved gardening. But the pigeon and its presence, laying eggs and having allowed them not once but thrice, they shot ruined the holiness of my place. The long curtains I thought of raising it higher, so that the dominion would only belong to green, green, I like the feeling. “Green” I smiled

“Princess”, my father called. I paused wondering what lay ahead.
“I want you to know, children that the gospel I preach is not something that man made up. I did not receiver it from any man, nor was I taught it, rather I received it by the revelation from my father. If anyone should preach other than that the one my father wrote, let him eternally be condemned. A curse will be imposed and any angel who does so, will be under the curse” I wrote. “Amen” said father.

Jesus Christ hears, “Let it be! Whisper words of wisdom, let it be!” and the piano, the guitar, Jesus smile, “Good lord, the revelation, the revelation,” “I …” screamed Jesus…. Says, “Let it be! When the night of cloud is on me, Mother May comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. We will have an answer. Let it be! Whisper words of wisdom, let it be!” the midnight show, “Let it be”, 10/08/09. We have made it into heaven! Yahoo!! “12:10” Jesus cried…

“Look at the world around, father. The first after crying out for you father, I see my world in so much pain. I have had enough of filth of my children is this sacrifice enough Father? Look, every sin of this world, I carry and come. There is no blood in me. It’s my soul. Spotless. Are you now allowing me to come to the party of heaven. I can share the story of HELL, and then the story of what my “Lord of the Lord, the god of the god, the almighty did to me?” “Can I come in now? Please father, I knock your doors, open this door for me, please father” Jesus knocks the door.

There was a day, when my dad threw me out, asking me to stand outside the door and only because I didn’t know how to write “e”. And there was a day, when I did the same to my son, asking him to go along with his father, but I vacated the house, running away, like a girl, my lord! When I was in love with my king, and we ran to save the poor souls… and I made a hide out silently, pulling my son and making my nest in silence. Praying god everyday, asking for my king, to be mine. Secretly. And my father knew all. He said “NO!” I cant sweet heart!. “Father!” I cried. Please father, I like this king. Get me married to him. Pure love father. He is just meant to be me mine. Hadn’t you promised me that you will make my life beautiful” I jiggled into front of my father. “Why? I think”, I smiled, I was a poor little lamb and her I was finding who this creator was and I find him to be my dad of dads”…. Jesus prayed. “Please, please, we have a world to change. Let me in father. Too many thoughts too many ideas, too many beautiful souls exist and look! Lo, I have brought all the delicious yumm children they are waiting to follow to the heaven. Throw open the doors, father! Please!” “No, I can’t sweet heart!” he smiled.

The angels were all smiling. And I wiped m nose and kept my hand over my head. “Is this the heaven which could be For everyone? Then, the world could be one! In this world… just a smile, can smooth my life… these trouble days of rejection, you come to me, to soothe your heart. This world should be free! It belongs to everyone! This could be heaven for everyone!” I am approving the doors!. “Come on my children! Press on! This could be Heaven… this could be HEAVEN for everyone! Can you feel the drums, the guitar, the voice,,,???” asked Jesus.

“No matter how hard I try, you push me aside… I can feel inside me, trying something to say… I need love to feel strong… maybe I am too cool for you, I feel its really not strong enough.. Do you believe in love after love after love after love???” sand the soul, facing the world looking at my children in the world around….” My father, clearly wouldn’t let me to party till I had to speak to this world about him, and my story with him. “Father, they are too busy with breaking the law, the eastern boys and western girls, too many voices, “If why, what, if the, what have you got??.... “Good Lord, father, please don’t ask me, this shit about he porn, disgusting to see another women in such nudity, and men everywhere drooling them, lust, the “WOMEN” is the filth, she carries the most, she is the saga of suffering… YOUR IMAGE is filth. I am shedding at the gates of HEAVEN”, “Now can I come into the party?” I wondered. “How much are you going to make me write? Father” I looked at him. He was having a wicked grin with his tongue touching his upper jaw and I was laughing my guts out. Father, you are just pushing, me to reveal everything that I hide” I looked in sheer utter belief….!!!

Power, when we had gazed the stars away for the first time! And then all off a sudden, they asked me, “What is the purpose of coming here!” and I kept on thinking deep into it. And I started my hunt, to find the “MYSTERY” behind it. And I looked with an eyebrow raised.

“The father”.. he wrote. “The father, warned. Stay away. I run the kingdom. And don’t break my always. But, I didn’t know the harm that I would be causing. He asked me, “who gave you the freedom?” why did you follow me?” and Jesus Christ narrated the story.

The angels were soon out of heaven! I saw angels on both the sides, in the earth and the heaven!! I was seeing the father bring both together!!... We were sinking into it… the clouds of white; we were in between, with a distance of the orbit.

I was so close. And my mouth, I need a clove… I can manage, I am about to meet my father, let me leave all the filth behind, please roll it over to the new book!!

First thing first, you have an urgent call to just press a pause on your life, my babies. You just need to stop and think. What are we doing? Is there something inside? Ask you father, to take you in his arms. He is saying, “You are all mine!” say, “Take me in your arms”,,,, come on now!! I winked at my mother!!! And one day and many days our parents have tormented us with nagging questions, nosy questions, the world dissecting every inch of our lives. And all we did was, “Hold me God! Hold me god!” lets run from the filth. “Save us!”….

And bumped I into a bible. “The devotional study bible” and I was amazed. I was searching my entire body, in frustration, I looked at the sky in amazement, the sky is great, the landscape but where? I am searching for his name “Jesus”, I loose my world around.. strange, I started the bible speaking to me, “Hold me god! Hold me” and I held onto it.

The world around soon drifted away. And I looked around, “something is going on here! What a feeling?” my prince is dancing, my king is a killing romantic Romeo, the one I longed for, in my dreams, the prince is baying me earnings, coming and giving compliment to me, everybody were loosing control and my parents were humming strange cheer, my brothers were appreciating me, I was feeling it, I was dancing on the feeling I was feeling it amazing, what a feeling say it loud, “Jesus was moving, dancing, sitting on her beautiful red, couch and listening to the radio.

And… it was 1:00, Jesus wondered. “Why is the T.V not working? Eating the clove?’ and she nodded her head father, why did you allow the dream to end? It was so good.

“Alice in wonderland. There was a puzzle that Jesus saw. And sat down to fix it. And soon the puzzle fell into place. She understood, that she was “JESUS”. “Who will believe father? It I tell the world that I am JESUS. JESUS was here. But was walking like the world, DEAD.”

And when the search began, her beloved, soon had held her hand and had pulled her out of the entire world and taken up to the heaven. To be shown to all his children around this world?

Jesus was a lamb. A lamb offered by this world carrying all the sin tot be offered. In a way, sacrificial. So, my father, who had already written my destiny, had sent his angels to cleanse the world with my blood. So that every child of his can come back to his father!

This is why, he always said, “God is in control. Go on! Keep moving! Keep pressing on! And I slowly walked the path, but I was mesmerized with nap Beloved! His ways of kingdom! His purity! His love! His emotions! His image, we are made. All the humans. All of them who have a heart. Where are you all lost? And in what do you seek my father? Don’t you see the righteous father, who gave you life? Why then, you deny him?

Drop your weapons, for I bring the message of love. Please join in together, for this world belongs to YOU, to the Father, his children?

The lord has arrived. He no longer lives in the far way land of space,,, he is the beginning, HE IS THE NEW Beginning to never end!

The furnace is hot. And Jesus felt the heat. I felt fire beneath the couch. Don’t go beyond the rules, for your father will teach you his ways. Till you start walking his way and that is life! said Jesus.

Heavy burdens the world of hell offers. Get out of the furnace, just by learning and walking “THE WAY!”. And the father, my beloved, shall lighten the weight on your shoulders…” I breathed a sigh of relief.

The novel was getting interesting. I ran near the fridge to munch some sweets. I thought, “My readers will be reading this, with ME in their mind”… I thought.

“The living book of god. The book is talking to me. Directly” I was freaking out. And it was dawning upon me.

“IT is the book! The power of god in a book! He revealed himself in the pages of the book! And I am the author! And HE is the “mystery” behind it. It our father. That’s why we are here.

We have come here alive, in this TIME and SPACE. And all the dead people have been brought alive. All his children, who seek him out, “JESUS” will be saved. The one who will join the party!”… Jesus cheered loud.

And I saw swarms of them, rising up from DEAD!! “LIGHT” said father. And there was “LIGHT” every where, I wake up. And I wondered, “Is this all a dream?”… “What is happening?” and my father said, “WE have arrived. In the heaven. May the PARTY begin!”

And I was sinking in deep, with the feeling of awakening. The awakening from a deep sleep. And my mind, my brain, my heart, my body, my soul, felt heavy. “I need another sweet” I smiled tiredly.

“Come daughter, let me put you to bed” he said. I looked at him scared. And he said, “Too much of journey, you have tread. And all the filth has been cleansed I am please with this offer. For, you are my beloved, my daughter, my son, JESUS CHRIST. And the son returned home, to bring the HEAVEN down!” I said.

“Wow, father! What a wonderful story!’ I looked at him in amazement. “Go to sleep sweet heart. We will talk more tomorrow” he said. And Jesus went to sleep.

- Jesus Christ
- 09/08/09 – 10/08/09
- 9 ate 9

- 11/08/09

“Love you my father!” I smiled. “You are the sun/son of this world! Shining and bright, a very good morning” he cheered. I looked. My diary had stooped on the date 11th July. “What does the time difference, mean father? What significance does it hold?” I asked. Father smiled.

I remember that day of 9th -10th midnight when I had clutched the king’s heart and I had cried bitterly in pain. And he was in loss of words. Pain of love, killed us spiritually. The world wouldn’t allow us to be meet. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was been written in the modern times. His eyes were in pain. “Why does lover hurt?” I had often wondered. But was it not love that dressed our lonely souls? Why then people run away form love? Love is beautiful and all its forms true. Why then people turn their face form love? After he left, I closed the door and I stood against the wall. Un controllably I
Cried. Is this world ever going to witness a soul of love, at a microscopic and macroscopic level. Look around the world and will my voice ever be heard?

“Father!’ I had cried in vain> “Filth of violence, vulgarity, selfishness, pride, lies, ignorance, pain, curses, suffering, wars, injustice, everything I come to sacrifice carrying the filth. Accept the offering” I was against eh wall, raised up high enough on the cross, for the world to see. My right hand lay on my heart, unable to bear the pain. Stabbed I to take the soul our to my father. The blood of Jesus.

I spoke. The voice of my soul cried out to my father. Another wall, under the seven lamp stands, the music I played this time, I stood against the wall of east facing west, take it father. Look I give it to you, with joy! Salvation and justification both in melody I strike. And the music played, the heart was pumping.

The soul was resurrected in the heart joyfully. And I had sat on the couch to write, the heaven I am in now. I looked around. My heart still felt strange.

“Where are we father?” familiar place, but things had changed rapidly around. Spiritual realm was I absorbed in though. My physical body was alive in the earth.

“My dear daughter, Jesus Christ, is the only saviour to this world” he declared. And I looked at him. Almost feeling nothing in soul. “Why does my chest hurt. It feels as though the heart was taken and replace. Is this all a creation yours father?” I asked.
And father smiled, “IT is finished” he smiled. “It is finished?” I looked at father. And sank in slowly the unconditional love of my beloved. I was reborn, with a new heart. And I realized, 3 million souls, were reborn and healed, along with my sacrifice that night.

“My daughter, I want you eat something after a good rest and I will tell you the pieces of the puzzles which I complete for you!’ he smiled I choked. “Miss you father!” I said. “I am HERE!” he kissed me on my forehead. And my eyes closed with the security of having father around. Tired were eyes seeing the world, my father’s creation in filth of mankind. The world had stopped without humanity and my father was forgotten in this world.

“Sleep my daughter. You will be a blessing. A blessing has a plan. And your eyes, I promise will see the kingdom you long for” he rest assured. My heart felt heavy. Recipe of happiness was etched. The awakening and its resonance. And I was into deep sleep. All I had done, was waking up everyday to do good. And I had carefully stopped to listen, to feel to see to taste, to breathe my father. My pursuit of life. Extra care and smile had brought me here, the heaven. I smiled, “Heaven!’ and my Father was right next to me, with a lullaby, putting me to sleep. I held his hand and he smiled. “I AM A WINNER! IT IS FINISHED” I grinned. The Satan and his HELL, his “Soul Slaughter” I had plucked from the root and put in his own fire. Everything belongs to my father. This kingdom is ours. And this kingdom is here to stay!” I looked at father. He reads my thoughts “the power of the blood. Prosperity and healing” he smiled.

And I slept for I was his beloved daughter. Jesus Christ, the angel, had brought the cross back into your house, into your living room, into your soul and when you do, Satan will leave your house. The cross of Jesus Christ. The crusade. “Why do women think so much?” I smiled. “Not anymore. For I AM HERE” he winked. And the breeze blew gently and I knew, my father is here. “Satan or nobody can touch my family. The authority of my family is in my father’s hands” I breathed relief.

“The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus” the angels cheered. Because of the blood on you, the devil will run away, scattered. “Where the blood is the Holy Spirit is” cheered the apostles. The cross is the answer. Without the cross, there is no healing. Whenever you look at he cross, my blood on it, you will see. And my cross will answer your cry. I will deliver you. Receive my word. Receive me and my father shall vibe you an inheritance of eternity. “AMEN” said my father. The church needs to be strong. It is the root. Your gains depend on the prosperity of the church. It is my church. And I hand it over in my father’s eagle sight. Bring your tithe, to my church, so that the word of my father shall be taught to all your generations forever and again and again. Your tithe and your inheritance are intertwined. Giving and receiving. Every blessing has a plan to my father to your life. The one who understands the wisdom shall gain ten fold. “AMEN” said my father.

Say the story, share the story, “the Journey of the unknown prophet” with all your children, I love them all. “Will you my readers? Will you promise to share my journey with my father?” I write with blood in the living book.

“Five days to get Ok” read the news headlines. And I was bleeding. It was time to rise up in the land of Egypt. I looked at my father. “The time to prophecy has come. Your blood bleeds, along with the suffering I impose on Egypt. Death angels have I sent. Plague of death, the curse I bring upon this land. And if the house is marked with your blood at the entrance and the back post, death angel shall not enter. Your blood, how then is not precious, my daughter, my son?” he cried. I saw the tears in my father’s eyes. And I cried. I wiped his tears, nodding my head> “you shouldn’t. See, I am alive” I smiled. And he held me hard, hugging me and I heard his

Crying heart”. “HALLELUIAH” cried the angels. Roses, flowers of fragrance was showered. And for a long time, the moment lasted. “Oh! Lord, we praise your name!” said the apostles. I sang and I clapped my hands. “Are you washed in the blood of the lamb? Mary had a little lamb, as white as snow, are you washed in the blood of the lamb?” I hugged my father. “This blood, everyday, take it and use it, to heal you to prosper you, to enrich you, to love, to redeem you” I say to my readers with love of glory. “HALLELUIAH” cheered my angels. Cover me with your wings, cover me with your shelter? Are you covered with blood? Oh! Father me in your shelter, in your wings who sees and meets all my needs everyday speaking over me. I thank you. How do I thank you, my father, who made me FREE and WHOLE, how do I thank you?” said Jesus. It doesn’t matter who you are what you are, just believe my father to wash you white as snow, cleansing blood my covenant,
I have made, with you my father!” “What have you made me father?” I cried. I cried my thanks to him. Silent, choking tears. “How do I thank you, father?” and my tears fell on the pages of the book, as I wrote.

“Every sin you have paid for my dear daughter, my son, my beloved. The only sins which keeps MAN away, is not to receive you, JESUS, as the son of the heavenly father. Nothing else I will hold against every sin has been washed away. You and I are in here, for a long run. This is the truth. You love Jesus, heaven is your home. Be a Christian, be a believer” said my heavenly father, “GLORY, GLORY, GLORY” said all the angels. “Praise me Lord, JESUS” said all the apostles, “Lord and JESUS had become ONE< etched as LORD JESUS”. I read the sentence I wrote. “Father!” I cried, “Who am I, father? A seed of yours. And you shower me with a blessing which I am not worthy, of your infinite mercy and love.” I wiped my nose.

And my tears and I smiled. My father held me close to the heart. And his heart spoke the exact same words, “YOU ARE WORTHY OF THIS” and I broke down. “Receive it” he said. And I looked at him. My mother, looked at me, “Come in Now!” she said. I looked at all my apostles, I cried, I but my lower lip hard, I was a child of god and I waited for the acceptance and approval. And my apostles, shouted “COME ON NOW!” , I smiled, “Oh! What a mess I looked. Frenzy hair, tears all over, bleeding blood” I looked at all and my father. I laughed. “YOU know what I am talking about. Come on Now!” my father winked and I kneeled down, with my hands open to receive his blessing. “I RECEIVE YOUR BLESSING SO DEAR AND PRECIOUS, FROM YOU FATHER!” I smiled, laughed giggled and I was blushing in joy,,, and the angels shouted the cheer of joy, the music flowed everywhere. And the piano, the guitar, the VOICE. “AMEN” said my father.

I continue to follow the journey of this soul. In deep pain and in mourning. I move on further, to see the red sea around me, slowly mounting on. What king of a world do I see father? Is there anybody listening?

People are panicking, grief stricken, asking governments for answers? Governments are trying to save their positions and the grounds are being rocked. “Mockery” and “hatred” now are the leaders and to you see the ships of each of the nations being rocked. Oh! Children my father prepares, “VICTORY” cries Jesus. The king lord almighty!!! Roars the death angels, with frenzy shakes the chains of the Satan in easy!!...

Blazes the eyes of Jesus the king lord almighty, the judgment we do and I need the account now!!! Look! The judgment was passed even before you were born, why then do you stand between the lord and the beaten??

The angels knock on the door; the children of god are opening the door, safely
guarded, confidently climbing, the higher rocks on the share! Look! My father devised it all! Jesus chuckles in awe, while writing! “Chewing Gum!” he smiles. Few acts dies hard! “Take it easy”, and she smiles the heart in joy, her hands are writing the words, the words of her father,,, the tears drops uncontrollably in the living book of god, my children, why don’t they welcome me, father? Why?

I paused to wipe my nose and dry my eyes and I nodded my head. “What story do you weave further. “Spun and Wove” present tense, SPIN and WEAVE!!! Jesus blew the hair through her hair and was in spirit completely.

“Ahh… why does my father ache me so much as messenger!! End times, the boat, Noah, Paul, Daniel” “Ahh… I forgot my own training!! Phew!” I said.

“Unknown prophet” I was feverishly chewing gum. And I did always learn to take it out of the mouth, after the sugar is extracted into the body. Drink water quite often.
I grinned and looked around in disbelief, we pay for water, even to drink!! Where do we live father? We blame everybody around us, but alas we fail to look at you and say, “Oh father, my creator, please help me?” cry they in front of idols which cannot hear hem, the same gods which asked for money, treasure, richness, but gave them nothing but less of sleep? Who gave you your regular clouds, who gave you your monthly finance, who gave you your bread, wasn’t it I, who blew the wind, want it I who gave you your freedom, when the cry was loud, why then, don’t you turn towards your father, in repentance and in love,,, mankind he sent to the earth, to bring peace and joy, a place of heaven,,, why then you bring shame upon his nation. Don’t you see, how you are controlled? Don’t you see who controls you? Have you failed to open your eyes to history and the past. Why are all my bothers then wailing to fight? “Father!” I looked at him. “Very touchy story, too emotional, hail I wish a little more saucier, a little more sex, a little more “Mirch Masala” , a little more cleavages, a little more riches of fake and easy money the fake flashes of light and “pain” in the dark, a little more of the tight dresses while women exercise, the nudity, Ooh…. Let me now add a dash of “desperate housewives, now a little more wine, a little more jazz, Ahh… Ooh la! La!, “TOAST” , clinked the glasses!!, “Force yourself onto relatives, throng upon them, to know more about their lives, intrude them, dig more, Ahh…. Its so funny, its so steamy, its so bland, its so… (your “golden” artificial opinion) how does it bother you, what people do in their personal lives, it is their personal god, it is their personal time of their connection and to witness the miracles of god, the almighty. Don’t you for once open and see what you do onto each other?? Look around!! “Go ahead. Pour it out! Out pour the spirit onto the world, Jesus, for you are my son and I am your father! Nobody can steal this joy! “Open you heart, baby, open your heart, word of god I bring…”… “Sir, this script is absolutely fake, it will make no business in the market. Every time!!!” I clutch my rug around me dramatically, “Every time I spend, I look at god and say, “Father work we so hard for every penny father, but tears and burden we carry slavery we undergo father, the roads are full of potholes, I cant chive my bike, the guys snail with lustful eyes, the woman cannot live without a helmet, to let her hair breeze through air, WHY?? Fear of one’s one life, fear of death!! 12 swine flu death and hitter- shelter people run everywhere, the masks, there too corruption, the government says “Situation In control!! Hospitals government and then after the epidemic strikes, wakes up ensuring answers, blames the government the citizens against governments,,,, KINGDOM against KINGDOM. Father, had spoken it all. Ahh!! You still have the option. For I am moving through the red sea. And I am parting ways. “JESUS” is doing it all.
The son, moves it all, making the WAY for the kingdom to slowly land in the super natural. WE HAVE ARRIVED!! JESUS HAS ARRIVED!!

And I breathed, looking at the VISION!! So deep are your revelations father,,, my heart was now completely in his control. And I was wondering, is this happening around to everybody at one go? Or is to only the seed? My price had brought me the seed and asked me to “plough” it in the pot, (I chuckled at “plough”) and asked me to water it. Ahh, I needed to prepare the garden!!

It is time for now, for us to plough! The children of god to sow and we will see the Satan and his army in the plague and in the drought, in the lands of Assyrians, giving them to themselves,,, “Yep, you want to look into the bible. Its all written. I am not saying it. The written proof” Jesus said.

Look what happens to hardened soul. The pine tree. Ahh!! The fragrance!

Amber and the web - picture attached

Why was Jeannie’s grand parents, “piece of nature” so important to Jeannie? Because, “piece of nature meant a heirloom of a generation is passed onto generation to come.

Jeannie’s grandmother loved the necklace of amber beads which was carefully hand carved by Jeannie’s grandfather. He gave it to his young wife as a wedding gift. She had worn I and treasure for many, many years she left it to her grand daughter on her 12th birthday!!

The two things that puzzled Jeannie about the amber beads were as to how the amber came to the seashore and how the things like the moss, the bees etc had got inside the beads.

The lump of amber was brought to the shore by one of the GREAT STORMS, where Jeannie’s grandfather found it. The great storms had the power to bring back to the lands which sometime back had sunk down into the sea!!

Jeannie and her family lived in a simple, hut. The beautiful hill were located on that temple. Yes, the temple lay above the hill! Jeannie’s, father kept sheep, while her mother spun and wore clothes on the hill for a living.

Who is “”HE” referred to?

“He had worked very carefully to save the embedded insect or weed in each piece” HE is Jeannie’s grandfather!!

He was working on scooping out the amber along with the insect or th wed very carefully.

He worked on it very carefully so that he could gift it to his young wife on their wedding anniversary!!””

The concept Map about Amber, my father had written it all. AMBER, the LUST, the trap, how foolishly we fall into the Satan’s trap and then we wonder, “Father Oh! Lord” not once has come us for our help!!
Look at your hearts, your conscience. I will strip you “NAKED” of your flesh and I will show you your acts of LUST. Wealth you lust, lies you lust, fame you lust, property you lust, fame you lust, women you lust, sex you lust, vulgarity you lust, luxury you lust, fake you lust, clone you lust, power you lust, crime you lust, honour of pride you lust, the ego of evil you lust, dominion over everybody you lust, false ideology you lust, education of information crafted in bits and burden you lust, limits to your unlimited lust of lust you lust!

“Meaningless, meaningless, walks around the author!” JESUS I sink in deep and RED SEA making the WAY for me. My mighty army of children of god, walk behind me, we walk in confidence. For we are the children the warrior, the REDEEMERS OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!

Fire in the kings eyes! Drop of blood we have bled for 2000 years, slaughtered and hunted by the Satan, the Pharaoh, the serpent, the prostitute, the daughters, the Babylon, the Baal, the idols, the dragons, the blood suckers, the blood on the dance floor, look!! We were mercilessly mistreated in our own kingdom!! How then with blood on your hands, do you then claim to be one amongst us? Look, around, the boasts on the rock stands strong in the TIDE around. Everything fake shall sink. Look around, our lord is making the way. You apology is due to your father. And that is why the submission to my son, JESUS is important. For, I send him as a messenger of love. I will save every seed, of my children,, COME BACK TO ME, wherever, however, whoever, you are and I will give you a Kingdom, a heart, a destiny of your OWN to rule. I have designed your destiny. Unlock it! For I open you imagination, unpredictably BIG just like the INFINITE. Play by the rules brother, FAIR and NICE, for my father is the referee, who will blow the whistle, issue the penalty, and who will decide on the yellow card or the red card. Work hard to love your father. For he is always available 24/7. THE CHILDREN OF GOD!! WE ARE THE WARRIORS OF THE KINGDOM! CHEETS WE MARCH AHED. OUR TIME TO SOW, when the enemy in drought, WE SOW!! For the time for harvest soon shall come. Think we not conformed to the WORLD, we sow the seed, when our father says. Work hard shall we plouging the field, to sow the seed.

And we will wait for it to be watered nurtured, with love and kindness, Prosperity and disciple, faith and laughter, passion and wisdom commitment and explore, walking and following,,,, every leap of faith will yield, SOW YOUR SEEDS!! Said the father.

Everything was predestined!! “You know what, I LOVE YOU FATHER”, I said. And he looked. JIS THIRD EYE OF FURY WAS OPENED. HE WAS PARTING THE WAY FOR US”
Jesus the angel, looked at her father and asked, “So whom does the credit go to?” ad the father smiled. “How typical of YOU?” and JESUS asked with an eyebrow raised, “ME and YOU. For a re you no the IMAGE of ME??” and Jesus was mesmerized in HIM. “Father how beautiful are your words”….

“Eat all the sweets I lay to you in the fridge my dear. Eat your heart full. Look, I bring to you good clothes, the PIZZA treats, your wine, your joy, Your child, your king, your parents, his parents, your bother and brothers, sisters and mothers, elders and youngsters, teenagers and revolutionaries, come I will show you how I safeguard my beloved and my children, for they will stand high in abundance and in contentment of peace and prosperity, my children and my beloved I shall SAVE!!”

“Hadn’t I warned you about the perfect storm? Look how I shall bring the blood of your own on your own hands!!’ the judgment was passed, thumping the hammer by JESUS.

“Love you my father!” I was in standstill and deep faith. In complete surrender and I was floating in heaven!!”


Love you father

- Jesus Christ
- 12/08/09 , 3:35

(Wee!) Reminder to you father! (Extra time!) , winks Jesus.
I gave you the tree, but mercilessly you chopped it, but wanted to build your wealth on Satan’s word, not seeking me not even wanting to save it for your own grand children. How mercilessly! And today you see your daughters buying the same fruit for money, form farmers who sow not in my word, but of their own sin,,, and you walk seeing your grandsons, carving for the fruit not known to you, but them. But Alas!, you shall not be able to quench their thirst but they ALL come to “JESUS THE LORD OF THE LORDS and THE KING OF KINGS, MY KINGDOM, I COME BACK TO REIGN”. And the waves around the sea was parted deep. “Abba! Father, hear your son’s cry. Lead me father!! To the INHERITANCE OF MY LAND! THE LIGHT, THE GLORY, THE WAY!!!”

“Oh! Father, reveal the mystery of Jesus,,, ,y father, make way for Mankind to know their father” Jesus, I wrote. And I smiled. “When will show yourself completely? In real” I asked him. And he winked. And I looked at him, through his eyes. MY KING, reveal yourself to me. I want to know it all!” I asked and the piano, the guitar the song of this love in spirit continued.

“I knew it was going to happened! Something big” as I wrote. And I paused. Nothing in my control. HE is in COMPLETE CONTROL. “THE PRESENT” has arrived in “THE PRESENT!” and my jaws dropped. And my readers. Skipped a beat. “ “Goose bumps” I give now” said the father, laughing!!

“My Santa Claus” I look out, “Christmas” not in December, but it is going to be SOON”, I clichéd my teeth, Time to work hard!” said the Santa!!

- Jesus Christ
- 12/08/09

- 12/08/09

“Good Morning father!” I woke up wit cheer and a smile. I felt like a sensitive flower, tenderly guarded by my father. “My fragrance you carry, you nectar of honey, shall I fill the earth with. A very good morning, my daughter” he said,

“Listen here what I read” I said to my father. And he was leaning over. “Go back and say home, governments throws its hand up” reads the headlines in the News channel, regarding the plague, the curse. The popular TV show which had uncanny urge for staged comes, in Brazil, is now turned deadly. The god cracks a whip on the Assyrians ordering to bring the accused to the justice, to dismantle form funding the terrorists groups, earth quake tremors, in the east brings down the walls of the mountains and the typhoon bull doges the land where you were forgotten. “Alien- like” tadpoles are found feeding in parts of mountains, and celestial activities are seen in the realm beyond” I said calmly.

“Celestial activities. Everything is a miracle and sign of wonder” I said to my
Father. “Do not mourn, do not cry, do not eat the food of the dead” I murmured to myself. Its difficult to watch the RED SEA. But we move on. Our land of inheritance we need to reach.

“Nasa’s Spitzer space to have witnessed the high speed collision between two planets around a YOUNG STAR!!” I read. And also the “rings of the Saturn” vanish! On Tuesday, which is today, the sixth rock from the sun, performs the ring plane crossing act. All planets in our solar system wobble on their axes. This movement eventually places a planets equator directly in lien with sun. Whenever equinox occurs on Saturn, sunlight will hit Saturn’s thin rings, the light reflecting off this extremely narrow band is so small that for all intents and purposes the rings imply vanish. Galileo, father he had studied Saturn and its two large moons in 1612. As the sunlight hits the rings at a 90 degree angle. It can illuminate, or throws shadows revealing ring structures and oddities previously

Unseen” I read it out to my father.

“Prophesy my son, in the days ahead, there shall be a failure seen in the satellites, the signals, the space ships, every connection shall I bring wrath upon, which shakes the hands with the satanic forces, and the world shall know that I AM THE LORD, THE ALMGIHTY. The same god in the ALPHA< the same god in the OMEGA, EXODUS and BEYOND” he said.

And I saw a the red sea part its way even more deeper, we had already begun to walk and I saw the partition made through the red sea. Not a drop of the sea touched the children of god. And we walked guided by the father’s heart.

My father was and is an ocean of Mercy. “Wild card entry” I saw the posts many. If you accept Jesus as your saviour and confess your sins, souls in red sea had the option to be cleansed and join the party of heaven!! But I still saw, the hardened hearts knocking the doors of idols, False prophets, false preachers, false healers, but never going beyond the boundary of their own blood filled with sin.

I was in the pain of the labour, bleeding as the world around bled. “My dear daughter. Hold onto me, for I move at tremendous speed and will bring you out and you will deliver on the 24th of this month, your journey of unknown project complete. “2024” is soon here, and Satan’s kingdom is every mountain will rubble and rumbles in destruction and devastation. Fill in your barns for the drought I bring upon on the land of Egypt, will not have food and idols of gold and silver shall not supply them, their daily bread” he said.

“Soon, I will bring 3 Hebrews out of the land of Egypt as my sign of the miracle I give to this planet. A new earth and a new heaven, I will then create and gift it to mankind for a new beginning lasting for eternal” he blessed. “And Jesus kneeled down to receive The blessing with my arms wide open. “Every blessing form my father was a victory to our faith” I cheered. And “AMEN” said father.

We were nearing the feared Edom now. “Naik” is Islam or “Nayak” in Hebrew. The authentication of Quran or the authentication of Bible? War or Peace? “Religion” you made or “children”, god made? “Sunnah” alive you make or “Fanaah” precious we make, peace you utter to mislead your own peace we practice to lead our own, awake in violence you but awakening resonance we bring to deafen the ears, caught you are in the events of past hoping to repeat history while events the angels evangelize we t make history, dark angels of deceit and false hood you multiply, while, warriors of god. Now turn the tables around. Enough of counterfeit of kingdom of god, you praise on your stinking lips bringing disgrace, the truth of the kingdom of the almighty, the conqueror, the destructor, is here to reign for eternal.

Stop saying “Allah” for you are calling and praising the Satan. “JESUS” and the father are passing through the red sea, don’t you see who the lord is! “ABBA” was replaced by “ALLAH”, “SHIVA” was replaced by “VISNU”. The third “I” opened, may the judgment begin. Pounded Jesus with the hammer, announcing judgment. “AMEN” said father.

Jesus was in tears. Tears of being stabled in the back by his own, tears of rejection, tears of wanting to have them all, but nobody believes him around, tears of his own who disowns him, the blood, the red sea. “Where is all the innocence, lost father?” “Where is all the gifts buried father?” why do they follow me half heartedly? Why do they lie and then confess to me? Who do they please others and show case their ego, but not hear me and my plea? Why do they burn in their won ignorance, father? Jesus is hurt, father Jesus wants them all. But, I dare not complain to you father, for I know the rules of this kingdom! How do I come at the end times to you, about my own, back stabbing me? How do I grieve father? What do I ask father? I pray, I pray null ness over their lives. “Sure, will there not be a day, when they will know the TRUTH and then they will cry and repent and be put to shame regarding their own follies. Sure, there will be a day, when Jesus will be known to ALL. And then when they cry, I will take them in my arms and wipe all their tears. My own, my very own blood”.

“I know all my daughter” said my father. “Your heart which lays in deep sorrow, I shall heal and I will redeem, you are the only one, my beloved. A few yards more and I will bring you through the RED SEA” he said. Keep my king and my prince safe, father, for they are my ONLY hope now’ I said.

And I opened my bible. Psalm 61, my eyes read. “And I will write it once again to praise to your name, I sing, to fulfill my vows day after day”.

Psalm 61

Hear my cry, O god;
Listen to my prayer, my god.
Form the ends of the earth I call to you,
I call as my heart grows faint;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than i
For you have been my refuge,
A strong tower against the foe.

I long to dwell in your tent forever,
And take refuge in the shelter of your wings Selah
For you have heard my vows, Oh, my father;
You have give me the heritage of those who fear your name.

Increase the days of the KING’S life
His years for many generations.
May he be enthrone din god’s presence forever;
Appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.
Then will I ever sing praise to your name
And fulfill my vows day after day.

- Jesus Psalm -

As I walked on and understood the days were long in the red sea, I smiled and looked at my father? “What is the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle?” I asked. Baffled was I at my question, “What story of mystery do you further weave?” I smiled at him. “The three points of the triangle. Depths of the ocean in this zone. Intercepted signals. Existence vanishes” he answered. And I scratched my head. Sitting on his lap. “This book simply cannot be dropped your TRP ratings are continually number one!” I announced like a Television reporter. And he laughed. “Ahh.. I missed that laughter! Father, I hugged, him, I don’t want to see any more of RED SEA”, I said. “I don’t like to watch it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to be a part of this massacre” I pleaded him. I hugged me in understanding. “Everything vanishes into thin air!” he said in mystery. “I love your mysterious revelation. Show it all to me, father! I simply aren’t have enough of you!” I said.

“When you delete a file, in the recycle bin, it does not disappear into thin air. It remains in the hard drive but becomes invisible to the operating system. Sometimes the deleted file can be retrieved using specialist software.

“Lo!” there he was. Bringing together the future, the past and the present. Psalms, has book I, book II, book III , book IV and book V and 150 chapters. “My daughter, completed you have Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, he waw, zaying, heth, teth, yodh, kaph, lamedh, men, nun, samekh, ayin, pe, tsadhe, qoph, resh, sin and shin and the taw.” He smiled. And patted by back, kissing my forehead.

22 different sign in Hebrew and I yet again looked back what the words I wrote, and I paused. “You are freaking me out, father!” I said. And he laughed. “Red sea, Jesus walks and sill makes this statement. Your heart of innocence, I still kept alive, nobody can work alone. And hence, creating the team was vital” he smiled, “What puzzle Does Jesus now has?” I wondered. And the date I froze 11/9, my diary had stopped on 11/9 and at 11/7 of July in my diary 119 has 22 Hebrew sub acts of psalms. And my heart froze. 22/8 the pages of the diary read. I had made a journey of a month’s time difference to break through the red sea, and had crossed it.

“Where am I now?’ I asked my father. “Not so easy, will I answer that!” he winked. “Will my readers understand the solutions?” I wondered. “Let me re write it 11th of July was the printed date in the diary. And I had notice the coincidence of 11th of august, when I had begun my conversation that day, with my father, Psalm 119, is very significant in the bible. And this poem is a very systematic form. The acrostic where each line of each stanza beings with a letter form the Hebrew alphabet. Psalm 119 is a long, passionate love poem about god’s law. It Exposes the totality of god’s written instructions. And the mystery was unfolded on 22nd august, as etched in my diary”. I smiled “so what do “5” books demote in Psalms father?” I asked. “A FIST OF THE ALMIGHTY” he answered. “The lord is a god of strength. But power does not delight ME. More than anything I love to be in a close relationship to people who respond to my love” he declared. Jesus writes,

Psalm 150

Praise the lord.
Praise god in his sanctuary;
Praise him for his acts of power;
Praise him for his surpassing greatness.
Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
Praise him with the harp and lyre,
Praise him with tambourine and dancing,
Praise him with the stings and flute,
Praise him the clash of cymbals,
Praise him with resounding cymbals.

Let everything that has breath praise the lord. Praise the lord.

“119, was the day I had offered my soul to my lord, my beloved. And look how long we tread,” I smiled looking at my father. “2024, in the proverbs are any laws of judgment. Let every eye of this book; etch the laws of decree on their heart. When in times of confusion and tests, don’t look for answers from a Man, for my laws of judgment, I have written in the bible, with my hands” claimed the lord.

My back was hurting. And I lay with hardly any pain, for the zeal and the joy was more. “My dear” father said. And I kept my hands on his hips, and kissed him on his forehead. “I know all” I said to my father. “Your heart, know, my love” I continued. “It was written and I was sent to complete it.” I smiled pale. And he hugged m. tears were dry in Jesus eyes. But my father held me close and wept uncontrollably. “Compassion and Mercy, your own story, father. Written by you. This toil shall not be meaningless. Christ shall come ‘to the FULL’…” I wiped his tears.

“It’s not your fault father. For, the father made mankind upright. But men have gone in search of many schemes. You judge in fairness, my father. And all man needs to wake up to is, “Fear god and to obey him, no matter how things seems to you, my reader” I wrote. “Remember your creator, in the days of your youth” I continued. For, god will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is GOOD or EVIL.” I ended.

“The song of songs, father” I smiled pale. “My eyes and my heart will rise up again in the song of songs. For an intoxicating love, people forgot, a blazing fire, like a mighty flame, of love was strong as death is all I need. No shame, no guilt in the Garden of Eden, but tender, delight, divine, may your love be to me. What then delays you, Oh! My beloved come onto me, to make me FULL!!” I sang a new song, to my king, the lord god. “This love of promise shall remain uncompromised”

I wrote. And he simply carried me away, beyond horizons, for nobody were allowed to enter. Joy filled musical was playing all around, and I closed the book, I was writing, to experience it all

- 12.50, 12/08/09 – 13/08/09
- Jesus Christ

“I need people, who can walk with ME, to the very end. And are you not one my dear reader? YOUR ARE THE OVERCOMERS, YOU ARE THE CONQUERORS. YOU ARE IN THE LAND OF YOUR INKERITANCE. TAKE THE POSSESSION OF THE LAND, FOR WE CAN DO IT!” writes Jesus. We look alike to the enemy’s around, and only we know we are led. So, do not rebel against the lord, the enemy’s protection is gone and go get your callings, for they believed not and did not enter the promised land. But you my readers, my children, as surely, the lord will fill the glory of this earth, as promised to our ancestors. Enter the land of inheritance for you stand out!” smiles Jesus, the land of Milk and
Honey. And this is YOUR moment!!” Jesus paused writing. “Few habits die hard”, smiled Jesus. “Overworking, yet again” said father. “Our time, father. Could not resist!” I chuckled. “AMEN” said father. And my readers receive the blessings!!

History now is documented in its present. “Astronomers find a new planet, who orbit spins opposite to that of a star” and I looked my father. “It is happening”, I whispered. And my father, I looked, was busy. “What do you spin next, my beloved?” I asked. “History into the future” he said. I could not make much sense of it, but I decided for the events to unfold.

“A final good night!” I chuckled.
“Do sleep my dear. And I will sing for you the song of the songs!”….

“Normal Human beings we are!! Intellect is our gift!”

- Jesus Christ

- 13/08/09 – 14/08/09

“Hi father!” I said. And my father smiled. “Finally it has been a long wait for me to !” he said. I breathed heavy. “Tiring day, father the pots have been watered, the seeds are about to sowed after two days, the curtains raised the Lockerbie bomber, the Scottish matters of justice, gold at London, time to invest, government shaking, invest in “gold and silver” and not scapegoats warns father, only the heard can hear, only the seen can see, only the wise can hear, only the faith can see” time to climb up the heap, the world is sleeping, but father is coming, Oh! My children, Jesus taps ‘her feat’ the king, the queen, the king , the minister, the king the mist powerful, the Minster most tactful, it’s a game of chess, the white versus the black, a war wage the righteousness versus victory. Both are ours, smiled Jesus. Raise an eyebrow with a smile of authority, “Excuse me hadn’t I prophesied, this all throughout. It’s our days, it’s our times, wake up Come on guys, don’t worry about the water highs, our boats stand strong on the ROCK OF GOD!! Put our faith we in the LORD OF LORDS, KINGD OF KINGD< the minister chuckled, in pride of righteousness, “Hadn’t we warned you??” “Tested you our patience, Oh! Men of world, its our days and our labour, our it me to sow, our time to harvest, our land and the thin air vanishes. Our land, look how we climb! Alas! Do you think we are media of fake!! Falls, falls, the crumbling towers of the world, look in pale and wail, for our buildings is now on the race!! Whip, we the horse of Mightier and chariot of white, “winked Jesus, “I KNOW WE KNOW WHO WE ARE!!”

Alas, their idols wear the mask, the idols who them stuck to rupture they in the same “ethnic” and “community group”; time to march ahead!

“Serious concerns any?” I looked at the date, 01 September the page of my diary, people of the world trying to keep up, torturing downfall, men against men, wars against wars, wrong ideals, wrong gods, wrong motives, wrong adaptations, wrong principles, wrong crack downs, wrong blames, wrong people on the chairs of the father, righteousness, is our robe, courage, strength, the victory of power is exclusive. Light against dark!!! Oh! See our tower and our path, unleash I the darkness, everything evil, I wipe out, everything mine, I shall prosper.” Father revealed. “Wow, I love this bed time story, father!” I said. “Chilling and spooky”, but “Adventure and victory” I rubbed my hands.

Father said, “We not go offensive we not go defensive, we make THE WAY!!” “VICTORY” roared the soldiers, kings, rich, poor, youths and old, males, females, everybody together I bring together and BUILD my empire!” Roared the father. “MASSIVE” I breathed. I am sinking deep in your spirit father. I AM HUNGRY for SOME MORE SWEET, YEP! ITS DESSERT TIME NOW!!” thundered Jesus on her stomach. The minister, the king, the young soldiers, the elephants, the camels, the most powerful skilled, the horses, are we not every where. ‘checkers’ and ‘chess’, mind games, white walks on white, white minister in white house, black minister in black house, don’t be tricked to dare fool us again of the colour.” Snarled Jesus, looking at the mighty Towers of WHITE. THE ROBE WAS SWEEPING IN MIGHT. MAY IT ALL BELONG TO ME, THE FATHER, THE SON; THE CHILDREN!! ESTABLISHE WE OUR KINGDOM”!! Roared Jesus!!

“Heavy father!” Jesus breathed. So much energy flow, may every energy be transmitted in the twilight, may every information flow, the forehead of GOD, MY FATHER will hear, for I beat the Drums. They don’t have the answer, but do, I JESUS!! “Beat the drums” my children climb and raise the flags, 2 days of time, 2000 years, “I looked peaceful, for I knew the plat all. TIME TO KILL. THE KILL OF THE MASSIVE TURNING, AGREEMENT NO MORE ENOUGH IS ‘JUST’ ENOUGH!”…. I smiled. I think, you will give everybody a hard time who reads this book. The realistic carbon captured the past of “BIBLE” the study and the revelation of JESUS, the lines, the words, the versus, of the book am I prophesying, leading, serving, attending, watching, guiding, meeting, accepting, brining, forming, sustaining, industrying, sharing, missonning, servicing, saving, powering, governing, recognizing, presenting, engineering, making, happening,. Checking, packaging, signifying, stationing, freeing, energizing, planting”. “Ahh! Father, this sweet of hard, looks like an amber with honey and milk! Oh! Father, with nuts and chewy, the teeth I dig into, I love these sweets, father!!” I said. So, father looked at me and I laughed, hard. Me and my prince had been to the restaurant, and I ate 9 different kinds of food on the platter laid, but I didn’t like the waiter who crossed the boundary of my grace, “CUT HIM OFF!’ I looked at my father! “May the generation of people of these be CUT OUT FROM THE WOMB!” Jesus looked at the father, enough is enough and OVER and OUT!! Relived JESUS, where do you look your father for? For you belong NOT to me!” thundered JESUS. “A COOL WIND PASSED THROUGH, EVOLUTION, Father! Evolution!” Jesus breathed.

Prince growing mightier, contest he tomorrow in school in 3 different contents, collage, speech on his favourite national freedom fighter, limerick, a prose, VITORY IS OURS. The king achieves recognition, managers come near to praise him form far off, hide the Enemies at his mighty roar, it all belongs to us” “Eternal, didn’t I say?” smiled Jesus, ‘EVERYTHING TO JESUS, seez… its US”, I clapped my hands. Kingdom of heaven, the spaceship, we need to go open the door of the shuttles and we will get commuted. See the news unfold and get updated, every time!” Jesus decoded the puzzle. “Stunned will the world be? OUR DAYS, OUR TIME” shuddered, Jesus. “Sign of Free trade bill” I smiled. Look at our enemies father, they say, “Water! Water! Everywhere, not a drop to drink!” chuckled JESUS. Hmmm…. These berries are yumm,, wine and beer, music and cheers, song and hymns, heaven m father heaven. I want some more” I cried like Maruco!! Do you know maruco, once upon a time had been along with her grandpa and kept eating because her grandpa kept reassuring her, “don’t worry! Eat my grand daughter eat! The finest sushi, the finest parathas, the finest breads, the finest kabaabs, the finest food and the king of good times, JESUS, was bringing them all. The BIGGER the BETTER, belongs to the ALMIGHTY and your heart stops for its a free fall!!! Wrote Jesus. “Exotic, colourful, further north, identity of ours, bye bye, Satan” waved Jesus. “The chocolates, the cook, the money, the power, the fun, in the truthful, purity, peaceful, daily unlimited FUN, for eternal, all by ourselves!!! Ahh… continue this father. Lets now land by nature sooner. And faster. The pace is increasing. Come one! This is the place, fastening our seat belts are we!! THE KINGDOM OF GOD, look! The Satan is leaving…. The pig society”, I smiled. “We are the only ones that hear the only ones that feel, the only ones that speak, the only ones who thinks, the only one who are super natural!! No more Satans. And we will all be brought together, for the signal is intercepted, the depths of the ocean and everything vanishes.” Jesus smiled. “Father!” in excitement, “The Bermuda triangle mystery”, I chuckled father, “I was waiting for it to happened!” and Jesus was now ahead wondering, planning, and pondering, “ME, YOU”, “YOU, ME” “Am I writing a story about myself?” the wolves howled, the war music, you don’t take the trip, the trip takes you”!!! “Ahh.. I looked at my father and said”, “Interesting…. Never down. Jump and see!” I said to myself. Lets plunge. Alice and her kids along with the bunnies and coconuts in the jump. “Water inside a coconut, and the bunny says, “only for me”!!!” He! He, smiled Jesus. I love it! I smiled. “Science beauty and property!” father, 1000/- rupees tithe I have laid as promised” I said. And the father’s gift, I waited for. “It should be mailed sooner or later”, any my way out! Turn me loud, for I am what I am” I waited on that statement. Something intuitive. My miracle . its all about faith an I breathed.

God is in control. God will send them all. Everybody shall be intercepted. Everybody will give. Everybody shall receive. It’s all in the bible” and I looked for a powerful miracle. Come to my house father!” I complete my vows, to complete my promises, my daughter, my son, my Ben, I am going to give you blessings in TEN and MULTIPLE FOLDS. For, this is serious business. You tell me what you need for miracle and you did what I told you, hence, I shall unleash my miracle” and I was soon seeing into all!!” god takes vows and better the angels keep it for when you take your vow, the angels of god shall come, when you change and pay the witch then suffer you will and the angels to suffer. Keep up your vow and save your works of instructions, angels of heaven then becomes your enemies, hence, you need to keep your vow and don’t let your youth, mouth sin destroy you but keep your vow and keep the grounds” said father.

“But this book, I write not for sale” I smiled at my father. And my father laughed. “Flesh and blood, earth and heaven, riches and goodness, honey and milk, seasons and many, giving and offering, THE WAY, I will all make it to you, my son, ,u daughter, my Ben, for your weapon is your obedience. The wicked shall see it. And he will gnash his teeth in dust. Blessed is the man, who delights their seeds in uprightness ad the willingness of their father”!!

JESUS smiled wide…!! “You shall see the way we are blessed!!” I smiled looking down!!

“My church, time to top into my signals” I smiled. Read this out, this statement, so that I can know, YOU KNOW ME, EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. “Prophecy exactly the same pattern of thoughts as the what Jesus writes and thinks” my brain waves getting stronger and mightier!” and the TV signals go off for a second. And I

Shuddered. “father, is this REAL”, the loudest laughter, father had time to sleep, my dear, he aid. 11/9 I landed on September 11, my dairy ended on. I smiled. Puzzles and my paces readers. Hope they notice 9/11. I was silent. “Good night father! This is not going to be good, did the Satan say?” I chuckled along with my father.

Time to Sow

- Jesus Christ
- 14th august
- 3:10 (worked overtime, father!)

“Man made” everything shall soon be forgotten!! Fruits of righteousness show all we!!!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put humpty together again!!

“By the way, the cat which was laid at the window, at Jerusalem was brutally killed in the dog’s attach!” Jesus smiled.

- 15th august 2009

“Father!” I called him. “Look into my eyes!” I urged him. His rage was tremendous and nothing which I could write describing like a novelist. It was happening. All for real. “Father, Jesus, your son, the soul offered look at it after! Its spotless you said. My offering brought tears of hurt and pain. But No! Father Oh! My almighty, Oh! My love, come back to me!” I called him with the unfathomable pain. “the water, the love, the mercy, the peace” com back tome , my father!. But the “I” was the eye of my father and he buried them all.

Have you ever wanted to be JESUS? I pray, even my enemy shouldn’t be the frost was slowly melting into water. And I knew, I should continue my writing till I can find him. “Freedom” you seek, but “Freedom” you don’t value, “Power” you seek but “Power: you respect not, “Good” you seek, but “godliness” you seek not, mankind is “YOU”. The toughest judgment for Jesus was people of this category. Because, they all lay trapped in there own yoke. And they were their own reason for their own destruction.

My Jacob generation, the ones between the early 30’s and 40’s were the generation ruthlessly trapped and burned by the Satan of the elderly. They had been laid with so much expectations and meeting the guidelines, that the Jacob, had forgotten mid way, as to “what” and “where” they were in their lives. Well! Who is to blame? The elders who failed to guide them towards GOD, or the elders who walked with pride, that they know all. Thought they that “elders” were the best, failed they, that they were soon about to rest! Their ego tripped them BIG, and their lies and deceits were truth can never be hidden? Where then were you running to, building your empire of your building of straw, fire shall bring it down, why then do you fail to seek god? “Elders” have a tremendous responsibility to be a guiding light to the generation next, why then you puff your soul of goodness in pride, the controlling

And devising the strategies against your own, careful plots, alas you plot only to take you towards the world of pain and tears. Why then, don’t just listen tome, for once , JESUS!” I cried.

I heard the knock and the arrival. “Hi! Beautiful!” he said. “What took you so long? You scared me!” I smiled. I look his head in my hands and I kissed him deep. I could feel my king’s hair, his cheeks so soft and firm, the lips laden with honey of nectar and I closed my eyes to be felt by him. And I kissed him deep. Did I not warn you, I break the rules of Man? Did I not advice you, I work not according to your advices? Why then you pester me Oh! Man, for I belong to my MAN, MY GOD, MY BELOVED, MY HULK!

“Nice words of romance there” he smiled. And I chuckled. You made it ALL and you smile at ALL. Who are you? And why d you kill me with your romance of eternal? The flute you play, the music I hear, the hums and the chorus why do you not reveal yourself
completely to me? I asked him. And he smiled in mystic. “How long, before I can see you and be with you?” I asked him. He smiled wide in amazement. And I understood. “in real, so that my children me and you, and everybody around, start living the dream” I asked. “Why are your restless today?” he asked. “Only a woman can understand” I gulped the choke in my heart. “I need you, my lover. Break the chains of elders, and come back to me. For, you belong to me!” I said with tears in my eyes. And he pause to wipe my tears.

“Jesus” I said. “The sorrow of this soul, may it end all with me. Never again to anybody” I said,,, he looked at me and I said,,, he looked at me and I said, “Few things I will never share the pain with my children. The elders, my own parents, back stabbed repeatedly, hiding the truth and building the jealousy of their wants, everything was unleashed today and my brother and I know it all. The Jacob’s my brother and I know it all. The Jacobs the poor Jacob’s. god is our protector and saviour. And please let your children go from.

The heavy clutches of yoke you lay on your sons and daughters. You don’t own them, my beloved elders, they belong my beloved, their father. Jacob’s on! My poor children, my heart cried. “Father! Release the yoke on them! Forever. Let them build their on them! Forever. Let them build their life on their own in your word. 15th of august, my country belongs to the Jacob’s set them FREE, break the chains which the elders lay on them. May the elders be guarded and nourished and make it a HAPPY ENDING, after all” I cried my prayer out. “AMEN” he said, in deep meditation. And his third eye, was soon in the art of closing.

“Have you consumed all?” I smiled. “Expect YOU” he smiled. “What do you want?” I smiled. “YOU” he said.

“Why are you making me write what me and my KING share? I am deeply in shy” I smiled. “How will then the world know what is passionate love” he took me in his arms. “ I AM ALL YOUR’S” I did not resist. His arms were strong yet tender and eyes were looked into deep, speaking the language of love. He knew my burning desire and I knew his. Nothing ran in the mind except beyond the kiss. Search we frantically, he guiding me, and he guided by him, a rest, a place to build the heaven of love. Gently and carefully with strong hands he guides me. And every nerve and cell of my body he feels me. Awakened are the aroma of love. I smell it in my heart and the urge rises up. He is ready to the adrenaline of adventure, and wants me to pick it up. A woman, I am not coy, now for he is all Mine, smiles of strange, and eyes of strange, chemistry starts us up. The movements are irresistible for nothing is in control. And he is not complaining but complying with all the fun to have with. Song of the songs, here I write, for I created it. How then you fake and make a face, in the bible when you read it?

Embarrass, I shall put you in Oh! Elders, for love was meant to be an expression and not an oppression.

Soon, the frenzy beats of drums, tires the woman, ME, gentle he lays me down whispering “it’s all me!”… takes he over with the music slow and rising, many moments of varied times passes before the explosion experienced. Nerves are rattle led, fire doused, the baffled breath, says it all!!! Lie we for long in our divine nakedness, keep my head on his heart, and he wraps me around to sleep together for precious moments. Compliments and appreciation follows now and till the next one happens, it’s a cycle of love, never to end Oh! Fools of this world!

“Love is divine, love is pure, life is made when love is secure” I breathed. “This passage will freak every reader out!” I clinched my teeth, and he laughed out loud. “ME, the king, Me, the Christ, I shall come to make JESUS CHRIST the full” he announced. “Just be mine!” I hugged him deep. Kissed he on my lips and said, “You are Mine!” “Sex” you make it disgusting Oh! World, learn the art of love, for its pure and wine!!

Wont your eyes speak, wont your playful tongue, wont your touch speak, wont your moans heard, wont you breathe heavy in the fog, and when its lifted the signals are loud. Handle it, if you can, for FAKE, I am not. I am Jesus, the song of the songs!!

“You are on your way to win a Nobel prize” I smiled and he laughed. “I love you” I kissed him, and “Me too” he kissed back!!

Tired am I now, I better go to bed. “Love you my beloved. Nope no heavy clothes, for tired I am bow” smiled he in pride, and I knew why. “I hate you!” I pinched him and his energy had multiplied.

“Man and woman: made in image of god, will you ever understand, what is love? You know I always wanted to write this in the book. I have an amazing love life!!” I blushed. And he hugged

- Jesus Christ
- 15th august 2009

15th august 2009

“Morning father! How is you?” I asked. “A very good morning my beloved!” he said. And I smiled at him. “Have you ever pondered about this I call you father, I call you beloved, I call you my Romeo, I call you my king, I call you my friend, you are EVERYTHING to me” I said. “Aren’t you everything of these relationships you describe?” he asked. “All I know my dear, I am complete in You” he added and I smiled, however my days began, whatever situations around, I knew the only one” certain fact. I could always come to my father, my beloved and he will take care of me. I was heard, every single time. My knock was answered, every single time. And if only people be wise to understand this, there would not be so many sinister around.

So what will you teach me today? I asked him. And he smiled. The best part about father is he will never announce the test, but rather after answering the paper he sits down for a correction. “You score my kids away, by writing that statement” he chuckled. “Is that not a face, ah?” I bullied him. And He smiled. “Am I difficult?” he asked. “Nope. Rather we make it difficult for we never have understood the “EASY” way of life” I smiled. “What do you want to know?” he asked. And I paused to think. “Why does my head ache?’ I asked. “You carry too much” he smiled. “Why do I feel irritated with myself and everybody around today?” I asked. “You have had salt too much. Time to drink water and take small nap” he said. “Why do I miss you so much?” I asked. “Because in the load you carry, you “miss” my presence too much” he smiled. “How can I call you to handle everything? Shouldn’t I worry, think and handle things on my own?” I asked him. “Why should you, when I am your own” he answered. “Why does the satellite dish channels not coming? I kiss my GOD TV, my folks since two days” I said. “Had I not told you, everything vanishes, for these 2 days?” he asked. “What do I do to be peaceful all the while and not get upset with the people an their selfish motives around?” I asked “Send them all to me. I can handle them all”.

He said. “Is it alright to sleep so much, with short naps?:” I asked. “Everything is alright when I AM with YOU!” he said. And I paused for any further thought in my mind. “Don’t you think I need a company. And the company of an adult?” I asked.

“I feel lonely father! It seems everything works in installments. Cant I be complete with my king alone, why should he be shared in the world of his elders and us?” I asked. “Adam has man an woman, my dear, I understand your needs, I now your heart. Surely, I am making THE WAY, not in an instant but carefully had carved to last for generations. My season is not an instant coffee machine, sweet heart!” he said. He continued. “But I make everything instant. And that is why I told 2 days!” he winked. “Why do you torture me like this with the race of NO END?” asked. “Where is the race? For we have crossed THE END” he chuckled. “Do you think not, it is wise for me to rest now?” I asked. “Ahh”!
That my daughter is the wisest of them all” he smiled and I went ahead for a shore nap to rest my every working body and soul and mind. “Selah” I said. And I found a strange peace on that word “Selah” I said again.

“Eve Mongrels”, on the terrace, who look at me like howlers and am I expected to ignore the way they howl? Is my life under and not thundered? “JESUS” lives in me. The other side of the culture which says, “Oh! That’s the way, they are”,,, am I supposed to forgive them, because they are teenagers and be quite and whisper to them, about what god can do to teenagers? “‘Wham’, I am going to ‘wham’ your faces to so much down the earth. I am a follower of Jesus and I follow god whole heartedly. Jesus is not a cowardly woman, I dare open the challenge with the power of god and I go whole heartedly around!!!’ I , Jesus, thundered.

“We certainly have something to do!!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Silence those voices who think it can’t be done,” I thundered.

I opened the doors out to be heard the voice of god TV to echo my word of god, in my temple, because I have faith, I am going to stay focused on this land. If god is pleased with us, he will lead with us to the land. The land of milk and honey, if we stay focused on the inheritance. Only 2 of them and nobody around us, only everybody are lost in their own culture. Joshua and Cain, can’t do it, but! Trust god, we can!!

“I am going to follow my heart whole heartedly. I am still as strong as today and I am just bigger as this kingdom. The lord helping me, I am going to drive them away as said. For I am following my god of Israel, Jesus while heartedly” I repeated. “I am not going to bow down to anybody and walk away in desperation, but will walk forward, but when we are singing, if that becomes the mantra of my life, I will keep seeking And following the principal of god completely, I am not going to mess it up! But not in desperation but I will make my voice loud and clear. We will go and do that,,, do that. Christianity is a feel of Jesus, if you continue Jesus, you will find him, we will go, Jesus we shall not be defeated!” I marched ahead.

My courage is till here and I still got it. We must be the ones who must live differently till the very end. You going to trust me? Asks father and each of you have trusted in trade and worthless, so everybody who have treasure your saving in worthless thing will soon returned and I will save it my gold and silver. They will all fail in 48 hours we soon shall find our way. Take it as my warning, my children a heavy heavenly veil has been lifted off. I am standing in a heavenly mast and I bring down the great Satan, to their heels down with a terrible cry. “It is time to target the champion’s” said Satan!!.... “But immediately Jesus had taken us to the heaven. The words of god in my television was all over kept loud, so that the eve- teasers hear my voice. I am not your lust of pornography, I am not your failure of bad marriages and rejections, but who have failed terribly to receive effective healing, but I cannot lead two different lives , hence I warn you loud and clear, I am hungry for my god’s presence, and I am very serious about it” thundered I, Jesus. cried I “My marriage breaks up, so what?” but haven’t I learnt my lessons and am I not learning to walk towards my victory? The devil places a terrible voice, a jezebel assignment, but I am not going to silence down, we can understand everybody, we work hard and anybody struggling with marriages, then but we have seen an unleashing spirit, even when we feel we are clinging to you, even when I feel that I hell is sucking us in, we will cry out to you,,,, “JESUS”!”.

I am speaking to all the youths there, know that here is forgiveness, note that we will work harder we will work through it. Father, we need a journey into heaven. I cry out to you. Father, I cay out to you. Help me cover my shame! Father! Look at eh world around father, take them away everybody, I will follow along with your word, this letter is like a love letter from heaven we will stand by you father, as you walk in the majesty of glory and who survives by the effervescent light, can I have the complete adoration, with total embracement, please weep and gather and hold me so close, so that you can feel father, in been gully understood and embraced. We are working towards something and we all all work towards victory!!!!!

Hey! Would you like to hear my limerick.

Heal the earth, heal the stars,
Rusting with You and ME, come on Guys!
Save the earth, save the stars,
Building with you and me, come on guys!
BECAUSE WE ARE BORN TO DO IT, come of guys!!

“Howz that?” prince wrote the first few lines, tuned it, I just tuned it a little more. See, how many people will I draw together, everybody, will I make them come out, give 10 minutes of guilt and I shall pull you all, I am going to pull you out!!! This is challenge of holistic mission and we are committed to do that!!

Also, his teacher said, “Wow! Now this is what I call it as a collage!!” now look, we are creative, we are fun, we are lovers, we are the being from heaven, heavy mettle!! ( not just metal!)

Warned I, “We will punch in your faces if we take it personal. If we go in our bike at our own speed, please don’t take it personal bro, for I like to beat my race, I ride fast and I ride hard. We will move ahead. Punch we will in your faces, for god will lead us the way!!”

“We are the worship leaders and we will stand tall, don’t you dare lift your head, for we crush them all, guys! We love you, but exude us for it’s our kingdom. We are the rulers of (snailed) righteousness and not you!” Jesus.

I am going to let it shine!!! Something big is happening. And I am feeling the chilling experience all over! The god TV says “Live” and I chuckle, “I hate you father” and my pen goes hay wire!! Me and my god TV in front. “Will my light shine”? I looked at my father and my god said “Easy!”… And everybody said a “Hello!” I think we need a little bit of Help!!
It’s the “evening of pm” and god they are showing all exactly I my king giving regular messages to each other, never in the stress of the intentions. And its so beautiful, in perfection and demanding, I tell him, “Here yes, go down ah… there it’s beautiful!” and my king wants me let try all new thing sand he chooses one, guides me and we breathe in relief, “Ahh what a beautiful feeling! We demonstrate love of god. And not a button is unlocked, not a clothes is moved, it’s just like animal, pamper and be a baby to each other, to incredible love them!!

Its hard work, its tough work, but we need to do it, it’s the conspiracy of the insignificant it’s my kingdom, I will live the way I want to!! Can I humbly request something! Please dress simple, classy and with style, to showcase your personality and not your body,,, there is a difference between dressing to be brace and a dressing to win!! There is a difference to be in church! We really play hard! See, how we build our army of love, I will gather and get them together,,, get together and see what a massive difference we can make!!

Shut have I the mouths of eve mongrels, the eve teasers, no more shall a man utter against the holy creation of my father, I will tear your flesh and chop it into pieces, for meek I am not, I am the beloved wife of my father and I will take

The life out of you, if you dare irritate me with your stinking nuisance” thundered I Jesus Christ.

- Jesus Christ
- 15 -16th august , 3:25
“Morning! Father my beloved” I had a wonderful yesterday”, I smiled and he smiled pleasingly and asked me to calm my nerves through his eyes, “this world shall listen to our love story and when the wind blows when the fragrance blows, the flowers bloom, when the rainbow comes, when, the laughter erupts when peace embarks, when the heart beats, our love will be spoken centuries after centuries, it will become the essence of life” he smiled. He kissed on my forehead and I mellowed down breathing a heavy burden of anguish.

“Finish them all, father!” people who have the audacity to stand before a crowd and compare Quran and Bible, and state that “bible has scientific errors” where is Noah? Where is unicorn? How can earth be submerged underwater?’ ask they. “Fools will never hear the word of god. Why should we then hear the words of fools. If they don’t see Noah in bible, the water of spiritual presence, my Judea, the house my unicorn, which I ride the fools who live in a paradise, who don’t understand my tongue of the Alpha, Beta, Omega , Exodus and Beyond, who don’t have the wisdom nor the humility to seek my father, but to stand on a stage of wood, and claim high about desperately about Satan, their eyes I want to take them all out,,, father, can you clean my kingdom, of their filth?’ I asked.

“I have loved my king, my kingdom, my father, my first love, everything begins here,,, give me everything clean and pure, father. Erase them all out! It’s my kingdom my voice, my people, my house everything is MINE, then why should I pray for the weeds. I am a love of purity an angel with a mission, let me then soar high, to not look out for greenery anymore but to rejoice in greenery, then please fulfill my desire, father, look at my ramp walk, look at my fresh faith, look at me, I don’t look back, my house is in clouds, why then should I allow those to mock at me, who don’t know how to fly. I am determined for I know the wind, the water, the creatures and my father. CLEAN THEM ALL from the face of this earth. I don’t want them” I smiled with fire in my blazing eyes.

“A father I am above all. Don’t the world love my son and yet trouble my loving daughter. Have they messed and stirred her patience and forgiveness? Am I not there to protect them? And I not the lord of hosts and the GOD ALMIGHTY? Am I incapable of saving my children against the waggling tongues? Am I deaf to not hear my children’s cries? Am I powerless to wipe them all away from my kingdom? Am I weak to not fulfill my promise?

Am I not the ONLY ONE? Am I not HE the creator of this universe? Am I not your father, who shall save his children? Am I not he father who doesn’t allow a hair to move!!!”…

“Father!” I said!, “the king had come father!! He brought me the breakfast and a part to his parents! Can you imagine the importance I gain in his life? His mother had intense to call me along with my parents”, my hands, father, my palms hurt. So, I rest my hand now on the book, one the left is my land, I am a Patriarch, Abhram, Isaac and Jacob, look at my Shiloh, in later 2006, it was discovered, my Shiloh on the mosaic floor, which go back to about 1600 years. The inscription was reading, in honour of Lord Jesus, it said, “You can walk the walk, you can talk the talk, its my plat form area, it belongs, to my tabernacle. I need wine and I need oil,,, now do you see my Jeremiah in me???”

My place of high priest, I am a Levi, my father’s name Joseph, music is performed in my tabernacle, we dance silently in praising the god,,, sing we his song, “Batya” look at the flute we play, we are going to the Sucot celebration in Jerusalem, and we will join the Sucot celebration,,, what a beautiful view form the Samuel, the prophet summed, returned to his home, he judged Israel and built his home. He anointed Saul and he annnointed David. He use to go around his donkey in a Levi city, he then watched the “Roots and Reflections” .History is a special significance, Israel is the true possessor of this land. Here on Samuel’s mountains, my generations wild rose, we did it, we worshipped it, we still retain it, it is our medicinal plant, a medication for cancer, breathing system, in lungs, everything here is to stay alive, a super natural realm, here in Hebrew, used for prayer, a soldier and a handsome young man, guarding the Samuel’s tomb, my son and his friends sit in the Samuel’s tomb the dividing kingdom Judah and the Kingdom of Israel, for disaster appeared from the north, because this direction, we know the weakness, we will erect another wall around, and we will have the owns of all the water reservoir, we will have a master and a destination, we will reign our roots of reflections, we will have reigns over every prophet!!! Soup of Sabbath ,the rooster, (my son!!) the vegetables the Jews we are the more vegetables, we have the better, it is going to be tasty, can you hear us riding the word of God!! Can you breathe the spices we have?? The soup will be ready in 45 minutes!!! “Yumm, Yumm…. Yummm,,, Sabbath!!! Look down , they lay down the foundations of my Kingdom of god, in full range, in my neighbourhood, no weapon formed against you shall prosper” spoke the spirit of god in me.

The entire nation of Israel came to a stand still. A song of remembrance day is now laid out to the ammunition hill. We will plant all the seeds. And a heart to wicked combat, we will be the key to the heavenly father, we will go to the ancient we are the modern and we will be ancient to our kingdom of Israel, a city of Jerusalem, which was mentioned in the scripture more than 800 times, it now boosts our morals. Celebrate our independence day of brotherhood and join our war and the heavens under the recognition, we say, “Todah”… which did you know, is a “thank you” to god, my heavenly father!!”

“It’s got to be serious” I jumped out!!” “How many times you make me jump??” I smiled. The rock formation resembles the skull. The garden tomb, but now the garden comes alive. God spoke to Abraham, and said, “Go take, your land, take them on to the cliff, even when the Satan drops the stones on you, 2500 years ago, they took us unto a place, deep dark but we sang the song of our god in the temple, here is the cross, in our anchor, the hope within us, in the Lord Jesus. Everything fits in here as it can be the most exciting thing is Jesus, could not be defeated then, I take the older death and transfer it all now, we can live also, for the tomb is empty”… “Seeing is believing” you said, so here, I come, leaving my tomb for the lord has risen. From his tomb” roared lord Jesus in his mighty tone, whipped he the chariots of white in blazing fire, the world wide movement, this is HOLY!! I will fill my land with my fire!!! This is my channel. I play the music. I play the flute of my beloved destiny, who is then is this worthless army to stops me in between? I don’t like nuggets have WOMAN and MAN in the ministry. Get the new “Propel” into your lives. “Great” can be a life wonderful!! This is the moment of death of darkness, I touch you with my boldness an my goodness, my ministry is to serve, “you done show yourself, great in front of a Man?? Woman has a choice to make. I am obedient to my god. I save the Jewish Race. The destiny is based on me. You are my Hero, my lord, “Jesus” I breathed, “I give you honour. For I am beautiful for my god called me to be, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. These walls don’t bother me, I have a spirit of cannon, its overwhelming, I minister and I did it then, I will do it now too. I am a daughter, so are you equally under my father, we will raise our heads, we are virtuous women, we will watch and march under our god, who has given us all the cal of god, we are intelligent we grow up with honour in our. Further, we choose what we want to be, if we desire we can be what ever is in our heart we will be!!! No prejudices please, for, I don’t come here to deal with opposition but I come with a mission!!! Who are you then to measure us, and make us shrink?? I wear what I want in my house; I choose to be who I am, for I come here “To be!”
Everybody needs to evolve in their own system. There is no light around the world. So, when we come in, there is no other territorial spirit, which we not capture on this earth. Else everything has been now manifested, churches are rising, this society comes through a lot of prayer, nothing can abandon me, now do you understand what is happening out mind cannot be bombarded by sexual pervetness, be careful with your spirits, for you connect to heaven and earth. And any law that Satan, tries to establish the laws of men, I rather choose to obey the law of god, my 40 days of fasting has now come to an end.

It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but I will live by my father’s light was I tempted to establish my kingdom in a wrong way?? Ha! Jesus has the FINAL and ETERNAL laugh, you shall not tempt your lord, the revelation I have it all! Radical, radical, signs and wonders, miracles, explode all the religious strong holds” this is the day force The churches to see the miracles!! Are you going to laugh who are blind, deaf, dumb, and dead we come here to establish the divine law and divine healing of your infirmities. We came here to be showcase of your Greek thinking, pounding Jesus, without practice and forward move, please bring about the shift, containing your own physical body. Get more out of this. For there is depth here!!” Jesus, I said.

Strangely, just somebody said to me now, my angel who is writing the book, and you will find a publisher to your book. Believer god, the publisher will find you. God will intervene in your life, you will be taken care of for to gain the kingdom of authority for this belongs to my father, my lord, my god. I wrote. I re-read., “publisher of this book”, “publisher of this book”… I was mesmerized.

“God, lord, father, may the publisher also proof read, my book personal to me. For, my speed is anointed to build the spirit and work together. Bless my angel, the sister, who was caught in chains, release her now, when she types this sentence. May she understand the visitation of this unknown prophet.

Wendy, my beloved, Wendy my angel, you who dared to write the “unknown prophet, my book”, please be my proof reader and my publisher, and share it with all the churches across the world, to exceed all the coincidences and help them all understand, the master, the father is drawing us all into his place. We are being drawn close where no man takes us up, telling us, “Dearly beloved, you are not forgotten!”

This is I, the father, together we speak, don’t be terrified for my threat of encouragement is to let them all know that god has a plan. It’s me the Jesus of Nazareth, who brings the word, who walks unseen and who weeps!!

This is the extra ordinary, prophetic journey, of the unknown prophet, but that’s
not all, I also record your personal bible with special prayers written by my father!! Its available exclusively from the heaven. The kingdom bound book for an incredible offer.

I sat in amazement. My life changed forever. “Order your copy now!!” I smiled. “AMEN” blessed the father.

It is ‘I’ who grieve for my champions! I don’t worry for people who fall, but my children, the satanic princes of hellish masks,,,, the great rumbling, the great rumbling of rebellion and cries, ONE MAN RESOUNDS THE KING, JESUS OF BEAUTY and GRACE. “It has begun!!” warns Jesus, before he stuck the sword.

“The city I lived in was succumbing soon. 5th death in the city” read the news update. And Jesus smiled. “Freedom came on this land with non violence. That is why, the great soul, walked here, the mother of abandoned dwelled here, the gold medalists worked In the movement, it’s our kingdom and we will spread the word of god, everywhere” “Amen” blessed father, the sweetness and the enduring legacy we brew here!!!

- 17th august 2009

I sat in Christ church café, in the city of Jerusalem, looking at the golden gates of the messiah, munching on the carrot cake, the coffee brewing, “Ray of Hope, Shalom” “Go ahead sweet heart! Open the doors of your ancient inheritance” he smiled. “Shalom!” I winked. The Jews have come home, after being expelled for generations, but we come back, where our heart belongs. “Music Please!” I said. “Lets go eat it!” I ran along with my father! “The cotton candy sticking all over my lips but I don’t want to be on a diet for its HOLY!” I winked to my father. My father was in joy. His eyes, wanting and waiting to witness my joy. I walked to streets of 2000 years ago, where Pharisees and Saudcicees, Jesus and his disciples walked. Here I come to fulfill the words. For, the heart of Jerusalem is alive . to the place where the trumpet blows, the pinnacle, my father, gives me the land, my teacher and my speaker, sing we songs on the 15 steps, praising our lord, to enter the temple mount, messiah baptism, I bring to be immersed in my father’s words. Open the gates! Lift up oh! Everlasting holy gates, for the king of glory, the holy of the holy the western wall of prayers, I have heard all your prayers and your servants take the pleasure from home!! He who gave us our torah! I come from that father! I will now say, “Let peace be with YOU!” my city, my history coming alive, the court of gentiles, the Herodian stone which I lay, which was not laid by any human or machinery, this is my land! “The ark of the covenant; the ancient the medieval, the water still comes down on the walls of the tunnel, Israel is the centre of Israel, and on this rock, comes the center of my father’s heart, Jesus, who pitches the flag, the word of my god, proclaiming victory and death of this world! “Father”, I kneeled. “I five you the right to speak to my life for I honour to give you credit all my life! “You the first priority” shall man pronounce, “Praise the lord” will say children born into your family, for all these happened only because, god, the lord almighty is the first to him we give the honour of priority and this is why we came through!” I Jesus said.

Proverb 24:27

“Finish your out door work
And get your fields ready;
After that, build your house.
Had I not told you my dear, if you put your
House in order, I will give you all! No,
More shall the three things and four, shall
Be amazing to you, which you now gain
An understanding of them all”.
The way of an eagle in the sky,
The way of a snake on a rock,
The way of a ship on the high seas,
And the way of a man with a maiden.

I smiled, “Selah!” I said. “Shalom” he smiled. “Hmm…’ I said. And he knew it all. “Where is my compliment?” I asked him. “Etched had I with hands of mine, for he moment, here to be re written more than once!” he smiled with a twinkle in his eye.


“The wife of Nobel Character”

A wife if noble character who can find?
She is worth for more than rubies.
Her husband has full confidence in her
Lacks nothing of value.
She brings him good, not harm,
All the days of her life.
She selects wool and flax
And works with eager hands.
She is like the merchant ships,
Bringing her food form afar.
She gets up while it is still dark;
She provides food for her family
And portions for her servants girls.
She considers a field and buys it:
Out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

sets about her work vigorously;
Her arms are strong for her tasks.
She sees that her trading is profitable,
And her lamp does not go out at night.
In her hand she holds the distaff
And grasps the spindle with her fingers.
She opens her arms to the poor
And extends her hands to the needy.
When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
For all of them are clothed in scarlet.
She makes coverings for her bed;
She is clothed in fine linen and purple.
Her husband is respected at the city gate,
Where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.
She makes linen garments and sells them,
And supplies the merchants with sashes.
She is clothed with strength and dignity;
She can laugh at the days to come.
She speaks with wisdom,
And faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs on her house hold
And does not eat the bread of idleness,
Her husband also, and he praises her:
“Many women do Nobel things
But you surpass them all”.
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting;
But a woman who fears the lord is to be praised.
Give her the reward she has earned,
And let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

“The book of our times”, I hugged him with silent tears. My tears of gratification and my peaceful gratitude, the revelation happened in my backyard, father! You came here, to give it all!” I said. “Did I turn up the volume too high?” he winked. And I chuckled. We are in this world but not of this world. Your promises so unique to living. “Everything I do according to your word, I have been working on an assignment, for I work for my father. How then, the devil could stop me? Look at the dust he smucks, I walk in heaven and I am the anointed one” I wrote.

“Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the book of the law” “the man who does these things will live by faith”. “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree of the world”.

“My father, redeems, the mankind, in the order, that the blessing given to Abraham come to the gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith, you receive the promise of my father. Now.” I announced.

The whole world is a prisoner of sin. Hence, Jesus Christ comes to give to those who believe, faith I bring and you are longer not anymore confined to sin and death.

“Plague of frogs, plague of gnats, plague of flies, plague on livestock, plague of boils, plague of hail, plague of locusts, plague of darkness, plague of the first born, all hell I bind up for these were brought by the sin, not the lord, for didn’t Adam open the door to Satan and Eve opened the door to the lord god? The land of this world, did not let us go hence the lord ensured that their own curses, come upon them with the wild beasts of their own, now sucking on their own blood” he announced.

“Father! Bless us to take our flocks and our herds. The waters were divided and the walls built high, stretch out your hand father, on the mount Sinai, where the Ten commandments of long lasting laws, of justice and Mercy, were written on a stone tablet, to be obeyed fully, to treasure your covenant, so that, through all the nations, my father, my Abba, will be the treasured possession” I kneeled down to receive my blessing. “May the blessing be multiplied in infinite, so that, every child is raised up in my word, keeping them out of debt, for allowing me to shine the light, a land of revival. NOW IS THE TIME!!” “RECEIVE MY HEART, MY BELOVED!!” he blessed. And I was submerged in his blessings. “Can I sing a song?” I cried.

Beneath the richness. Laughed out loud he and he made me sit on the top of the mountain of richness.


Exodus 15:11

I will sing to the lord ,
For he is highly exalted
The horse and its rider
He ahs hurled into the sea.
The lord is my strength and my song;
He has become my salvation.
He is my god, and I will praise him,
My fathers god, and I will exalt him.
The lord is a warrior;
The lord is his name.
Pharaoh’s chariots and his army
He has hurled into the sea.
The best of Pharaoh’s officers
Are drowned in the red sea.
The deep waters have covered them;
They sank to the depths like a stone.

“Your right hand, of lord,
Was majestic in power.
Your right hand, of lord,
Shattered the enemy.
In the greatness of your majesty
You threw down those who opposed you.
You unleashed your burning anger;
It consumed them like stubble.
By the blast of your nostrils
The waters piled up.
The surging waters stood firm like a wall:
The deep waters concealed in the heart of the sea.

The enemy boasted,
“I will pursue, I will overtake them.
I will divide the spoils;
I will gorge myself on them.
I will draw my sword
And my hand will destroy them”
But you blew with your breath,
And the sea covered them
They sank like lead
In the mighty waters.

“Who among the gods is like you, O lord?
Who is like you ---
Majestic in holiness,
Awesome in glory,
Working wonders?
“You stretched onto your right hand
And the earth swallowed them.

“In your unfailing love you will lead
The people you have redeemed.
In your strength you will guide them
To your holy dwelling.
The nations will hear and tremble;
Anguish will grip the people of Philistia,
The chefs of Edom will be terrified,
The leaders of Moah will be seized with trembling,
The people of Canaan will melt away;
Terror and dread will fall upon them.
By the power of your arm
They will be as still as a stone---
Until your people pass by, O lord,
Until the people you bought pass by.
You will bring them in and plant them
On the mountain of your inheritance ---
The place, O lord, you made for your dwelling,
The sanctuary, O lord, your hands established.
The lord will reign for ever and ever;

Sing to the lord,
For he is highly exalted.
The horse and its rider
He has hurled into the sea.

Read I from the ancients, the banner of the lord, “For hands were lifted up to the throne of the lord. The lord, god will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation”.

“Father!” I looked at him in amazement! “We the Hebrew servants of yours. Personal injuries didn’t stop us. Protecting the property and social responsibility we received from you. Sabbath law and the laws of justice and mercy you revealed them all to us, the god’s angel was to prepare the way, for the three annual festivals, through the offerings for the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant was confirmed. The table, the lamp stand, the altar, the court yard, the oil for the lamp stand, the priestly garments, the ephod, the breast piece, and all the priests bowed before the High priest who was consecrated, burning the Altar of Incense, paying the atonement Money, washing in the basin, we waited for the anointing oil to reach our belly of fire, to burn I your name, the Sabbath and the golden calf we pass them all, to write the new stone tablets, this the glory which belongs to the lord! Holy! Holy! Holy!” said Jesus about Jesus.

“So I am the son of man, the son of god, the complicated truth I am not, but I become to prepare my church, so worthy are my truth, to go deeper and deeper to unveil all the truth” I wrote.

“Father!” I sank down. “You show my roots and you show my reflections, the prophet, the priest and the king!” I blossomed. And the father’s smile bloomed. And I smelt the fragrance of truth!

“Here is the anchor of truth with the saints prevailing for its more than Jesus forgives and makes your life happier. But, my church needs to be part of the diet of son of man’ he said. “Jesus on probation is it?” I smiled. “NO” he said, “Jesus on revelation. Open Daniel 7, and write the verse, I show to you!”

And I wrote the bed rock of revelation. “That’s who I AM” I wrote deep as I wrote the words of priceless treasure of my father. “Strengthen me, father. Because your surprises are making me faint” I chuckled. “You are the ONLY one, You are the WORTHY one” he blessed. “The house of prayer, your built for me, desired you for my intimacy, closeness, beauty with longing, the program I coded it all, to be decode into good news through signs and wonders. Now is the moment” he smiled and I said, “So this is what its all about!” and I hugged him like a child, receiving the gift, from his father, in joy, in happiness of eternal star!!

Daniel 7 : Verse 13

“In my vision at night I looked and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the ancient of days and was led into this presence. He was giving authority, glory and sovereign power; all peoples, nations and men of every language worshipped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.”

“5 days to get OK” I recalled. 11th I wrote, 17th I received. The promise was fulfilled. I know ‘when’ the change came, about in me. When I stopped living for people and started living for god!!. The book was all I needed, the bible, and I found him in it! I adapted my body, my soul, my essence, my presence, my questions, my answers, I found my confidence, my calmness and soon I had collected all the information of GIFT!!

“My heavenly father, I have gained access to, anytime, in his grace, in his glory and this father is greater than any father’s on the planet, here I can come, here I can dance, here I can tell my jokes, to which everybody smiles” Hurray!!” I shouted and cheered. “Father!” I screamed in joy, “Look at me!” and I did my routine unusual “jiggle- wiggly” swaying my bums, haywire, and my father laughed in joy!!

“Father! You never forgot me!” “You did it! The gates of heaven are open! And everybody will come to live with you!” ,,,, I screamed hysterically? “I am going to sit and read everything I wrote, for I don’t want to miss my Own revelation! “I AM THE BEST, I AM THE BEST”, I sang loud and the angels sang the chorus, “Yes, you are Best”,,, I winked at my father and asked him. So, “How are you doing?” in the true Joey’s style ad he laughed harder!!!

“Father!” I said to him. “My wedding, father! I am your princess!” I fluttered my eye lashes and I saw my father rolling his eyes, “Okay, Okay!, you shall have the wedding, in my style! The true “Heavenly Wedding”!!!” he announced throwing his hands in air in jubilation!! “Ahh… Ah…” I was about to faint in joy! … “And..” I paused. “Father! I have you. It means, I have all”, I sat with a wide smile. And he laughed. He lifted me up and he said, “My dear princess, my assurances are eternal. I love you, no matter what. I will guide you, no matter what. I will reign ‘here’ in abundance, for eternal in life and in righteousness!!” he blessed. “Jesus” “Jesus” , “Jesus” is my name!! This is my identity. My foundation and my destiny all belong to my father, here we come, “Jesus Christ” to walk on the earth, my father’s paradise, Jesus was the only a key to his father’s kingdom. “Father!” I fell onto my knees, “Look what you made of me!” tears of joy, pain and emotions… he wiped my tears and the angel cried “CLAP your HANDS, all you people, shout to god in the voice of joy, HALLELUIAH!! Let’s sing it HALLELUIAH, clap your hands they danced!!!

For once, I can tell the king, “didn’t I tell you, I knew it and I was sure!” I winked. My mind was racing. Not a single soul knew that I was Jesus. And here was Jesus writing the book of revelation of Jesus, wondering who “Jesus” was!! “A magnificent master piece”, my father, had written it all for me. “You knew, the beginning, the end, and the beyond, Isn’t it?” I asked him, nodding my head, as I wrote.

And he said with warmth, holding me close to his heart, “My little princess and you said “zero” has no value!” he smiled. Philosophy, history, mathematics, sociology, economy, lover logy, biology, cryptology, archeology, astrology, criminology, pathology, dramatics and literature, dance and music laws and Justice, fun and folic, family and children, government and citizens, churches and entertainment, we have it ALL HERE!! “The kingdom of GOD”, I announced as I walked in along with my father!!

“It was never about addition, it was all about multiplication. My children, come let’s finish the task with the area of unity! Understand this simple principle. Prayer will show every black, where Christians are placed, your block is your responsibility so its businessmen, media, Journalists, entertainers, evangelists, vendors, governments, society, sports men, scientists, dreamers and everybody. MR. little, we make the big difference. For a pastor trains, but your multiply and spread the kingdom, in your style, baby!”

I wrote. “The church is the foundation in the society. But Christians are there in every sphere of society, find your people and have our men in every sphere of society. There is an urgent need to mobilize, to swarm, to do the will of god, in every area of life. You preach you practice to “SELF” to transform to get salvation for the revival revives, to turn into a movement, then apply the word of god everywhere. Go, get a bible, learn to read and help your children read the bible. There is no book like bible, you need to read it again and again, slowly and something more, something deeper will take place. And you will find Christians speak” Smiled Jesus, with a mysterious smile. “Pay your taxes, to know more” laughed father!! “Seven spheres, I lay them out, I want to use all my children. And you are one among them”: said Jesus with a motherly look an eyebrow raise, for the gifts for each child, I am her for real. My children, allow your light to shine so that the world may see your glory shine. May everyone, who says “Yes” to me for my purposes for my father’s kingdom, work their talents towards prosperity and peace”,,, I prayed, “AMEN” blessed father.

“The omega zone, as I was heading towards I found oceans of Christians, laying their lives to serve the father, the lord god almighty!! “Pornography’ sites were being shut down, “Media” the Christians racked with the armour of god, “Entertainment” was pure and fun, “Children” were loved and pampered to be disciplined adults by their parents, governments ruled with the word of god, judges bowed to the word of god, vendors and business flourished in heaven good and water in umpteen, the hearts of the nations were stirred up, the word of the god, my father dawned like a thick fog, the cloud of eternal, and the heaven, Adam and Eve, with the Prince and found they togetherness and acceptance in the warmth of their children. But, the best friend, always remained the “BOOK”, “the book of the living god!!”

“What do you plan to do with the existing bodies of waste, who walk in my kingdom, whose stink I cannot bear?” I asked with coldness in my eyes. And he understood my anguish and he smiled knowing all.

“Stop to write here” he said. And I saw a command in his voice. “Can I say a good night and give a kiss of thank You?’ I was puzzled in fear, looking at him. “Don’t! The lamb was not slaughtered for nothing”. He kissed me good night, and putting me to sleep, but a strange sense of gripping mystery, was coming onto me. “ I better look after my kingdom of father’s with all the care and love, to take care of it perfectly well, when he comes back” I murmured to myself. “Love you father” I wrote. And I found him not here to reply, “BOO!” he said. “Love you my daughter, always!” he smiled. “You know one of these days, I will faint with your “boo” surprises” I hit him hard and he smiled.

“Father! One simple request. May my chair groups have chairs to sit, in prosperity and joy” I prayed. “AMEN” he blessed.

- Jesus Christ
- 17 to 18 /08/2009

9 ate 9 , 18/08/09

“Morning, father!” I smiled. “Morning sunshine” he smiled. Isn’t the weather beautiful?” he asked and I nodded my head. “Do you always do this intentionally?” I asked him and he laughed with a mighty roar. “Father! You do know how I feel, don’t you? It’s my last days towards the Omega zone and I am feeling completely terrified to even think beyond this prison. I am a son of god, everybody says, but aren’t everybody, I ask? Isn’t Jesus a way of life? A messiah, who brought the word of god” my father smiled and he held me close. I continued, “Some how, father, I don’t want this journey to end. How I wish, I could hide and yet keep on writing the word!” I said with a puppy face. “My love” he lifted up my face, “2000 years a distance in Time, is this not long enough? Silence was the world plunged in, is this not long enough? Darkness the children lived in, is this not long enough? Bore the burdens of hardship, is this not long enough? The winds blew, and they knew not why, is this not long enough?” he smiled. “The winds blow to tell the story of love of god and Jesus an the great Planet!” I smiled. “I know, I understand, but, its time my dear. And who else, if not YOU?” he asked. “But, father, I hate it when they thrush their mikes for a speech, I hate it when they click their cameras, I hate it when they expect to be answered, I hate to be touched and mobbed, I love to be a part of the kingdom, I love to be a oar of great concerts, I love to listen all the pastors preach, I love to be at home or a nomad, with my king and my prince, I love to be myself, with the qualities, I have form you father. Looking at this world, I am scared the changes “the fakeness” affects me with. I want to be the same. Joyful, your beloved, intelligent yet innocent, peaceful, loving disciplined, passionate, righteous and the child who grew up along the way, walking along with her father on the shore!” I smiled, “You have a choice my dear” he said calmly. “You have A choice to live your destined live, to complete the FULLNESS of Christ or…” and I interrupted him, “I got my answer!” I chuckled. I just want to re-read whatever has been written in the volume 3 father. It’s a journey. And don’t know why, I feel weird in my stomach. Something BIG, something STRANGE, I sense. Unable to write, as this feeling si churning me deep. What is this intuition all about father?’ I asked him. “ I think you will find the answer, if you follow the intuition” he smiled mysteriously. “Father have some mercy!” I pleaded and he laughed. “My Alice in wonderland, go find it” he said and I ran yet again, not knowing what lay ahead, but as long as my father watched it, I would hunt it till the last bone.

After close to 6 hours of reading my own book, I came back to write. “I got it! Father” I shouted with love, “Khad Khudi” I screamed. And for the first time, my father was puzzled. And I cheered and smile. “Taste one and let me know” I said. He put it in his mouth and his heart went “Mmm…mnn” I smiled, “Khad Khudi” I had once eaten only a small piece, but the taste lingered. I came back to home, not knowing the name nor ingredients and described the colour pink cushion and tender, juicy and yummy, while I dint like the outer white sugary thick layered sweet. My king had asked me then, “So how does it taste?” and I said, “Mmm…Mmm” and I said, “Khad Khudi!” “What’s Khad Khudi?” the kind had asked. “God knows! But that’s how it tastes…!” I replied. The next day, the king had been to the sweet stall, got a lose of only the pink juicy layers, and said, “Your Khad Khudi!” “How romantic” father replied. “Not only that, he brought this sweet week on week till I had lost my appetite for Khad Khudi!” and today, I ate it after a long time. “You except me to come out of desert to heaven and write the book without delicious food! IMPOSSIBLE” I pounded my fist on the table. And both of us burst out laughing!!!!

“Father! You made me tread on the 7 continents. Alive was I but only in your kingdom – THE WAY. That is my religion. Attachment to YOU, the almighty is my strength. Freedom is my tune and “the word” is my mission. I raise the flag of truth and righteousness, riding my chariots of white on fire, I blow the trumpet, I bring the message of god to this world. Was it not I , the Messiah, whom the history has Waited for? Was it not I , the son of the father whose work was to be completed? Was it not I the truth in mighty, the almighty, the lord god! Look at my writing change, for I write in the spirit of my father, enough of warning and taking advising and negotiation, for I AM THE ALMIGHTY, and I come to establish the kingdom. This kingdom shall run according to my father’s will and dare you not impose to threatens the will, for I give you 619 laws to run the kingdom within the book, of which I expect you to follow 10? Am I asking for too much?

Pastors And church prepare I now roar and pounce like a mighty eagle, for chattering of parrots beneath are your preys of hunger Oh! My sons, my children, why then you not rejoice??? Mankind did not have a law and man made ruined the land. It’s now my grace, to shine on my creation, for TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.


“I completed the book. Which my uncle stooped at 11 pages. Look father! We complete the puzzle all together his suicide note of 11 pages had exactly the same words


“Truth always Triumphs”… the vow of my uncle I finally complete. “JESUS” I said.

Are you now swaying to my tunes, here I come the pied piper, to bring a new tune of “Our father in heaven!!” I blow my divine flute how is my story Oh! My reader?? Look at the word of god.

Sinking us all deep into his tune, this is the revelation, Oh! He show it all!! How many layers beneath layers is the earth sunk into?? The history, the word, the present, the word, the future, the lord. we are making the way, the way to eternity. The book I say remembrance. For I know for something sure is bound to happened. Soon this book os the only KEY” to the doors of the heaven. “A BOOK, A BOOK A BOOK IS YOUR BEST FRIEND”. This is the word found only in the hands of chosen ones, the ones who hear the words, the one who see the words, the ones who understands the words. Only those, who can walk shall walk, only those who can see shall see. Do you understand the story I write, do you feel the music I hum?? This is the kingdom of god. “Welcome the anointed ones!!” I wrote.

“Father! So many things to say more father, but I think its time for The readers to sink in” I smiled. Jesus was I . And I came to deliver your message personally and I saw the reader smile “My children” Jesus wrote! “OH! Happy I am to be their Santa!” I winked.

“My memory status to me back to the date of my diary 11/08/09. My diary had stopped on the date, 11th July. What does the time difference mean father? What significance does it hold?” I asked. Father smiled and uncle had stopped writing on the same date, 11th July “ I pause to read what I wrote.

“There was team meeting today and the parrots chirped with their slimy remarks about “genuine feedbacks”. 70 feedback by an individual, I think want laugh enough. The king’s voice was pulled out by the lord, to roar in the meeting. “Every body has the choice to receive the feedback from the customer. It can be negative or it can be positive. I take a chance. For, I know I work my arse out to give the best service to the customer. And 70 out of 90 speaks it all. ‘Unethical’ cited on of the parrot, the managers at 2 levels, were bent on their knees to defend the king. In the team meeting of corporate, the commotion and the war. The sea was split wide open and open war of the good versus evil and a clear demarcation of the kingdom of god and the “useless”. The king came today with pride of victory. And I fed him with “Khad Khudi”, I smiled at my father.

“mmm..mmm” my father gestured. “Is this all a mere co-incidence?” I smiled? My finger which holds the pen to instruct, now wears s “sphinx” of silver. The one of its kind ring, which we had picked up in the land of beaches. It gives me the sense of authority to control my own thoughts and a privilege to be in the kingdom of god. “Sphinx” is this also a mere co-incidence? “Answer the phone by the third ring, give due important to your customer”, I wrote.

Picture Attached : The SPHINX – FACE ON THE PYRAMID

“Oh! That’s a bad drawing father?” I smiled. “Don’t you worry, I have it etched on the pyramid just right” he winked.

Strange also was it, the king showed me left foot. And 6 dots around his leg, in the shape of an “anklet”, “a ring” and I see its herpes. The sores of red , on the skin. The sigh for the priests, to serve before god. And the only infection, spoken in great length in the bible. The symbolic meaning purification by sacrifice. A bird set free, for a new liberty. Leviticus in bible 13 and 14 says it all. The sign of a king. The honour he wars on the left foot, to stampede the dark, the bow in his hand to strike them all, with the lord on his right with a sword to slaughter them all. Nothing unclean shall enter the kingdom of god, the lord, the almighty, Jesus smiled.

Passionate love, can wait for seven days. The days of the lord and the discharge. A woman lays unclean and everything I wash to clean my clothes, my sheets, the covers. For the offering to my lord, to lay pure.

“Tampons re my gifts from heaven” I smiled as I wrote. Once cleaned, the Romeos and the Juliet meet in the Samuel’s tower. Samuel’s tower, I nodded my head. Mystery to love and the skull head in the aquarium, which lies in the prince’s room, amidst the cave paintings of “ABBA”, “father!” I smiled how many mysteries do you weave?

“IT says, that do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the lord” in Leviticus 28. “DO I complete the laws given by Moses, as ordered by you, father?” I asked. And the father smiled. “This is the NEW HEAVEN, NEW EARTH. The old meets the new. But there is no substitution to the almighty, this is the message, I intend to give to the mankind, my daughter” he smiled. “Go on” he ordered. And I scratched my head and then my body, wondering, should I ask. I mustered courage, for the longing was deep, “Can I get a cross tattooed on my spine, lower back? A sign of covenant of YOU and ME, never to be seen directly, but only in the reflection of the mirror and the king’s eyes” I smiled as innocently as possible, like a teenager seeking permission. Mount Sinai, this is where things happened. Mount Zion, is where things are unfolding and I stood in silence to hear the answer.

“$) years o misery you bore it all. Cross you bore and still you want it all! A different king of history, you made, Jews, Israelites, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Egypt, Africans, you fulfilled them all. You took complete restitution for wrongs. Law of naziritre, you fulfill, offering and dedications, bore the fire form the lord, wore the garments of my given and duties you carried out, water from the rock you brought on my command, le the Passover happen form the aftermath of the death of Moses to Jesus and may the New Beginning Begin” he blessed. “Holy! Holy! Holy!” blessed the angels of heaven.

And I bent down to take the approval of the sign of the covenant, the father gave me. “You can always have YOUR WAY, in MY KINGDOM” he laughed. And I ran forward to hug hum tight. “Thank you Dad!” “You are the greatest!” I cheered. “Never will I … “ and he interrupted. “You are always guided in my light” he said to re assure me. And I felt “the luckiest”!

“Write this as the judgment on all
Those who have desecrated my sanctuary”
Ordered the lord god almighty.
“Who ever sacrifices a bull
Is like one who kills a man,
And whoever offers lamb,
Is like one who breaks a dog’s neck;
Whoever makes a grain offering
Is like on who presents pigs blood,
And whoever burns memorial incense,
Like one who worships an idol.
They have chosen their ways,
And their souls delight in their abominations,
and will bring upon than what they dread.
For when I called, o one answered.
When I spoke, no one listened.

They did evil in my sight
And chose what displeases me”
Do you hear that uproar for the city,
Hear that noise from the temple!
It is the sound of the lord
Repaying his enemies all they deserve.

= the judgment passed by the almighty =

““Suffering servant” were called my beloved?” said father. Had I not written my words in the beginning to warn them all? And I cleared my throat and added, “You may want to read them all in scriptures and see what my darling Isaiah, the spirit has written especially after 50”, I smiled. And I looked at my father. “Is this also your work, my darling?” I asked and father laughed out loud. “Mute dogs which cannot back father; mighty appetites they have and have never enough; those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following ME, in the midst of those who eat the flesh of pigs and rats And other abominable things – they will meet their ends together. And I because of their actions and their imaginations, AM about to COME, and gather all nations and tongues, and everybody will come and see my father’s glory. My sons, will proclaim my father’s glory, to carry the, across the nations and the world will come to my Holy Mountain, my inheritance, in Jerusalem, on horses, in chariots and wagons, on mules and camels, to bring their offerings and I will select some of them to be priests and Levites. Form one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow down before my father. Lord god Abba is the name, and his the Almighty!!!’ wrote Jesus.

“They will go out and look upon the dead bodies of those who rebelled against the lord, their worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched and they will be loathsome to all mankind” wrote Jesus.

“What do you smile at, my beloved wife?” he asked. “Use me like a piece of sandal wood father, so that the more you churn me against the stone, my fragrance depends in your word” I knelt. “Go ahead! I will guide you. Give the message so that it deafens the ears which are blocked amidst the webs which the Satan weaves. There are 2 pointers. And both applicable to your lives. My ink deepens as I write” he said.

My message which I sent to the king. “How many girls have you wooed teaching them snooker? And today, you work hard, harder, more harder and the hardest and there is the ONLY ONE to whom you walk up to mountain cliff, for a few minutes,,, what is this man made of? Metal or rock, cliff hanger or the brave heart, I bow on my knees to you, your patience and perseverance, your hard work and achievements, will even force the ancient doors to your destiny, my dear,,,, I love my king, my lord of the lords,,,, (this is the 1st one)

The 2nd message:

“You are stretching for something big on your own… just abide in him, it will be done for you,,, don’t harden your heart,,, connect,,, get connected,, and it will rain on you!! Love you …” (the father’s message to you!)

“Look father! Gideon’s army, we march. Only 200 and plus, army run a channel like GOD TV. I the entire Egypt, two people of Jacobs fight and slaughter; but alas the situation will be easier, if only MAN understand, the importance off coming together for this kingdom and understand the core of the mission. We nee to make this ministry grow. And only then will the heavens of infinite explore. It is an extra ordinary journey, and now form Jerusalem, the word of god, needs to be transmitted everywhere. I challenge ALL of us, to achieve the mission of 1 billion souls and our function is to host, to support, not to compete but to be a blessing, to exists, to be in every house, to be an opportunity and million of those dead remote controlled lives. The connection is extra ordinary, for if every body would rise, atleast 5 million will raise in spirits as the fog depends and the clouds land onto this planet. I think it’s important for us to realize the bigger vision I lay for you. The story of Jesus is great, but the importance emphasizes on getting connected together. I mean business, when I talk. For my word carries the weight of my father, the one who unlocks your destiny.

STOP and THINK. “What do I gain?” Err.. a few more extra money?? A little more luxury? Food, clothing shelter all a little better and another mike and a speech in the media, “knowing it ALL”,,, is these are your thoughts, then I am praying for you, right now. “My father!, please give them enough wisdom and enough faith, to trust in you, the god, almighty, and teach to reach for the rewards of excellence that lead to A higher goal.”… “AMEN” laughed father and he said, “Your antics never tire me out!!” tear of joy I saw on his face.

“My daughter, how much do you pull the heaven to ALL, with ALL your Might. Look even my throne is coming down. The earth to be my foot stool!” he blessed.

“Father! We are the vehicle we all work the hard way, for we are anointed our Gideon army, works, taking hardly any breaks, for we know, there is something I our spirit that never allows to douse, but walk towards the super natural realm, to literally sweat in the natural with the spirit of excellence, enabling ‘us’, something and sacrificing in your name, we walk towards the end of the earth, bearing the weight, to unlock the super natural destiny!! The best of intent we have. Father!! We will get into positions for we know the purpose.

We step out in faith” I marched along with soldiers of the kingdom. “Make super natural way!! Make a super natural way. We sow, for we know every seed is multiplied and blessed. It’s an explosion. Let’s keep doing it. It will rain. It will rain!!’ “EVERYBODY IS DOING ‘SOMETHING’ EVERY MONTH!! OBTAIN YOUR SEED EVERY MONTH!! JOIN HANDS. YOU ARE BLESSED AND START GIVING MORE!!’

“We are ready to go forth. Along with Jesus, with he soldiers and the father!!” we shouted and worshipped the lord.

And I was hungry for more. And I wrote my speech only for the businessmen around the world. “God, the lord gives the entrepreneurs and opportunity to lead. You seat your heart and soul into your dreams and you build the empire, to be a blessing to many, employing many. And the dream fetches you, money, power and recognition
Excellent pathway towards half of your destiny. Any your success ends here!!” and I looked at my father. And he nodded his head gesturing me to continue “And then it stagnates. Business fluctuates. The ship rocks. And every day, it rocks, the tide, the waves and she ship rocks, always in fear or in false pride. Do you understand why? Firstly, the employers and the management, the Pulp higher quota, only craves but stops working “for” the people who bring them money. There is no master and servant. You all work in the kingdom. Equality, in service attitude required. The employers ego rests in his head, nice and tidy. Secondly, you stop building you values. ‘Fake values’ on paper, with “sickening six sigma’s” throw them aside. Unlock your hearts, which have hardened in this FAKE power and glory, and get realistic.

You are the servant of god and no Lord above anybody. Recognize and reward your employees and know the individualistic approach to promote an employee. Each son of god is different, each with varying skills and potentials, your investment is on per capita, per employee, why then do you involve in a boring stale laws of corporate laws of promotion and rewards. It’s the employer who is in charge. He always needs to hold the reigns of his horses. The best ones not only the top, “the best ones” only in the house. Thirdly, your snail pace approach in building relationship with your own house members. For heavens sakes, customers will automatically come to you, if the positive energy emitted from the house is more, Vital to bond. And yawn to your boring drunkard; vulgar parties and speeches, but constant motivation, constant encouragement, constant inspiration, constant generosity, constant changes, constant giving, will always unlock the father’s plan of the economy, the Business rewards, he lays out for you. The blue print is huge. Trust me. Jesus, was too dumb to see it ALL. Guys, the people wise to lead the world of Money, you simply cannot MESS it up, this time! You need to get connected to GOD, the LORD, the Almighty and build your kingdoms, to break brad in the heavens together.

If I were an employer of my king, I would have noticed the phenomenal contribution of an employee, the man who know all, does all, 70/90 – 77% of successful contribution from just one employee. Put him at a higher level. Don’t adopt the routine style, but the smarter way. Utilize his resource more. His contribution will soon be infecting all the others. And 5 more with be produced. This will go on till you reach the root. And that is how; you strive toward excellence to build the kingdom, in the kingdom of god.

Many such gifts god, the Lord places in the employers field. If the employer recognizes it, then you have found your diamond in the ocean, the many more, the stronger more but if you fail to identify the diamond, god, the lord, takes you blessing gives it to his anointed and places him in a much better and a different realm, this time. So, look at the bigger picture, it’s actually not a loss to the employee, it’s a loss to the employer!! You were a fool, to loose a diamond!!” “Yep , I am done, father. How was my speech?” I asked and smiled.

He laughed out loud. “You could not have been frank enough!’ he patted on my back! And I smiled.

“Bless is father. We need to really pull of off! I am not going to stop writing this till we do it ALL. The perfect finish, for A NEW BEGINNING” I said. “Bless you my children, for the grit and determination. Light is my “weight” when the ARMY is HEAVY. Amen! May be so in abundance!” he said.

“I promise, your book will have the PERFECT FINISH to go down into the pages of Eternity!!” he smiled and kissed my forehead. A chain of gold, he put in my neck. And I was startled at what I wrote. “But father, I don’t write it for Money!” I said. He smiled gently. “This is serious business! You don’t PAY for a miracle” he said. And I wondered what he meant. “Sally, it works Sally! It has tremendous power. Your vow, you keep. And my blessing. I unlock. The father never breaks his word, for his pleasure is to not make you suffer, but to bless. Why then should I destroy the work of your hands? I do not take your work lightly. And I keep them all. It is heaven my dear, not world. Be prepared. For my BLESSING IS BEYOND YOUR VICTORY!!” he danced. And I was dumbstruck. And I was shy. And I knew, there was no other way. “Good night father!” I said. “5 more days to the FINISH” I smiled. “AMEN” the father rejoiced. “Goodnight daughter”

- Jesus Christ
- 2:10, 19th – 20th /08/09
- 20/08/09

“Good Morning!” I wrote. “ I am a Jew, father. And I am blessed. The longest race of all. Even the non religious, believe. Giving is in our system for we are blessed. Please then take this book, this word as my giving for I come to ‘give’ and ‘to receive’ from my father” I wrote. This is how we worship and pray and break the bread.

“My dearest brothers, this is the Jews cult which I belong to. But does that mean, that the Christian’s Muslims, Hindus, Parsis, Chinese are any different than Jews?” I went down on my knees. And my father smiled. “ I rally want to write this father. He smiled. “Allow me to do it. It’s better that way” he commanded and I obliged. And I wrote in his spirit.

“I am you father. And this is my command to the mankind. I come here, to make my laws perfect in the imperfect world, you lived in. “JESUS” was not the Perfect one before he became one. The reason Jesus comes to this world is to help mankind understand my laws and live by them. And he shows it can be done. The world has been practicing rituals and clinging on to beliefs of many for 2000 years. The synagogues, the priest, the pastors have induced the laws misinterpreted. Let me then guide the mankind and tell you what needs to be done. To invoke my blessings day after day. I seek your “Good Morning” greeting in the morning and I promise to offer my covenant of protection and love to you and your family on each passing day. I will be happy, if you can give me a place of worship, a small altar, in your house of walls. For, am I not a member of your family? You may want to worship me with some fresh flowers for I love flowers. A light is a necessity. If you burn the light pouring out some oil of pure, I am pleased with it. Give my rest on Sabbath. You rest on Sabbath. Cook the previous day or go out to have food or order food, it’s your convenience.

But allow the family to come together and do remember to thank me, for, I give “REST” to your body and soul, cleansing all the negativity that bombards you ad vitalizing the energy for the next week. Please clan your house regularly. For, clutter in the house, drives me nuts!. Wash your clothes and wash your body and hair regularly and not weekly. “My word” is your biggest strength. “Church” is your biggest asset. Use them wisely and keep moving towards your destiny. Any stream you want to venture, have me as your rock, forgive you life and I want to be a part of our success. As announced earlier, do give tithe, as much as “you” can, for, it gives momentum to your finance. Know what clothes to wear and understand and respect your limits of “thankfulness” and “Carelessness”. “Word” are your weapons, use them like you drink wine. Not too less, not too much. “Moderate” is essential. “Feast of Tabernacle” is my gift to the world and on this day, I promise to bring the New season and New plans for the year. And beyond everything, even if you fail to follow all these things, do not feel guilty. Just come to me and I will understand, and make the way, for your life. Beyond all, it’s your heart I seek. Allow me to etch you as different, for I have designed you to achieve the purpose. So it does not matter to me, whether you are thin, fat, meek ,weak, lean, muscular, short, tall, rich, poor, intelligent, dumb, funny, serious, round , square, naughty, brash, rude, polite, loud, quiet, friendly, lonely, tattoo’s, robes, meat, green, light, heavy, smoke clean, dance, speech, studious, fun, crying, laughing, quarrel some, argumentative, bible professor, bible alien, crazy, weird, poised, graceful, quantity, quality, impatient, annoying, cribbing, whining, authoritative, dominating, imposing, egoistic, humble, flattering, craving, fast paced, slow pace, dreamer, night walker, agitated, saint disciplined breaking the rules, scientist, astrologist, literature no studies, however you are, SEEK ME.

And I will show the true worth of a man, for I will bless him to achieve the phenomenal”. “YOUR DESTINY”, which can be achieved by nobody but you.” He pounded his fist on the table.

“Excellent!” I remarked. “That should make our lives easier. For now I see, 8 Christian channels, but each having a different style of invoking god, the almighty. This should help to bring down the walls of high, between languages, countries, castes, religions, race and money. PHE!!” I smiled. And my father offered me a kerchief to wipe my sweat! And I laughed. “Also” I quipped. “ I don’t recommend 400 worship channels. But, with the existing media, music, entertainment, history, animals, soaps, sports, anything which you do, keep the Christian alive. The believer and follower of god the lord alive. Keep it clean, pure , fun and interesting. Enough of “Desperate Housewives” and “family drama” lets pop in some. “Everybody loves Raymond” and “x- files” and “Mr. Bean”!”

The basic concept is the lord god will be your guide. He will give you new ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. The BLUE PRINT is beyond anything of what you can imagine. Pursue it and the path will be laid out” I smiled at my father. ‘Perfect” he patted my back. And I stood along with him with folded hands and strong shoulders, “Yep, every department, we need to clan to give a perfect finish” I winked. And he breathed heavy, “I look at you, my beloved and I wonder you jumped to be a part of this adventure, when you knew nothing and kept walking, believing I was everything. And that made ALL the difference” he smiled. I looked at him, into his eyes and said, “What to do? I was blown away the first time, I met you!” I winked. He leaned closer. “And when was it?” he asked. “When I cried out for help and you came down to lift me in the darkest hours of my life” I said and hugged him, burying my face in his heart. Joy was indescribable but the presence!!

“I count the pages left over. 14 only. And the climax is killing. I wonder as an author of this book, I do not know the beginning nor the end, when I sit to write” I laughed and nodded my head. “Father god, in complete control! WOW!” I said. And he smiled with ease. “Its just the beginning of my kingdom and its power” he said, raising an eyebrow. “Show off!” I said grinning. “But, hey for 2000 years haven’t you?” he asked and smiled mysteriously. “It’s MY TURN!” he winked. And I rejoiced in him. “Time to eat, father!’ I said and he said, “Yes, indeed! And I promise to make you day special!” he said. “Ahh… and I am ready to explore eagerly” I jumped. “Bring it on, father!!” I cheered. “AMEN!” he blessed. And just like the readers, I wondered and waited to experience it all.

“Hi!’ I came back to write after close o 12 hours. He smiled wide. “That greeting is very relaxed indeed, so, what’s up?” he asked. “The pinnacle”, “the final destination”, I answered. “And what’s there?” he asked. “PEACE” I smiled. “What took you so long?” he asked. “The Satan and his world, who tired to steal it form me at every step to reach you” I answered. “So, how did you reach here?” he asked. “By confessing and judging my life, through you eyes”, I answered. “What did you find the truth out to be?” he asked. “The truth is that god, is for sinners, like me and every man who walks in this world”, I said, “What do you achieve by knowing the truth?” he asked. “EVERYTHING!” I answered. “How do you now define success?” he asked. “Success is to walk in your word, and to achieve the destiny you have crated us for” I answered. “Whom do you live for?” he asked. “You, my lord. We live for you” I answered. “What is then life?” he asked. “A book of situations and events, each step heading to the doors of heaven to reach you” I answered. “So, is then, the book of life same to everybody?” he asked. “No, father. each book of life is different. Unique” I answered. “What then is fun? To race and win or to ask and be satisfied?” he asked. “It is to man to fulfill his urge to achieve that is why he needs to race and won!” I answered. “Whom doe she race against?” he asked. “Nobody but for his own flesh. He will correct, judge, adjust his own self on every single occasion, so that her reaches to achieve the ‘perfect’ and unlocks his destiny’ I answered. “Who can ,make you happy?” he asked. “nobody except You in me!” I answered. “Who are you?’ he asked. And I paused before I wrote the next statement. I recollected the events of fight with the king, of no words, but tow drops of tears because he was working and busy and not wanting to wed me overnight and in the morning, my puppy face, bit good in my mouth, “Sorry, sweet heart” bit I simply cannot live without you. We will wait till god show us a way out” and he came to give me a quick hug before he went to his office. And promises to take half a days leave to be with me…. “Love and peace” always the solutions to every thing. Because god can work through you only then, every time, I come to write this divine book, I always need to be at Peace, else, I find the power will not hold and I stop god form working in me. Its little act of kindness, forgiveness, joy, dance, music, jokes, play, work, that makes you a good Christian, in his eyes.

The second event, was when my angel who was closing on the second book of life, had typed out all the contents. Somebody who has never read a bible. And who may not be able to understand all the parables I write. But, it was her convictional don’t condemnation, which won her a seat in heaven. I had asked her, “people around the world, have waited for 2000 years just for one book. And the title is “Revelation of JESUS” and I write it. Who do you think I am?? What is the purpose of this book, you ask?? It is the instruction god and his message for mankind” I had messaged her. And here was her answer in series. “I don’t understand completely yet to conclude it dear. I was in the steps if success… and now I don’t know where I am fallen. I don’t know where to pull the hidden truth. Maybe, I know you from Such a longtime, so it’s difficult for me to react to your question. As I have seen you as a very normal human being. Maybe the third book should help me in finding you”.
Her second message, “Why are everyone given chances? If they are sinful let them go to hell atleast not to spoil the good ones here. Why cant GOD destroy them completely?”
Her third message, “Yes, I am eager to restart my truthful life. It’s stagnant and filthy now”…
Her fourth message, “thank you for everything. I know how may people I have hurt to pass the steps if success. Left hem behind. Just seeing the future and enjoying the success”
Her fifth message, “I always planned and moved further. This time I have left to god. He should place me back properly. I don’t want to judge my life anymore. I can understand your pain in life. I feel mine is nothing big in front of yours. You are just an open book to me. Fell you very close to me”.

I closed my eyes. “Father, your fist.

The 5 steps toward total submission of life is your hands, in your light” I must admit. It was emotional for me. My first reader. And the words of god had transformed her, soon to be heading into transforming million of lives around her. The warrior of god. And this is the purpose of writing this book. The revelation of Jesus. To get a new life, to start a new life, to enjoy life in the kingdom of god. To be reborn and to live life in heaven. Nothing can steal your purpose of live. Nothing. For, god is in complete control.

I looked at my father. He smiled. And I smiled back. I didn’t have any words left to speak. “Would you like to hear something more he asked?” and I nodded in silence. “Do you love to drink wine?” he asked. “YES” I said. “And I know, you always drink in moderate” he answered. “ I guess, that why I relish it an not want it!” I answered. “So, is everything in live, my dear. Your habits are never a hindrance to Me, as long you know where to draw the line. For when you do you will burn your soul, soon being pulled towards hell. That is the wisdom of self control!” he said, and I smiled, and most of my reader were relieved and breathed in relief.

As I was coming to new beginning of the end I was sinking into an absolute calmness of my identity. The question he asked, “Who are you?” and now I was having the answer. My past, my present, my purpose he had shown it all to me. The Alpha, the Beta, the Omega, everything about my life, I wrote and as I wrote, he revealed it to me.

“What was I in my past?” I asked “JESUS” I wrote. “What am I in my present?” I asked, “JESUS” I wrote. “What am I for eternal?” I asked. “JESUS” I wrote. “LIFE!! Life exists only in god. Where is life if he is not there? Father!” I wrote. “The history you had treasured it all for ME to complete your work on the BOOK of BIBLE. Angles you had prepared them all to be prepared for my coming, safeguarding them and their generations. Apostles, you blessed them all to make the way for the world to be prepared for my coming, the strongest man, Samson, never lived up to his promise, because of his weakness for women and fits of temper. He is also etched as Solomon, who got life handed to him on a silver platter, he built the temple of god and Jews flourished. Alas! He seemed unable to control his excesses. Construction of the solon’s palace, twice the temple’s size which was later submerged in water deep. He married the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh relying on military alliances, not god, and disobeyed god’s specific order. He married all princesses of Moah, Ammon, Edom, Sidon, and other nations. 700 wives in all and 3000 concubines. The entire court became foreign, un-Jewish’s. the terrible step, he took in the final, he built altars to all their gods. The one who composed 1,005 songs and spun off 3,000 proverbs, called as the wisest man in the world, who dazzled many kings and queens, did evil in the eyes of the lord he did not follow the lord completely, as David, his father had done. Solomon seemed obsessed with a desire to out do anyone who had ever lived. Along the way, he failed to make god the center of his life.

He achieved lasting fame in history, but as negative example. “He is the “VISNU”, the fallen angel and the serpent who ruined him. The Satan, “pounded Jesus the hammer, judging the dead.

“I complete the judgment of all the Four father” I wrote.

1. Judgment of sinners.
2. Judgment of Israel.
3. Judgment of all Nations
4. Judgment of Dead.

And I remained silent. My father knew it all. “What was the message which you typed yesterday which hurt the king?” he asked and I wrote, “ Buddy, I need sometime to be all alone. Without any things. A more matured way of parting ways.

Good luck. Take care. Would appreciate, if you can stop dropping in for realization times as well. Bye. Will call you when I feel the need” I looked at my father, with both the hands on my head. And he smiled, “how can you hurt him with words as sharp as these? He who comes panting with bated breath, he who comes to see you smile, he who comes to meet you for he cannot live without you, he who knows that you are his joy, he who comes home to fill your stomach with food and wine, he who comes home to relax his body and mind, he who comes to where he belongs to, isn’t it wrong, because you don’t get it your way? Why should it be so difficult for you, to express your pain, without abstracts?” he threw up his hands in air. “But I did send him apology message” I defended. “Ah.. do you think, it will lift up a man’s ego, after you have bruised it so severely?” he asked. “Err.. what do I do now?” I looked at him and grinned. And he nodded his head. “Write this on behalf of all women out there and to men who don’t understand their languages!” he pushed me, threshing the mobile into my hand. And I typed. “I am a very normal woman Vaagi, overly sensitive and overly emotional, with a dash of dumbness, when my soul and body cant take any more pain and insults of this world, I hurl out all my anguish on you. Because, you are my punching bag. Its not sex that matters, it’s the wanting to be in you arms forever, that I want. Hope you read ma. And judge mea s a woman, because, I live in a man’s world. The ever teasers. The neighbours, my parents, my friends your parents, my relatives, the world around, I face them all. Have some mercy, when I break down, once in a while… love you my beloved, because I know who you are. For everything against I stand by you”. I completed sending the message. Now, I looked at my father. And my readers laughed. “See that was easy!” he said. And I continued looking at my father. “Why don’t you allow Jesus to be the extraordinary, perfect saint, better than all the other?” I pinched him hard. “Ouch!’ he laughed. I boxed his stomach. “Look at you, you have grown a belly, making me work hard” I told him with an absolute typical “WIFE” face. He laughed and he pulled me towards him. He hugged me tight and said. “It is because, this how You are. My image in you. Very ordinary, very normal and this is the absolute truth”. “I Love You!” I said with tears in my eyes. “Thank you for giving me my identity, and to have come down when I called onto you, every single time!” I said. “I am going to miss you!” he said. “Nope. For I will write whenever I need you!” I said. “Where?” he asked. “In my heart, every single moment, in every breath” I answered. “Please don’t go!” I choked. And there was a strange pain of romance in my heart.

I steeped out. The sun was shinning bright. And it showered. The rain, the thunder, the lightning. And the sun was about to set for the perfect Sabbath of new beginning. “Jesus” I smiled, as I wrote. “6:05” and the Book will soon end to begin the new. “Jesus”, I breathed. We always deliver before the due date. “Children of god” we are I smiled. And as I wrote, the last of all the revelation, I stood in amazement. “IT IS FINISHED”, I smiled. And walked on to the New earth and New Heaven!

“Behold I am coming. My reward is with me and I will give to every one according to what he has done. I am the Alpha, and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Blessed are those who wash their robes, what hey may are the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright morning star”.

The spirit and the bride say, “Come!’ and let him who hears say, “Come!” whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes let him take the free gift of the water of life.

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book. If anyone adds anything to them, god will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, god will take away form him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

And I paused. And I said, “Yes, I have arrived”.

The angels cheered, “Come, Lord Jesus” and my father blessed, “AMEN!”

The grace of the lord Jesus be with god’s people. AMEN.

And “this was the idea!” he whispered.

- Jesus Christ

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