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Umpteen statues, I saw in the movie where there I saw, the angel holding light, the torch mighty and high. I had a lamp stand in bronze, which came as a gift to my parents, and from whom, I had sought permission to keep it with me. Nobody had liked the statue and it lay in dust for years, I can recall in Jerusalem. Was it a mere co-incidence, that I had fixed the bulb, unlocking the screw and inserting the bulb and again locking it? Was it a mere co-incidence, that the angel holding the lamp was as thin I was delicate and lo! The hairstyle, also resembled mine ? Was it a mere co-incidence that it had six roses carved up and down on the torch, held together by a branch which split into three. Was it a coincidence that it lay in the Mount Olive, the place where Jesus often rested and kept the lamp burning day and night? This is how it looked

Picture of the angel – illuminati

Illuminate: Path of light, was it real? Or was it a mere co-incidence?

Was it a mere coincidence that I picked up a new dress, and was startled to find that it resembles the that of the angel’s dress ?
The celebration, the next day of 05/07/09 was yet to be defined. With 1,89,970- being credited to my account, it was a relief indeed. WOW! A long wait indeed. I had a few things to be taken care of. Shopped for pants, good and medium for the prince. Picked up a beautiful lemon yellow frock for my niece. And with the band of brigade of these two kids, I went along with mom for a lunch outside. Also, ensured that sweets, fruits and the regular 7000k, the loan of 10,000k and 4,500k followed to Jerusalem.

Mother and niece came home. The temple. And the Lord message of forgiveness came true. I lay my entire journey from the child to that of the single parent, pouring out my story to her.

Mother, GOD says even before I was laid in your womb, I was destined to serve him and bring forth his word. Right from the stage of childhood, I was drawn towards GOD. That is why, having studied for a few years in the convent school, I was always attracted towards the cross and churches. But one day, when I looked at the Jesus, nailed onto the cross, I found it cruel for a man to die like this. At the same time, I had seen a pastor giving a piece of bread to everybody in the queue. And I stood in the queue. They asked, “Are you a Christian?” and I said “NO”, immediately they ushered me away. Never did I like the Inside of church going for a long time, but the cross remained with me. I always followed stood on the top of the churches, without the man nailed and bleeding.

As a kid, mom, your daughter always had a problem with knowing “RIGHT” and “WRONG”. After watching “BOND” movies with you, even at the young age of six, I used to love being kissed and touched by boys. But I remember, you scolding me once when you caught me in the cut, do you?’ I smiled.

She nodded. “But mother, you have always been my guiding light. My childhood changed and progressed in your wards and in your truth. I remember you teaching us the night prayers.” “GOD, may you bless us with longetivity, good health, knowledge wisdom, and protect us always. Also, bless all the world and keep everybody happy.”

Mother, you were always there preparing good food, and sharing your stories of faith and love, even in the toughest times of poverty, when we used to eat porridge and just with couple of good clothes. How much had we been abandoned by relatives and grand parents because dad married you, against all the resistance his family posed? You were the encouraging me to hone my skills not only in books but debate, art, sports, music, drama etc., You were my best friend mom.” I sighed deeply thanking her.

“What happened was, I had become a powerful worshipper, pouring milk on the idols at home, one idol a day, for, I found love and joy, worshipping and praying GOD. He had also helped me with answers during my test, whispering in my ear. How can I forget that?

But after 16, my life jostled tremendously under the decision of RIGHT and WRONG. I fell in love with my husband then who used to visit our house, and the far off relative of dad. I had got physical even before marriage, and though, through a time period, I knew he wasn’t the one for me, I got committed ,for, you taught me, “Body, soul and Mind”, only to the person who loves you. Things derailed ,for, just after my marriage was, brother’s marriage. And with sister-in-law, replacing daughter, the daughter had lost her place in your life.

Without physical pleasure having taken cold showers, mental incompatibility and having lost my friends, I was ALONE. And in secured. I brought my son into this world, with prayers and doubts and after a harassed pregnancy the last thing that dawned on me was a self imposed life of long punishment. Nothing worked. With husband lazy and unwilling for hard work, easy money had become his greed. He failed to notice my soul, having drifted away from him and dead.
After having found a soft corner for my friend and having discovered he was gay, the life of cards was crumbling beyond control. 4000 people have I trained till date mom, but anywhere I go, I still find my trainees to be pleased and telling, “Nobody has trained us the way you did Mam”, and I found great pleasure in being truthful and righteous and I served my work with all my heart. In my depression, I found solace in my work.

I soon discovered the chat room. And the only unidentified person whom I spoke to, I shared my life and my pain for thought I that people of good were still around. “No commitment, No contract” was the constant dialogue and I always believed, “TRUE LOVE” can melt away the hardest heart. Fell in love with him deeply and stranger had I made my husband. As the principle, I followed, “Body, soul and Mind” to the person you loved. My prince, no more longed for me, my husband, no more cared for me, mother and father, brother and sister-in-law; nobody wanted to hear me, my story of failure. I sinned. And I prayed that may the person go abroad. My prayers were answered. And I was forgotten soon by him too.. My calls abroad were a burden and disturbance to him, my messages my mails were delivered without any reply.” I choked.

And my mother’s heart cried for her daughter, “There’s more”, I added. “Go on”, she said . I joined another company for a better post and a better payment. GOD had been extremely merciful. I didn’t look at another man. For, hurt, I was deeply beyond words. But, I trained passionately. Two people I met. The girl and John, the Baptist. I loved them equally for they were much younger to me and spoke the word of GOD. John, spoke about Jesus. And I was drawn to Jesus. I remember him saying, “A woman far off, was saved from her painful, evil family through Jesus”. That thought, I carried for a very long time. The girl I found out was deeply in love and attracted to John, but it was too late, for, I had taken him. I saw John suited the girl in every way and I decided to step out slowly. It was a haunting agony. And caught between three different men, in heart, but nobody willing to “OWN” me, I was ripped into pieces. I was scarred deep. And with the person having lost job in abroad, he hacked my sole mail in my id, he conveniently seized to insult me writing a mail to John and the girl. John further marked the mails to all his friends, and called everybody to tag me as a “BITCH”, the scar. The wound. The deep pain of this heart, which had longed for nothing but “LOVE”. Was this the love, that destroyed me mother? For, I had never sought to hurt anyone, and I had prayed to GOD, for these peoples victories, promotions, growth, joy, happiness. Sacrificed had I my life, my soul, but I was labelled with “BITCH”…..” I choked again. Mother sat still.

Not even, during my abortion, when my Prince was just 2 months old, my husband how conveniently had pushed me, had brought so much pain to this heart.

“NOBODY” not a single soul, I could talk and share my pain, I served the notice period and quite my job. The next two months was horrifying, I cried. I cried till my tears also stopped pitying me. And GOD, I wanted to scrub this… (unable to write…) word off my character, for I want one of them, who sold body for money or for lust, mother”. I cried, and I continued.

“I had traveled for 24 hours and 60 days and without any interview calls neither anybody around, I walked, the path all alone. Children, of the neighborhood, I loved. I cooked food, I fed them, I took them to park and while they played, I cried looking at the clouds, wondering, was there a GOD? I signed off the last mail, marching it to the same set of people. “If there exists GOD, then let there be a day of judgement. Let him judge me, and YOU all too. For I know and I will call on him, to see, what is RIGHT and what is WRONG and who is WRONGED.”

“I had two visions. One I was fallen and a dove, my Jesus with wings had lifted me off from the ground; the other was he was standing behind me. And the huge darkness that lay in front of me, as we moved forward was shattered into LIGHT, everybody had been consumed in LIGHT. I was saved, I thought”.

Within the next two weeks, I had grabbed the job at one of the best MNC’s. and the only prayer on my lips, “Keep me away from a Man”. I traveled in cabs, looking at the cross and the churches. Ah , how much of joy, he gave me. And it was peace and forgiveness, acceptance and respect which I gained in that cross. My husband, I after repeated requests agreed to move away from me. Ah.. mother, a leech was better off. And my blood had been sucked enough then. I pitied him. For, right from his undergarments I had supplied enough and he knew not, the wife whom he had lost for seven years now. Strangers under the same roof, I could not bear anymore..” I sighed.

I was relieved to live life with my prince. And two of us, were happy. The butler, an old woman, and the maid and her limping daughter, everybody, sheltered I in my earnings. And they now were my only loved ones. I knew GOD was fixing my broken heart.

And lo! In the cab, I met the eyes of a stranger. He looked into my eyes straight. His eyes were blood shot. And pain lay deep buried in him. Charming young man and I prayed he would get married to a lady rightful to him. I had prayed GOD, “No, not me father, I don’t want him”. And the cab passed churches after churches, and I pleaded my father day after day, “Father I don’t want a MAN. I don’t want”. I constantly reminded myself with the title this world had given me and I avoided everybody and every sight of a MAN. Strangely, we hadn’t spoken. Not a word till then. And one day, when blood seemed to ooze out of his eyes, I asked him, just like the trainer moulding a trainee, “Your weekend seems painful. Everybody has a story. What story do you hide!” .In the cab, he spoke. And through the messages in the mobile, he continued. “Six years, he was in love with a girl. The first and the only one. He sacrificed his life for her, for, “Body, Soul and mind” belonged to the person, whom he loved “, he declared. I paused in my heart. “She wanted to go abroad, and together we had studied, got our engineering and working in the same company. Despite, much of blessings from the GOD, and the growth and the opportunity, I quit so that she could go abroad. She joyfully did. And I was happy for her.” When she came back things had changed. She didn’t meet me when she came back, but brought she with her semen still deposited which want mine but of another man. The world had crashed around me. For two months, and one year, I did nothing. Drove I from one road to another, laying in night, on the stone slabs, I slept muttering, “Why me, Father? Where did I go wrong?” I think I had been in slumber and night mare. “Destruction was what I chose, drugs and drinks with seven credit cards and loans mounting and my parents totally unaware about any of this, I had no other choice, but pray for help.

My parents still thought I was working and I continued to supply their needs digging one credit, after the other. Finally, the day dawned on me. And at 24, I found another job. And in the next two years, I worked my heart and poured blood in my work, for the stress at work kept me away form the brooding pain of betrayal. Comfort I sought in 14 hours of work daily, drugs soothed me. And the recognition of work, rejoiced my soul. This is my story.” He had declared. “I took drugs for then my urge to have sex will be killed and my organ would be damned. This flesh would then he killed.” He mentioned.

“Mother, I cried. I cried deeply for two broken hearts, which were shattered and whose lives were used by people. Hadn’t these people valued love but had measured only through the scale of lust? What world we lived in, mother? I prayed hard to my father and I prayed for his heart to be restored. For filthy, where was it, I wondered, amidst his pain, I found purity, like my father, my Lord.”

“Pursue, for, HE IS THE MAN, I SENT YOU TO BE YOUR HUSBAND,” he answered, during my prayer. And angry I was at my GOD. Hadn’t he know my life? How many more lives, was I yet to destroy? No man, I want in my life, don’t you see my filthy soul father”, I begged him to let me off the hook. “Pursue holiness. I will cleanse you” answered my father. I had found a way out to make GOD’s plan fail. “I had to narrate my story to him”, so that I build a wall as high as possible around me so that no man enters, I thought.

Over a days time, he probed into my life. And I told him, “I am single, I have a eight year old son. And I am happy”. Shocked was his expression. And his affection made me peel like an onion, layer lay layer”. I remember he messaging me, that “YOU ARE AN ANGEL”. Broken and angry I was. And told him I, “I am no angel, for this soul is blemished for eternal”. Narrated I as planned, I lay my story of being called by the title the world had pronounced on me. And ended I with the statement, “This is why, you shouldn’t call me as angel, for angel is pure, unblemished.” The next statement he uttered, “And this is why, you are an angel. For you spoke nothing but truth”. “Broken lives we carry, can we together start a NEW LIFE ? Can we turn a “NEW PAGE” in our lives ? I need YOU.

And you are MY ANGEL”… I don’t know, mother what it meant to me,,, words came no more but I was filled with tears. Prayed I, why father, why do you test me, like this. Isn’t this daughter of yours hasn’t completed her sinful journey of pain and shame, that YOU push me again and again into the same pit?

“Daughter nobody puts a NEW WINE into an OLD BOTTLE. I will destroy you and will create you. A NEW WINE in a NEW BOTTLE. Allow me and trust me for I love you, my daughter and so do I love my son.” I was in tears. My mother cried too.

“He was my protector. For he didn’t hesitate to take out a dagger, when person from far tried to corner me. He brought me out of the house. Not a penny not a goods of old memory, he allowed me to carry. Insisted my kind to leave behind all the memories, all the things and I was welcomed in his soul. Me and my prince, came to a new house where we stayed. The divorce came in after a mutual consent and after paying the lawyer, both the parties amount, the certificated came in. in a month’s time of the divorce, the ex-husband was married yet again. And the King was relieved ,for, he had also heard that the girl whom he had loved two years ago, was now married and comfortably happy.

Strange were our thinking, for we walked like nomads and had sacrificed everything to the world. But GOD had showered nothing but love into our broken hearts and the friendship had developed into a beautiful intimate relationship.

The broken puzzle – picture attachment

The two blocks had found perfect symmetry. Wedded were we in the name of GOD and his King dom. And it was the Lord Almighty to pulled us out of the smoking up, in the land of Egypt. “My prince, My King , ME” were now the first FAMILY, unique, indeed in his name”.

Now, tell me mother, is GOD for the HOLY, whose lips only say HOLY but never in the demonstration of HOLY? Do I come to bring the word of GOD, to please people or to save people? If JESUS can save me, wouldn’t HE then save the world? Knot of the yoke, the certificate of marriage keep away from SEX, don’t do this, don’t do that… mother, sick and tired I am with the laws of man, secular and socialists they claim, but look at the laws of my father. He has written his laws of my father. He has written his laws on “OUR HEARTS” and look we breathe and live in his Kingdom, embracing not just peace but FREEDOM!” he gave us the lessons of conduct for this soul, and not for body. He taught us his ways, he showered so much of love that we sought HIM, we drowned in HIM. When my father declared us married, who then is Man to impose rules of ,not to dance, not to touch, not, don’ts, the knot which all brought us nothing but NAUGHT, mother. He is my Adam, for he had been a husband, a provider, a saviour, a lover, a prince charming forever and I his angel. My son adores the King , he looks up to him, he craves for his presence. Tell me now mother, hasn’t GOD written my story of life even before I was in your womb ? Sixteen years of your daughters missing link has now come together” I declared.

The two individual puzzles –picture attachment

My quitting of the job also, I confessed. Shocked she was. My mother blessed me in abundance. And her face was filled with joy, for, she found her long last daughter. She left along with my niece.

Soon, I walked up the terrace and prayed. The eagles rested on the either of the towers. The pigeons loved my company afar. The moon was not yet FULL but calm she was. I prayed to my father and I felt light, yet , so much of strength to bear the burden.

Father, lay the burden more on my back. The weight on me, so that my blood can make this land of yours HOLY, father, come down ,for, you will be done.

Soon, on the Saturday, came in the King, with another movie, ‘Transformers’. Ordered for pizza, I had. And we were all set to enjoy. Strange if people think that Jesus drank wine. I did. I did drink beer, and the King brought wisely 500 ml for this all the poor me could take. He never was tempted towards alcohol. For, he chose to not for his flesh had years before and years after had consumed enough that the world could ;-) Ahh… but it was too late for the movie, for, the King Offlate was tired pleasing and being with parents. I could sense his urge but he restrained, for, I shooed him away every time, scaring him about the word and wrath of GOD. “I would not force myself on you till you come to me” he sighed. I too sighed. What strange laws of man, were these? I wondered. But dare I rather ignore than commune with him, I Thought.

The next day, a strange test from GOD. And he asked me to call up the King’s mother and seek her forgiveness for my attitude, my words which I had spoken against her, often times. “Why would you want me to do that?” I fought in despair. GOD often doesn’t waste a moment to show case flaws, I noticed.

In the year of Jan 2008, me and my King , while riding the bike at a 120km/hr, had met with an accident head on. I had stitches BIG enough on my head. And my King had hit the van driver, carried me in a Rick, screaming loud, cursing himself for his fault, crying and carried me to the hospital, he shifted me. And I lay there in a strange agony in the ICU, praying GOD, that he help the KING out of this situation ,for, my mother and dad, till then hadn’t met the King , the love of my life. How will they react, when they will come to know that I was in love with the King ? I just prayed. And at 7.00, wee hours, the visiting hours, they came in. I was appalled at what followed. The King rushed in, a man so strong was crying looking at me. He called me “HONEY” and my parents were bewildered. Had I forgotten to mention that it was HE who drove his car, and spoken to my parents about the accident and had personally brought them? Had I forgotten to mention he dropped them back home too? Had I forgotten to mention that both his hands were fractured. And till he saw me safe in the ICU, he hadn’t got any treatment on purpose. “Love is beyond pain”. Fortunately his parents were on a trip abroad, the previous night. Was this a mere co-incidence? He had declared his love to me, openly in front of my parents. He visited me every hour, till I was discharged. He was there by me, every moment. My mother’s house, I rested for the next 15 days. And not a day, did the King miss out on visiting me and loving me. I do not know, how he managed to take care of himself, with a shower, wearing clothes, taking his dog on a walk, taking care of the house, feeding himself, but the plaster and pain didn’t stop him from loving me beyond horizon. He took me for every dressing , together, we bore and were healed off the wounds. His split second decisions of arranging money, arranging for help, managing the entire incident had won my parents over. The King chose not to reveal the TRUTH to his parents, for, we knew, adventure was never welcomed in the land of good old Moses.

His mother, however, a darling had always been in touch with me. And had been extremely sympathetic towards this widow and fatherless. “Get married once more”, she often insisted, but I wondered in my thoughts, “Will she be okay, if his son declares to her our love ? NEVER”. This is the common issue, I had seen with the old Moses. They all did things, because they wanted to be recognized by People as good.

But, never, did they walk the path of GOD, to be serving him, good. My parents were no different either. I found it often strange when people would pray this moment and indulge in abusing the next moment, people would pray in the morning and watch “FTV” in the night for some cheap pleasure, people would cook and serve the guests and curse as to how much work and how much they ate after they left the next moment ,people would pray and speak on the mobile gossiping and assassinating characters the next moment, I found “HYPOCRISY” to the epitome in the old Moses, that man had embraced. 10 commandments were now multiplied into 2000 laws, laid by man. So much of confusion, so many rules, so many barbed fences all around, that it took away the “FREEDOM” to live life. Prayer was a mere chanting of lips, because ‘nothing’ flowed through the heart. “Good” and “Bad” were labelled on people. But “Kingdom of GOD” and the “Chained Satan” were the definitions which never dwelled and drilled in our hearts.

Sooner, one fine day, she had seen my prince and my niece playing on the road. Carefully she had collected all the information required. Blasted had she the King and blashmphed had she, ME. And also had she found the lease document where the KING had signed the will, the contract of one year, for, the King wanted to ensure that we stay safe, and not exposed to the words of the world. Being single and a divorce was a taboo.

And I hadn’t spoken, neither she had stayed in touch with me for 1.5 years. Both of us were hurt, angered, in our own respectful ways. I thought.

But here was I. GOD the Lord commanding me to call her up and seek her forgiveness. “Oh! One of the toughest jolt to my ego and the hardest to do”, I thought. Self pitied I, cried I, but I understood, to be free from the bondage, the freedom form the chains, I had to make the first move.

“I can never do it. And I will do it LATER” I pleaded with GOD, my father.

After having come this far, I was sure of one thing. To do the RIGHT thing, you require no time and your father doesn’t give you time. For, the Satan is quick with his old delude laws and Abba seeks “faith from you, when you act”. “Rehearse it, if you want. With the person, virtually, sitting there against you, what are the statements of forgiveness you would like to make in the course of conversation?” he said. I was tongue tied. “Do you even know the anguish that I hold? When her son faltered for the first time, leaking exam papers, selling them for money, and was caught in the act, “reprimand” to the King wasn’t appropriate. She seemed to have given in easily when he brought her gifts and jewellery with the same money. When he was caught watching porn, she handled it towel on by covering a towel on her head, declaring that he had embarrassed her. The King never considered it as an offense but it seems to me, that just like the world, it was an act of “growing up” and “raging hormones”. When the King was caught with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, she wouldn’t control the King in his teens and here he was in a stage, requiring effort of a mammoth, quitting the habits. When her son was lonely, in his darkest hours, here she was cribbing and whining, talking about his failure of having not completed her far fetched dream of her son going abroad and earning enough to flood them with money. As long as her needs were fulfilled, she seemed “HAPPY” with her son. And strangely, the SON here was burning the fuel up, in trying to please his parents by heeding to each of their requests. He had become an official driver, driving the parents from X to Y locations, and fulfilling all their demands. “A child servant” he looked at times of “Ma and Pa” syndrome. A mother who had miserably failed to teach “RIGHT” and “WRONG” in his teens. And somebody who had assassinated my character, without knowing the TRUTH complete. Do you now seek me to ask forgiveness for the truth that I hid about the signature 1.5 years back? And father, despite numerous attempts to beg forgiveness from her the statements, the abuses, the words spoken against me, was promptly reported to me by the King . And we both now had understood, it would be an attempt hopeless to convince and console…” declared I to my father.

He chuckled. And I was no more baffled. “The King loves her beyond all the odds. For she is his mother. And the King believes in respecting parents. The King was generous. The King was kind. The King believed in working hard. The King was helpful and known amongst his relatives. The King had a loving heart. The King was a lion, in the war fare. Who then taught him these things? Wouldn’t the mother, who, ensured that her son eat good food, wear neat and good clothes, be at home, spending time with family, a culture induced by his mother ? Worshipping and praying every day was taught by his mother. How then do you blame when your follies, I have forgiven, my daughter? Don’t you do the same onto your people as well?’ asked my father.

I suddenly felt small. Very ‘small’. My ego had to be removed off my flesh. And I knew, I had to initiate the Act. “Pay back what you owe me” commanded the father. I was in great distress. “How many times do I forgive father, seven times?” “Seventy seven times” he ordered. “Understand this daughter, ‘forgiveness’ is a trait instilled in you and I give that to you in abundance like peace and joy. Don’t be a bonded slave, holding onto emotions, that delay your own progress in meeting me” he spoke.

I must admit, I walked around the house, wailing and a heavy pressure of fear, anger, judgment prevailed. And there was only one way out of this prison. I called her and sought her forgiveness. I sought her forgiveness for my bad attitude, the hurt and anger that I held, I had ignored any other questions not regarding the topic. And I chose to keep it specific. And forgave me she with lot of compassion and love. I was baffled when she said, “I missed you”, tears choked and I had been on my knees, confessing.

Was it a mere co-incidence that my fast quota of sin was served on the platter and served to the world? Was it a mere co-incidence that my book of life now lay open for the world to read? Was it a mere co-incidence that I served the curries of paneer and the roti and I sat in front of the television, only to discover, my fellow brothers were rejoicing the pass over and were also breaking the unleavened bread along with me on 05/07/09? Was it a mere co-incidence, that the prophets saw and wrote every scene of my life in the book of BIBLE, which my father had declared, even before I was born? I took sometime out. And yes, beer flowed in cans of 4, till the next day. And the celebration and joyous mood was to uncover the last veil of the Passover, in store for me.

The King arrived. “Why did you have to do it?” he asked sternly. “I had wronged, I was wrong in lying to her. And I had to beg for her forgiveness. Simple and true”, I gulped the last brunt of difficult motion set by my father. His eyes I saw, had a new found respect. I earned it by putting my “SELF” low. I understood the motive of my father now. He had broken the last set of pride and ego in me. He made me “FREE” by destroying “my pride”.

“Divinity in love”, is what we found in the presence of GOD. It buds and blossoms and its fragrance is intoxicating. I noticed GOD teaching me about love just like making of Home made pizza. And that my father told me was a government. A family is very crucial in church. A father, a mother, and children, living in the word of GOD together is a paradise, the garden of Eden in heaven. Spread the base , the dough thin of emotions and giving , spread it gently across the souls and may love, be the foundation. Prepare the sauce of acknowledgement, respect, discipline, passion, knowledge, wisdom and blend them together in the word of GOD. Spread the sauce, across the base. As long the sauce spreads, you can expect flavor to last in your tongue. Then chop the vegetables, fruits of your choice. The umpteen ways, that the family hang out together. My King calls me up often to tell me, “I love you honey” and rushes back to work. Messages, compliments, eat together or with my prince, playing together, watching the sky together, getting connected and coming together is what GOD advices. And methods of love cannot be monotonous. And that is why, we chop different kinds
Of fruits and vegetables: Woh! Spice up life”, which is so missing in our lives. And then you place the prepared set up in the oven. Wait for it to melt together in the covenant of GOD, with loads of cheese on it. Take it out, once the fragrance brings the water in your mouth and your eyes sparkle with joy and you stand strong in the test of faith expect miracles after being in the oven. Out then, comes the perfect PIZZA, which is customized just right for your place in Heaven. See, how the touch, the intermingling of love comes together when GOD sees eye to eye, coming together in agreement. Kisses flow unconditionally, talks come with authority and generous love, emotions are WHOLE and the key to heaven lies with the government, your family. Why then, should you have some other stranger open and close the door for you? Isn’t it my key, my door, my place in heaven? Rather, let “ME” open the door, for the key has been given to “ME” by GOD Almighty.

Why then, do we allow strangers to squeeze in and control our lives? It is GOD who runs our family with this word and authority. It is GOD who continues to guard our family and pours and outpours his laughter, his joy, his miracles, his ever lasting LOVE and WEALTH, HEALTH and WORK, DESTINY and AWAY to our family. Then, does it not become our responsibility to safely handle OUR family ? For we decide what is best for our family, why should then we worry, for, our foundation is based on the word of GOD, our rock, and the light house, our GOD, who shows the path and manages our everyday lives.

There was also a profound insight to me given by teaching and preaching, based on faith. My prince, I not only gave set of instructions, but he was now 11 and I started training him like and adult. Taught him I about the menstruation, the girls who will undergo changes in their bodies, the boys who will grow up and the options of drugs, alcohol, sex that lies out there to trap them. I also spoke about our own lives of having being trapped in the land of Egypt and how GOD had saved us the WAY, towards our destiny. Warned I him, the dangers about “Group thinking ” ,for, easily the Satan pushes us and slides us into the deep pit which is where our fight is against. Boldness and faith is what unlocks the signs and wonders, and praising the Almighty will scare the Satan around you, for, the glory he gives is in multitude, by the power, which manifests the government, with one heart and one soul. Sowing into one another, giving into one another needs, had turned the tables around in our house. Individual level, family level, this where GOD helped us sow and my vision was now broadening to a church level and the civic level too. We had the choice to do things right in our OWN power. “NO FEAR HERE” for “HERE lies THE GOD, OUR FATHER WHO BLESSES US HUNDRED FOLDS”. We are a voluntary association and we chose to bring it all to the Kingdom of GOD.

- Isaiah 58: Verse 6 –

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen
To loose the chains of injustice
And untie the cords of the yoke,
To set the oppressed free
And break every yoke?
Is it not to share your food with the hungry
And to provide the poor wanderer with shelter
When you see the naked, to clothe him,
And not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

Then your light will break forth like the dawn.
And your healing will quickly appear;
Then your righteousness will go before you,
And the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard
Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;
You will cry for help, and he will say: HERE AM I.

“If you do away with the yoke of oppression,
With the pointing finger and malicious talk,
And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
And satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
Then your light will rise in the darkness,
And your night will become like the noon day.
The Lord will guide you always;
He will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land
And will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well watered garden,
Like a spring whose waters never fail.

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins
And will raise up the age old foundations;
You will be called repairer of broken walls,

“Father, you there?” I ended my letter long time back, there was silence. Please father, 08/07/09 is about to end in an hour now. And you bet, I cannot handle life without you. For, it seems to me as something amiss. Illusion the world looks to be. Suffering strangely, everybody is caught in one or the other. And I am bored to death, honestly. There is no joy and only suffering in this world ?

“Yo! Here am I for I couldn’t resist hearing your question. Go on my beloved” he said. And I could sense in his tone, he was smiling, chuckling, and waiting to catch the expression of the “AHA” moment. “Let me ask you a question for a change! ;-). What made you ask that question earlier?” playing around with words, by now, I understood was his way of expressing naughtiness.

“Alright, honestly I took a few days off, from the writing of my letter, my work, my book, the work. Extended Sabbath, you may call it. Watched movies, made loads of love time with Adam, played with son, spent time with parents…”, I justified.

“YAAWWN” he said. I looked at him sternly. It was obvious; my charm wasn’t working on him. I wrote yet another letter trying to recap all the things I did during these three days of break…” I tried hard. He seemed unimpressed. He sat there and I let out a deep breath.

“Okay, Okay, I will tell you more. For more than hours, I flicked one channel after the other.

I thought that maybe, I had bugged the reader of this book with overloaded serious lectures, profound wisdom, history and facts, and I really wanted a break from my own writing for I thought it was a heavy loaded preaching of GOD.”

He smiled, “Yep go on, now you are talking ” he leaned further. Ahh… I hated and I love him, for, I was beginning to gain him back into my conversation. “My charm had been initiated’ thought I.

“I watched conferences after conferences and by now, I was growing a little tired. I watched the television holding remote, till my fingers hurt. And hey, it also hurt because I had written and worked too much”….. I complained. He laughed.

“I had around 800 channels and 5 broad categories of them all. a) Soaps, reality channel, b)Sports channel, c)Animal channel, d)News channel, e)Religious channel. And they churn and churn the same thing and honestly, I am tired of flicking the channels.

a) Soaps, reality, adventure channel.
The same plots the same format, if it becomes famous, then it is copied in various countries and I am in tears, more than the actors, would shed. YAAWWN… for its predictable!

b) Sports Channel
24/7, its either, cricket or baseball, football or tennis who won the accolades the zillion times and a running commentary…. YAAWWN… for, I am not playing it!

c) Animal and Nature channel
The same deadliest creatures, “this might not happen to you”, the ten most dreaded reptiles, mammals”, “when things go wrong”, “Man versus wild”, global warming, History and facts. YAWWN.. for how much of information can this poor kid take in!

d) News Channel
“Eeggaad” media beats and rips my skin, till the last tissue. “MJ” passed away and what a mockery, they make of his death. It’s the same clip on every channel, or it insignificant news of the hype created, the reviews, the lame questions without a solution, the new that is not making a difference of “HELP” and “HOPE” to me. YAWWN… for what is it in for me!

e) Religious channel
“YAAWWN” right away. For I just could not tolerate and bear the pastors preach about you, a little jig and music, “HELLALUIAH” Baptist prayers, and “Come to me, I will show GOD”, lectures and you were not and experience, I knew ,but I wanted to know what can you DO for me, from YOU!

f) Ahh… I ran out of doing anything more and here I am, back to you. For I thought, my work, didn’t seem a work anymore, rather it was joy to get connected to you. For, you gave me revelation which revolutionized my life, and honestly atleast, YOU were Original Pal!!

“Ha! Ha! Ha!...” he doesn’t seem to stop laughing. The laughter went on too long. “Err… Are you laughing at ME, THE JESUS, who is going to bring the word of GOD, to the world? Uhh..” I looked at him. We burst out laughing, together much more louder than ever. “Good Lordie, father, I just cant live without you. And you are way too interesting even beyond SEX”, I winked. And we laughed.

“You set me up, didn’t you? You knew exactly, how to loosen my chains and pull me back towards you”. I grinded my teeth, “But you are so CUTE”, he hugged me. “I know” I said approvingly. “I love you father”, I hugged my father. “Give me a piece of your originality for duplication…. YAAWWN….” I said…, “How about tomorrow ? Let’s start afresh. And I promise to outpour my spirit, for, my coming is not limited to be called HOLY, HOLY, but I come to be with you. To talk to you. To be personal with you”, he said. “Yep, father, and I will look forward for your company back again. Ahh… never ever again, go away from me…” I complained. “Did I?” he winked. “You know what, you are just impossible. Nope, and I am not confessing today, that it was I, who took a break and not You… Hmmmm…. HAPPY?” I had my brows locked together.

“I missed you My angel, my child, my beloved, my daughter. Don’t you ever look around for the world to make you joyful, for I AM A JEALOUS GOD, you remember?” he winked.

“Aww… father, I love you. And as days passes by, I love you all the more and more and more and more”….Z…Z…Z…Z

-12.00 08/09/09 Jesus –

-12.00 pm 09/07/09 –

“Yo, I am ready for the training I said excitedly.” “Morning, my beloved!”, “Just before I commence, can you recap of what we have accomplished and what is our objective?” he asked.

“Sure. Currently we are in the transition stage, of the war fare strategy. The following were the stages”.

a) Testimony, in the first half.
b) Simultaneous training on the principles of GOD.
c) War fare with Satan and different religion and we witnessed VICTORY.
d) Transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament.
e) Laying the foundation of New Bottle, a new wineskins.
f) Simultaneous training of the changing times in the nations.
g) War fare strategy laid in the Peter’s spirit, Thomas spirit and currently in Paul’s spirit.
h) Establishment of the church, government and the importance of the wholeness of the soul and the family.
i) Arrival of Jesus, declaration of the Kingdom of a new Earth and a New heaven.

The objective of the project is two folds:

A) Preach the Gospel to the uttermost parts.
B) Regain the reigns of the KINGDOM OF GOD.

“Well Done!” and the compliment was well waited thought I. “Any questions before we proceed?” he asked. Signs of yet again being a good trainer. “Yes”, “I do have, out of context couple of questions father.”

1) I wear often, my favourite comfortable shirts in purple, and it reads, “IRON MAIDEN, A matter of life and death”. Not that I am a great fan of the band, but do these words have any hidden meaning?
2) I did read in the scriptures and was appalled to know Jesus cursed the fig tree, when under the curse the tree had withered from the roots. Why would Jesus curse a tree, father?

1) Open Proverbs 14:12

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death”. And it read further, “concept of life and death includes much more than mere survival.”

Many different faiths worship many forms in many ways. Ultimately they all reach ME. Life is attained when you communion with the GOD Almighty, the ultimate. This is the highest form of enlightment, which lies in the knowledge of the self. He is friendly and King to all, honour and shame do not affect him. And such a man is beyond heat, cold, pleasure or pain and he is aware that the same supreme being is visible within all living creatures. This is how mind and body should interact to achieve peace in this world and beyond.

2) Mother grace answered my question. “When Jesus was hungry one day, he looked at the fig tree and cursed. The fig tree withered and died”, the reason she continued, “the fig tree had leaves many. It was created so that it could bear fruit. But here it was, having no fruit, and Jesus found the tree was phony”.

The deeper understanding was ,when the born again Christian goes out into the world, with “I know all” attitude, the danger of arrogance and argumentative mood he may get entrapped into with only the knowledge he has but not having the intimacy with Lord Almighty. You need to ensure you have humility, come to an understanding, what you are not and what you are without Lord Almighty. It’s the “FRUIT” that matters. And its not by mere rules and regulations which they follow, that intimacy develops. Infact, such born again believer trying to please GOD, may become more judgmental, more critical and more unloving, claiming to have a special place with the GOD Almighty while they may not know anything at all, for they are not doing it.

“Who are they father? And hey, thank you, my man, great answer, like always”, I winked. “Anytime” he said. And a fool I was, for whenever, I wrote “Anytime”, I was reminded about predator. Strangely, more than the actor and his muscles, it was the “Predator” whose intelligence I admired. “One source, which hunted down men with weapons, one after the other. His enlightment was not different!.”

“One source which hunted down men with weapons one after the other”… who knew, it would be your seed in my womb” I said.
Its been almost two days and not a line could I write, though the mind and heart and soul craved to go on further with the book. “Living book of GOD”, sure this is father. I had been training, rebuking, listening and meditating on his word.

My prince, is being trained for his competitions in art. Strangely, he has never participated. And I as a parent, have been teaching him the elaborate techniques ,for, its an art with a difference. We have been also doing great with studies and now to him, word of GOD, is like playing a game. A game he plays to win. I had to deliver the special message and explain it to him as well. And this was pictorial.

Liberty a abundance

Great courage Selfishness

Spiritual truth Apathy

Bondage Dependence

The prince had a rough few months looking at the past now. His dad and the new mother weren’t fitting too well in his life. His studies, he was having a tough time coping up. And friends too were loosing out due to the self centered and bullish attitude. But “The Lord GOD Almighty” had changed the momentum of failure in our lives. I must admit it wasn’t overnight, you see. We worked together, slowly and steadily.

And his grand father took over a little of my burden, by spending his precious time of an hour helping him with his subjects. While, once I use to pick him from mom’s place, we used to play along with his friends, on the terrace, while I could also pray on the mount that lay high and tall, for an hour. Catching up with the rest of the studies, art, and creativity and having food together was equally excruciating but helped me connected to my prince, not with any struggle but the effortless ease. Further, we watched our channels for an hour and then hoped on to the bed, while I soaked in his 10 minute knee massage and he now listened to my bed time story with all his ears.
During one such incident, it all began here. He had a test and the portions were huge. I knew it was a load too heavy for I knew his capacity then. At this time, I decided to pray, but with the prince along with me. I had asked Abba for a breakthrough and help the prince in his studies and drive away the Satan of fear and low confidence. The knowledge that GOD was available to him had changed the world for the prince. And since then, his grades at school steadily improved and he started doing not only well but made at a point to pray and excel. His talents which were deeply buried were now being drawn out by Abba, HIS FATHER ;-)

I now had warned him the dangers that lay hidden between the liberty and abundance. Most of them falter here. And my Peter was no different. Though having known the word of GOD, her religious services and claiming the knowledge of GOD, put me off. For, she still went around mocking at people around her with her loose tongue. And pride was killing her. Half-baked knowledge can be dangerous. I re-paid her amount of 5,000/- and also found a sarcasm tone, often which tried to put me down in writing the book or the teachings which I often passed onto her. I could sense a strange “hypocrisy” in treating me different, yet calling me angel. I was tired especially, when she demanded the pen drive, which she had urged me to keep, to use for GOD’s work. Now, she had called up to find out whether I needed the pen drive any longer. “Woe to Pharisees and their hypocrisy, woe to such brag of religious external rituals only to impress people around and to show how good you are” deeply raged me. And today, and yesterday, her constant whining and complaining to walk a few meters and to collect money, cheesed me out.

Taking the half baked information about father without having developed the personal intimacy, claiming to teach and know about father, while not even having the time taken to look within, at her own behaviour, rebuked me. And on the call today , one of her taunts of , “Don’t be so tensed”, I vented out. I think I would have fire in my eyes and smoke coming out of my nostrils and I stripped naked the cloth of pride, which she was robed in. And heavy loaded transparent talks came out of my fiery tongue. Words makes all the difference. Not a single word of filth I spoke, but held the mirror courageously to her soul. After exchanging a further few hard messages, I told her, “I do this, because I don’t want you to loose out on your blessing. I forgive you in the name of GOD, for all those things you have spoken about me. But, I go down on my knees, please understand, you need to have your father inside you. Know your self first. Understand first what is Right and Wrong. Take time to look into your own actions. It is not just prayer and worship and religious service that your father wants but rather it’s the integrity, passion, zeal, discipline, love, honesty and beyond all the urge to seek him out. Once you are there you will know your father and your destiny”. The next two messages were an honest ‘forgive me’ from her end. Not that I needed her forgiveness father, but I couldn’t let her fall into the pit which I knew, very soon our Lucifer darling would consume her into.

If Paul says love is beautiful then he is not lying. For even before the King David was established on the throne, it was a difficult journey for both of us. When me and my King started, it was sprinkled with the childish love along with it we carried our burdens of insecurity, pain and abusive relationships. The King controlled and wanted to keep me in control, all the while. When “trust” is on the bottom, controlling attitude is what dominates. My mobile if by chance used to be switched doff, due to low battery, then he would hurl me with the most abusive language. He would target me of claims, of taking time and may be enjoying conversation with other men. He would control the clothes I wore. Anything tight was ruled out, for, I also agreed as the world would sin in their eyes. All the friends, trainees of the “MALE” gender were deleted in my phone book. And in the initial days when my trainees used to call, I was crammed with fear, for, I never used to delete the numbers, neither the messages they sent, and by the end of each day, I promptly told the report to the kind. One such trainee whom I called “SON” was the bearing lamb slaughtered.

I apologized to him and begged him to loosen my chains ,for, I was on the way of my life along with the King . The son Ben called me mother, for being a thief a drunkard with lies many, I had trained him and had seen the potential in him to do well in his life to be a successful citizen. He did. And I was proud about him. Since then he called me “Mother”. But the King could never trust two strangers, a women and a boy in his twenties sharing a special bond like this. And I sought my son’s forgiveness for to me gaining and maintaining the purity of the new relationship was a priority. The King had offered his mercy on this widow and fatherless. And giving away my self to build faith and truth never mattered.

In one such incident, when the phone I carried often had technical problems. It used to get boiled up, burning my ears, often also consuming battery in couple of hours, which led to the phone constantly switching off on a low battery or being not reachable. Desperate attempts to call him or inform him, sitting in the cab, waiting to reach home, went in vain. The next minute on keeping the phone charged and having called him as expected, his rage flew off the lid. Many times, he in his rage, has often spoken about my past of three men and how rightfully they have given me the title, which he said I deserved. My eyes swelled with tears uncontrollably and the heart ached. My tongue, my loud voice, my tone of hurt in defense, often enraged him further. But we stuck. We stuck our grounds. And in the heat, cold ,drought, every time we stuck. He came home and was abusive, very. And I couldn’t take his abuses. I got physical, beating and pulling his hair with all my might. I guess, I forgot he was a man, the lion. One tight blow from him and my tooth was broken into half ;-) The swelling and the pain lasted for a long time. And as a sign of his repentance, he had taken me to a place, out of the town, the shack on the beach side. It really didn’t matter to me, how I looked but I enjoyed thoroughly the guilt which prevailed in the King’s heart for long ;-). The King had promised when he had met me, “I will make you exactly the GIRL, which you were, before you had entered the covenant of marriage, and here I was soon turning to be a tom boy, a woman with the grace and kindness, also strong and faithful.”

In another incident, the King also being extremely transparent had spoken about a friend, a colleague in the office, who despite knowing about me in his life, tried to gain sympathy and love. On one such night, I saw she calling the King at odd hours in the night. I looked at the King . And he promptly picked up the phone, put it on a loud speaker. Here was the statement she made, “Still with your girl is it? It seems that you don’t want to talk to any of your friends around why?” the King promptly disconnected. The showdown was yet to begin. I took the phone, called the girl, and reminded what she was doing and the thrashing that followed, left the King in a dumbstruck situation. He had never seen my possessive lioness side. And it had re-born.

My plea to the people in love and who enter marriage is this. True there will be ups and downs but when you invite GOD into our lives the noise coming from various musical instruments will slowly change into a symphony, for its only through patience and perseverance, the right notes will soon start filling in. Do not jump off the train, when things go wrong. If GOD is at the top, he is also there at the bottom. I reiterate, GOD is there even at the bottom. And it is a miracle ,a living miracle that our father had transformed such strange lives where we lived in the world as strangers and now the world looked like a stranger ;-)

I still recall the days when I underwent super natural changes. The King was psyched. And horrified. He called me as a priest, but Lord Abba’s outpouring spirit was too much to be not spoken about. I still remember the day, when very recently, me and my King went on a long drive and to meet up with his friends. I longed to see the place of the ruins more than his friends. But, seeing his friends in ruins the spirit moved mightily in me. And I urged the King to convince his friends to quit the weed, for, I was horrified, that they could not even remember the way for the nth time of their visit, neither distinguish right and left. The King, commanded me in person, not to start off with my preaching. I preached. First to the King himself, under the mighty sky and the huge field that lay beneath. And further walked up to the friends of 5, and told them to stop it, for life was beautiful and worthless it wasn’t to be thrown away at somebody’s else’s mercy. The King soon followed and he rattled with abuses. I knew, the Satan had cornered me with his number of many.

Lord Abba my father, engripped my soul and courage seeped in. For the first time, in public,
I had given the testimony. And on the way back, I spoke, I spoke of whatever my father wanted me to tell the King . The King was driving, and he screamed, he pleaded, “STOP IT, I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN”, “Do you understand, I don’t want to listen”. Stuck was I and determined to drive the Satan once and for all, for, I had enough of the possessing the susceptible King. Download the story, I , from the beginning to the end, exodus and beyond, who then can be unchanged after hearing the word of GOD, the Lord ALMIGHTY. The Lord worked through him. And that is how Adam had a second coming into the garden of Eden. “And this was the idea!”. The church soon had developed into a strong government.

Building my soul and my inheritance with the reword I saw, in my limited thinking.
But, he was my father and his spirit of truth righteousness, mercy, love, passion, integrity was there in its might, only to be ROARED across the EARTH……

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I have walked quite a journey with you isn’t it father? Look what you have made of me?” and he rejoiced at the compliment. “Come, many more such events yet to uncover, lets peel the onion, layer by layer, are you ready for the magic?” he eagerly asked, “Cant wait I” , , , , , and the story continued….

“Strangely, I felt like and elephant-calf. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. A baby elephant is called a calf. The new born weighs about 77 -113 kg and they can stand within a hour of birth. Baby elephants grow up surrounded by family members who help care for them. They can’t see very well at first, but they can recognize their mother’s by touch, scent and sound. Baby elephants stay very close to their mother’s for the first couple of months. Initially, they don’t really know what to do with their trunks. They swing them to and fro and sometimes even step on them. By the time, they are year old, they can control their trunks pretty well. And soon when they grow as adults, its weighs more than 5 tones, that is as much as 80 people.

Undergoing the traction between good and evil and walking on the rock unsteadily in life, like a toddler, GOD the Lord taking me in as a trainee, had taught me the history and the purpose of living life.

History and the study of past, where it helped me to understand the difference between translucent and transparency. It helped me not to repeat my mistakes and also understand the present thereby helping to transform the future, greatly, leaving behind the trampled past and transcending to the tremendous fact of triumph.” “How is the essay of my journey with you?” I asked my Lord GOD.

“Brilliant! And as a reward I am truncating the two told with a twitch for all the good traits your have displayed in the timeless journey.” He pressed the “Thunderclap” button, just like a radio jockey. “I love you, my father” and “me a hundred fold” he said.

II. The “suffering” of the community and
IV. Daniel and Ezekiel spirit.

“I smell victory and the finishing line of this race”, I whispered.

“Very well you both have arrived. The prophet and the high priest together in the spirit. Both standing at the altar of gates between GOD and man. The high priest is the representative of man while, the prophet is the representative of GOD. And both embedded in JESUS. And which is why, you, my beloved will talk about the suffering of the community of the mankind, events one after the other and through Ezekiel, shall you prophecy my plans and my coming to the mankind. You look dumbstruck. Are you okay?’

“Loss of words, father. Your warfare strategy is a four way strategy. One as a higher calling, two, as a guilt detector, three, as a rising son, four, as a community healer” I said.

“Understand this. You are not to alter the basic concept but you are required to strengthen it. For a community and a Kingdom must be better by our presence. It means applying the highest standard of honesty and integrity to all our relationships with individuals and groups. Every Christian’s principal aim is to enhance and protect Christian values. He is to seek out people’s thoughts and opinions, thereby crafting an environment in which people feel free to express their ideas opinions, problems and concern. And to all of these, the church provides opportunity. And contribution of talent, energy and financial support if done reluctantly or infrequently, it just wont work. It needs to be frequent, friendly unfocussed and unscheduled but far form pointless”. He said.

“Phew! But will people understand this?” I asked. “Children of GOD, clearly understand that they have a two fold agenda I the war. One, working together under the common objective in the atmosphere of individual freedom and two, having a strong obligation towards their specific goals of their individual destiny. Eventually, the Kingdom of GOD will perform better than the man’s government with limited directives and tight controls” he answered.
- Isaiah 1:verse 26

I will restore your JUDGES as in days of old,
Your counselors as at the beginning.
Afterward you will be called
The city of righteousness
The faithful city”.

“You better talk to your lawyer, Father. For suing people is a big business. Take for example the recent study which costs American citizens and corporations $247 billion. And you may choke with suffocation with legalities and lawsuits” I laughed. He was silent. “Was that a bad joke?” I was little scared at his un timed silence. “Nope that’s why I hired you to do this work. You are my lawyer, beloved!” his laughter was twice louder than mine.

“To be ahead of the fame, I am doing the Act, all at once. All along will I showcase how man’s world had acted because of the little knowledge he chose. Man has to spend just a little bit of his time and a little effort to refresh his memory, for it pays to remember the facts and abstract ideas, which he has been asleep at the switch”. He spoke.

“Time to air one’s dirty linen in public is it?” , I said , “My intention is not or add insult to the injury, but to help them understand how every bad decision had led the world at sixes and sevens today. at once, I may come and restore the world, but I want MY children to beat the drums” he said. “Easy money they want, and eat like a horse but also to eat one’s cake and have it too, is an end in itself”. “Why do you use so many American idioms, father?” I asked. “For I am enraged, beloved. The blessed country of melting pot ,today is Satan’s monkey business. I use American current social situations, for the most advance is the most afflicted. And using this as an example, may all the countries across the world, learn to connect with the
Kingdom of GOD, regardless of the situations, events and occasions and excel to watch the business, media, literature, entertainment, education, science, and social relationships multiply before their eyes. It is the Kingdom I want to give my children and not only blesses finance and health but also peace and joy for eternal” he announced.
“Go ahead, dig deeper” I said. “I have a lawyer to do that!” he winked. This humour prevailed even in the most serious issues that shook the world of man.

“2000 years, trying to evangelize and we hadn’t got there yet, why? Dig deeper” I told myself. Keeping my focus on the land of melting pot I pressed on.

13 colonies became united and brought about the American revolution. Prior 1700’s they were all disjointed. No roads, no communication. But in the next century, something jolted the land, beyond control. It was the great awakening, the phenomena which has been captured in the boundless time of history.

1752 =
Jonathan Edwards captures the great awakening as the awakening to GOD, which transforms lives, families and nations. Revival had begun.

1857 =
- Simultaneous awakening seen in America and in Ireland. Jeremiah lampshire started the prayer movement, on the September 23rd for one hour in New York city. Only six people were present in the first meeting and in the next six months, there were 50,000 people, weekly in every major city. And 70,000 Baptist conversions were seen in March.
Strangely in Ireland, Jeremiah Manili, started, “Unity in Spirits” on September 23rd. more than one third had become praying men, and till this day, you may find the Ballynena borough council, the old Sabbath school, which found the lost heritage as a result of prayer.

Revival was the specific time of visitation in the specific lives, he chose and that included both Christians (Believers) and non-Christians (non-believers) were moved. People would gather in silence, and GOD would move their spirit. Tremendous outpour in spirits across the realm was witnessed. Ships approaching 100 miles away were feeling the presence, even before they reached the coast. As a result of it, unusual miracles were seen. The fire would strike down the demonic powers, which people brought with them. Sudden working in the sinners, like, striking down, falling phenomena, trance, suddenly crying or sleeping phenomena was seen, when they came in the presence of GOD.

And the melting pot, was soon the fastest growing church. Infact, if we look at a few top leaders like Benjamin Franklin, who was a faithful Christian and who played a crucial role in the constitution, called the black Americans and educated them on Christianity, the bible, the word of GOD. Jefferson, who was on the Virginia Bible society in school, took the teachings of GOD, to the Indians helping them move towards civilization.

It was the DUTY OF ALL NATIONS TO HUMBLY SEEK AND OBEY GOD ALMIGHTY. The awakening to prayer clearly emphasized that with faith, you could expect great things from GOD.

“With so much of information and knowledge available, why is the world so immoral? Can history yet again, show me the events, to fight my case?” I wondered.

“When you read the following facts the only plead I have for the children of GOD is, please don’t have lukewarm response. Either be HOT or COLD. Because, by now, it is your right to belong to GOD, in a new level of pursuit in a HOLY way. For, I am not writing this to shame you, but to warn you, as my dear children. Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? Do you know that the very fact that you have law suits among you means you have been completely defeated already? Is it possible, that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? But instead, one brother goes to law against another and this is in front of unbelievers!” spoke the father.

“Do you even realize that there will be a group of selfish, self centered people who will easily get offended?” I exclaimed.

“Then, please do pass my message. Don’t be offended by truth, rather do some serious soul searching. Such people always look out for some “body” to keep them fixed and some “one” to agree with them. Somebody, not wanting to do things right, rather looking out for souls who can make them happy. I strongly urge my children, think about what they have done to themselves, by offending ME, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!” he said sternly.

“If anything can go wrong it will, eh? Whoever came out with such theories”, I said, “Murphy’s law”, he quickly added. Choosing to ignore his infinite wisdom, I continued, “Now, for the matters you wrote about, here we go”, I presented the facts from the history of the land of Melting pot.

Before I begin, suggestions to Non-Christians and non-church members. Please discover what Christ can mean to you. Study the plan of fourteen references presented offered in this New Testament. Read the footnotes. Think through these challenges. Continue through all the fourteen references in this manner. If any of these references or foot notes are not clear to you, take this New Testament to a minister in your community and ask for his guidance. You will then receive a renewed sense of responsibility to Christ and his church. Experience has taught us that thousands of Christians hesitate to try to help the lost find GOD because they are aware that they do not know how to use the word of GOD. This New Testament will give the beginner who is timid in confidence but will multiply the number of soul winners in the future. Understand that pressure will not produce a Christian but conviction will. One is not saved simply by repeating words, but by believing that work is worship.

-2 Corinthians 6:11

We have spoken freely to you, Corinthians and opened wide our hearts to you. We are not with holding our affection from you, but you are with holding yours from us. As a fair exchange, I speak as to my children – OPEN wide your hearts also.

1787 - Constitution Established.
Constitution is not only a document of law but that records history of American ideals and progress;
Constitution affirms principles of Liberty, Justice, and equality that guides the nation.

1788 - Bill of rights established.
No state shall violate the equal rights of conscience. Right of
association, Right of free religious expression,
Right of selecting constitution.

One submits to the lawful government in the understanding that everyone else will be bound by the same law.

1798 - President had nothing to do with the proposing of amendment to the Constitution says the supreme court.

What does the declaration of Independence state?

The declaration of Independence asserts the self evident truth that all the men are “endowed by their CREATOR with certain undeniable rights”. The declaration speaks consent to the “just powers” of government, not to its every action.

The declaration of Independence appeals to GOD no less than three times. The men who wrote it declared within it their undying faith towards GOD for all generations to see and follow.

This fact in history is vital because there was a violation of the value system. Not even the supreme court can change any law. Courts only judge situations to which the law applies. Courts may not judge the law.

1861 - The civil war
There are higher laws, which must rule over the politics and people’s Destiny, either by constitution or over it.

The journey from slavery to freedom only opened the door halfway. Why?

1865 - Slavery abolished, amendment XIII the president approved it, overriding the 1798 decision made.

1870 - The constitution made it illegal to deny the right to vote based on race Black Christians and white Christians came together to pass 23 civil rights in the next two years.

1875 - Congress banned segregation and opened doors to the simple, basic rights like transport or dinner.

1876 - This freedom was restricted by hostile resistance. And laws
were in favour of discrimination and denial of equal
protection. South of the Land favours the hostile resistance.

1882 - Supreme court kept the segregation alive for the next 70 years.

The law derives from the enactment of the elected legislatures. In short, no legislature, no real law. In the declaration the founders established the foundation and the core values on which the constitution was to operate. The constitution was never to be interpreted apart from those values. The declaration and the constitution were viewed as INSEPARABLE and INTERDEPENDENT.

Not the courts, not the officials, not even the supreme court, have the incontestable,
un-alienable and un-removable right to change the Law of the land. Only the PEOPLE and they do it through their elected officials of the many states. But for such power to make laws to exist in the hands of a few appointed men, untouchable by the “sources”, they set up the constitution and so only congress should have the power to make laws and mind you, congress is elected by the people.

Therefore, congress reflects the will of the people judges then, should apply the law of the people, not “make law” for the people to follow. Judges are to follow the law of the people.

“Father, did you ever promote slavery? My heart aches beyond words. And show me your answer.” How could we live with the history of the abandoned and unloved the discouraged.

“Was it not I, the same GOD then, today and forever brought the great awakening? You, the people, were running a good race. Who then cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth? That kind of persuasion, the law of sinful nature, does not come from the one who calls you. “A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough”. Was not my single command, “LOVE YOUR NEIGBOUR AS YOURSELF”, clear enough for the mankind. But, the spirit, you chose not to be led by, on the contrary to be led by the sinful nature, which was never under the law. What was the purpose of my laws? It was given primarily to avoid transgressions, till the seed to whom, I, Abba, the Father had given to Abraham might be redeemed to the gentiles through Christ Jesus. Had I not made it clear in my word?

- Galatians 3:26

“You are all sons of GOD through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.There is neither Jew or Greek, slaver nor free, male or female, for you are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus.”
If you belong to Christ then YOU ARE Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. As long as the heir is a child, he is no longer the prisoner by law, a slave, but you are the sons, for every spirit which calls out, “Abba, Father”. GOD has made you also an heir. If only you don’t turn back to weak and miserable principles, being slave to those who by nature are not GOD’s, you shall never be burned with the yoke of slavery, for it is for FREEDOM, that I have sent my son. Each soul, I call, was set to be FREE. However, do not use your freedom to indulge in sinful nature, rather serve one another in love.

But bewitched were they, obsessed with legalism, and sowed their sinful natures, only to reap destruction for, they shall, never inherit the Kingdom of GOD”. He declared.

“Beloved, do you know, whose spirit now you set FREE, with that homework which you did, with respect to the case” he asked me.

Surprisingly I couldn’t understand till I hit upon the Philemon, the close relationship of Paul with Onesimus, the slave. Slavery existed for 1,800 Years. And through this battle, Onesimus was set free. With full moral force of Christianity, I declare, “Welcome EVERY SOUL as you would welcome me”.

Bible is the word of GOD. And no one has the authority to mess with the word. Can you strife with GOD’s anointing then? Don’t let anyone deceive you in anyway, YOU, are worthy of GOD’s calling, for, you have received the teaching. Haven’t you toiled your faith, day and night? How then, Christians, give away the bread to the enemy of wickedness? Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of evil that deceives who are TRUE CHRISTIANS.

If only Christians can stop looking for somebody to keep them “Fixed” and stop focusing on themselves, “how they feel” and start focusing on the presence and the power of the word of GOD and his anointing in their lives, wouldn’t then VICTORY be clearly etched? Remember, the constant two dangers that we face, and to avoid them, at all phases from the root to the TOP. Avoid these two thoughts.

1. Do not endorse someone who is unworthy.
2. Do not lay hands on someone who is not under the love of Jesus, who deny HIM.

“Tell me a joke Abba”, I was getting a little tired by now.
“When Satan keeps on pestering a Christian with his antics, the Christian was busy eating an apple. CRUNCH, CRUNCH. The Satan continued with his all possible might to deviate the Christian from his belief. But the Christian continued munching, “CRUNCH, CRUNCH”.
Finally, the Christian asked the Satan, stopped munching on the apple. “Is my apple bitter or sweet?”. The Satan answered, “I can’t tell you for I haven’t tasted the apple!”, pat came the reply from the Christian, “Neither have you tasted MY JESUS!”

Winked I, for the revival of FIRE was now turning into a Resonance, which was here to last for ETERNAL. The father was determined to establish HIS KINGDOM, for ETERNAL. “Whacky!”, I exclaimed.

“9 up and 5 more to go”, I thought to myself.

Things now were obvious. There was a clear separation divorcing the Legal system from its religious foundation. Clearly wrong judges, without the education of word of GOD, proved a slow poison, affecting the entire community, the world of man, towards destruction. It was clear, “choose senators and president, and they will give the right judges and lawyers in the Kingdom”. Despite being a nation of Christians, “where did the land of melting pot, go wrong?” I wondered.

Take a quick peek into the generation of today. 4 out of 10 “Christians” still are into pornography. Mockery of people who audition for, “Lets see who can dance?”, “Hollywood” filled with wooden actors who live true to the nature of “wood”, acting equates with breasts spilling all over the screen, scripts churned, re-churned, mocking at the intelligence of the audience, rating and judging, “Best dressed” and “Worst dressed”, “their lives, their stories” consuming our children, who is the next top model? Children spared form these, are exposed to Net, chatting away with strangers, hacking and planning keeps them busy, the left over spill across being abused, bullied, poverty and the only ones who make it to the top are yet again, in trap of self growth, the “I want everything , instantly” syndrome.

“Satan’s Monkey Business”, truly tortured and was successful in entrapping the youth successfully. With parents and schools, government and society nobody taking the accountability and the responsibility of educating the “wizards”, how would you expect a nation to beat the drums, for the future?

I see, in the youth conference, children busy chewing their gum, body language absolutely closed, and the pastors trying their best to impress. “Let GOD do what ever he wants to do with me” is the attitude. Kids, “Divine EXCHANGE” is the word. You need a partner. And GOD does not want a single room in your heart, while you hide your sins in the other 9 rooms! Can you allow GOD to be involved in EVERY aspect of your life? He does not want your prayer of monologue but wants to have a dialogue. Its does no happen through “Magic” but through the “nerves” which develops, “never to quit”. Corrections come through opening doors for HIM in your life. “Sunday morning box” syndrome only knocks, but to grow and witness higher levels, you need to have a personal relationship with GOD. Let me reflect a few tactful moves by Satan, which has fooled the generation of today. The bait which “Christians” fell into, miserably.

1647 - Public schools encouraged prayers. Verses were read from bible
And even during graduation.

A beacon to guide their children, and their children’s children was erected, for all MEN, the children of GOD who pursue life, liberty and happiness. It was pointed to GOD and to his son, Jesus Christ.

To take courage to renew that battle which their father’s began, so that “truth”, “justice”, “mercy” and all “Christian virtue”, not be extinguished from the schools of this land.

Right to free religious expression meant Christians to be free and practice the prayer in public. The responsible government had to proactively govern in submission to the biblical law. But soon there developed a counterfeit of Kingdom of GOD. And between liberty and abundance developed the socialistic government, which killed and stopped the prosperity of knowledge and wisdom.

Soon, “A prayer could not be told in a football match, said one of the court rulings, “the prayer has too much of Jesus” said another. Federal court in Indiana, “A girl was denied to present an essay written about proverb 21:22” and soon faith based country was transformed into secular based land.

1920 - The courts decided to improve the performance of “Education” by changing it to “how to think”, “How to use your mind” ideologies.

Conveniently were eliminated several quotes from bible And evolving were a generation clearly moving away form the essence of GOD. The American law students during this time, were becoming a part of the system bureaucracy where existed, No individuality. “government does everything” lead to not the individuals coming together making a collective government but rather depending on the Phony security and an ocean of people occupying at the TOP levels, who did not know the word but instead changed the word for their own motives.

1939 - Text books were changed. Institutions now had a new ideology. “We will teach them, “what to think” and “how to learn” soon replaced the books.

- Hebrews 11:39 –

“These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised”.
The result of such laws, passed by the wrong judges, soon saw the “Ten Commandments” not seen in the class rooms anymore. “Secular” they insisted. “Everybody is the same”, they mocked. The new and emerging law schools had everything but ignored history.

1947 - Supreme court nails down the “Free establishment” by asking the nation to
Follow a secular prayer.

Ultimately, American missionaries who took out the doctrine and propagated across the world, which was not biblical. Separation church and reformation of the laws by the courts, over ruling the government was disaster.

The “essay” and “creative writing’ were soon replaced by ‘objective” pattern. “Garbage IN, Garbage OUT” was the syndrome with feeding of tons of information available, ultimately, the caterpillar was denied to transform into a butterfly by keeping it away form the source, the POWER of word of GOD. Has the world even known, that GOD offers, different and special abilities to his believers. Not everyone are the same blessed with talents.

- Romans 12:3 -

“For by the grace, I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgement, in accordance with the measure of faith GOD has given you. Just as each of us has one body with many members and these members do not all have the same function.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if its teaching, let him teach, if its encouraging, let him encourage, if its contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously, if its leadership, let him govern diligently; if its showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully”.

Christians are born dreamers. Then who is this stopping them to DREAM BIG? They are here to “ACHIEVE”, who is then stopping them to grab their destiny? Did you even know that the prayer of a 11 year old could be much more powerful than a Pastor’s Sunday preaching?
Our children no more “hear” the word of GOD, who stole this right from them? Our children no longer “read” the word of GOD, who then hid the book form the? The right to “exercise their minds” has been stolen and has been replaced with junk to much on, who then is controlling the scenes behind? Who is then conforming our children to the pattern of this world, and NOT allowing them to be transformed by renewing of the mind?

The problem lies in the seeds of humanism and religious neutrality that were planted in the constitutions and are bearing their EVIL fruits today. Compromising Christians were many.

Courts does not make policies. And judges are not independent. Government is there to safe guard the rules of the Kingdom of GOD. Wealth comes from GOD and not government. “Common taxation, common giving” kills and stops prosperity. Government cannot take what GOD has given, rather, it’s the primary responsibility of the GOD’s servants to pay taxes, of you owe taxes, if revenue, then revenue to the authorities. For these are authorities who are GOD’s servant’s who give their full time to governing.

It is important to understand that governing authorities should be men of GOD. And there is no authority except that which GOD has established. Everyone, the also submit not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.

GOD’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrong doer. For GOD has instituted, them to do right, without fear and bear the sword in authority who do wrong.
You may also want to consider the year 1789 again. The French revolution. People ordinary had to pay a very high price for food because of the King , who lived life of power and wealth. The revolution changed France and thinkers brought about the changes that all people are equal and that all people should be free to think for themselves. The famous slogan of the revolution strangely was biblical.
Ideas influenced not only people, but nations too. But education today is a download of information in abundance. Look deep. Do you see a force working strong trying to curb the questioning attitude of students in many subjects like science, literature and philosophy?

Questioning attitude, the desire to find out more, is the basis of exploring of what lay beyond the box thinking . It is the “New Ideas which holds the New Window to the Kingdom of GOD”.
Have you ever looked into the Text book? Let me give an example.

“Religion is a belief that it is important to lead a good life. All religions say that we should respect other people and be kind to them.
Here is a table which compares few aspects of some religions. Complete the rest of the table.

Rama, Shiva etc., believes in many Gods
Believe in one GOD – Allah
Believe in one GOD – Jesus Christ
Believe in one GOD – Wahe Guru
Do you know someone belonging to this religion? If so, write them

Who then breaks the law of equality, creating rifts in the people, based on caste, creed, religion, race?
“Jesus” did not die so that people can have multiple religions. He died on the cross, so that people can develop intimate relationship with GOD. Who then feeds our children about religion, but no the word of GOD from being taught?

Who is Jesus?
Please read the bible. To a gentile, he was a gentile, to a Jew, he was a Jew, to a Greek, he was g Greek, to a Roman, he was a Roman, to a Christian, he was a Christian, why then people of little faith struggle with a religion.
Has not GOD, the Almighty, the father created his children with equal love and affection?
Isn’t then a cure required for this blindness? Jesus is the sun of GOD, the creator. Aren’t you all then his children?

Who then injects this unknown virus of blindness in all of the MANKIND?

“There is no one righteous, not even one”;
There is no one who understands,
No one who seeks GOD.
All have turned away,
They have together become worthless;
There is no one who does good,
Not even one.”
Their throats are open graves;
Their tongues practice deceit.
The poison of vipers is on their lips.
Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.
Their feet are swift to shed blood;
Ruin and misery mark their ways,
And the way of peace they do not know.
THERE IS NO FEAR OF GOD before their eyes.

Where, then is boasting? On what principle? On that of observing the law? No, but on that of faith. For, we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law.

Is GOD the GOD of Jews only? Is he no the GOD of gentiles too? Yes, of gentiles too, since there is only ONE GOD, who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through that same faith.

Do we, and then nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law.

How can anybody consider himself superior?

You who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever points you judge the others because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of GOD’s wrath, when GOD will judge each person according to what he has done. Rejecting truth and following evil, distress and anger of the Lord will be the reward.

To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality and eternal applaud for the generations ahead. May for the gentiles, who do not have a law, now have the word of GOD revealed which was masked and hidden from them since 2000 years, but they bore witness with their conscience and the laws written on their hearts.” Word of GOD” helps every soul to break away from the conventional ways of thinking to see what needs to be done, to transform the King dom.

“I know, I have one more fact to state, but just out of curiosity, I ask you, if gentiles were hidden from the word of GOD, and they still receive your mercy, is there a greater truth which has been buried away in history?” I asked my father.

“It’s a story rich in its heritage, but lengthy. You look tired and you have been working all day long. Are you sure you want me to continue?” he read my exhaustion.

“Nobody is superior and all men are equal” I murmured. I was born a citizen. I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee. And I had to testify for I was trained by the father himself.

“Take a courage sweet heart. I, the Lord stand by you,” he said.
“Abba” you called me for the first time, in the mother tongue you spoke and were under the impression that it was “surprise”. But surprise shall I give you now. It’s a language of Aramaic or Hebrew and “Abba means “Father”, my daughter” he comforted me.

“Father, nothing has been hidden from you. Why then you want me to testify?” I pleaded.” Then, speak to me through your words; for this is where, we have always been together for the world to see. May your work speak my daughter. Because your work received the grace of GOD. Not by mere faith.” He said. I cried. I was choked. Another difficult testimony, was here to be penned.

Do you understand the pain that I have gone through to speak the word of GOD, amongst my most loved ones? I spoke to peter. Being at a managerial level, and she at a level much lower in designation, my heart genuinely wanted her to be saved and preached her constantly, helped her to be saved and preached her being available for her, when she required me for all those moments when her boyfriend quarreled with her, when her job interview wasn’t coming through, when her father ignored her, when her HR call was not getting through, and the gift was a closed door constantly shut, mocked, gossiped for mentioning the word “JESUS”. I knew, she perceived me as a “Mentally abnormal” strange kind of a soul.
Not once, she stood by me. Lord, please don’t hold this against her, for I know she doesn’t know the truth, the GOD. Who was peter? A Pharisee, a Hindu, in today’s world. “Peter” was a disciple of Jesus.
My own parents were a Pharisee, Hindus. So, was I. when I pleaded to them about the bloodline of Jews which father belonged to, when the bronze snake was Casted out, when I revealed the story of my uncles 11 pages suicide letter, when I told them I was going to become a world leader, when I told them about GOD and his story, when I told them again and again that I was Jesus, they called me “mentally imbalanced”, “too much of shock because she didn’t get married”, “maybe something is wrong and we don’t know”, “don’t watch Christian channel on television”, “you are ordinary, behave normal”, “don’t abandon culture”, “don’t worry about the King , we Are there for you”, “are you okay now?”, “you don’t talk crazy things and bother us”, and the doors were shut. Nobody stood by me. And mother’s place, was the spiritual Jerusalem. My heart I poured out.
And many times, I sat on the terrace, crying all alone, speaking to you, father. For, I saw them still struggling with the bondage they were entrapped in. money flowed less. But their heart would not accept JESUS. I love my parents, father. Lord, please don’t hold this against them. For they don’t know the complete truth.

I prayed that my only brother be saved. For he was the heir of Jerusalem. I had to deliver your toughest messages, knowing the fact that I would be constantly turned down. My brother never accepted me publicly. The moment I spoke a word about you, he ignored me. My life was shattered in front of his eyes, right from my marriage, my divorce, my love with King , my life into GOD, but he denied me. The doors shut. For I spoke the word “JESUS”, he chose not to hurt me with words, but his silence and pushing the incidents under the carpet, safely hidden. But I gave my love and compassion to him. My love, you, “re-invoked” in my brother, and I felt closer to my brother like never before. Don’t you please hold any of this against him oh Lord! for he does not know the complete truth. My own brother, a Pharisee, a Hindu.

I knew the tax collector; she was quoted as in the bible. A colleague of mine in the office. I prayed for her womb to be filled in, her new promotion, and her relationship with her husband to be fixed. She had rebuked her husband and was looking for a new found affair. Counseled had I to her, explaining, crying and lending her my shoulders whenever she required. And she had confessed, for I was a manager of her’s in the office, with a better position and she was jealous of me, for she thought, I wasn’t deserving enough. Everything in her life, I prophesied came true and I told her to stop worshipping idols, and had given her detailed explanation of Hebrew 9, the serpent, so that her womb may be filled. Mocked at me she had also gossiped, when I quit my job, as “Mentally upset”. Constantly looked down and sarcasm flowed in, when I told her about writing a book. “Stupid” was I in her eyes. But, father I continued to pray for her. Fill her womb, for she doesn’t know the complete truth. The doors were shut for me in my shallow moments, while struggling to repay my loans, but I did. And father, you saved my last inch of dignity in front of her. I cleared as I promised. 5000/- every month. And exactly in 4 months. She was a Pharisee a Hindu.
I screamed with joy, “We will all go to Israel, for I am JESUS. And I an the only one to have resolved the bible, sweets”. I was sharing my joy, but my grief, nobody stood by me.
My sister-in-law was looking out for her “better salary, better designation and best MNC” and I prayed and prophesized again and again. She got the job, a little delayed. But father, she didn’t even care to thank or inform me. I pleaded with her, to forgive and forget the rifts between my parents and her repeatedly, but I was a stranger to her. I gave away money with great ease and even a charity of 10/- to a kid selling papers on the road, was highly debated with parents, in my absence. And my son, being a son of a divorced parent, was considered to be undergoing depression, while all he needed was acceptance. As a final call from you, I tried hard to seek her love for I had chosen to be stranger in her life. I called her home, broke down, confessed and pleaded with her, that I was normal and I had just been talking with GOD, for there was a super natural phenomena occurring. I gave her my Old Testament book which I had written and pleaded her to read. She was manager now, in the MNC, earning well and dressing well. She promptly message me the next day. “The book is kept on the television. Please collect it”. Broken I was for wouldn’t she even care what the word of GOD was or what I might be undergoing. Pharisee she was. A Hindu. And the title offended her. “Revelation of Jesus”. The doors were slammed. Lord! Don’t hold it against her, for she doesn’t know the complete truth.

My very own Christian friend who had handed over tone the “Devotional study bible”, who had discussed with me her agonies and strife with parents, who dejected her, sought pleasure in walking around the campus. I shared her pain. And I listened. I had constantly given her the hope, of the Lord GOD. I loved her twinkle in the eye. Her laughter. Lonely she was, constantly being condemned about her talents and efficiency as an employee. But corrected had I people around her with love, around the canteen table, our hand out place. I had prayed healing to her and joy to be restored in her heart. But the doors were shut silently, without a sound, the moment I spoke to her about the truth and bible about me having listening to the word of GOD constantly, and having seen you, in the form of balls of energy, for the first time in the campus, the friendship vanished into thin air. Dejected and rejected I became very soon. She too father, didn’t stand by me. Don’t hold it against her, father, my Lord! For she doesn’t know the complete truth. Liar had I become in her eyes.

Not even my prince, my own son, having lived with me 24/7, accepted me as Jesus Christ. Abba, the father he accepted and you moved in his life, his studies, his friends, his victories. But father he could never completely accept me as Jesus Christ. For I think he saw me more as a “Mother” than the GOD Jesus. He said, “I like the old Jesus, but no mummy, not you as Jesus but the old one”, I wouldn’t blame him father. For he was 10 years old, who saw his mother undergoing tremendous spiritual combat, fasting and praying day and night, suffering and crying, narrating every small incident on deaf ears. Soon I became tired of rejection father. For to me, it was important to train the prince Samuel, on your word, your principles of right and wrong, and to work hard to regain my lost ground as a “Mother” to be the best in his life and gain his love, than being adored as Jesus. Lord, my father! Forgive me, to have even mentioned him here, for I am small to hold anything against my prince, my son. A Pharisee, a Hindu.

9 of them Lord and countless many did I talk. They all seemed to be okay, as long it was “GOD”, in a form of idol, any would do, as long the idol answers their prayer, but “JESUS” was out rightly thrown out for he was of a different religion. So, I was welcomed as long I suited their bill, but I was closed door, when I told them I was Jesus.

But, father this was the first step for me to accept people and learn. For as long as your word, your spiritual charisma, through mere empathy, listening, connecting to them in their own language, I enjoyed and loved them. For, I didn’t want to scare them with my preaching of “Christianity” and “Jesus” which were a taboo, but rather a soul who could just be there to share and bear their joy and sorrow. “Love” required no religion.

“Beloved” he called. “Its 2:10, the mid night too has passed. Go sleep. And we will unreveal the mystery further. I love you and fancy words I don’t have. I LOVE YOU, my beloved, for all the pain, the lashes you bore on your back through the trail and tribulations.

You have made me to undergo the deep suffering along with you. Tears flow today, my daughter. But, it was and could be only my son, who could walk this for, in faith along with me. Nobody else.” He grieved.

I said, “Father, do you know what was my biggest reward today?” “What?” he asked.

“While watching scare tactics, after being close, to being busted, the actor asks, “Are you scared?”, “NO”, replied the victim. “I am a Christian, I will go the heaven!” “That to me is a VICTORY of a strong believer in the awakening to the Lord”. I replied, “Good night and sleep well…z..z…z”

- 15 -16/07/09
- Jesus Christ

“Good morning father!” my voice strained. And my back burnt strangely. “Yo! You have hardly slept” he like always displayed his concern.

“Finishing line and especially when I know, I am closer, the climax is killing!” I knew my spirit of HOPE can never fail in his presence.

“Do you remember the land of Babylon and the story of tower of Babel?” he asked.

“Babylon, was the land of idols. India?” I asked. “Yes, let me continue and please make the notes for me. I promise to pay you a reward by the end of the day” he said. “I AM READY” I exclaimed.

This story seems to be get interesting day after day. Not that I wanted a reward, but who was complaining for the journey seemed to be a joy ride!

“NEPHILIM” my dear, had a strong presence in India. Two great epics, the ‘Ramayana’ and the ‘Mahabharata’ says it all. but, let me pick up from where we left off.

I knew, I was betrayed, the moment my sons went to the children of men and had children from them. And began the era of the dark angels, the fallen angels. And this whole world then had one language and a common speech.

Angry, you bet, I was. Open genesis 11:6

The Lord said,

“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other”.

So, the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth and they stopped building the city. That is why It is called Babel. (In Hebrew, Babel for confused), because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over The face of the whole earth.”

“Father! You wrote this even before we were born and the events occurred?” I was shocked.
“Ha! My day! Hold onto your compliments. We have some more work to do”, he continued.
Hence, this land had rich culture and yet was diverse. Though the bible was kept away from the fallen angel, Lucifer, the Godly heritage was kept alive through various means.

Non-material heritage
a. Oral tradition - stories, songs etc
b. Performing acts - Drama, music and dance
c. People’s skills - weaving, metal work, pottery etc
d. Science - medicine, maths etc
e. Traditions - clothes, food etc
f. Philosophy - the way of thinking

People knew how to read and write, so the oral tradition was very important in passing on such heritage. About 2000 years ago, a person by named, Bharata wrote “Natyashastra” (Natya means the art of acting and dancing). He put together the previous traditions in drama, music and dance. The basic tune called “Raga” was passed on through the “Guru– shishya” tradition. Guru , a teacher, had a few students, called shishya. This also, I ensured various instruments like the “mridangam, veena, tabla” kept the music alive.

NatyaShastra laid down rules for classical dance. And in ancient times, it was used to worship at temples. I had poured, my witnesses, with the spirit. And skills like weaving, masons, sculptors and painters galore.
The fabrics they created, ‘Dhaka muslins (mulmul)’, were so fine that they could pass through a ring! They also had been blessed b me in the streams of science. And “nature” sweet heart, they studied, and I, the Lord GOD, helped them to understand it.

“Ayurveda” was a system of medicine that uses herbs and other natural products, which is still used today. Even before the other parts of the world woke up, the knew about how the eclipses occurred. And “Aryabhatta” explained the movements of the earth – its revolution around the sun and its rotation on its axis.

The land of Babylon, I had preserved it to be called unique. Take this serious reality. The land I created now has 325 languages. And nobody could give right explanations. Do you now know why?” he winked.

I was motionless. A thing, the puzzle, was now falling in to complete the picture. “Sanskrit”, the mother of all languages, was more than 3000 years old as history says. Then Nephilim must have communicated the same language. And with 325 languages it had 25 scripts!

Hinduism was the oldest religion in the land. But they were differences as the “Gods” and the “idols” kept multiplying with customs differing one form the other. Buddhism, Jainism also developed in the land. Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam and the most youngest Sikhism too found its place here.

1857 - Bigger revolt of 1857, it was called.

For in the name of trade, the French and the English had suppressed the local revolts. And soon the rulers were replaced with leaders and 19th century, gave away its heritage and culture to come together. “And ensured I, the Lord “Freedom” to the land from the oppressors in the year 1947.” And the language “English” had become the official language.

“Here’s a Trivia for you, which is the book even today which is sold than any other book?” he asked. “The bible?” I knew, I was right.

Christopher Columbus had set out his voyage to India. And he found America. And here I was, on a voyage set by my father. East to west and west to east.

“Where’s my compliment?” he asked.
“So, not even the Satan could resist the daughters of men, for they were very beautiful, eh?” I winked. “Thank You! For “man” was created in the image of GOD!” he whispered. Who can beat the father’s sense of humour. He “beat” everyone for isn’t he the one, who sowed his seed in the very land of enemy? And the seed he guarded and nurtured, preparing for the battle. The faith grew strong and every battle fought, he made way for the victory. The puzzle that remained scattered and mysterious, he was brining them, all together. Surely there was no match for him. “THE KING OF THE KING’S AND THE LORD OF THE LORD’S” was my, MY, OUR FATHER!

“So, does ‘Hebrew’ chapter in bible, captures these events?” I asked. “Why don’t you check it out? You may like reading it, beloved! And I will put you to sleep for you require some good rest now”, said he.

“Why do women cry so much? I choked with his overwhelming concern and love.

“Because it’s only ‘love’ which opens the closed doors” he said. “I ...” tried I hard to find words. “I know” he answered.

“Bible and Babel” yet again, he had played around the words.

“Promise me, something will you my father?” I asked, sitting on his lap. “Am waiting to fulfill it.” He smiled.
“Don’t you allow me ever, ever, and ever, go away from YOU, your word, your presence, even in the Promised Land, when you deliver me. May there be never a day, a moment when I live, forgetting to thank you, to love you, to praise you to cry with you, to run with you, to fall with you, to rise with you, to just be with you, for I AM what I AM. May this flesh and blood, never be allowed to conquer or protest against, your heart. NEVER. Can you bless me to be like this, for eternal? I go on my knees. In my best times, let me cling on to your feet. In my best times, let me sit on your lap. For, let “I” never overtake and over ride “YOU”. Keep me humbled. Keep me rooted. Give me your bread every single day of my life. Let this bread be made available for every single child of yours. Let them never go hungry again. For, glory is your name. Let us worship you, father for YOU ARE THE GOD, LORD ALMIGHTY. Let me serve you, in every walk of my life!

“Do men cry?” he asked. “I know THE FATHER does”, I answered being touched.

“Had a good nap and finished all your chores?” he asked.
“Not really father. Wasn’t able to sleep. Something kept me awake. Intuition or prayer, I don’t know. Had food. But I think, I wanted to come back to you. I AM ADDICTED TO YOU FATHER!!” I lamented.

“Let me cheer you up then with few rapid fire questions. Let’s see, shall we?” he questioned with an everlasting cheerfulness. “I am raring to go. Bring it on” I said.

Q 1. What is the amount left in your account as on 16/07/09?

“Father, I cannot put it down here in the book!” I protested. “Rapid fige questions answers need to be immediate” he said. Not to mention, he perfected the quiz master.

ANS1: 48,106.65/-

Q 2. As on 05/07/09, the amount was 1,89,970/- of which you spent 21,500. That leaves you with 1,68,470. What did you did with the rest?

“Unbelievable Jesus Christ, giving an account of the money to HIS FATHER. Sure, this is the miracle of the universe! How much more are you going to bully me” thought I. “Great thought! Answer please” he read my thoughts. “Aww… Father. I thought I could escape from my dad but not from you my father. I should have known it!” I whined. He laughed loud. And I loved his laughter.

ANS 2: Father, 70,000/- I gave it to the King to clear his loans, so that he could receive your blessings. For I know, the rule. Clear the debts out. For you cannot serve two masters, 10,000/- I repaid the loan which I had borrowed from the King , last month. The food coupons which he provided. 10,000/- I made a charity, a tithe to the GOD TV, for I knew it was important to preach the gospel of GOD, your word. 5,000/- I gave a cheques of the long time pending loan of my gay brother, 5000/- , I repayed the loan of Peter, 500/- another small loan which I had, 700 to my maid her regular pay; this adds up to 1,01,200/- I paid my phone bills and another loan, which adds to 7,000/- that should leave me with 60,270/- saved I the regular 5,000 for my insurance. So now it stood 55,270/-. Of this spent had I on the clothes which I brought for my son, lunch with mom and niece, and couple of pizza’s and the bare minimal expense for the house to fill the
stomachs with vegetables and grains. And not once, have I gone hungry. So, the miscellaneous including the electricity, water, apartment maintenance bills, now stood at 48,106.65/-

And the last loan of 20,000 which uncle had given to me, during the Old Testament days, I wrote a mail to him, seeking his account details. But he hasn’t responded. If that happens, then …. Let me see …….

P.S( this too, I repayed before I ended the book ;-)) - Jesus Christ

“Daughter”, he interrupted, “I now want you to write down Deuteronomy 8, the selected verses, on my command. Can you open the Bible?” he asked.
“Strangely, 8 to me was the number of significance. It takes about 8 minutes for the sun’s light to reach earth. I was born on 8th September, Saint Mary’s day, directions were 8, my name had 8 letters, strange, I thought.

DO NOT FORGET THE LORD Deuteronomy 8:1-20

Be careful to follow every command I am giving you today, so that you may live and increase and may enter and possess the land that the Lord promised on oath to your forefathers. Remember how the Lord your GOD led you all the way in the desert for forefathers. Remember how the Lord your GOD led you all the way in the desert for forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither your nor your fathers had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Your clothes did not wear out and your feet did not swell during these forty years. Know then in your heart that as a man disciplines his son, so the Lord your GOD disciplines you.

Observe the commands of the Lord your GOD walking in his ways and revering him. For the Lord your GOD is bringing you into a good land- a land with streams and pools of water, with springs flowing in the valleys and hills; a land with wheat and barely, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey, a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills.

When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your GOD for the good land he has given you. Be careful that you do not forget the Lord your GOD, failing to observe his commands, his laws and his decrees that I am, giving you this day. Otherwise, when you eat and are satisfied, when you build fine houses and settle down, and when your herds and flocks grow large and your silver and gold increase and all you have is multiplied, then your heart will become proud and you will forget the Lord your GOD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. He led you through the vast and dreadful desert, the thirsty and waterless land, with its venomous snakes and scorpions. He brought you water out of hard rock. He gave you manna to eat in the desert, something your fathers had never known, to humble and to test you so that in the end it might go well with you. You may say to yourself. “My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me”. But remember the Lord your GOD, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.

If you ever forget the Lord your GOD and follow other Gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will be surely destroyed. Like the nations the Lord destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord you GOD.”

“Father”, I said. “May this apply to all the children and to Jesus too. For nobody is superior and all are equal in YOU” AMEN.

Q 3 : Ready for some bitter quotes which reflect today’s world of Christians? Who said this?

“I like Christ, but not Christians”

ANS 3: I heard that in the morning. Its mahatma Gandhi, the man who preached Non-violence.

Q 4 : Give me a suitable example to people who say, “When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.”

ANS 4: When a woman tries to seduce a man, and the man in the covenant should say, “Maam, I am sorry, but I am dead. For I am a slave in righteousness, alive in Christ but I AM DEAD in sin. J
The eyes of the Lord GOD follows you everywhere. And brothers is it not foolish to follow a mirage, looking for the water in desert, crawling in pain and misery, when the Lord, the GOD is offering you the Kingdom of heaven, where you are an ANGEL of Freedom, soaring high in the sky, blissfully and blessed eh?

“That was a perfect answer to a Perfect Question” he applauded. “My back hurts and it burns why so father?” I asked. He empathized with my pain and said he, “A little more longer, my beloved. We are almost there. Cling onto ME, YOUR FATHER.”

“Have you watched the movie ET, Extra Terrestrial?” I looked at him. “That’s where we are going to HOME!” he winked. “Give me strength and the courage Father; for I know in YOU, impossible is also possible. My heart beats in your love. When this wind shall talk about the love of yours and mine, the world and earth, the land and the sky, shall listen. Fragrances of love, shall embraces the flowers, the nectar of our love, the butterfly shall not be able to resist, every hard rock shall melt away into water, for, I walk the ramp in heaven, my fights with you break
away into laughter, “WE” are different. Who knew that the dream I dared to dream, was the dream in the reality of love, for this TIME and SPACE, but hums for Eternal..”, “I love you, my beloved!” I kissed him gently and he let a deep breath out, “It’s happened to ME, for the first time. I wrote the story and slowly I slipped in to LIVE in my OWN story of love. I marvel at my own creation today” He said, and I whispered, “Yes, for, I am made in your image”, he smiled, reaching out his hand to take me into the land, where nobody had ventured, I sang loud.

“It’s rocking ….
यारा कभी इश्क तोह करो , मरो तुम इश्क पे मरो “

‘You can see thousands of lights in the night sky. The sun is at the center of the solar system. The sun’s gravity holds planets, comets, asteroids, and all the other things in our solar system. Without the sun’s pull, these things would drift off into open space.

“How big is the sun, Father?” I asked.

“Very big and very heavy. Infact you could fit more than a million earths inside the sun” he winked.

“Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second (297,600 km per second). True, earth, the paradise, seems very big to mankind, but it is really just a tiny speck floating through space. So, space plus everything in it is called the “universe”. As calculated by one of the scientists it would take a beam of light at least 20 billion years to travel from one end to the other. The universe approximately had 125 billion galaxies. And earth, is on the spiral arms of the milky ways outer edge. Every galaxy is moving away from the Milky Way at a high speed and the farther away the galaxy, the faster it is moving away. For, if the universe were to be static any density enhancements would become unstable to gravitational collapse. And the universe would have collapsed into a giant black hole.

“What do you gather?” he asked. “Where did I leave behind my box” I winked and we laughed.

Expanding space time also explains the red shift of galaxies. Since space expands, any photons are “stretched” as they travel across the universe. If light speed is ultimate limit, the galaxy velocity must have been eventually a plateau. But recession velocity keeps increasing with distance. And beyond a certain distance, it exceeds the speed of light. Understand, then recession velocity is caused not by motion through space but then by the expansion of space. So, simply put in the graph, it looks like this.

Recession C
Velocity B

So, the actual sensation of light and therefore the visible vibrations extend from 35,184372,088832 per second (heart rays) to 1875,000000, 000000 per second, the highest recorded rays of the spectrum.

“The red light and the violet light” I enquired. “Yes, Infact in understandable scientific term, the velocity of a galaxy is measured in units of millions of par seconds. The fact that light emitted from a source is shifted in wavelength by the motion of the source.

So during the travel of light, sound waves are squished, which changes the tone. So change in frequency of sound emitted by a source moving relative to the observer. Let me
re-iterate then, the Human brain is a biological organ. In order to retain intelligent thinking, there needs to be a constant, globally available, synchronization system that continuously stabilizes the brain.

“So, how far are we away from space?” I asked. “About 60 miles (96 km) above the surface of the earth” he answered politely.

“So, the human body had a nervous system. And this system I created so that the communication mechanism could be established between the brain and the nerves. Nerves are body’s hot-lines, carrying instant messages from the brain to every organ and muscles and sending back an endless stream of data to the brain about what is going on both inside and outside the human body” he paused.

“So, my coming, sweet heart means CHANGE. And the changes will continue as long as the UNIVERSE exists. I come to give a bigger brain to my children. Not to disappoint but every soul is here for a moment captured in TIME and SPACE. And in comparison to the universal time and space, we are all here, for a very short span of time, but the evolutionary changes will become evident for ETERNAL, even after millions of years” he took a deep breath.

“That means, religions cannot lead MAN to GOD” he said.

“Does that clarify then why I constantly wrote, my word, Jesus is the only way, to GOD? And there is no other way to GOD. It is because, ONLY to YOU, have I revealed the complete truth. And truth is absolute.”

“All is ONE and ONE is ALL” I said.

He chuckled. And it was an unusually timed chuckle. “Why do you smile?” I asked. “Whose words were those?” he asked. “Lord Buddha, the enlightened one” I answered.

“What do you like in him, the most?” he asked.
“The story which I read. May I?” I questioned seeking permission from him. “Am ALL Ears for years” he chuckled.

“One day Lord Buddha was sitting alone under a tree in the forest. People from far and near came just to listen to him. One man who came there that day did not believe in what Buddha said. He was annoyed and started shouting at him, “Cheat, liar”. Buddha sat there smiling and listened silently to the man shouting. The man kept shouting… and shouting… and he got extremely angry. He soon had no words to use and was getting tired of shouting. The people present there did not like this and tired to stop him, but he did not listen to them. Buddha was still silent, the Lord. When the man stopped Lord Buddha asked him with a smile: “Have you finished?”. The man said, “You are really bad. You do not have any shame. You sat smiling even when I shouted at you and said horrible things about you”. Lord Buddha then asked lovingly: “If a person does not accept a gift, what happens to it?” the man replied: “It remains with the person who gives it”. Lord Buddha: “Son! I did not react because I did not accept the gift of bad words you gave me. You can keep them to yourself”. The man was now very sorry for what he had done. And I learnt the moral from the story as, “Do not be affected by what people say about you. Continue to do the right thing and be peaceful and happy all the time” I ended narrating the story.

“And…?” the Lord GOD leaned over. Surprised I was over his curiosity. With a twinkle and a puzzled look, I continued, “he was a King and he was a conqueror. For he conquered himself. Because, the VICTORY over one’s self is the biggest and greatest of all victories. And a King who renounced the world, to lead an ascetic’s life. Light house he was. For light houses have two functions;
a). To warn of danger
b). To guide ships into harbours.

Destiny and deed, he defined. GOD has already decided destiny, but deed is done by HUMAN BEINGS. Destiny could be altered by deeds. And deed cannot be altered by destiny.

He reached out to different groups of people. The army, the band, the cabal, the caravan, the cast, the chair, the glass, the crowd, the folk, the gang, the guild, the huddle, the mob, the orchestra, the procession, the retinue, the staff, the team, the throng, the troop, and the troupe.” I took a deep breath.

I saw from far the sun began to sink slowly in the sky. Gradually, it became dark and silent. And I recited the poem of Tagore.
Where the mind is without Fear,
And the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been
Broken up into fragments by
Narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from
The depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches
Its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason
Has not lost its way into the dreary
Desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is lead forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my father,
Let MY county awake.”

- Rabindranath Tagore –

“Did you even know the mystic aura of the land you were born in?” he asked.

Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem
Kannada poem kannada poem

“This is the country, the citizen I am father. For it’s not just the country but the Kingdom of GOD which we learnt to boast about! Am sorry, I may not be able to translate that in English for it may take away the flavour of Hebrew” I smiled.

“Many constellations were named before 2000 B.C.E by Babylonian astronomers. It was only later that ancient Greeks added more constellations around 150 C.E. he spoke, “The moon does not have any light of its own. It reflects light from the sun like a mirror reflects light”. He continued.

“The moon was once a part of Earth. But a rock from space separated Earth from Moon. Hot lava gushed out of volcanoes on the Moon. It cooled and became hard. During its trip, different parts of the moon reflect sunlight toward earth that is why the moon seems to change shape. And when the sun shines on the whole side of the moon, that faces earth, and then we see a FULL MOON. Did you get that Poornima?” he asked and waited for my expression.

I looked at HIM. In disbelief. My veil that I held. Shielding away my identity like a veiled Rebecca, that was taken away. I continued to look at him with my jaws dropped, eyes wide opened and wondering, the reason, to have mentioned my Hebrew name? Wasn’t I happy being called Jesus Christ? I didn’t complain. I was happy being accepted somewhere, than being stoned here, in my own country.

“Sometimes we see only a quarter of the Moon. Other times, we see just a tiny silver called crescent. And sometimes we see no moon at all” he continued not answering my bewilderment.

“Let me tell you another folklore of the land, you reside in off key, it may sound but just keep walking with me, okay?” he smiled. I nodded.

“The seed of an empire was sown in a dynasty called Vijaynagar in 1336 AD- 1565 AD. The typical modern history of Hampi; evolved from Pampa, was the daughter of Brahma, the creator GOD. She was a devoted worshipper of Shiva, the GOD of destruction impressed by her dedication Shiva offered her a boon and she opted to marry him! The place thus became PAMPAKSHETRA (land of Pampa) and Shiva as PAMPAPATHI (consort of Pampa). The local two chieftains, during a hunting expedition had seen an unusual sight. A hare chased by the hound suddenly turned courageous and started chasing the hound. And hence, the preacher, the teacher had called this place special and asked them to establish the capital at the very same place. And that how the seed was sown. And this place, even today has monuments and beautiful temples, where history often gives way to folklore and then to mythology, and seamlessly they blend together” he smiled with yet again looking at my expression.

I had nullified ability to express now. But with his academic training and explanations, by now I knew, I had to wait for the logical, scientific, satisfying and amazingly lucid answers to the jig-jaw puzzle he laid out in front of me.

“Beloved, go to sleep now, for the lengthy story will be unfolded to you in the morning. Enjoying your journey?” he asked.

“Who can understand you, beloved? For YOU are my Hero. Thank you, for being the wind beneath my wings. The supreme GOD you are. And I cannot wait to meet you, as WHOLE as far as my understanding CAN contain YOU. For my beloved you are indeed the Alpha, the Omega, and beyond and beyond and beyond and …z….z….z…”
( I acted snoozing away for I simply could not praise him anymore and handle the facts anymore) I confessed. Roared HE with MIGHTY LAUGHTER!!

- 2.10am 16 -17/ 07/09 –
- Jesus Christ -

“Hi father!” I greeted. And there was silence. And I understood his silence. He waited for my silent tears to burst out. “How could you?” I choked. Tears and drops of them all around left its pain and agony. “Why?” I sat for a long time unmoved when the dawn came in. 12 years, I had roamed. “Everything you knew, My journey, My pains, My flaws, My tears. And you gave me away for the world of vultures, to eat my flesh and shed my blood, knowing that I was yours, Your beloved, Your wife, Your son, Your daughter, Your seed. Devoured sin and sucked my blood, had every man. And what do I tell? What do I write? Understanding that I was sent for this very purpose to complete, knowing that this was the only way to end sun, on the planet, and beyond everything, the ‘love’ which had a history even before mankind was born, ‘you’ had sacrificed that very LOVE, to save mankind from being doomed….” I cried. I was in anguish. I wanted to burn, to be burnt away in ashes, I wanted this LIFE to end, for at least then, I could go back to my beloved and be with him for eternal. If it’s my blood, that saves the mankind from sinning further, and cover the shame of every sinner, may be it so. “But, please do this for me, my beloved, don’t you resurrect me. For, I don’t want to live anymore” I spoke with never ending agony.

“What kind of a love have you written? Having me go to everyman, and being stoned and being branded while you are burning and crying in helplessness in agony, waiting for me to complete all the written prophesy in your book, only, to push me into the deeper pain of this woman, me in you and you in me, bearing each other’s tears and profusely bleeding to the complete the very last act to save our children”…. I stopped writing any further. Yes, I knew, by now all the seeds scattered, every child of ours has been saved. The Satan and his spell had been removed. And the children and their further generations have already been released from the chains of the Lucifer. My only humble request to my children, now that you have been saved, and have been reborn don’t put us to anymore shame. For love is not a “take away” parcel but a gift to unlock your destiny, your dreams, your desires of goodness. Having this key now, do not be tempted anymore. Walk in pride of righteousness, compassion, serving every step your father in every walk of your life. Nay the blessings of the Lord GOD Almighty, always guide you in your prayers, every single day. May the bread always full your barns in abundance.

“Beloved!” he spoke through the Holy Spirit. “I am very upset with you, VERY. You have hurt me today. Don’t talk to me. May this silence consume me in my grief” I told HIM.

“Judas Iscariot” the spirit who handed over Jesus to his persecutors. “Judas” was the last disciple, the word, who betrayed Jesus. And allow me father to complete this word too.. my fault father. I could not belong to either of the three men, in my life. Doused had I my spirit in the name of vengeance and pain. Decided had I to destruct this very flesh, for the vultures. Forgive all the three father for they knew not to complete truth. May their life be blessed in abundance of joy and happiness, and may the rewards of salvation be onto their life. Everybody had a role to play to complete the story. I lay my soul onto your feet, father. And accept this soul as an offering on behalf of this planet.

Let me know, any further blemish any further sin remains, so that I can offer my back to be lashed further and the sin maybe removed form the soul in the platter offered onto you. But, may forgiveness and mercy be there for eternal on your children. Hold not my betrayal, beloved, against our children. My sins and their sins are consumed in me. And its every transgression have I served onto your foot stool. Who can bear your judgment? Who can bear your love? Who can bear your sadness? Who can bear your anguish? Who can bear your innocence? Who can bear your truth? Who can bear your mercy? Who can bear your purity? Who can bear your wrath? Who can bear your destruction? Who can bear your wisdom? Who can bear your light? Who can bear your grace? Who can bear your passion? Who can bear your search? Who can bear your perfection? Who can bear your iron hand? Who can bear your diviness? Who can bear your intelligence? Who can bear your romance? Who can bear your kindness? Who can bear your laughter? Who can bear your politeness? Who can bear your words? Who can bear your tranquility? Who can love you as much as I do?” I paused.

I re-read the last question once more. “Who can love you as much as I do?” “Why do you do this? Why ME?” yet again I asked. My lips had dried. My tears no more flowed. The thorns pierced my back. My womb carried no more sensation of pain. My every beat of the faint hear, echoed in my ears. Death was closing in and I knew. “Before this life passes away, answer is what will comfort this soul, my love. Your word”.

- 18/07/09 5.25 morning –

ಈಶಾನಾ ಸರ್ವ ಭೂತಾನಾಂ
ಈಶ್ವರ ಸರ್ವ ವಿಧ್ಯಾನಂ
ಭ್ರಾಂಹಾದಿಪತಿ ಭ್ರಾಂಹಣೂಧಿಪತಿ
ಭ್ರಾಂಹಾ ಶಿವೂಮೆ ಅಸ್ತುಸಧಾ

Isha is present in every atom
Isha is knowledge
The King of the King’s, the Lord of the Lords
The creator GOD, Isha is eternal.

7, the heavenly number. And today’s date 18/07/09. Three more days for the solar eclipse, the coming of the Lord.

“Enter 999999 into your calculator, and then divide it by 7. The number you get is a mysterious number. Randomly pick a number from 1 to 6 and multiply the result by the mysterious number. Arrange the digits of the product from lowest to highest ,from left to right to form a six digit number. What is the number?” he asked. And I was amazed with the answer I got each time.
“This is the land, you come from. The land which gave a “0”. Everything I nullified here”, he pronounced.
“Shall we play around with numbers a little more?” He looked at me. “You are the most interesting person I have ever met other than the King ” I smiled. “You love the King , beyond realms, don’t you?” he winked. “Yes father, for in him, I see you” I answered.

“V+A+G+E+E+S+H, MEANS Isha,
the GOD of destruction, the synonym for the Lord Shiva” he winked.
“And not to mention has exactly “7” letters, the heavenly number” he continued. I remained silent. Tranquility had set in by now. For, I had been to the beginning, and had now a task to complete. “Salvation” was I pull out from the well and pour it across the streets for Eternal.

I took a deep breath. Land of revolt 1857; got the independence 1947, I was born in 1977 and here we were 2009.
“Open Daniel 9:24” he said and could you please write it down. I smiled.

“Seventy sevens are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression to put an end to sin, to alone for wicked ness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision, and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.”

Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the anointed one, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty two ‘sevens’. It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After the sixty two ‘sevens’, the anointed one will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood; war will continue until the end and desolations have been decreed. He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven;. In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him (it).

- “i– or week”

“How was your Sabbath?” he smiled. “Have you heard of a King named ‘Bhageerata?”
The King who walked up to the mountain and had prayed for several years, to invite water onto his land, for, he wanted the water to flow down the land of his generations who had transgressed the land with sins?” I looked at him my eyes wide open and asking the question. “My, my, Impressive historical knowledge” he complimented. “All credit to YOU, father. For nothing is mine” I said

“Why does enlightenment come with suffering?” I asked. “To remain sinless a Man must walk this far. And must he wage war with his ‘self’ in the three realms. Spiritual, Physical and Natural. And unlike the limited view of humans, the war is waged at a higher level. Its holy war, for the war lies in the heavenly bodies” he answered.

“Is war ever Holy?” I sighed. “Never and that is why I come. To re-create everything. For transgressed has the sins on the land to the epitome. And here I come to establish my
Kingdom, to clean the unclean land. Only then, will I pour my new wine into the new bottle”. He answered.

“Did not I tell you, I AM WHAT I AM. All is ONE is ONE is all. I AM the same GOD, in the beginning the end and for eternal!” he pronounced.

That’s the third time you say, “All is One and One is All. What is the mystery of Lord Buddha?” I asked inquisitively

- Hebrews 5:8

Although he was a son, he learned obedience form what he suffered (gone into heaven) and once made perfect he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him and was designated by GOD to be high priest in the order of Melchizedek.

- Genesis 14 :18

Then Melchizedek King of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of GOD most high and he blessed Abram, saying,

“Blessed be Abram by GOD Most high,
Creator of heaven and earth.
And blessed be GOD most high,
Who delivered your enemies into your hand”.

“Melchizedek was the priest and the King . And that’s why the day “BUDDHA POORNIMA” the Lord GOD Almighty confirmed.” Who Am I? “ I asked my father.

“The mightiest among the birds is the eagle.
The mightiest among the domestic animals is the bull.
The mightiest among the wild beast is the lion.
And the mightiest of all is man.” He declared.

“Who is then the prince?” I asked my father.
“A+B+H+I+N+A+V” = 7 is the name.
“Abhi” in Hebrew means Always. “Nav” means New.

1Samuel 1 :20

So in the course of time Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel, saying, “Because I asked the Lord for him”
1Samuel 1 :28

“So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord”.

“Who is then the King ?” I asked my father.

“V+A+G+E+E+S+H” = 7 is the name.
“vaak” in Hebrew means tongue, word “Eesh” means GOD.

1Samuel 16:23

“When ever the spirit from GOD came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul. He would feel better and the evil spirit would leave him”

“And Saul was jealous of David, why?” I asked my father.
“Because of his laying the eyes of women, for, David had the sin of pornography”… father looked at me.
“And Saul was the one who gave approval to the stoning of Stephen, for, Stephen directly confronted the words and spoke against Moses and against GOD? And Saul was later called Paul ?” I looked at my father in disbelief.

“And this is why Paul remained in chains is it?” I asked him. “Not anymore!” and Paul was now released for the job given to him was now completed.

“Father, what story do you weave? Truly, there has never been and never will, be anybody who can exalt himself bigger than YOU. The Lord, the GOD, the Almighty” and I fell on my knees. Father at every passing step, I realize the LIFE, which I distorted and now as every puzzle falls into the picture, the repentance increases my burden. How then the mankind, our children will bear this, Father? My beloved, let me also be a true son to you, at least now, can I ensure that my children would not undergo the same burden? Let not my enemies also undergo the journey I tread. For, you are light and you are joy. You are love and you are ‘funny’, how and why then should our children miss out on who you really are?

Would not every parent want their child to remain happy and peaceful? For this is the land we stay for a time and space, short in the vast realm of your creation.
“Beloved, nobody dared to come near you, and go back. And having come this far, I wouldn’t go without YOU. Come, father, come beloved, come my love for your children are not orphans, as the enemy claim. They have a shelter, a saviour, a friend, a guardian, and above all, a father. Why then do you delay your coming. Is there something more due, from my end. Have the wrinkles blocked out in laying the carpet for your coming father? Allow me then to iron it so that this soul will just reflect as to who you are without a crease? I pleaded.

“I am pleased with you sweet heart. Ask?” he said.

“So, did David really mean it when he pleaded that after he met me and fell in love, he doesn’t look at any other WOMAN with intentions and that, his eyes were pure?” I narrowed down my brows…. He laughed out loud. “WOMEN!” he threw up his hands in air.

“I am ready with bible opened” I looked at him. “Your antics, this is why I love you. Go to songs of songs and the heavenly number. And write down the entire 9 verse. For with love, it takes control of your life and like a gigantic fire, it cannot be doused. Love! You both have learnt to treat with great caution and respect. This is how beautiful you look in his eyes” the said.

Song of songs 7 :1 -9

How beautiful your sandaled feet
O prince’s daughter!
Your graceful legs are like jewels,
The work of a craftsman’s hands.
Your navel is a rounded goblet
That never lacks blended wine.
Your waist is a mound of wheat
Encircled by lilies.
Your breasts are like two fawns,
Twins of a gazelles.
Your neck is like an ivory tower.
Your eyes are the pools of Heshbon
By the gate of Bath Rabbim.
Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon
Looking toward Damascus.
Your head crowns you like Mount Carmel.
Your hair is like royal tapestry;
The King is held captive by its tresses.
How beautiful you are and how pleasing,
O love, with your delights!
Your stature is like that of the palm,
And you breasts like clusters of fruit.
I said, “I will climb the palm tree;
I will take hold of its fruit.”
May your breasts be like the clusters of the vine,
The fragrance of your breath like apples,
And your mouth like the best wine.

“Now, that you are blushing a little, let me change the colour to deep shyness” he smiled.

“If only you were to me like a brother,
Who was nursed at my mother’s breasts!
Then, if I found you outside,
I would kiss you,
And no one would despise me.
I would lead you
And bring you to my mother’s house
She who has taught me.
I would give you spiced wine to drink,
The nectar of my pomegranates.
His left arm is under my head
And his night arm embraces me.
Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you;
Do not arouse or awaken love
Until it so desires.

You are beautiful, my darling as Tirzah,
Lovely as Jerusalem,
Majestic as troops with banners” he looked at me.

“And you are so romantic too. David just played with his play station, television, cars, bikes, guns, basket ball, cricket, cards with me. True that gave, me relief. Oh! Father, “We are Family”… and I jiggled and wiggled! MEN!” I nodded my head.

I looked at you, you looked at me,

और होगई मुश्किल

and you became my destiny

तू ही मेरी मंजिल ,
दस बहाने करके ले गए दिल

I sang.

“You are just like me, dance, music, arts, literature, entertainment in its purest form” he said. “For I know, you work in one of the soul. Every ‘body’ has a story!” I winked.

“Everything around father, you have created nature so well synchronized. Fruits and vegetables, flowers and food…. FOOD?” “Oh! That’s so not rhymed,” I thought. Just then, he said, “For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness, and to goodness, knowledge and to knowledge, self control; and to self control, perseverance; and to perseverance, Godliness; and to Godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For it you possess these qualities in increasing measure they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge. Therefore, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sue. If you do this, “VICTORY” is always “YOURS”. Everybody is WELCOME. For, you don’t have to pay and price for your past sins to be cleansed, call me and I WILL HEAR YOU and DELIVER YOU, as long as you want as many times you want, for “ANYTHING” and “EVERYTHING”.

Your faith as small as a mustard seed, is enough to reach me. Even if you sneeze in my name, its enough to reach me. But call me, for I want YOU to be saved for you are My children, and beyond everything, I LOVE MY CHILDREN. They belong to me!” he said.

“Put in an effort to try being spotless and blameless. And your minute effort, I will reward. Your obesity, your fight with disease, losing loved ones, accidents and having lost organs, your inabilities, your struggles, your poverty, your speech, your addictions, your corruption, your accusations, your greed, your wickedness, your sufferings, your resistance, your immoral living, everything I understand and I KNOW. I am here to be with you. CLAIM ME and drive the darkness out. For when light shines, how can there be darkness ?
Day and night do not meet. But are parallel. You know the road to be taken because YOU ARE STRONG, you overcome the evil” he paused.

“Father I pray that every soul is saved. For devil’s work in Gnostics, with a seed of doubt, will be ready to sow”, I warned.

“The reason I send you along with your work is to destroy the devils work. Get this message LOUD and CLEAR. FOR ONCE and FOR ALL. No one born of GOD will continue to sin, because GOD’s seed remains in him. Read through the book of living GOD and you have SIN clearly identified at every stage. And if people after reading this shall say, “Jesus is a phantom, Jesus drank and let me drink crate full, Jesus had weed and lets drown, Jesus committed adultery and let me do, Jesus exists only inspirits and not in physical, Jesus was super intelligent and hence you cant, Jesus shed blood and so should we, Jesus sacrificed food to idols and so we should, Jesus kept on praying and so we should, Jesus hated his brother and so we should, Jesus is an angel so let me sin, Jesus loved food and so let me eat like a horse”, then my children should know who the children of the devil are. Those who obey his commands live in him, and he in them. My children, you are coming form death to life. For man cannot find a solution to his problems.

And, that is why the world you live in today is plunged in darkness. Understand, I designed the plot and had my son to start from the place, where the world is today. And to reach out the message to the world, Jesus had to be just like the world, sinful, boisterous, egoistic, hypocritical, bragging, judgmental, and just like you, caught between RIGHT and WRONG. And that is why the story, the testimony the intervention of GOD, the transformation, the implementation and then the deliverance. I hope not to bore with my words, but rather warn you with my words against the evil. For, “live as you please” in my works. Hear the ‘thunder’ and listen to obey my words, see the ‘lightning’ and see me in you, feel the ‘heat’ and identify my emotions to touch your heart, smell the ‘fire’ and breathe the flames of my word, taste and test the ‘honey’ and quench will I your thirst. These are the last hours and I thump my IRON HAND, before I wage the war, may the conch be blown, for the harvest of the earth is ripe, take your sickle my children and gather the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine, because its grapes are ripe” he announced with a roar that shook the heaven and the earth, and the soldiers aligned themselves in oceans, their feet thundered with the alignment and synchronization, their weapons of righteousness and truth, Integrity and discipline, passion and love and their ears alert on the command, their heart as strong as the LORD ALMIGHTY, his spirit outpouring in the spirits, awaiting to shout for the battle cry to rip apart eh enemy and quench their thirst with his destruction on every single obstacle.

Jesus Christ, the son of the Lord GOD Almighty blew the conch and its sound broke the barrier of darkness making way for the Lord’s coming. Announced he with all his might, heard as the Alpha, and the Omega, the Exodus and beyond, sea of glass mixed with fire, standing beside the sea and pronounced,

“Great and marvelous are your deeds,
Lord GOD Almighty.
Just and true are your ways,
King of the ages.
Who will fear you not, O Lord,
And bring glory to your name?
For you alone are holy.
All nations will come
And worship before you
For you righteous acts have been revealed.”

The GOD’s temple in heaven was opened and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earth quake and a great hailstorm.
“Go forward my son and reveal the revelation given to YOU, by the Lord GOD, the Alpha, the Omega for I AM THE ALMIGHTY and THE KING DOM OF MINE I CONQUER” he thumped with his IRON HAND, the might deafening the UNIVERSE!!”
Jesus was given the two wings of a great Eagle, and saw the beast, the serpent standing on the shore of the sea.

Jesus announced before he began to unreveal,
“He who has an ear, let him hear.
If anyone is to go into captivity,
Into captivity he will go.
If anyone is to be killed with the sword,
With the sword he will be killed.

I request my saints to hear my calling. “Patient endurance and faithfulness” is the need of the hour.

- 12.00 18-19/07/09

1. The mark of the Beast 666 unrevealed.

Sunday- -ರವಿವಾರ - Apollo (sun)
Monday - -ಸೋಮವಾರ - Mercury
Tuesday - -ಮಂಗಳವಾರ - Mars
Wednesday - ಬುಧವಾರ - Venus
Thursday - ಗುರುವಾರ - Jupiter
Friday - ಶುಕ್ರವಾರ - Uranus
Saturday - ಶನಿವಾರ - Saturn

Days of the week - Days of the week - Days named after the
In English in Hebrew celestial bodies

è APOLLO - A +P+O+L+L+O = 6
URANUS - U=R+A+N+U+S = 6
SATRUN - S+A+T+R+U+N = 6

The 666 the number of the beast.

The beast forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or an his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Jesus says , “The fallen angel is a fallen star, a star on the line of Apollo which signals the ruining of the subjects reputation.” The area of the great Triangle holds the mystery in the palm. On the plain of mars, the Hindu palmists have assigned “Rahu” and “Ketu”, the line of heart and the line of head. “The Church” and “The Government”. The line of Apollo is line of fate naught it becomes for the second line of “fate” cannot run parallel to the line of fate.

Anyone who worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand will drink the wine of GOD’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. There is no rest, day or night for the spirits for he will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the son, Jesus. The smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever.

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey GOD’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.

Jesus takes a deep breath, “He remains in the roots. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. They will rest from their labour, for their deeds will follow them, children of GOD, stay away and allow the fury of the soldiers to consume them”.

2. Jesus saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs;
a. They came out of the mouth of the dragon
b. They came out of the mouth of the beast.
c. They came out of the mouth of the false prophet.

They are the spirits of demons performing miraculous signs. Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed.

Jesus announced once more, gather together, Oh! Soldiers of the Lord, the GOD, the Almighty, the conqueror for the heaven and the earth, the beginning and the end, for MARCH AHEAD to the place for the battle of Armageddon, the “KURUKSHETRA” in Hebrew as is called. The final struggle between the good and evil.

This has been the beginning of the evil and this will be the end of the evil for ETERNAL.

Is it no the Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes, she gave herself much glory and rich living. She says to herself;

I am a queen sitting on my throne.
I am not a widow.
I will never be sad.

Jesus said: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman, the mystery which has awaited long to be revealed”. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also 7 King’s. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while.

7 days in the week. 7 celestial bodies.
Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus have fallen.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday have passed and completed.

Saturday is today. Saturn is today in the war. Apollo, the sun GOD, has not yet come. The Sunday must remain for a little while.

Uranus is a beautiful blue-green colour all over. Don’t be deceived, for the beast lies deep in the sea of the blue-green. This planet travels on its side, for its axis is horizontal, not the upright like that of the rest of the planets.

Saturn is best known for its colourful rings. Holds the beast the ring in its hands of many with pride of gift, which is not his. Forgotten he has “WHO HE IS” rather he tried to exalt himself mighty folds, passing on his counterfeit Kingdom in the name of GOD. This planet has one moon, called Mimas, the giant crater which is a death star, in the wars of the stars. Roared this planet the wind more than ten times worse than a hurricane, but forgot the planet it was only second to largest planet Jupiter in the system.

Unusual behaviour shall Apollo display at the time set, about 2,000 kms to the outer edges, the temperature shoots up to 2 million degrees. The heat and light made by the sun travel through space in all directions.

The women in idols, dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. Drunk has she been with the blood of the saints, the BLOOD OF THOSE WHO BORE TESTIMONY TO JESUS.

I, Jesus, call out to my saints,
“Come out of her, my people.
So that you will not share in her sins,
So that you will not receive any of her plagues;
For her sins are piled up to heaven,
And GOD , the Lord, knows her crimes.

My soldiers, march ahead and consume her in fury,
Give back to her as she has given;
Pay her back double for what she has done
Mix her a double portion from her own cup.
The fruit she longs for, bodies and souls of men,
Consume her by fury of fige of plagues of
Death, mourning and famine.
Ruin her with such violence to throw dust
On her riches and splendor, that
Never the harpists, flute players and trumpeters
Play music in her name.
No workman of any trade will ever be found
In her again.
The sound of a millstone never will be heard
In her again.
The light of a lamp never will shine in
Her name.
The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be
Heard in her again,
Merchants of hers were led astray in her magic spell,
Suck the blood of her for every prophet and the
Saints, who have been killed by her.

The wife of Pampapati, blows the conch with her mighty strength, for the destruction to make its way blocking the Apollo, from which she gathers her strength. Break shall I your bones, and burn them in fire, to melt them away in ashes, which I shall smear on my body to douse this ANGER. No one shall ever, raise her head, in prostitution and lust, seeking power and evil.
It is I, the wife of my beloved who blows the conch. At the right time, you wait to consume my children, destruction in your plans I bring.

- 19/07/09 Sunday

Sunday must remain for a little while. So, I chose to take another look at our own church with a microscope. “JESUS” never traveled 60kms outside his house during this project, never addressed masses of ocean multitude, within the constrained limits she was able to find her Lord, have you ever wondered why?

“Astronomers and scientists radically changed the world we lived in the last few centuries, why? Artists and literary giants left their works for the world to appreciate and savour even after they were gone. Why? Business men and politicians established their statures on the journey from where they started to the pinnacle they reached, even after they retired, why? Musicians and dancers had their legacy continuing, through their disciple’s, even after they gave their best performances, why?

Philosophers and practioners, started all alone but revolutionized the world with their works, why? Preachers and teachers made the most impact to the society they lived in for the generation next to carry forward the foundation set by them, why? Countries and written off by the other after wars were the giants in economy, today, highly stabilized why? Archeologists and nature lovers, gave the world to see and know the unknown, though their names we forgot, why? Prophets and astrologers always tickled the sensation of the world’s brain, why? Law abiders and law binders were always transformers of the society they lived in, why? Farmers and merchants always defined the prosperity of a Kingdom, why? Inventors and discoverers kept the world moving forward, why? Clothes and cosmetics always used by women kept attracting her husband , why? Heroism and romance in a man always made his wife go weak in her knees, why? Knowledge, wisdom and freedom, liberty always went hand in glove, why? Charity and provision were always balanced on a scale of judgment, why? Talk and walk, were always the power of GOD, why? Faith and salvation were the begin and end of the revival, why? Silence and peace, were always the deep joy and happiness in the hours of solitude, why? Concerts and feasts were always the jubilation and celebration of victory and achievements, why? Stories and fairies were always the miracles of dreams and desires hidden away in every heart, why? Food and games always excited the adrenaline of man giving him strength for every challenge, why? Wine and Sabbath rested every man’s body mind and soul, why? Family and friends were man’s closest identity of his own being success and recognition, why? Prayer and wealth made a man’s character of his obedience and submission to GOD why? Breathe of man and blessings of GOD were entwined in spirit and physical why? Animals and fowls, creepy and crawly were given to the dominion of the guardian, the homo sapiens, why? Land, water, sky were his boundaries of reign, why?” I wondered

“My dear daughter” my Lord spoke. “Let me help you find the path, the answer, as to why any of them haven’t made this for, expect you, the name “JESUS” alive for 2000 years and beyond” he comforted.

“But before that, could you help me complete all the cycle of the people which you mentioned in the earlier chapters?” he asked. “Sure father” I answered in humility. “My neighbour, who had cancer, finished her last round of chemotherapy. Painful it was, but she is saved” I let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you father” I said.

“The friend of mine, who was caught up in a frenzy of her sister’s case, parents and husband, finally found her true self, her strong identity. She now is doing and growing in her career. And on her way she is to counsel her sister too”, “Thank you father”, I sighed relief. “The ex-husband and his wife are now together with the son of hers being accepted by the ex-husband and I am happy for all those rebukes in the Old Testament.” “Thank you father”, I sighed relief. “And the friends of King’s, whom I rebuked and have given your testimony and one of them, was saved, because he accepted the word. Thank you father” I sighed relief. “Your signals, passes through waves, and multitudes are healed, blessed and rebuked, as and when, I sit in front of the Television, when I pray and worship, when I call out your name, thank you father and to all of my angels in the church and to all those children of GOD, who work, worship, pray and live on your word, day and night. Love to them and your word of power, the awakening is burning in the revival of fire. Here’s a pictorial representation of it

The power of the seed in you – Picture attached

“Jesus, my son, this was your project the 12 disciples in the land of enemy, the Babylon, my land, you were supposed to give testimony and train them. Book of my word, you were supposed to write. Walk the talk, learning and implementing, you were supposed to do, sinless soul and an offering you were supposed to make like a lamb shedding blood to cleanse this planet, this land of mine for my coming. Faith is what I sought from you, to seek me deep. Holy royal priest is what I wanted, to call me and pray and to worship me. A daughter to love her father is what I wanted. A friend to laugh with is what I sought. The quest to find ‘GOD’ is what I looked for. The humility to serve me is what I searched for. The heart to ask me is what I desired for. Undeterred love, in all the realms of spiritual, natural, physical, the purity is what I come for, is what I commend. And undying nerve of steel, despite failure after failure, and sacrificing the last flesh, to the mankind, beyond self, is why you receive my blessing to sit on my lap, to be worthy as being called the “SON of GOD”, JESUS CHRIST, the Messiah and the King , the lamb and my beloved” he pronounced.

“Let’s move one step further towards completion, which we began. Who were the other two, your favourites and mine too, in the list of disciples you made?” he asked.

“Hey you have included me in your disciple list, haven’t you?” I asked. He roared with laughter and nodded his head in approval.

“Alright then, my favourites and the last two are the maid, whom I love in all my might of compassion and respect, and the kind, whom I choose to be with the rest of my life, happily married to.” I beamed with joy and contentment.

“Strange and unusual. The King , at the highest level and the maid at the lowest in the man’s world. And you bring them all together in one plane along with yours why so, my daughter” he locked his brow and I knew he wanted me to testify my stance for this.

“Dear father, kindly give me strength to collect my thoughts today, for your daughter is tired and hurt being so close yet so far to these two disciples of yours. I wish, there would have been, atleast a single person, with who, I could have shared the ‘complete truth’.

But nobody wanted to walk, for the obstacles were many. However your great command still stands. They all have heard your word, in the form they could comprehend. ‘Simple and Approachable’ for my maid and ‘Complex and mighty’ for the King .” I took a deep breath. “I love you father’, I succumbed. “Don’t” he said. “It is for these very few hours at the pinnacle, I chose you to be MINE” he comforted.

“Fortunately father, from January 01, 09, when I met you to the date, July 19, 09, they were the only two who loved me and have not alienated me, with their judgements. True, they had their own opinions about “GOD” but they held me not in their confined thinking , but had faith that there was” an unknown GOD “speaking to them” I chuckled.

“My maid was half the while, puzzled as to what was happening to me. Even when I told her, that I was Jesus and had signed a house for her in far off Goa, and told her that she shall have a property there, on a visiting card of one of the resorts, as bizarre the act was, but she valued my thought of sharing my inheritance with her. Continued she serving me, by promptly doing her work of mopping the house and washing utensils and humbly accepted the offering of my food and joy and pain with her. Accepted she not “JESUS”, but heard she “JESUS” on television, screaming loud by the pastors! The doors were shut by her, but her serving wasn’t. And this why I love her father. “I don’t hold her looking down upon me as insane at times, but I appreciate her for the faith which she saw in me over a period of time. Started she putting flowers to the other houses, upholding my word, in your name. I prayed for her prosperity and she moved in to a new house, breaking away the satanic forces of her old house. Her daughter was sent to school, promptly on my advice and helped I with the fees. With love and respect she always prayed good. Steal did not she, lazy want she, rather her loyalty and promptness, she displayed deligently in your temple, day after day. Shared she her stories of old and young and I was glad, I could be apart in her life, by listening and empathizing and advising her. Sipping tea together we have shared our toughest moments of loneliness and pain together. And this is why she makes it to the top. Her heart of innocence father” I said.

“You make ME proud daughter. That was indeed a wonderful testimony and the RIGHT way of acceptance for my soul is she too” he paused.

“Its 2:15, wee hours. We are moving into the last few days of completion. And I want you to be fresh and joyful for you, to, give the testimony of your most loved one, the King ” he said and smiled.

“I love you father. Where else, will a daughter feel comfortable?” I asked.” I know and that is why I love you too!” he comforted.

- Jesus 19- 20/07/09

- 20/07/09

“Dear father, thank you for making THE WAY” I said. “Is the WELCOME sign put appropriate, my daughter?” he winked. “Oh! Father” I jumped and hugged him hard for in every step, he had walked along with me, clearing my way, loving me infinite. And I hugged him for a long time. For, this soul felt extremely peaceful doing his work, living in his name.

“Let’s nail down the 14th reference, Ms.Erin Brokovich” he teased.

“Aye, aye, sir” I saluted. He laughed. “Go ahead”. “The final burning crisis of the economy collapse on the blessing of GOD, its man trying to meet his own needs. The word of GOD clearly emphasizes on the Free market system.

So, focusing on America, many executives seem to believe that the key to competitive success is just getting government out of the way – lower taxation, less regulation and bureaucratic red tape, in other word, letting businesses build their business.

Executive time is spent on share price and investor relations issues. Hours are spent price and investor expectations so that firms can meet or exceed them. If you believe the modern finance theory, there is a clear absence of stability. Look deep. Isn’t there a measurement error? Measures of anything from simple to complex, say, length, weight, capacity or distance have a standard measurement.

Another hurdle is as follows. Its great to have the responsibility matrix and communication matrix as the purpose statements to complete administrative close out however all paper work, making meetings to work, planning scheduling, controlling, aiming at quantum leaps in speed, efficiency, and quality fails miserably when there is lack of application of appreciation of a system. “Pay” is supposed to motivate behaviour. But, clearly, the higher wages decrease turn over in both unionized and non union settings demonstrating the negative relationship between relative wages and quit rates. Experience, skill, tacit knowledge is increasingly replaced by a competitive strategy on the basis of innovation, productivity and brain power.
Consider the simple example, about gold analogy: You won’t improve your game by focusing on “managing” your score. But make the effort to improve things that affect golf drives – shoulder rotation, grip pressure, weight shift and the score will take care of itself. Stop picking employees pockets with high taxes and regulations isolating and ostracizing them form acquiring a better understanding of the collective output where each soul lead themselves to make the sustained effort, with decision making responsibility in their hands by engaging them and essentially providing a space the modesty of managing their own expertise, welfare and creative work style.

Reflect the real economic performance thought the processes that produce competitive success and not obsess about a measure, the stock price, which is neither reliable nor valid.

And who says you cannot dare to be different and be competitive in the true spirits…? Just then, “Beep, Beep, Abhinav, got a prize which he had participated in the school. First time, he based his faith in Abba and he delivered” I screamed jumping with joy and excitement. “Thank you Abba” I said. “Have we then set the ‘welcome’ sign appropriate?” he winked. “Love you father. True, faith in you, deliverance is bound to come!” and I kissed him with tight hug. And he warmed my heart of joy.

“So its actually a simple solutions to the complex economy structure of man”, I murmured.

1963 - The court removed all the monitory standards.
And started printing money replacing the fixed standard of gold and silver.

So, the ‘paper’ had just a psychological value rather than looking at it as fixed commodity. A standard measurement of money, across the planet, would resolve the crisis in the Kingdom. Prosperity of balance will be acquired when the world is looked as WHOLE and ONE.
No one can serve two masters. Either he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both GOD and Money. “Money” is a medium, which GOD shall provide, according to the measure of faith and work. Don’t store up your money to rust, rather put it work like the father had taught me, and you will then witness abundance in hundred folds. “My dear friend ‘Luke’ had described the affection and afflictions of money very well in his verses”, thought I.

Just then, Lord GOD Almighty spoke. “Could you quickly now draw the pictorial representation of how I had defined salvation in the Old Testament?” “But, this time, draw it in a ship with the compartments put together” he asked.

Kingdom of God – Ship and Sheep Representation – picture attached

“GOD!” I exclaimed. “Good job Noah!” he gave a pat on my back. “So now do you understand the Kingdom of GOD. Each compartment is individualized but are inter dependent on each other. If there’s a hole in any one of the division, the ENTIRE SHIP will sink. So it’s the primary duty of every Christian to climb onto the top in every stream and serve me. My realm is infinite. So, don’t worry about wealth. Jehovah Kaheel, I shall provide to every soul, with glory and reward and honour in my King dom. Learn to serve, ME. And that is the key” he said.

“So, how do you look so happy today?” he asked “Father, you wont believe it. The roads which were full of pot holes on the way to my mom’s place is now being tarred. The mockery of MJ, which killed his actual talent as an artist is restored with the songs of his hit albums, in the Fox history, and my son got an opportunity to watch and rejoice his true works like black or white!” I was excited.

“I am glad, I could make you happy!” he smiled. “Ah! Father now I see how you work. Every soul belonging to your Kingdom, occupies the seat allotted b you. Every individual is unique ,so unique will be his destiny. As they sow their deeds, they begin to reap the harvest. WOW!” I said with my eyes wide open.

“And hey! Also, I noticed few co-incidences….” I continued. Look at this.

The delight of palmists – Picture attached

Mercury stands for quick thoughts and actions.
Apollo stands for education and learning of artistic qualities.
Saturn stands for philosophy, science, thoughtfulness in speech
Jupiter stands for confidence, honour, growth, generosity, wealth and discipline.
The thumb is all about will and logic. How’s my ship” I beamed. “Excellent!” he appreciated. “A gamut of emotions, in the hand indeed” he continued.

“Do you want to hear a story?” he asked, “Sure father” I sat up. Long ago, a man had a bull calf whom he named Nanty Vishala. He looked after it well, and it grew into a fine, sturdy bull.

The bull was happy to see his master taking care of, as though, it was his own son and the bull decided to repay him in double. So it said, “Go to a rich merchant. Tell him that your bull can draw a hundred loaded carts. Make a bet on that for a 1000 pieces of gold. The man could not believe his ears, but was happy. So the man went to rich merchant and spoke of the bet. On the appointed day, the man was ready with a 100 carts, loaded with sand, gravel and stones. He thought in his mind, “A 1000 pieces of gild will soon be mine! Add to that the 1000, I’ve saved over the past few years and I’ll have 2000 pieces of gold! Everyone will then have to bow to my wishes, for I will become the richest man in town!” These thoughts made the man very arrogant and quite unlike his usual self. “Come on you rascal, pull! Be quick, you rascal “He started screaming at the bull. The bull did not budge on inch and the man lost his bet of 1000 pieces of gold, having to give away his savings too. Later at home, the bull walked inside the room, where his master was sleeping. “Master, why did you call me a rascal? Have I ever broken a pot or hurt anyone or …?” it asked. When the man replied, “No, never my child! I am sorry!”. The bull felt sorry for his master and said, “Al is not lost. Go make the bet again for 2000 pieces of gold this time” and the man did so. With a single tug, the bull pulled the 100 carts and went home. With its master, with 2000 pieces of gold. The man was now happier, richer and wiser man” the Lord completed the story. “What did you learn?” he asked me. “Father, money can corrupt even an honest man. The title serves only to tell who is who and does not govern the destiny. Greed, even for a good cause is wrong. The bull was sturdier and capable of working hard. And so it is with man. A young person, can sometimes be wiser than his elders. And one, to whom the welfare of the state is entrusted, should select his counselors guided by this fact. Hence, watch the step carefully, when success comes. The bull was willing to sacrifice for his master’s success. Such loyalty is rare. Hence, in every portion of the man’s success, the bull too has a share. Be sure to be giving away the gold you earn to the needy, for by doing so, you shall find a valuable treasure, the good will and blessings of people around and also the grace of GOD, where yet again, the treasure will be multiplied. “Giving” through you, and ‘receiving” from GOD is the key” I concluded.

“Just like the King , whatever be the form, he spreads the message of justice and wisdom, tempered with compassion. By providing and performing acts of virtuous, kind and intelligence, you are born again to be the enlightened one. This is the key to inheritance that I give to all my children” he announced.

“I want my children to realize each soul is a King in the dominion of GOD” I
re-iterated. “Why do you write so close and so small, the tiny handwriting?” he asked. “So, that I can delay the completion of two tabernacles!” I said meekly. He laughed with a roar. “Father, what do I do after this? Writing this book this period was the most enjoyable experience. But as we move towards the completion, my heart weighs down with heaviness!” I cried. “My dear my daughter, it’s important that you take ,a break to experience my blessings too. For you will require one more year to soak in my abundance. Then you shall again start writing. For you can write, as long as you live in the realm of mine!”

He said. “Hey, you are now cramming the words real hard by writing it down beyond the page layout!” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” he laughed. I just didn’t want to head towards the finish line now. “I AM coming with YOU daughter for I now wish to be with my children.” he said. Tears rolled won. Emotional moment of assurance and happiness, it was. And we started to descend the steps from heaven to earth. And I breathed a sigh of relief. Deep breath and a deep pause I took. I felt as though, I am downloading the content form a compact disc onto the computer. “What’s the status of completion?” I asked. “98%” he answered. “Can I?” I asked. “Go ahead. It’s all YOUR’s”. “I understand your strategy father. It was only the King who remained on his grounds, building his faith, continuing to serve and fighting wars, every single day, while I went all around the world looking for you. Despite my umpteen, haphazard messages, incomplete information, vivid talks, he remained with me, for, he loved me and YOU. Sure, his opinion varied with mine, but he listened and valued my outrageous descriptions. He believed in your timing. And he believed that as long as he serves you, you will deliver. Knew he every creation of yours and infinite wisdom he held, but he humbled at every step serving you. Money flowed effortlessly; recognition came with hard work, and served he, his parents and loved ones, humbling his ‘self’.
Used his power he strategically, and roared he with anger on Satan’s dominion gave away money to people in need, cared for his friends, who were in misery, rejoiced he in music and work, but rested He in ME. Anywhere, he would be as required but rested He in my comfort my love and my love. How little my words are to describe, my King ,father?” I paused. “Thank you, father for he was the only one, who finally arrived at the complete truth. He knew me. Inside out. He kept his doors open, at the crucial hours of my journey and through out. Struck was he with me, in rain, famine and winter” I said. “His vitality, his zeal, his vigour, his enthusiasm, his intelligence, his humour, his romance, his serving, his affection, his talks, his actions, his attention, his observations, everything in him is divine” I concluded.

“And that is why he is the King , the chosen one for you, my daughter for he is made in MY image” he said. “Thank you Dad” I said.

“Is there something I am missing out on?” I asked him. And there was silence. “Father even if I miss out on any message, I pray that my youth will take up the torch, the parents will run the race, the elders will preach and open a new realm of friendship with youth and their sons and daughters making way for the soldiers and warriors to walk along with them, and my kids to be nurtured and treated and guided well, by all the members of the family. I pray and I come to give them life, to experience, in richness and in abundance. For, we are the world, we are the children. the river of life we bring. No longer will there be any curse. And great city and a great Kingdom, I see. No more darkness for Lord GOD will gives them light. The glory and honour of nations, I see. Nothing impure shall even enter.
My temple shall be the “House of prayer” for eternal, for all the generations now and to come. No more pain, no more crying. He will wipe every tear. For my Lord is making everything new. To him, who is thirsty I will give water of life to drink, without any cost. Peace and prosperity, joy and laughter, cheers and love, passion and dignity, righteousness and integrity, truth and bliss shall reign for eternal. The Kingdom comes out into the open. Every creation will work, the way GOD intended. Good news will emerge; the city of GOD flings wide its gates, to welcome you into the KING DOM which is yours. A happy ending to humanity, after all!” I folded my hands and knelt down in front of my father along with my King . “Women speak so much father” my King looked at my father, teasing me. And we laughed together, in reunion.
“BOO!” the prince jumped from the back of my father. “Did I scare you?” he asked. “You bet!” I said, lifting him up in my arms. “Don’t forget your promise sally. He belongs to me!” he said. “Take care of him father” I choked. The King comforted me. My heart ached. “The next gen, requires him, to lead. For I need him to unlock the beyond and the continuation of yet another swiftly to the UNKNOWN” GOD warned. “Sure father. I will train him well!” the Benjamin generation, “what” key do they hold for “what” mysteries, I amused.? This story was getting interesting and intense. I pray for my kids, my Benjamin’s to walk the path and beyond, to continue for where we started.

- Jesus Christ
- 20-21/07/09

“Just then, I screamed in realization, “Father! The eighth King !” “Don’t worry. He is heading to his destruction”. “We will resolve the last piece and conclude tomorrow. Take rest my children” he said. It was heading to Monday. And the solar eclipse, of 21st - 22nd. The prince was already prophesying in his sleep and I wondered who the beast and the fallen angel was. The last link of revelation to be unfolded. “Love you father. Give us strength to complete the work, we have come for” I breathed heavy. “I am there for YOU always. For I am the author” he winked. “Love you father’ I smiled. “Love you too” he said. It seemed he was ready to charge taking us ahead towards the last battle round. And we were ready like always, (By now, we had learnt the war fare!) ;-) good night children.

- Jesus Christ
- 1.45 , 20-21/07/09

“And hey my apologies to prince and King for they have had the over dosage of my preaching, uncontrollably ,till they have stopped finding an escape route”, I said beaming with a smile as wide as I could. Just then, King prayed “Oh! Save me GOD, from this preacher!”, and my father added, “Your son, David, beloved,,, what do I grant this prayer as?” and I started beating them up when I understood the men bullying me. The prince laughed his guts out, “SON OF DAVID!” he screamed, with his non stop MJ steps being applied to the galore. And I prayed, “Oh! Lord GOD, save me from these vultures, the poor woman here!” when everybody stopped and turned around in astonishment, “YOU, a poor woman! Tortured you have us with your talks 24/7!” they said, “You MEN deserved it. No other way you would listen” I said.
I looked at my father; he looked the happiest in the coming. I turned at him and said, “Father if only I had simplified my talks and had been a friend first, like you did to me, I wouldn’t have scared them about GOD! It’s so important to accept people the way they are, love them, laugh with them, rather than trying to push our beliefs our opinions across to them. GOD works in everybody. I prayed and I left it you and YOU changed their hearts at the set season of their lives. Don’t make prayers boring to GOD! Just be yourself. Talk in the most common language like you do with your friends. Don’t cut off people when they come to you with strange questions. Don’t indulge in silly games of putting people down. GOD created you and me. So he can simplify matters to the lowest levels. This is a sign of a good pastor. NO AIR. ONLY ORIGINALITY. FUN WITH LEARNING!!.

“The longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. All temples closed except the Shiva temple”. The latest news buzzing and doing rounds on the channels. I looked at my father and told him, “Dad, but there are so many things, which I still do not understand in the bible! And what do I tell my children, when they ask me questions strange?” “Sweet heart, tell them this, ‘Nobody can understand the father in the given time and space for HE IS THE INFINITE. The father sends Jesus for a purpose. The purpose of life is to manage my Kingdom. And that is why I send my children here to live life on the paradise I have crated for them, each child of mine shall accomplish the mission I have destined him for. Don’t try to understand GOD, rather live in him. Come together, every year on the 15th of July and celebrate the festival for 7 days. Do not work but father your harvest and make an offering of 1/10th to me, the Lord, GOD, Almighty.
Celebrate this festival to the Lord of 7 days each year, and this be a lasting ordinance for the generations to come. Let all the offerings you make be free will and joyful. And close the celebration an the 8th day, holding a sacred assembly. Also do remember the Sabbath every week, as a lasting covenant with me. And take a break from your work to travel, to rest to be with yourself, your friends, your loved ones with me, doing nothing but enjoying life, the seventh year so that I can rejuvenate your tired souls. Don’t worry. I shall call you and guide you, throughout for eternal” he winked. “What kind of offering?” I asked. “Your joyful soul, your happiness” he confirmed. “Aww… that’s my father!” I beamed with joy. “And in your earning, set aside as SHARE, SPEND, SAVE. And in the SHARE of the share, 1/10th set aside to share my gospel and spread it across. Give it to the ministry, I appoint, every month. Your single coin, in your toughest moments, I shall bless. Do it deligently” said the father. The idea is to grow the ministry for eternal. And the ministry shall work for the people and Christians , community and globe for eternal. Partnership should evolve, for everyone should do something every month. And this is how we grow, prosper on a continual level, forever” he announced.

“Why are you wearing a jacket thick?” he asked. “The finish line father. The summit is always cold!” I winked. “Stay strong and hold onto me and we will walk together in the sprit of Ezekiel. The Lord GOD is ready to judge ever nation in the world. The dream and the vision you had seen earlier were the people, the souls in swarms, which shall be carried away in barbed wire. Don’t cry for them, don’t cover your face. They will never reach you. These were the inflicted, by the beast and the fallen angel. Hear me, Oh! Ammonites, Moab, philistines, Edom, spread across the gog and magog, who have ruined my Eden with malice in your hearts, clapping your hands, drawing swords against my wisdom, boasting on your wealthy lands, putting on a terror with wickedness through a widespread trade, and filling my land with violence, in the pride of your heart you say, “I am GOD”. Are you wise than Daniel? Is no secret hidden from you? Worshipping idols and leading life of hypocrisy, you exalt the pride of questioning who GOD is? Started the history, the beginning here with the beast and the fallen angel, declare shall I, the Lord of destruction, the end to your stages of transition, spreading wickedness, throughout my Kingdom, for east to west. Destruction shall I bring about, cleaning the Kingdom for west to east. I will bring you a horrible end and you will be no more”. I remained unmoved.
Apocalypse and the end times was already here. Everything will be shaken and whether you like it or not. The Kingdom of GOD is already here.

“Father my humble request. Jesus comes here to restore your Kingdom. And I come here to bring freedom. And as your son, I request, you to permit me to only decode the names, in the understandable way and the description of prophesy, May my children read it in the book of yours your own words, your own writing, the bible. May this book not carry the blood of dead father, for this book is a ‘book of living and loving GOD’,” I fell on my knees. “Son the world will be shaken. And destruction shall be all around. But may my children stand strong in prayer, charity and worship. Submitting and serving me for this too shall pass. For I come here to give a new heaven and a new earth.
Jesus writes “The beast is the one which was killed in the Old Testament. The creature which lay its fury and wrath in the Jerusalem. The fallen angel was the one sent from the blue green planet of Uranus who lay on the beast, in the mighty waters hidden. The beast had seven heads and exhorted fuming his filthiness over the ten Kings. The ten Kings never shall receive the Kingdom. The woman you saw earlier was here, the prostitute who sat. the tremendous power of GOD shall put and end this torment for eternal, today”. The wise shall understand the revelation and every body who dies not.

I looked at my watch. The 22nd the long awaited, longest total solar eclipse had arrived. Strange, I write this in the book dated 22nd December. I end my writing on the page of 23rd December. Jesus is here. And to remain. He conquered, he established, he began, the journey of a new life, a new world. Ezekiel spoke, “With one blow, I am about to take away form you the delight of your eyes. Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears. Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead. Keep your turban fastened and your sandals on your feet. Yet again, I say do not cover the lower part of your face or eat the customary food of mourners”. “Open your mouth, when a fugitive come to tell you the news”. And the papers read today, “A fugitive had made the confession, out of the blue”. The day of the Lord GOD Almighty, is here. “My father is coming!” I cheered and jumped all over. It’s finally happening.
World clock on a MAP – Solve this if you can ?
Picture Attached


- Jesus Christ
- 21 -22/07/09


“Don’t peep the last page, my children! For it is a foul in GOD’s Kingdom to skip pages and to read the final words. Whatever you may be going through now, however tough the test may look, this too shall pass. Everything in this Kingdom is seasonal. Go back again, and father courage to face the test and pass it by facing it, and not running away from the current situation. Rock on, you will not get another life! There is a purpose for your living. The path of light will be shown to make the way for you. Don’t look for answers here and around, seek GOD and you will find everything and beyond just like Jesus did. There is not short cut to success of grace of GOD to receive.

The spirit and the bride say, “Come!” whoever is thirsty, let him dome and whoever wishes let him take the free gift of the water of life. Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the fight to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the days, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. My reward is with me. I am the Alpha, the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright morning star”. Yes, I am coming soon.

AMEN, come Lord Jesus!

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