Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I by now had understood the principles on which GOD’s Kingdom was established. I now understood that wisdom in his dictionary was the download of his principles. And the word “Understanding” in his dictionary meant to keep away from the evil. In the modern times, it meant nothing but application of these principles in you. I say this because, once you have the wisdom, understanding follows. And that’s precisely how GOD’s King dom works. After the heavy dosage of training from television, from surrounding, from your own life, from your loneliness, arises the next realm, the real test of your mettle as to how far can you walk in his name for you want him, to be yours forever and do you customize your soul according to his needs? I was willing to. For, all I could see was benefits and no loss. The weighing balance was completely one sided. Is there an escape from GOD?
I am sure, GOD for the first time will say “NO”, for he is everywhere.

I was completely in tremendous anxiety to finish the task. The addiction of GOD is a blank ,awaiting yet for the appropriate word, for infinite are his realms of love.

I approached my sister, who worked in one of the gentile’s place of worship I shared with her my thoughts and the presence of GOD and tremendous clash of faith and followers I saw. While the flesh remained the same, the barrier of east and west to me was as big as this universe. Came I from there with no answer.

“You better give me an appropriate, convincing proofs. For, when I step out into the world, our men of GOD, will be more interested in proofs and debates, opinions and news. And die they will hunting and validating proofs and re proofs. While the wise man is he, who understands that this book is being written that is for sinners like you and me, who can start a new life for the name and acceptance of GOD, just on your lips, will fill your heart. With his love and he forgives you for all your sins and you can start a life all over again. Come on to your knees, for this a book of living GOD.

He lives in me, and forever, and he lives in her and forever. I spoke to my GOD. Deep had the connection established.

It ran deep beyond my understanding and willing was I now to do the most in convincing series of acts which brought down heaven of GOD onto earth the New Wine was brought down in a New Bottle. A new religion of “ONE GOD”, “ONE WORLD”, was being established. And it required preparedness, willingness and the desire to win, against all odds. The constant shadow, but the race to believe and to find the purpose of my life was so filled with the urge that I fought the battle for the mankind.
In it lay my own freedom. And I had no choice but to fight.

I hoped that the fight, the plot and the climax will be laid for me interesting because, GOD lived in me, and only he could satisfy my infinite realm of want of mystery, love, pain, gain, puzzle, quotes, signs, wonders, miracles, a story that would be shared with my generation of every soul, who came from him,,, can my story be shared with all of them who came to drink forth your love and kindness, your mysteries and your magic, your intelligence and your creation, your story of what you want from us, Oh! GOD Lord?
Can every soul drink your word of wine ,for, you were available and made to be available for sinners like me, and believers like me ,for foolish like me and wise like my brothers, you were made available for simple people like me who just loved your word, and this wonderful world.

I began to wonder if all the things around me were just an imaginary world, an illusion that I was living in or was it happening for real, for, how I can answer if I believe the proofs not? I went upstairs and I walked up the huge terrace who roof was nothing but clear blue sky. Strange was the location for it reminded me about the globe cut into two halves. Above lay the heaven and beneath lay the King dom. And all around I looked carefully. I saw the fig trees, planted from each other at almost unbelievable exact distance all around my house, in a circular fashion. All lay far away but could be gathered and visible only from the location I dwelled. And further I saw, there were everything in symmetry. All the four directions led me to the place of worship of the gentiles around in the direction of north, south, east and west. All of them clearly visible to the naked eye. I further looked for the churches around.

And I saw one ,in the entrance of the street, to my temple. And east was the face of the door of the temple. I ran across the north, and lo! yet another church I found. It had almost been 10 months now, and not once had I observed my surroundings. I checked on the south of my house, and I was baffled to read the name of the church “Zion - The Gospel Church” were the words which caught my eye. Cold blood ran down my veins, when I discovered that on the 3rd floor, a place that was built lay uninhabited, the wooden altar and the box, which the builders had initially denied to be placed, the fig tree which lay ahead in front of me, in the kitchen and which stood next to the temple of Lord GOD, my offering of everyday, the preaching of the messages, the miracles, the prayers, everything around me was written in the scriptures 2000 years ago.

Hunted I like a wild woman on chase to understand the mystery of GOD, but a naught I landed up every time. For GOD is amazing. He plans and he designs, the life you can dream, beyond your dreams only if you are willing to strap your belt and go on for a roller costar ride. You need to believe in being crazy, decode and code, beyond imagination, to run to jump, to laugh, to fight, to beat every odd, in all the righteous way. That is the challenge. You got to be transparent with GOD. You need to have the heart of lion, to stand in front of GOD. For he is your father, and he undresses you and you will love the robe of lamb within. You can always win the race by using the secret weapon of “Covenant” to beat your enemies down. “Covenant” is a confession to your GOD Lord, your father. He will clearly know the iniquity in you. And he will consider your iniquities and offers solutions, if you allow him to. The whole idea of covenant is to live a simple, stress free, life in the Kingdom of GOD. The idea is to not impress others. The idea is not to preach but follow and then to preach. You got to be guilt free when you walk on his path. For if you don’t release your chip of the shoulder and hand it over to GOD, then you may not be able to walk into the next realm. You got to put on an armour of soldier.

I simply chose to believe. And it is possibly the biggest challenge that readers and believers of GOD have. If every soul can simply choose to believe, then the super natural world of GOD will open the gates for him. If he ignores, which sure he can by every will, he may die without ever knowing the true spirit of GOD and its miracles. Hence, the word of GOD maybe all over around you, but yet not visible to you because you fail to see, it may be shouting at you, yet you will not hear because you fail to listen, it may be breathing inside you, yet you will be dead because you chose not to believe.

The lein I3 challenge brought no news to me. And I realized, that there was something more to be done. I now understood that all the three realms were worKing together. The Spiritual, The Physical and the Natural realm. So spiritual science was all over my head. I saw that the crowd coming to conferences were thinning day by day. And nobody now seemed to bothering , cheering on the word of GOD because, it no more brought any music.

And I wanted to cheer them hard. Many a times, I stood and cried in front of the conference, begging them for brining together a realm of one million intercessors ,for, it was crucial for us to win the battle. I sent prayers after prayers but nothing much seemed to work. There was absolute no response from anywhere.

My closing date of march 31st was coming closer and I needed a miracle badly for myself ,for, I dreamt a life of joy, which GOD had promised.

I continued with my worship and prayers. And I had taken leave from the office for I wanted to just check the waters of GOD for a few days.

I read in the scriptures talking about the man carrying the iron rod and the iron bag. And I started to decode the words which the prophets must have seen, 2000 years ago. In the modern era, its correlated to the laptop and the mobile. And I wondered, what it meant.

The heat was on. And the milk curdled every night. With the maid also not coming home and I getting busy with training, there lay mosquitoes, uncleanness, dirt, garb and somehow every piece looked dirty and filthy. The washing machine at home, had a fault, without the spinner working and clothes were turning into filthy robes. There was a sudden famine of money and the regular take home suddenly suffered a major cut back because of income tax and recession. Holding onto the jobs in these crucial times was important. The stress at the King ’s end seemed extremely high, for he was unable to even hear my word about GOD ,for, he absolutely thought I had gone psyched in my head, and here I was writing prayers and hoping that my King be mine forever.

My parents were getting worried about my status of indefinite decision, and wanted they me to pack my bags and move into the label of marriage, and they neither had a definite plan. Confusion everywhere.

While to me it was information everywhere. I was hunting for every piece of information to fit all the pieces of the puzzles and see where it led me to.

I went to my parents house and boy was I relieved to see that my parents had respected GOD’s word and the serpent was finally taken off from the idol which laid its ancestral foundation in our house. Somehow, I saw the sun to be unusually bigger than it was and I was sure, that the King dom of GOD was soon to come.

I feverishly typed down all the plans that I had thought of ,in the Beta. For I understood now that if everyman put across 1/10th of his water bill then GOD promises fresh water across the world. And water is the most vital factor for the generation next. I could not have waited for a second more and I took my laptop and phone and decided to head towards the cyber parlour ,to send across the tiny piece of article and power point presentations . I had the active key to install.

I remembered how I had seen, the strange continuous circular balls of energy when I had taken a walk that morning in the office campus. I sat on the pavement of the lawn and the energy kept moving and stood still for a good 2 minutes. I also had noticed the eagle and its nest high up the tower. Thought I had the will ,for, I also build a nest as high as the eagle amidst storm, Oh Jesus! For foolish is man, who tries to give you a form and a face. But you are so simple yet complex. In you lies the truth. And I have made up my mind to walk the word. It was strange to me. For, in gentiles, it was “OM” or “SHRI” and then when I read across different scriptures of different religions and its beliefs, they all spoke about awareness, the awakening of GOD. And GOD was nothing but light.

I plugged in to the laptop and something in me pushed me harder to hurry up. I inserted the active key. But an unknown application seemed to be noticed. It asked for me to enter name and a password. Password I entered , “Reborn26” for it was this password, I
had chosen, which had given me a rebirth in the King dom of GOD.

Something strange was happening I knew, once I sent the mail, GOD promised me my dream of inheritance, but it was strangely not getting connected to the server. And I was left hung, not able to do so. Then I remembered the clue, “He is unable to mover forward for he is unable to confess.”, I dreaded to make the confession to the person, and It was the prince’s father, from whom I already had sought the divorce. And the phone rang and it was from him. He asked me to send prince over to his new family over the weekend. But I had to push the opportunity and increase the speed for time seem to be ticKing away from me. I told him that I had a King with whom now I dreamt of a family and that I would be going abroad and leading a family. There was a pause for a minute on the other end. And I shivered in pain. It is so difficult the situations that GOD puts you into. The people around heard every piece of word that I spoke on the mobile, and here I was confessing and speaking , and waiting for something to happen, everything in the cyber parlour. “Tell my son, that his father is dead. You take care of him and do whatever you want”.

Almost in to tears I was, for the clue given by the preacher suited perfectly well. He had made me a widow in the spiritual King dom. The King of Babylon was dead, and there was a widow and a fatherless born. I understood slowly that my father had to cleanse my soul, for me to move in the Kingdom of GOD, for words of his were pure. And he was taKing me in the direction of giving me a new band, that I wore on my head, and seal of iron embarked on my heart. I wept. But yet again I remembered another clue telling me that “Don’t let emotion cloud your thinKing . Emotions at a leadership level needs to be elevated as the judgement needs to happen strong.”

I realized, I had no time to waste. And I had to claim the name of Jesus Christ, for he was my only salvation. And exited I was, when I quickly keyed in the name and the password. They matched and I read, “Installation Successful”. Strange it was, for I had installed an unknown application which I knew not. I sent across the mail to the religious channel, and I was in a mood of jubilation ,for, I had witnessed the love of GOD.

I was soaked in the joy ,for, my father had given a word that should revolutionize the thought process of mankind. When suddenly the marbles which my son played with fell on the floor. I looked up. And the marbles lay right beneath the altar scattered. I remembered one of the clue, and I knew I had to act. I had to anoint 11 apostles, for I remember the preacher saying this on the television. And I called upon the 11 apostles, all of whom have been hidden in the series of clues of Beta- the intermediate. I desperately wanted to tell the King about what was happening ,but, as it was written, GOD was enjoying the plight of this poor little girl who absolutely till date, hadn’t learnt the art of holding secrets. But look now, she had no other choice but continue to do the work, for the seed was sown and I had to wait till it be delivered.

What kind of a trauma, Jesus had put me into! I was a soul born in a land which absolutely had no connection in the physical being. I just like church, just because I like it! I just like temples, just because I like it! And somehow my father always had been there deep rooted in me from when I was a child.

No knowledge, neither wisdom, no awareness, neither understanding about him. But I loved him and he was there for me, even in my loneliest walks. It is usually strange for I am a gentile, strongly rooted with my culture and traditions and beliefs. Torn away between two religious groups of branches, I walked on the path of the unknown. Just like millions of souls out there, who search the essence and meaning of life, to dare to dream and do the impossible, I chose to walk on the path and word of GOD, and I chose not to tread on the word of man. For man was insignificant without the word of GOD, and I chose not to tread on the word of man.

I was also simultaneously cooking food for the King and the prince. And like always, I offered to bowl with the food I cooked, for, I wanted my Lord to be first served and then his servants followed. And I suddenly noticed that the altar was overflowed with the bowls. Bowls that had a spoonful of soup, the dough made specials, tea , sweets, good Lord, I had cooked everything fresh and nothing of meat, blood, fowl entered the altar. Pure was my word. I remembered the pastors clue of Ezekiel’s bowls of offering sins overflowed and then the Lord came down… my mind was racing. And fear was what I consumed. Having absolutely no clue about the GOD, the Lord whom I had known, yet not known, was giving me the adventure of life!

When I then walked around to feed my prince and the King , I noticed the Harriet plane, shown on the discovery. And strangely it spoke volumes about the spiritual world. Have you ever seen the Harriet plane? It is the only plane that can take off vertically. The more the thrust down on to the earth, the higher the elevation. GOD’s principle is no different. The lower you can humble your ego, the higher elevation will you witness in the destiny of life. I remembered the clue that lay hidden in the channel, “And she kept asking them to build a plane but nobody seem to build the kind of plane she wanted!”. I was in no mood to eat. I quickly pleaded the men in the house to teach me how to build a plane. And as said, they build a plane but not the one I wanted. And I went in disappointed for there was no clue hidden.

I yet again noticed that the milk was curdled and again I could not give milk to my prince during night. The bills were now mounting up and the pressure of
recession hitting in. The trauma of a deadline to work things out for a marriage, the pressure of princes exams nearing and I did not know, what was I doing, thinking about GOD, at this juncture.

It was boiling, and not a leaf moved. I kept the balcony doors wide open. Somehow, I withered more during nights, and I knew not the reason. That night, the television was on. And suddenly, there came series of hidden puzzles, and here’s what I stumbled onto.

“The King makes decisions, physical authority is his dominion. While the priest had the spiritual authority and administrates. To access, you need to have the spiritual and natural authority which will yield in the coming of the King and the royal priest together.”

With me and my prince, in the temple. It was clear to me now that there existed two sets of personalities in each soul, as per the new wine. And it was a combination of the King and the Royal Priest. One who can walk on the word of GOD in the world of man and who can meditate on the word of GOD, like a priest within. “And this was the idea” I remarked. It was now clear to me that, in me, I had the King and the royal priest hidden.

And it was now painful ,for, the coming of the Lord was getting closer but the crowd to worship was deteriorating. And I lay on my couch, which was a death bed, that night for the Lord was here and nob0dy was around. I had to welcome him. And I had to open the doors of heaven for him the three realms was supposed to be kept open for Super Natural Energy to flow. And this was happening after 2000 years, I wondered, about the path. “Open the doors of heaven” the clue screamed.

I jumped in joy. I looked at the watch. It was beyond midnight 3:10 it read. And I ran to the terrace with the rags I wore. I opened the first door to the terrace. I looked into the open sky and the moon was full. I ran across and opened the second door and I was shocked to see the third door to the terrace that lay ahead of me. I had to take a different set of stairs to open the third door. And I went and opened without any delay. There it was. The mystery of opening the doors of heaven. All the three doors were aligned in a straight line, and the super natural realm was now opened. For just beneath the terrace, lay my temple, my house. And lo! There I saw the satellite dish and I remarked, “So this is how the channel people, my preachers and my angels, knew about me!” and I understood this was another clue. The soul was consumed in strange negative force. For I knew, I came close to death now, I came down and yet again I lay on my couch. And something caught my eye.

The huge paintings on the wall, which I had painted all by myself only for my prince ,for ,my King just loved me and let me pursue and chase my girl’s dreams. I had drawn a huge painting on the wall of Ben 10, the fairy straight from Disney and the pumpkin from Halloween and also my prince’s drawing which read, “You are no mach for me.” How much we laughed at his spelling mistake of “match” as “mach”. I wanted to retain his innocence and capture it forever. Hence, I retained the word along with spelling as it was. It now to me was clear, Ben 10 was “Benjamin Generation” to whom there lay the mystery of another world, which GOD promised. The fairy and the pumpkin was me and my King and I had given both of them huge wings for I wanted them to be angels of GOD, and there lay the ultimate masked guy, whose dialogues read, “You are no mach for me”. He held a gun in his hand, dressed in blue, with other fluorescent pictures of satellites and planets around and most definitely, he didn’t fit into best of the piece on the wall, but we like it anyway for it was painted by me.

I realized slowly. My passion to draw always was captured in a small paper. I grew up through my childhood, contented drawing in the small piece of paper provided. And here was I standing in the middle of the pictures that I had drawn on the wall. Hadn’t he opened my eyes from the size of a tiny cell in the excel sheet to the whole infinite world of miracles. How much had he changed me? And how well he lay everything timed, he had the art of timing each event and his timing was impeccable.

And I came back with energy at its lowest. I remember only my pulse beating. And the people on the television now were speaking to me directly, “Oh! Lord GOD, we understand your pain. And we know that you are our saviour. And father, we are the witness to your wonderful works and miracles. Father, please forgive us and allow us to experience your fullness.”

I couldn’t understand a word. There lay great famine in house, nothing to eat, every thing unclean, untidy , no money, and no food. My prince woke up in the middle of the night and for the next two days, I hadn’t reported to work, neither had I sent my son to school, neither was I alive. I lay dead soul, just lost in the Lord GOD!

“My King took pity on me. He ensured to call me however, the Satan had played his cards well. The had no clue about the war-fare and he was completely under the influence of Satan. Cursed he, when I spoke about GOD to him, cursed he when he saw the miserable condition that I had kept my house in, wondered he, whether I was the appropriate, worthy enough to be married to. I was in shambles and I wondered what lay ahead.

I realized that I could seek help from the religious channels, and I could provide the evidence of all the happenings. I was typing feverishly on my laptop, when my heart froze for a moment of what I heard. “Yes, you are the one. Jesus bled. He was pierced and water and blood came out of his body. He is the only one who has the mark of the beast. For he is the only one who can beat the beast.

Oh! GOD, I shuddered. So, does that means “I am Jesus!” I exclaimed. My mind giving away. I screamed yet again and a thought wanted a proof, “Will you then go on your knees, If I am Jesus” and I skipped a beat, when he went on his knees. I broke into cold sweat. For I was the one, who had the mark. I stood in front of the mirror; the herpes had left the mark of a serpent on my body, on the right, right below my ribs. I stood there in disbelief.

“Need for speed”, “Need for speed” screamed my prince and King . They loved playing their play station game. “1x, 2x, ….bounty , bounty”, they were screaming. And I knew that the time had come. I walked near the door, like a soldier at heart, having completely typed the master plan of GOD, making the claim, that I was Jesus, though understood I didn’t the gravity of the name then. It was late in the evening 7:10 the clock read and something told me that the clock was nearing. I was the one who was supposed to carry the message of east to far west. “Mexico” screamed one of the clues. And I wondered about the connection, East was in India and West was in Mexico. I took my mobile and I looked into world clock. The mystery lay open in simple picture. The latitude that cut Mexico city and India were the same.

“This is the place, that I command should there be an altar built in my name” said Lord GOD. And I understood. I walked past against the King’s desire and exactly an hour from then, I completed the work of sending the mail to the angels and my preachers.

And waited I ,in joy for I knew the world will be now elated to meet me. And as promised by Lord GOD, everything now shall be heaven. And I came and crashed. The next morning, I woke up and walked up to the terrace. The sun lay mighty and I spoke to the heaven. I announced the opening of the doors, and I was now awaiting the coming of my beloved ones on the channel any moment.

How pleased was I with my achievement? I wore a turban on my head like a King and a cloth around my waist like a priest, and waited I with bated breath for recognition and fame. Just then I remembered the curtain that lay ahead of me. The cloth line all this while had not allowed me to see what lay beyond the curtain that covered the balcony of the house. And Lo! It was the due that the pastor had given me.

And I wondered what lay beyond this. And I saw a landlord holding a thick plastic pipe ,standing on the construction of the building on the street which lay at a permissible distance from where I stood. He was hitting the boy who wore a school uniform and with him stood a few more young kids all clad in the uniform. It didn’t take too much of thought to understand what was happening. And I saw he continued to hit. With Lord GOD in your house, his servant in complete trance, burst out the voice, loud that it fell onto the ears of the oppressor. Do you know that I was the captain of my march team, because I screamed the loudest amongst girls? Trained he had, in every stream, when I was small. I wondered always, why was I the jack of all trades and master of none? And today, I realized. The roar of the Lion, shook the heaven and the earth. “Oye…Oye…” the eyes were filled with rage and the anguish lay buried deep. I caught the attention of the land Lord. He had stopped his action. And went out ,the warning to people across the Kingdom. I had climbed onto the bars in order to elevate the height from the land of men. “How dare you hit a child. Audacity you drink is it? I shall break your bones of audacity, for this is the Kingdom of GOD. And dare you touch another child!”. The city remained stunned and people were looking at me, beneath the street. One of them holding his green coloured glasses and children, old marveled. The word of GOD had been spoken.

I was now sure of the coming of my friend and his beloved, any moment, for they had predicted and I had visuals of them entering my temple, time again. I quickly packed every proof that was required for me to show case to this world. And I also spoke to the heavenly realm about every single gift that my King had showed me with since the time, we had loved. There lay the silver anklets, month on month, there lay “IRON MAIDEN” concert tickets the first rock concert that I had ever been to. Never having had the experience, I had taken time to learn the lyrics and to be familiarized with their kind of music, so that I would just fit in right, when I watched my first concert. My King ’s presents also included innumerable of dried roses, the flowers which he had plucked while driving on the roads, macho he did ensure to be portrayed. The grains of rice which he promptly kept at home, despite the huge argument one evening, the innumerable tickets of parasailing, rides in beaches, the shopping, the moonlight dinners, the never ending supply of food and its varieties, the movies, the sports, the music, the talks, the chores, the responsibilities, the fun, the wine, everything that is so beyond lust. And this was the idea of Abba.

He always wants the souls to first fall in love and that can happen, only if you ask him to guide you. And it’s often very simple to find the perfect heart. Just ask GOD and he’s yours. The father knows his son’s heart and he provides. And it never fails. For the father cannot break his own contract, can he? He is truth. And truth prevails for eternal. And I always prayed to give us the perfect heart to love. For iniquities there lay many in us, but Lord GOD’s mercy and loving kindness always helps you to stand corrected. And once corrected, you always tread in his path, for he promises a good ideal family to come onto this planet. Have you ever seen a role model couple who would be in love in the name of GOD amidst all iniquities? Lord GOD when shall enter you and me, we all are brought together in addiction of love, you may not be able to contain love anymore in your heart for it flows like a river down the street to quench every thirsty soul. Love in your heart, is GOD in you, eternal heaven is what he had established for generations to come of ,yours and mine.

I packed everything and waited with bated breath for the world to welcome me. And then I realized, what I had missed out on. I had forgot to leave my number and name. I called the number frantically that splashed across the religious channels. Pass over ,it was the. And I spoke, “Hey, could you please connect me to head of this church, for Jesus has come and I can give you the story. The complete story” ..believed they not. My prince stood next to me. He believed every word in me, for he had stood witness to a lot of miracles around us. Nobody else believed. I gave them my number and name repeatedly and finally, one of the girl on the other end said, “Maam, we don’t entertain Junk calls”, lured they were all into money and what kind of churches do they run for believe they not when Jesus actually comes ? The spirit of GOD was everywhere. And somehow, nobody seem to be realizing it.

And when my maid walked in, I explained everything to her. For, she was also a witness for many happenings in the temple. Dumb founded she was, unable to explain her opinion ,for, she was not a woman of words, but her heart lay pure. And the Lord GOD had asked her to come and be the maid of this temple as long as she lived. I took one of the visiting card and “Dauna Paula” was the name signed I in the name of Lord and told her that Lord GOD, had given her a piece of land for the service she had rendered. She took the card and looked at the card. “Jesus” it was signed as.

Promptly she asked, “Have you gone mad, madam?” and her innocence laughed I but scared was I for it was equally strange to me just like to her.

The bell rang. And it was 3 days since I had a proper meal. And I guess, I had completely forgotten in the whole confusion, that I was cut off from my parents. And I knew it when I saw them standing in front of the gate of the house. I hadn’t reported anywhere in the outside world. Stood they shocked when they entered inside and worried they were for me beyond wits.

“Daughter, you are no world leader. You are ordinary. Please understand we don’t belong to any great generation and accept the reality. You are fool to think that your uncle was great, for died , he for his own foolishness. Don’t you know, how he had stood in the middle of the street, holding a coke and an opener in just his shorts. He had gone insane”.

Hearing this, a voice shouted with enrage. And my father held my hand and took me inside a room. Mount Olive it is described as in scriptures. He was in pain. He moaned and told me in the most polite tone, that I have ever been moved with , he said, “Daughter, come home. We will go home, don’t worry about the deadline of march 31st for I know, marriage will not happen. And the King who you choose now will also be like the rest of the mankind. For experienced I am and hear me now.”

I protested. GOD had completely possessed me. I held his arm and commanded him, “Look, this is GOD speaking !”, I spoke to him I in the Hebrew tongue. “I am no ordinary. And you know not what I am. My uncle was an intelligent man. A man of GOD, but you labelled him as insane, and pushed him over the edge to commit suicide. He gave up his life for, he dread for your lives. He knew, the wrath of GOD and the fury he had held on our generations for the sins we had committed in his Kingdom. The coke concept is similar to that of the Harriet plane. Don’t you see the similarity in the concept of thrust and the lift, the surrendering of the ego and the elevation of the level high in GOD’s Kingdom.” Said I.

“Daughter, you are not intelligent as your uncle” said my father.

Tears flowed. Pained I was, here I was dreaming and waiting to hug the world for I was the daughter of my Lord GOD, but had proved a failure in the eyes of my own parents.

Does then money you earn make you intelligent? Do the clothes you wear make you intelligent? Do the marks you score in each subject make you intelligent? What use has this intelligence when you don’t have the wisdom and knowledge of GOD or his
Kingdom. Uttered not I a word. But took a large suitcase. And walked to my mother’s place with my prince.

We stood in confusion. Nobody came, every prophecy of the blue bus turning right had come true. But nobody came. I spoke at home at length about Jesus, but blamed they the religious channel and its preachers, my pressure and stress, nobody could understand. And my howling in the soul was haunting. For the energy flowed continuously. And the compass within me was working strong. I had to now align my soul in the direction of house of Israel and the mother’s house, where Jerusalem laid. And the inner voice of GOD spoke strong.

There was a tremendous pang of energy. And I could see the need for speed. I had to increase the intercessors now to trap the Satan in deep pit. And Lord GOD, was releasing his energy. I had the angels by my side praying, which I was sure of. But the energy flowing from the heaven was too much for me to bear. And I cried in pain for my prince. He came running along with my niece . I asked them to hold my hand. “The positioning is just right I thought.” Just then, my mother came into the room, I asked her to hold me, and they just listened to me without asking questions. We formed the circle, holding hands together and the energy flowed through us. The Satan was thrown into the deep pit which he could come out from. Everything was relevant in the spiritual realm but was executed in the natural realm. GOD had created the amalgam which we could marvel only.

In my mind I was expecting the King along wit his parents to come home any moment for, the occasion was so big. Then the kind did arrive. The King and my father had a lengthy discussion which I understood not. And I lay dead. For there was no more a cell of energy in me left. The battle had taken a toll.

My mother was hurt beyond words. She could not handle nor witness the conditions I was in. “You smell like a flesh burnt. You smell that of a dead meat.” She anointed me with oil, gave me a scrub from head to toe and I lay on the bed.

When I woke up from my nap, it was evening. And the King saw my condition.
He sought permission and took me on a drive. He was not aware about any of the spiritual battle but he gave me the security and love which I needed the most. It was 7:10 in the evening. Something in me told, that I had to be back within 8:10, for the previous night, and few nights that week, the energy was being sucked.

Saw I people in colours and the people praying dressed in robes and people praying hard. I realized then, it had been a day of festivals of three different religions and all had fallen on the same day. I was expecting a huge crowd in my city, in the nearby stadium to welcome Jesus, but as the minutes ticked, the prophecies given on the channels didn’t seem to work anymore.

My King had his nightshift and snarled at the traffic. I was yet again being thrown into the battle of light and dark, good and evil, GOD and Satan. I remembered one of the clues. It had helped me save my life then. I had scrolled the car window down to get some fresh air. Suddenly I realized that there was something strange in the moon that applied negative energy. I mustered my strength and scrolled the window shield up. After that, my King had driven the car like a maniac.

We had visited the freedom park which was newly inaugurated and when I had stepped in, I saw “Watch” all over. It was an old prison which was renovated and there lay a tower house in the center. And the watch tower seem to correlate with my situation in the temple. I had been on my toes, waiting for the arrival of Lord GOD, every moment. I chuckled at the King’s innocence, for nobody knew, what was happening.

When the car stopped, I knew, I had been saved. For how can my Lord GOD, to whom I had wedded to and along with whom , I had come back from the dead, let me go so easily, without giving the inheritance! My King had spoken to my father and had assured him of getting married to me. But there lay tremendous pressure on him.

For he loved his parents, and he didn’t want to upset them overnight. Hence, he had convinced my father that deadlines like march 31st will not work, for, life does not work on deadlines. And that ,we desperately wanted it to be an occasion joyous in GODs world not a funeral that walked over the emotions of loved ones. It was a dicey situation for it also involved the life of prince who was aged 10 now.

When I stepped out of the car, I felt better. And my mother and kids took me on a small walk to shop. We saw together the moon, along with a neighbour aunt who was a witness to the rainbow which was seen around the moon. Who had seen such a scene?

It was a victory of light over dark. The coming of the super natural realm. The establishment of the throne and the Lord GOD had shown his might.

I lay down peacefully that night and knowing that my GOD had saved me from the clutches of death, nothing more mattered to meet the world, the men of GOD, who craved for the word of GOD. And forget not, the marriage, the fame, name Oh! All that riches that should follow the inheritance. And dreamt I, like a princess soaked in wine.

It had been a week since then, the time I had been to office. The next day after I packed my suitcase, which I carried to my mother’s place and they bid me goodbye and sent me along with the King and the prince. It was a joyous celebration, for I missed my temple, my grave now badly.

I came in to see a note of post it, stuck on the shelf, “Love you” in the pink I loved. I understood, that the King had visited and had seen the mess, the luggage which I had packed and I am sure his heart must have taken pity, spoke he not a word, but seemed extremely worried and ,pain I could see in his eyes for me which I liked.

The transmission of energy seemed to still flow. I went back into mount alive, and there a series of interview happened with Fox channel as promised and word of GOD was spoken. Strangely, I was enacting the whole script. And suddenly, I realized that this was the idea. GOD had written a play for me, which I was offered the lead role. What more could I ask for. A terrific script. And a story which had been written 2000 years ago. And somewhere in the far east, a seed was sown.

And as he passed by, he had looked at me, and held me with pity. Blessed I was to play the shades of life, all so different as characters, yet all in the man. He had trimmed the rough edges of the sins that I had, burnt them in fire, the sins that existed in the mans Kingdom. He took me as a disciple, trained my soul for a good three months only to realize that the test had started more than two years now when I had called him out to judge the world of man. Wrath of “Isha” had I invited. The good and bad acts were carried out simultaneously. While looking down upon the poor prevailed then Lord GOD had replaced the thought with tremendous acts of selfless charity which he had imbibed in me through my mother. Sins were such thoughts which were different from the acts ?How can there be dark and light in the same soul? When light enters the soul, how can darkness prevail? Love he replaced my heart with every sin of mine. My maid was my friend when the Lord GOD trained me about equality of souls. Can you see my friend’s heart that is so pure? In it ,is over whelming pain of labour. Youngest is also she in her generation. Educated is she. But poverty stricken her generation had become. Revealed to me she ,that her father and the ancestors had everything in their land. But lost had their inheritance in ungodly acts and had incurred the wrath of the GOD. Yet, my humble friend, had despised not my wealth, my clothes but happy was she when I shared 1/10th of my food, with her, a cup of tea time together. She did her work just like the way a temple is supposed to be. For here laid the feet of my Abba. And the soles of the feet, I laid at.

I looked at the wooden mask of the man with the long beard, a saint, holy from the mountains smiling at me. This was picked up from the place of beach for the lowest price. And “Pointiff” he is called in scriptures. Understood I standing in mount Olive, in front of the mirror, It was his idea. His idea to create a twin in me. Pitch in evil versus good. The fight of the soul to win over the Satan of the world. “We” had come. “We” have arrived. “We” are here to stay. The ground is ours. And ours “We” conquer.
For the Kingdom is ours. And the Lord is here.

I understood now the mystery of the password which I had typed when I had installed the unknown application. 9 followed by 9 sixes. 9666666666. The devil was beaten 9 times by the GOD. And lo! He had written the story of you and me 2000 years ago. Aren’t you a name for your generation ,for, you have lived in the era of the coming of Lord. The new wine and the word of GOD, honey and milk, the Kingdom, the paradise was here to stay. And he was here for everybody, for it was meant for ordinary souls like you and me.

Robe of courage, righteousness, goodness, happiness, joy, music, fun, art, entertainment, creativity, love, passion, values, culture, a movement of prayer born to reunite man and heaven together. “HUMAN” is born. Do you feel the “HUMAN” in you? Every soul, who reads the word of GOD and chews them and digest them shall be given salvation. Eternal bliss is what you receive. The key to your destiny of your birth is what lays your inheritance. Every soul shall labour in the Kingdom of GOD. Rest on Sabbath for Lord GOD wants every soul to seek rest. He shall be your provider, your protector, your “cool” friend, your partner in all the steps of your life. Hand him over ,all your troubles and seek the spirit of GOD. It is made available for every soul that seeks him. Did you my man know that GOD was so good? You should, for GOD is good.

Then I saw something beautiful which my eyes captured. GOD emoted all the different 9 expressions of Jesus. Isn’t this also the same expression that I find in my religion of gentile too? The scripture written by the ancients spoke of the same 9 expressions but in the language of Hebrew but not Greek. Why do then I see a blind eye of men towards each other? Why does the confusion prevail ? The question remained answered by Lord GOD. With a silence.

The mind drifted over to eleven fishes in the aquarium. The skull lay in it now. And my King owned the weird collection of things, I must admit. I now understood the clues. This was the coming together of the past, present and the future. The scripture written 2000 years ago, enacted in the present, which lay the clue to mankind of the future. The wine of word of GOD to last for eternal and this was the idea.

“Pizza delivered” said the King . And the clue fell in place. It was feast which had been described in the scriptures as well. For there lay the golden crest, the olives, the fruits, spices of the garden, Adam and Eve, the era of modern prince, wasn’t this the Garden of Eden?

I ate heartful and joyous was I in for my father had taken care of me. He was supplying in abundance. I craved for my angels of the heaven though I often wondered, why hadn’t my apostles yet arrived ? Hadn’t they received my mails?
“Eat the lime and then the apples later” said the King.

“I will eat the apples first” and the first bite had the serpent, a small worm, in the apple and eve was tricked by the serpent, read the scriptures. I showed it to the King in utter dismay and any explanations about the co-relation of GOD and scriptures put him in rage, that I didn’t want to be involved in. My prince lay confused. He asked me repeatedly, as to why, we couldn’t go to the other country and tears came no more form my eyes. There came nobody. And the knock on the door was far away.

The pain lay buried deep. I lay trapped in my own world. Was I caught in a deep trance? I feared to come forth and stand in front of the world ,for, I could not convince my own flesh about the miracles now. Servant of his feet me, my King and my prince were. The first of genre to come under his influence and I despised the world, for the world yet laid in the whoredoms of a woman lusted as a lifeless object, nudity prevailed outside the houses, love was sold for a day’s price in the market, filth had man filled the paradise with. Does a man, who continues to nurture the wicked desires in his heart, the world which he created and found his own mother to be ashamed of the filth hidden in shirts of men, the nudity displayed shamelessly to invite the fury of GOD, who failed and laid trapped in their own karmas of life, deserve the pure divine word of GOD? This world of man, deserves to be buried in the fury of GOD. And then on went out the angels from the house of Lord GOD. The judgement began. Then it began at lightning speed.

And I realized, I was speaking the parables standing in the kitchen, in front of the altar facing the fig tree. For Jesus was the name given to the spirit of the holy, and I was a mere representative and I spoke, “Jesus believes in training and preaching GOD’s word. He will prepare a mighty army of believers who not only worship and experience his love but will have a war-fare strategy to move forward.” I had spoken the exact same words which was a clue to me in the puzzle. And the challenge was now to ask, who will raise the Kingdom of GOD? Will you be able to start the Kingdom from the seed, water it and raise it to the heights of heaven and the realm of infinite? Can you raise the dead souls alive by giving them the word of GOD? For he promises to raise his Kingdom using the same seed, which the world of man discarded and desolated the soul.

I felt my heart pounding I didn’t want to be the lead. For I feared the world of man. Strange land it was and belonged not I to this land. I was in tears. For I felt the tremendous pain to now walk on his path. The path would be unknown and all I had was nothing but faith in the most suddenly abnormal world.

And with tears of a shattered heart, I was now telling these words, “I am a good guy but I will show you how to prosper in the middle of the suffering”.
The impossible had landed into my lap from the heaven. This inheritance, didn’t I see it coming?

Just then when the curtain was about to fall, my prince brought a book titled “Ricky Ricottas – Mighty robot” astro activity book of fun. I opened the book and having nobody around, I was left to myself to fend my soul now. And came the puzzles set by Lord GOD, one after the other. The order of the planets could be remembered with this silly sentence, “My Very Enormous Mother Just Swallowed Up Nine Pizzas.” I mocked at the joke for indeed I had eaten the pizza enormous, minutes before. Did you know that “Mercury” was named after the Roman GOD of commerce, travel and thievery? And lay another puzzle to solve. Unscramble the letters in each word below for a top secret mutant mosquito message.



D M A !
M A D !

And it dawned on me when I read the message. Every night, the milk prepared for my son curdled. For the energy released in the night from the moon was heading towards dooms day. And I had executed all the tasks of GOD day and night. “Kill the Devil” was the order and we had executed it. And then, “What is major monkeys favourite snack?”, “Mars – mallows” read the puzzle in the book. Marsh-mellow were indeed the fruit I could bite into mouthful. And I loved food in its purest form.

“Uncle Unicorn” it read couple of times in the book. And I wondered who it was. Read the next puzzle. “What’s worse than finding a uranium unicorn in your bedroom?” the answer, “Finding that didn’t require too much of a thought to understand that the unicorn was the Lord GOD himself, whose cartoon was drawn by my prince on the
Wall. The masked guy. And ended the page with yet another puzzle, “How do you know that Saturn was married more than once?”, And the answer was, “Because it had a lot of rings”. And, father still lived in me, making me smile, when my own imagination had left me desolate. He was unrevealing the parable in mystery of what lay ahead for the Benjamin generation. The Lord promises to unfold the mysteries unknown to mankind. For the end times is nearing, and HUMAN needs to shift his focus to the next level of technology. Science and Art goes hand in hand so does Science and Spirituality ,for, GOD is Science and GOD is the spirit.

I held the book for a good minute. In it lay the instructions of 16 describing the process to build a Jupiter-jet. My father, I knew, had created this puzzle for me. I tried the first time and gave up half way through. Yet again, this time, I asked the prince to get me a measuring scale, “8 (1/2)x 11 inch paper with no holes”, read the first instruction. And minutes later, I had built the Jupiter-jet which was ready for a take-off!

Grieved my heart for the people on the channel, my angels were still having hope and applauding the efforts but, I lay in misery and pain ,for, the word of GOD and his tests were proving too costly for me.

Lay there not a single penny in the bank account and of the meager 400/- left, I had given away 300/-, 100 /-, each in the name of my King and prince, as the seed was supposed to be sown during the pass over. I did. And for the next few days and nights, I had nothing but hunting silence around me.

The preachers had outcaste me thought I, for I belonged to a gentile. But it was the Lord GOD himself who had accepted. “Scriptures”, I was supposed to know to convince the world around. Furious was I ,for, nobody saw my death on the bed, but now wanted the proof from scriptures. The channel mysteriously was not telecasted anymore on the television. And happy were my family members.

Quit had I my job, the role of a web manager ,for, I enjoyed working under GOD as a manager, than working for the men, who knew not what they did. The payment was held. My King was furious and I continued pretending to work for the world but sat at home, many days, looking outside the window not knowing what had gone so miserably wrong.

I looked into the preaching’s of different tongues and in one of the preaching on the television ,I saw my own principal during college, now preaching, the sayings of Lord GOD. There was a stack contrast and it seem to be growing bigger and bigger. For the scriptures they use was the same, that I knew. But their offerings was more onto the idol and only the enlightened spoke about the awareness of the soul. They all seem to speak without knowing the complete. What was the complete then, I wondered?

My phone bills lay pending. So did all the other bills. Suddenly there seem a huge misery cursed on the house which once upon lay rich in wealth, food, cloth, jewellery, health and pride. The prince who had never learnt the value of money suddenly saw the dearth of even a single penny at home. Sold I the first set of bangles and the chain of gold. For till the next season arrived with the word of GOD, “March” orders was I given. And moreover, I was left with no other choice.

The results of the prince in the school was announced. And not colourful rainbow it brought to me. For the subjects which my father had trained the prince, he scored the highest while I had failed against the talent of my father. Grand parents should adorn the role of preachers. For the word of Lord can be taught well, when you have the experience of life. And Lord GOD advises to leave your children in the safe hands of grand parents, for the shelter and, word of elder is Godly on the young. Came I with a heavy heart and broke down I, with a shattered soul. I had lost everything.

There had been witnesses to my insanity. And fallen had I claiming to be the best but was I the last in the race. And I realized the only one too. I had no other choice but to turn towards the scriptures of alien, which I knew not, which I now held close to my heart. For as long as I had the word, I was sure, there would be the path made in the unknown.

I had my mother, coming over to stay in my temple for 10 days. And things seem to slowly unravel a new mystery. Started had I writing blogs and in the form of small articles. And it was liked by a group of seven followers, “Information”, “Interesting”, “Funny” were a few options selected by the readers. Enraged I was, for, I lay here to help them find GOD in their souls and here were the young, who “rated” my work. Dejected I was and had now, nowhere to go. This follower of GOD, ran the race which was heading towards victory and a wrong signal had me falling flat on my face.

My mother’s presence at home was a blessing to this Daughter of Zion. For ,how much of wisdom lay in her skin. She told me the stories of people of her life, brothers , uncles, sisters, ancestors, friends and in the sixty years of world, she gathered the wisdom that stood above everything. “Its only GOD who stands with you till the end”. And you keep laying the brick ,for, the natural process will not be suspended. I had to now lay the brick to complete the palace which I had started. For, I knew, now that to reach the share of GOD’s inheritance of Jehovah Kaheel, I had to be prepared to walk the long path of suffering and pain ,for, to be cleansed by GOD, demanded the dip in the fire of purification, for silver and gold comes out shining only after going through the fire of Purification.

The news paper article read interesting “An asteroid had missed the earth by a few kilometers miraculously and the scientist had been aware about it just couple of days before.” Wasn’t this then miracle of the angels and intercessors who prayed day and night on this planet?

“The plane in New York landed safely and the plane had the best pilot to have handled the situation”. Wasn’t this an obvious sign of GOD and his miracle?

“The Gandhian values which were supposed to be auctioned now, were considered as the heritage of the country”. Wasn’t this the realm of super natural then which now changed the souls of Man, who was now becoming HUMAN?”

“Out break of swine Flu in Mexico,” was the warning that was clearly given by Lord GOD. For Satan’s Kingdom of drugs and mafia lay there.

“The land of whoredom, built on water” was predicted to be submerged in water, for there lay the Satan’s laws of whoredom, which crept everywhere. And the feared were saved by the last drop while the ones who walk, would be trapped in the deep pit of suffering and agonies.

“The people who preached blood bath and violence were the people of Satan.
And blood will be their grave, which they will be led into by the fury of GOD. Kingdom were rising against Kingdom” ,said the Lord GOD.

The news that I was reading day after day seem to be hidden in strange mysteries of the passages which I read in scriptures. I read and noticed now, the word, “Uncle, Paul everywhere. There were letters written. And when I read one letter after the other, I understood that it was for times likes these, that the letters were written from Paul. And there were several others that caught my attention and it dawned on me slowly why I had failed miserably, when the Lord had arrived.

“Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion and speak evil of dignities” said Jude in scriptures. Continued he, “Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of gain and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward and perished in the gain saying of Korah’s rebellion”.

The letter in the scriptures constantly captured the word “Uncle”. And the letters gave me courage in my desolated lonely soul and it was only the word of GOD, which I had with me then. I wrote mails to different Christian leaders, who spoke about Christ and shared with them the incomplete information for the testimony, Alas, but nobody understood.

Then I wrote a mail to my uncle who had moved to a new land along with his wife and daughter. I spoke to him about my need for a job but pestered he, with reason for my need.
And forced I was to write the testimony for the first time, to an uncle, whom I knew not much, but hoped that Lord GOD would bless him with an understanding heart and not brand with the label of “Insanity” yet again. Emphasized again I on the sentence, “I am writing a letter to you on the command of GOD, dear uncle…”

I had found it strange to wake up the love for my near and dear ones. I had no time for any soul of blood, for, I was immersed in my own world. It had been a countable years since I had met or spoken to any of my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, niece and nephews of my family. The heart was now melting and I longed to see the life which I had once forsaken in the land of life. Would they accept me with open arms, for, I had the letter of divorcement with me? Would they love me yet still like the daughter, the apple of the eye and shower me with love I yearned the most? Would they welcome this widow and fatherless from the land of peculiars as their won? Can I see a land where I have no strangers? Can this world love us the same which we have for them?

The call from a far off sister who now was near, with her two daughters called me for the first time. And eager was I to meet her. Gripped with shame I was. Here was my sister who had lost her husband, and she was striving hard to raise her daughters in this world right. And while I, carrying so many sins, claiming to be the daughter when I wasn’t worthy half as my sister, sought to run a race of goodness. Wasn’t she more deserving in life than I, Oh Lord? How can I not seek your mercy; but I had ran the race in sheer vanity and this was the idea. I had lost the knock on my door, for, I was running not on the track of GOD.

The fire of GOD is not different from the sting of a scorpion. Beware ,for, if you don’t learn quick enough, the season gets prolonged. Keep learning, keep praying, keep singing, keep loving, keep cleaning, keep labouring, keep laughing, keep growing, keep believing, keep living and your life is going to change. You can be youthful and fruitful for the rest of the day and that’s what believers of my father do.

GOD promises to guide us. He will counsel you and give direction and wisdom to our life. My uncle did reply. And I cried sitting in front of the screen, reading the mail in a corner of a small cyber parlour. There was finally some hope, for, he wrote exactly in the words I wanted him to. He wrote in the tone of spirituality and he asked me just right things that opened my mind to realign my approach to GOD.

I was clear, for, GOD had absolutely no plans to pack me up and board me to a different country. Neither will there be support from anybody around. I would have to take the responsibility of my soul and my life and build the Kingdom of GOD. I had landed from heaven to the land. And the landing had gone awfully bad. And I was now stuck in between, finding the purpose of life for I now had to hunt for one. Applied I jobs on portals uploading my resume. “Good Lord, would GOD really understand the plight of a spiritual poor soul in these modern times?” I crossed my fingers and smiled.

The fig tree was being chopped and the sun burned. Sores and boils engripped. And I watched the fig tree and GOD taught me the lesson of season. I was supposed to just observe the season. For, the clouds would bring waters and the rain will go down the streets. The tree withered and we were no different.

The King proclaimed his true love. Despite the dearth of finance in the locker, managed we to escape from the city and go on a drive only to do the unexpected. Remarked had I telling, “ I guess we will get married if we climb the mountain”. Stood a small temple high in the clouds with steps carved in the mountains. Climbed we the mountain, and the final few steps, gasping was I in my breath and he held his hand onto mine, strong and pulled my final steps and we had made it first on the top of the mountain. The victory was rightfully marked with the sound of the bell reaching onto the heaven and earth. How can you not have GOD in your soul ,for, these moments just happen in his Kingdom day and night, and he fills you heart with love so divine in your hearts ? Sat we on the mountain top looking at the valleys of series of mountains around. The water bed lay beneath among the lush green land. We laughed and we dreamt big, “Sure, we will pick up this piece of land ,for, lays peace here. Words can’t bring me down. I am beautiful in every single way, this is a land of our dreams.” Beautiful Land, it is called in scriptures.

Brothers, now please tell me, Can lust , whoredoms , nudity, vulgarity, profanity, obscenity touch the purity of love? A heart in love stays in heaven ,for, truth is love and GOD is love and GOD is complete.

There lay much more layers in the onion which were yet to be peeled. Noticed I, that the need to write to my uncle was different. Youngest he was too in the family tree and was the relative of my father. Married he to another branch of my mother.

And hence, stood he in the generation of gentiles, who also had the mercy of Lord GOD, for he was also aware about global awareness of the word of GOD. We spoke strangely the same words, understood we the chords and the music, only the tongues differed. I gave my incomplete testimony. Also, I marked the mail to my King. And so was it the occasion of GOOD FRIDAY.

Money arrived home after the selling of ornaments. With my mother at home for a span of ten days in the span of ten years, lost had I the shadow of her, and lost was her daughter who had grown up in her teachings and the secured shelter of her love. How much had I missed her ,for, her daughter had been taken away and she was now in the land torn apart between heaven and earth. Unaware was she about my quitting of job. And sought had I the covenant with Lord GOD. GOD promises covenant, and that’s the idea about overcoming the guilt of sin. “Sin” remains as sin, if it is done against the commandments of the Kingdom. Hence, when you obey all the nine commandments but defile one ,then you transgress the law. Hence, you are to repent, renew, revive and revoke the soul yet again. And GOD understands his children. For a perfect heart is what Lord GOD has and we are in search of one. Hence, being comfortable in his presence is the key. You should be able to work along with your iniquities, confession and seeking help from Lord GOD. And he will guide you accordingly.

The night was special now ,for, me and my King now met upstairs, sitting on the terrace and gazing at the stars and the moon. Things had to different under the open sky. The regular meetings now comforted our broken souls. And the third day of the Good Friday followed the immersion which was the sign given by the Lord GOD. The moon was full. And when we looked in the heaven, there lay a perfect ring, around the moon, a few kilometers way from the moon. The King and I stood still and I marveled at the pool around the moon. It was too real for us to accept.

After bidding goodbye to the King, came I to the Mount Olive. Opened the small little book that lay in my drawer and I don’t know how but the words of GOD unrevealed the mystery now.

“Soul Winners New Testament” was the title. And it started with a note for gentiles and non church members. There were fourteen references which I was recommended to read, presenting the person of salvation beginning on page 308, acts,16:30. And my eyes followed from one clue to the other.

Reference No.1 à This scripture teaches you:

1. The sinner’s greatest question: “What must I do to be saved?”
2. The bibles clearest answer to the sinners question: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ”
3. An example of a true believers obedience, “and was baptized”.
4. The believers new joy: “and rejoiced believing in GOD with all his house (family and servant)”

The jailer, a sinner, repented (turned from sin), confessed Christ and was baptized. You, a sinner, have the same need. Do as the jailer did. Begin by admitting your need! Say: “I need to be SAVED”.

Now turn to page 344, reference 2, Romans 3:23

Reference No.2 à You, like all human beings, have done wrong, have sinned against GOD. Because you are a sinner you are guilty before GOD. Admit your sin and your need TO BE SAVED. Say: I have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD.

Now, turn to page 350, Reference no. 3, Romans 6:23.

Reference No.3 à Wages mean the pay you get for work. GOD says the pay you get for sin in death. As death separates the spirit from the body, so sin separates the soul from GOD. This separation is spiritual death. Your sin has now separated your soul from GOD. You are spiritually dead, lost. If you also die physically, while separated from GOD, you die eternally, while separated from GOD; you die eternally, which the bible calls the second death. You do not have to die like this and be separated form GOD forever. GOD wants you TO BE SAVED from eternal death and he offers you eternal life. Jesus died and paid the debt for your sin. TO BE SAVED you must accept this payment, say: “I now see that the wages of my sin is death and the GOD offers me eternal life.”

Now turn to page 347, Reference No.4, Romans 5:8.

Reference No.4 à The love of GOD made it possible for you to be saved. The proof: While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Then say: “Christ died for my sins”.

Now turn the page 341, Reference no.5, roman 2:4.

Reference No.5 à GOD wants you TO BE SAVED now. Do not delay as GOD’s patience may end. You may die in your sin. See GOD’s mercy. Use the only time you have, now. Say : “The goodness of GOD leads me to repent”.

Now turn to page 311, Reference no. 6, acts 17:3o.

Reference No.6 à TO BE SAVED YOU MUST REPENT. This is GOD’s command. To repent means to change your mind, attitude; your heart, desire, your will, direction. You turn from sin and self to the savior. In ancient time, GOD excused sin because people did not know. Now the full truth is known in Christ. Therefore he now commands everyone, everywhere to repent. GOD is ruler over all. Will you now obey his command to repent by turning form sin and self to him? Say: “I now repent and turn from sin and self to GOD”.

Now turn to page 357, Reference No.7, Rom 10:9-14.

Reference No.7 à TO BE SAVED you must confess Jesus Christ as Lord. When you truly believe in your heart, “that GOD raised him from the dead” you will confess Christ. This kind of belief (Trust or Surrender) makes you right with GOD, (unto righteousness). The very Act of confessing Christ makes you sure of your salvation. See the meaning of Christ’s death on the cross: the post of the cross points upwards (vertical) to call you to TRUST in GOD (with the heart). The cross bar points out (horizontal) showing you to TELL men (“with the mouth”). Everyone comes to GOD the same way by calling on the name of the Lord. GOD promises to save all who call. Pray to him to save you. Now say; “I believe in Jesus Christ arose from the dead, I confess him as my Lord, I will call upon his name to be saved.”

Now turn to page 192, Reference no-8, Luke 18:10-14.

Reference No.8 à TO BE SAVED you must call upon the name of the Lord from a humble heart. If you are proud and boastful, like the Pharisee, your prayer is nothing more than talking to yourself, prayed thus to himself. If you are humble, like the publican, who bowed and begged, GOD heeds your prayer. GOD, the judge will declare you, the sinner, to be “not guilty”, justified – just as if I had never sinned. So pray: “GOD be merciful to me a sinner.”

Now turn to page 401, reference no.9, Cor 6:2.

Reference No.9 à GOD hears you the moment you humbly pray for mercy. GOD hurries to help(succor) you and give you salvation. Through his spirit he gives you strength to overcome temptation and to live for him, say: “I trust in GOD for his salvation and help.”

Now turn to page 46, Reference no.10, Matt 10:32.

Reference No.10 à You have TURNED from your sin and put your TRUST in Jesus to be saved. It is HIS will that you now TELL before men what HE had done for you. This is what Jesus means when he says, “Confess me before men”. When you tell of your personal faith before men (the public) you have this promise to confess you before our Father in Heaven (page 185, verse 10). This confirms or makes you sure of your salvation. Your name is written in Heaven (Page 171, vers20). If you deny him or refuse to confess him. He warns that he will also deny you. Therefore say, “I will publicly confess the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior now.”

Now turn to page 249, reference no.11, john 14:15.

Reference No.11 à To show your love for Jesus Christ you must obey his commands, say: “Because I love Jesus , I will obey him”,

Now turn to page 293, reference no. 12, acts 10:46 -48.

Reference No.12 à Jesus taught his disciples to baptize believers and they obeyed his teaching. Here is an example: people believed, were saved and showed their joy by testifying (telling) and magnifying GOD. After being saved they were commanded to be baptized. Will you show your faith and obey the bible’s command to be baptized? Say: “I have been saved therefore I will obey the command to be baptized.”

Now turn to page250, reference no.13, john 14:21.

Reference No.13 à You HAVE BEEN SAVED by obeying the gospel. You turned to GOD, TRUSTED in him and told of your faith in Christ. Now the wills that you baptized and become a member of his church (Page 271, verse 47). As you continue to obey Christ, both GOD the Father and Jesus the son keep on blessing you. GODs love shows as the living Christ in this spirit, lives in your heart and life. Because you need his love and his presence, say: “I will present myself for baptism and become an active member of the church.”

Now turn to page 94, Reference 14, Matt 28:19-20

Reference No.14 à The command Jesus gave his disciples was to teach all men about HIM, to baptize them, and to teach them to obey his commands. You have already obeyed his command to TURN form sin to TRUST. Him as saviour and to TELL of your salvation. Now you have to command to be baptized. In baptism you show how he saved you by his death on the cross, his buried in the tomb and his resurrection from the dead (Page 390, verses 3 and 4). The teaching testimony of Baptism (immersion under water) pictures his death, burial and resurrection (Page 348, verses 3 and 4). For baptism teaches by symbolizing the gospel. When you are immersed you teach the gospel. Jesus promises his sure presence as you obey his commands. (Lo! I am with you always). Therefore say: “I will bear a teaching testimony by being baptized, become an active member of the church and serve Christ by sharing him with others.”

This concludes the 14 references.

Now study pages 551 and 552.

And when I turned to 551, found I these notes which ran onto the next page.

Five important questions concerning baptism or Immersion.

1. Who should be baptized?
a) Only believers in Jesus Christ as the son of GOD. Acts 8:37 page 286. Believing in Christ brings salvation for sin.

b) The first gentile converts had received the Holy Spirit and were saved by believing before they were baptized. Acts 10:47 page 293. The dedication of a child by his parents in commendable, but this should not be confused with baptism. The infant is not old enough to be conscious of sin and repent; this is required of a believe before baptism. Infant baptism is not authorized by the scripture because it would eliminate the right of choice.

2. Why should believers be immersed or baptized?
a) To fulfill all righteousness.
Matthew 3:15 page 31
b) To obey Christ’s commands.
Matthew 28:19-20 page 94 acts 10:48, page 293
c) To obey the Gospel
Hebrews 5:9, page 472

3. How (the way or mode) should a believer be baptized?
By immersion.

Does baptism means immersion? Yes, the Greek word baptize means to dip or submerge.
The noun baptism means immersion or dipping.

Are we baptized by use of a pitcher a pan or a pool?
Ans: A pool.

In order to immerse, two must go into water. Acts 8:38-39, page 287. It is impossible for two to go down into a pitcher or a pan.

a) The dipping or immersion in pool is shown in Roman 613, 4, 5 page 348, where the word, “buried” is used in verse 4 and the word “planted” in verse 5.
b) The amount of water is revealed in john 3:23 as “much water” page 218.
c) There is only one immersion – Ephesians 4:5, page 426. It cannot be any other way, because there is only one way from the original meaning of the word.

4. When should a believer be baptized?
The New Testament show the time believers were baptized on four occasions.

a) “At once”, acts 8:36, page 286.
b) “The same hour” – midnight. Acts 16:33 page 308.
c) “The same day” acts 2:41, page 270 complying with commandment of acts 2: 38 page 270.
d) “Three days after conversion” acts 22:16 page 324. Acts 9:9, page 287

5. What does baptism do for the believer?
a) Reveals believers love for Christ.
John 14:15 page 249, baptism is an outward expression of the resurrection to newness of life.
b) Christ is revealed in the believer through obedience (manifest) John 14:21, page 250.
c) The believer receives strength – rejoices – acts 8:39, page 287 acts 16:34 page 308.
d) The believer shows Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. He portrays the gospel to the eye in a symbol until Christ’s return. I Corinthians 11:26, page 384.

Chose to be I, in denial for the world but continued I walking the name of Lord. “ABBA” , to me in the image of a man called “Jesus”, a man in beard, who stepped on the cross to die for the sins of man seems inconvincible. I loved Abba. And I loved my King. How can this soul then serve two masters? Wouldn’t this be no less than adultery? For, love is pure. And that exists in your mind, heart, eyes, Skin, smell, hear and GOD’s presence. Have you ever pondered about simple practices around which you see? Have you ever questioned the right and wrong around you in the
Kingdom of GOD? Will you then be a mute spectator and be a beaten angel, crying for the mercy of GOD?

GOD is powerful. And he can be meek unto meek and burn the ego of man of the evil in his own iniquities. Why is that then should men of GOD be silent onto all the happenings? Do we then take guns, planes, to destroy the enemy? I had them ready in my house, of all kinds and shapes and colours. My prince loved the toys. I smiled at the clue given by one of the preachers. Me and my King had in fact wondered about the appearing of Jesus with guns and there would be fire and shooting everywhere. “Jesus” is the spirit of GOD and he can be in every one of you. You can experience a spiritual and physical and earthly experience of GOD. The coming of “Jesus” is then very different from that of the predictable fashioned tales woven from centuries by men. “Jesus” is the spirit of love. How can you accept the air that you breathe in and out and yet be filled with pride of your classy ego? Wouldn’t the same gust of air enter the Peon also in our office ? Would the gust of air, check for the religion, the brand, your bank balance, your colour of the skin, your hygiene, your idols, your glamour, your power, your physique, your status quo, your teachings, your belief, your tongues, your judgements, your opinions, your strength, your imaginations, your acts, your countless barriers which you create in the Kingdom of GOD? When you breathe you breathe on his mercy. How then can you question the religion for GOD? For the Kingdom belongs to him and I come from not this world.

“Mount Rushmore” is our pride but can man name every such peak of the mountains that lay across this universe? “Edison” you applaud for the ingenious cells but not the creator who runs this universe? Miracles and proofs you seek from GOD. Can you tell your past and future standing in your present? When you know not the creator how then can you seek the answer?

For if you know the creator you will not deny my word which comes from him. He is the wind, the breeze, the tornado, the storm, the hurricane and the tsunami. He can exist in all the forms and can kill the enemy in all the different expressions. Nature is his and the light in you belongs to him. What then are you so guarded about the life which you own not? Your soul belongs to GOD and when he rests in your soul, you cannot dwell in dark. That is the inheritance which lies hidden to the men.

If you listen to the word of GOD, then the spirit of GOD speaks to you. And the opportunity for your soul to then wake up and just let go of your limited knowledge and please do carry a cup which is deep. For the wisdom and knowledge, his simplicity and his parables, his puzzles and his mysteries, his love and his fury, he will overflow your cup of wants. People of GOD, the father promises to wait for you even in the last moment of the end times. When you accept him and come under his shelter, you will be alive and gain the entry to eternal bliss.

He will come near you for judgement and he will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud labourers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive aliens of justice, but do not fear GOD, the Lord! Oh! Men of world, ever since the time of your forefathers you have turned away from GOD’s decrees and have not kept them. Return to the Kingdom of GOD, and he will return to you.

“The whole nation of men, are under a curse because you try to rob GOD in your sinful offerings and your sinful souls. You need to bring the whole into the store house. Test me in this,” said the Lord Almighty ,”And, see if I will not throw open the flood gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit” said the Lord Almighty. Continued he, “The men of the world have spoken harsh things about me. They have said, it is futile to serve GOD. What did we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the Lord Almighty? But now you call the arrogant blessed. Certainly the evildoers prosper and even those who challenge GOD escape.”

“That’s a scary speech” said I. “What the happens to believers of GOD?” “They will be mine”, said the Lord Almighty. “In the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve GOD and those who do not”. The warning went out from him. “Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day is coming to set them on fire”, said the Lord Almighty.

“Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you, who revere my name, the son of righteousness will arise with healings in his wings. And you will go out leap like calves released from the stall. Then you will trample the wicked down; they will be ashes under the soles of my feet on the day when I do these things”, said the Lord Almighty.

I was now able to understand the parable and adapt the logic to my life. For in his wisdom lay practical insight of living successfully. With the word of GOD, which is sharper than a sword, you will be able to please GOD through your actions and accomplishments, but please GOD through moral living of right values, ideas, practices and relationships of the culture at large.

“You have spoken and carved your wisdom in my heart” said I, Sally the angel. It was beautiful to witness his words and his heart of infinite mercy. I remembered , I had been to the King’s house the first time on one of the feasts. They had a warm welcome and felt I one amongst them, when they knew about my single hood and my son, and had spoken the words of heart, “don’t worry angel. If a King comes forward to marry an angel like you, I think you should move forward into the family hood than the lonely roof.” Said the Queen mother. Looked at her I with hopeful yet pain filled eyes, “These words that come out of the mouth, will these hold the same love, if your son desires love in me?”
Oh! Lord GOD, hypocrites are we, for we speak in your land, but act in man’s world. Is there then a law in this modern era, which is feasible for men and women, to be human and have family of love and happiness where you reside, Oh! Father?” Asked I .

“In the original Hebrew, “in all your ways acknowledge him” is more literal “in all your ways know him”. Nodding in GOD’s direction is not enough. You must know him by living closely with him relating to him personally in every aspect of your life.

A father’s advice tips to help his son develop a love for the best things in life – just as his father did for him. This love for the best, and most of all for wisdom –begins with listening to your father’s advice, but it goes beyond taking instructions. The love of wisdom becomes a life long quest that may make you wiser than your father. So answering your question now, the understanding from your wisdom, the simple form of the question, whom should you marry?”

“Why do you answer me in always the style of old?” I asked.

“You will understand when the right times comes.” Said he. “And in the time and space, I become you.”

“Have you read ever a law book? A look of rules and regulations?” asked he.

“Well, yeah. I like it. For even when I was trainer, I always believed in having few rules while playing the game. No rules, then how would you know where the limit of boundary is?” said I .

“Agreed, but if rules are meant to liberate you unlike strangling you, would you then be interested in playing the game of life, as per my will? For, my rules don’t set a boundary ,it expands your realm to infinite. Interested?”

“Of course, yes!” I jumped at the offer.

“Then read my book” pat came the reply. I had never till then understood what the scripture I held was , for, To me, it always had been a book with mysterious names and distorted messages.” Here I was holding the book of GOD, preparing for the life of a student. “Peter” the spirit spoke and I heard. He spoke to me about the laws of marriage for the NEW world, I dreamt. “Let the wife of the man be holy just like in the old time, whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair and of wearing of gold or of putting on of apparel; but let them dwell as daughters of GOD, who are with the subjection of their heart, mind and soul to her husband. May a man, who does not believe in GOD, if such a situation, be won by the conversation of wife. But let it be a heart in which is not corruptible, but the spirit of the quiet yet spreads the angelic grace in the house. “Likewise, you husbands, dwell with your wife according the knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the physically weaker vessel and as being heirs together of the grace of life. Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing, but knowing that you both are called upon a blessing for be you all of one mind having compassion one of another, love, be courteous, be joyful. For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open to their prayer.”

I scrolled through a few more pages. And Lord Almighty was guiding me through the subject line. I loved his laws for they were true and open for a man and a woman. It spoke about the laws for divorcement, widowhood, single, adultery, love, compassion were all bound. I also loved the law for my father had given me another life, reborn I was. I still waxed my flesh and my father says, “Let such a woman then get married”. He could see in me the desire to be loved, who but a father can love her daughter and understand her so well. He also said, “It’s advisable that you take some time out and spend time with me and elders, so that I can prepare the next journey for you. For, you may be able to gather, analyse, study and rate your living under my judgement. You can be the judge of your own life using my laws.” I loved the principle for I had the toughest battle after separation. And having Abba but nobody then, had brought me here. A long journey of 18 years, since I knew him.

GOD in your heart teaches you love. I don’t dare to look into a stranger’s eyes, for, I know what men of devil thinks. Lust and opinion are smitten by GOD. And equally aghast I am when I see a woman of devil displaying flesh ,for, I know what she wants. “Thoughts” can be read by GOD. Yes, not just your actions which are hidden beneath the magical carpet of man but the “thoughts”- that are churned in your mind, do you think GOD cannot see it. How foolish are men then? For GOD is everywhere, inside you and outside you, and he knows and can score and balance your acts of good against bad. Listen my youth, “freedom” brings love to your heart. And love is GOD. “HUMAN” if doesn’t experience “Love” in purest form, then “you” end up missing the most happening Super Natural Miracles since Earth had been created. Its simple to experience. You know the rules. Seek GOD. And play, the drama, the plot, the achievements, everything that suits your soul, for you are his son. And a father always desires the best for his son.

Have you seen the animals? When the young grow, they are sent away. The logic, for the children of GOD, to build a nest of its own, and have then a family where two becomes one. “Stay together” does not also mean ten people in one house. For it’s important that HOMO SAPIEN achieves his purpose of life that GOD promises every soul born, if you seek him.

“It would be great if you keep your mobiles unanswered and practice the routine so that everybody around you knows that you don’t carry school work to home like kids. If you can be like the fowls of heaven, flying and eating and staying and exploring together, paradise is what you enter into” thought I.

Slowly over a period of time, sitting on terrace for couple of hours in the evening and hiding away from mother for 10 days came to an end. She had taught me the art of managing the house, the art of cooking ,the laws of GOD which she followed, her popular traits of patience and love, and her child of innocence, which comforted me in the deep journey I was in. GOD had kept his word for nobody discovered that I was working for him, except my ever charming and my rock, the King .

With serious crunch for money, I often wondered, what lay ahead for all the pension amount was due for two more months. I moved on further by selling another two bangles. This time, I hadn’t cried much ,for, I was proud and ready to be soldier of GOD. I knew sin lay many in me and I was walking through fire of purification which now, I willing obliged to.

GOD in turn had given me all the 22 tribes of Israel. I met and found all my lost relatives, one occasion after the other. Emotional reunion it was. And I was humbled when they welcomed me with open arms. And I watched how twelve years of life made all the difference. It’s easy to study stages of life and its direct proportionality to laws of GOD. He works in season and he works in circle of karma, which is agreed upon by all the religions of man. How then is GOD different and so mixed? Is it not then a man stupid for he sees not the Satan’s game? When we look the same don’t we all then, come from the same father? How can you the have different fathers? “ONE GOD and together we stand, for the battle of end times is BIG and things to do many” said GOD.

“Is there not a shelter to us in your Kingdom GOD, a land where we can stay like this happy forever. For I know the next few courses of predictable emotions I can see. If the King gets married to me, his elders for the fear of the society and the fear of my past, I would never be treated as the daughter of GOD. If we are accepted then the joy of walking around “FREE” in your own house is curbed. For with elders at home, the King will never remain the King which I have witnessed. The King has always led a dual life. For he is the best son in your path at home. And in the temple he wears the crown of the King.
How then should I seek him? Respect to elders should not be an obligation, just like I love you Lord. I love you beyond my might, but I do not like to do it under obligations. A prince of me, I carry to forward. King is torn apart between your laws and his survival. And we stand together and want things to be welcomed, for it is your law to not build the nest on sand, but on the ROCK. Shame is what your children are in for they loved, in your name. Deep darkness is what you have pushed them into for their own follies. You promised me an inheritance and I see no sight of it. You promised me stars and I am still looking at one, what kind of tests are these? And I am sure it’s only a MIRACLE I need, to pull me out of this. With payment due for sometime, no job, no plan I can do anything but nothing.”

“Great hopes in heart, Harsh reality outside” a quote given from Paul describing “the rock”.

And he answered to all my questions, with silence.

I found the summer vacation for kids to be great comfort. For ,kids are the heart of GOD. There lies no malice in their thoughts. They don’t care whether you are earning in a penny or a million, they don’t care whether you wear a cross or an idol, and they don’t care “YOU” ,for, they do care how “YOU” are to them. Forgiveness comes easy to them, so does tears ,for, their hearts are sensitive, petals yet to bloom. Who then hurts such petals of man of Satan? I happened to see the bruises of international wrath of a father against his daughter of the iron box kept on the wrist. The scar lay deep. Asked I, why and she said, “I don’t remember, why he did it”, I cried uncontrollably in front of her for, doesn’t she know what her father has done to her. He has laid a brick of unpardonable sin in the eyes of his daughter. When you grow up, don’t you even now remember your parents treating you? How then you think your kids forget when they grow up? Shame on the cowards, who cannot tame their own blood with authority and love. Don’t you know the iron hand to be used? Use the law of GOD, fear of GOD and love of GOD. For GOD works great in kids. I found it enjoyable to sing in front of them, show off my athletic spirit by playing on the terrace, gracefully being the knowledgeable in the crowd. They give you insight and healing to your mended souls. And in the world we are today, souls to be mended are many.

Neighbours don’t welcome neighbours kids anymore. Deeply worried are they about the show pieces and the cleanliness of their house. It is for the eyes of Satan to see for, the door of your heart is closed. It’s great to discipline kids. It’s no different from GOD’S disciplining “YOU”! Lot of love, iron hand of law, “Voice modulation”, “Use your expressions of facial muscles”, “Explain the law”, “train them on the word”, and please go have some life of kids because they live a happier and better life which the world of adults offer them today. They love the moral stories, the history, the technology, toys, colours, open sky, free spirit, birds and animals, people and goodness ice creams and gadget, help them build their imaginations. Don’t spoon feed. Let them fall, run, trip, bend, roll over, for that is what GOD offers them. A care free life. For their father is their shelter.

Keep them away from the vulgarity of disrespecting bodies of men and women, the power of money ,for, it doesn’t have any. The art of managing the time, the laws of study, play, and “FREE” spirit is what you need to constantly guide them on. Narrate stories. And please keep away from hypocrisy of quality and quantity time, essays written and notes offered on the topics like “what to ask ?”and “what should be the topic /” are a complete failure with children ,for, kids are smart. They can read you deeper than you think. And they judge your ways better when they are trained by their father, the Lord Almighty. As a parent, pray Lord GOD to take care of your children ,for, when GOD can take care of you, will he then forsake your children? Remember, for, the Kingdom of GOD not only works in you, but it has an influence on whole of the circle of your Kingdom too.

My mother’s neighbour, a dear aunt, I called her, was now suffering with nausea after the breast cancer surgery. It was painful to see her suffer. But smile she wore, deter her soul didn’t, and faced she with courage, the lonely battle to survival. And I know she will ,for, the miracle that GOD had, for her as well. I grew up as a kid climbing and eating the fruits of Eden from the tree. Never had I the dearth of fruits and vegetables for in my garden lay trees which bore fruits to suit my hunger. “For I am a HUNGRY GOD”, I remembered the clue on the television.

When my father had slipped from the branch of the mango tree one day, the owner of the house, the neighbour had cut the tree out of its roots, displaying his wrath against the tree. Surprisingly, the seed was planted by my mother. Over a period of years, GOD had now completed the circle for having taken away the tree of life, bearing fruits.
The lady of the house now had the surgery with her husband’s wrath forcing her to lay on bed and he doing the chores of the house. For, poverty lay stricken and the circle of karma executed. “GOD judges us in strange ways. Times he put forwards his journey first and then the teachings or the teachings first and then the NEW WINE journey .” I cribbed. Just then, the season of mangoes had arrived. And like in all the good old practices of the Kingdom, he had gifted me with a seed of mango which was just right to be sown. “Let my future generation, the passer-bys, the kids have the fun of climbing trees and eating the fruits filling their hunger and satisfying their taste buds eat from the tree I give” said Lord GOD. And I promptly handed the seed to my neighbour uncle and gave him the message of GOD and blessed that may he be showered with the long good life so that he can now eat the fruits of the tree he sow. And every good act from my end, I knew the brick I laid one after the other, strategically, for I had to play my cards well to get the inheritance right this time, when the Lord knocked at my door. I was in no mood to commit stupid mistakes again.

A couple of visits from my brothers, (only permitted after the King and the GOD ), were they allowed to step in. Obvious it wasn’t made to them, but scriptures did. “No men will be allowed to come into my sanctuary in those days”. And I abide the law ,for, it was my law more than that of GOD. I loved the life of being a stranger amongst the strangers to be yet discovered. My brother asked me to change the position of the “skull” head aquarium into the Prince’s room. And as he suggested for I did not want to dishonour the words of my gentile brother. I shifted the place. Positioning and timing are always in GOD’s hands. And he loves to give you “BOO” surprises. I kept my watch. The fig tree now was starting to wither away in the stack heat of the sun. And I knew, GOD was about to get the farmer rain, for when you are awake, you can read season of GOD.

And it rained. And I was told the first payment after yet another tough battle of HR, I got my first fruit in the temple I was. “Charity” is the utmost bounty brick which you can always score well in his Kingdom. And do charity without the other person getting to know. I wondered all this while, how to do it. And GOD taught me.

I shared the first fruit of my payment by giving the debtors the debts I had, the rental payment of the temple, my mother’s expense, sweets and fruits to my mother and neighbour, simple waited worthy toys for my prince, a key chain for the new car for my King which he in turn had picked it up for his mom, the maids payment, the pending bills, the provision at home, food and shelves were filled now. My mom had now fixed the washing machine too, I don’t know “how” but she did. And so happiness was now restored back in the temple. My father was guiding me to the next level.

One of the presidents apologized to their neighboring nation for the blood shedding in the history. Can you now look at the macroscopic level of what satanic cultures practices lead to? How can our future generation be happy when you don’t live your life worthy? What do you then live ,for, there is no light in the lives you lead? You can be multi personality for emotions are many and man is an expression of GOD. You have different definitions to each expression and that’s where we stumble, flat on our face. If you can start looking life and GOD at a macroscopic level, right at where we began with Alpha, then GOD in your life is eternal. For then you stand to realize your microscopic structure. And that realization is crucial to move onto the next level.

I read the scriptures yet again and each of the letters suggested me to write a testimony about the knowledge and miracles given to me by GOD. And I began writing the book.

No amount of preparing ahead works with GOD. For his plans are different. If you can be, then have the attitude that of a sponge. Go with an open mind. Without any preconceived notion for every notion of yours will be your own hindrances in finding the Lord. Unfortunately, all said and done that is the only way out. For walking the path of GOD is easy but for your own belief and faith. “Belief” is the beginning and “Faith” Is the end. I had begun my journey to uncover the word “MIRACLE which he tempted me with. And all he looks in you is the “Spark” of desire to know GOD and his plans for your life. And that spark ignites. GOD’s word is fool proof. Try him and test him ,for, I was the last one in the race.

Being open at a macroscopic level was soon my experience. The battle was now soon everywhere spread. With each day of passing the pages while writing the book, slowly were the scriptures revealing to me the demonic spiritual battles to be fought in the physical and natural realm. And GOD would drop with the vital clues. And I was left on a beautiful island of GOD, to fight the battle with the word of GOD that I had been trained upon and the scriptures now which had become my only weapon and the Lord Almighty, the double edge sword. When you are battling cancer in your body, the virus attacks you inside the body and the effects can be seen outside the body. When a virus attacks the GOD’s child, you have the effects seen in the outside and the most nearest effects of your loved ones. Who knew then, that the battle was macroscopic ,for, fortunately it was made to me microscopic by Lord GOD, the Almighty.

While ending Beta- the intermediate, I knew I had finished the testimony and now my inheritance was about to come. I was all aware and waited for my fellow brothers now to come and meet me. And I rejoiced that I was about to finish the book of GOD and the message was complete. And at last GOD had the mercy on me. I had indeed laboured hard for my inheritance. I was writing a book for him and what more did he want? Somehow, thoughts like these appeared strange to me, for, I knew not why the tone was not familiar to me.

That evening, I got a phone call from the prince’s father. And worried he sounded for somebody had threatened him and his beloved advising him to stay away from the
Prince. The opportunity was for me given by Lord GOD once more. And I made an honest confession and told him, I knew not the stranger but I intended to move on and that the King would want to be the adopted father. For I was clear and I knew, the prince was GOD’s son. I yet again spoke the word of GOD and somehow the word “GOD” flows and comes out of my mouth even when I don’t want to, that’s the transformation from “belief” to “faith”. And he agreed. For the first time, he also took the responsibility of paying the prince’s fees. And I promptly informed the happening to my parents and the King . For truth is pure and not the pearl to be hidden.

There was also a phone call from a stranger, who seems to be doing his regular call backs of recovery of loan. From the mountain I had dropped down on the ground and now the weight to bear the mustard seed also seemed heavy. Not a penny had I and told him to give me the call when the expected pension payment was to arrive.

The HR personnel of the employer now denied of committing a date and now asked me to wait yet another month. For it required a processing time of three months. Verge of my end I was. The princess who sat high on the cliff was now hunting money to buy bread at home.

The father of mine, my mother broke down ,only to say that he had suffered with a minor convulsion yet again. And I knew the trouble of me burned my father ,for, he was in deep repentance, locked in his room, since ages, writing a chant equal to every minute of his life. There have been streams of pages written till date. And how cannot the Lord GOD have mercy on him? For, he was once an alcoholic, fingers burned holding the smoke, eyes of the wretched but still had the goodness and fear of Lord. Frightened was he with the wrath of GOD ,for, now he saw the children suffer too. Isn’t that the cycle of GOD? Your deeds of good should over pour your cup of sin. Only then are your generation is 0blessed in the Lord GOD. Now that fear grips and only seeking his mercy laid the solutions.

The mother of mine was in deep trauma. Jerusalem cried and so did the Wailing Wall. The demonic forces were mighty in strength and I hoped to find light at the end of the tunnel.

My mother handed me over the toe ring. For, she said that being single in the world of man, it was significant for me to pretend to be married. Failed she to see that I had been already the bridal for my groom who was sent Abba himself and I was his wife in spiritual realm. My heart ached. My mother then pushed the toe ring to measure my toe size but there oozed blood and the wounds made by the piece of silver of the ornament. Laughed I . How much more purity can I have my Abba love me more?

I told her the incident about the two calls which had happened with price’s father. And she asked me with strange eyes, “Why do you seek repentance?” I chose not to answer. For confession would make her to judge me and a wrong judgement would bring her sin. And a sinner in GOD’s eyes. Sought mercy I from GOD to forgive my mother for she knew not the dangers and games of Satan.

Oh! Children of GOD, you need to open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to learn to open and watch out for the Satan. For, are these not who call us by names and preach the young, to hold weapons ,to trample the children of GOD? How can you not be wise in judging the men of condemnation? Does GOD teach the men to be slaughtering the blood of the innocent brutal? For there shall be days in the twilight when the Lord GOD, the Almighty shall trample the Satan to dust and cast away from his feet for the Kingdom of GOD is here to prevail. And let the Satan lift his ten headed dragon to the battle and let the Lord, the Almighty Abba show the wrath and the fury in might. Haven’t you watched the earth quake its might? Haven’t your felt the heat of the lava from the erupting mountains? Haven’t you felt the scorch of the sun? Haven’t you felt the howling cry of your own to be torn away by pests and fowls sent by the angel of GOD? For light pierces the dark from the distance of light years. Show me the GOD mightier than Abba for he is light, the creator, the beginning and the end belongs to him, how then do you dare to speak against the creator for then wouldn’t his might cease you in the next wink? Strange that we walk in the world of dead for they know not their end is near.

As for ,the means of GOD, wear the armour and plunge to be ready to stay on the rock of GOD for the waves mighty may look but they die down soon ,for, the rock is here to stay. The salvation shall be poured out to the men of GOD and the churning of the mountain shall begin. For, the children of GOD know the New Wine is here to stay forever and the bitter poison of wrath of fury will go to the men of the evil. For, the sin lay many, and the acts of Satan abundance but it is the will of GOD that the New Wine shall stay here for eternal.

May the words be preached in every “nation”, “soul”, “gatherings” and “church”. For my brothers of faith, ‘church” can also be a “temple” and can also be a “soul”. Foolish are the men if you seek the synonym for the word of GOD, for in GOD lies there no two options. Truth is simple and straight. It carriers no brand of religion, country and creed.

And hence, please don’t opinionate into your own communities but come together as one world. For the need of the hour is to walk on his principles and teachings, applying them
to your practical life rather than debating what gain you make out of this. For this book is meant to be written and spoken from the word of mouth and to be laboured with no cost. What gain can we have in the world, for our seats are already made in heaven? For he is our protection, our creator. Who then dares to lift the voice and flutter the feathers of the eagle? Haven’t the men of world then not seen the eagle soar high above the reach? For, the nest is made high and stand the nest against the stormy weathers and gracefully soars in the storm for chant it name of GOD, the Lord and built the nest on the rock of GOD. Who then can touch the hair of GOD, for, are the men blind not to see the wrath of GOD, the Lord?

Who are these clones of GOD who ask money to be blessed? For money is a device craft to be fully designed by the Satan to lay the trap for the blind. Can money fetch you salvation? Can slaughtering animal blood fetch you salvation? Can the unholy words out of your mouth fetch you salvation? Can jealously against your own fetch you salvation? Can beliefs, rituals, practices which you don’t understand but still you continue ,fetch salvation for you? Can debating about this book of living GOD fetch salvation for you? Can the men in lust and women in vulgar fetch salvation for you? Can the disrespect for your own elders fetch salvation for you? Can the taunts and gossip about the souls whom you call your own friends fetch salvation for you? Can the hours of watching drama, reality shows, serials, and news, fetch salvation for you?

For, salvation comes not from the mere following of the ideologies but for those who can choose to stand up and judge according to the laws of GOD. For his law are righteous and all my opinions agree with him. It is life that you need to handle. And the purpose he gives you. For the times are nearing and preparedness is what he seeks. Apply his principles and be alright with whatever your religion may be. For, the Lord GOD is found inside you and outside you and your brand of religion, caste, creed, country, colour, language, gender is not his label.

“Where does my salvation lie amongst all these?” My timing was just right for the lengthy warning of GOD had just ended. Fear ran down my knees. It was strange to see the two sides of GOD. Fury and Love. And I had invited them both.

I had then completed the Beta. And I then understood the offerings of sins that I had made. How can I feed my food and seek salvation from GOD? I read in the scriptures deep and was deeply insulted for there was condemnation against the offerings. Again a strange unusual voice, which was unfamiliar. Then I took all the offering and the things were empty. The temple and the altar were built. For it was the temple and the church that reflected Nature. There was absolute solace, for, I lay my head of the floor and wept bitterly and I found solace in the soles of my father of heaven. I begged his forgiveness for I was unaware about the right and the wrong.

I read in the scriptures about the huge argument between the gentiles and the Greek, between the believers and the stoners, disagreeing to what had occurred. Cried I
amidst these tears, for, my father is not one amongst them. What men are these whose heart wrenches not for the widow and the fatherless but selfish are the motives in their own desire? How can then GOD, my father be amidst them?

“I lay on the bed crying. People could somehow always read my thoughts and I wondered why. “Walls do have eyes and ears” my mother used to tell me. And when I looked the mask of the beard man, with hallow eyes and the smile unknown, the positioning of the items in home had to be changed. Into the hiding place went Pontiff.

I sat yet again to finish my end of the intermediate. For the scripture read, “You will know that am Lord GOD, when we meet in Spain”. I knew Madrid, Spain. The huge carving of my father, whose vision I had dreamt several years ago. And there he had shown me the vision of driving the darkness away with light. I turned to the first few pages of the book that I wrote. And I saw the world map and the world clock. Looked at it carefully.

Picture attached – world clock
And by 11.00, was I the happy soul ,for, the intermediate – the beta had been completed and I now waited for the “MIRACLE” to happen any moment.

Time flew but yet again I had no answer but humiliation and the scorners about my religion and my faith. Tired was I. Nobody but my father understood the hallowing death.

In my vision , I saw my son to be set on the altar on my east being taken away for a sacrifice. Put I my leg down and screamed ,for, Abba was my rock. And nobody can take me away against his will. On the other end of east, was the King who lay in deep pit of Satan’s pressure yet the urge to battle the life of love and justice, the south laid the Jerusalem which now was under the attack of the demonic destruction. Something was missing in the north; I looked at the lamp that lay hanging on the head. In it lay a prism which was inverted. Something didn’t seem right. It read “Water Resistant”. I jumped with joy. For the water, the new wine, the word of GOD was blocked ,as, the satanic forces had made their way. I replaced the water resistant prism with the trophy of water bearing Aquarius ,for, that was the sign of the King Abba.

I knew that now I was put up on the cross. For, tremendous was the battle of spirits. Here I stood, a missionary, who shuns away from the world, seeking goodness for my brothers and sisters. For, the generation of GOD, and the Kingdom that lay ahead but blinded were the eyes, for their heart melted not.

I walked in shame across the Red Sea, which is the land of complete granite that reflects like water in the rays of the sun, hence the prophets named Red Sea. Walked into Jerusalem, the fountain that lay directed towards south, my mother’s place which drank the water of salvation and washed my feet for ,the water was nothing but the word of GOD released to the entire mankind. The word escaped through water.

The Old Testament was carried out to fulfill the saying for, lo! There came the next chapters which shakes the foundation. For the New Wine was then required to quench the thirst after 2000 years.

I lay on the bed thereafter dead with moans of pain for my father only comforted me then. The next day I waited upon dawn. And I waited for the 11 apostles to yet arrive. But somehow they didn’t , and I yet again waited on the bread and the milk for tea and the bonding of my souls. One after the other came everybody, the kids in the apartment, my maid but no apostles neither the flowers which were promised.

My maid wanted few extra money and we had stumbled on the idea to sell flowers of realm to each house for a meager amount of three pennies. Strange the land of man, hardly but few agree. Aren’t we the same people who spend on fast food and the fast moving life style? Don’t we have the gratitude then to atleast worship your father with a few flowers and by lighting a light? Ah! sent I the children, my kids with a note explaining the problem and the joy of flowers across the building apartment to all the houses doing rounds , but the maid servant despite all the efforts failed to deliver the flowers on time. The wait continued.

Came then Peter to my house. I called her “Peter” for she was a strong believer of GOD. And despite my strong silences, she always loved me strange. Showed her I the upstairs, the setting, the throne, is what I wanted to show. But, she kept asking for a ladder . And found we not a ladder anywhere. I gave her the courage and took courage to admit that in the scriptures the one who could solve the mystery was called as Jesus and since I had stepped the cross and born alive. It was called as the Christ. Her skin stood up in fear and I could understand her plight ,for, mine was no different. It is difficult for strong followers of gentiles to talk about Greek.

But oh! Men of GOD, this son of a carpenter, mocked by people in scripture was contemplating and decoding, translating, and understanding, worshipping and praying, singing and writing, loving and living, the name of GOD. For, he didn’t offer me the label of man, he gave me the seal on my head, which carried my new name given by him. And relished had I creating my business card with a plaster which sealed my wound and the seal read “JESUS CHRIST”, I read it, I re-read it and now I had completely missed out on what peter spoke. For, peter at times did speak too much.

Then I saw the ladder. A ladder so heavy and huge. Jumped we with joy and finally carried the ladder and two souls laid the ladder.

Screamed we, “The ladder for the Lord GOD is laid down, come.” And then we spent the rest of the evening with photographs being taken of the standing witness, and all the moments of a prosperous friendship. For she was an oasis in the desert in the prison which I had been trapped for long. And peter made the gracious offer, which gave me riddance from my debtors.

Despite this, nobody came. And the inheritance lay far away. My fish, the sole survivor named, “Fighter”, died. And strangely I felt trapped in the belly of the fish for three days. Every act did occur. But not visible to the naked eye of man but a holy war had occurred.

“Why then was this war called holy?” I asked the Lord GOD. And he answered with truth in his voice and not unlike the carefully sorted words pre-chosen to win over people’s hearts. Holy it is called because the arrival of light and its victory in the war against dark but not the wrath of blood on revenge. For this is not a “Sweep out” or “mopping” of the bodies in the massacre. Each soul of this paradise is now entitled to receive mercy, forgiveness, love and joy to be gifted into their lives by Lord GOD. I come to give you the message of love ,for, goodness and happiness are reaped in abundance through “LOVE”. Children of GOD do not go on crusading massacre. They are sensible and understand the rules and laws of the Kingdom. A Kingdom then is nothing but your own soul. Shouldn’t the soul be then aware about my existence ,for, I love my children? And if they were meant to be destroyed, why would they have a messiah coming down? This holy war is a representation of the coming of the Lord. The super natural realm was being established as the word was written. Solace and gladness in hearts and a dream of yours was the intention and purpose. Judgement shall now happen. For, it is given by the Lord GOD and against the soul standing. Let now man repent for all his sins ,for, I forgive him and let him now know to lead life peacefully, for ,he now knows my laws. And I accept my son who abides my law. Any of the law breaks, you transgress the law and you stand to sin and choose suffering until you repent. Children shall see the seasons and eternal shall I remain. I promise to forgive and accept for all the souls who choose to come under my shelter. For, my name is not to be profaned and my laws not be broken.

His heart was so soft and his mercy in abundance. He judged me and fulfilled the words of holy war as written. But in it lay not the fury of Lord.

GOD used his power to lift up souls against the hypocrisy and the society of the glass ceilings that lay the souls trapped and wither under his name. Chose he to give a new word and a new life to every cell that breathed his name. For children of GOD do not believe in shedding blood and shouting slogans. Children of GOD believed in becoming men strong to be soldiers and Kings. For it is important to cleanse the soul first and then to step onto the ladder of authority that GOD chooses to give you. Each ladder, promises to bring success, wealth, health, happiness, love and prosperity of “Jehovah Kaheel”, for GOD wanted his children to be happy and the garden of heaven he created. How then could the garden be heaven if he chose gory?.

If every top power of authority GOD chooses to replace in this man of world, wouldn’t then the world we live in revolutionize? For if every country and its countrymen focus on labouring in the Kingdom of GOD and under his authority, wouldn’t then every conscience be governed by the law? For GOD needs no micro chip to control you. You are a free soul. And just as free as the Fowl, as strong as the eagle, as hard working as the ants in summer, as mighty as the lion, as strong as the rock, for the Lord is our rock.

“Keep marching ahead”, were the orders given to me. And I wondered, what still lay for me ahead, for I saw nothing ahead. I wondered why the failure was engulfed upon me so miserably? Great were the words of GOD and obliged and humble I was. Followed I his laws but still I was not able to fulfill the end of my journey. Where lied my inheritance which promised to free my generations, and to complete my own prophecy? Why did I speak at lengths but still unable to make it onto the shore? Cried I howling, unable to control my sadness. For I stood alone in the battle. And any glimpse hope of freedom, put me back at square one of the next level. “How much more longer is this battle?” I asked GOD. And he replied. And I knew his answer by now. His silence.

I stood in front of the wardrobe which there laid few materials still in the bags which I had packed during the end of the first coming. And found I the strange man, the disciple who mysteriously compared my name with his. Wondered I, what had he to say about me, “I say unto you” read the title. And I decided to re-read for I also knew not what to do next.

I pulled the drawer. And saw the lock and the key which had been purchased antique from the land of beaches and churches. Strange was the lock for it had a gentile Goddess featured and the key was the cross. Marveled I. For when I and my King had purchased the lock, we chose to use it on the front main door after our marriage. And it stood in the drawer. “What a timing!” exclaimed I. Isn’t that the marriage, the communion of two diverse land of the east and the west? Who are we to stand oppose and speak ,for, GOD himself had spoken now.” Said I.

I gladly took the lock and the key. And hung it on the gate of my temple.

That evening it rained. The rain brought thunder and lightning which I had never seen. And the Lord was coming. And I was soon getting prepared to welcome him. And my King did arrive in the evening. And told him I about the amalgam of gentile and cross. And he chose to react wisely with silence.

We watched the television and I pondered helplessly about the unfulfilled prophecy. The fuse slipped and absolute darkness we plunged into. The King held his mobile and pat came the torch. I stood and in disbelief. The glass tepoy had a rose carving on it. And the King had held his torch beneath the glass tepoy. And the entire living room was filled with the rose. The flowers of the Lord had been delivered at 12.00 the midnight. And it was my birthday thought I. 19th of March and I wondered why the strange date? But overwhelmed was I.

The next morning the prince delivered flowers of realm as promised to the houses across the apartment. Bore we the expense for the Lord GOD ordered through scriptures the acceptance of gentiles in his Kingdom. And flowers went out from house of Israel to the cities of Jerusalem.

Delighted I was. And frantically I referred the scriptures for the next plans.

Promised I not to worship him in idols but prince had a liking for Baal. And I wondered whether the sayings of scriptures should be followed or my request with GOD Lord. For in the temple, Baal had been brought. And we indeed had the feast.

Loved I the jubilation for the King had chose to fulfill my dream of establishing Baal and the feast to be fulfilled every year.

The scriptures yet again, condemned the worshipping of Baal and the tone that I liken not to hear. Went I in front of the altar. Something had changed. I fought fiercfully in front of the accusers ,for, was I not the one who sat on the lap of my father? Then why the blame of out casting the laws? Transgressed had I the law of GOD Lord in every act of mine, sought I your mercy. Kept have I the word of your sacrificing self on the cross. Live will I for the children of GOD and not a word anymore shall be carried out based on the sayings and words of prophets. For the King shall now have his word and judgement. It was the relationship between the father and the son, and nobody was allowed in between.

For willing was I to die but not anymore of laws which tore men apart. Isn’t the east supposed to embrace the west and equally the west embracing east? When the Lord GOD had given his utmost word through a gentile, why then the word of prophets and angels was supposed to be fulfilled? Cried I and walked away I to the mount olive. For now, I was a stranger in the land of gentile, in the land of Greek and belonged I not to this world. My world lay different and heaven and earth was I trapped in between.

“Salvation” could I not smell. And I chose to open the book and read what the King of Caesar had to say about me. It was 3:10 in the noon. And opened I the book to read the first sentence, “Finally we meet in Poona”. Rejoiced I . For, I had been telling everybody around, if everything failed, I would chose to go to Poona and lead a life, away from the King and the world. Agreed not to many of the things written but what laid in his eyes, his charm and his courage engulfed me with love. Answered he to the questions of gentiles in the book using the scriptures. Knew he about me, for he had known me, his words soothed me, but he insisted on the crucification and the aftermath. “King of Jews” mocked the crowd and “dead on the cross” they rejoiced. Something strange snapped.

Asked I to Lord GOD to show me the path that lay ahead. And opened I the scriptures. Mentioned was the line speaking about the fierce battle between the good and the evil, light and the dark. False prophets, fallen angels would take their position in the temple engulfing the crucification to be completed, read I.

Remembered I my clue on the television “Check your inbox”, I forgot that I was to declare that I am alive to my intercessors and my angels, who prayed for the coming of GOD. Understood I now the battle of Lord GOD. For, every strange voice, I heard in me, was the thought planted by the false prophets.

Casted out in fire was Jeremiah and lot of others followed. Lord GOD had decided to show his wrath and drove all the false prophets and the spirit of Satan out of the temple, for, he brought the knowledge of light to me, when I lay inside the temple, the third day after the crucification.

Got up I, and wore the helmet of salvation. Rode my bike and typed I the letter in a mail to all my 11 apostles and my loved brother and his beloved. Pledged had their life for me, believing in the word of Lord. Ordinary was I yet sought they in me to do the super natural, the epitome in GOD’s Kingdom. Where else will I find love ,for, this love has been carried on since decades, even before you and I were born. For its written in scriptures, by the Alpha and the Omega. How different was their life of survival from mine for they relied on a stranger from far east, shy and guarded, a different religion and a different land, the angel of fun and music and the rightful ,the trainer, preacher and the leader in me. For I was now the leader. The leader of my own soul. I owned my soul. I owned my Lord GOD, my father. Ofcourse, a piece of him only for infinite is his realm, and happy I am to be his dust. My apostles were my preachers of the spiritual realm. And they were my chosen ones, for the Lord had appointed them. Appreciated they had for ever good work I did, accepted I felt in my own four walls for they spoke principles and values of life, promptly was I scolded with love when I fumbled and regrouped they, my pieces of scattered soul to a strong rock. Loved I them, for, they are my teachers. Respect I them and beyond all, we had just won a battle, a battle of the fore runners. I longed to see them in my temple. Publicity and fame not I desired and away from the glare and media I choose to shun. For the word of GOD is holy and may it remain as holy as declared. Nobody shall bring disgrace to the book of living GOD, for it carries the message divine, the words of the ruler of this Kingdom, for he declares, the Kingdom belongs to him. Death and famine shall be brought upon the spirit which shall defile the holiness of the book of living GOD. For it comes then only to the hands of the chosen one and the dead shall not hear the words.

Stay away from your judgement but carry the word of Lord, using the words to be preached. Don’t add any rules of your own, seek clarity from the preachers and the teachers for the book shall be explained by the apostles in detail by the word of scriptures for the word of GOD is holy.

Let there be free wine of the word of GOD. Let the kids watch the fairy tales, the moral of good and bad. Take the torch of heritage forward and let the world come together. For aren’t we the people who love tintin, hagemaaru, amar chitra katha, Mickey mouse and umpteen stories of Disney weaving fairy tales? Listen, let them hear to the stories of our heroes from lands of monks and let them watch the zeal of sports in the champions across the world. Satan ruins the image of sports with cheer leaders and their stink. For, what do we need them when I have my own sent by GOD? Keep fun clean. And do not clutter the concept of good and evil with wars, blood, weapon and destruction, abuses and lashing, jealousy and anger rather ,show the light of love, patience, joy, peace, confidence, discipline, and above all the passion. The passion to live life to the fullest according to the word of GOD, for this Kingdom belongs to you.

Came back I and sat in silence at home. Having a heart of child opens the door of heaven easily, I learnt. “Being yourself the way your soul I have given.” Was the idea of his word, I thought. And noble were my intentions, why still then I had not received my inheritance? “Isn’t the world I long to see, the land you created, the mountains, the sky, the water, the snow, the desert, the wild all mine for father I am your daughter. Why then have you locked me in the prison with my King and me and my prince as prisoners in your temple, Lord GOD? Wanted I not anymore this fame, this applaud, miracles any more to prove your existence, not money, neither anything that belonged to the world of man.” For I longed to see the sky beyond bars of the temple of the prison, I longed to meet the souls in abundance, brothers and sister of Mine. For suffered we had enough under the wrath and fury of our own. And freedom from the invisible chains I longed for, I cried for my own follies for I dreamt of owning a land and claimed an inheritance for I want worthy to be in his Kingdom. Ran I had the race, and last I had been in his Kingdom. I no longer craved or had strength left in me to right for I longed my beloved now. I longed for my father and his words. Not anymore of scriptures, television, books, food, money, I wanted but only him.

My desires had been defeated and my pride had been lost in the dust of earth. Such was the judgement of Lord my father, for his daughter now longed nobody but her beloved. Cried I in pain and agony for I didn’t long for the throne set by the world of emptiness that he left in me. Where was he and why was he silent? Didn’t he see the tears of this daughter being torn away and driven away by her own? Why then, this anger,” I asked.

The scriptures read again, “You have denied me thrice” and I wondered about it for a long time. Yes, I had denied him thrice, I denied his name. For I feared the land of men. I had denied in the Alpha, the Beta and the Omega, his name to be penned thrice. And it was indeed my father, who I had denied.

I was torn between the love for the King and my Abba. For I loved not my King more than Abba but I found my completion of soul in my King. Changed the chain of silver which bore the dollars of cross and the Baal on the pearl both I kept away ,for, no more was I a priest. Here I was the widow, a priest who now wedded by the permission of my father. Were I the pearl in the cage dollar for didn’t that signify me better?

And Abba had guided me, when my eyes met that of my King and came my voice of contentment “Abba”, the word came out in the act. And I knew. He tricked me. For now I saw Abba, the spirit of him in my King. And no longer, I felt the discrimination of King and Abba. And no longer, I felt the discrimination of King and Abba, for I was wedded to one and the same. The spirit of Abba, was now in the King and complete was I. The wedding of gentile King and the Christ. The impossible in the land of man so welcomed in the world of GOD.

I rejoiced in his love. And sang in the voice of harlot for he allowed me to retain the angel of music, worship and prayer. I was allowed to retain them while all the other personalities in me were stripped . The prison seemed now the most holiest place to dwell for, I was now in his arms of cuddle and love.

“Strangely, the judgement days still was here to stay for a few more days” said the words and I wondered why? I stood that morning in front of the altar. All that now lay there was the candle stand, the lamp of oil and the throne on the corner stone. And the stand was highly condemned by the word. I looked at it. It bore the elephant carved and bore it the weight of the stand. Around it were bars and reminded me it of prison. Realized I and jumped, “Good Lord, wasn’t this the one of the candle stands made of stone, carved by the artisans at on sale, and in the mercy of youth was stolen by the King himself. The Baal and his children had been saved ,for, it bore the weight of the Lord’s fury. And hence the gentiles of Baal were accepted by the mercy of Lord. Allowed were the King and the Kingdom to feast and the festival of lights. And there lay yet another day permitted and
I could not find the answer. We were called as thieves for we had went on a spree of shop lifting in the land of churches. Earned in big digits we had held a designation of managers, claimed we had to be the children of GOD but could we have forgotten the round of confessions for our own sins. How could we then be liberated without the circle of confession? How much is my Abba going to peel my skins of onion layered?

In the state of wild spirit me and my King had always dared the spirit of adventure. And I was the man in culprit for I started the race of wrong. Ever since a small child, I lay an expert in stealing the berries of wild, the goose berries from the trees, and expert in stealing the fruit being sold on the pavement and the small pieces of seemingly worthless things. Never the valued ones in the eyes of man. Trying hard I am to cover but the Lord GOD pulls the peel finally now. I liked the adrenaline rush of it. Walking being not caught by the eyes of man was a challenge and I like the pulse.

I went near the wardrobe. Opened I the door wide open. Came the skirts of rags, shirts, key chains, books out from every corner. Every single thing Shop lifted from the streets open, was laid out in front of me. Wasn’t I the one who claimed for the title hard? Laughed and clapped my hands with the King for we were uncaught by the men.

The scriptures read, that Lord GOD and the angels had conversed about us. “Who are the two who steals in the Kingdom of GOD from the cloth merchants, the artisans the beach sellers and the vendors of the street? I heard they mocked and rejoiced in my name. And from the land of churches, did they escape?

Shall I then bring the wrath of famine and food for their own clothes shall be rags to them. They will be pests cursed and the cry of the owners shall curse them with no wrath. Prisoners shall they be for I will teach them a lesson and send them Back to teach the word of Lord. They shall serve me in my temple for they have transgressed my law.”

Was I now supposed to say something? I smiled; I now know not what to write. This is the reason, why I was dressed in rags in sack cloth in unclean clothes since the time of the day of the “Miracle” of the first day of the year. How can I reach out to the world claiming the word of GOD without the need of having to wish my own sins? All the stolen things went into the place of hiding.

Glad I was for the time when I and the King had hatched the plan to rob a shop of wooden and shell pieces of decoration. And carried I the bank like a Santa of wild craft. The King had diverted the attention of the shop keeper in the ground floor and climbed had I stairs to reach the entire room filled with priceless antiques and given was I the option of looting the booty. Drunk was I not in wine. I looked at every single piece, deciding and selecting. And finally after good 8- 10 minutes, the King and the shop keeper arrived. We did purchase a whole lot of goods for a good price, for we did pay money. The owner offered us the “Coke” to drink. And not a drop I could drink. For my legs trembled and I urged the King to leave. And when we came out, we drove the bike to end of the beach. Asked he with greedy eyes waiting to see the booty. And showed I the porcelain memento which fit just right on my little finger that read “GOA”. Laughed we at the booty. For in my time of judging and deciding and the nervousness of stealing, the crime which I could not carry out ,for, I was not interested in being a professional. I had buckled under pressure and could shop lift the most memorable piece, which absolutely was worthless in the eyes of the man. Thank GOD I could not steal beyond this else I don’t know how would I have been consumed under the judgement of GOD, the Abba, my father. Forgiveness now I seek from my brothers ,for, I will now promise to replace with wine of GOD, the word of GOD, in the empty places of the goods stolen. I have repented and I seek mercy from the Lord GOD and my brothers.

The shared the story with the King and unbelievable it sounded. The King and I were by now able to understand the language we spoke for we were on a kilometer distance maintaining in the sanctity of the sanctuary. “Six days and seven nights” shall you keep the temple holy announced Lord in the scripture for the book was on its way to begin the new journey on the last few pages of GOD.

Begged I for Lord GOD to take the anger and wrath for we promised to behave and uphold the robe of his Righteousness and judgement in truth and light.

I was taken near the washing machine and intuitively asked to pull the small door open. When I did, I found the garbage collected in the net which had blocked the water and hence the clothes were never spinned dry. Ah! The punishment and ways of GOD. Isn’t this the water that was supposed to be released as told in the scriptures for this canal never had flowed. I cleaned the filter and lo! The next day on, there were clothes of the priest robed. GOD, fine linen for all the rags and sack cloth now had gone into hiding. Kept clean I the temple and self, for isn’t this the gift from the Lord?

Every decision was to be conscious. Be it , to put in junk into your mouth, the exercise you give to your body. The clothes that you wear, the fun which you choose, the talent which you are blessed, the elders whom you hear, the GOD to be nurtured for every single decision lay in your hand. I stopped the burning of incense for it came not from the clean soil. Hated GOD, for it was made of cow dung and artificial fumes of fragrance.

What but the divine smell of flowers could replace the fragrance of GOD?

I longed now to be the bride of my King ,for, lay the love deep. Wondered I about the home which GOD, my father Lord promised. Where is my nest, my HOME father, the land which you give for your children when they go back to their land of paradise. For Adam and Eve need to now carry their journey of love and peace for the foundation to be set for the generation of the Benjamin.
“Complete the work you have come for and in it lies your freedom. Write the testimonies and the words I teach you and seal the book with my word, for the new world and new heaven will be created in the end times to come, and the honey and the milk will be given to all my children, go finish your job Sally, for ,only but you are the chosen.

Last runner in the race to do it. Keep the word of GOD and run the race till the end ,for, it’s not the first who wins the race but the last one to survive the judgement ,aftermath, who completes the race you have been forgiven and your sins are cleansed in my temple. Go live the life of the dream, each day to wake up to the miracle of your father.

How can a daughter not write the testimonies of her father? How can a soul who was saved by GOD not write the words of the miracle she witnessed? How can she not write the prophecy sealed in the scripture for 2000 years? How can she not pledge her life to GOD when he blessed her in abundance with his knowledge and wisdom?

Sat I to write the OMEGA- The End, for I knew my juncture of salvation was nearing. And in it lay the salvation of the mankind. The building was constructed the roof was yet to be laid, in his King dom.

Came the King that evening. And gave I the briefs about the story as then up to date till Omega and, warned I him not to stop him despite his abusive words about my Lord GOD. Accepted he not his follies but scorned at the name of Lord GOD. I understood him. Wasn’t I there, once upon a time. A land of confusion. I understood the strategy of GOD’s Kingdom. For everybody begins from the same state of confusion and I had broke open the prison first in 90 days by severe wrath and suffering and punishment of Lord GOD to find the purpose of life. Writing this book, the holy, was the purpose I was born for. And to complete his play, we were called for. For we were the chosen ones. The book about you and me. What a time to live in? What a time to rejoice in his timing like always “IMPECCABLE” by now. Also by now, I have fallen in hopelessly love with my GOD for who will not after drinking this words of divine?

Denied the King about GOD in every spoken word, but grieved he deeply inside ,for, he was the believer staunch but was blinded in the chains of Satan’s label of religion, country, tongues and wealth. I watched. For the Lord GOD now promises the journey to be quick for the sin had been borne on the cross. I urged the King to stand and receive for the judgement was on him to come.

The television churned women in bikinis and the men drooling their tongues. Name was tactic to be caught on camera unaware; I wondered how different was it from escaping the camera of GOD. Looked the King with his eyes, changed he not the channel, but in turn advised me to be mature. GOD’s wrath gave in. and I smashed the bottle of water down to the ground, breaking the nerve of my thumb open and asking the King to leave. For Satan lay his hands strong on him. And he had given into the temptation of “strange and foreign women” as said in the scriptures. GOD’s anguish against the whoredoms and vulgarity and oppression against men and women was enough for him.
He had not created “Love” to be sold for dogs and men were not created to be alike. Submerged he the people who seek not repentance with pests of strange, locusts and fowls, to be swallowed in their own poison and prisoned they shall be in the deep pit.

My anger had given in ,for, I lay hurt deep against the anguish I had given into. Spoke I not a word and neither had I heard he word. The day of silence passed by. I read and held on to the word of GOD. For read I in scriptures, that the King had to come to repentance for hadn’t he eyed on the neighbours wife, hadn’t he worshipped the demon of Babylon every Saturday offering him prayers, hadn’t he used power and might of wealth oppressing and righteousness of the Lord GOD for he knew his son and his good acts of holy, a heart of perfect Solomon who sang the tune of love pure not seen on the planet? He did come back ,for, I apologized first.

The next day of Saturday, the offering started in the King’s place. For ,the King was not allowed to worship in the temple of Babylon where men unholy and unkempt intentions offered. Build your own altar at home, for the GOD lies in you, your home, and your temple. Worship his name. For your soul is your home and the altar is GOD’s word.

The attack yet again came against me from the prince father and his wife but were consumed away in the might roar of GOD’s wrath. The King roared against the callers unknown who trembled away in his wrath of roar and the princes, his angel, I was drawn near in his shield of love. Came home coupons of food and wealth for the Lord promised the continual supply of them for our generations eternal.

The sun was about to set. The battle of the best of three was furious for the battle was against GOD and the traces of Satan that lay hidden in the King. The King scored one and the sun set. But stood I and triumphed on the table, for the victory was GODs. Had we not beaten the King 2:1 ? A hug and a kiss of love had the King drunk for he had forgotten the battle had already, “THE KING OF THE KINGS AND THE LORD OF THE LORDS” belonged to the Alpha and the Omega. The Lord had come. The Lord is here.


Music is spiritual and clement was the name to be etched in the scripture.

Epilogue of Book – 1

A Happy Ending After All

The floor beneath did shake due to the construction of wood work underneath the temple of prison. And the King completed his circle of judgement along with the haughty prince. Repentance and blessing came in abundance. The King was trained and made a believer of Lord GOD for want he the one the daughter of Zion asked her father. The father did announce the establishing of the King Vikramaditya for he gave the judgements of tight and the wrong. The King spoke fearlessly about the King dom and GOD in the corporate world of servers and soft wares he managed. For GOD melts the Satan and rough edges, he promises. This book was written while I lay trapped in the temple, my prison, where the Lord GOD, came saw and conquered in the middle of the night when nobody saw. Was he not the thief who stole the dark?

The miracle now remains a reality. And mystery is out of the deep hidden theologies. He beats us all. For he is the Lord, the Almighty, the King .

- MAY 15TH 09 -



It had been three days now since I had completed “THE END - OMEGA” and now I just waited on Lord GOD, to move things miraculously at the speed of light. For now, the King of Babylon had been defeated and now the King had been successfully established on the throne, I was now the wife the queen of the heart of my King and my prince, the son ordained to Lord GOD. Everything was just right.

I prayed for my 11 apostles and my brother and his beloved from far land. He was the brother of mine, foretold 2000 years ago. Hadn’t he risked beyond all odds and started a religious channel? The channel preached in English. The language which had been constantly denied entry into the land of east and strangely English was a common language which now bound east and west.

I wondered hard and long. As promised by the Lord GOD, should not my brother and beloved be coming near the gates of the temple to give me “Boo” Surprise? But why was it still a vision of future?

“Somehow, the race I seem to run never ended.” I cried. I lamented. I cursed GOD. I hated him. I just wanted Him to perish me now ,for, I no longer intended to run the race.

I checked with the neighbour whether had they planted the seed of mango, for, its seed will bear seeds of salvation for the man who planted it, announced the Lord GOD. And I had given it to the owner of the neighbour, who had the wife having lost her breast to the surgery. And their answer broke my hope, which now simmered on a very low flame. “No, and moreover, the roots of the mango tree will destroy the foundation of our building and the roots will destroy the wall of the compound”, said the neighbour. “Alas!, How foolish are these people.” I thought. My heart ached for the Lord’s seed had been just wasted. “A waste of Miracle indeed”, said the Almighty Abba. “Isn’t it?”, I pitched in. “Ofcourse! For, that seed you found while you rejoiced the mangoes in the temple and you handed the gift to the neighbour who I hadn’t blessed.” Said Lord GOD.

I knew I was on a down hill yet again ,for, I was supposed to sow the seed ,for, it was given the job to me. The visit to mother’s house, also saw the sufferings continue. No break through, though “THE END” had been etched so very well in the Book of living GOD.

Upset I was. It was the long weekend of my King ,and he took a couple of more days leave for his health and his spirits seem to run him low. Messages and talks with uncle in foreign land brought only the agony that the iron hand of the Lord Almighty was continuing. Strangely, people much elder to me were calling me now to handle the situations of their lives, which they faced the last thing I wanted now was to not crumble like bead under pressure. ““Hope and faith” when nurtured, “Fear and Pain” shall depart. It is a spiritual war. And we are the first fore runners and we need to get the word of GOD flowing into the earth again despite all the odds for the battle was fierce and we cannot allow the emotions to boggle us down. Wear the armour of GOD. And we will win the battle for it is the promise of Lord, my father Abba and he promises to give us the land of inheritance which our generation lost.” I typed the message to my uncle. The nerves of steel seem to get only stronger and we had absolutely no going back now.

Word and awkward moments were these for me. For I knew not The inheritance that laid. I knew not the path. But I was told that “The path to light has been laid. Walk the talk”. The idiom, “Walk the Talk” was familiar to me. Every manager in the corporate is familiar with the concept. “You discuss the issue burning and have a frank discussion with our manager in the most informal yet, an approach that gives you an opportunity to seek clarification and have no two ways.” Recollected I the meaning.

Stood I in front of the Lord GOD. And revised I my laws and commandments he had given. And scored had we points in obeying the law of love, respect, charity, elders, discipline, ethics, loyalty, honour, money handling, understanding principles and lo! Laboured had we, by his word. Then for, what joy was the sentence of punishment continuing. Salvation was so near yet it seems like a failing mirage. I cried out for the oasis for why could not I see the Lord, the hand of love who seems to follow everywhere yet not deliver us, argued I in the most direct conversations that I had with Lord.

“No doping and No illicit affair” came the frankest reply from him. The words pierced me straight. I knew the prophets and the angels of heaven had attacked we with the covenant of Lord GOD which I carried. Hadn’t I mentioned in THE END, that the covenant is a slimy thought where the GOD protects you against the world? I argued with GOD, for, I indeed had sought covenant from him. I had promised him that I would quit smoking up, once I got married. Couldn’t the Lord GOD himself see, how distressed were the queen and the King .And we were transparent with him all the while. Why then were the heavens now pressing charges against us? Hadn’t they achieved enough by pushing us to quit everything we had and walk the path of the unknown? Had the Lord GOD also now given into their word? Cried I and anguished was I, for the beating in the court room had taken off the veil between me and GOD. How could he have double standards? How could he have not saved me form the shame and embarrassment, u pleaded? Wasn’t he my beloved, my father, my King , my friend, my guide, my jester, my soul, my life? How then can he let me off the guard on a track whose destination I knew not? “He had humiliated me and let me down. Talk shall I not anymore to him. Answer shall I not anymore. And nobody shall interfere.For this is the fight between me and my GOD.” Declared I.

What is the ideal thing to do, when two people fight with the bruises laid in the emotions so clogged? “Talk your heart out,” is the perfect solution.

He listed in the scriptures one chapter after the other. Why was the race the lengthiest recorded in the scriptures? I found my answers.

“I gave her everything she asked for. The bread came in, joy and happiness flowed in. I gave her clean robes, water in abundance. Peace and pearl were hers. But obeyed not she my laws. And lay yet again with the King ,who yet was not declared by the law of papers. She strayed from night on night but yet she found me not. Lay she in the drunken state, not with wine, slaves they had become to the Pharaoh and served had they in the clutches and prisoned were they in the land of Egypt”, said the words in the scriptures.

“Six days and seven nights” a fast of purity. Abstaining from sex with the King now dawned on me. The idea then seemed to have a purpose.

The intention was clear. To finish writing “THE OMEGA”. But Lord GOD had logic varied unlike MAN.

“When you can abstain from sex with your loved one for six days and seven nights, wouldn’t you able to be abstain from it altogether till you are declared married? For spiritual marriage did happen in the heavenly realm. And a marriage of legal was yet to happen in the earth, the physical and natural realm. And the law clearly stated, no making of love, till you have a certificate approved” said the angel of Lord GOD.

“Nobody is above the law and nobody can escape the law. Not even his own son”. “Being established as a King and having the book of laws of the Kingdom in your hand, how can you seek freedom, for you are still a prisoner of your own sins? How can the King have a veil between him and GOD? How can you have double standards? How can you bring shame and embracement to your own GOD? Wasn’t he your beloved, your father, your King, your friend, your guide, your jester, your soul, your life? How can you then get off the train, in the middle of the track when the journey still hadn’t reached its destination?” declared the angel. The angel was “Nathan”, as written in scriptures.

And all the voices, all the angels, all the talks, were invisible, within the heart and the soul. The worst part, body was mine. Hence, for people I looked a piece of one, but this body acted on my judgement of my own. For I chose to. The power of iron hand hadn’t been spared. And this was recorded as the most painful conversations of Israel and GOD Lord. For, this broke down the pride, the escapists, the sweet and flattering words into a shame that I had brought upon my own GOD Lord.

In those days, I wished I could die. I knew the laws. I had them with me. But I chose to not apply them. And GOD chose to not reward my incomplete work. “Simple” I said to myself. “You follow the path abiding the laws you finish to reap. You fail upholding laws, the father you run away from your destiny, your inheritance. Because I choose the path. And I decide my destiny. And if I need to reach my destiny then I need to abide the laws,” said my logical thinking .

“How many more times am I going to fall flat on my face? And how many times will I let my apostles down? How many more times will I provide excuse for running slow and how many times will I deny my sin”, I said, my head covered between the two pillows. I was in no mood to come out and do anything at all. For I was bruised. By my own covenant. The covenant now lay open for everybody to see. And moving on from here, was the battle of Epitome.

“You can begin from where you stand today”, I was reading my own book, my own words, and slowly I understood the whole plot of the Lord GOD. Well almost.

I must admit, sitting in the prison of my soul, breaking the bars of sin, admitting to own follies and beyond all defending my own faults and the painful trauma of gulping the bitter medicine of correction is a prescription the at I didn’t want to drink for too long. Indeed the psalms poured out from the holy book. And the proverbs fed with the words of wisdom put the fuel in the soul, to run the next and hopefully the last league of the race. Have you ever ran a race, where you know that there lies the purpose of your life, but can be achieved if you are willing to on the terms of a “Clean and a Willing to Clean”, attitude of cleaning your soul?

Covenant truly exposed my sins. But when we walk away from the sin, the “covenant”,
the shield between you and Lord GOD brings you much closer. And your father, being the adorable perfectionist he his, will rip the covenant and sets out to rub your soul with the best finale of celebration for you have walked with him, when nobody else did. He had made me so comfortable, that I had mustered courage to write down the love of my GOD, against all the odds. And here he was, with the bid to send me out to the world, with the last few blemishes being now torn away. Hadn’t I mentioned earlier, “Your “YES” means “YES” and your “NO” means “NO””. And I recollected the economist’s clue given in the channel.

“Covenant” simply offer you the “Grey” shades. And its beautiful how the Lord GOD in the “most polite” and the “most street smart” ideologies designed in his King dom, was now pulling me out of the clutches of the might Pharaoh of Egypt.

“Ah..!” I consoled my “self” which no longer was mine. It was completely in my father’s hand. And it was better, for I knew, “I” would be unable to pull up my “self” to fight the biggest last League.

2000 years and two sins had a disparity too large. And I never intended to now quit the race. I chose rather was left with the option. And I knew, I had made the wise choice. The King was my loved one sent by GOD, and “SEX” to me would be defined in a poor taste. For, when you love a soul that GOD chooses you to be with making love is the most purified thought for it were to be condemned, then “LIFE” would not have originated during this course of action. Man had described this course of making love as changing the clothes in the cupboard, with rules on the board and yes, the rules “bored”. Do animals have a regulation manual to study the art of love making and love? How bizarre was then these articles available in every form of media, giving you ideas of Do’s and Don’ts? And strangely, we never realized that Satan had carefully planted the seed which had blinded the ideology of the purity of making love. And so are the dead people cursed with the blindness by Lord GOD. Those who shall not seek GOD in their lives, how then will they know the definition of “love”. For its not the way it’s supposed to be. With “Man” thinking about another millions and scores of foreign women with each body parts of the millions of women he chose to, while he would continue laying with his loved one. It want either the woman, suppressing her desires and tailoring to the needs of her man carefully. Neither was it the action to be measured looking at the watch nor was it to “try” and select the “best fit” for, in the Kingdom of GOD, everything remained HOLY. The thoughts, the actions and the heart. And if only “HUMAN” would dwell in the heart of “MAN” he would have known the intoxication of “LOVE” for, you will then be living in the garden of Eden, the paradise of your own with Adam and Eve, and fortunately not having to think about the serpent anymore.

I messaged to my King.“Final two warnings for my tears of remorse and pain, I wanted it to dwell longer for “I” had deeply hurt my “self” and people of my own.” And beyond everything, for the critic that I was I was paying up with deep humiliation of flouting the laws of GOD, holding and writing the very laws given by the Almighty. Held I the scriptures and read I the next few lines.

Thought myself I, “Was it not the same world of “MAN”, who had put me up on the cross to suffer for the sins of man. And the “MAN”, Jesus, who had the body of “MAN”, had now been sent yet again to repeat the course of actions of Old Testament but no more to end the world but had been now raised from dead, not once but twice for here I was, to bring the WORLD, the children who belonged to him the word of GOD. In this era of MAN, heading towards catastrophe, in his own words was now saved by the odds of all his explanations. For “Jesus” is not about the theories and debates, but the ruler who now had sent his Messiah, not suiting to any of the theories that MAN debated in different religions and understanding of his own. Here was I, a mother single, a mother of a10 year old located in the land of idols, branded not with the religion of Christianity, practicing the selected rituals of the Hindus and sharing the life with my friends who varied from Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, and all the religions that you could think of. I chanted the “Vedas” to my GOD. I worshipped the Lord GOD, without an Idol for does the earth, moon, space, star and you and me captured in the idols of man made in silver and gold and rubies and emeralds, fetch the love of GOD? Guns, weapons I required not for the mighty iron hand of my Lord Almighty enough for the journey that laid ahead of me. Blood of gory, rituals of many, religions of many, teaching and training of leaders many, sacrifices many, nothing can bring possibly “MAN” out of darkness”, I thought.

I needed a law. A book of laws from the Lord GOD himself, for without the shopping list, will we not get lost in the mall of life? Was this then the purpose of my life? For the six million of my ancestors were killed ruthlessly by men possessed by Satan and we continued scattered with the binding in our own souls. For we had defiled the very law given by Lord GOD 2000 years ago. And here I was, the agent of Lord GOD, who now was trapped in the house of hers. Strangely, I still paid rent to the very “house” that belonged to me. For my father, who knows not his roots, had brought me a house, a brand new apartment to his daughter and I wanted to share his financial burden for the price of temple was an expensive affair. Quit had I my husband for found I not the man of GOD in him. Fallen in love, I now, with Abba my King . Quit I had the job “MAN” offered and chose the career that GOD had for me. Filled he had my brains. Healed he had me and raised from dead. Word by word he gave me ,mentored and was preparing me to pour out his word across the land of his, for his intentions were clear. “HE” wanted every soul of his child, to be turned towards him.

For with “HIM” only could “YOU” and “I” seek salvation. And salvation was not the idea of quitting and selecting either of the realms but the communion of the spiritual, natural and physical realm. It meant you trained on the word and then you get “live’ life on his word and complete the cycle of “life” finding the destiny, the key to your purpose of life.

“Living life beautiful was the purpose of life that GOD intended for all of us. Can “YOU” and “I” have a heart of his? Do we have a heart as big as his when even the last cry from your soul will be heard by him and you shall be saved? He didn’t require your money, your false prayers, your hypocrisy of devotion of hours, your folding and kneeling without your souls, your flattering lips of praises, your elaborate insensitive rituals, he required no throne of yours, for HE IS THE LORD ALMIGHTY, THE KING THE EMPEROR, THE CREATOR, THE SAVIOUR, THE PROTECTOR, THE DESTROYER, THE RULER of “YOU” and “ME”. And every piece of this creation you and I see belongs to HIM. Then would your beliefs, practices and rituals impress him? No. For every thing was created by Man. And over a period of time, the sayings of Man had hindered his own. And that is why there has been a constant search of “SELF” to find the “LORD GOD” in the history we hold. “Where do we go from here, now?” I asked my “SELF”. The longest speech spoken I had and THE END, had led me in finding the purpose of my life. In my purpose laid the purpose of my Abba. What else did I “want” that I cribbed and whined so foolishly then about my “wants”?

The final day of the Lord was nearing. And I read the eclipse which was predicted by scientists on July 23rd. Referred I the holy book. And it was clearly written that the sun would be darkened and the moon would be soaked in blood and to me it required no further miracles from the Lord GOD to furnish the proof that I foolishly had asked for his existence. “The day of the Lord is coming and I need to finish the work, for the time is near to salvation of mankind.”

The poor, meek, single, shy, loss of words in her mouth, the fear of this world didn’t matter to me anymore. For I knew, this seed, was created to be like this for this seed could be easily discarded by the world of MAN as rotten. But look at what Lord GOD Almighty had in his mind. He took the same seed for it had only one thing that it had brought from the creator, “FAITH”.

And that was enough for the seed to complete the act of germination in his soil, for his words watered my ability of judgement, his love brought upon the leaves, his acceptance and forgiveness eternal strengthened my branches and I bore the fruits of his labour for the root belonged to Abba. Sheltered many fowls, creatures of day and night, in the shelter of righteousness, wisdom, warrior, love, kindness and the burning fire to be lit in the hearts which shall continue to burn eternal. For it was the torch I held, lit by Abba. And I had to now run the marathon on his word. Enough of the spirit declared he and arranged the marathon, the lap which I was born to run, for this was his will. Didn’t I mention the bible, the Quran, and the Holy Scriptures were indeed true for it was meant to be HOLY and it was time of the end, where his words were meant to be completed?

Sin = 1/success

Path of light = 2(success)

Was the formula derived like this before?

When “HOPE” sprouts in your “HEART”
Despite falling flat, nothing now is impossible.
For, every day and night have I lived in,
Let me now do something for my Lord
That even he is proud of his creation….

Fasten your belts of salvation
Lets fly carrying happiness
To meet the clouds of heaven
To fulfill my dreams of emptiness….

I did not like Jesus on the cross wounded. Nor ,did I like his creation to be walking wounded. And here was “Jesus”, “Shiva”, “Allah” coming to break away the glass ceilings of Man and his world operating in his own understanding. Forgiving, accepting, loving and caring to take the WORLD, his paradise to a different realm that MAN is yet to see. My fellow angels and children of GOD, who belong to religions of not this word, but the religion of the ONE WORLD, with a new Order and a New beginning. Dancing and singing , joyous and full of life, Jesus of the 21st century was a pied piper of your soul which once captured by the tune, was impossible for MAN to return to his WORLD, for he was now “HUMAN”.

Hindi lines to be filled

तुझे देख देख सोना तुझे देख कर हैं जागना मैंने यह जिंदगानी संग तेरे बितानी तुझमें बसी हैं मेरी जान हाई जिया धड़क धड़क जिया धड़क धड़क जाएँ

Allow your soul to sacrifice in his name of love and let your soul to soar high in his name of love. This is devotion. “And you too can get it but for FREE! What more for every step that you walk on his law, you will be rewarded with double in measure to be successful, in what is required in the natural and earthly realms of his Kingdom” I exclaimed.

“Jesus” I understood had a definite problem of ego and pride. And I understood the reason for constant failure. For every time, I had written a testimony, I always thought, I was better than the apostles or my brothers. But the rejection Lord GOD on closing the gates of heavens slamming on my face sure did cause me to go down in anger and in vengeance. I was too ‘ordinary” and my father was bent upon keeping me “ordinary”. Every step of failure, demanded, me to go back to my father and seek his feedback about my iniquities. Hard it in but is right, for all my opinions agree with my father.

“Is there a system of bias that exists in the father’s heart? Can he love me more and his other creations lesser? Can he send his son to the world outside when pride in his heart is bigger than the humility?” All these questions had brought insight in abundance and accepting and rating my own self had doomed the inheritance and the testimony. Cursed I my iniquities.
For, the lessons to learn more were many and I sat here preaching people when my own soul required to be preached. “Preach” is easy. “To Teach” was the option that GOD suggested.

“Advice given” is the best medicine only after it is experienced by your own soul.

The journey was sure getting tougher. Especially, when you know that you were the reason for your own failure. “Failure” is defined as a “pause” from your long run in life. It gives you an opportunity to ponder about your iniquities, your off track with GOD’s word and his Kingdom. Hence, at any point in life when you understand that you failed, the next important step is to call upon your father. For he gives you the much needed word of advice, love and care, that yet again, will put you back in the race and you can move on, to explore the journey. His disciplines you, just like I tried to discipline my son. But unlike me, GOD chooses a more matured approach. He waits on you patiently till you call upon him. And when you are ready the “excel” sized feedback I is given to you that seemingly looks to bury your below the earth and hidden in its grounds. However, stop not here, for he plus you out with his mighty hand and his acceptance will comfort your wounded soul. “Our father in heaven loves you and me, the same” I understood. “Nobody is above or below his law”.

And the much required feedback had made me understand that we all came from the same source and we were meant to be equal. For each of his creation was unique and each had the rating “EQUAL” in his eyes. How then had I failed in my own pride, testimony after testimony, and finally my mother grace had put some sense of self analysis into me?

“What then keeps me going?” I wondered. “The goal”, I knew. I the game of PS2 at every level, the player holding the joystick, plays, uses the extra life’s, dies. He repeats this process, till you complete the level. For, by this time, you would have mastered the level too. And you continue the same process, till you reach “the end”. And life is no different. As long as you live, ‘sin’ a man is bound to commit. For it’s too ‘pure” a concept for a man to be sinless. And that was the difference between the old wine and the New Wine. The Old wine had rigid practices, which clamped the soul to experience the fullness of GOD’s love. But the new wine came with the flexible laws, which stayed away from rigid practices of uncommon, but focused more on streamlining the “Right” and the “Don’ts” . For our father, never ‘wrongs” a soul, but he is always willing to “correct” your paths, if you call unto him. And he promises that he will lead the path before you.

My soul now felt much better. And his frank feedback had put me into a deep remorse and I promised him that I would yet again, get up, fasten my ‘self” in his name and run the battle. His feedback was always truthful.

Please, remember, Jesus was not forgiven by Lord GOD, because of his righteousness for he was a sinner just like all the other children of GOD. But “Jesus” was forgiven for his “love” in GOD. For, when you “love’ GOD, he will robe you in righteousness and justice and ensure that your mind, your heart and your soul, work together at the same frequency. So much for a “MAN” and “HUMAN”. It’s often I thought, “Man’s” own foolishness in his heart, that stumbles him in reaching GOD, our father.

I noticed, “my father” was soon being replaced by “our father”. A valuable much required lesson, I had learnt.

Me and my King were clear in our heads now. The ashtray of the Pharaoh went into hiding. And the oath of “liberal sex” was clamped down for we came together with the consensus on agreeing to walk the path of light, for we really wanted to know, the “reward” that our father had in store for us now.

The “city of Egypt” I brought them out, says the scriptures constantly. Egypt was known for the system of slavery. And we had become the slaves of our own “addiction”. “Wine”, “smoke”, ‘women”, “drugs”, “self”, obsessed you may become to the trap laid by Satan. And here was my father, constantly trapping on my head and disciplining me to understand and get this concepts right.

“Is it then forbidden to have fun, altogether the?” I asked. And he answered for it had already been answered in genesis, the beginning of THE ALPHA, GOD , Lord, our father too was no different. He had laboured for six days, the seventh day was the day of “Sabbath” as called in the ancients. And I observed that you could definitely indulge in recreation but brothers and sisters, ensure that you don’t bring shame unto him, by becoming a slave to your own “HABITS”.

“I brought them out with my mighty hand” was now clearing the clouds. My Lord GOD, had helped me to break an addiction to which I was a slave, and he had pulled me out form bondage. And now he had set me free with his crystal clear laws. I remembered the times of my huff and puffs when I entered his Kingdom. Amateur was I but treated he with utmost love. And taught me his ways, which I knew not and helped me to walk on his ways. The covenant is required no more. For I agreed with his laws. “Sabbath” a day of rest. Tell me, oh! Brothers, aren’t you now beginning to enjoy, “Our father’s” laws of love and discipline?

I always had a problem of understanding the concept of “Sabbath”. The concept of “REST” seed to be alien in the land I came from. I often worked in the kitchen, dishing out the best for my family, doing the house hold chores during weekends, running form one point to the other and trying to build the bricks of my spiritual palace. And I battled hard to follow the concept of “Sabbath” for I understood it not. And strangely, the only choice, was to ask Lord GOD to guide me and teach me his ways.

The cylinder at home, that evening of Saturday was exhausted. And I could not cook. We ordered “Pizza” and watched movies and played “UNO”. Spent time together and I witnessed absolute relaxed atmosphere. “I wish to go out” but the time for me to meet the world, hadn’t yet arrived. It was beautiful.

For, I found my energy, my own body to be soothed after a week of labour. The concept was to take “REST” in your own ways you agreed to.

“Be careful”, said Lord GOD. Not disciplining your motives and your concept of Sabbath may lead you to the same deep pit which you escaped from. “Ensure to abide my laws and uphold my laws.” The maid servant was given “Offs” on Friday evenings for nobody would work in his Kingdom on “Sabbath”.

“How about businesses, restaurants, barbers, malls, hospitals, government offices, police, army and many such people engaged in the welfare?” how can they adhere following the concept of Sabbath? He yet again repeated. “It is not the “day” marked by man’s calendar that a Sabbath is to be adhered. It is not whether it’s a “Friday” or a “Saturday” that a Sabbath is defined.
Six days you labour, and on the seventh day, you rest”. Said he. And I understood the concept. By this time, I had hopelessly fallen in love with this concept.

I had lost many friends of mine, in the process of having failed to adhere the concept, till now. But the following week things were clear. The washing machine, the burner, the mopping, the cleaning, the body machine were rested for a complete
24 hours without much ado. And I gave rest to my father as well. I took a break from lighting the Lamp, or worshipping or praying for even my father required a “BREAK”, I laughed. Won I had my friends in the West, for this ordinary soul, finally understood the concept of Sabbath.

The inscription on my post it script ;

“ My mom always said , “food is the way to a man’s heart….” Hope I have made the right entry!!!
Luv U …. Big Time! Ummmmmmaaaaa….”

Your life also demands to take a year break in the seventh year, of the journey which you embark. The purpose of life is to “live life”. And living life is definitely not limited to spending money, going around the world or indulging in complacency and doing nothing. The concept of seventh year Sabbath was bond with GOD, your relationship between you and your loved ones and beyond all, the idea to “Enjoy” life in the paradise you live. So much for the fear of “CAREER” and “MONEY” ,for, Lord GOD, by the seventh year would have laid out to you in abundance in his Kingdom, and he promises to give you a year long break, when you abide his laws and love. “How is that for a reward?” I exclaimed.

Sitting now and writing the book of HOLY was now sinking in to my own.

Ben 10 pics 1

The prince’s drawing on the wall, in his room.

Ben 10 pics 2

The drawing on the wall which I drew to surprise my own self.
Pics 3rd

“The soul on the other hand is neither born nor does it die. When a human dies, his soul moves to a new body, just like a human changes clothes. The soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed. You cannot cut it with your weapons, burn it with fige or wet it with water. It is beyond the physical. Detach yourself from the physical and you will understand that you are but an instrument in the hands of Almighty.”
Men of the world are stuck with the OLD WINE and now required of Him to hold the NEW WINE. - Jesus Christ -

Can live fire, can charge the power, can escape in 1 second to other country ,can make a hole in the stomach and can live a energy beam and can hit with the belt and can stretch very bony.

By this time when I am writing, there’s joy and merry, cheerful songs coming out of the prison cell. Th absolute hopelessness of love outsourcing for I now have grown out of ld wine and I am now creating a NEW WINE and pouring it into the NEW BOTTLE.

It’s the first love,
It’s the figst harvest,
Oh! What is going to become of me,
Oh! The heart of out pouring love,
Oh! I yet again LONG to meet you….

Don’t be fooled by yet another “parable” ,for, the song is a mere translation of the movies in this generation. “We” are getting constant “feed” to our grey super sane cells by the “UNKNOWN” in the space. Every tune, every lyric, if carefully heard and understood you could “TAP” into his “MYSTERY” beyond this earth. “Love” could now be hopelessly romantic with GOD. Hear this naaah… churn out vulgarity with your partner dude, you got to get connected with the outer space, the unknown. The world is moving ahead. Internet, technology, robotics, aero dynamics, Kids with the ultra brain cells, “confused” to the adults but “kids” are strongly led with their grey cells out smarting the old system of society, where even now “cows” were sought as GOD.

Today’s generation were NEW and never before had the society ever witnessed such a systematic brain cells, constantly questioning the unknown, trained in multi dimension, they were matching and observing the drama, the plots, the justice, the battle, the creatures beyond the planet. They were systematically being trained by the super natural, to be the “MIGHTY ARMY and SOLDIERS” to the “CONQUERORS” and the “EXPLORERS” of the outer space. The super natural has been playing his cards well for the battle and the vision beyond the loving four walls.

Hey! Have you ever heard of this song? You won’t believe it. I had been listening to this song as far as I can remember. But, it was kept haunting my grey cells. Wherever I went and which ever point in time of my life, I have heard this song.
To all the Benjamin Generation. CHEERS! For they saw what we failed to see good old aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, grand dad and grand moms and the matured wise people>>>>>

Play the song please……..

“ Am sitting here in the boring room, its just like another Sunday afternoon, I would like to change my point of view, I feel so lonely, I got nothing to do…..

[ shake a leg, jump and dance, merry and joy, (wherever you don’t know the lyrics… that’s Benjamin for you!!) ]

I wonder how…?
I wonder why…..?
Yesterday, I drove by the blue blue sky….
And all that I can see, is just a yellow lemon tree

I am turning my head….
Upside down…
Turning, turning, turning, turning around
And all that I can see…
Is just another lemon tree….
Sing … sing…

Isolation …. Is not good for me….
I am sitting in here in the boring room
Its just like another Sunday afternoon….
But nothing ever happens…
And I wonder WHY?
I wonder HOW….?
I wonder WHY?.....”

“Who needs laws?” love makes the difference in this rule book.
Here we go, with the Ten laws state common across the world, once upon a time…. :-)

I am the Lord your GOD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.


You shall have no other Gods before me.
You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your GOD, am a jealous GOD, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations, of those who love me and keep my commandments.
You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your GOD, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your GOD. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maid servant nor your animals, not the alien within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.
Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land of the LORD your GOD is giving you.
You shall not murder.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour.
You shall not covet your neighbours house. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife or his man servant or maid servant, his ox or donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbour.
And GOD then had spoken to MAN years ago and had given them these commandments and had asked them to follow these. With 2000 years having passed by, when he came back he saw that MAN had broken and defiled every single commandment. Yes, he had broken everyone of them.

Nobody needed GOD because of their love anymore but they wanted him to complete their list of desires and their constant demands of LIFE to be met. Death, grief, circumstances, were many other reasons too.

What I started off as a journey had now become the path, the road to my survival. I had deeply fallen in love beyond my demands. I had no more to ask now for my wants had run out dry. I no longer had “wants” because the Lord GOD had given me everything beyond it. HIS WORD and HIS LOVE.

When I had obliged and under the obligations of GOD’s word, I had followed the rituals and the laws. But I remember a point which turned my life.

I had completed my Sabbath and I was waiting for the next phase to begin. I was waiting for the next instructions. But, this time, my demand was frevelent. I wanted to “see” GOD himself. The stomach ached and yet again physically I was strained and could not eat, could not sleep, could not contain my grief and my anguish anymore.

I lashed out at the Old Moses law for it was no where bringing me closer to GOD. There’s a “unique” expression of contentment and overpowering love, when you are connected with Lord GOD.

And rituals and words from the book of “Bible” was just pulling me away from GOD. Something was terribly wrong. I saw heading towards yet another naught. I was angry and hurt for the journey that I had walked had put me in a confined box of rules and regulations. DO’s and DON’TS and my heart, my soul, my mind was now on the verge of witnessing yet another failure.

I remember, going inside the “secret’ peaceful throne and wondering why was the GOD Lord, my love, my prince, charming was delaying his appearance to me.

I stood and hold my hands and copying the gesture from the movie, “Predator” and joking him. “Even if you look like this, I don’t care about the world. I will still love you for I am “CRAZY” about you”. This heart cannot just seem to stop calling you and wanting you. I read in bible repeatedly, twice Moses had fell on his feet and could not look at GOD directly. I had witnessed him as a “Warm” fire, the light that dwelled in my temple.
His words, his silence, his signals of signs, his songs, his lyrics, and his words were constant. But, My desire had out grown my demand and proof about his presence. I now wanted to see him. How can a son, a beloved, not meet his father? How can I not know who my father is and carry his word into the world of bullet trains, Hubble telescope, bungee jumping even come to an agreement of the unseen GOD? Benjamin generation was destined to do the impossible which GOD had created them to do. But with idols of different sizes and shapes, with holding a bible of Hebrew language and reading the names of people who appeared equally strange, with evolving world how could GOD bring the nations together for a New World order for it absolutely looked distorted and Man’s world was chaotic and his world was no different than mine. Without his complete identity, it would have been difficult for the world to move forward from this juncture.

“Zeus”, the son of GOD, “Mohammed – the prophet”, “Ganesh – the Baal”, “Buddha- the King of principles”, “Isha – the Lord of ashes”, nothing seem to fit into the era which we were living in. the disparity that existed in Old Moses and the current world were marked with the soaring distance of sky and earth. ‘they can never meet”” I murmured.

I carefully studied my training books, the scroll, the books. And I did have my complains. For now, I was in the Benjamin generation. And this I write not to offend my brothers and sisters but I express my anguish over the important religions ethnic groups, which over a period of time have constantly missed the believers of GOD, and tried to deviate them with scores of rituals, rules and beliefs that defiled the word of GOD, which was given to us 2000 years ago. My anguish agrees with the anguish of GOD Lord Almighty, my father. And as his beloved, I warn the cult and the group of the new beginners to not tread on the same path of mistakes which our fore fathers had put us into. Ensure to give your generations the pure spirit of GOD and not he empty words of your own, which you never believed or adhered or experienced. Language had evolved.

We now had synonyms which could explain the meaning of the original, without defiling and deviating from the core essence of what the WORD, stood for.

I have read “Fountain Head”, Cain and Abel, hamlet but I must admit, nothing came close to bible. Bible was the book of ancient. Mysterious names and characters, pieces of the jig saw puzzles, never seem to be put into a continuous story and a story told over and over again and it constantly predicted the coming Lord. what brought me closer to the “The devotional study Bible which I had got from the unknown source, the signature, the autograph, the date of 16-11-2003, was my ONLY way to meet GOD, the Lord now. For it was ME and the BOOK. And with this, I had begun my journey of “THE ALPHA”, the beginning. I had also completed “THE OMEGA” the end. Everything that the old testament had mentioned in the bible. But, I still hadn’t come close to my destiny.

The word did come “Peter”, my close friend had called. U had nick named her as “Peter”, for she was the first soul with whom you could express my thoughts and opinions about GOD. After her visit to my house, the next call from her had put me in deep distress. The conversation told me about her “new guy” in her life having apprehensions about talking or meeting me. “I think too much of Christian teaching has got into you. ‘Jesus” scares me.” She confessed. I remember having thrust chain bearing cross which my King had purchased for me, in the church of Goa, where there lay the body treasured of one of the saints. And she had denied and hadn’t accepted for she was worried about the world around her, if she accepted the cross, the chain, from me. She continued, “Couldn’t you have given me an idol of Krishna, or any other GOD? I would have definitely accepted it. My guy also said that it was strange that you were trying to give me the cross. Every friend of mine says that maybe you are trying to convert me into the religion of Christianity. Have you met any Christian friends Offlate girl?” she questioned.

“After seeing the temple, the miracles, the signs, the proofs you still think that I am “trying” to make you believe in a GOD called “Jesus”?. I don’t know whether he is called as Jesus, Krishna, Shiva and the umpteen names, but I believe in the supreme and the super natural. GOD is beyond everything that Man calls him as. Please do stand by your man. For, that’s the word of GOD. I love you and you love me. And don’t worry about anything for GOD himself will help us and guide us” said I.

We spoke for sometime and ended the call. I was not angry at Peter. But to me, Peter was the representation of millions in the world who were caught up in the frenzy to love GOD but didn’t know how to escape from the world of Man and his religions.

Churches had been thrust with the manipulative and powerless people who had spread all over each using the seat of divine according to his own needs and understanding. Bible was seen only in the religions of Christianity. Completely cut off were the gentiles. They lived in the era of worshipping millions of ideologies and idols. Allah was profaned with weapons and blood being shed in the name of the Holy. And those who sat on the thrones, the robes, preaching the spirituality and talks that could put the Benjamin of today’s generation with a “Yawn” as loud to kill the sole purpose. The remaining were the dead people, who never believed in any but were walking dead not knowing where to look for GOD, but doing the “Right” and wondering what’s “wrong” for the generation we lived in today, had everything sketched in “Grey”. For a few ‘right” was not acceptable and “wrong” was a possibility. To know GOD, to understand GOD, to know your goal, to reach the destiny either came in complicated instructions of vague ideas by the “enlightened” souls or the 100 easy steps for a stress free life. There was information everywhere but “wisdom” none.

I was silent after that call. For, what could I answer when I was unable to accept some GOD called “Zeus” a picture of man, 2000 years ago, who controlled the fast paced world NOW? Did he exist in that form, in the face we have been seeing in the black hole, the outer universe the space is unknown to us? Millions of Gods, All men described.
None I found appealing and none could come close to the love I had for my GOD.

My GOD was different. He loved me like a prince, he understood my heart like no man did. My King was the only person alive who could come close to my interpretations of GOD’s word. He never condemned my love, my affection, and was always closer to me.

1. Did your GOD understand and comforted you with words of love and wisdom, whenever you called on him?

My GOD did.

2. Did your GOD heal you of the wounds of all the follies, all the wrong, most detestable mistakes, and yet when you run back, you are being robed with righteousness and justice?

My GOD did.

3. Did your GOD give you a house, a building which was built even before you asked for?

My GOD did.

4. Did your GOD write songs for you and his love and you can listen them on radio, mobiles, television, movies in a land of people where common man could never do on streets. Unlike the western countries, the east had a divine approach to Art and Music. It was always confined and could never flow on the streets of common man. But my GOD indirectly had infused his lyrics and the tune to reach me. Did yours?

My GOD did.

5. Did your GOD continued to give you wisdom and instructions even when you smoked and slept with your King ?

My GOD did.

6. Did your GOD get furious when you worshipped other Gods of a different cult altogether?

My GOD did.

7. Did your GOD understand the fun behind the games, technology, rocket and science, universe and robots?

My GOD did.

8. Did your GOD forgive you when you repeatedly commit the same mistakes, over and over again, as far as you can test the patience of GOD himself?

My GOD did.

9. Did yours GOD allow you to wear clothes of your choice, also teaching you the Fashion World, in the terms of also what’s acceptable and what not to wear and how not to wear it in public, so as to not bring “Shame” to the word. “Liberal” being misused and indulging in the flesh being blasphemed?

My GOD did.

10. Did your GOD provide you guidelines of rules and regulations, ethics and integrity which can survive in today’s corporate world?

My GOD did.

11. Did your GOD not only open the flaws of sins which your soul treasured but also of the world around you and its people who worked in upholding sin?

My GOD did.

12. Did your GOD love cartoons, pizzas, grains, vegetables, movies, music, sports, arts, clothes, craft, travel, shopping, facials, massages, bikes and cars?

My GOD did.

13. Did your GOD embrace the transgender and wipe their tears and told them that there will be a seat in heaven, if they walk the path of light?

My GOD did.

14. Did your GOD teach you the Do’s and Avoids, instill the fear of father yet made you independent in your actions and thoughts?

My GOD did.

15. Did your GOD play around with words pun, similes, metaphor and weave a story as rich as shakesphere yet leaving them all behind?

My GOD did.

16. Did your GOD come to the aid of fatherless and the widow, who were stoned by men around and save them from the clutches of the oppressors?

My GOD did.

17. Did your GOD, though not wanting any of your money, offerings, animals, rituals, practices and strange customs had the tolerance and patience to hand on and wait till his son finally understood and sought him?

My GOD did.

18. Did your GOD teach you to listen to your father’s instructions and not to forsake your mother’s teachings?

My GOD did.

19. Did your GOD give you the heart of a lion to roar and not to give in to the sinners when they try to entice you?

My GOD did.

20. Did your GOD constantly guide and advice you to not walk along with sinners and to not to go down into the pit like them?

My GOD did.

21. Did your GOD clearly give you the warnings of calamity, disaster and which would toss you over like a whirlwind that lay at the end of the path of the sinners?

My GOD did.

22. Did your GOD make himself known against the mockers delight in mockery and fools who hated knowledge?

My GOD did.

23. Did your GOD stretch out his hand when no one gave heed to our wounded beaten soul?

My GOD did.

24. Did your GOD understand your heart and accordingly send across the perfect Man, the King of your dreams, to be blessed with a perfect heart to love and to roar when required?

My GOD did.

25. Did your GOD tell you that it is only wisdom that will save you from the ways of wicked men and from men whose words are perverse?

My GOD did.

26. Did your GOD beat you up when you laid in complacency, dreaming about the lifestyle of careless and unGODly?

My GOD did.

27. Did your GOD train your ear to wisdom and applying your heart of understanding and give you insight when you cried loud for understanding?

My GOD did.

28. Did your GOD talk about the gay and lesbians understand their hearts and explain to them as to why a law could not hold in his Kingdom of life?

My GOD did.

29. Did your GOD call gay as “My dear sons”?

My GOD did.

30. Did your GOD give the assurance of a happy life and a complete life to the men and women who had walked on the path of adultery if they sought his ways?

My GOD did.
31. Does your GOD hold the victory in store for the upright and acts as a shield to those who walk of just and fair?

My GOD did.

32. Does your GOD love “me” as I am?

My GOD did.

33. Does your GOD teach you to not despise his ways of discipline and to not resent his rebuke, as a father disciplines his son?

My GOD did.

34. Does your GOD showers you with praises of being compared to silver, gold, ruby and precious than any riches?

My GOD did.

35. Does your GOD assure you of a long and healthy life if you follow his ways?

My GOD did.

36. Is your GOD “hungry” for your love?

My GOD is.

37. Is your GOD funny?

My GOD is.

38. Is your GOD scary and yet adorable ?

My GOD is.

39. Is your GOD out of this world?

My GOD is.

40. Is your GOD the Lord of wealth?

My GOD is.

41. Is your GOD beyond the Alpha and the Omega ?

My GOD is.

42. Is your GOD your best friend?

My GOD is.

43. Is your GOD a prophet, poet and politician ?

My GOD is.

44. Is your GOD determined to stretch his hand and bring all the nations, his seeds scattered across the word binding them into the New word order?

My GOD is.

45. Does your GOD provide you with mind boggling facts of history like these?

My GOD does.


We are now in the 21st century. All the year of this century start with 20. If you travel back 20 centuries on the timeline, you will come to the year 1. This system of counting the years – our calendar is based the Gregorian calendar. The years before the birth of Christ have BC written and after the birth of Christ as AD.

AD also stands for “Anno Domini”. And in Latin words, it means “in the year of our Lord”. “Our Lord” means Jesus Christ. So “Anno Domini” means any year after the birth of Jesus Christ

Picture attachment – Gregorian Calendar

There are several other calendars in the world which use different starting points but Gregorian calendar is used now all over the world. When this calendar was established, most of the people in Europe were Christians. They started numbering the years of their calendar from the time of his birth, which was about 2000 years ago. Why?


Human beings first appeared on earth about 40,000 years ago. When they appeared they already knew how to hunt for food and how useful fire was. How did they know these things? They learnt these from people whim we call “Hominids”. Hominids were not human beings but they were very similar to human beings.

Picture Attachment – Homonids versus human beings

Sometime later, the early Egyptians made a more accurate calendar. How did they do this?

They noticed that one particular star appeared in the same position in the sky on only one day every year. This always happened in the same season, at this time when the river Nile was flooded with water. When the star appeared, they counted the days until it appeared again and found that it had appeared after 365 days. This meant that the same season – the season in which the Nile flooded – always came after 365 days. The Egyptians decided to make a calendar of 365 days.
This happened 6000 years ago!

As people began to trade and began to do different things and as ideas developed, civilization grew. Primary civilization and their dates.

Mesopotamia = 3500 BC - 500 BC
Egypt = 3000 BC - 900 BC
Harappa = 2500 BC - 1700 BC
China = 2000 BC - AD 200

-Tigris, Euphrates
-Ur, akkad Babylon
- Ziggurats (mountain shaped)
- Code of hammerabi
-collection of 282 laws about the life of the people
- Nile –Memphis, Thebes

Pyramids temples
Mummification – preserved bodies of human and animals
- Indus -Mohenjo Daro
Great bath, dock, stadium
Town planning- helped to make excellent cities
-Hwang ho -An yang
Great wall
Inventions like paper and printing

And my name in Egyptian language would have looked like this. Guess, who am i?

Kindly refer to the image : WHO AM I ?

Sphinx = why is this important?

46. Did your GOD teach you the difference between “sympathy” and “empathy”?

My GOD did.

A lot of religion does teach us about the pain, misery and suffering of the men of the world. But, they do not offer the practical wisdom to end these. Only praying worshipping and offerings does not yield salvation and betterment of mankind. An improvement of mankind can happen only when we learn to listen. When we learn to listen the word of GOD, we gain wisdom. And it is only through wisdom you grow wise. And to become wise, one requires self- discipline and the art of living the word. Only then, will the wise be able to make a difference to the people in misery. For, its not money, clothes and charity that a “poor” person requires. The person is “Poor” because of the lack of wisdom. But when wisdom flows into the world of “poor” he will enriched.

Hence, it is easy to talk empty with words of sympathy which will drift away soon but it’s the word of wise, which enriches the poor, and helps him to seek GOD. The rest then becomes history for; there shall be no looking back once you enter the Kingdom of GOD.

47. Did your GOD teach you about the skills and techniques of a being a good parent first before you train the kids of the next generation?

My GOD did.

It’s easy to vent out frustrations, anger, insecurity, impatience, failures of our own on kids. It’s real easy to slap them hard and shout at them and get the work done. But what we fail to understand is this behaviour only further deteriorates the relationship with our kids. For “earning” love and respect from kids is a reward from GOD himself. Parents today fall into two categories, “You fulfill the desires of children and gain the reward” only to head towards a dooms day, when your child after growing up will be unable to cope up with the adult cycle successfully or “you use the iron hand, loads of nagging torture, beatings, screaming” and head towards an instant dooms day!.

Discipline kids and at the same time loving them deep and to teach them the word of GOD in the modern era is a cake’s walk. Be one among them. Think like them. And you will understand their inability and innocence to judge “Right” and “Wrong” in the world of man. Teach them, use your “tome”, modulate your “voice”, offer explanations and instill the fear and love of GOD. The rest then will be HISTORY for by then they would be already walking on the path of light.

48. Does your GOD provide you with education of a healthy marriage and a healthy relationship?

My GOD does.

“Love” is beautiful. And it is as divine as the love of GOD himself. Yes, there will be ups and downs for you are sure to fight, cry and hurl words at each other. Does this help? Yes. How long? You let not for too long. For its only situations and circumstances like these that helps us to explore our iniquities, our insecurities and beyond all our emptiness to be filled with the “Cinderella – fairy tale ending”.

When we fail to understand our own “desires” and “needs” of what keeps us happy, we fall into the trap of “expecting” our partner to fulfil our unknown deep pit of “wants”. I often wonder about the poor state of the partner. GOD suggests that “Love” can be experienced to the epitome in the most purest form of bride and bridegroom, for years together, on a continual level, if you seek GOD first. Its only because, “GOD’ is a jealous GOD. When you “love” your partner. If you often “ask” but “ask” and “ask”, the result is obvious of seeing the “same” pattern from your partner too.

But, when you learn to “live” with GOD 24/7, only then will you learn to “live’ with your partner. Because, love then comes automatically to you and not by struggle.

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