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Name of the Project : Revelation Of Jesus - Volume 1 - THE ELIJAH'S CALL

Start date: May – 04 – 2009
End date: May – 15 – 2009

Objective of the Project: New wine in a New Bottle.

To ensure the revolutions of GOD’s word in every soul, every fowl, every tree,
every Earthling has the wine to hum the song of the Lord GOD, for eternal.

AIM: To write a book, which aims to be a guide for the HOMO SAPIEN.
To be a mere representative of the Almighty and give his fore word.
All my opinions agree with HIS opinions.

MONEY AND TIME: Will be provided by the Almighty himself.

RISKS INVOLVED: The foolishness of MAN’s own self by trying to understand, rate, opinionate GOD. This book requires MAN to connect to GOD, beyond religion, castes, country, gender and above all, any insignificant SELF thoughts.

This book is dedicated and written in love and blessings of the innumerable people who have played various roles and have given me the courage to write the dream, “THE DREAM” that I dare to dream. Love to my Lord Almighty Abba, my most beloved KING and my roots which lies in my parents and my son.

Jesus Christ

Thank you to my beloved elder, D.S.Nagaraj ,who has been the provider of constant stationeries while writing this book of Almighty!!


In today’s world, “GOD” is available to all the HOMO SAPIENS’s in different shapes, sizes, languages, colours, boundaries, idols, people…..Yet, HE is unavailable for most of us who struggle with constant career and family pressures, wealth and health, fame and name, mates and dates…. And along with these internal pressures, are the super-imposed external pressures of constant fluctuations of Socio-Economy conditions, political conditions,,,, Above all, the plight of TODAY’s generation to also ensure that WE gift our FUTURE generation with a better PLANET – “ OUR EARTH, OUR PARADISE ”.

Man, despite his ingenious grey cells, despite the most advanced technology, despite the most developed brain, fails to find the solution. For the reasons are many, SOLUTION is ONE.

So, do we have a solutions to all of these problems?

The answer to it is “YES”, we do.

But, the choice to humble our SELF’s, to burn our ego of “I KNOW ALL”, and to reach the stage of ACCEPTANCE is the first step.

GOD KNOWS, is the most common phraseology used by man across all the generations. I often wondered, what happens if GOD himself came down to the EARTH and hired an agent to take down notes of how MAN can find a perfect solution to most of the common issues that exists in today’s world. Will GOD be able to let me know a “PRACTICAL” solution which can be implemented in today’s unevenly distributed computer savvy world?

Read On, to know more….

Aa chalke tujhe
Mein liken chaloo
Ek aise gagan ke tale

Jahaan gham bhi na ho
Aasoon bhi na ho
Bas pyaar hi pyaar pale
Ek aise gagan ke tale
Ek aise gagan ke tale !

- Kishore Kumar

Come let me take YOU,
For a walk along,
To a KING DOM that is YOUR’s

Where no sadness rests
No tears roll, but ETERNAL love grows
To a KING DOM that is YOUR’s

- English version –


The heat is on January 1st 2009, and I have decided to make a resolution. Having failed miserably to stick on to the self-imposed resolutions, every year, I decided to let my creative juices flow.

“MIRACLE” was the word that caught my eye. Being a single parent, a mother of a 10 year old son, and in love with a man younger to me , all I needed was a “MIRACLE” to see, how far can I reach out ,for, I knew not what lies ahead. I pondered about that word again, “MIRACLE”.

Don’t we all need one in our lives? And it struck to me, we all need it in desperate attempt when we know, that the wheel of LIFE has a puncture, which needs to be fixed. Along with this walk in LIFE at every stage, every moment to PULL us through, is, along the “WALK THE TALK” with the Father, the GOD, himself.

I chuckled, standing in front of a full length mirror, in my home, speaking to GOD,
“How about if I can love you 24/7 in my life? I can then lead a Miraculous life?!”
“I really want to know YOU”. I knew then it was a resolution that required GOD himself to come down to EARTH and to reveal the MIRACLE which he had for me. Giggling and hopping, I indeed admired my grey cells!!

I’m sure, GOD himself would have been impressed with my resolutions!!

Off I went to the usual ways about spending my day at the office, meetings, my routine task of dropping and picking my son from my moms; catching up with my guy and household chores.

The only slot of half an hour rest was very wisely, used to watch television, when my son would have played his PS2 heartful;;

That night, while watching television something strange happened while surfing. A man clothed white, whom I had already seen umpteen times on the religious channel was saying about the importance of writing a “Letter to GOD” to witness his “MIRACLES” in life.

The word “MIRACLE” seemed to have followed me everywhere that day. The name of the face cream, “AGE MIRACLE”, I casually looked out while traveling in my company’s shuttle, and I see the name of the parlour, “MIRACLE TOUCH”, and the bed time story , which I read for my son, “MIRACLE POOL” in his Tinkle digest….

I paused my over-working brains; “MIRACLE” gave me goose bumps, now. It cant be happening. Is GOD trying to hint something here? Isn’t “it”/”she”/”he” listening to me?

In that case, I really didn’t want to miss this opportunity. I sat down and the zeal of talking to GOD was so strong that “I” sat down and started rigorously typing in my laptop. All the miracles that I wanted in my LIFE, so badly, at this point in time …..

My ideas seem to churn the same old thread of successful career, wealth, a marriage and happiness. Well, I wouldn’t mind a little of fame and name too... And in return, I promised to pray for the entire planet. I promised to pray everyday.

My letter was just over four pages and all my wants had run out of FUEL of desire. Is this what’s “ LIFE” about? My own ways of looKing life seemed boring to me. Nothing so miraculous if I lead it “MY WAY”.

I wondered what would “GOD” have in mind, if I asked him to lead me, my life on his plans…“Would GOD be able to fit into today’s world where he is forgotten, well ALMOST!!”

I was willing to work for HIM; if HE could offer me a job!!

I am still in the process of understanding this INFINITE realm of spiritual science, but I intend to share his message in the most simplistic form because that is the way, how HE explained to me, the most bizarre, complex and complicated life which HOMO SAPIEN led…

This book is a story of GOD and HIS KING DOM. Can we still apply and live by “HIS” terms in today’s highly evolved lifestyle? I was taken by surprise as the mystery starts to unfold…..



“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning. While a man of understanding will attain the knowledge to counsel the wise.”

“My dear children”, says the Lord GOD “ Hear the instructions of your Father and forsake not the law of Mother Nature, as these shall be your ornaments to grace your head and chain your neck.”

Who wouldn’t love to know more about GOD?

But in today’s fast paced world the constant question and the problem faced by people is, “Where do I have time?”

Chuckles GOD at this question.

Seemingly practical appears the question for today’s youth and surprisingly simple was GOD’s reply.” Don’t try to fit GOD into your schedule instead you fit into his schedule.”

The audacity of Man to find time to think about GOD, is by itself, the figst step in knowing the CREATOR himself.

Take a moment to understand the magnitude of the “GOD” which we all speak about. The ALPHA, The OMEGA and I say HE is the BETA too. The Beginning, The End and The Intermediate too.

Off late, we had developed a strange habit of gazing into the open sky. Having led a busy corporate lifestyle of innumerable excel sheets, formulae’s, power point presentations, managing the endless calendars, meetings, having stood under the infinite OPEN sky of 360* view, that night was indeed mysterious.

Sky above and the land around – the terrace view in rough note .

We looked at the countless stars, the conversation struck about the galaxy, the DARK matter and I was asked with a question, “Don’t you think we all have come here for a purpose?”. The question struck chord so deep that the question required GOD himself to answer. Man is his own creation. Look deep and you realize that you come here, to live in SPACE and time, for a moment, and the creation of his closest to the MAN – HOMO SAPIEN.
Is there a purpose of my birth? QUEST is the beginning, chuckles GOD.

I am boundless SPACE.
The world is a clay pot.
This is the TRUTH.
Nothing to reject,
Nothing to dissolve.

- Astavakra Gita 6:1

We came down from the terrace and sat in front of the television. Sometimes the idiot box can be man’s own best friend. The only thing GOD says, “Be aware that the box can churn out idiotic thoughts, take a step towards light, the truth. Apply your decision making ability at things which appeal you, enters you, repels you… YOU can make the ethical, the truthful, the mindful, the peaceful, and the complete application of Laws of GOD in his King dom and lead life to drink the eternal entity.”

It was strange that National Geographic was churning out a six hour
special about SPACE and Universe. We had posed the question just a few minutes before about the purpose and here was the Lord Almighty himself connecting to us through the television and unraveling the man’s pursuit of the ever growing UNIVERSE.

“YOU are a part of something spectacular.” said GOD. “How massive?”, I asked.

The voice spoke in the background while we watched the clippings on the television.” How massive ?”I asked . “MASSIVE, where Time and SPACE does not apply.”

EARTH is approximately 4 billion years old. And we are the part of the Milky Way. It was until recently after studying Hubble telescopes ultra deep field images, is MAN able to gauge and respect the “UNSEEN” force which causes the “SPIN” in “SPACE” so stead fast.

Astronomers believe, there is always a mysterious battle going on in the MILKY Way. Our galaxy was one of the many galaxies.

How well all these stars stay in their orbits? Galaxies come in variety of shapes and sizes. Spiral Galaxy, Elliptical, Irregular known to man are a few. Who produces so much energy at the center, so powerful? There are signals, throughout universe, all day long. Andromeda Galaxy or M31 , more commonly it is called as, is estimated to be two million years old. This is our biggest neighbour, less active, is about the same size as our galaxy. You can see with a naked eye.

The massive beast, the unknown, ever revealing massive BLACK HOLE, whose mass and volume remain unknown in its ever expanding realm, and even light cannot escape. It swallows Matter. Scientists best guess about dark matter is two. They know it exists and secondly, they know it pulls things.

Well, you don’t have to see the dark matter directly. One of the very convincing truth about its existence is that matter bends lights. And on a cosmic scale, the dark energy is causing the universe to expand, faster and faster. And scientist talks curiously

about the energy movement which has increased overtime. And the impact of it on mankind will be finally known.

Elements of GOD are five. FIGE, EARTH, WATER, AIR, and SPACE. Is the SPACE that man talks about in scriptures same as that of the Dark matter which scientists talk about then?. “Have no doubts and try not to understand GOD, applying your own limited thoughts.”

Man has been ignorant. He believes in his own senses. Hence, he believes in the existence of FIG, AIR, EARTH and WATER. But to become aware about my presence, to become aware about your OWN self, to unlock the realm of Miracles unto your life, you have to apply the SPACE and its concept. And the only way you can do it is by merely,

“FEELING me around YOU, Inside YOU…”

Spiritual science was the parable in which GOD spoke. Everything he showed to me was so organized, so well managed. He worked in a pattern, I noticed. See how the moon changes the direction of its rising, once in fortnight. And see how the SUN always never misses the rising and set. The trees are the marvelous living example of GOD’s style of functioning. With onset of summer, the leaves wither, and on the spring they sprout. No matter what the year, the tree always lives in HOPE of GOD’s season, and it is always delivered.

Unlike Man’s perception of clichéd “Instant” theme of life, GOD runs the show at HIS PACE, HIS RULES, in his OWN management style. The smartness then lies in understanding the rules of HIS KING DOM and abiding by his principles. For, this place you reside belongs to HIM; this air you breathe belongs to HIM; this money that you count comes from HIS mercy; this life in you exists because of HIS love. Such is the POWER of Lord GOD.

Is there then a guide to understand GOD and HIS KINGDOM better?

Praise the Lord GOD Almighty
Praise you the Lord
Praise you the Lord from the heavens
Praise him in Great heights.

Give praise to him, all his angels;
Give praise to him, SUN and moon;
Give praise to him; oh! You stars of light.

Praise him oh! Heavens of heavens
Praise the Lord GOD Almighty for they were created.

He has established them for ever and ever

Praise the Lord from the EARTH and from the deeps:
FIGE and hail; snow and vapour;
Stormy wind fulfilling his word:
Mountains and all hills:
Fruitful trees and all cedars;
Beasts and all cattle;
Creeping things and flying birds;
King s of EARTH and all people;
And all the judges of the EARTH;
Both young men and maidens;
Old men and children;
Let them praise the name of the Lord
For his name alone is excellent;
His glory is above the EARTH and Heaven.
Praise the Lord GOD Almighty.

The bird’s view of GOD’s Kingdom looked so beautiful. If I were to listen to a fable in this techno advanced era, the scriptures of his creation should read so, in this order.

Day 1 - Creation of Heaven and EARTH.
Day 7 - Completion of the project.

In the span of six days, the EARTH witnessed GOD’s creation of light and darkness; day and night; WATER and land; grass and herb; seed and tree yielding fruit; creatures which move, Fowl that may fly above the EARTH, great whales and living creatures in WATER, he created each after their kind, and he allowed them to multiply.

And the GOD said, “Let us make man to be of our image. He shall possess the dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and over all the EARTH and over everything that creeps on the EARTH. And so GOD created his own image. A male and a female, he created. And he blessed them to be fruitful and multiply.

And on the seventh day he rested.

“Massive”, sure this is. And in an attempt to escape from my monotonous melancholy of life, me and my KING decided to go on a joyful drive. Filling the fuel to the brim, and music churned …….driving away, to the nearby hill station ,was an idea embraced by us.

“Did you know, ‘7’ they say is a heavenly number?”, I asked, looking at him,
“oh! Really?”, he quizzed.

The conversation opened a Pandora box by GOD himself. The first common song which we had heard to was, “Hotel California -1969”; and the car which we drove was 1969. Number and Man seemed to have an intrinsic relationship. He shared his story of the CAR he drove 1969.

It was that day of his birthday, that he was realizing to venture into the busy bee hood of college. Waking up to the morning shine, he switched on the fan when the keys fell from the top of the blades of the fan. He jumped with joy and ran down the stairs in his barely clinging on underwear. Ecstasy and excitement merely could describe his concealed happiness. There outside the house of the gates, stood the brand white new four wheeler. The first BIG gift from the Father of the KING 1969.

Said Lord GOD !; “ it was my gift to him 1969”. “I was in amazement using my limited knowledge I added, 1+9+6+9 = 25 = 2+5 = 7, Holy GOD!” I exclaimed.

Seven days in a week, seven colours in a rainbow, seven are the chakras in Reikhi, seven are the sounds of music, seven are the continents, seven are the wonders of the land.

The car stopped and we stepped out for a walk and decided to fill over famished stomachs. The view was breath taKing . I was in trance. “Look at the creation of MAN. The hustle – bustle of the street lights donning every corner but it soon seem to give away into the majestic mountains, the overpowering enclosure of the SKY, the Light, so abundance that Man’s effort to create electricity seemed to mocked at.

“This is it, isn’t it?”, I asked GOD. “YES” he replied. “So, this is happening in REAL, right?”, “YES”, he said. “So, you are the INNER VOICE and you are GOD. Around me and inside me. My thoughts can talk to you and my heart can connect and feel you. Correct?”

“Mind blowing, fantastic, fantabulous” he said in the true style of a judge in today’s reality show. I chuckled.

“So, what do you want?” suddenly feeling so scared. His loving kindness was overwhelming. “I promise you with an inheritance. A new wine in a new bottle. Your thirst I promise to quench. Would you like to drink the over pouring wine of GOD’s word which you can drink till eternal, for I your Father, your saviour , your protector, your provider, your shelter, I will live in you for eternal. I am GOD and this is my KING DOM. Your application for the role has been agreed and you are chosen on this 40 Days field trip.”

My joy knew no bounds. I decided to plunge at the offer. It remotely didn’t even occur to me, whether I was worthy of this job. All that mattered to me was, “I was selected! And nonetheless by the Lord Almighty himself!”

“Allah” means One GOD, Christians believe in Jesus Christ, Hindus believe in idol worship, Buddhism is based on Lord Buddha’s principles, Jews, Catholics, religions many yields to many GODs, for ,one the kind of MAN. Prevails confusion in many. How do I pray to you when you come in so many different sizes, forms and shapes GOD? I love you but I don’t know you. I prayed, standing in front of the altar, my prayer room, which we had found to accommodate in the kitchen of my new house. I hurried to the office.

Breakfast with my gang of girls was always pleasant. You can be a great source of thought, when you start observing people, circumstances, situations that goes into the maKing of the character of individual. Being a mother of a 10 year old son always gives you the niche over the youngsters in energy and enthusiasm.

Take a Cue from today’s youth. Their flow of thought, zeal to attain the highest stature is commendable. A note of warning though, tread towards Truth. Tread towards Light. Let righteousness be your shield. And let commitment and labouring be your weapons. Fight the battle with armour of GOD and victory is yours lasting Eternal.

Observing today ,my two young colleagues struck a chord. One a Christian and the other a Hindu. Both could speak the common language. Though food was eaten on the same table, though both ate the same grain, strangely there were rifts seen when they upheld their religion, their beliefs and their GOD. Under currents to join the breakfast but, all alone, was the constant emerging escape for my colleagues.

“There was this little girl, who was folding her hands clasped and standing in front of the different idols and asKing GOD where can, she find HIM….”

I almost skipped a beat, when I heard the man, dressed in his dark grey suit, clean shaven in his 50’s wearing thick glasses but thin black frames, holding a religious scripture maybe in his hand. I almost forgot to change the channel on the television. I knew the little girl whom he spoke about was me.

I chuckled. My guess was Maybe GOD hears to every true prayer. “If he likes the question and if you are the lucky one for the day, your prayer will be read. I was amazed at the intensity of the reality T.V that was into me. Being a woman, it was unusual to be also donning the attitude of adventure. I think, it has been the same attitude , that has led my quest this far.” I thought.

There he was. Deep in my heart and I could hear him clearly, “Ahh… I see, it’s my thought and his voice…. How do I differentiate the two? How will I know it’s my thought or your thought? Err… I just want to make sure that I listen to you and ensure that I speak only to you and not me … Ahh.. Its confusing, ain’t it?”

My head started to reel. He laughed, “Don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of. I will speak to you slowly, clearly and your heart can feel me, when I speak. Sally, allow me to speak to you, just like now, and we will be okay.”

“But sally is not my real name”, I defended.

“You are an angel. In you lies, different shades of “YOU”. So, Sally, will be my little girl, my girl who would venture into the world, with curious eyes, sharpened ears, and a stomach that always reads “HUNGRY” ! This is Sally, my angel !!”.

I was beaming with my Mona Lisa smile. Oh! Being in the Kingdom of GOD, was such a privilege. GOD loves you, who cared about impressing the world, GOD loved me for what I was.

It was that long weekend at last I hoped and longed for. My KING had come in. Have you ever seen the eagles which soar so high in the sky even in the mightiest storm?. Eagles build their nest on the top of the mountain. It chooses region know not to man of low lands. The mightier the storm growth the grace and the power the wings adorn. It chooses to build a family on the rock of GOD. The female eagle takes care of the nest and also the chicks. She trains them to soar while she charges on to be a role model. She also takes on the storm while the male is away battling fiercely the storms and the prey. And on the set of the SUN the male comes back only to caress the female with showering love and admiration.
True love , this is for youth , who so easily fall into trap laid by the temptation of this world. GOD says “ Adorn and Care for your wife, for she is the jewel of your life. And feed the hungry stomach and indulge in the bliss of pampering of love and admiration, for he is the KING of your life.”

After serving some delicious food, I ensure that my family understands my effort. In turn, being in kitchen to me is an art of management. Imagine, if you were given the role of a chef in GOD’s play. And you can choose to churn out “something” out of everything. Voila, the chef is soon seen serving to his hungry customers. And they would mob your food in various styles and at different speed. In the event, we get an opportunity to have food together, being the only woman of the house, the role of a mother and a princess. I feed both of them. First the prince, my son and then my KING . I have my food amidst them and sign off the evening with a beautiful lingering taste as long as it is “SWEET”!. The embrace of night is always filled with silence, deep and love.

The living room they say is the reflection of your personality.

I turned to GOD; “So, what do you think is an ideal living room, Mr. GOD?”, imitating the anchors we see on most of the news channel.

“A family that eats together will stay together. Allow your living room to live. Have your television, your music system, your play station, your gadgets stacked in the living room. Have your food here. When your son watches his cartoon channel, you connect your laptop and work along. The physical presence of each other in each others zone will make a noted difference. Women should learn to create their own SPACE and respect to maintain their man’s SPACE too. Allow your man to indulge in play station when he comes back from a day long work. It is important for the KING of the family to be aware about his identity.”

“Very spiritual”, I remarked. I turned to my KING and my son, “So, how much would you rate this delicious food, served on the dinner table tonight?”

“10,000” said the KING .
“Yumm mommy, I will give 20 out of 10.” That proves the dish to be good. “Don’t be fooled by their ratings. Do a second round of check” says GOD.

I decide to know the real truth.
The bowl of the special dish seemed to be hidden by my prince, just beside the foot on couch. And my KING seemed to be suddenly full,, after a meager couple of bites. I looked straight into the eye and asked, “How much rating?”

“9” says the KING and “1” says the prince. “ What went wrong?” I asked. “Spicy and don’t add all these” he points at the cloves, the cinnamon for me, ,,”hot mommy, give me curd rice”, the prince jumps off the couch to thrust his bowl of remains in my hands. I laugh, “Whatever happened to a million ratings!” “Why is being a good cook so difficult a task?”, I ask. “When the food cooked good is lauded for the efforts, whilst, when the food tasteth bad is discarded for the efforts, why so Lord GOD?”

Answered peacefully the Almighty, “ Its time for the test. Are you ready?”
I was baffled. Even before I agreed the next question came in.
“Who is your GOD?”
“It is you, Lord Almighty.”
“Whose Kingdom do you live in?”
“Your’s of course , Oh! My GOD!”
“Who is your provider?”
“You are my dear GOD!”

I almost fell on my knees. How could I be so self absorbed and self centered? I was busy impressing my KING and my prince, that it had never occurred to me to offer and thank my provider first. The Lord GOD, the creator was accompanying me and I failed to offer him my offerings.

In that instant, I took one of the many utensils lying and served a spoonful of food. Who knew then, this would soon become my responsibility of the many roles that I would adorn. I served the bowl in front of many idols and I prayed with folded hands and went on my knees, “Kindly accept my offerings. It has not been rated very highly. But please do accept my offerings.”

The next day the food on the altar were smitten by insects of strange kinds. “A sign of your acceptance. Thank you, Lord GOD! Bless the planet and the entire mankind!”

The weekend has a lot of chores lined up. And with occurrence of each chore, I was burdened with the burning questions. Looking into PAGE 3 of the newspaper I asked, “So, how do you actually work. You have classified people into various categories. Religion I understand is Man made, but how about money?. Do the wealthy also feel GOD, the poor Bear the wrath, is it because of their previous lives, what does your
Kingdom look like?”

Corporate training can be a boon if applied to discipline your thoughts. When I had stepped into the role of a manager, I was taken through a rigorous training of innumerable power point presentations, which clearly provides me a clarity of my organization, the team that I belong to, the names of the managers and the hierarchy of the organization, the roles and responsibilities, each of the manager shoulders. Also given insight are the clear instructions of my dotted managers, onsite and offsite along with my job expectations being carbon copied from the employer’s expectations.

“Listen and hear me out. For you will not find me in the idols that you looKing into. I look like none of them for they are all a part of my creation.” Said the Lord GOD.

“I am so torn in finding you and knowing you more, Lord GOD. It simply seems to be infectious, this curiosity of knowing you”, I smiled .It was my regular slot of half an hour. And I decided to hear the teachings of what the religious channel had to say. Not that, I would wear the same colour of the clothes, but I was more inclined on the content about GOD.

“Everything you witness about the history is true.” Said the preacher. I opened the DHL planner book , which I had whacked from my KING . The King ’s Father, works in a bank at the Director level known for his Ethics and Integrity, he often receives stationeries which he distributes if he uses them not. The KING , always selflessly hand over the stationeries, for, I use it with lot of desire and passion. I started to make notes in the planner. “Beautiful, it looks and feels.
The black soft cushioned bound, with the scroll and smartly divided into sections. For the journey that I have tread from an individual who started from teacher to a manager, the planner is a status quo,, am using it for the figst time.”

I re focused my thoughts onto the speaker in the channel. “Listen” he said. “The pharaohs are true, the Egyptians are true. See the carving of these human like deities, they do not look like human, because they are not human. They did exist and
lived on the planet. And they were worshipped by humans then. For, they were giants and powerful. They could not only run, but could hunt and kill animals and chew the bite and all of these while also to run along with the enemy.

You may go back and explore history. You can find several of such idols being worshipped even today in various parts of Asia and other provinces. “Memphis” it is called as in scriptures. All of these powerful creatures were strong, had special powers and lived as the sons of GOD, and spread his word.”

“The stories of millions of souls having witnessed the signs of the UFO in their fields; strange signs that you see around, are there to be believed.”

I quipped, “Then , whom do I look for you in…?”

I come from a land of idols. A land of strong culture whose roots claims to be of several thousand years. I have grown worshipping idols of several Gods. And in all, do I find the special divine power. In one lay the power of knowledge, in the other the Might, in one lay the blessings of wealth, and in the other the peace of heaven. I come from the society of different religions and their scriptures each talking about different beliefs. I come from land of various tongues where one man does not understand the other, yet live in worshipping Lord GOD. Do you then conclude to say, All are the branches of the tree, the root yet leads to ONE, Lord GOD?”, I asked.

“Look at all the idols you worship. Why aren’t these GOD’s like humans? Why is each of these GOD so unusual? Have you ever thought?”

“Well, I understand that now because all of these GOD, did flourish. It means they were all the SON of GOD, with divine power. However they are not a complete representation of you, right?”


“Well, that means, the scriptures are also true. The Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita and the various scriptures on this world. All of them are true, isn’t it?”


“So, the channel that connects the peninsula and island, which can be seen from the satellite to this date, is also true?”


“And so is the Great Wall of China, the colossium, the pyramid, the statue of liberty, the Red Indians, the Eiffel tower, Hitler and Napoleon, Gandhi and Mandela, Chengiz Khan and Mussolini, Martin Luther and Lenin, everything is true, right?”


“And Jesus Christ?”


“He looks like Human”, “Was he real too?”


“And as much of flesh and blood that you are in now, each of them lived in my Kingdom.”

“2000 years ago, men reigned under my light, with the hand of righteousness and fairness. People were fed with spiritual food to strengthen their muscle. There was prayer understanding and passionate worship. Love reigned and peace prospered. Paradise of heaven, he lived in and triumphed he under my shelter and my word. He invited the wraths, many times by forsaking me and he worshipped only them, which seems to fulfill his vicious desires. They invited my wrath and the future generations of the Memphis, I forsaked for they indulged in unGODly acts and sought their own desires. I took away the understanding from MAN, and let him be in the darkness of his own pit, where he searcheth me not. He regarded wealth more than my power, he loveth lust more than love, adultery , deceitful cuts he indulged in worshipping me not. He brought shame to me and I kept him in the pit of darkness.

Will I come at the known time, shall I preach my word. Till then, let the men groan and thirst for my wine. For he worshipped the idols of serpents that spitteth poison, Satan now dwells in their minds, hearts and homes.

They all have given away into the Satan’s temptations. Walk they all in the dream that the mind churns not, acts they do ignorant of their judgements and lead the life which traps them in the temptations of the world.”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: But he that keepth the law, happy is he.”

“There is a generation that curseth their Father and does not bless their mother...”

“There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

There is a generation. O how lofty are their eyes! And their eyelids are lifted up.

There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords and their jaw teeth is knives,
to devour the poor from off the EARTH, and the needy from among men.

Mighty will be my army of angels, Evagentists shall be their name. End times will they dawn upon. Consumed is every life that rises against GOD and seek not his mercy, known will I make GOD in every righteous soul it dwells. King s shall obey and rule by my law. Priests shall pray, worship, prophecy and work along with the KING , to reign the Kingdom of GOD.

“There are two categories of people which you will find around. The KING and the Priest. The KING will be carrying the “SHIT” in him. I would have masked him to beat them in the ultimate battle against the End Times. He will be speaking the language that the world does. Because, the world around, for him to teach the GOD’s principles, to instill GOD’s ethics ,he needs to talk in the same language.

There was something common in my KING and my Father. Both of them roared while driving. Both of them stood strong in their values, ethics and principles for the companies they worked for. My Father has the honour of fighting “a case of manhandle by a union leader” who already had 23 polices cases filed. My dad, despite the pressure from the team mates within to withdraw the complaint stood his ground, and eventually won the case. It was a classic test of the strength of the righteous grounds, to stand tall and alone in the midst of adversity. So were these traits found in the younger generation of my KING . My KING has been strictly rooted to the principles of GOD, of serving and being loyal to the work that you get paid for.

However the same men could abuse in the most filthiest language on a traffic snarl, or when it came down to giving their piece of mind furorring truth in the mightiest form.

These are the KING of people who will be never trained to attend the church or a temple or a mosque, they wouldn’t go or know about GOD, but will be strong believers in the Almighty. His principles ,people who believe and live by “ FAIR and SQUARE” Policy. These are the kind of men who will be extremely and deeply ,rooted. Men with principles. Men who believe in one wife, one love, one work. His service never wavers, never quivers. He is deeply rooted to the principles of GOD.

He will change the people around. He will move the organizations and while doing so, will also highlight the back stabbers and he is the person who would not show the back to the people. He will move all the three levels at one mighty move and that is the power he holds.

My KING worked in the organization where sound technical knowledge and customer service mattered. Mastering the principles of diligence and deliverance at the place of work, every customer appraise was noticed by the most senior level sitting in the foreign land to the grass root level. And where the organization was hardly commended for its customer service, real zeal and true dedication to your job would always fetch flying colours. There is no defeat in the land of GOD.

“Everything needs to move brick by brick. You work on good things and very soon create your own miracles in life. But patience and perseverance are the Two key factors.

The KING shall eventually master the art. They are the ones who will battle it out in the real world. They will be tested in my realms, according to the seasons and shall be rewarded, said the Lord GOD.

“Interesting and I must say, quite practical in today’s world. For to fight the evil and to establish your throne of justice, the KING needs to be equipped with powerful tool of supreme confidence and rigour, armed with your weapons of righteousness and justice” said I.

The alarm bugged at the set time of 5:30. “Two more minutes and I will wake up.” I murmured in my sleep. The KING is the one who will battle it in the physical realm, “I said to myself, the Angels of GOD , have descended for the MIGHTY BATTLE. We need to establish the King dom of GOD again. That is our mission.”….. Snoozed not the alarm for a second more and I had to wake up.

Things of pattern were beginning to change. I turned on the television, tuning into the same religious channel. The prayer time of half an hour. Not only they read the prayer and explained it but played music. Young people clad in simple clothes, holding their guitars, sang the lyrics of GOD, praised him. All these things, I managed to catch up while getting ready to the office and my son to be sent to school. Starting my day with the word of GOD, gave me a sense of connection. He seemed to be within me anywhere I go.

My journey reaching the office was getting entertaining day after day. My son asked me the reason for my joy and I just hummed all the more louder. I dressed pretty, wore the make-up on, stood and admired myself, for the figst time that I can remember. I looked hard at my own image. “Angel, you are Sally. Can you believe it?” The lean, skinny girl was an angel. And GOD was speaKing to her. Who in their right frame of mind, can believe it!!??

I offered a spoonful and more of my morning tea and kept it at the altar. And I sang the movie song of the, about to be released, and the lyrics of the song went so forth,

“Clouds are your colony
And house you dwelleth is pretty,
Oh! My dear dove,
Move ahead and fear not,
Flap your wings for
You are an angel of free will.”

The travel by the shuttle to everyday now had taken its own course. I had started reading scriptures. Scriptures of different religions. I couldn’t understand much for they were written in parables of ancient languages. But irrespective of my own understanding, I read them. For they spoke about GOD. The one who could talk to me. And his mightiness was just beginning to unreveal.

Music was a great company. Having never to hear my own voice, I had shunned down my soul in the past few years of life. Offlate a tune always remained on my lips. And each song, I had GOD to be my audience, my rejoicer. It was fun to sing loud, a song dedicated to GOD, and you could sing any kind. I had asked him that day, ‘Hmmm…. Lord GOD, give me your favourite song, and I will sing it for you.”

“Okay..!” he replied excitedly. “How about this one…. When the night dawns… tralaa….!”

“Yuppie, that’s my favourite too….!!” , and without a second thought, the tune was sung with great joy.

“kahin dhoor jab din dhal jaaye
Shyaam ki dulhan badan churaye
Chup ke se aaye…..
Mere khayalon ki aangan mein
Koi sapno ki deep jalaye….. deep jalaye”

- Anand
( Hindi Movie )

When far off, the days sets
Stealing the warmth, comes the evening
In her bridal wear
In my garden of dreams
Somebody lights them all… lights them all.

- English Version

I broke down choking with tears I couldn’t utter. My thoughts raced. When I was going through a very difficult period of my life, battling with the unknown thoughts of the future, being deeply wounded having faltered, I had hoped for a ray of light.

Standing then near the window sill, it was raining heavily and I had wept my heart, humming the same tune. And now here he was the Almighty GOD, having shown that he was there when I had hummed in deep pain and sadness, he was there crying in my sorrow, and now my heart ached.

“Father”, I cried. “your angel tread a path of not wise. Worthy I may be
Not in this world, but Father you made me worthy by accepting me. I Love You, my Father….”

He replied not for a long time. And my sadness moved my soul. It grieved for his voice. And in my attempt to find him, I turned on the television, and the same religious channel.

“There shall be the testimony from the angel to the KING about the establishment of the essence of the KING and the Priest in the King dom. Listen, the Priest shall be the one who would worship and pray and offer the burnt offering to Lord GOD. He shall be the prophet and shall be able to understand the tongues of different language that GOD speaks….”

That evening, when the KING came back home, he looked not too happy. He shared his stress of envious team mates, the managers biased decisions, the losses that the company incurs and the profits that the company can make ,had they placed right people ,at right position. The impact would be enormous.

And I added, “And that’s why people like you perform my KING . Because, when you have the talent and the mind of the GOD, Lord GOD gives you promotion. You head from one success story to the other. And he shall also test how you handle yourself when wealth comes to you.”

“When did you start growing so wise?” he asked. And both of them bursted out laughing. For we knew and we shared the infinite embracing moments and the “GOT YOU” expression , when either of us caught the other doing something silly act or a slip of the tongue.

I had made a vow not to break when I knew I was in love with my KING . “Nothing shall be hidden from you, I had promised. And nothing has been. We share our souls and energize it every moment in love. For love is always true.”
I spoke to him what I had gathered, that night. The KING and the Priest. I told him that we were all the angels of GOD, for we tread on the righteous path. And we were supposed to get ready for the warfare. The Kingdom of GOD needs to be moved with greater manifestation for the END TIMES are near.

Scriptures predict the pandemic by some strange disease, SUN burning up the land, EARTH gulping the land of sinners, mountains erupting in flames, war seen with Kingdom against Kingdom, there would be seen havoc everywhere and The Lord GOD promises to clean the EARTH. For the Kingdom of GOD needs to be established.

“How can you be so sure? I think it must be the religious channels. They are getting into you.” rebelled the KING .

“I don’t think so”, I said.

There was also something that I discovered. The man in the television said, all the angels have been scattered across the EARTH, speaking in different tongues and in different sects.
You will find Priests to be doing the study, learning, worshipping, and praying and also walking in the word of GOD while the King s will be involved in decision making , sharpening their wisdom and power to defeat the enemy around in their situations and pushing the word of GOD by practicing. Hence, GOD’s strategy is not to dominate men. One on the other, but it works in concentric measures. Imagine the KING and the Priest to be appointed by GOD, to take care of his King dom. The KING and the Priest together will expand their wisdom and love by impacting every individual you come across. Like this, “I drew the picture to explain better.

IMAGE 1 – Refer to the attatcment – King & Priest
“GOD promises to give you the strength and the rigour to fight the battle. For the time is less, and souls to be saved are many. The man on the television also said, if you were the angle of GOD, one of the confirmations is the black scroll, which you will not know where the origin is” , For a moment, the King s eyes was in disbelief. I was holding the planner in my hand. The scroll and the words of scriptures in the book written by me, seemed to compliment my story and the real.

“We read the word of GOD in churches, in temples, in mosques, in houses, in souls, without knowing the scriptures, WHY?

The scriptures have been written 2000 years ago. Religions are born for interpretations are many. And all the man made religions are based on the holy sayings of GOD or scriptures. All the scriptures talk about the END TIMES. And the second coming of the Lord GOD. Are these scriptures, if taken literal, prophesying the END TIMES and its stories?” I asked the KING .

My KING was a man of deep wisdom. He gathered his wisdom from the divine blessings of the Almighty. His mind worked differently. He would never agree to the concept of religious spirituality. Praying and worshipping to him were alien. But believed he in the standard business conduct and ethics. Work to him was worship. He lived the lifestyle of a true KING too. And compromised he never. For son was he of the man of wealth, Father and mother rich in their values and hardship, deter not the Father from the word of GOD for, he continues to serve at the highest ladder in the same company, which he joined at the age of 19, starting from the bottom of the ladder.

The KING was a man of science and facts and questions to the answers he found with great depth of inquisitiveness. His thirst to constantly study from the surrounding was supreme.

“He was trained by GOD to be the KING” , I thought. When the KING used to narrate his stories of regal, I would never be convinced till I would witness them on my own.

Said he, “ I am good at dirt bikes .
“Prove it” I said.
Took he on a ride from my house to office, spared he not any cell unimpressed in me.

“I am good at shooting”, said he.
“Prove it” I said.
Brought he a hand pistol with pellets of plastic loaded and fired the whick of the candles which he lit afar; And I saw the GOD’s training .

“He owned a scientist mind. Good was he with concepts of science, the application of science onto the most common things you notice around, trained was he physically because of his constant brawls during youthful days, relished and he indulged like a spoilt prince but GOD’s mercy and love saved him. His constant connection on the Saturdays and the true workmanship saved the KING from the death of his soul. Suffered the KING and witnessed the famine of friends and love, for the heart was empty and the agony swallowed him in deep waters. Wine and Music didn’t flow anymore and the wrath of GOD’s anger came down heavily on the KING . Tested was the KING under deep mourning and won the heart of Lord GOD with his shield of righteousness and fruitful labour.He built his palace ,brick by brick by act of kindness during famine and ,when the day of judgement came forgiven was he by GOD’s mercy and since then the KING reigned his reigns.”

“Look at all the global warming around” said the KING . How can not the EARTH end? I am sure something big will hit the EARTH soon. Man has dug his own grave.”

He spoke great wisdom about the global warming and its impact, the dearth of WATER because of glacier meltdown, the possibilities of a nuclear warfare, the disrespect of man towards wild and nature, all these, the grave laid ahead and true, man dug his own grave.

“Will then everybody die?” I looked at the KING and asked.

For all the follies of man, “YES” answered the KING .

Living with GOD for 24/7 is short of words to describe. My day began with his prayer. Without my half an hour hymns, words of wisdom, and songs I wouldn’t leave. I used to move all around the house but the television used to play. There was joy in my heart. Only I and GOD knew that we knew each other.

My route to the office now was laid with a breath taking SUN rise and SUN set ,every single day. It was so though that the Almighty would present me with this gift as I was his special angel. I was in love with everything that he created. Often I used to wonder, does man have time to appreciate, applaud, amaze and aspire in all your works, Oh GOD? You are so mighty, so powerful. You are all truth. Rich in your love and humble in your kindness, the only thing I need to do is call on you and you are in me.

The first few days, I often noticed GOD had opinion about everything he read in the newspaper. And I noticed, he used wisdom to judge the happenings around the world. Images splattered of women dressed cladily, he appreciated not, neither the lengthy gossip articles. Observed he for the signs of improvement amongst nations, good acts of brotherhood science- facts and trends, appreciated he the youth’s new beginning in sports of setting the hallmark and little puzzles and mazes caught his eye.

Every act of yours is judged by GOD. So when your consciousness is over taken by the spirit of GOD, goodness flows automatically.

Greetings to the guard, the receptionist, the gardeners, the people who clean the office toilets, the people at the counter of canteen, the people whom you meet in the hall way; the numerous office boys who hand over the bottle of water once I arrive at the desk, became a natural process. There was no unnecessary glaring with intentions for the heart was pure and cleansed, there was no man of wealth and man of condemneth for every
soul was supposed to be saved and there was no false pretensions to impress as it was impossible to fool GOD.

Carefully and wisely, I chose my words. And sat I with my colleagues of different religion to have my food. Both of them almost of the same age but lies the difference of religion. I narrated to them the stories in splits and in sections about the events happening around me. I spoke to them about the scriptures talking about the second coming and the actual witnesses that we are witnessing. We discussed about the END TIMES and it stir great fear. I told them, “I believe anybody who reads or hear these words are angels of GOD.”

The excitement on their faces was worth to be seen. And the Lord GOD continued speaking . “There are different kinds of angels. And all the angels are trained to be one in their childhood. Each of the angel, possesses a unique attribute and a unique skill. They are trained under different circumstances, under different situations of life, and I will lead them, when I come. I shall take them out of the pit and give their hearts with salvation to rejoice with.

Our lives were soon changed. Strangers we were recently and soon we had started engaging in the knowing, of each others lives, we were talking about GOD and his miracles in our lives. I was seen with indulging in two digit figure expense of chocolates and just gave them to anybody, to whom ,with nothing ,expecting in return. I wanted all to be saved and I knew its only acts like these which I can be saved from.

My Thank You notes to every mail that came from different regions and different departments became more in number. GOD never missed a Thank You note. Being an Asia Pacific head for multinational company carried a lot of responsibilities. The numbers to be met for customer satisfaction seemed low initially. I later understood when I looked into the history, my region had and, the numbers which ,different regions held. “Managing the website of such an enormous company ain’t a joke” I told GOD.

Then, I laughed at my own foolishness,

“Of all the people, look who am I telling it to “, I looked at my right side. Somehow, I always felt, since I was the most favourite angels amongst all, which I conveniently affirmed ;-), I would either sit on the right lap of my father or I would be holding my father’s hands and going on long walks across the beach.

The relationship of my prince and me as a mother seem to improve. Working on laptop while he on the play station had its own fruits. Now, I joined along with him while playing. He started reading while I used to watch my half an hour slot of my favourite programs. We started talking about GOD more and no matter what the conversation, it always used to end with Him on my lips. My heart felt joy and seemed to melt in his love.

I had always cursed myself to be an incomplete mother. For a working woman, life is all about time and duties. She sets up her ambitions against her own desires and she runs to achieve the milestone. Hurdles are many, especially if you dare to venture to live your dream whose future I know not, neither in whose destiny I believe not. Confusion is what prevails. And sorrowness and happiness becomes dependent on situations.

“Aren’t we all like that?”, I asked GOD. “We wake up everyday not knowing where we head to. We know not our aims for we don’t know the future, the world opens the gates of options and temptations, easily we fall into. “ LUST, SEX, CAREER, WEALTH, BEAUTY, SUCCESS, FAME, RICHES, POWER,” are the labels many. For man has the seed of desire and it’s the FIGE of conquering these desires, pleases man as it brings in the sense of achievement.”

“Man was born to be happy. And your soul should rejoice in happiness. Sow your seed in my KINGDOM, and water it with my faith. And watch for the seasons, behaving and wearing the best attitude on all days and soon you will find that you reap everything in double.” said Lord GOD.

“Why are we all then trapped in so much of long suffering?” I wondered.

I had made up my mind to venture into the unknown. Knowing the unknown and what ahead lie for my life was sheer adrenaline rush and the desire to learn more and quench the thirst. Knowing GOD more fetched results.

“Inheritance” and “Eternity” were two primary words that made me grab the offer. And not to forget to mention, his love was overpowering in my body. I could now connect to him not only from my television shows but in the kitchen, on the streets and the potty too.

When the stress of everyday life and the burden of being the best gets on to you, many a times my soul crumbled under pressure. I was failing miserably being good all the while. Applying mind consciously onto every decision and then deciding a “YES” or “NO” required a battle. Sitting on the potty which was attached to my room was a blessing in disguise. Many a times, I could easily shun away the hustle bustle of the world and be alone with self. The wall opposite me was where I connected to him. I noticed the switch board installed for the geezer connection was inverted.

Strange I thought. I guess the electrician must have fixed it upside down. And suddenly everything I was trained upon fell into its place.

If we look today at the world, unrighteousness lay at the aux of the pyramid. People of GOD were ignored, suffered under the mightier and the wealthier, economy, was in disaster and the world leaders came together only to fuel more of money into the system and the solution helps them not. Women were disrespected and man’s lust knew no bounds, brother hated brother and glorification of “self” were upheld. True, Satan has been very successful with all his temptations for fool is a man without the wisdom of GOD.
The objective of the angels of the GOD is then to set up the pyramid of truth and righteousness in the correct order. People of GOD were supposed to hold the powerful key positions in every stream of the KING DOM. Politics, Laws, Entertainment, Spiritual leaders, teachers, preachers, are a few to name. Picture : Kindly refer to the attachment of Kingdom of Satan versus the Kingdom of God
“The world then can be changed. How can I ,the woman who shy’s away from the people get the message across? I sure did have a training background as a trainer in a call centre but this was impossible. And moreover I wanted to lead a life together with my KING and my prince, I loved my push up bras, I loved my clothes, I loved food, I loved every good thing that existed on this earth. In no mind was I willing to quit all these and sit on the mountains for salvation, Lord GOD!” I exclaimed.

He laughed. Ask GOD to give you the power to look inside, skin deep. You might not like to know about yourself. But no one knows you, except GOD. He knows you’re rising UP and you’re lying DOWN. “Willingness to look inside and the necessity to be honest with yourself is the next step.” Said the preacher on the television.

Sitting and listening to various conferences around the world had become my latest passion. To top it in the university of GOD and being the best student in his training was my focus that grew day on day. It wasn’t about perfection that required me to achieve, but it was about the willingness to furor about GOD and His principles.

“He loves you no matter what lay naked before GOD. Anything within you that disturbs you is not the work of GOD. There is an energy leak. When you cant seem to move on. You will find in you, carrying an emotional baggage in your life. We fear what we learn about ourselves. And hence we are unwilling to deal with things that destroy our life. Ask GOD to show you ,how to walk in obedience with him, and as the spiritual surgery of your soul begins, you develop more and more intimate relationship with him. Daniela came out of nowhere. She was able to see the Priest and the Messiah as one person.”

“Daniela”, then didn’t strike too much of a similarity.

Continued the training with strength I had witnessed not. Because there were hardly left ,I knew who would even talk about GOD. Satan looked mighty and powerful. Will there be a day when Satan is defeated by GOD?
How does Satan look against the GOD?

Would he be the horror face and GOD to be a Good old man? It filled me with anxiety as the Preacher continued.

“GOD will make us to know His mystery. GOD will gather everything together. Everything, the heavenly realms, the earthly realms and the natural realm. There is a second coming of the Christ. And Jesus will be coming to restore paradise. Jesus will be fully GOD and fully MAN. GOD comes on this earth. Because this is Heaven. GOD says to us, I am relocating my throne to come back to earth. Jesus is going to be here for 1000 years and the father himself, “ABBA” is coming. Listen, there are 150 chapters in the New Testament that talks about the people in every generation undergoing the same kind of a spiritual growth. And it’s going to be the same power, same spirit and the same Jesus. You are not going away He is coming here. Fullness needs to be brought. Resurrected body and the soul.”

I understood the most important thing. “ABBA” was the name of the Creator. And he was the one who held the planets in their orbits, held the mystery of this universe and the he was coming down. “My job of being an angel then required me to save as many souls as possible and clean the paradise ,for, “ABBA” was coming here.

“Scriptures are filled with strange names and the language we understand not in today’s world.” I lamented. “I think people 2000 years ago would have christened people in their own language. Somehow I don’t like Jesus very much. He seems to be of a different religion. And I am not changing my religion.” Said I. GOD laughed.

I hit the bed trying to revise and recollect whatever I had learnt. “Its important to encourage yourself in these hard times.” I thought. I applauded my efforts for being a good manager and having being kind and understanding to my assistant’s needs. I had been building and worKing on my relationships with my off site managers, sub-ordinates and the efforts seem to be paying off ,for, there was an increase in the scores and exceeding the target. I sang loud in my house with joy and loved the presence of my KING and my prince. True ,something had changed drastically in my life. “Thank You, ABBA!!” I told him in vanity.

“My heart is always hardened “, I felt. I was now able to respect ABBA, because he was the Creator. I was able to fear Abba, because he was mighty. I was able to talk to Abba, because he was always available. I felt a child under his presence. I felt safe. And I wanted to win the race because I knew not where this led me to.

That night, I remembered having seen a lady who was standing next to the preacher reading out from a letter that, there was this woman, who had something on her right part of the body and that it was extremely itchy, and that she had recovered from the disease. She wanted to know whether GOD had healed her. The preacher had replied with an obvious “YES” answer.

I shuddered. Thoughts raced back as to what had happened to me just a fortnight ago.

It was my “shut down period” in the company. The work stress was very high as, the office had decided a forced shut down for 10 days and on two accounts. It was a management strategy to cut down on the cost of the employee during these crucial times of recession and the other being the Christmas and New Year Celebrations onset. And with the preparation of collating huge data and analysis for a six sigma project can be stressful and tiring. Numbers seem to float every corner. Excel sheets, pivot tables, power point presentations, meetings and conference, team management and team building and amidst all these I was battling an HR case within the company and the need to come out in the truthful colours and that the culprit oppressors using power and knowledge to look down upon the fellow co-workers was in utmost priority. I remember coming home and sitting on the couch along with my KING and my canned beer. The frustration and anger against the helplessness of being a woman and the beginner in the management was so high that I had taken out a broom stick and vented it out against a poor cockroach trying to save its skin behind the TV stand. The timing was impeccable. Pests never were allowed in my house. The wrath of my HR case and the presence of the pest were matched. Within few seconds the pest was dead. The KING roared with a laughter and asked “Feeling better?” and I had jumped like a kangaroo and waving my hand like a little girl dressed in my shorts and spaghetti.

The victory was seemingly near in my case . And life couldn’t have been any better until recently I had developed strange body ache which seems to pull me down physically and the itch on my body all over like a million insects crawling on my body.

I ignored the signs but worked feverishly under work stress. On the last day before the shutdown period, one of the new girl on the block,took heart and brought some food and gave me words of care. My body seems to be giving in.

I went back home and I remember falling asleep and begging my prince and my maid to give me a gentle massage on my back as the pain seems to be killing me. I lay in a very high temperature. But the joy in heart to celebrate the shut down and the vacation of 10 days at home was more exciting.

DrinKing in public was something I could never get accustomed to. And it is highly unethical if a woman is seen in doing so. But women like me whose celebrations are within four walls; my KING pampered me with couple of cans once in a month. I was a kid under supervision of my KING .

The vacation indulged me in the addiction of the talks and programs about GOD on various channels. Movies like, “Bruce Almighty” were tops on the list. One night, when I was listening to the talk, and itching myself uncontrollably and with no physical strength, I felt comforted by the words I had heard by the preacher. He was addressing to a crowd filled with youth and all stretching across their bodies, seated on the ground, they seemed to be enjoying the conversation secretly, as much as I did. He was talKing about how crazy GOD was and how cool he was with his people. And out of the blue I thought about the canned beer in the refrigerator. “Satan’s work”, I cursed. Just then I heard the man telling me from the television, “YES, I know the conversation is getting very interesting and you go grab your beer ,chilled in the fridge and we will see you right back.” I almost fell off the couch. GOD had given me permission to drink!! “Ah, I promised not to go beyond one.” I declared.

The itching doesn’t seem to stop. And the blanket seemed too be infected with strange pests I thought. The tension of being infected with some strange disease and the KING becoming increasingly worried about my health were adding on.

Internet offered an ocean of information and one seems to contradict another. My pharmacist brother denied of any herpes infected regions.

My sixth sense was blasting through the speakers of the possibility of HERPES. I was worried to be infecting my KING and my prince ,with one. And everything seemed to be at standstill. Nothing seems to help me, and I thought I would die for the crawling on my body and the shooting pain had brought tears to my eyes and in the pain had I screamed, itching my body, uncontrollably, “ABBA, ABBA!”

I was cold. Yes, I was the one who had called upon my father “ABBA”, which in my language was the word of my pain. I remembered how I had looked at the wall against my bed and had imagined walking up the stairs and knocking hard on the door of GOD cause the pressure of life was killing me.

The area around the region of the itch now had sores around. It seemed to be pierced and now it bled with water and blood. And finally when I had been to the doctor, she was surprised to let me know that I was healed. She went on to tell me that usually, one sore on the skin brings the patient to the doctor and I had suffered it for weeks and I was healed, miraculously.

I remember being close to death. “ABBA”, the father himself had healed me. I had called my father in my pain and he had healed me. It was unbelievable. Who knew that this was just the beginning?

- ALPHA. The Beginning –



“Everything that can be shaken will be shaken” beamed the words out of the television and the newspapers ,were the medium which connected me to the outermost part of the Earth.

It did not stop GOD from giving the problem statement of one of the most developed countries in the west. GOD was able to view problems from macroscopic level to microscopic. He would talk about the creation as big as the UNIVERSE to as small as the ant. Each creation lay the uniqueness. And the any cell touched by GOD becomes unique. Such is the glory of Lord GOD. Ants work in the summer all day. And in the rainy, they pry upon Lord GOD. And the colony of ants are all saved of those who have build their house on the rock of GOD. Observe that they work together. Weak you may presume but do not undermine the might in their heart that can also make them dangerous in the regions of Africa.

The synopsis of GOD’s analysis was deduced as follows:

40 Trillion of domestic debt. The worse part of the notional value was 3 times the value of the debt. They were different kinds of debts. And one of the medium to service these debts were through savings, cheques or earnings. So, the actual generated income would be 8 trillion dollars. The acute problem laid in the country and its citizens bearing the burden of 32 trillion dollars. So, where does the buck stop?
Through the Federal body, you could either print more money or you could pump new money which either of them led to a collapse in the system. Hence it would lead to banks collapsing, economy collapsing, people losing job.” Concluded Lord GOD.

My own financial situation was no less than a wrecked ship. Though my labour earned me few riches, indulgence in mindless temptations and having been easily fooled by the worldly glitz, debt swung its sword. Credit card calls were unable to escape and the interest seem to grow more faster than my nails every week. “How do I get out of it?” I asked GOD.

“Get out of the debts. For being in debt is like serving your banker and not me. To posses a fee will, you need to take the figst step in clearing your debts. Imagine three jars named SAVE, SPEND and SHARE. Let all your laboured money be divided in these three jars. If 200 coins is your reward for the labour in that season, then you keep 1/10th away in share. For stronger is your spiritual weapon and not the money which you earn. Teach your children not to labour in Fools paradise. And you invest in gold and silver ,for, they are the only monetary asset. You may also want to save in estate for, these are created by Lord GOD and lies in my KING DOM. Credit have not ,for, how can you serve different masters and call upon me to increase your wealth? Use your wisdom and the power of judgment. Your “YES” means “YES” and your “NO” means “NO”.’ summarized Lord GOD.

January brought me bonus and reimbursement. And the previous few months situations strangely had made us a little more wiser ,for, me and the KING were worKing towards going “debt-free”. Money to me was a scary devise to deal with. For folly can be many when this increases in abundance. I decided to use a large sum of money in clearing my debts away. And equally applied a measured control on our expenses. Time at home increased and surprisingly our relationships with each other improved. It seemed as though GOD had used his mighty hold and helped us walk through difficult times with happiness in hearts. Laughter, talks and presence became more and the family came together in the living room whether it was food, work or play. Recession indeed was a hit to man’s economy but the effect seems to create ripples of miracles in GOD’s KING DOM. For in GOD’s KING DOM strengthening spiritual muscle is followed by the inheritance.

The training continued rigorously. I had now started spending more time in watching and learning, implementing and evaluating my each step and the rewards that the Lord GOD was laying for me.

I was also led by the same carrot just like all the other souls. Inheritance to me opened the gates of a huge wealth, infinite was its realm. And I wondered and pondered about the power it laid. I often secretly was a poor little boy shivering in the midst the scholars and the preachers who spoke high yet I could not understand the image of GOD. But there is a fige in the soul that doesn’t seem to douse.

The world around seemed to be brewing at its own pace while like a thief, GOD was worKing through me. My only vision was the promise of inheritance and I knew that I stood a chance to run this race for GOD had chosen me, and, as long he was okay, I too was.

“Think about your childhood. And all the beautiful acts, around them. When they grow up they wonder where is our magic KING DOM. “Is there a place where dreams come true, is there a place beyond rainbows, a place beyond sky to watch me again to dance and sing, will there be a time when kids jump and run and come , on seeing their parents, Is there a place of hug and kiss, I know a place , I do, and that is called FREEDOM!” Wasn’t these your words Sally?”, asked the Lord GOD.

“Where did I loose out my dream? “ I chose a path that goes into the Red sea, which led the path into darkness. I saw a KING DOM that was filled with all kinds of unclean birds. Babylon has become a home for demons. GOD has not forgotten the wrong things she had done. Give that city the same as she gave to others. Pay her twice as much as she did. Prepare wine for her that is twice as strong as the wine she prepared for others.

She gave herself much glory living.
Give her that much suffering and sadness.

She says to herself….

“I am a queen sitting on my throne.
I am not a widow.
I will never be sad.
So these bad things will come to her in one day.
Death, sad, crying and great hunger.
She will be destroyed by fige,
Because the Lord GOD who
Judges her is powerful.”

My inner voice showed me the way of my life which I had tread. And he was my only saviour when the city had burned. When the King s of this earth had swallowed the

city, the city had crumbled on its knees. Then the vision the city had witnessed. I had fallen down my knees and around me laid the city burning. Tired of the ways of the sin, as a last resort the only escape was the shelter under Lord GOD. Only he could understand my pleasure and pain, truth and sin, happiness and suffering. The doors of the heaven had opened and an angel with wings had taken me up to the heaven. I had decided to shun the world and live life under his light. And in vanity had I led a good career, a good life and a life which was no less than a roller-coaster, not knowing what depth in the pit lay ahead but we all seem to still enjoy the cruise. “So, is there then a way to enjoy the cruise and yet not falling into deep pit?” asked I.

“Yes, the only way out. The walk through the fige of righteousness with values loaded with integrity and the passion to lead life in light.”

Submission to GOD requires courage. For it demands you to stand in front of the Lord GOD and be read, to bear the wrath of your sins. But GOD is our father as well. Submitting to his shelter of loving kindness and willing to take the courage to begin the figst step requires nothing but his mere calling. And he delivers you out of the journey that you had chosen ,for, his ways of destiny are better and laid in abundance, the honey of heaven and love for eternal in his KING DOM.

Look at the brand power around. A product that is lifeless, packaged well and hyped well fetches attention Wealth. Look the second layer laid in the onion. We pay and wealth make the Satan? Look deep, after a few seasons only the brand of GOD Lord remains, wealth on rock of Satan submerses , while wealth on rock of GOD afloats and a mountain is replaced ,for, the doors of heaven are about to be opened. And the second coming of GOD. Let all the angels join their hands together and come together in praying and in worshipping for the gates of heaven needs to be opened. Build and brand your foreheads with GOD. For you are the children of Lord GOD.

“Why is it so difficult to begin?” asked I

And I could answer my own question. We all walk in a dream. A hazed life.
One of the ways to ensure yourself to lead a Godly life is to follow the principles of your heart. True, it requires discipline and patience too, but wise man shall stay to witness the might and miracle of GOD while the fool shall be trapped in the deep pit whose depth is infinite.

“What is this deep pit? Which we talk about ?” I asked GOD.

We laughed together. For me and my KING are connected through the pit. Whenever, chaste knocks, I dig a pit in gesture, push him in… and hide him in the pit of love. When I call him “Yo…hoo…!” and the reply comes delayed, I am happy for he is immersed in my true love. Being a woman and in today’s world where options are many, it’s important that you know the difference between love and lust. And ensure you get connected with love first and love remains.

Deep pit in love can be adultery in your thoughts, heart and actions. Pornography says Lord GOD is wrong. Brothers, where does it say that children of GOD can ill treat woman? For man and woman are the images of GOD and both in him. Oh! Daughters of GOD, fear Lord GOD. Hold your tongues and walk in robes of purity. Lord GOD says, a woman is the King ’s identity. Invest in your King ’s KING DOM. Sow your seed in Lord GOD. And even to those who are immersed in Satan’s tune will wake up to the GOD’s whisper for glory is his name. He promises to spread your glory and taken care of your near and dear relatives, your family, your friends, everybody will come into the glory of GOD, when you wear the armour of GOD. For Satan’s trap are many that lay ,and, wear the brand of GOD ,and, beat the roads that take you to the valley of death. Rise up, Oh! Children of GOD , for the end times are near. Anybody can begin the journey. The loving kindness of Lord GOD forgives you for your sins for no man is free of sin. Else he would be GOD himself. So, wake up, from the dream that Satan has weaved and walk in the light.

Paul the apostle was born deep down. He was a part in me, who loved to debate and deliver speeches long. He was the spirit in me who held the strings to the funny bone even in the deepest sufferings that was ahead to come.

Every man is trapped in agony, in pain, that chains us to our personal “SELF”. It’s a crisis to remain happy and to lead your destined life. Every moment you are watched

in the KING DOM of GOD. These are the steps to self realization and self awareness to your own trappings around you.

We all walk the path of life like dead souls without the presence of light. Murderers, treacherous, unrighteous People, unGODly, indulging in pervert and unmindful acts, jealousy, anger, wrongful intentions, grudge, oppressors, evil doors are thrown into their own pit by GOD. Their suffering continues and soul withers, in one form or the other.

He is the powerful Lord GOD. Therefore children of men, put your trust under his wings of shelter for during your suffering now, he shall promise to give you the Inheritance. Give away in his love. It’s just a matter of beginning. GOD is GOOD. He understands the weakness of us, the iniquities which lies in us. Seek his help and he helps. This is THE SUPER NATURAL.

TEST him and he willingly will testify. It’s a matte of Faith. He loves every creation.

He has been there for you and will be there for you. He loves you. He knows your past, your present and your future. He knows every act of yours. And he forgives you, as these acts of yours were done in the darkness and in the trappings of this world.

Have you read the Psalms and the Bhagavad-Gita? Lord Krishna and KING David both speak about the same principles. Look deep, principles of GOD remains in Man. Labeled by man You may be different. How foolish was I to like and dislike other religion for we are all nothing but a part of his creation. ONE GOD, ONE KING DOM and a New World Order is what we need and we need to establish the paradise. I really was beginning to worry as I pondered hard about the defeat the Satan. And at this point, KING and Priest, Angels scattered, not many reading scriptures, not many watching television, not man having time for GOD, I just hoped that GOD would be able to beat every soul upright, and defeat the Satan and hopefully surprise the Son of GOD, for he lived in the most advanced times and will GOD be able to beat him in his own territory of internet, idols, satellites, spirituality, phones and amaze man?

“GOD works in seasons. And the seasons to unfold should hold the answers”, I answered my own question.

“What about all the different souls that I see around, listening to various spiritual leaders? Each leader brings in his own teachings and several followers who walk in your faith. Whom do we believe and what do we do?”… Can GOD be cornered with this question, I was curious to know his answer.

“Some people will teach things that are false. Those people will not agree with the true teaching of Lord GOD. And they will not accept the teaching that agrees with the true way to serve GOD. However, followers who believe in serving their masters would continue as some followers do have masters and who are believers. No follower should serve his master less, for, to serve is to follow the principle of GOD.

Tread carefully ,for, there are masters who bring on jealousy, maKing trouble, insults and evil mistrust. They also bring about arguments from men who have evil minds. That person is sick with a love for arguing and fighting about words. They think that serving GOD is a way to get rich.

It is true that serving GOD makes a person very rich, if that person is satisfied with what he has. When we came into the world, we brought nothing. And when we die, we can take nothing out. So, if we have food and clothes , we will be satisfied with that. People who want to become rich bring temptations to themselves. They are caught in a trap. They begin to want many foolish things that will hurt them. Those things ruin and destroy people. The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have forsaken true faith because they want to get more and more money. And they have caused themselves to be very, very sad.

But for you, try to stay away from things because you are a Man of GOD. Try to live in the right way, serve GOD, and have faith, love, patience and gentleness. Keeping your faith is like running a race. Try as hard as you can to win that race. Be sure you get that life that continues forever. You were called to have that life. Tell the good people to be happy to give and ready to share. By doing that they will be saving a treasure for themselves in heaven.
Tell the rich people to be good. Stay away from people who argue against the truth. Stay way from people who say foolish things that are not from GOD. Keep your faith safe, for,
”Knowledge” comes from GOD and may the grace be with you all, Oh! Children of GOD.

“It clearly deserved an ovation.” I thought. “Your judgements are right, GOD. For it is our acts that speaks louder than words. As long as I act in your faith, I am protected under you.” This gave me a strange sense of confidence that I had never seen. To me now, it no longer mattered whether the world notices, it was on my priority to ensure that I run the race as long lasts his grace and mercy.

“Actions speak louder than words”. And in GOD’s training program, there is no delay in testing the soldier willing to enter the battle of GOD. That night the battle plan of how to build a strong corporate world was given out to me. And I made a note of it in my scroll. I scribbled “GOD is talKing to me”, at the end of the plan, for my own configmation.

The next morning, I had typed and drafted an email writing about how involving the less privileged but educated people to churn the commodities ,which is required by corporate people on a daily basis. Like your merchandises / stationeries, markers, good food, papers, all these can be manufactured and supplied in your KING DOM. Each
Company thereby will also be serving the society and laying a brick for its own prosperity in GOD’s KING DOM. It may require few willing entrepreneurs to enter and train the hands to be skilled, but when the lesser privileged lays down a brick for their next generation with education and GOD’s word, the fruits they bear would no longer be less but they will reap in abundance ,for, blessed are the souls who walk in the word of GOD. When you spread your wings of faith, the nation grows mightier and powerful. One step in the light from the corporate giants, millions will be the impact and the impacted. I sent the mail to the highest authority, the CEO.

I worked for a company that was a GIANT in the corporate world. 7 and 7 lay hidden its name. Strong were its foundations of law, but weak were its rules. “It was time to test and to be tested”, thought I.

I remember as a child, I had drawn a picture of a girl and boy gazing into the stars. It was copied from the poster of a science magazine. I and one of my other girl gang had shown it to the art teacher. And the teacher had made the most ridiculous comment that a child can hear to . “What kind of people are these? Look at the boy, his nose is crooked and look the girl, so thin,” she had asked me to erase and correct the drawing. That was my last day at the school and I haven’t met the teacher since then though I pass by her house even today.

I had protested in front of the elders that it didn’t matter to me whether the boy had a crooked nose or the girl was thin. I like them the way they were. And I wanted to keep them the way they were because I liked them the way they were.

The same quality continued even in my teens. I loved to watch the American lady’s chat show and her thoughts. Her battle of life from childhood and her courage to move the KING DOM despite being the weakest links of all, the dark skinned and the weak gender, a woman, she moved the KING DOM with her goodness. I often wondered, would she even realize the impact she makes to the soul that is scattered oceans away. Her “Angel’s Mission” kept me continuing sharing my teachings with children for their hearts could be easily moulded. “I often used to bend beneath the chair to find nothing but the joy of discovering gifts kept me alive.”

My father whom GOD used to address as the “fat priest” had roared in haste. “Who is this dark lady whose show you sit and get glued to?” I had widened my eyes and shouted back, “she is a lady of courage and truth blunt she speaks. I like her”. It came as no surprise to my father when I had selected my slot of her program during my exam preparation whilst in school. I follow her till date.

“It is not necessary to agree with opinions. Everybody has one in his KING DOM. Goodness is the attribute embraced by the divine.” And he spoke, “If life were to be a game of play station. It is not important you to complete all the tasks. Cause perfection is not the Root. It is the strategy of making bounties by doing good, and focusing on laying the bricks of goodness and constructing the palace of your own choice, in his KING DOM according to his law judged by righteousness and your acts.

So, when the day of judgement arrives, you would have maximum bounties laid under your name. Focus on reaching the destination and making it to the top against all odds.” Preached GOD.

“How do you arrive at such criss cross theories ?”I asked and he said “Criss Cross ed is your definition cause you understand not, the GOD’s KING DOM and his ways. The day you grow into a man from a child, “circuit well wired” will be your label of my work” joked GOD.

“Daughter of Zion,” read the scriptures out loud. And I often wondered what did the scriptures preach. Strangely none of the books I purchased, and all of them had been gifted to me by a religion that I belong not. I noticed that one of the religious channel through whom I secretly got preached, avoiding the glares of the world around, had the eyes of a mysterious person. “Whose eyes are these? Would Abba have eyes like these?”.

But spoke they not about the Lord GOD, spoke they about Jesus Christ and His coming. Spoke they of “Shiva” through Shiv Yog, spoke they coming of Krishna in our preaching, spoke everybody in every religion of the second coming of GOD. Whatever were the consequences, I decided to fight for the Lord GOD. For he is my protector and he is my saviour.

The mail I had written to my CEO, had brought in some results after some waits. The department had responded by asking me to attend one of the meetings whose primary focus was to incorporate ,community program. “Maybe my inheritance lays here,” and I knew I was on my way to victory.

“I am on my way to fetch the booty.” I had smiled in joy, standing in the rest room, looking into the mirror that glowed so bright. “Who is your favourite?”, I often ask my KING and my son and I beat the score 3:0. being the only woman, to both she should remain the favourites ,for, it is to woman to train her children and preach them the words of GOD.

My tests were getting difficult with GOD. And my list of prayers were also getting longer. It’s GOD schedule we need to fit into. He taught me ways to build love, trust and faith amongst the people of GOD.

I lived a life of princess at home but outside the temple, I had to represent my identity as the daughter of GOD. “How are then women supposed to be in your KING DOM Oh! Lord GOD? For she is considered the weakest link in the KING DOM of man?” I asked.

Expression of GOD exists in man and woman for “Life” is created only when a man and woman come together. And that, is the foundation and law that rules.

“Wives, be in subjection to your own husband;
If they obey not any word, they also
May be won by the conversations of the wives;
While they hold your chaste conversation coupled with fear
Whose adorning may just not be that outward adorning of plaiting the
And of wearing of gold or putting on of apparel;
But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not
Even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit,
Which is in sight of GOD a great price.
Likewise, you husbands, dwell with them
According to knowledge, giving honour
Unto the wife, as unto the weaker
Vessel and as being heirs together of
The grace of life; that your prayers
Be not hindered.
Not rendering evil for evil or
Railing for railing: but contra wise
Blessing, knowing that you are there
Unto called, that you should inherit a blessing,

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers; but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil” said Lord GOD.

“After GOD had entered into my life, everything around me changes”, I remarked. You can be an absolute impression of yourself in GOD’s KINGDOM. I was sick and tired of the routine malls and cinemas every weekend lifestyle. Predictable was at its epitome. Talks between the husband and wife becomes predictable. Each thought, every move, the next words, the next few weeks with the stranger whom you know not. Man was born to lead a life, each of his own identity. So, there cannot be a clone of one onto another.

I remember having lamented about my uncle who once upon a time used to bring a hundred mangoes at home and I held the privilege of selecting the best one among all the hundred. “Eat your heartful”, he permitted me. My eyes were filled with delight and not more than 2, but I relished the juice of the mango, the juice dripping from the corner of my fingers to the tip , the juice, slurping, as for it could go. Mangoes and heaven seem no different.

Choosing a wrong path and a decision in vanity, changes your path no where close to GOD’s path. I had forgotten to relish food and my stomach yearned for food no more in darkness.

And here was the KING , who was loading my shelves with mangoes of different varieties, each weighing well of flesh and smelling divine. On every emptying of the shelf, the mangoes seem to crawl in. finally, I was onto tears with hands soothing my hurting stomach, “no more mangoes. I can no more complain about history, you have rewritten fresh in my memory.” I declared.

GOD in your life fills your life with moments like these. There is happiness and love that flourishes in hearts. And the doors to the heaven can be unlocked. For it is important that Man and woman experience the bliss of family and the eternal love that GOD promises in his KING DOM.

“Love before you can lust” is the law of Lord GOD. For when you love and get the covenant in his KINGDOM with your righteousness and his judgement can you, experience the eternal bliss of love. Be wise hence to understand the law. All the realms bring forth you, to lead you the way ,and he will lift the curtains for you.

My KING and I had come under the severe wrath for breaking the law. You sin, you go a step down and you start walking all the way up. It is like your PS2. You have opportunities umpteen and love is taken care while you put an effort in walking his path. Be ready for a feedback and accept your faults with humility for right are his judgements and righteousness is his thoughts; Lord GOD is the creator of every seed that can breathe. And we decided to walk in his name. Battle to walk and test the ways of GOD was indeed pushing me to the edge. The KING was in love with me and his patience was controlled but lay inside the flood of anger against the GOD whom I spoke about. Approved he not my ways and my weird prophesy which was making no sense to him.

The KINGDOM is run by the KING . And all the judgements of the KING are right when the KING is the son of GOD. But here was the KING who chose to walk by the principles of GOD, not knowing the GOD. And I was trying hard to convince the KING about the things that were being entered into the scroll, the teaching of GOD, which seemed to be increasing day on day.

That morning, while traveling in the bus, I met a woman whom I knew not. And GOD always sends people into your life with a reason and purpose. Since my KING would not listen to any of GOD’s preaching’s, I decided to connect and speak his love to everybody whom I met. And that day, for the first time, breaking all the barriers, I spoke to the woman while going and coming back from the office. And I had spoken to her offering advice about improving relationship with her husband in love and affection.

Notice how the KINGDOM of GOD works. He moves in all the realms. The Law set by him are not only to be understood, not only to be followed but also to be preached whenever he sends people to you. And he will always send people to you, to test your ways and enhance your skills.

While worKing in the office, during the busy hours, I just used to take a walk around the campus. The open sky, the trees around, the silence, the air, the openness always gave me an opportunity to talk to GOD. And the gardeners around. When one of the days, I had checked with the gardener about her family, she had answered that since her daughter was pregnant; the chocolate I had given to her was instead eaten by her daughter. GOD didn’t waste a second any more. He led me to the snacks counter, buy another and made me hand over 2 more to the gardener. Strange it was for me to accommodate GOD’s openness at times. For nobody around in my corporate office ever did it. And here was I, under GOD’s command, distributing the chocolate bars everyday to one after the other. Very soon, I notice the difference of GOD’s presence. The lonely, walKing on the stairs were replaced with smiles and greetings starting with the watchman at the entrance of the office ,to the boy who brought the bottle of water everyday to my desk. Life becomes blissful when you start spreading goodness. And your heart rejoices ,for ,these are the true form of happiness that exists in heaven. Have the thought of generous charity because it is these acts that saves you on the day of your judgement?

“Lein I3 challenge” was the subject line that lay in my mail inbox. I marveled at the speed in which GOD worked. It posed a challenge to all the corporate citizens about coming out with a solution which can resolve the undergoing global crisis. If the idea was selected, there was reward of not only the witnessing the execution of the idea but also the cash award of a million dollars. My imagination took no time to weave dreams. Everything now fell into place. “So, this was the idea”, I smirked. “You want me to be good and then when I follow your law, you will reward me accordingly. This is so beautiful,” I had said in love.

“Being an angel, I was supposed to design a solution with game plan which GOD had already given. And it was Lord GOD himself, people would marvel at his work and I can then have an inheritance. Marriage to the KING will be easy for I now would possess wealth. And soon we could move away to a foreign land along with the prince. “What a perfect solution for my life.” I thought.

The training about the KING DOM continued. And I was now getting used to finding answers from the Almighty everyday. And I religiously sat in front of television after the office hours. Complacency and lethargy were soon replaced with practicals and theory sessions.

“They are angels who need to aware of few laws. Not all the men of GOD can be saved in the end times.” Said the preacher. He continued, “The groups are of four types,

1. Staunch Believers
2. Steward who will rise from unbelievers
3. Resistors
4. Amazers

Amazers and Staunch believers will be saved the last moment and will be pushed to the millennium. This is because they are the people who dared to walk the path of light. And in the end times, Jesus will come and restore the paradise. All the human’s work would require atleast a 1000 years to be restored. Everything needs to be build. And the angels are involved in building the KING DOM. Saints in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America will come together and prayer is the key focus. It is biblical. It’s remarkable and stunning. It’s together, this movement. The evil has penetrated into the society which is now the infrastructure of different nations and this can be destroyed only by the law of GOD. The first section who will move forward in GOD’s KING DOM are the Fore Runners.

“Fore Runners are messengers. They have definite focused messages.” Continued the pastor. And I was feverishly taking down notes of all that was told. “You will be called to blow the trumpet. Stay focused for I am your Boss. The world outside is not going to pay you, I will pay you for what you want. Fore Runners are more often the mothers talking to their son, little children at home train them for GOD really likes babies.

There will be great demonstration of demonic power and GOD’s power. And there will be great harvest. There will be more eternal families on earth than on heaven.

Don’t look backwards to figure out the future as the ceiling will be blown away when you will know it, if you go after it.

The fore runners will focus on the oppressed and the orphans. They will proclaim
the primary objectives of Jesus, which come in three dimensions. One as a bridegroom who will be love sick. And the KING who will be given all the powers and as a judge where he confronts everything. There is a burning desire which you experience.

Little recreation is acceptable. But our culture is obsessed with it. Go deep in GOD. You may want to sleep or take rest so that you have the energy to go seek hard from tomorrow.

It takes time to be a fore runner. We fast and pray. When you fast, it applies with money and time. Fasting becomes your lifestyle and prayer coupled with fasting reaches the ear of the Lord GOD soon.

There should be a dynamic setting in the society. Fun and dynamic are the buzz word. They have an adrenaline rush which is steady and these are devoted people. Ensure to have like minded people in your community.

The majority will be initially offended. In the latter days, they will understand it. And you will consider it. They will wrestle with the truth. You are going to be in it for hours. Wrestle it, ponder over it, fight it out. Your brain will hurt but your heart is feeling it. Stay with it and the fog will lift.

“The people who understand, they will instruct to millions. Then internet, video, every medium will be filled with GOD’s word. They will understand then, how the world works”, paused the preacher.

It was the break in between. The content and the strategy seemed to be very new indeed, I told GOD, ‘”And who is this Jesus? Will I have to worship a man called Jesus? I will not ,for, I come from a religion who worships strange idols and the east where culture varies with the west.”

Answered GOD with loving kindness, “Have faith in GOD!”

“What is that kind of an answer, for it answers not my question,” I protested.

“It’s not the size but “Purity” that matters”, Continued the pastor. Television commercial breaks seem to not clutter the religious channel. And I was relieved. All the breaks comprise of were the timings of the religious programs.

“Do more than what seems to have been done. Make a difference to your generation. You need to make a difference to your generation.”

“What stops people to have faith in GOD?” I turned to ask GOD.

“Little word called Doubt” replied the preacher.

It sometimes became insanely coincidental that the television seems to answer my most of the questions now.

“I will try to love you; I will try to do it. Do you want me to have it?, Is this what we live for?” all these questions you will be able to find the answers. Doubt is like a sword. Compare it with the cancer that grows in spirit. A double edged sword for it kills your spirit from believing and it grows strong in your mind. A chronic condition that stops you from seeking your destiny. Most of them are already losing the battle for they are conformed in this world. Beautiful girl, jewellery, designation extra are the few of the many. Half filled faith, half filled “YOU”. Doubt starves the spirit and does not allow the spirit to get nutrition. GOD has blessed us and for, the next generation of ours. Youngster will rule the next world. That is his word. We are the next leaders. And that is his anointing.”

I was overjoyed with the teachings of Lord GOD. For he gave confidence and courage for the much needed soul of mine.

Things which were so well scheduled suddenly seem to go out of control. I was unable to meet the KING on a regular tone and there seems to be constant disagreement and tiffs. GOD tests your actions. There was a time, when I use to constantly preach the KING in my own style. And he being a gentile, he would curse the religion of Greek. I saw a clear demarcation in religions now.

“In the east, the switch when pressed down, is to “on’ and when pressed up was to “off” the light. In the west, the concept worked the other way round. The switch when pressed up is to “on” and when pressed down was to “off” the light. You can observe the same applied while driving the four wheelers. In the east, the driver is seated on the right while in the west; the driver is seated on the left. The design was different but the objective remained the same. Branches were different but the root remains the same. Many may be the ways of worship, but GOD is one. Many may be the animals we milk, but the colour of the milk remains the same. Brothers, wake up! Ensure that your branch is connected to the root, else the branch which tries to grow mightier in ignorance, will be chopped out, clearing the path of GOD. May your works be righteous and may you fear in GOD in all your acts, may you rejoice in his love and may you be rewarded in his pride and mercy” I spoke.

Something was changing. I no longer spoke in the worldly terms. There was a prayer chanting in the soul, a mind lifting the fog and the eyes able to see the mist of the world that blinded man. I realized that GOD in me had manifested in me a seed that now looked like a priest, a fore runner. He was training the forerunners. And I realized that everybody in his KINGDOM, undergo the same pattern of training.

My KING and I now tried to connect through the phone. Technology is the epitome of man’s imagination. And GOD works through every technology. Be it prayers written on the net or the brain signals. I notice that whenever I missed him, the call landed in my phone. And he spoke about the proposal to go to a picnic spot, where the water fall was known to be sullen, sober and known for its mighty death traps.

I saw visions of the people playing in the water, the tennis ball, coloured yellow, KING taking a stroll and something blocked my vision. A massive black shade that masked the picture. I had narrated it over the phone to the KING and the KING had not paid attention to the details. He chided me that nobody would take a tennis ball on to the picnic for “classy” is not the statement then.

Something bothered. Things just seem to flare up between us and I asked GOD to show me the solution. “Asking is so difficult for most of us.” I remembered my preacher, my mother on the religious channel. Life had become easier for me now. For I understood, the spirit of GOD is everywhere. And when you don’t find your happiness when you don’t find your rubber bands, when you don’t find a right reason to take the leave in the office, just ASK Lord GOD, and he will save you. Every inch of your hair follicle will be protected under his grace.

And I asked. He answered. With abundant silence. “And “off” went the light for so much of a speech”, I said.

That night, the KING had come in and together we wanted to be. Because, no matter what, your heart would always go back to seek truth. And the truth was, love indeed bloomed full.

We were watching the regular adventure sports, video zonkers, disasters, accidents and like all the regular youth brazing spirit to fight. And I remember during one of the episodes, I had asked him, “What if you are watching one of your friends being pulled away in water, will you save him?” and without a flinch in his tone, he answered, “YES” we had cheered each other for the right answer.

And in the days to follow the vision also followed. I asked the KING straight forward questions. How many in the team know swimming? He answered with a pride of laughter, “Honey, I don’t know about others, who claim that they do know swimming. But I used to swim holding my breath for longer minutes under the water. “Something in me wasn’t convincing. And I knew the KING was trained for all the angels of GOD are trained to be the best in different streams which the world may not see.

For glitz and glamour blinds our eyes and we fail to see our own light.

Strangely, I had read the article about how to save oneself from the whirlpool. And here I was re-reading the same article in the evening. To be on a safer side, and following my intuition I called the King and asked him. “How do you think one should swim, when he is caught in the whirlpool?” and being the way he is designed to be, he blew my mind away with the right answer. And I had told him then “Go to the trip, I grant permission with love unto you my King . For go there to save lives and go there ,for, there comes no woman. And fige of GOD will be upon you, if you dare venture to get into the trap of one. For ,love is devotion and embodied and pure.” Laughed both of us at the depth we bonded to.

That night on the television appeared to be warning him out of desperation. He spoke about the origin of Memphis and how it was important that you worship the free spirit. To remain in the race, I was advised to remove all the idols and establish an altar with no idols in it. And it was supposed to be important. This was supposed to be done in act of faith. For I was supposed to configm my faith in GOD.

“Are you convinced that GOD wants the best life for you?” the voice roared.

“I am the daughter of Jerusalem. And Moses my preacher. I have been trained on worshipping to idols since a small girl. Hymns, prayers, milk have I offered onto the idols. Now for the figst time, my understanding of his King dom and the command he gave fell into place. For GOD is a free spirit, a realm where you can find in no thing, He is a wave in which you find mystery hidden infinite. But my mind carried the label of religion which I was born in this world. Gentile I was, and Greek your preaching was, what kind of a confusion you weave around me Oh ,Lord Abba?”

He answered with abundant silence, “I have not seen you. I have not known you, I have not heard you, I have not tasted you, yet I can see your signs all around. Yet you show me everything about you, yet you talk me so clearly and I can taste your joy and love. How strange are you and how strange am I? I sing song unto you in different tongues, I speak to you in different tongues, I offer the food of gentiles and you preach to me in Greek. Strangers are we in this world and strangers seems to be the world.

For, you and I are strangers in our own land.” And I moved. I made the covenant with him. I spoke to him, “I am removing all the idols and establishing the altar with your throne. For this is your throne. And it belongs to you. I will build a temple for you. And in it shall there be light glowing. And I offer you the oil filled lamp, the candle and the incense, with my burnt offerings day and evening. For I want you to be there in my life. A protector of a mother and a son. However, I am a lover of feasts for it gives me great pleasure to worship all your forms too. I would continue celebrating the festival of lights, the Ganesh festival and Christmas. I loved the festival of colours and the merry around the souls. Happiness in worshipping him together is no less than salvation” I thought.

The house of Israel established the temple for Lord GOD. Being in an apartment, a little corner in the west in a wooden carved box, which the builders had initially denied to place it, I established my temple inside the kitchen. A place which now required tremendous discipline in “Self” for the priest dare not fool the GOD he worshipped.

Over comers will ,overcome and reign. I was in no mood to hit the bed and sleep. For when the heart and mind searches for the truth, you can walk as long as your soul can search ,for, you are a part of this infinite realm of GOD. When I checked the time. It was HR: 10. The clock always caught my eye of HR: 10. Midnight it was. And I sat with my scroll with no strength to write. And there came a man, who spoke this, “Listen. If you are watching this episode, then you need to hear me out clearly, for, tomorrow there will be a man coming from this community. And you need to pass on the message to them on behalf of GOD. Coming few days is Friday the 13th. And the Californian government will need to pas the law of gay rights. Now, we need to explain to them that they are our brothers. And we understand their pain. And we accept them for what they are. For, it’s not habits that GOD looks into but he searches your heart. Also do explain to them ,as to why a law cannot be passed in his King dom. For there already exists a law that life is created only when the seed of man comes along with the seed of woman. For woman is a part of the creation of man. And hence, passing the law is the work of Satan. And there will be battle and the trespassers will be thrown into the deep fit. But walk in the name of Lord GOD. For you are his creation, his own seed. Seek and he shall answer. Tread not the way with your back against light.” And the episode ended.

“The only person whom I know was the person whom I had trained. “Sister” he used to call me, accepted not I through my soul.” I said. “If I speak to him, the King is going to kill me. But an angel is born to save. Maybe saving him from the waters might be a test unto me”, I muttered. “Lets see how it goes”.

When I entered the office, the next day, my laptop seemed to be infected with virus which cut the speed of functioning drastically. My productivity was bound to suffer if I delayed. I was talKing with one of my angels, when she called the same person, waving her hand, whom I had seen in my vision. My vision also had shown me, with him sitting in a conference room, and me like a representative of GOD, in the court room, with blue heaven beneath and numerous angels around. And I had seen that he had repeated his shirt on the previous worKing day too.” I blurted out my entire vision and I was in the
Middle of the California conversation, when he came. Smiled he with warm of kindness and “sister’ he addressed me as. He came, clear was his heart, he set the laptop and waited he for the antivirus software to be installed. And my blood was cold. GOD was demanding me to act. And it was a test. I continued the conversation of Friday the 13th and the California law. And I told him “I saw your face immediately after the meeting.” And he interrupted. He said, “Can I just talk to you for a few minutes in the conference room?” We went. We sat in the huge conference room. The floor beneath was laid with blue carpet. And I knew, I was supposed to speak. I let him speak figst and I heard.

“I am of the same community that you are talKing about. I am a gay. And many times I have cried in church and I had asked GOD for an answer. I tried to commit suicide and I was saved. Many partners deserted me. And that is when I overheard your conversation.” He declared.

I was prepared. I was his soft skills trainer, training about customer delight and the importance of employee diligence in a company. And here was I now training him the words of GOD. I passed on the message to him. And he cried. And my heart shattered. “Why was the world so cruel to him? Isn’t there a man without any iniquity? And when GOD accepts them ,for, he created them. Who are ‘I” and “You” to laugh and have the audacity to show a finger at them. Let us accept them as our brothers. For they are pure in their heart and their soul touch the heart of God.” I declared in my thoughts.

And then ,had I, my Six Sigma project conference call in few minutes. The pressure to maintain balance in the real and the unreal was getting difficult. But I understood that GOD also gives the wisdom and strength to tackle all and any of your problems. “I am currently worKing on the spread sheet. I request you to kindly post pone the meeting by an hour and a half. My apologies for any inconvenience caused,” I declared in the chat conference room. When you act in the word of GOD, your team mates always are obliging. It is because GOD’s loving, kindness transmits either through messages, words, thoughts, actions, prayer, silence, vaccum. Agreed they and I worked feverishly through the spread sheets. My assistant was trained in the process by GOD to be quick to deliver and always ensure to complete and check the result of the job delivered.

With GOD in you, you can work your mind at light speed. I not only finished the work on the spreadsheet but had time to have my food.

“How much you take care of me !”, it felt weird when I said the words out loud talKing to myself. “I am my own favourite”, I chuckled.

On the way back home, I had found another girl, whose right eye was low with vision, but blessed was she ,for, her heart had the vision of GOD. Woman was she considered as meek but her work spoke volumes. She had taken initiatives that in her role, which nobody had done ,about how disorganized the multi-national corporate offices were ,for, they had everything that the shopping complex offered but not the list of what exactly would they want their employees to do. “Check your employee’s productivity. Give them a kind hand with the leaves they rightfully own. And ensure that the employer follows his own books before he preaches them. For if the employer’s intentions are not set right in the heart, wealth which they reap will be like sand escaping out of the hands. Learn to respect employee for their efforts, applaud them with praises and highlight their achievements, and correct them with love and discipline when they falter. Promote people not on their sins, but for their efforts in righteousness and courage.” Said the Lord GOD in me.

And I shared with her in her own tongue of understanding, the concept of angels and fore runners. “GOD always keeps you busy for you labour in his Kingdom for 6 days. And one day you rest”, I told myself.

I had my parents taking care of my prince while I worked. The burden of a single parent can be lightened, when her parents support against all odds which is highly appreciated in GOD’s King dom. He says clearly about single parents and widow. Liberal are his thoughts. If a woman chooses to break away from her husband, she is supposed to serve in the Kingdom of GOD for three years. This gives her an opportunity to repent for her sins, her sorrowness and emptiness. She also needs to serve her parents for that impresses GOD. If she uses wax wagon, then it is advised for her to get married, for younger widows should experience the GOD and his bliss and on his mercy will there be the blessing of marriage. If anyone chooses to remain single, grant their desire, for GOD accepts their prayers even then. It is important that man and woman come together and live in Kingdom of honey and grapes. I was surely impressed with his new law for it gave me an opportunity to dream in the natural realm, to lead a life happy with my King and yet authorized to worship and pray and walk head up in his King dom. For this was his law. “May there be shelter on the widow whose husband is dead and the child who is fatherless” I read in the scriptures. “Where is this all leading to?” I asked the Lord GOD.

He answered, in abundant silence. That evening I did not have much strength in me. The tests and trainings of GOD were taking a toll on my spirit. For I was beginning to realize the realm of sins that lay buried in me. The battle was beginning to get started.

The man whom I often saw in the religious channels ,often stood in front of me arrogantly in pride, claiming to heal people. I was passing by television and I wondered, “Who is this man of GOD, who stands in so much courage?” Little did I know that his words coming out of the television saved me from the trap of Satan bid for me.

Spoke he as follows, “The time test, lasted for as long as 2 years.

The first test is called the word test. There will be a sudden disaster; where you feel neglected and nobody around you to comfort. GOD tests you during those times. Whether you go towards him, walking on his word or away from him. He will see whether you are willing to save another man.
The second test is the wilderness test. GOD will get the world out of you. He shall strip you out of the ‘very things’ that you enjoyed which this world gave you. He will see then whether you are willing to suffer and bear the wrath of your sins.

The third test is the patience test. GOD makes you to give up everything and don’t lament then that despite having given up so much, what does GOD gave you back. Don’t ask questions of when your time is coming. For the time is not yours but HIS time.

Wait patiently in suffering for he will come.

The fourth test is a remarkable season. Things never seem to be so good for you yet things never seem to fall into place. You will be filled with half water and GOD tests how you handle in the season.

The fifth test is the frustration test. Your body aches. Your frustration builds. And your soul withers for the sin you have done unto are many. GOD tests your nerve to walk under the pressure that crumbles you as a bread.

The sixth test is the discouragement test. And your soul is discouraged with anger and disappoints you with the results. You don’t want to go out anymore, you don’t want to travel anymore or meet people. Life seems to be unpredictable and you may not want to handle life anymore. GOD sees whether you can still sing his tune, when you reach this stage. Your soul should be strengthened by your mind, at this stage.

At this juncture, many are called. But few are chosen. And if you fail in these tests, GOD has a strategy worked out.

If you are chosen you will stick with it and will continue with the further tests and finally reach the vision test. You will be able to receive the seed of vision and you will be able to prophesy your own destiny that you receive from the mercy of Lord GOD. He is welcomed into the perfect world.

Lord GOD says, all should come to heaven in the perfect world. Save your “destiny” as destiny creates the more powerful “YOU”.

If you are called you will still have a good life with the luxuries of the physical realms like air-conditioner, food, shoes, apparels etc., but you may not be able to experience the super natural. They will be in the realm yet are not in the destiny.

What do you do with the vision given to you? I suggest you re-write it down. You will make it plain and simple. And go after the vision.

All these things are the spiritual war. Remember the devil never takes a vacation.

The last test is the WAR test. And if you can’t win this test you cannot survive. You should develop your spiritual weapons.

Stick with your vision and you shall receive your tenth commandment.

“What is this tenth commandment?” I wondered.

“What lays ahead is something massive that I don’t know. But I fear for my King ’s life. I have now known that the vision you give is true.” I went on my knees. As I grabbed the phone and tried convincing my King , I knew that the devil was working strong. For the King would not hear the words and he was swayed in half mind as the people in his office wooed him into it.

That night, my prince lay fast asleep. And all I could was pray. The television lay switched on the entire night. And the whole of the Kingdom prayed feverishly. There were conferences all around. And I checked the date. It was Friday the 13th. And the battle will be fierce. For the day is marked among the world as an Omen and Satan rules this day. And here I was, with no strength in my soul and bowels and I cried and prayed. “Jesus” I cried in the fog, clear this confusion and save my King , save me”.

Nothing happened. And I wanted to go to bed in the early wee hours. And in the same hour had the King and his office people reached the picnic spot. The King was careful and cautiously did not enter the water. And when he walked around ,exploring the area. His heart gripped in strange fear on seeing the dark deep colour of the water, a few meters away. It was not minutes, when the catastrophe occurred. One of the team mates sitting on the shore threw the ball and screamed at the group to catch it. In their zeal, another had responded by catching the ball in air but jumping off the rock on which he stood. When he landed, he just sunk. The whirlpool had pulled the figst member straight into the stomach. On seeing this ,team leader jumped, but in vain. The currents were too strong for him and on seeing that there was no escape; the team leader had called on to his trusted friend, the King .

It was told to me later form the King , as he revealed the story. On their journey to the picnic spot, the four of them seated together were the same three people, who faced the tragedy while the fourth was a witness. There were boulders and tree which had been felled. Trying to be righteous in their blood of youth, they then had cleared the way so that people behind them on the bikes would not have to face any accidents, GOD forbid. On their way, the team leader had confessed to the King about the Oath he had to take at home of not entering into the waters for his mother and his pregnant wife feared for his life. The King had announced on hearing this, “Come what may pal, Call me. And I will come to save you. Just remember that you need to not add weight onto the rescuer for its difficult for both the rescuer and the victim. Keep your body light.”

Who had known that very same words spoken the, will be in reality now. Nobody came forward to help. And the Kind had swam into the whirlpool. One of them was unconscious and had locked the arms and the legs across the body of the team leader. And their weight was pulling them down together. The King swam, and his athletic body was able to release the clutch and bear the weight of the figst person. Time was ticKing away. And the death danced ,when there were, air bubbles escaping through nose and the eyes bulged out of the glasses. The situation of the team leader sent a shiver down the spine of the King . There were two options left for him, one to save himself by trying to get to the top of the waters or die saving the friends. Images of his parents grieving and me in shock ,shook the senses out of King .

He decides to die saving his friends. The decision was made by GOD and judgment was passed. The King in his desperate attempt to save lives had stretched farther his hand and he was rescued miraculously. All the three. The King till date doesn’t understand who pulled them out of the whirlpool. But he knows, the decision he chose gifted him life.

It was the 14th , valentines day, and when the King called me in the morning to narrate the entire episode, my heart stood in disbelief. The prayers saved them. We were asked to pray by GOD while they battled for their lives. The King who in vanity had spoken about his power now had replaced the words on his lips with GOD. “A miracle truly”, I gasped. I saw that the reward to me was about to come in a red box. And I loved gifts from GOD.

Came the King finally. And my eyes had yearned to see after he had escaped from death. Narrated to him, my half of the story and were equally mystified. He took out the Ferrari perfume that lay in the red box, the expensive of the lot which I had. And then he handed over me the ball. The same yellow coloured tennis ball which I had seen in my vision. Daniel the prophet was born.

That night, I remembered my bugging thought of the eyes that I seen on the religious channel and the Jesus that they spoke about, “Why don’t I like Jesus, despite all this Abba?” I asked.

And he showed me in my memory. Being a student in a convent school of my initial years, I loved the church and its water that I could find stored in the small wells of the church wall. Late was I to the class at times for busy I used to be looKing and admiring the magnitude. I was moved when I had seen the idol whose hands were nailed and whose legs were nailed and bound was he onto the cross. “Gory” it looked to me. Stood people in long queues to open their mouth and to be served with the bread by the priest of the church ,for, I had not belonged to their religion. And hated I, Jesus, as a kid for the church I liked, had not served me with his bread.

“Jesus” I sighed. This is why I didn’t like you. I fell on my knees for forgiveness. But I declared, “Abba is my father who resides on my right. But running I am ,a race, to
be the best one amongst all. I smirked and told out loud, you are my competitor Jesus. We all are one in the race to find Abba. You were in the past, hence I consider you as my loving brother. But I run this race”. Laughed had I then, at the innocent wisdom of Paul, the apostle.

The ten years of my life I led under darkness, I had called onto Jesus every time to protect my iniquities. I remember seeing this huge idol of Jesus in my dream. He coming with a force so mighty that every ounce of darkness around me was cast away with his light. I had sought judgement form GOD, for the label that was branded on my forehead by the world. Hiding their evil ,they had the nerve to label the daughter of GOD ,and in my anger had I then, sought to be judged by GOD himself. And he had answered. He had brought me out of the hands of the rulers and had guarded me safely, in a house where I stayed for sometime in prosperity and happiness with my prince.

But house I wanted now for the rental contract had come near. I was lucky to find a temple that lie in the 3rd floor of the newly constructed apartment. The house was gifted by my parents and I had not laboured for it. I repay the amount on installments but glad was I when my prayer for new house was granted by GOD in a few weeks then.

Met had I and the King ,with an accident zipping on the bike at 110km/hr. Ramming into the jeep, we were saved by the grace of Almighty. Suffered he with fracture on both the hands while I lay in the Intensive care unit with stitches on my head which worried me as they highlighted my baldness more. The situation was a blessing in disguise then; for my parents and my King had developed the fondness for each other. And truth of our love was made known to them.

My faith in the Almighty grew stronger day by day. My prayers were regular and day long. I typed my prayer and in an email was I sharing it across. I believed that someone may read the prayers I typed and shall be blessed. I was slowly transforming from an ugly duckling to a swan. My son had started loving me all the more. His stories of super sane and pokemon, dragon ball zee, all I heard and amused at his innocence.

Kids can be great teachers for their belief in GOD is much more than the grown ups. And GOD speaks through them. And GOD was teaching me ways of handling children; loving them and nurturing them for the seed of GOD sown in child will grow onto become a tree full of life, that gives shelter to fowls and living day and night. And GOD promises to take care and work in them too.

“It doesn’t matter to kids whether you are rich or poor, they will always like those who are good to them.” Goodness flows in kids. Do take a close watch at the kind of serials and mouthful words which are infiltered into today’s cartoons that kids watch. Sitting together and spending time had taught me the things that he watched. Discussed and decided the list of programs that he could watch. With women clad in hardly any clothes and cheering onto every success in the game, I decided to let my guard down. Danced I making a fool of myself , and dancing in front of the screen bringing laughter onto my prince and King ’s face. Possessive was I about my family and protective too. On the end of every dance, I murmured a curseful and gave a earful of speech of preaching them that It was wrong to look at women in cheap light for its Satan’s work of dividing man and woman; man and light. It is important to establish the right and the wrong in the
Kingdom of GOD. One every confusion, ask GOD. And he will show you the law that prevails in the scriptures. Ask GOD and you will seek the answer. And GOD blesses you with the wisdom and knowledge that you seek.

Won had I the series of tests. And I knew, one of the technique he taught me to use was the ability to prophecy. For runs in my blood, the ancestors of Jerusalem, maternal grandfather was a famous astrologer and a priest. Heard I had the story when I was small, that he had the spirit to bind the evil that wandered. And while binding one such spirit, a curse fell upon and all the male heirs in the family died one after the other in a series, all young male heirs, leaving their widows and children behind. I now understood that there was distinguished person called Daniel, mentioned in the scripture who was able to prophecy to the King s.

Had I the next day woke up in the rush of the hour and knew not what laid ahead that day.

I was deeply troubled in my heart after I heard the story of one of the co-workers experience at home. My angel is in her twenties but look at the vast amount of maturity she carries. Her father is a principal in one of the government institutions and her mother employed. Man earns and hands over the reigns into that of the woman. Woman is strayed away by her parents and brothers. And the man by another woman. What happens to the life that is born between these? Children stem from childhood. They grow up to experience adulthood just like you and me. They carry a photographic memory. And they can judge you exactly the parent you were, when they reach the stage where you are standing today. My angel was aware about the happenings around her. Being a figm believer of GOD, who prays and reads books, who believes in enduring taunts around and seeks the laws of GOD, decided to battle it out in her own unique style. Despite a disintegrated environment, she completed her education. Stepped onto becoming a teacher. Got employed further as an analyst to earn enough to begin with. She has not left home. And continues to stay in the same house. She does not speak much and lives her limited time at home in her room.

Shares 1/10th of her food with the little maid girl, embraces everyone at work by sharing her knowledge. Indulges not she in showing off her skin, trendy and kid she is at heart, innocent laughter and naughtiness in her eyes, pain surpasses miles away and she is taken care by Lord GOD. “Learn to show respect, care and love to your elders, whatever the situation you may be in.” say Lord GOD for this impresses him.

I was admiring my invisible wings and my image on the mirror. Oh! Happy is he when GOD resides in him. There is overflowing joy, compassion, love and happiness in his King dom. And I heard the command, “Go down on your knees and pray for the orphan angel”. I was all alone in the corporate rest room for ladies. And God commanded, “What a place of choice and timing to test me?” said I, raising up my arms in air. “Now” he commanded. “My angel was important”, I decided. And said I, give me the covenant of nobody entering in till I finish my prayer. I went down on my knees and prayed for my angel. GOD had kept his word for I had his.

And I got through the first day of the Test.
There is a method on how prayer movement works. And it varies from man to man for the frequency of your soul needs to be in tune with the frequency of the spiritual world. The super natural realm does exists. And so does the natural realm and the physical realm. In simple words, you can position yourself from the place of your worship and connect through the prayer and unlock simple miracle of infinite unto your life. This complicated methodology is defined as Global Positioning System. GOD always guides you. You can look deep in your soul, call him and position your soul to deal with difficult situations or circumstances around you. Like the moon and the sun he follows you everywhere. With GOD inside you, be aware of your network connection of your soul. You got to be connected to GOD and if the connection is lost, the soul is blinded by Satan’s temptations and it ends up in you making foolish acts. Be careful not to blame GOD if you don’t position yourself accordingly ,for, to gather miracles, you need to gather your miracles, you need to gather your bricks of good acts and you need to cut off your vanity of man and fear Lord GOD. Sinners will be blinded and only he who hears the word of Lord GOD and labours in his Kingdom, he shall move ahead in the ladder of his King dom.

“How far can I reach?” I asked him. “Try me” he said. I like the confidence he puts in weak siblings like me. The weaker section in today’s world are the righteous and the helpless. But Lord GOD announces his coming through a single seed and he promises to destroy darkness. He will allow the mustard seed to grow into a mighty tree and the seeds shall spread into every nation. The dead rise up. The winds shall carry the seed as far as the outermost part of the earth and scatters the seed. And everybody shall know that the Kingdom belongs to Lord GOD.

My feet were trembling. And my thoughts weakening my heart. With GOD in you, you become crazy to test the waters of his might. I wanted to push the impact of truth in today’s corporate world. And here I was collecting my thoughts together to prepare for the HR battle. Will the uppermost management of the 7-7 company come forward and admit its lapses on producing and showcasing truth in the most elaborate and the descriptive power point presentation which GOD had put in for me? I had worked on the power point amidst all the tensions around. And GOD fills you with the strength in your soul. I had knocked on the department of standard business code council. And the final day of hearing had come. I kept humming all the songs and walked on.

The questions which GOD asked fetched no answers. And the only witness was helped to speak the truth having no place to hide by GOD. Justice for truth had been delivered by GOD. The King s of the management who oppressed the souls of truth were overthrown form the seat of their power. And truth spoke in volumes that deafened the ears of the evil. You cannot dare to mess with GOD and the power of truth. All through the case, he had kept me focused on my work, not gossiping and wailing away my time, I spoke only when I thought my fight would help another soul and ensured not to brag, I sealed my mouth with careful words and only sought to fight in the most dignified way. All alone, in the ground of the laws of the Human Right Process and justice was delivered. Time of the outcome is in GOD’s hand, which you know not, but result of the outcome you can see, if you dare to tread on the path of GOD. And that is the only way out.

Surprising it was when I saw another of my superiors with profane messages and having the audacity to challenge her with his overpowering presence. Meek was not she for she was a figm believer in GOD. Grey cells she possed in abundance but fear of the world around gripped her in silence. Suffered she, for a few months in patience and GOD delivered. I was asked to proof read by her ,the HR case for misbehaviour and harassing the co-worker with indecent messages. Supportive were her parents for her daughter took the courage to speak the truth. Sang she in front of the worshippers, in temples in praise of GOD, since a child and GOD had delivered her from her situation. Justice was rendered to her at lightning speed and also got her promoted into a new horizon of software industry which she always desired.

Strange it was for me, for GOD was now worKing in the King dom around me. Every person whom I had prayed for seemingly were beginning to move towards happiness and joy and to witness the dawn of light. You can inspire people in millions with GOD in you. For GOD’s glory cannot be hidden from darkness.

That evening when I entered my house I smelt strange in air. The liquid petroleum cylinder was leaKing through the gas stove for I had not turned the stove off correctly and it had leaked the entire day. With mind racing and heart rattling, I disconnected the cylinder from the stove, opened the windows and I stood still. The inner voice chose its most defined moment for the test.

“Reconnect the entire set up and check whether it works”. With the strength to test him, I reconnected the set up, trying to recollect the steps slowly and steadily. And I dreaded the fearful liquid petroleum in air, the training in college that gave me the sense to understand and the courage to handle scenarios pushed me over the edge. There had been several instance like this earlier, but today was different. It was a test which, I was asked to test him.

Laws of physics and laws of GOD go hand in hand. And this didn’t seem like those zonkers acts. I put my faith, for, food was supposed to be served for hungry souls and reconnected the set up and turned it on. “Abba, I am doing it” and there the stove lit with absolute no sign of leakage in air. And he had saved my temple for more than 12 hours that day. And to GOD it was a simple act.

Give and take. Give your sins and take his glory. Give your ego and take him home. Give your dreams and take his plan. Give your love and take his respect. Give your faith and take his protection. Give your tensions and take his solutions. Give your worries and take his happiness. Give your sadness and take his calm. Give your suffering and take his blessing. Give your inhibitions and take his passion. Give your whining and take his praising. Give your vanity and take his humility. Give your soul and take him whole. For every small step you take in his name you shall be rewarded for double the measure in your name and the doors of heaven shall open for you,, “Reserve yourself a seat in his King dom.”

The next day was important. I wore the best most liked apparel and in my pink did I look the best. For pink was the heart of love and cheerfulness of children. I was looking forward to learn from the entrepreneurs who were standing up on the podium and sharing their works which they did onto the society. And laurel at their own acts of serving the poor. Videos and speeches were shared. Sat in a corner I, and GOD asked me to speak and talk about the idea which he had given. Also did he want me to question the dignitaries thereby trying to understand the impact they made onto the society which they so highly proclaim seated in power and authority.

Dividing they were ,people on wealth. Dividing they were ,the acts based on the region. Dividing they were, the beliefs in their own selfishness. I was shivering but I took up the challenge. To ask a question from the audience ,for, GOD does not leave you till you act on his word. With a fire in heart and holding the mike he roared his thoughts through my voice.

“Hi, I am the daughter of GOD! Surprised?”, my heart skipped the beat when the introduction took off on a tangent. I was helpless for Lord GOD had taken over me, completely. “Do you think just by giving away computers or by giving away your old clothes or by taking the poor kids on an excursion for a day, you are making a difference to somebody’s life?” spoke Lord GOD. And the audience remained silent. I could see that the it was the size of an auditorium with few little people who sat there while the bored souls with expectations had already left the place earlier.

Continued GOD, “I have a maid who comes home. She washes my utensils, mops the floor and she cleans my bathroom. Give me one good reason as to how any acts or your initiatives is going to make a difference to her life ?”

If computers were the solution then everybody seated here should have been happy. We all work on computers day in and day out and please tell me how many of you are happy?

It is not charity that the poor require; it is the job which they require. “Create jobs” is the solution for crumbling economy today. If all the dignitaries could get together and owe a responsibility to the society you dwell in, prosperity will be seen everywhere.

It’s not necessary that you agree with my idea but come out with ideas that build the nation for the next generation. You would not want your children to go to the same institution and do another round of charity ,for, your charity today has not yielded into fruit.

Why don’t the organizations get together and think of new ideas allow the creative thoughts to flow for we require a New World Order and it’s a One World Order.

There were attempts in between with a lady coming close and telling “We are running out of time, please hand over the mike”. GOD was undeterred. He further went on and citied the example which was shared with the management. Finally, when the address came an end, there was commotion of disagreements. One of them screamed, “We are helping blind school and …”.. GOD was heading towards the door and turned back, “Unfortunately, life is beyond all these.”

I stepped out of the auditorium and disappointed with the response. For each one of them was in the mode of defense, understood not the solution of GOD. I was stopped by a girl, who spoke to me with a twinkle in her eye. “I really like what you spoke there. I think we can definitely make a difference. Please include me in and I would love to join if you start something.” We shared a few more minutes and we parted.

“Where are you leading me to?” the Lein I3 challenge date was getting closer. And I had received another mail seeKing for details. “In order to go take my booty, I need to work really hard on this challenge”. And I gathered strength on strength since then.

“One million intercessors” beamed the religious channels. And I thought “One million souls will be saved through this act, then that is how we build the King dom of GOD. GOD has promised me an inheritance in wealth, happiness, goodness and moreover doing his job ,for, I am an angel and I work for him. It is his King dom and he is my Lord. Lets fight this battle and lets save souls for times are on the end and work for us to do is more”.

The plan I had was not sufficient in substance ,for, the challenge which posed a solution for today’s socio-economy conditions. “So, how do we solve it?” I asked. “Everything needs to be created NEW. Everything shall be required to drink the New Wine in a New Bottle.” He announced. And for the next few days, he was assembling all the pieces of the puzzles and things came together and so did the plan.

“What is hindering at large in our corporate world today?” I asked him.

“Look at the organizational structure which the management books have designed. There is the head of the organization and he is assisted by a series of trusted members within the organization. Each of these senior most management members will further handle various job roles and minister the department that the head has chosen. Each department inturn have series of responsibilities and then trickle down to managers, team leads and further the agent, who sits at the lowest slab of the ladder in the organization” he said.

“Wow!” I remarked. For he was filling my scroll with a pictorial representation of the plan and also explaining the diagrams.

“Have a look at this structure. The agent is given a series of training on the product and the job. Also is he introduced to the Business Conduct Codes to be followed in the company. The duties of the employer sitting at the highest bar of the ladder, things seem to be just in tune at this stage. The agent’s reporting is dotted on to his immediate manager. There exists an invisible barrier within the organization which does not surface. It’s the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling wont be found anywhere across the ladder. The barrier takes the form of power barriers, gender barrier, wealth barrier, country barrier, religion barrier, finance barrier, desire barrier, thoughts barrier, initiative barrier and few of the many.

From the agents perspective the senior management seems to like a land not known, yet you graze on the land for you are asked to. He is unaware about the decisions taken in the management for the rules always come from top to bottom.” Said Lord GOD.

“What is the solution then?” I asked. “Banish the glass ceiling” answered Lord GOD. “But how?” asked I. “How do I instill ethics, values, trust and commitment and belief in the my organization then? I do it in the smartest yet fearful way. Kill the devil existing in GOD”. Said Lord GOD.

“Sorry, I don’t understand much” said I.

“Be real. Stop sharing junk lifeless information to and fro. Everyday I see in your inbox lying the boring graphs depicting growth and finance on every quarter and there are sharing of the videos with people in power, talKing great lengths about the impact made by the result, the next target and added on it a few more junk” Lord GOD replied curtly.

“But we cannot do away with all these information for they make or break an organization.” I protested.

“When do you think an employee will stay committed and celebrate the success of the organization he works for? It is only when the employee connects to the organization with his heart and his mind. But before the employee voices out his opinion, its important that the head of the family creates a connection with each of his family member” GOD answered.

“But for a man sitting in power at the highest level, has many more responsibilities and it will be impossible for him to get connected.” I argued.

“How about engaging with the employees on a more realistic and more life filled platforms? He sure does have a lot of responsibilities but how then he still manages to run it. Truth, faith, passion, discipline and love are the five most essential elements on which business should be established. Just think if the mails start flowing from the top end slowly, sharing their challenges, real day stories, worKing normally like everybody else and yet reaching the top of the ladder should make an interesting reading to the family members. It is through the struggle and determination that a leader needs to lead. Employee cares for the betterment of the employer, for it is supposed to be pure workmanship, which galore. Let the head then be ready with the objective of reaching out to every single employee by breaKing all the glass ceiling that exists. Hunt for the employees who are young, dynamic, service oriented, consistent performers who do not follow the regular trend and who do not stop themselves from treading the extra mile. Create a forum and let the forum be functioning directly under the head of the organization. Empower your bank of warriors to constantly send approved mails sharing the best practices. Invite now the employees to share their voice of how it “feels” to be worKing in the organization. Identify employees who beat all the odds, tread on unbeaten roads.”

“How should that help the employee or employer for the glass ceiling still exits!” I exclaimed.

“For the forum is the mediator between the employee and the head. And there lies nobody else whom the forum reports to. That should instill the factor of fear form top to down or vice versa, for when transparency establishes, crumbles the fear. When power is shared amongst all and you empower them for they are accepted as your family member, the root and shoot of the organization grows strong” he said.

“On the dawn of light shall darkness scatter away. So, when the mangers know that the agent is empowered and he is in the family tree, nobody would dare to do unGODly acts. Two vital dues to be noted. One, it is important that each of the employee is connected to the employer. And two, it is vital to maintain and strengthen the bonds which are developed” said Lord GOD.

“Break it down further with an example”, I pleaded with the bizarre complexity.

“You step into the office. And you have a Morning mail or a good day mail from the head of the organization. Everyday, the mails may include sections which the head felt interesting and sharing his vision, his challenges, his thanks giving to the employee, few of the many possibilities. In turn let the feel of togetherness and coming of people to build not just their own nation but their community and the world around.” He explained.

“Fair enough. I think I can build that concept further”, I said and I sat for few days and many nights under his guidance and in my own understanding, the slides for presentation. I was standing there and explaining the concept in bits and pieces. And understood they not much though I ensured to be lauded by sharing my sense of achievement. GOD and the King had taught me in their actions which I admired the most, respecting elders. For it is the elders who hold the role of the preachers and they should guide the nations of multitude which come in age of child, youth, middle.

I made an effort to consciously invest my time in talKing to them and most of the time listening to them. Says Lord GOD, “Give an ear. And learn the experience they share. For they sharpen your wisdom and you will be able to take decisions and act in faith and confidence. Ensure to have the elders bless and be a constant guide to your children. And always keep their barns full ,for, only then yours will be. Do not waste time and heed into arguments for silence in time will yield result later.

It was 09:10 that late evening. And the presence of Lord GOD, strong. “Is there an idol of a serpent in the house of Jerusalem?” asked Lord GOD. And my tests had begun.
I grabbed a notebook and started scribbling the question and my answer. I dared and scribbled my answer.

I had closed my eyes and applied the inner eye. And I could see the serpent head being slaughtered away by the mighty sword of Lord GOD. And the second configmation, when I felt cold air beneath my feet ,I then had replied.

Pressure was high. For I know if I pass this test, I would next be able to unreveal another miracle of life which would take me a step closer to my inheritance.

And in the next few minutes came the question. “Is there a connection you can find in the numbers of birth dates of the prince, King and you, beloved?”

I feverishly made the calculations. And nothing I arrived at . “Ask” and you shall receive was the logic that Lord GOD had trained me on. And I screamed from the bed at the top of my voice and carried were my words to the prince. “Do you think there is any relation in the birth dates. Any code hidden?”. And pat came the reply from prince, “No, mommy. I don’t think so”. “GOD is infinite. Beyond numbers. His creation too small into the understanding and confined to the world of numbers” thought I . “False” , I replied. Nothing”, I scribbled.

“Will your member of the girl gang win the case she has filed in the organization against the man who has been torturing her?” asked Lord GOD.

“Truth triumphs. But who knew who was right? Whether the girl gang or the man.” I wondered. And my mind raced, “GOD’s King dom works in concentric circles. Hence my battle will see scores of ripple effect. And truth is what stands around when GOD is in me” I murmured.

“True and Yes, she will win the case” I replied.

Three questions up. And I saw that I was running short of time for they lay chores umpteen in the house. I quickly finished them in bits and sat I with food served in plate eating, while my prince was busy playing. “Good Lord, how on the earth did I forget to feed you figst!” I exclaimed ,for, I had completely ignored and forgotten my prince’s hungry stomach. “I think it is because devil is controlling you and not GOD mom” he said. There came a moment of thought and I rejected the thought out rightly. “For better I perish in GOD’s wrath than to seek shelter under the breath of Satan” I rebelled. And I said, “Impossible. “For I am GOD’s daughter and I am already in the King dom. Hence, I already won the test.” I beamed.

And the next question, “Is GOD a girl or a boy, mom?” asked my prince. “Knowing the origin of the creator and understanding the scientists discoveries, I think, GOD is light.” I answered.

And in no more mood to take up any more tests I shouted in delight, “BEEP…..!”
I checked the clock 10:10 it read.

His timing is impeccable. And now I waited for the fog to lift up. There was something unusual I noticed. On every veil being lifted, the soul of onion was peeled. Each episode had made a difference to my soul and my King dom.

Was it a mere coincidence that I wore the silver chain with a cross and the GOD of Gentile together in my neck. Only time to come was to tell.

I was now rushing my prince to finish all the work and put him to bed. When I checked on to my channel, I found them to be talking about how cats were wild animals and nobody knows the reason as to why the cats who are supposed to hunt were being now feed and pampered. “Felicia” was the family of wild they belonged to. It didn’t make much sense to me then.

Have you ever wondered why wild animals have today made their homes and are being worshipped today by man across earth? Why do we worship animals which spill venom and reside in wild, have you ever wondered? Why does the physical, the science we see is against the belief, the religion?

And it was a strange coincidence that I was trained on Hebrew that night. GOD gave me the wisdom to understand many tongues ,for, now I was beginning to understand that I was trained for a purpose. And the purpose which I was to uncover now.

The preacher and the trainer came onto a very quick half an hour training and following was the content he delivered.

“His love for you is always constant. Put your eyes on his love for you. His love for you is unshakeable. He wants you to love his love. You are forgiven not by his mercy but, by his righteousness. A change is happening. And you are altered. We are moving forward in succession. The next three years is very important as to how we move forward. Business is undergoing changes. We are coming into a cycle, prophetically that needs to be guided into the next season. And we have entered into the new season. From the church season to Kingdom season. “Church” means the “Soul” in literal. In gentile, it means “Temple”. So the temple will first be cleansed and then a Kingdom built. And now you need you shift into a different season. 2009 is a super natural year.
Attachment - Picture – Kindly refer -9 in Hebrew.

This pictorial representation of GOD is a picture of womb. It means to “Know” and to “Embrace” GOD. It also pictures a “Wineskins” submission to the King . Submission means to “Stand under”. Poverty moves with the religion and not with you. It’s a new season. Change and be transformed. You will not be able to hold GOD’s new wine. But cling onto it. And here we find a strange man, called Jesus. He says, “I am a good guy but I will show you how to prosper in the middle of suffering. It is a year to develop a new store house plan. In every season, you are called to succeed. There is a crisis time. There will be crisis in government, economy. There is a poverty mentality and a war with GOD against mammoth. You will get to see a new cloud, and a new mentality”. I took down notes, everything being entered into the scroll without knowing why.

“What is happening inside me father” I asked. I was amazed to find myself off late deeply worshipping him so mysterious and yet so accustomed in my boundary.

The next slot was for the preacher who held the next key to my puzzle of life. “There was this family of man, who were people of GOD. And held them a lot of inheritance. And in the vanity, they forgot Lord Almighty and gave away their vanity and robes of righteousness to gambling and women. Evil found its way into their lives. Two people from the family went out to seek their inheritance. The first was born and ventured into the battle. But he was unable to resolve the puzzle completely. For he could not get out of gambling and had been in a very bad physical state.
At the age of 29, GOD called him back. He was the youngest and GOD advised wait to the people of the heaven and the priest, for it is only when the cup of sin overflows, will he be releasing the new wine.

The curse loomed. The cattle’s, the houses which used to be filled with the barns were now reduced to a few houses, few chickens and lay empty. And then came the King family and the family of priest. And they bore ,the last but one stone ,of the sin. The head King repented for all his sins and then for 30 years had to discipline himself and locked himself up to be judged and awaiting the Lord GOD to forgive him and provide him salvation. The priest had to work in three shifts and they had to do those to make a change and to bear the burden for their own iniquities and for the folly of man.”

I was trembling and my mind too busy to even think about whether it was true. For he spoke about my parents and my uncle who had committed suicide at the age of 29 years. He left a note behind in parables to my father of eleven pages and nobody understood the mystery. And I had wanted to read it long back. And when you are 16, you really don’t care about understanding it ,for, the Satan’s candy land fogs our eyes between the virtual and real.

The next slot continued with training and spoke he the following.
“There are structures. There are demonic forces. Both in terms of physical and spiritual. And GOD says, here is my servant who religiously worships standing in front of me burning incense and blowing conches. But he worships me not. Shame he brings to me for he has given into the worshipping the son of Satan, the serpent.

And in Hebrew, This is the serpent uncoil – getting away from light, evil and Satan.

This is the womb – getting back to light , GOD, truth.

Picture – Kindly refer to the attachment – serpent & god

If you don’t submit your life today, you will have a tough time. We need to move in. As they move in, they are forced to battle with mud and mire – Satan tempts you to taste and see whether it is good. You got to learn how with constricting force you can out wit the enemy and prosper. The ones who can must stand up now.”

And I had stood up. It did occur to me then, how the world outside me would react if I stood in front of the television screen, hearing to a preaching, a religion I belong not but here I was, lifting up my hand and singing and jumping and enjoying every conference and learning and worshipping and labouring and standing in front of my wooden altar burning incense, lighting the lamp and the candle, and decked the altar with the religious turmeric and the red which made my GOD look pretty and beautiful. How can you not love your own self, I wondered? “How can you not love your own temple? How can you not love your own angels? How can you not love your own GOD? How can you not fall in love with his thoughts? How can you not love his infinite miracles which he weaves onto your life? How can you not love my father who cries for you? How can you not repent full for you have humiliated his kindness, spoken with your unworthy lips his purity of name, you have in pride speak high of yourself when you don’t own even the breath of your own life? Who gives you this pride, Oh! Man! Who gives you this voice to stamp over my people? For the King dom belongs to Lord GOD. And the Satan shall be shredded to shambles dispersing darkness. I will go to every corner and destroy the souls and bind them in their own spell. Suffering will I cast on them. And a fige that burns them in their own dwelling. Your enemies are my enemies. You tread on my path and I will take care of your enemies. You make covenant with me and I will bless you as my seed and you shall establish and manifest the King dom so, that the spiritual realm can come, said the preacher.

I tried to sleep. “May be reading a book will give me some sleep” thought I. the reading of the Reikhi book and the chakras revealing the super sane energy hidden in man. I remembered having had literally begged on my knee over the phone with my father as a gift on my birthday, and my father being the adorable, had made me happy. I stood in front of the mirror. And kissed my own image. And also spoke to my wall with inverted plug and my seat of throne, in the rest room. Opened my mouth wide to see the gaping holes in the mouth. The cap of the root canal tooth had worn away and the exposure of the stitch was now bringing on a pain. Felt I a huge lump under my jaw and ached it severely. Can we heal using the energy of the super natural? And I tried. I held my finger, took his name and I felt a strange tingling sensation of energy. The temperature around the region, I found it, to be increasing and I called upon the Lord Abba. I was healed. And the area hurt no more.

“Who on the earth will believe, if I say your miracles Lord GOD?” I asked.

“I shall give you signs and wonders of the miracles. And you shall blow my trumpet, the worshipper and the interpreter Daniel, Paul the apostle, Ezekiel the prophet”.

All the names that I heard ,had I seen in the scriptures which I understood not the religion whom I belong not, whose tongue I speak not, yet whose thoughts I embraced, yet whose name I call upon, whose holy book which I still hold and read ,for, I find closer to Abba.

I was literally forced out of my bed and pulled for the next training program. And following were the notes given by the next preacher and the trainer.

“Beginning is the problem. The church acceptance is difficult. The Satan has woven the web well ,for, “Church” means the body that covers your soul which means “Nation”. In the scriptures when you read, church is often confused with Christian. And what is the definition of “Christian then?”. When GOD stays in you, you do GODly acts and goodness overflows in you and you become a Christian, a believer of GOD.

Once you get past the church region, the mystery lies till date. GOD now is opening the gates of heaven by the King and the priest, man and woman, Adam and eve to do the super natural. 4000 years later, he talks to you. It all begins with the attitude of steward. So what does salvation look like?

Refer attachment – 7 hills

All these are the realms which will seek the blessing of the Lord GOD. He promises to shower you with all these crowns on your head if you stand by his King dom. Glory of GOD is revealed on earth .“Church” faltered because they didn’t have a game plan. And they were able to shift only 68% of the King dom. If any of these honour goes down, you go down no matter where you go. It is like encountering a quick sand in economy. You are clue less and left pondering. What and where does the root cause lie? What should we get rid of? And when all hope is lost, GOD says you should have listened to me. And then he lets loose the vehicle which goes out on the streets to ride out and backlash every demonic that lays hidden , shall expose himself. GOD has been worKing in you so that you can join him, in the right place, in the right company and the strength to handle your tension. Lord GOD says, he is going to finish the assignment reproducing works of 11 people who shall show you the work that you have to finish for.

It was just like all the other nights. Painfully long but hopelessly irresistible. The training programs, the happenings correlating to the happenings everyday, the implementation of the principle everyday, the slipping of soul. And getting busted with few penalties, the gulping of the ego when it falls flat on the face, the love when he lifts you up, the warmth that he nurtures your wound with, the song that he lullaby in your heart, I was so hopelessly in love with GOD. His concepts drove me crazy. He was the Almighty whom I had never known yet was known to me hidden, for, I chose not to know the known!

He had let me know the Alpha, the Beta and the Omega. My uncle had led a mysterious life which nobody could explain. And I grew up listening to his miracles that he brought down on the earth. He was honoured for being the topper in the field of engineering and gold medals for 4 successive years had made him to be showered with wisdom and knowledge. He brought with him the miracles which were unbelievable to the people around. He healed dumb, saw visions and prophesied the future. Wanted he to study further. And weak was he physically for he was led astray by the Satan. His father and his brother and nobody around understood him and he was unable to explain the happenings around though he knew the mighty power of the truth, the Almighty. “Asylum” was he asked to stay and “Psychiatrist” was called upon and he bore the torment for he had no proof to submit his theory.

Committed he suicide, planned well in advance. Left a note he ,to his brother, pleading that there will be a day when he would understand that it was the work of Satan, who pitched brother against brother, that his own words ,left haunting echo in his brother, “I have a mind that could be dangerous” and he succumbed. Inviting his own death. He sacrificed his life for he knew that all the tribes would be ,else destroyed.

My blood rose in anger. “The energy of rage that I never had in me. Angry was I at the work of Satan.” And determined was I to uproot him. Challenged him I to the battle field. And prisoned would I be he says and freedom is what I preach. I shall dig a tunnel in the pit and escape through a way out, for the Lord GOD holds my hand and stumble I not when I walk his name. “Let me take the vow to bring back the inheritance that belongs to my ancestors”

Here I come, the house of Israel and the light of my Lord GOD shall hunt you down and there shall be no place for you to hide for there is no place that darkness dwells in light.

I felt tremendous surge of energy rushing through me. And I had decided to take an off at work ,for, things I had many to complete. It was nearing and I had to prepare my weapons ,for, this wasn’t a battle about me anymore. And I was in no mood to leave any works of Satan to dwell anymore.

And I sat to work on my laptop forgetting the night and hours of sleep. The vision was unfolding on the word document, from the scroll which had the details. I re-read the pieces of puzzle that lay ahead of me.

“Angel Mission was the title”. Save the trauma and the drama and allow GOD to heal the socio and economic conditions which prevails today. Tribes attack tribes, in the deep African countries today. There lies the village in Africa which has suffered 40 years of drought and they require clean drinKing water. Water is vital to life. And 80% of the tribes were killed by the water which was left ,for, they lie affected with sickness and disease. Getting water is a day’s process. Kids do not get a single cup of water for they find its okay to drink cows urine. Mules carrying water, drink from the same well along with the people.

If rain doesn’t come, you and I know that even simple chores like cooKing , drinKing and bathing becomes devastating.

This is the problem that existed on earth for thousands of years. And what did man do? He chose to ignore the entire land for he was separated by his own made boundaries. He chose to work not for the King dom of GOD anymore but was he led to serve in his own grave of understanding, what is the answer that I can give on behalf of the mankind to Lord GOD?

“Almighty Abba, agree we were ignorant and selfish in our own minds. And did not seek we ,you, in our dwelling. For Satan had blinded us with his temptations and did we nothing to save the part of our brother’s land. True Abba, how can we be happy and satisfied when our brothers house is weeping in pain out of thirst and hunger.”

Cried I . “And now that we have follies in our own ways, please let us know the solutions too” I asked.

Answered he, “Hopefully you are being moved. You and I can make the difference. Brining clean water brings transformation for clean life.” And I saw on the television the group of good Samaritans venturing into the cries ignored. A few noble men had sponsored the drilling process. The word of GOD was carried into the village. For GOD had promised water in the village and to revive life for an entire village. And came down the miracle. And children were jumping with joy and so were the elders, happiness overshot their expectations when water splashed across their faces. And the village was transformed ,for, it brought the umpteen possibilities of good health care, good medical needs, technology of electricity, education, cattle and corn.

GOD promises miracles if every man promises to give a part of his substance. And the part is 1/10th in number measure.

“If your water bill is 800 coins. One tenth of it is 80 coins. You may convert it into dollars, pounds, and your currency. But I state, let 1/10th of your water bill go, towards reviving the entire land and restore worKing one segment of my King dom. Charity from you shall unfold the miracle to come down. Install several such drilling mammoths for I promise water in every seed of my people.” Spoke the Lord GOD.

“10% of my water bill means water for the entire village.” I told myself. Oh! The joy on their face surpassed the rage of vengeance against the Satan.

“Spiritual Geography” I marveled. “Here we pray for burgers and the needs of
Mc Donald’s while we pray not for women in tribes ,for, busy are they walKing 6-8 hours everyday and at the end of the day there is no time neither the end. Isn’t it the bitter truth we all are living in today?” I repented.

For ,my prince when his colours go outside the set boundary in the picture of the paint book I say, “What a wonderful painting!”, cheering him boosting his confidence. And when the daughter of the maid does the same. I dare to find flaws in her efforts. How blinded was I ? ..

Is this why I was asked to serve the tea in the same cup of porcelain and I sipped from the cup after wash, which I always labeled as hers. He tested my every corner of the soul for it needs to be clear in you; what you stand for. Your “YES” means yes, your “NO” means no. and GOD was testing my willingness to serve as a warrior and dare I not whine and cry about my wants and desires.

I woke up early in the morning that day and headed towards Jerusalem, my parent’s home. I had made my mind to uncover the truth of my uncle today. I went and my parents were ready to listen.

Umpteen times had I walked around the wall that divide the place of worship and me, and I had wondered, why was the land so strange with deep haunting vibes. And it occurred to me then, that after my paternal grandfather had died, my father had taken the responsibility to worship the ancestral Gods. These idols were believed to be passed on from our ancestral era. I decided to look into the place of worship.

There I opened the silver box and I saw the serpent to have a raised head and to have established its foundation on which another idol of GOD called the “Lingam” was kept. It was unbelievable.

I headed towards my father’s room. I asked him to give me uncle’s letter which he wrote last ,for, I noticed that it was exactly 29 years now since the time he had passed away. 16 years was I when I had requested to read the figst time and 32 years was I now. Exactly double the age.

And in the letter, all was written. The agony of nobody able to understand the known, the label and the brother who did not trust him when he spoke about the Lord GOD. The brother had mocked at him, when my uncle had stood in his shorts, in the baring sun and looKing at the cap of the bottle of the cola, and the opener, lost, in his world standing in the middle of the street. Laughed at him, had the brother for he gauged him using his own balance of judgement. Mourned I at his pass away. Who would understand his plight anybody else me?

I mastered courage and I explained the things in detail for them. I warned them to get the serpent to be taken away from the house for it was a curse that followed us and had cast its shadow on all the tribes of the King and the priest. Poverty stricken and short lived though the seed of wisdom and knowledge lay buried in them.

My parents understood me not ,for, it was meant to be. And instead they gave me a deadline of March 31st, the date by when I will configm the talks of our marriage.

In the following few days results of good news poured from everywhere. My angel fighting for her case won. The case, people whom GOD had predicted fortune, everybody had their prayers answered. However it was also few lessons that was being taught ,for, the gay brother still had went ahead against GOD’s word and had entered into the lock of engagement. Relationship had broken down when he found his partner had indulged in another relationship with a fellow brother and this had push him to the end of taKing one’s life. GOD screams and tells you repeatedly, the traps that lays ahead but, fail we to see, to hear, to smell, to taste and to feel his presence.

The graphs and the scores also seem to be doing good and my region stood an all-time high. And this happens only because time, productivity, commitment, everything falls in place when you include also the love, the respect, the need to win together and the urge to move the King dom together. For, if you move, the King dom of GOD moves.

GOD demands testimonies from you ,for, your faith requires the courage to admit his presence in your life. And many a times, he provides you with the situation and the circumstances, against the people who stand not in your will and who question your belief in GOD. Fear not says Lord GOD. I was asked to preach about the Hebrew sign of womb, and I prophesied that the tax collector’s , womb to be blessed with a son. She walks the faith of the gentiles. Fear not. Help them understand that you are one amongst them and not against them. For religion is just a veil that shields mans eyes. Being the angels of GOD, lets learn to see individuals as souls figst and later brand them with not your seal of label but the seal of GOD, for it is his King dom.

You are expected to work under masters, managers whom you don’t like to serve. Zip your mouth and work in patience, following every principle.

For GOD teaches us in unique ways. He provides us situations and helps us to grow and learn and be promoted in his King dom. Go find your life and for you, his son, his seed, his part of infinite realm. And he will deliver you against all the odds. And proves he says ,he his word ,for, how can truth be wrong?

The next realm that I entered to was at lightning speed. And the clues and the solution were taKing place almost delayed by a day’s time. And there lay a series of clues on which I had to act. I was expected to decode and interpret GOD’s signs. And the message would happen in occurrence. My spirit was embraced in GOD for I sang loudly in my kitchen, the washing machine, the washing of utensils, the watching of wild animals and the lesson their carry, earth care programs, the news, the training, the scriptures, the King , the prince, the elders, the tension of March 31st and the sorrowness of unable to convince the King about the mysteries for he was overcome by Satan’s power. There were fights, there were tensions amidst all these, we walked the thin thread of love and trust for that is all it was, that held us together.

Here were the series of clues which lay hidden. “GOD’s strategy of functioning is different. He is gathering one billion intercessors across the globe. So, you need to be involved in prayers. It’s the priest and the King . So pray harder.”

“How do you join one billion intercessors if the King is delayed and agrees not GOD’s word?” Slowly I witnessed a sharp decline in the number of people who were turning up for prayer.

It upset me so deeply for here was Lord GOD himself willing to come down if we together join a billion intercessors but we failed miserably for Satan had tricked the King into his word.

“I see that the Lord GOD is picKing up the laptop and putting it in a bag. I see the “Call of Duty” and the King playing and GOD at door”, screamed the man wearing his spectacles from the television.

“Unknown Application is what I see. Then he installs the software and he requires a password and he thinks hard and he types his name.” he continued.

Another preacher was able to prophecy. A man wearing a blue suit, and having a beard, deep sounded his voice and spoke the words as follows, “The Lord GOD is about to come when there is an out break of flu, may be from fauna. There is an out break in Mexico for that is the place where Satan roots his throne and raises his chest wide. The flu will spread across all the nations and I will ensure to consume each of the seed whose cup of sin has over poured. I will roar my thunder and blind the eyes through lightning for I will show I am the Lord GOD.” He announced.

The preacher clad in the robe of white caught my attention. He was explaining as follows, “He is unable to move forward for he hasn’t confessed. A man who has not confessed cannot move forward and the sin holds him back to move onto the next level. And at that time there is the phone ringing and the words are spoken, “Tell him that his father is dead” and this frees her spirit to move on further”.

I saw the messages that was splattered in the channel all over. And I was required to move at the lightning speed to grab. Everything seems to captured in a photographic memory.

And equally laid was the added pain of the pressure from the princes father who now would want all the rights but not willing to execute one. But happy was I for him for he was now married to another soul, who also was a mother to a child. Felt noble had I for the prince’s father ,and prayed Lord GOD to give then the shelter of happiness. But Satan was at epitome trying to play his cards well. I must admit, the pressure of a single parent was felt well. Painful and agony were, the words left far behind. “Battle of the King dom against King dom and Nation against Nation” declared the channels.

“There is a need for speed. Add 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x. But comes as a surprise of 5x and you close the deal. Everybody are screaming bounty, and need for speed. Another program had the preacher say, “1 billion – 1st generation, 2 billion – 2nd generation and the 3rd billion brings in surprise and it raises up, up to 5 billion. And you get solution to everything. And the door is unlocked to the super natural”.

“I see everywhere the words “Watch” watchman; there is a tower around the watch tower where prisoners were held. And yes, she runs in joy and calls up and in her mobile, thrice the numbers. The figst time, they would not believe her and the second time, they don’t listen. She is giving out her phone number and her address but the voice on the other end says junk calls,” said the man robed in white.

“The marbles fall down and the anointing happens right below the altar” said one, “The King , the queen and the eleven ministers are appointed by the Lord GOD”.

“There I see a thin barbed wire which blocks the curtain from opening. I see red all over. And I see the man, I believe must be a land Lord who was hitting the child. A boy who is seen in his school uniform and is being beaten by a thick wire. “I hear the roar and everybody is looKing at the King and the priest. And the people are holding the coloured glasses and looKing up at the King Almighty Lord with his glasses” predicted another.

“Mother and the son came in and they speak to Lord GOD. They are all worried and finally they are all relieved” said another.

“There is celebration awaiting, the people filled with stadium talKing about GOD and finally everybody showers their blessing for the daughter of Zion, is getting married to the King and the world witness the miracle”.

“Suddenly the moon is what catches his attention and he realizes that it was the moon that brought down his energy. There was an energy leak that required to be fixed. And the darkness was required to be conquered” said the priest robed in white.

“Three realms I will bring together declared Lord GOD. The natural realm, the physical and the heavenly realm. And I will come and open the doors of heaven when everybody is sleeping. I will be thief of the night” said another preacher.

“The bus in blue, turned left while I turned right. And on my ways I was heading along with my mother”. Said another preacher.

“And the kind of passwords that GOD had. ..He had always wanted to walk in the faith of GOD and the focus was to walk in his path no matter how many times I fell flat on my face. But GODs loving kindness kills your ego with fige of love and no where will you have the courage to live but to call for GOD. All his pass words were always starting the race all over”, said my mother preacher who belonged to the generation of my mother. Grace was added in her lips for she wore the colour of my pink and matched everything secretly with it to rekindle the youth eternal and guarded the kid.

She taught me to keep the kid alive, being a brat, the naughtiest iniquities, curious, the juggler, the down and yet being mighty as a King , the master, the owner, the analyzer. Fragrance of the personality is what you are designed to spread and not sell your values in the market of dead.

“Jesus is the expression of GOD. He endorses all the images of GOD in him. There are 9 different emotions that GOD unreveal in front of the mirror.”

“GOD agrees to give the interview to the FOX TV News and they get to share and see the witnesses, the happenings and configm the truth and share the solution to earth for the work needs to be done is massive”, said one of the many women.

“Curdled milk and mosquitoes is what bothers GOD. And finally the riddle of Space and Ricky’s mystery is solved” said one of the other preacher.

“Forget about looKing at the fishes and start doing the work. For the past is over and the future awaits. Keep moving” said mother addressing a large section of audience.

“Be careful about what lies behind the white robe for we all are waiting to know the mystery you hold” said the man.

“And she kept asKing to them to build the plane but nobody seem to build the kind of plane she wanted. She wanted to build the plane all by herself but nobody taught her for they taught the plane they saw and no the plane she wanted to build” said the healer the elder.

“And then the concept of Harriet plane fell into place. As the thrust goes down, the higher the plane rises up. The task is daunting but the logic holds “ said my preacher wearing spectacles and who gave me my morning dosage of prayers.

“And suddenly he realizes. Everything seems to be strategically structured. And the past, the present and the future are coming together and everything falls into place. He was at the moment and the doors to heaven was unlocked. I won, I won, he screamed!” said my elder.

“And she saw the trees around. She had come up running the stairs” said another clue.
“And she saw what was happening. Ezekiel’s bowl of offerings had overflowed her sin of suffering and everything came to a happy end for her sins were washed away with her offerings to Lord GOD.” Said my elder.

“I am a good guy but I will show you how to prosper in the middle of the suffering” said the dollar ministry.

“And he proved it that the purpose of life can be found in 90 days. He was the only one who could move the King dom of GOD and convince them to show him the purpose of his life.”

“Jehovah Kaheel is the GOD of wealth. And he is the one who turns the tables around”, said the lady in women conference.

“The death bed, without food for 3 days and the fast was important to keep the movement of prayer and worship ahead”, said another.

“And I would kneel on my feet for you to believe me”, said one of the clue.

“And it had pierce and the sign. Water and blood oozed out”, said another clue.

“And Lord GOD looks at the satellite dish and amuses and remarks, so is this how it happened?” said one of the brother of the beloved.

“I feel that I am associated with coffee and GOD. And GOD sees me holding this mug. Maybe he likes the mug. But later he told me, that he saw me holding coffee and talKing together” said the beloved of my brother.

“Go read the scriptures. For the little boy is not trained enough to talk about scriptures”, said one of the dollar brother.

“GOD loves us for he sees in us the blessings of elders. And he loves the pomegranate seeds for they are the image of GOD’s King dom said the two garlanded elders in the bliss of marriage.

“You motivated me to write a book and I did and so many of the other ladies shared their pain” said the ladies in the club.

“And he realizes the time zones of Mexico and India” revealed another clue.

“And she understood that the Benjamin generation will lead the way” looKing at the pictures on the wall”, said another clue.

“And “Beloved” the Lord GOD said to me while brushing my teeth in the morning. And I really like that expression when she realizes and she spills water all over and jumps in joy.”

“The cat went flying from that corner to the other end of the branch.” Said one of the family preacher. “And my dad almost passed out when he saw the swimming pool. But came he then out with his trunks and jumped into the pool as though nothing happened” continued he.

“And the overflowing energy is released out of her hands and she cannot contain it anymore and she keeps her hand on his head and the cup of blessing overflows the cup of sin and passes the blessing to the Benjamin Generation” said my elder.

“Everything that can be shaken will be shaken”, said one of the leading economist.

“The leading pianist and also a singer and a servant of GOD. And he was also my preacher when I use to run wild during my college days” said the beloved showing her gratitude towards the singer whose voice the nightingale resides.

“Music is spiritual” were the words in my vision told by one of the leading musicians in today’s entertainment world.

“Don’t let emotion cloud your thinKing . Emotions at leadership level needs to be elevated as the judgement need to happen strong”, said the preacher, standing against the blue background.

“Jesus is a representative of GOD and not GOD himself. Remember this root principle and do not get strayed away with your outcome and result affecting today’s work”, said another clue.

“Jesus believes in training and preaching GOD’s word. He will prepare a mighty army of believers who not only worship and experience his love but will have a Warfare strategy to move forward.

“There the Lord sees that he has written the “House of the living GOD” , Appointed are the King and the queen and his list of disciples.” Said another clue.

“Natural process will not be suspended. You will move it brick by brick” read another clue.

“Add to your booty and get saved, and get Jesus to your booty and spread everywhere” said another clue.

“Installation successful” was another clue.

“And then the time were offered by Adam but Eve denied and said she “But I want the apples”, found she the worm in the apple that tasted honey but was fooled by Satan the serpent” said another clue.

“You look like a clown” and they both started laughing , said another clue.

“When one of the King dom had its president elected and the other King dom=m had its prime minister elected the coming came” said the clue.

“I will meet you in Spain” said another clue.

“Did you know that GOD loved Melon, food, push up bras, kids, and guitar and was extremely funny and outsmarted the best in the group yet knowing the last in the play that GOD had designed. He was a GOD who promised you happiness and joy, health and wealth, desires and dreams, vision and strength and who had washing machine, a fridge, a laptop, and used mobile, play stations and loved movies, cartoons and loads of things that GOD created on this paradise. Come to land of dreams that I take you to where you can reach out to your land of wealth and inheritance infinite, where the tune of love hums…. Let me take you to the King dom which is yours.”

Your’s Jesus Christ

May this word of GOD be scattered on all the parts of the earth and may the paradise last for ETERNAL.

“What do I do with all these clues GOD?” “For I had just asked for a marriage of happiness and love and for your everlasting grace and loving kindness. Weak I am, a man and no human. Transgressed I have many sins and worthy not I am to be your soldier. For I went astray and followed not your route of justice. Craving for love, seeking I went about from chat room to the floor of work place, but no one seems to fill me with love ,for, the love is seemingly distasteful and I rebuke it in sorrow and discern the love they give. Folly lies in their heart. Lust and evil is what they are blinded with. I have transgressed your ways and have brought a great pain and misery onto myself and the people who love me. Labelled have they calling me by names. I ask you GOD, sin did I only and not them? The creators of flesh, don’t you know the thoughts that lay buried deep in the cunning? Is justice only for the woman and not for man? Is the punishment only for me and not for them? Folly are the ways of man, who seeks pleasure indulging in whores who they understand not are not let far behind in your wrath of anger. Then, come down, for I
am considered “weaker” of the gender and “the weakest” in my sisters ,for, I have no shelter, “the out Casted” ,for ,marriage vow have I broken and humiliated ,for, I seek the King , my Lord.

The angels on the television fill me with the courage to be the chosen one and the one who can deliver the message of GOD.

How will I do it , Oh GOD?. Happy I am under your love ? Loved I am in your forgiveness. Blessed I am in my repentance. And you ask me to stand upright and claim to the world that I am Jesus. What have I done to make this far fetched claim? What will my mouth speak when the gentiles and the isles ask me for a reproof for I have nothing but my shame and my humility to cover me. Is this robe enough Lord GOD?
It is in your Kingdom for you “my father”, you are above all.

You know my deepest mourning, which men know not. You know my deepest sufferings which men see not. You know my hidden sin which people dig and seek pleasure in stoning me. You know my vanity, my iniquities. Tell me Lord GOD, for what have you chosen me above all to carry the message to the children of GOD. For not one, no not one, sought to quench me with pity, when I sold my jewels to supply the pair of shoes, when I lay weeping and my body had been sucked into deep pangs of pain and
sores, when I say not a word against my “enemy wrong”, but hold on to your name, even amidst humiliation around, when my own maid and butler spoke ill about me while they forgot me, when I restored them with food, shelter and drink for them. Tell me Lord GOD, in the land, where a soul of GOD is repeatedly shattered into pieces, and they know not the tears and wrath of this soul, are you not contended with my love onto you? For I like not and want not to step into the world that is laid to be destroyed. For I know, when the judgement comes, I would be the first one to be judged for I sought your name in the middle of vultures and blood suckers. Bring down your wrath of right hand and judge every single soul and let me see, where stands a man who had committed no sin? The preachers, the saffron robes, the caps, the marks on their forehead, the chanting on their lips, the whoredoms, the jealousy, the selfishness, the self centered, the rulers and the oppressors, the worshippers of idols who don’t know where the GOD lies, and the children who know not the pain of the elders, the elders who oppress the young and their own, the money lenders, the people of yours, Oh! Lord GOD, tell me one good reason as to why should I do it? Want I no more inheritance for its far away, want I no more shelter from the King for its far away, want I no more food and wine, for salvation is far away, want I no more life in this soul, for the soul withers away. Tell me, Oh! Lord GOD, who am I and why do I do it?

Ordinary I am and with no great words. Daughter of Zion I am and contended in you be it your wrath or your love. Scorns the world around me for weak I am, the daughter of GOD.

Jesus, my father, the love that you and I share is different. You correct in my ways and yet laugh along with me, at my own iniquities because I know, you love me the way I am. For, you know my heart, my soul which beats pure for you, Oh father, what will the world of man understand the love that I have for my Father?.

The world wasn’t there for this soul father when I use to gather all my neighbour’s kids and go and sit in the park. And while in the lazy noon, they played I remember looKing at the blue silent cloud that passed by and prayed I, father do these tears belong to me? Who can understand the pain of this soul torn away by vultures of this earth, for I didn’t find a single heart in whom I could see my soul, pure. But in you father, I stood naked. For you judged me not,but gave me the shoulder of warmth to cry on you Oh! Dear father.

It was you, whom I sought, in those lonely days, when not a single soul spared me with their stones. Utter hadn’t I the word ,for, father I was ashamed of my own iniquities. I punished myself in utter wrath and fury and strength I had to take the pain in me ,for, pleasure I sought in destroying me. Father, for, they had not sought my goodness in silence but pleasured in labeling your daughter.

Every iniquity of man around I saw. And wondered I, when I had seen your movie, “Resurrection” for the figst time. Cried had I uncontrollably, for my sin had overflowed in the valley of Satan, and you walked up with the Cross on your shoulders, to die for our sins. Father, we weren’t even worth the dust of your feet. For we had buried ourselves in so much of mud and mire, that pleased are we with ourselves, even with our lying, our jealously, our cowardness, our hypocrisy, our judgements, our condemnation, our inabilities and our own elated and bloated egos to fail to see your existence nor admire your creation.

Then what for do you die father? For when you and I die for others, nobody understands ,for, dead are their souls. Father, how I wish, I wouldn’t have let you suffer like this. How I wish, I could have kept you alive? How I wish, I could have not so helplessly cried watching the history of what had occurred 2000 years ago. For it was too late for me now to begin a journey since my past haunts me. Lies there so many skeletons but father, every bone you know. And father, I hide nothing from you and father you are my only father, who keeps the kid in me alive.

I walk by no rules of prayer, I walk by no religion, I walk by no country and I walk by no man. Father, its only me and you on a long walk across the shores. The father, my good old father and his little kid, his little angel, who sings, jumps, dances ,cooks, sleeps , cleans, learns, observes, discovers, practices, meditates, hums, snores in your company father. I am so very comfortable in your presence father, why do you then want me to walk this path where no man has ever tread? Why do you then want me to grab the inheritance, which has been surrounded by the valleys and cities of blood. Dead men walk around and father, they know you not. Father, they will slay your name yet again and disgrace you, my father, I cannot witness.

Father, I have been taught and trained by you, in the temple, where you commanded me to build the altar for you. Who knew then, that this place is called as Israel and my father’s house as Jerusalem? Father, the Land of idols, and the people whom I belong to, the gentiles. While the GOD whom I learn the principalities from Greek. Father, you blessed me with your preaching’s in various tongues and various religions. And father you taught me the mystery and solution to my confusion.

The fig tree, the tree of life, revealed its mystery onto me. Father, you taught me that just like the branches are onto the tree, but remains the root One, so are the different practices and religious, but you remain ONE. Just like gathers birds of different kinds to build their nest, but the TREE of life remains One. Father, I know the truth you give me. That East and the West are blinded ,for, the word of GOD is One.

Miracles and wondrous works of GOD will they discover, which will blow away their roof of false beliefs and ideologies, for, here comes the angel of GOD far from the east to the west to tell a tale of love, belief, dreams, and promises, which her father showered onto her in abundance whose number she not knew. It’s a tale about the father and the son, the father and the priest, the father and the prophets, story about you and me.

Unfolded all the mysteries to me in OMEGA.

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